Which two hazards exist when working with fiber optic cabling? (Choose two.) chemicals copper strands electricity glass splinters connectors

Which safety precaution should be used when working with any type of cable? Wear safety glasses when working any type of cable. Cordon off the area before crimping the cable heads. Wear cloth gloves when working with any type of cable. Use a magnifying glass to divert light rays when working with fiber-optic cable.

ABC Computer Company is in the process of planning a network for a new client. A network technician has been asked to perform a physical inspection of the facilities to determine the flow of data and protocols required by the client. What is this inspection called? data inspection logical survey plant inspection site survey

When planning a new network, the administrator is interested in a physical topology that is used more often than any other. Which topology is the administrator considering? bus mesh

ring star

Which protocol provides secure transport of data from the company web server to remote users? HTTP HTTPS NetBEUI DNS

The network technician is researching the best way to connect the branch offices to the main office. What are three main considerations that the technician should remember when choosing an Internet connection? (Choose three.) availability distance operating system protocols reliability speed

A company adds a few refurbished computers to a network. The company finds, however, that the refurbished computers perform significantly worse than the original networked computers performed with applications that require the transfer of data over the network. What should the company technicians do? Check if the computers are using the integrated network interface.

Replace the Windows 2000 OS with Windows XP or Vista. Check if the computers are using a VPN. Check if the network interface cards in the computers are limited to 10 Mb/s.

The network technician has been asked to share a new printer on the network using the Add Printer wizard for Windows XP. Which path should the technician use to run the Add Printer wizard? Start > Run > prntwiz.exe Start > Control Panel > Add Hardware > Printers and Faxes > Add Printer Start > Administrative Tools > Services > Printers and Faxes > Add Printer Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > File > Add Printer

The network administrator has physically installed wireless NICs in three new computers. Which two additional steps will complete the installation process? (Choose two.) Configure the device drivers. Configure the signal strength of the antenna. Configure the NICs with addressing information. Update the BIOS to support the new wireless NICs. Verify that the computers have a valid MAC address.

Refer to the exhibit. The tracert command was used on the local computer to verify connectivity wit remote site. Which type of address is shown in the highlighted line of the tracert command output displayed in the exhibit? default gateway for the local computer default gateway for the ISP IP address on the local computer IP address for the desired site

After booting a computer running Windows 2000, the following message displays: "The IP address already exists on another computer". Which two steps will quickly obtain a new IP address from the DHCP server? (Choose two.) run ipconfig /all run ipconfig /displaydns run ipconfig /flushdns run ipconfig /release run ipconfig /renew

A technician is troubleshooting a networked computer. The technician has gathered as much information as possible from the user and now needs to verify obvious issues. Which two actions should the technician perform? (Choose two.) Clear the network log files.

Change the default gateway. Verify the computer IP information. Change the router configuration. Check activity on the routers.

In Windows XP, which three permissions can be set to folders and files? (Choose three.) modify deny full control read share view only

Which two ipconfig parameters are used within Windows XP to remove and assign the IP address previously provided by a DHCP server? (Choose two.) dhcp flush reassign refresh release renew

Which three pieces of information are displayed when accessing the Windows XP Local Area Connection Status? (Choose three.) default gateway

DNS address IP address subnet mask wildcard mask WIN address

Which three ports are used by SMTP, POP, and IMAP? (Choose three.) 21 25 69 110 127 143

With which technology does the bandwidth decrease as the customer gets farther away from the ISP facility? cable DSL ISDN satellite

Students on the college network need to be able to view folder names and data in files stored on the Windows-based file server, but should never be allowed to add or save information on the server. Occasionally, the students also need to run media programs to watch videos stored on the server. Which permission should the network technician assign to the students accessing the file server? change

execute read write

When planning the network in a new building, the technician notes that the company requires cabling that can extend up to 295 ft (90 m) with enhanced bandwidth support at an affordable price. Which cable type will the technician pick if he chooses the most common type of cabling used on networks? Cat3 Cat5 Cat5e Cat6A

A user complains that they cannot access any servers on the local network. What is the first thing a technician should do to troubleshoot the problem? Attempt to ping Reinstall the NIC drivers. Replace the NIC. Attempt to tracert to a local server

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