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Editorial Staff


Robert A. Rizza, M.D.
Vay Liang W. Go., M.D.
M. Molly McMahon, M.D.
Gail G. Harrison, Ph.D., R.D.

Associate Editors

Jennifer K. Nelson, R.D.
Kristine A. Kuhnert, R.D.

Assistant Editor

Sydne J. Newberry, Ph.D.

Editorial Director

LeAnn M. Stee

Art Directors

Karen E. Barrie
Kathryn K. Shepel

Medical Illustrators

John V. Hagen
Michael A. King

Editorial Assistant

Sharon L. Wadleigh

Production Consultant

Ronald R. Ward


Tony Kubat

The vision for this book belongs to David H. Murdock, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
of Dole Food Company, Inc. Mr. Murdock brought his vision and a request for assistance in
making it a reality to two of the authors: Robert A. Rizza, M.D., of Mayo Clinic, and Gail G.
Harrison, Ph.D., R.D., University of California Los Angeles School of Public Health. They each
saw the potential value in this vision and committed themselves to recruit scientific colleagues
and technical expertise to bring it to fruition.
The authors all contributed to various stages of the evolution of this volume. Specific


Dhaiti.D.D.D.P. and Robert A.D.P. Suzanne Finley. M.P..H.H.P..S. Richard Utchell provided oversight of the photography.. R. Anne Christiansen-Bullers.. Shannon Duffy.S. production coordinator was Edward Fruin. Helanie Hatter. Sue Brue. prop stylists were Michele Joy and Rhonda Watkins. contributed to Chapters 1 and 2 and was the editor and major writer for the fruits and vegetables chapters.D.H. Rizza.. Molly McMahon. Administration support was provided by Jonathan W. contributed substantially to this work. photographers included Kevin Ross Hedden and Mette Nielson.D.. Ph. and Stacy Macris. M..H. provided input to Chapters 3 and 4. Dr. Curtright. Lorelei DiSogra. M. M. M.. M. M.P.D...A. In addition. and Abigail Wyckoff (also a prop stylist). M. Chapter 3 was reviewed by the following Mayo Clinic consultants: Michael D. M. and staff of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for their contributions to the fruits and vegetables section of Part II: Elizabeth Chacko. food stylist assistants were Amy Peterson.. Ph. provided culinary expertise. R.. Sydne J.D.D. Rizza oversaw the entire process and served as one of the Editors-in-Chief. Judith St.D. M. M.D.D.D. Roberta Wieman provided administrative and moral support at every step of the way.P. DeLorenzo provided a grounding in the real world of food production and marketing.D. Ph. Several professional staff of Dole Food Company..D. Roberto Garces. Knight provided her skills as a computer artist.H. Gentemen. Karen Shih.. R. Susan Kaus Eckert. M. students from the University of Nevada Department of Nutrition.. Tuong I. Abishek Tewari.. Los Angeles. Heiu Ngo. James Dinh.P. contributed feedback and advice throughout the process of development. Nguyen. M. faculty. Inc. Donna Winham. M.. M.P. Leda Nemer. Newberry. Photographic separation was completed by Davies Printing Company.. Young.D.. Executive Chef Patrick Jamon.P. Melissa Sherak Resnick. Nativita M.... Go. M.P.D. Kuhnert... Ph. Appreciation is also extended to the research dietitians at UCLA Center for Human Nutrition: Pamela Saltsman....P. Rochester.. and Osman Galal. Jennifer K. xi . M. developed the material in Chapters 1 through 5. R. Diane M.D. Sundeep Khosla. Beverly Parker provided writing expertise during the early stages of book development. Molly McMahon. the following staff were involved with the photography: food stylists were Susan Brosious. R. Sheldon G. assisted with the nutrition tables....H..H. Susan Tellen.D. and Mike Dougherty helped with the writing of all chapters in Part II (except fruits and vegetables). M.D. M. contributed to Chapters 1 through 5 and served as project manager.H.D. The Regency Club. R. Other Editors-in-Chief were Vay Liang W.H.D. Yun Kim. Inkham Adams and Jolyn K. Sheps.H. Donna Skidmore provided expert review of many of the chapters in Part II. Jr. R.D.D.D. Jensen.. Robin Krause. Special thanks go to the following graduate students.. L. and David A.. George.H. Minnesota. R. Judith M. Members of the UCLA Nutrition Education Committee provided input and review of sections of the book.D. Ashley.. James Pfeiffer. M. R. Ed. Ph. Cindy Syme..D. Ph.... and Gail G. R.D.. M.P. and Teresa Thell. M. Kristine A. M. M. Mayo Clinic. Timothy O’Brien. In particular. R..D. M. Nelson.contributions are worthy of special mention. Harrison. provided the original draft for all of Part II (except the chapters on fruits and vegetables). M.D. Jill Burcum.H. and William F. M... R.