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ophelis docks

to the new
Linked, mobile, informal: The working environment
is in the midst of a radical transformation process.
As part of the New Work Order study for ophelis,
the Trendbüro consultancy in Hamburg has com­
piled the main trends that will influence tomorrow‘s
working world. This change in the working envi­
ronment is already noticeable and will continue to
increase, as it impacts all kinds of areas including
our forms of communication, leadership styles
and new working models adapted to the various
life stages.
“The current transition from an industrial to a net­work economy requires nothing less from
businesses than a full reorganisation,” says Birgit
Gebhardt, trend expert.

ophelis has intensively examined this transforma­
tion process and sought for answers to the spatial
challenges by exploring new working structures.
One answer is ophelis docks. docks stands for
the new office generation. Designed as a modular
furniture system, it creates new zones in the office
which provide a common space for work, com­
munication and quiet contemplation and give the
working environment a more attractive design.

04 – 05 docks makes way for the future
06 – 11 docks in the workplace
12 – 25 docks as islands in the office
26 – 37 docks in other zones
38 – 41 System modules
42 – 43 Details

customerspecific designs. The basic form is a 90 cm x 90 cm square. docks is a place for quiet contemplation as well as a meeting point. Thanks to its modularity. Used as a transition and connection element between various zones in the office. is freely configurable. ophelis docks can be integrated in all spaces as an office island in a width dimension of 15 centimetres with various options for a linear. promotes internal communications and enhances the feeling of wellbeing in the workplace. docks is a modular system which creates connections and transitions. L-. produces synergy effects. The system offers a wide variety of options. ophelis docks offers a great deal of scope for individual. so that storage space and all the other components from classic work station zones can be seamlessly con­ nected and integrated. The ophelis docks portfolio covers a variety of upholstered modules with or without screen. designers. storage space and tables in lounge. ophelis docks is designed to support well-being in the office.or cross links design. . which can be put together to create various scenes. With docks ophelis has reacted to the transformation of the classic office work place into a multifunctional communal space which is used flexibly by crossdisciplinary teams. sitting or standing height. It should support informal office chats just as much as spontaneous work meetings in a small group.“ say Till Grosch and Björn Meier. It is communal furniture which optimally supports teamwork and can also be designed as a personal reference point in open spaces. finish off ophelis docks. The „bricks“ system components also supply additional benefits. The modules can be put together in such a way as to provide acoustic and visual privacy or open-plan meeting areas. the office is not just a place of work but also a living environment. Matching add-ons such as lights or side tables. Designers Till Grosch and Björn Meier believe ophelis docks is the answer not only to the func­ tional but also the emotional changes which the office is currently undergoing – increasingly. The single docks elements are designed to match the dimensions of ophelis furniture ranges. T. supports electrical con­ nections and features an integral product approach due to its self-contained design. it supports the office community and provides space for individuals. which are joined to the system using addon panels.ophelis docks makes way for the future docks creates connections and transitions provides an interface and a meeting point docks offers a place for quiet concentration and relaxation docks is a shared piece of furniture docks creates islands in the office docks ophelis docks is designed as a modular system which can be combined in various ways to create different office islands. „The quality and the variety of this exchange are the key to effective work. ophelis docks stands for a new method of attractive interior design which provides a common space for working and living. decentralised communications. We believe that office furniture should enable flexible. ophelis docks allows for a change of scene.

containers or lap tables to ensure convenient working at lounge level. a selection of high-quality covering materials and the variable arrangement offer practically endless design options. “Bricks” are an additional component that complete the system and offer further benefits as an e-box for cabling for plug-and-work. Six basic upholstered modules form the basis for all sitting configurations. ophelis docks deliberately sets itself apart from the classic desk-based office workplace due to its unique style and materials. phoning.docks in the workplace Checking email. A superior level of comfort when seated. separate areas for inspiring work. Storage space and add-on panels complete the system. contemplating – a desk is not necessarily requi­ red for these activities. discussing. Its design and dimensional compatibility also make it ideal for combinations. 7 . With the corresponding ophelis docks modules. for dis­ cussions or reading can be connected directly to the workplace. plant container.

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storage space and integrated lighting in add-on panels. space for quiet contem­plation. With ophelis docks it is possible to create islands in the office which organise open spaces and can be used variably. Sofas and single chairs complete the system. a place for quiet contemplation. docks supports electrical connections – making it a tucked away place to work. At the same time. this protected space provides enough room for relaxed discussions. . 13 With opposite facing sofa elements.Islands in the office Office work is increasingly taking place in open spaces or groups. which can always be equipped with the right technology. Partitions provide visual and acoustic privacy. The modules can be configured to create various scenes. short discussions and promotion of informal communication are requirements which must be met through modern spatial designs. other ap­ proaches to work. docks becomes the main meeting point in the office. There is a growing need for communication within increasingly crossdisciplinary teams. Creative teamwork. a meeting place and a multi-media communications point all rolled into one. ophelis docks is a haven of peace. Tables with e-box create meeting islands or additional temporary workplaces.

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The leg frames and add-on panels are available in black or in white. lounge. The upholstered modules can be put together to create almost any configuration. ophelis docks gives complete scope for designing all kinds of places. partitions provide privacy and the wide selection of covering materials offers many options for individual design. Veneers and different lacquer colours on the wooden materials emphasise the high quality of the entire range. Thus ophelis docks provides maximum scope for business-specific designs. 27 . meeting point or quiet place for contemplation.Other zones Reception.

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storage space and tables in lounge. The ophelis docks modules Upholstered sections Six upholstered modules form the basis for all sitting and lounge configurations. Storage. .39 docks is a true modular system with a wide variety of options for individual design. A superior level of comfort when seated. power and data are supplied through different modules to the user level. Bricks As functional components. T. or combined with the lap table. The „bricks“ system components also supply additional benefits. as an e-box for cable routing at user level.or cross links design. L-. Tables Tables at both standing and sitting height form part of the docks system. which can be added to the upholstered modules. provide privacy and a space for quiet contemplation. The box provides additional storage space. sitting or standing height. supplies power and data to the table or enables integration of (foldaway) media technology. The ophelis docks modular system covers a variety of upholstered modules with or without screen. The basic form is a 90 cm x 90 cm square. ophelis docks can be integrated in all spaces in a width dimension of 15 centimetres with various options for a linear. the leg frames accommodate the various docks modules. they ensure convenient working at lounge height. can be used to decorate the office with indoor plants in plant container. which can be put together to create various scenes. As a supporting structure. a selection of high-quality covering materials and the variable arrangement offer practically endless design options. add-on panel and add-ons The docks modular system is completed by storage and the add-on panel which enables connection of matching add-ons such as lights and side tables to the system. The continuous beam enables standard integration of cable routing. Partitions U-shaped and L-shaped partitions. the bricks modules complete the system and offer further benefits as a container with or without a plant holder.

41 Continued: The docks modules Tables and e-box Bricks Storage. add-on panel. linking element with table Partitions Upholstered sections .

01 Fig. 05 Fig. 10 . 03 Fig. 06 Fig. 08 Fig. 09 Fig. 05 E -box sitting workplace Fig. 03 Bricks 30 lap table Fig. 02 Linking element with table Bricks 90 e-box lap table / container / container Fig.43 Fig. 04 Fig. 08 F rame transition U partition Fig. 07 Side view of frame Fig. 09 Bricks E-box Fig. 06 L partition left Fig. 04 Storage 45 and add-on panel Fig. 10 U pholstered section 135 Fig. 07 Fig. 02 Fig. 01 Fig.

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