Fox4KC -- David Cook One Year Later (Kansas City, MO) -- 5/20/09 Reporter: Dave Froehlich [First part of audio unavailable

] Dave: ...remarkable year, not only for David, but also for David's younger brother Andrew, who's using the door opened by David's Idol fame to forge ahead with a different kind of entertainment career. David: It's extremely humbling to uh, to come home at all, to this. Um... [pauses] uh, it's weird that you guys are all lookin' at me, to be completely frank. Dave [voiceover]: But so many in the metro, and all points beyond, have been looking at Blue Springs' David Cook since he captured the American Idol crown twelve months ago. And because Cook's been in perpetual motion, there's been plenty to see. David: Yeah, I feel like I was on the finale, like, two months ago. And so now uh, to be handing over that, that whole "reigning American Idol" bit is, it's exciting for me. Uh, but it's also...I mean, it's, ya' know, it's the end of a...end of a little chapter in the book. And so, a little bittersweet. Dave [voiceover]: The post-Idol roller coaster began with a summer tour with fellow Idol contestants, to a platinum-selling major label debut album, now quickly followed by a solo tour of college campuses across the nation. David: I haven't stopped. It's like I've never worked so hard, but I've also never had so much fun. Ya' know? To uh, to go oversees and play for the troops for the USO and...ya' know, to play at Carnegie Hall for Hillary Clinton. And uh...just, ya' know, I mean, to do everything. To come home and play in front of eighteen thousand people at the Sprint Center is just ridiculous. Dave [voiceover]: And trips home, like that stop-off at the Sprint Center last September, [pauses] and the solo tour date at the Ameristar last month, are rare. Beth: There's been some times that I wish he was home, and...or I wish that, you know, we could have done somethin' together. And it's not been possible. But... [pauses] I get through it. Dave [voiceover]: When he does get to make it home, David's younger brother Andrew makes sure David is keeping his newfound superstardom in perspective. Andrew: My mom and stepdad sat me down, and it's like: "Do you care if we put...David's platinum album right when you enter the...the house?" Like, I don't care. Like I, I've seen that guy's face so much in a year, it doesn't bother me anymore. Um...I, but to, like, even it up, I took "Best Vocalist" senior year

of high school plaque, [marks out the size with his hands] it's about that big. Not that big at all. And I put it right underneath it. So it's, it feels even in the house. David: I walked in the house, and he had his uh, he had his, uh, his high school senior class award...sitting on the table next to it. I thought....ya' know...that's Andrew. I thought it was pretty funny, though. So... [laughs] Reporter: Did you rearrange it real quick before this interview? David: I's face-down right now. So, hopefully when he gets home he'll, he'll put it back. Dave [voiceover]: But these days Andrew Cook is working on his own shot at fame. Andrew [doing his radio show]: This is Andrew Cook. This is AC on Dave [voiceover]: David Cook fans know the story. Supporting Andrew was the main reason David found himself in the Omaha audition line in the first place. Of course, David was the one who made his way to Idol's big stage. Now Andrew is hoping he'll soon be on stage. Talking, rather than singing. Andrew: Like, this is somethin' that...I never thought I'd be doing. But the more I do it, I'm just like: You know, this is what I should be doing. Dave [voiceover]: The UCM student is now focusing on a TV and radio hosting career, taking some hosting classes in Los Angeles over his Spring Break, and hosting his own web radio show every weekend on local DJ Kelly Urich's Andrew: To host, I, I can...still be involved with music. I mean, with a radio show...that's what you do. You play music, and you talk about music, and you...take calls and, and requests and all that. And...I love every aspect of it. Dave [voiceover]: Even with his hectic schedule, big brother is paying close attention. David: Andrew is, is one of those rare people. And I say this, like -- maybe I'm biased, cuz he's my brother --- but I just see him as one of those rare people that...can do anything. And it's, it's been a joy to kinda...see him kinda carve his own path and do his thing. And I know he really enjoys doin' the radio stuff, and hosting,'s a riot. So, I think uh...I think the sky's the limit for him. I know, I know he's got one supporter. Dave [voiceover]: Meanwhile, David's path is getting clearer. No getting off the roller coaster any time soon. David: Well we're on the road for awhile. Yeah, we uh...uh, I think our, our last scheduled date that we have as of right now is October. And we're gonna

be on the road awhile and, and really kinda give this record some room to breathe and see how it goes, and...uh, but we're always writing and, and I'm always tryin' to do other things. So,'ll be a busy year, hopefully. Dave: Of course, this year of unbelievable highs for David Cook has also been touched by tragedy. Earlier this month, David and Andrew's older brother Adam Cook passed away at age thirty-seven, after years of battling brain cancer. In a message to the fans on his website, David mentioned his brother never wanted his illness to stand in the way of David's growing career. So with the exception of one concert date, Cook's tour marches on. Including a headlining slot June 20th, during the Red White & Boom concert at Capital Federal Park at Sandstone. Dave Froehlich, Fox 4 News. END OF INTERVIEW

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