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[15 Marks]
[Time suggested : 25 minutes]
Question 1 to 8 are based on the given stimuli. Study the information carefully and choose the best

1. From the notice, we know that the visitors to the park are not allowed to
A. engage guides
C. drive through
B. stay overnight
D. make campfires

2. In the report above, the word drew can be replaced with
A. dragged
B. inspired
C. .attracted

3. From the article, taking breakfast will
A. make you rush for work
B. increase your appetite
C. help you make smart decisions
D. make you eat more later in the day.

D. persuaded

B. The tourists could get to Tasik Kenyir via A. appreciate our natural resources C. 6. The saying above tells us to A. D. Based on the information above. Gawi Jetty B. Wildlife Department 2 . People get infectious diseases through food most often.We never know the worth of water Until the well is dry 4. There is an equal chance of getting infections by air and by water. which of the following statements is true? A. C. Pets are less likely to cause infectious diseases than insects. Kuala Trengganu D. think about the uses of things around us D. There is less chance of getting infected by insects than wild animals. look after the wells we have B. understand that water will disappear one day Air [25%] Pets Water [25%] Pathway to infectious diseases Food [20%] Wild animals [ 8%] Insects [10%] 5. Tourists Information Centre C.

was founded by Global Peace Foundation. B. we can conclude that five years in the future A. said 85 percent of the donations came through Internet banking.7. SOMALIA AID CAMPAIGN KUALA LUMPUR: The Somalia Aid Campaign has raised RM500. and is a joint effort of Perdana Corporate Communications and the Foundation. 8. aims to promote humanitarian values. President of Global Peace Foundation. B. 3 . Garfield has plans to leave Jon with his pot of coffee D. Abdillah Nawi. The Somalia Aid campaign A. Garfield is sure that his life would change in five years. The Chairman of Perdana. From the cartoon. C. Garfield and Jon would be drinking a better coffee. has a target of half a million ringgit. Garfield and Jon’s life would still be the same. is a collaboration between two organisation. C. The campaign is headed by Tun Suffian Hussein. D.666 for victims of famine in Somalia.

Adapted from Education World online 9. talking C. behaving 13. the primary concern was youth access to pornography. It is advisable that schools seek to limit all non-educational. in B. Do a search on the terms "bypass Internet filter" and you will see how easy it is for youth to find information on ways to get around the school filter. A. Many youth are highly addicted to involvement in these social networking sites and are willing to take the risk to use a proxy to access those sites. at D. Filtering software was promoted as the tool to effectively deal with that concern. was D. A. caught D. A. through D.what they are looking at. came 12. is B. come B. comes C. Youth (13) _________ unlikely to try to get around the school filter to access pornography because it would be pretty obvious -. When the Internet first (11) _________ into schools. entertainment use of the Internet -. communicating B. above B. below C. as well as how and with whom they are (12) __________. or drug sales and use. A. A. detected B. post D. Choose the best answer to fill in each blank. seen 15. posts B. posting C. were 14. posted 4 . Students might (15) __________ material on the sites that harms other students. Can and should schools block access to the sites? Well.Question 9 -15 are based on the following passage. are C. off 10. deducted C. coming D. they can try. or provides indications of hate group or gang involvement. posting D. Current concerns deal more with what students are posting. Is it appropriate for students to be participating (9)______ commercial social networking sites while at school? Probably not. Involvement in those communities might negatively impact student wellbeing and the quality of the school environment.even from a distance -. on C. into 11.including social networking activities (10) _________ the district Internet system. A. provides clues or direct threats about suicidal or violent intentions. A. when it is far less likely that their access will be (14)__________ Should schools be concerned about off-campus Internet activities? Yes.

Night & morning with my tears: And I sunned it with smiles. And my foe beheld it shine. I was angry with my foe: I told it not. what is the idea suggested by ‘watered’ and ‘sunned’ ? ____________________________________________________________________ (1 m) d) State two moral values you have learnt from this poem. which phrase indicates that the persona used cunning methods? ____________________________________________________________________ (1 m) c) In stanza 2. In the morning glad I see. a) In stanza 1. And he knew that it was mine. When the night had veiled the pole. My foe outstretched beneath the tree. I told my wrath. And into my garden stole. And with soft deceitful wiles. And it grew both day and night. my wrath did end. why did the persona’s wrath with his friend end? ____________________________________________________________________ (1 m) b) In stanza 2.SECTION B – LITERATURE [5 marks] Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow A Poison Tree – William Blake I was angry with my friend. i) ______________________________________________________________________(1 m) ii) ______________________________________________________________________ (1 m) 5 . my wrath did grow. Till it bore an apple bright. And I watered it in fears.

Note: For your letter. Below are the suggested ideas that you would include in your letter. you should remember to:  use the correct format for an informal letter  elaborate on the points  start and end your letter correctly. and up to 20 marks for the quality of your writing 6 .  family outings  eating together  parents show affection to teenagers You should use all the points given above. Add two other suggestions of your own.SECTION C [35 MARKS] [Time suggested: 45 minutes] Your aunt is worried about the widening generation gap between her and your cousin. As a teenager . When writing the letter. Some of my suggestions  Communication between parents and teenagers  Parents must try to understand teenagers’ problems  parents monitor teenagers activities  Try to be involved in activities that their children like  parents lay down house rules  parents should be more flexible  discuss before making any suggestion. you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points. you understand and feel concerned about the problem. Write a letter to your aunt and give your suggestions about how she can have a better relationship with her daughter.