After Breaking Dawn Chapter 3 This is why Ive never had a dog Taylor Wow I wonder what that

was all about. Renesmee was laying on the huge theatre co uch with Jake laying next to her attached to her side. Then Ray asks me to excus e her and Jake, I would have left but she left before I could. Well I guess noth ing could go wrong. “Edward are you in your room?” I asked wondering if he was i n his room with Bella and therefore wouldn't hear me. No answer. They must be. I laughed. Okay now that was a weird noise. It sounded like something it the door and the room blocking the noise. Hmmm. Then the door nob started rattling like someone was trying to open it and couldn't. That's weird. I got up and walked to the door and turned the rattling nob. The door swung open and the smell hit me like walking into the way of a train going a hundred miles an hour. I was immedi ately thirsty. My hunting side took over. I knew someone was behind me and was a t war weather to care I turned and hissed. A wolf grabbed my arm. I thrashed and almost punched the wolf. Then realized who it was. “Jacob?” I asked coming out of it. I knew to never fight with a werewolf. He let go of my arm and hissed tow ard where Ray lay on the floor. Jacob black “Go get Carlisle.” Taylor screamed at me. I growled a warning and ran into Carli sle's room. Not bothering to phase. “Jacob what's wrong.” The doc asked when I r an into his room at full speed. I growled and turned. I felt his persuit and was glad. We were upstairs with Nessie in a minute. “Go get Edward.” Carlisle calle d to me. I ran and started barking and ramming into there door. “Jacob I will hu rt you if this isn't an emergency.” Edward growled. I ran through what happen in my head and then he wasn't in front of me anymore. I went to my room to phase. Then ran back upstairs. Taylor was having a hard time. “Taylor if you can't stan d it then get out.” I growled at him. “Jake get the Hell out and right now Taylo r it doing great. We need him to guard.” Edward growled with an edge. It bit str aight through me like a double edged sword. I ran to my room as fast as I could . Renesmee Cullen It was so dark. I thought I was in heaven. But then realized heaven couldn't be this painful. My head was killing me and so was my stomach and arm. It all hurt so bad. The last thing I remember was Jake and I were in a fight and then, oh no a ripping sound. Jake was so mad he phased. Oh man what have I done? Jake is pr obably so upset. I can't believe I was so stupid. Ive seen him phase before. I c an't believe I didn't try to calm him. He just made me so mad. I can't believe h e still doesn't like my family. Its not there fault. Every single one has wished vampires didn't exist at least once in there life. Think of Aunt Rose. If I did n't come along she would still be hating her life wishing she was dead. I just n eed to stop thinking about it and focus on what's going on. I don't think I can move, see, or hear. Can I feel anything? Yes I feel 2 sets of cold hands. Okay C arlisle and either my mother or father. Next try and hear anything. 'Renesmee?' everyone was shouting in there head. I could hear everyones mind just not sound. Wait that meant my father could probably hear me. I searched for his mental ton e. He was anxious but close he was helping Carlisle. 'Daddy?' “Shhhhh!” He said to everyone. I could hear through his head. 'Oh baby I've been so worried.' My f ather was having an anxiety attack. I saw him searching through my head. I was i n pain a lot of it actually but I was trying to hide it. “Dad, get the morphine in her she is in tremendious pain.” He said. I started to focus on hearing voice s that were speaking aloud. “Can you hear her son?” My grandfather asked. “Yes s he can hear me as well but she cant seem to hear anything aloud.” My father sigh ed. “Oh until just as you asked actually. She can hear us.” He finished. “Nessie honey its grandpa. Please try and open your eyes. Now I know this will hurt but

