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) Team Name

1st (9th) Team Braciola:

33-13-2 The number 9 ranked team in my first
power rankings has been destroying its competitors. With wins over
Steve Balboni
(11-1) and over Shorthaired Hippies (10-1-1) both division wins, Team
has solidified its place a top our second power rankings with a 10 game
lead in
their division.

2nd (7th) Halo Dynasty XXII:

30-18 Halo started the season off really strong
destroying the Milwaukee Beers in a week that earned them a record of
While Halo is ranked 2nd they might be trending downward because of
showings against the teams with the worst records in our league and
over the
last three weeks after their great opening they have only won one more
(Week 4 Extinct Dodos 8-4).

3rd (3rd) Dynasty Champs:

23-22-3 The team with the 5th best record in our
league is 3rd in our power ranking? Yes, the Dynasty Champs are third
because they have managed to stay above the .500 make while playing the
hardest schedule so far this season. The problem is that they are ten
back in their division but, as long as they continue playing the way
they are
there schedule should begin to loosen up and start paying dividends.

4th (10th) Milwaukee Beers:

25-21-2 Who picked this team to finish last? Ok I
did but, after week one I looked like the smartest man alive but, since
then I
have looked horrible. Week 1they only got one win and lost 11 but,
since they
have compiled the best record in the league (24-10-2). If this team
continues on
they will catch and pass Halo in the next couple weeks. With only 1 of
next 4 opponents having a winning record look for this team to continue

5th (5th) Minnesota Team Legend:

24-20-4 Starting the season by having three
consecutive weeks with 7 wins put the Legends atop their division but
going 3-8-1 against the Beers Legends has fallen to third in the
division. The
schedule will get a little easier for the legends over the next few
giving them a chance to regain some of their early season momentum.

6th (1st) Steve Balboni:

20-26-2 I think its safe to say the most inconsistent
team we have in our league so far. Steve has had some struggles since
named the #1 team on our first power rankings. They have not had Brian
or Jacoby Ellsbury for most of the season. As well as a slow start from
stars on their team. From 1-11 to 11-0-1 in back to back weeks this
team needs
to get healthy and find an identity as a contender or a team that needs
retool and move forward.

7th (8th) Shorthaired Hippie:

21-23-4 To only win 21 games while losing 23 is
inexcusable for a team that has had the 9th hardest schedule in the
league but,
thats where the SHHs are. Week 4 when they only got 1 win looks really
on their schedule and in their total record. Minus that week they are
which is a good run but that one week nocks them down. The good news is
they are only 2 games back from 2nd place in their division.

8th (2nd) Mr. Fr3sh:

21-23-4 The last team on our list to have won 20 or more
games this season as of the end of week 4. Mr. Fr3sh has a couple of
the biggest
suprises of the season providing this team with a little excitement
mainly being
Konerko with his 13 homeruns and Cano and Werth posting very good
seasons. This
team needs more production badly from Figgins, Ramirez and Dunn if they
want to
climb back into it and compete for a shot at the playoffs.

9th (6th) Atlanta Braves:

16-29-3 This team is full of stars all over the field
but, thats why they play the game and so far they have not equaled the
that they have expected. The season is still early enough for this team
to turn
it around but, they certainly have created a nice hole to work their
way out of
moving forward. This is the most active team in the league so far,
willing to
make trades at will to improve this team so I expect them to continue
trying to
put together a winning line up and not be last by the end of the season.

10th (4th) Extinct Dodos:

14-32-2 Is this team really this bad? I am not sure
but, they did have the hardest schedule in our league and it showed.
managed to not win a game in week 3 against Steve Balboni losing 0-11-
1. This
team might need to do some major rebuilding before this season is over.
have plenty of pieces to move if thats what they want to do as well
with a
couple moves that turn out well this team has a chance to start
winning. They
need TEX to start playing better as well as Gordon, Vazquez and Jackson
if they
have any chance competing this season.