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Contract Law for Non-Lawyers : Closing the Deal
Many professionals make decisions on behalf of their
companies each day and contractually obligating their
companies. Many of these transactions occur without
a holistic appreciation or full understanding of the
scope and liability of the obligations. On many
occasions the agreements are either poorly or
wrongly drafted. The ability to negotiate is an
essential managerial skill as well as a core leadership
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United Kingdom Association of Professionals (attached B1)

3 DAYS (26 hours)

Participants will be fully engaged in applied learning exercises.COURSE CONTENT / ACTIVITY NO 1 CONTENT/ACTIVITIES DAY 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF AGREEMENTS AND OBLIGATIONS  Introduction to Contracts Law  Formation of Contract  Contract Negotiation  Contract Drafting OBJECTIVES     Understanding the legal definition of a contract Understand how and when a contract is formed Provide an introduction to drafting contracts Develop basic skills toward negotiating contracts EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES 2 DAY 2 BULLETPROOFING YOUR CONTRACT  How to be sure the documents reflects the negotiatied agreement?  Liability risk protection including indemnities. Understand the implications and result of the termination. Enhance each participant’s critical thinking skills with regard to the ingredients of a good contract. 2 hours 3 hours 3 hours 2 hours . Understand the strategic steps to take when a breach of contract occurs. OUTCOMES Participants will gain insight on the formation of a contract and thereby avoiding pitfalls when negotiating a contract. exclusion and limitation of liability clauses  Remedial Clauses and Damages There are many pitfalls to avoid in a contract negotiations and that include the liability and legal risk that the organizations may be exposed to. The terms of the contract may be breached and as a result party to the contract may terminate the contract. Help participants develop basic skills toward negotiating contracts Identify key negotiation terms and their importance in real life negotiations The fundamentals of contract negotiations HOURS 2 hours 6 hours 2 hours 6 hours 3 EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES DAY 3 BREACHES AND TERMINATIONS  Contract Breaches and Disputes Resolution  Termination of Contracts EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES 4 GUEST SPEAKER Participant Assessment A contract requires one or both parties meet obligations detailed in the contract before it is completed.

Total 26 Hours .