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(MBA - 035)


Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Programme: 2012 -14


Gautam Buddh Technical University, Lucknow

ROLL NO. – 1201470047

Faculty of Management Science
S.R.M.S. College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly


Wasit Ali a regular student of MBA 2012 Batch has undergone Summer Training in Pantaloons Retail Limited. This Certificate is issued by the undersigned on the basis of the Summer Training Certificate of the organization in which the student completed the Summer Training during above period. (Anant Kumar Srivastava) Date: Head . Bareilly on the topic of “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM TO RETAIN THE CUSTOMERS AT PANTALOONS RETAIL STORE BAREILLY” for a period of six week commencing from 6 June 2013 to 21 July 2013.)Faculty of Management Science Certificate This is to certify that Mr.Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology. Bareilly (U. This Summer Training Project Report embodies the facts and figure collected and interpreted by him during the course of Training.P.MBA Place: Bareilly DECLARATION .

I Wasit Ali hereby declared that the project report entitled “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMME TO RETAIN CUSTOMERS AT PANTALOONS RETAIL STORE BAREILLY” under guidance of Ms. Wasit Ali MBA IIIrd sem ROLL. Lovelesh Kumar Sharma. Ankita Tondon and under supervision of Mr.NO-1201470047 . HR Pantaloons Limited Bareilly submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of the degree of MBA Program GAUTAMBUDDH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in my original work.

Wasit Ali MBA IIIrd sem ROLL.PREFACE This report has been prepared to have a received of what I have done & learned about Marketing in retail Industry. I would consider my efforts to be fruitful if it proves useful to somebody at latest stages. I hope that this report provides sufficient information regarding my work on the project. This report contains a basic introduction of retail industry & customer loyalty.NO -1201470047 .

Acknowledgement Behind every achievement lies an unfathomable sea of gratitude to those who have extended their support and without whom it ever has come into existence.NO-1201470047 . I would like to take this opportunity to thank my project guide. Therefore constant support has given me an overall learning experience. Furthermore I would like to thank all other team members whose valuable inputs have helped me gain a better understanding of the project and the organization. Wasit Ali MBA IIIrd sem ROLL. Ms. Ankita Tondon and my supervisor Mr. Lovelesh Kumar Sharma for their guidance and motivation without whom the successful completion of this project would not have been possible.

8 Marketing Strategies.2 Business profile. 1.6 Bibliography 2.5 Findings. vision & mission of organization.4 Data analysis and interpretation 75 2.7 SWOT Analysis.Contents PART 1 About the organization PAGE No. 27 PART 2 ABOUT STUDY 2. Recommendations & limitations 87 -91 2. 21 1.3 Research Design 68 2.3 Functional Areas.1 Introduction of the topic 61 2.2 Scope and objective(s) of the study 64 2.5 Product/ Service ranges 19 1.6 Comparative performance of the organization 20 1.9 Business Processes. 18 1. 3 1. 17 1. 22 1.4 Organizational structures.7 Annexure 92 93 -95 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . 16 1.1 Origin.

Thus it is important to find out whether these loyalty programs are influencing the buying behavior of customers or not and if they are influencing then how impactful is there influence. . a more significant level of transactions and therefore higher profits. and managers have increased their emphasis on long-term client relationships because loyalty. stronger relationships and therefore longer customer lifetimes likely are associated with a greater degree of cross-buying. and loyalty programs or frequency reward programs.Marketing theory and practice has become more and more customer centered. This makes Customer retention rates and customer share of category purchase as important metrics in customer relationship management.