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Dec 2014


PAYROLL UPDATE - FY15 submission of Investment Proofs

The financial year end is round the corner, and as communicated earlier now is the time to submit your
investment proofs for the financial year 2014-15.
Please refer to email dated 19th Dec 2014 subject- IPSF Year End Employee Communication FY 20142015 from for details .
The Guidelines for Investment proof submission and a detailed presentation have been hosted on the
portal and also were attached with the above mentioned e-mail.

KNOW YOUR POLICY Leave Travel Assistance

This benefit is extended to assist employees in meeting the expenses in connection with travel for
themselves and their family members while on annual leave, in accordance with the Income Tax

The eligibility for LTA is on a calendar year basis. A newly joined employee who is eligible for LTA,
can claim the first LTA only after completion of 6 months service

Employees are entitled to receive LTA of an amount not exceeding their entitlement every calendar

Only 2 journeys in a block of 4 years is exempt from tax. The current block is 2014-2017, i.e.
January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2017

For the purpose of claiming LTA, an employee has to avail 5 days of leave. However an employee
can also claim LTA by availing leave for a minimum of 3 working days so long as the leave is
prefixed or suffixed to the weekly holiday. Proof of having availed leave i.e. an output from OTL has
to be attached to the LTA claim application.

Employees can claim LTA by filling in the claim form (available on the webpage) and submit the
same to payroll together with proof of availing leave and documentary evidence of travel expenses
in original.



Enrollment of Spouse & dependent children - Group Medical Insurance

We have been receiving queries from employees regarding enrollment of spouse(newly wed) and
children(new born) into the company's medical insurance scheme. If you wish to get your spouse(recently
wedded) and Children enrolled(newly born subject to maximum of 2 kids), please write to following email
ids with the details of Employee number, Dependent name, Date of Birth and relationship
Hyderabad employees -
Employees of all other locations -
Oracle encourages and supports several employee skill and career development initiatives including an option of
internal transfers within Oracle. In Oracle, employees can explore career options in line with their aspirations be it
different Product lines, technologies, Lines of Business, Industry segments etc. please refer the link:
Oracle Internal transfer policy
For more details please contact your HR Representative

Information Protection Policy

For any suggestions, Insert
do write to us in the feedback section of ERAQ
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