I must puncture your arm with my teeth to put the needle in so hold on.” Grandp a said calmly. Ugh! I groaned internally as he punctured the inside of my arm. T hen the pain faded and felt a lot better. “Better?” He asked. “Yes.” My father a nswered. Now just focus on opening my eyes. Ahhh! There are my eye lids. I trie d to open them and had to blink a couple times first. The room was almost empty. Taylor against the wall with a very upset expression. My mother next to him cry ing tearlessly and My father staring into my eyes with a very worried look. “Bel la love she's coming around!” He said to my mother. She was then next to me and had shoved my father out of the way. “Oh baby. Are you alright?” She asked with sobs still heavy in her singing voice. I put my hand on her neck. 'Yes momma.' I showed her. She kissed my forehead and then hugged me tight. 'Daddy where is Ja ke?' I asked in my head still hugging my mother. 'In Forks.' He thought. “What?” I asked. “He just went to see his dad he will be back. 'Ray? Are you okay? You scared me so much.' Taylor thought. My mother let me go but grabbed my hand and let Taylor through to see me. ”I'm fine Tay. Trust me.” I said. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. “I'm so glad.” He mumbled. “Okay so for one what happened f or two where are the others and three how bad am I.” I asked my dad and Carlisle the last one. “You and Jake were fighting and Jake got to heated and phased wh ile you were standing too close. Taylor heard loud growls coming from the door a nd went in. He saw you covered and blood and almost couldn't control himself. Ja ke hit him in the back to keep him under control. your mother and I were in our room... talking.” He hesitated with a slight smile at her. “Eeeewwwww. To much i nformation.” I said completely grossed out. Everyone laughed. “The others are in the living room waiting to come see you but we let Taylor in here because he sa ved your life. Then last was you have a bad concussion, 3 deep scrapes on your a rm, 4 deep scrapes on your stomach and 2 on the side of your face.” My father sa id to me. “How long was I out?” I asked. “At least an hour.” My father answered again. Tay was still standing next to me very unsure. 'should I leave or what? I 'm not really family am I?' He didn't know I was listening. I reached and grabbe d his hand with my other hand. “Please stay!” I said to him in a low voice. He s miled and nodded. 'Daddy will you get everyone?' I asked. I wanted to see my fam ily. 'sure baby.' He thought then left. The next second everyone was in the smal l room. Alice was the first one to hug me then, Jasper who made us all feel calm , then Rose and Emm, then Esme and Carlisle. They all kissed my forehead and Car lisle said I could go up to my room but I had to be watched and must rest with a n ice pack on my head. We settled for Taylor's hand. So Taylor carried me up wit h Alice, Rose, my mother and Esme right behind us. We all went to watch a movie. I stayed in Taylor's lap through the whole movie. I felt bad but I liked being in his lap I fit perfectly there. Jake has been so irked since Taylor showed up that I don't even want to be near him that much. When were sitting he's constant ly hanging on me. 'I hope she's comfortable. I don't want to hurt her.' Tay thou ght not thinking I was paying attention. I wasn't really I just caught the cour se of them. I put my hand on his face. 'I'm fine.' I put in his head and made it sound happy with a smiley face. He smiled back at me and kissed my forehead. Th en when he came up I actually looked at his face. It was beautiful. He had blond e short but shaggy hair and a cute smile that made a dimple show in his cheaks. His face was not round but not narrow either. I marveled at his face for a momen t until he noticed. 'What?' He asked in his head still smiling. I shook my head and felt the red in my cheeks. He noticed the blush and his curiosity intensifie d. 'Please!' He asked still in his head. This was so the others didn't notice. N obody did except Alice who was aware but trying to give us privacy. 'I'm going t o ask later so don't try and hide it!' She thought. I put my hand on his neck. ' Your' I showed him but couldn't finish I was to emmbaraced my cheeks turned deep er red. He noticed but was confused. 'continue.' He thought. 'Your kinda, sorta, gorgious.' I showed him and blushed much deeper. He put his hand on my burning cheeks. He liked the warmth. 'I would say you are more beautiful but that doesn 't even compare to you.' Taylor thought. I blushed. Then his face fell which I d idn't like but he was guarding his thoughts by thinking of just stuff he learned in school. So I showed hi his face falling and then my face frowning and asked 'why'. His frown deepened and so did mine. I didn't want him to frown. 'I think

