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Shahbaz Touqir Qureshi

H.No.K-233, Street 9, Committee Mohalla, Rawalpindi,
+92 321 818 1472
Paspport No:
Date of Birth:
13th April, 1991
Personal Profile
 An enthusiastic, Graduate from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, Pakistan B.S
Electronic Engineering.
 To serve in a progressive organization offering a challenging envoirenment and vast opportunities
for career development based purely upon achievement and results.s.
 Keen to find a challenging engineering position according to my studies with an ambitious and
exciting company where my experience and knowledge could be best subjected and utilized for
adding sufficient value to the organization and myself.
Work Experience
15th Jul – 26th Aug, 2013
 DSLANs and BRAs Working.
 Pair Test of Ports.
 Customer Support and Services.
 Protocols Subletting.

National Telecom Corporation, Islamabad, Pakistan

20th Aug, 2014 – 19th Feb, 2015 Internship
Engineering Development Board, MOI&P, Islamabad,
 Technical Reports on Electronic Industry, Electrical and Switches Making Industries.
 Visit of Industries relating of Electronic Manufacturing.
 To Assist in preparation of Electronic & Electrical Industries Policy.
1st Mar – 27th Apr, 2015
Drive Test Expert LCC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
 Worked on Project of 4GLTE Zain of Huawei
 Find the Value of Downloading, Uploading, Ping, Attach/Dettach and Coverage.
 Make a Complete Report of a Site and Send it to the Manager.
1st Aug – 31st Sep, 2015
O&M Engineer Riyadh Metro Project, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
 To Lookafter the O&M of Heavy Equipment used in the Project.
 To Lookafter the affairs of Staff.
 To Prepare & Submit the Daily Work Report to the Management.
Softwares Expertise:
 Genex Probe 3.5.
 C, C++, Assembly Language, MATLAB.
 AT89C51 and ATMega 32(AVR) micro-controllers.
 Keil, Proteous, Pspice, , Pinnacle.
 Packet Tracer, MPLAB, AutoCad, PCB Wizard

Student Information Systerm and Library Mamagement Systerm using C++.  Home automation using Atmega32.  Water Level Control using PLC. on video transmission. AVR studio 6.  Xilinx (FPGA based design synthesis and implementation). Unlike most helicopters. Expertise during Academic Term Final Year Project: Title: Spy Quad Copter Supervised by: Dr.0.e.  Sound manipulation in Matlab.  Water level control using Relays and digital dice using 555 timer IC.Quad copters are a useful tool for university researchers to test and evaluate new ideas.Also light weight frame compatible to overcome stability issues. (Electrical. It can achieve height up to 60ft and can lift weight up to 1Kg. Academic Qualifications 2009 .To know flight aspects of UAV (Unarmed Ariel Vehicle). It is a prototype implementation and design of a spy quad-copter. Islamabad. also called a quad rotor helicopter. Electric Machines. Digital Communication.  Implementation of FFT algorithm using Code Composer Studio. Core Subjects Basic Electronic Engineering. Sajjad Hussain: Description: – Quad copter.  A project on FPGA to implement an arcade game (Pacman). Quad copters are classified as rotorcraft because their lift is generated by a set of revolving narrow-chord airfoils (propellers). Circuit Analysis. Electronic and Mechanical Engineering). Wireless Sensor Networks and Embedded System. which is a multi-copter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Islamabad Campus. Satellite Communication. Control of vehicle motion is achieved by altering the pitch and rotation rate of one or more rotor discs.  A project on FM Tranceiver (Modulator and Demodulator). quad copters generally use symmetrically pitched blades which can be adjusted as a group. Microwave Engineering. Power Electronics. Microprocessor & Computer Architecture.2014 B. SEMESTER PROJECTS:  Line Follower Robot using Atmega32. Spy Quad copter can be used in search and rescue mission in red alert areas. To get awareness of different fields i.S Electronic Engineering Muhammad Ali Jinnah University. Control Systems. Electronic Circuit Design.  Rotation control of servo motor using Atmega32. Signal & Systems.  Hotel Management System. It can give flight up to 10 min without video transmission and 6 min approx. . Pakistan. Quad copter can be used for surveillance by military and law enforcement.  Designing of an axial rotor.

Windows XP.).Computer & Communicational Skills Computer: MS Office. 2012 at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad.  Certificate of participation on presenting a research paper in FIYEC(First International Young Engineers Convention) held at UET Lahore Pakistan. Strong presentation and communication skills Certifications  Certificate of appreciation in IEEE-JSEC on May. Internet application. . Languages: English. Pakistan. software installation.  Certificate of participation on attending workshop of Embedded System held at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad. References Will be given on Request. Pakistan. Urdu and Punjabi (comfortable in dealing with people of different backgrounds.