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Fire & Safety Australias Fire Warden Training course will equip your personnel with the skills

required to act as a
fire warden during an emergency. By selecting an appropriate number of fire wardens and conducting regular
fire warden training, your organisation will ensure that your personnel are ready to deal with any workplace
During the fire warden training course we will cover the duties of fire wardens during emergencies such as:
Fires, Bomb threats, Chemical Incidents, Armed Holdups and many more. Fire warden training is only conducted
by experience emergency services personnel. Our fire warden trainers have responded to real emergencies as
emergency services officers and can walk you through the requirements of acting as a fire warden.
Fire & Safety Australia regularly teaches on-site Fire Warden Training Courses throughout Australia (we taught
over 35,000 people in 2012!). Our fire warden trainers travel across Australia (trainers based in every State and
Territory) to conduct fire warden training courses.
Our fire warden training courses are nationally recognised training courses and are taught through the Public
Safety Training Package. Learners who are assessed competent will receive a statement of attainment in
PUAWER005B Operate as part of an Emergency Control Organisation (Fire Warden).
Fire Extinguisher Training can be completed with Fire Warden Training

We currently teach some of Australias largest companies Fire Warden Training throughout Australia including
organisations like Spotlight, Bunnings, Harris Scarfe, Virgin Tech, MCC, Ingham Enterprises, BlueScope Steel and
many more.
Our fire warden training courses are a combination of both practical training and theoretical training in how to
safely prepare personnel for evacuation, how to safely evacuate your workplace, what to do during emergencies
such as fires, bomb threats, armed holdups, chemical spills and how to recover from emergencies.
For your personnel to safely evacuate during an emergency and for all of your building occupants to have the
greatest chance of survival you should nominate a sufficient number of fire wardens and put them through
our nationally recognised fire warden training course.
Our fire warden training courses are taught in accordance with Australian Standard 3745-2010. This standard
includes all of the relevant information to ensure that your organisation is compliant with all aspects of
emergency management which include the provision of fire wardens and the provision of regular fire warden
Prior to your fire warden training course occurring, we will normally request a copy of your fire and evacuation
procedures. By having a copy of your fire evacuation procedures before we conduct fire warden training, our
trainers are able to customise and tailor the fire warden training course directly to your requirements.
Fire Blanket Training can be conducted whilst on-site to deliver Fire Warden Training

Our Fire Warden Trainers can also be booked to act as observers / instructors during your Building Evacuation
drills. We will prepare a written report after your drill has finished, highlighting suggested areas of
improvement. We can also assist you with emergency procedures and maps for your workplace.
We provide both on-site Fire Warden training courses at your workplace (normally for 5+ personnel) and we
also provide regular fire warden training (public/open) courses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
and Darwin.
Fire Warden Training Course Subjects:

Fire Warden Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Australian Standard 3745-2010 Requirements

Investigating the fire / alarm / incident

Raising the alarm

Emergencies that may require evacuation

Bomb Threat Procedures

Fire Warden Training Requirements

Building Fire Safety

Fire Warden Identification

Fire Wardens procedures & responsibilities

Types of Evacuation

Building Fire Alarms & Communications Systems

Developing Evacuation plans & procedures

Emergency Co-ordination

Human Behaviour in emergencies

Post-Evacuation Activities

Our practical fire warden training courses ensure that learners will gain hands-on fire warden evacuation
experience and get to utilise your on-site fire and emergency systems as our trainers conduct building
evacuation drills (if possible on the day).
Approximately 4 hours
Written & Practical Assessment
Fire Warden Training Locations:
We can conduct Fire Warden Training on-site at your location anywhere in Australia or at a Fire & Safety
Australia Training Room in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane or Darwin.

Fire and Safety Australia conducts training for over 35,000 people per annum. Our fire warden training courses
are held on-site for our clients across Australia to keep first aiders up to date with fire warden emergency
duties. Our fire warden trainers have sufficient equipment to bring to our clients workplace to conduct this
training. Fire and Safety Australia will obtain copies of your emergency response procedures and tailor a fire
warden training course to your specific requirements. Our fire warden trainers have decades of
emergency response experience and will pass on their experience to your personnel in a fun and enthusiastic
manner. Fire warden training is a great hands on and practical course that will teach your personnel how to
respond to an on-site emergency.
To obtain a fully costed on-site fire warden training proposal or to obtain public course dates, please call our
office on 1300 88 55 30 or Contact Us
Along with fire warden training, Fire and Safety Australia offers several other courses that may be combined
with this course to save money.
The courses that are most useful in addition to fire warden training are:

Fire Extinguisher Training

Chief Fire Warden Training

Fire drills and workplace emergency drills.