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The Center of emergency psychological aid

of EMERCOM of Russia

"System of rendering psychological aid in
emergency situations.

The experience of psychological support in
temporary accommodation to displaced persons

from Ukraine»
Maria Filippova
Deputy Director CEPA of EMERCOM of Russia

Russia. General information
Country structure
Russia (Russian Federation) – a
state in Eastern Europe and
Northern Asia.
Population – more than 146
million people (2015), area
coverage – 17 125 407 km2.
Ranks first in the world in terms
of the area coverage and ninth
in terms of the population size.
Moscow is the capital.
National language – Russian.
Representatives of over 200 nationalities (ethnic groups) are currently residing in Russia
(2010). Around 80% of the Russian population are Russians.
Russia is distinguished by its considerable ethno-cultural diversity. Christians, Muslims,
Buddhists, Judaists, pagans and others reside in Russia.
The majority (approximately 75%) of the population attributes itself to the orthodox.

territories and environment in peacetime and safeguarding material and cultural values of the state. The general supervision of RS operation is performed by RF government. manmade and other emergencies using an array of measures ensuring the protection of the population. facility-wise – territory of the facility of production or social significance. populated area). while the Ministry for Civil Defense. local – territory of the district (city. . Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief (EMERCOM) of Russia is in charge of direct supervision. territorial – territory of the constituent entities of RF.Structure of Emergency Response The Russian Unified Emergency Prevention and Response System addresses the issues on protection of the population and territories from natural. covering the entire territory of RF. The organizational structure of this Response System is a five-tiered structure and includes territorial and functional subsystems: federal. regional – territory of several constituent entities of RF.

The organizational & methodological supervision of the psychological service of EMERCOM of Russia was imposed upon the Center for Emergency Psychological Aid (CEPA) of EMERCOM of Russia. .Psychosocial Support The psychological service of EMERCOM of Russia was established in the year 1999.

Nowadays the Center for Emergency Psychological Aid stands as a certified rescue subdivision within the structure of the Ministry for Civil Defense. Emergencies and Natural Disaster Relief (EMERCOM) of Russia. .

The emergency psychological aid is a holistic system of measures aimed at factual improvement of the mental status of individuals in the emergency situations as well as prevention of adverse socio-psychological implications in the emergency areas .The provision of an emergency psychological aid to the victims under the emergencies is a function of EMERCOM of Russia and officially approved by the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation.

and also relatives and close dead and injured in the conditions of an emergency. prevention of adverse socio-psychological implications in the emergency areas .The emergency psychological aid — complete system of the actions directed on optimization of an actual mental condition of victims.

Specialists of CEPA take part also in international humanitarian rescue operations .


until present time The most intensive period for psychological work was June-September 2014. the work of psychologists continues in the regions of Russia A massive flow of Ukrainian citizens who saved their lives went to the territory border of the Rostov region of Russia in connection with the beginning of the "antiterrorist operations" in towns of Eastern Ukraine in June 2014 .Period: June-September 2014 . To date.

even some of the documents. in which in different time periods there were up to 3000 people. Many of them did not have a personal belongings and money.There were organized around four field temporary accommodation centres located in areas of border checkpoints in the Rostov region. .

.Major tasks: • the provision of emergency psychological aid. • participation in ensuring minimum conditions of life for people. • the collection and accompany of dispatch of people to the regions of Russia by the special flight of EMERCOM of Russia and the buses.

Information and psychological help.Types of work The number of appeals 1. Individual work More than 5000 2. Information and psychological help by phone "Hot line" 8405 Total: Nearly 58500 . group work More than 45000 3.

• help in choosing region of Russia for stay -climate and geographical characteristics of the regions . material possessions. future) The themes of appeals information and psychological assistance in resolving issues: • migration registration.assistance in finding and choosing an employer. • assistance in resolving issues of medical support including the need to provide special medical care (that is.production and industrial characteristics of the regions. the status. .The themes of appeals (psychological): • loss • grief • fear • anxiety (loved ones. chronic diseases requiring urgent medical intervention or surveillance) . presence of disability. relatives.the staffing needs of the regions .

A similar appearance. People do not feel in a foreign country. One religion. in another reality. .Features of work. It prevented sociopsychological adaptation. One language.


The organization and operation psychological service EMERCOM of Russia as the model system of preservation mental health under the emergencies .

health-saving technologies .“Health-centric” approach.

the simplicity of their implementation into a daily routine activity of professionals .Applied research and methodological developments.

The universality of the General principles of work .

Psychological support of professional activity of forces of EMERCOM of Russia .

Improving the professional competence of specialists in the field of psychology of extreme situations. . International cooperation.

Promotion and formation of skills of safe behavior culture .

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