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Netweaver 7.5 to 10.0 Upgrade Overview

Backend Migration
Step 1: Full Backup of BPC 7.5 application sets using UJBR
Step 2: If BW environment is >=7.3 go to step 3. Otherwise, upgrade BW to 7.3 using the Software Update Manager.

Option 1: Add BPC components to upgrade queue and skip step 3

Option 2: Perform BPC component upgrade separately from BW 7.3 upgrade

Step 3: Upgrade BPC components.

Step 4: Restore BPC Application Sets
Step 5: Run program UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_10 in order to complete backend migration
For BW on HANA scenario:
Step 6: Run program BPC_HANA_MIGRATE_FROM_10
Step 7: If using BADIs, update/incorporate latest API changes to your code.

Frontend Migration
Step 8: Use conversion tool for existing reports and quick win
Step 9A: Migrate to the new Report Definition concept to maximize performance and functionality.
Step 9B: Analyze existing content for any usage of deprecated functions and migrate to newest versions.
There you have it, 10 steps to get from BPC 7.5 to BPC 10. Continue reading to learn more about Steps 9A & 9B. There are
many changes from one version to the next and fortunately most of your reports will continue to work just as before. There are
a few small cases where a function is no longer supported that will require the report be migrated before it can be used again

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How To Determine the Level of Effort for Content Migration

You should do a full analysis of your existing content for any usage of the following functions. Any content containing these
deprecated functions should be documented in a migration plan and updated after the technical upgrade is complete.
Anything with the following functions MUST be updated after upgrading to BPC NW 10.0.
Functions No longer Supported from BPC 7.5 to 10.0.

EVEXP (utilize the new Report Editor instead)

EVHOT (now known as Quick Links functionality in the EPM add-in)

Any content that uses the following EV functions below should be updated to its corresponding EPM function to achieve
peak performance. However, they are backward compatible and will continue to work after the upgrade. Excellent news for
our upgrade customers, allowing for a quick win right after the technical upgrade is complete.
EV functions = EPM functions:

evAPD = EPMModelCubeDesc
evAPP = EPMModelCubeID
evASD = EPMEnvDatabaseDesc
evAST = EPMEnvDatabaseID
evBET = EPMComparison
evBNV = EPMBook
evCGP = EPMCommentPartialContext
evCGT = EPMCommentFullContext
evCOM = EPMSaveComment
evCVW = EPMContextMember
evDES = EPMMemberDesc
evDIM = EPMDimensionType
evDNV = EPMDocumentList
evGET = EPMRetrieveData
evGTS = EPMScaleData
evLCK = EPMWorkStatus
evMBR = EPMSelectMember
evMNU = EPMExecuteAPI
evPRO = EPMMemberProperty
evPRP = EPMDimensionProperty
evRNG = EPMCellRanges
evRTI = EPMRefreshTime
evSND = EPMSaveData
evSVR = EPMServer
evTIM = EPMMemberOffset
evUSR = EPMUser
OsCLD = EPMDocument

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