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1. GENOVO Introduction
2. PPT - Ion Exchange Therapy
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GENOVO presents you a unique system to increase the chances of generating
embryos of desired gender during IVF.

GENOVO works on the concept of IONIC EQUILIBRIUM METHOD (IEM) which
was researched in France and Canada by Dr. Joseph Stolkowski and Dr. Jacques
Lorrain. The study was published in “International Journal Gynaecol Obstet 18:
440-443, 1980”. Based on the above study we carried out extreme level research for
several years and introduced a customized protocol for PGD, With proper diet and
supplement planning, the charge of eggs can be altered to attract X or Y sperms to
get the embryos of the desired gender. The method is very natural, safe, user
friendly and has no side effect on the mother to be, or the child.

Close to hundred thousand patients have benefited from this method and we would
like to introduce this to the Thailand market through your team.

Power Point Presentation
for sort description of

1 .

2 .Various methods for gender selection X-Y sperm separation technique: Chinese calendar PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis). The Shettles Method * Most of these methods except PGD are obsolete.

is frequently and widely used and Most Acceptable Technique than any other method for Gender Selection 3 .

Overview of PGD Method 4 .


resulting in offspring of desired gender. 6 .Sex selection by IEM Definition: This is a method in which diet and supplements are given to woman prior to conception.

Rajan. Houston. perfected this method. based on his research. in Texas Medical Centre.  Dr. USA. RAJAN JOSHI.  The above research was published in “international journal of obstetrics and Gynecology” 7 .  This method was introduced to Dr.History  The original method (concept) was given by Joseph Stolkowski (France)and Jacques Lorrain (Canada).

How IEM works 8 .



TENDENCY OF FEMALE CHILD DURING THE THERAPY X ++++ + + + + + + + + + X + + + ++   Na+ K+ Ca++ Mg++ + + + + + + + + + X Y X X Y Y X 11 .

-------------.TENDENCY OF MALE CHILD DURING THE THERAPY Y -.-   Na+ K+ Ca++ Mg++ X Y X Y + Y X X + Y 12 .

Basic principle of the study includes following  Diet planning  Food supplements 13 .

IEM is Useful in 14 .

IEM helps in increasing the percentage of embryos of desired gender. the objective is to select an embryo of desired gender for implantation in the uterus.In PGD. 15 .

HOW 16 .

The resultant embryos will be of desired gender. 17 .With proper diet and supplement planning . These eggs can then be fertilized in vitro. the charge of eggs can be changed as per the requirement.

This also brings good name and reputation to the clinic. 18 .Advantage of IEM in Desired gender can be obtained in single cycle that reduces the discomfort to the patient.

CONCLUSION IEM protocol is very simple. Based on certain biological and hematological parameters. a customized diet and supplement protocol is planned out two months prior to fertilization 19 . non invasive and user friendly.

Published Journal and reference material to support IONIC EQUILIBRIUM METHOD (IEM) and GENOVO .









The same result: an excess of potassium favors the birth of males. a decrease in potassium associated with an increase in magnesium increases the number of female births. on the mechanism of sexselection. on one hand. In 1938 a second German biologist. Herbst was in fact looking for something completely different when he made this discovery. this time using another worm called Ophryotroca puerilis. an increase in the number of females. PICTURES A SHORT HISTORY OF THIS METHOD In 1935. Hartman. Then he very quickly made a second discovery: when he decreased the concentration of potassium and at the same time increased that of magnesium. 2011 · NO COMMENTS NATURAL GENDER SWAYING · TAGGED: FEATURED. FRENCH GENDER DIET. but that the same creatures.The French Gender Diet BY ADMIN · MAY 2. In 1958 he confirmed that an amphibian. Tzonis. So Professor Stolkowski is really the father of this theory since he did all the initial work on the method of sex-selection by diet. who extended his investigations to other animal species and explained how the phenomenon worked. bred in an environment enriched in calcium and magnesium. he had the concentration of potassium altered in order to show how his Bonellia virdis absorbed potassium from the outside environment. He soon noticed that when he increased the potassium content of the water in the aquariums the proportion of male worms increased too. he obtained the opposite. Later he substantiated the discovery of the German biologists by establishing that it is not so much the quantity of potassium that is decisive but the relation between potassium. . Meanwhile a third biologist. Taking aquariums filled with artificial sea water. carried out the same research on Dinophilus apatris. As is the case with many discoveries. After the War. produced a majority of females. Professor Stolkowski of the Faculty of Sciences in Paris.e. a German biologist called Herbst was the first to prove the effects of potassium. i. this phenomenon was noticed by a French physiologist. reached the same conclusions.NEWSINPICTURES. when bred in an environment rich in potassium produced a majority of males. and the calcium and magnesium on the other. He was actually studying the role of potassium in living organisms and for this he used a small worm called Bonellia virdis. Discogllossus pictus. and then subsequently of magnesium.

