The Psychic Church A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.

Fejfar In her acclaimed book, “The Gnostic Paul,” scripture scholar, Elaine Pagels describes the Psychic Church. Basically, Psychic “Christians” are those who in Jungian terms, have dominantly Sensate personality types. In other words, they live on the level of the base emotions. Now, what Pagels does not tell you is that many of these people are literally Psychics. That is, they have Psychic abilities, such as Channeling and Clairaudience and Clairvoyance, or telepathy. These Psychics are sometimes very powerful, but ignorant people because they use their Psychic abilities for political power. Many are Satantists. This, of course, makes sense, because as Pagels tells us, the Psychic believers are under the dominion of the Demiurge, or the Devil who masquerades as God. Psychics are bound by the law of the Demiurge. They are law and order people who have no sense whatsoever of the Spirit of the Law. Pagels also discusses a second type of Christian, the Pneumatic. In Jungian terms, the Pneumatic is an Intuitive personality type. Intuitives are not psychic. Intuitives develop something like psychic abilities by intuiting Being. They get information by intuiting Being, not through psychic channeling. Pagels points out that the Pneumatics, or Intuitives are the ones, who, according to St. Paul, the Apostle, are supposed to be the leaders in the Christian Churches. The

Pneumatics are level 3 thinkers who use the Wisdom or Spirit Mind to think. Pneumatics do not sin and are not bound by the law of the Demiurge or Devil. Pneumatics are spiritual people who just naturally do the right thing without even thinking about it. St. Paul tells the Pneumatics that they should obey the laws of the Demiurge, like the Psychics are required to, in order to promote harmony in the Christian Churches. Here, I disagree with St. Paul. The law of the Demiurge is a corrupt law of convention. The law of moral conformity and convention is evil. The Pneumatics must be leaders and insist that the law be based upon higher values, not the base emotions. Autonomy, Rational Self Interest, Self Actualization, and Self Transcendence all flow from higher law and higher values, not the base values of the psychic community. A Just Society is one where the Pneumatics or Intuitives are in charge, not the Psychic channelers who really do not even know how to think analytically or reflectively. Many logical positivists are level one, psychic thinkers, whose only personal thinking is done through concrete operations clouded by the base emotions of greed, selfishness, envy, gluttony, avarice, sexual excess, etc.