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Northern Region

May 2016

An occasional update on Organising in the Northern Region

Please take any opportunity to pass this information on to anyone who might be interested!

A victory yes, but the fight goes on

The NUT has forced the Government into a major retreat on one of the central planks of its White Paper. The third major
climb-down in a matter of weeks shows that the Secretary of States vision for education is entirely discredited. When
teachers act we are a powerful force. The NUT has been central to a vibrant alliance of teachers, parents, academics and
politicians. Many of these allies will continue to share our concerns about other elements of the Governments education
policy, not least the 8% reduction in education spending. This will have a negative impact on every school, student, and
teacher. No parent will support such cuts. The campaign will continue against cuts, in defence of teachers terms &
conditions and against the Government policies that are turning schools into exam factories.
Deputy General Secretary, Kevin Courtney sets out our case in this video:
REPS AND MEMBERS ACTION BRIEFINGS these are really important. Please make every effort to attend one near you
and find out about our campaign against the White Paper:
Redcar & Cleveland

10 May, 5.30pm
11 May, 5.30pm
11 May, 5pm
11 May, 5.30-7.30pm
11 May 7pm
11 May, 4.30pm
11 May, 4:30pm
11 May, 4.15pm

(reps briefing) St Roberts Club, 5A Robert Street, Harrogate, HG1 1HP

Carmel College, The Headlands, Darlington, DL3 8RP
(reps briefing) Honest Lawyer, Croxdale Bridge, Durham, DH1 3SP
Scarborough Rugby Club, Silver Royd, 569 Scalby Road, YO13 0NL
(reps briefing) Elm Bank Hotel, The Mount, York, YO24 1GE
Tuned-In, Majuba Road, Redcar, TS10 5BJ
ARC, Stockton Arts Centre, Dovecot Street, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1LL
(refreshments provided) Acklam Green Centre Acklam Road, TS5 4JS

For more information check out:

Keeping Schools Creative: Saturday 21st May, National Railway Museum, York
At this event we will have the opportunity to consider the impact of Government policies on the curriculum. Is
academisation in the best interest of schools and children? Will schools remain creative spaces for free thought and ideas,
or will they become exam factories? What impact is constant testing having on our children's health and wellbeing?
10am-12pm - Workshops for students, parents and teachers on exam factories, creative curricula and methods for
helping children deal with stress and cope with exam pressure. We will also look at what an academy actually is and how
it is different to a traditional school.
1pm-3pm - Education Question Time: This is a chance to question different interested parties regarding their thoughts on
academisation and creativity in schools. Panellists include General Secretary of the NUT Christine Blower, local politicians,
parents and academics.
'Hands Off Our Schools' White Paper public meeting: Saturday 21st May, 10am, Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle
Annual Conference overwhelmingly endorsed a campaign, where possible with other partners, to oppose the White
Paper and also to ballot members for strike action in defence of teachers national pay and conditions. This meeting
provides an opportunity to examine how this might be achieved.
Speakers: Ian Mearns MP, NUT, ATL, Unison, junior doctors BMA, parents' organisations
- See more at:
Upcoming reps training: Foundation Course: 15 17 June 2016, Hilton Newcastle Gateshead
There are currently places available and all the information you need, including the on-line application link can be found
Vin Wynne
NUT Northern Region