In 1967 Professor Stolkowski published the results of a retrospective survey carried out on 134 farms. But it is the opposite for the animals and humans who live on the land: here. Thus the alimentary canal becomes a means by which the mineral composition of this environment can be transformed. as many male calves as female were born. easy to alter the potassium content or calcium and magnesium content of an aquarium in a laboratory. On farms where the feed included an excess of potassium. These results were also conclusive: On the 30 farms offering balanced feed (the proportions of potassium on the one hand and calcium and magnesium on the other being more or less equal). On farms where the diet underwent a decrease in potassium while the calcium and magnesium content was increased. He discovered: On farms where the proportions of potassium. On the 52 farms using a diet rich in calcium and magnesium. It is rather as though one were carrying about ones’ own little internal sea. more female calves were born. In 1969 Stolkowski and his colleagues pushed their research a little further. their investigation became even more specific: they now took sodium into account. either through the digestive tract or the respiratory passages.653 claves. it is the cells themselves which float in an internal liquid environment. Any exchange of substances occurs via this liquid in the body. an investigatory study on 82 farms where they analyzed the mineral composition of the feed given to the cows. as this plays an important role in the functioning of the . After this second study. In fact. an increase in male calves was observed. They undertook. this time. then.The next stage was obviously to find out whether the same phenomenon would be repeated with other animal species and in particular with mammals. but how can an internal environment be altered? By the intake of food. It is. For all the substances the body receives are brought to it from outside. 148 males and 149 females were born. 340 females were born compared to 280 males. semi-aquatic species live part of their lives in a liquid environment through which they absorb external substances. for the essential difference between the semi-aquatic species (such as amphibians. one’s own inner lake. concerning the births of 25. magnesium and calcium were properly balanced in the feed. for example) and terrestrial species (such as mammals) in the environment in which they live.

The first thirty (boy-type) gave birth to 24 boys and 6 girls and the last twenty (girl diet) brought into the world 16 girls and 4 boys. chose as her doctoral thesis to do a detailed investigation of the eating habits of ninety-nine women who had at least two children of the same sex. a French doctor. Non-treated animals: 380 females. Thirty of these women had a “boy-type” diet and twenty a “girl-type” diet. forty had a diet with a high salt-content (in the form of both salt as such and salty foods) and poor in calcium and magnesium. A study was carried out on 23 farms in the Doubs region: vitamin D (which controls the calcium content of the body) was injected into cows. of the Sacre-Couer Maternity Clinic in Montreal. It is moreover rather difficult to find farmers who are willing to cooperate and alter the feed of an entire breed. . just like a woman. It was in 1975 that Doctors Lorrain and Gagnon. the cow is not very prolific. the studies took some time. 28 males. which in their turn maintain the proper level of potassium in the body. forty naturally had a diet poor in sodium and rich in calcium and magnesium. Out of the fifty who had only girls. 77 came from mothers that had been treated with vitamin D. Of the fifty who had only boys. 961 births were obtained. Two years later. Unfortunately. The hypothesis was beginning to become more convincing.63. as it has an ovarian cycle very similar to that of a woman. 504 males. The cow is the ideal subject for this type of experiment. And since it was necessary to wait for the births to take place. in which they laid great emphasis on dietary restrictions.4 % males These results therefore confirmed what the experiments had so far demonstrated: that an environment rich in calcium favors female births. In all. They then undertook an experimental study.43% females/57 % male Treated animals: 49 females. Of these 961 calves.6 % females/36. Michele Duc. published the results of a retrospective survey concerning the eating habits of a hundred women who had children of the same sex only. At the same time they tried to predict the sex of the unborn children of fifty women who had very specific eating habits. Now to humans.adrenal glands.

those women who started the diet when they were already pregnant but didn’t know it. of course whether it could be artificially created. Group 1 The diet was scrupulously followed. Painstakingly she studied the mineral composition of each item of their diet until she was finally able to determine the type of diet (girl-type or boy-type) followed spontaneously by each of these women by working out the ratio of potassium and sodium to calcium and magnesium. It was a momentous discovery – a small revolution. Michele Duc’s study now proved. 1977 Port-Royal Maternity Clinic in Paris set up and experiment and the only criteria to join was that you had to be healthy. Here are the results obtained at the end of the first two years. It was yet to be discovered. in 84 percent of the women. spontaneously followed a girl diet. They had to follow it for 2. of course) that they had deviated from the diet. The same ratio was under 2. the patients were therefore divided into five groups. . Here at last was the proof that this phenomenon existed.both liquid and solid. Group 2 The patients said they followed the diet totally. They had the women use common household scales to weigh how much food they were consuming too. and this was of course done before knowing the outcome of the pregnancy.5 months before the intended date of conception. So. in general only ate food corresponding to the boy diet. or those – the most numerous – who gave it up before becoming pregnant. or because they admitted (before knowing the sex of the baby. to classify the results. They had the women keep notebooks of detailed accounts of everything. but not all notebooks were produced. Group 5 The patients didn’t use the method – for example. and await the result! On January 14.Fifty-three had only boys and forty-six had only girls.they consumed. 84 percent of the women who had only girls. Control by means of the notebooks.4 percent of the women who had boys. that there is a correlation between eating habits and the sex of a child. Group 3 and 4 The women who did not follow the diet properly – either because their notebooks revealed errors in applying it. and this is what she discovered: 84. That is to say – offer a “girl” or “boy” diet to women who wanted to choose the sec of their child. As you might expect. not all kept up with the notebooks. The ratio of potassium and sodium to calcium and magnesium was higher than 4.

So let us try. the success rate was no more than 52 percent. Finally. Professor Stolkowski and his colleagues at the Faculty of Sciences in Paris achieved an 88 percent success rate.e. for out of 215 patients. Since all the women wanting to take part in the experiment had been accepted at the outset without any selection test. the success rate was 77. and 115 a boy. Two thirds actually gave up along the way.In the first two groups. i. those women who did not keep to the diet. wince many women were not following it correctly. 100 wanted a girl. there was no difference between the children of those mothers who had followed the diet and those who hadn’t: all the infants were of normal weight and in good health at birth. They also realized that the diet was apparently quite difficult to follow. First. with 53 births of the sex required out of a total of 60. The girl diet was neither any more nor any less effective than the boy diet. They confirmed one another’s findings. It may well open doors for you too. After two years of the study. Two other teams who undertook similar work obtained identical results. Brilliant! Dr Lorrain and his colleagues in Montreal achieved a success rate of 80 percent: 181 children of the sex desired out of a total of 224 pregnancies. they discovered that the demand for boys and for girls was more or less equal. . it may be assumed that some of them were not motivated strongly enough and that they perhaps were there more out of curiosity. In groups 3 and 4. All these finding therefore indicate that this method is almost 80 percent reliable.6 percent. those women who did follow the diet.“just to see”. the doctors of the Port-Royal Maternity Clinic were able to obtain more information from their work.

For the 150 couples that actually started. Declaration: AM Noorlander works for Gender Consult. JBM Melissen declares no commercial or financial conflict of interest. published online 01 September 2010. Geraedts J. A total of 172 couples wanting a girl participated in the study. received in revised form 29 July 2010. in combination with timing of intercourse well before ovulation as a method to improve the chances of conceiving a girl.M. Based on mineral blood values and timing of intercourse of 28 participants.P.B.M. compliance with diet was assessed through mineral analyses of blood and timing of intercourse relative to ovulation was determined by ovulation tests. this study assessed the efficacy of a maternal diet low in sodium and high in calcium. 21 women satisfied the criteria of the prediction rule and 16 gave birth to a daughter. It is concluded that the combination of maternal diet with timing of intercourse is capable of increasing the probability of conceiving a girl (P = 0. JPM Geraedts acted as guarantor and declares no commercial or financial conflict of interest. The observed percentage of female babies for all 32 women satisfying the prediction rule was 81% (95% confidence interval 68–95%). . accepted 17 August 2010. Noorlander J. a prediction rule for conceiving a girl was constructed and was tested prospectively for validity on a subsequent group of 50 women.005). Abstract: Natural sex selection methods have been applied for several decades. Therefore. but their use and effectiveness are still a matter of debate. In this group.M. Melissen Received 16 March 2010.Female gender pre-selection by maternal diet in combination with timing of sexual intercourse – a prospective study A.

A total of 172 couples wanting a girl volunteered to participate in the study and the 150 couples that actually started were followed during their treatment and possible pregnancy. 32 women satisfied the conditions of the prediction rule and the observed percentage of female babies in this group was 81%. which requires of the mother both willpower and meticulousness. It is important that both diet and timing are followed correctly. The participants determined timing of intercourse relative to ovulation by ovulation home tests. Based on mineral blood values and on the time interval between intercourse and ovulation. Compliance with diet was assessed through mineral analyses of blood. but their use and effectiveness are still a matter of debate among medical professionals. Keywords: gender pre-selection. Therefore. pre-conception . The conclusion of the study is that a maternal diet together with timing of sexual intercourse and use of a prediction rule will lead to an increased probability of a girl baby. in combination with timing of intercourse well before ovulation as a method to improve the chances of conceiving a girl baby.Natural sex selection methods have been applied for several decades. natural diet. timing method sex selection. In total. we assessed the efficacy of a maternal diet low in sodium and potassium. sex ratio. a prediction rule for conceiving a girl was constructed and tested for validity in a new group of 21 couples. high in calcium and magnesium.

But majority of them are only marginally successful. It is proven by scientific journals in published data that thousands of patients from all over the world have been treated till now. In this scenario IEM is useful to balance the family. The method is very natural. humans always nurtured the desire for an off-spring of a specific gender to complete their family. This theory is based on the principle of changing the charge on the outer layer of the egg by the help of dietary changes and supplements in order to attract specifically the X or Y sperm in order to get the desired gender of the child. safe. What is the motto of IEM? To provide child of desired gender to the couple in order to make balanced family. or the new born child. As a result. This brought in government action by way of legislations to prevent such practices. Hundreds of methods were tried to fulfill this instinct. in various parts of the world. Why IEM? Since the time of evolution. The success rate of IEM is more than 97. in some parts of the world instead of feticide. The full details of the study have been published in the “JOURNAL OF GENERAL MEDICINE” and in “INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY”. user friendly and has no side effects on the mother to be. Which scientific evidences are involved in IEM? This method of SEX SELECTION works on the theory of IONIC EQUILIBRIUM. adding to the already existing problem of population explosion. It is the method for selection of sex of your future child before conception.0 %. How IEM is useful to mankind? Unfortunately GENDER TESTING technology was misused in many countries resulting in fetuses being aborted which is the most sinful act is known to mankind. This technique is scientifically called IONIC EQUILIBRIUM. with a relatively high success rate.FAQs What is IEM? The basic meaning of IEM is Ionic Exchange Method. couples keep on producing children till they get an offspring of the desired sex. .Hence we suggest this method to those who can not take another chance for the gender of their future child.