I like you a little too much. Jake seemed to be wound just tighter then usual an d I think it is because he noticed that I liked you before I knew it myself.' He thought and turned his face away from me. I tried to pull his face back toward me. He took a breath and then looked back at me. I had lifted my head to try and look in his eyes but was stunned to how close his face was. Suddenly our lips w ere connected and moving together. I couldn't focus on anything else but him at that moment. Nothing else mattered. Then we heard a growl and a hiss. We pulled apart. My face only showing the blush we both felt. Everyone was looking at us. My mother having a very angry expression that made me cringe. Then my father wa s right next to me. My mother lifted me out of Taylor's lap and I struggled to s tand up. She put me down but held one hand. My father's face was terrifying. He gave Taylor 'The glare from Hell'. Taylor cringed away from him. He then turned to me.”Again we don't talk like that. Only Uncle Emmett talks like that and get into your room and go to sleep we still have school in the morning.” My father growled at me. “Aw craaap I said it again, sorry.” I said to him. “I am totally not that bad!” Emm called. “Talk like what?” Jasper asked. “My guess is Nessie t hought the word Hell again.” Uncle Emm called back. “Well you just said it which proves Edward right.” Jazz laughed again. “Aaaaaawwwww Craaaapppp! Never mind.” Emm called again. Everyone laughed except my father whose face lightened a tini est bit. This made me feel tiniest bit better. “Uh Tay, I suggest you go now but if your not dead in the morning.” I looked at my father and gave him a warning. 'Which he better be.' I thought. 'Ptsh I won't kill the boy just maybe hurt him a little.' He thought back. “Then I'll talk to you in the morning.” I finished. He nodded and gave him a hug and walk him to the chairs so my father would have to think before he could talk to him. My father kissed my forehead and went to run after him. “Son?” Esme called to my dad. He then appeared next to me. “Yes m ommy?” He asked. “ I rather like the boy as well and would not like it very much if he was harmed.” Esme said walking to hug her son. “Aw c'mon I'm not going to hurt him that bad. Please!” He begged. “No!” She said again. “Pleeeeeeease!” He begged her more. “Go ask your father.” Esme said walking out. We laughed but my dad frowned. “Awww! But he will say No!” He said disappointment plain in is voi ce. “Precicely.” She murmered. We laughed except my father again whose frown dee pened. “What would I say no to, and why is Edward pouting.” Carlisle asked comin g up the stairs. “Taylor and Nessie kissed and now Edward wants to kill him and mom won't let him.” Alice explained smiling at Esme. He laughed and My dad stuck his tongue out at Alice and then turn to his father and pushed lower lip out li ke a 5 yea old asking for a cookie. “I suggest as her father that you talk to th e boy but don't hurt him son.” Carlisle said patting dad on the back. My father got an irritated look on his face but went. I said good night to my family and w en to bed. I was amazed to find out that I was exhausted even though I slept an hour today. So I went to get ready for bed. When I was in bed I turned on my fat hers music so I could fall asleep. I heard a small knock on the door. It was Jak e? 'I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry! I can't believe I did that I was such an idiot and you were right I do hold a grudge against your parents and I know I shouldn't.' Jake was thinking before I interrupted. “No Jake it was me.” I said while ripping the door open and hugging him. I couldn't help but cry. “I was so stupid, I knew not to make you that mad I was such an idiot!” I blabbered. “No it was all me I'm so sorry and I'm going to be more sorry in a moment.” He said pulling me off him. “What are you talking about you haven't even heard the worst of it.” I told him remembering the kiss between Taylor and I. He looked at me a nd I read it in his head. his dad wants him back and the pack needs him. Everyon e wants him home and begged him to come back. He feels as the Alfa he must go ba ck. That we were only meant to be friends and he knows it can't work. I started crying even more. “Your leaving?” I asked in between hysterics. To tell the trut h I agreed with him that we weren't meant for each other but I didn't want him t o leave he was my best friend. 'I have to.' He thought frowning. “I will miss yo u so much but wait how are you going to be away from me. You've never been away for more then a week and a half.” I was still holding on I wanted him here. I lo ved him just like a brother. “I'll work at it and I'll visit.” He said aloud now but I could see the hurt in his head. I knew who I wanted to be with but I also

knew that I wish Jake would stay. I was hurting as well just thinking about lea ving him but I knew his pain was worse. I knew that he could go find a girl that he liked and quit being a werewolf. He could grow up. With me there was no futu re. He would have to stay a werewolf and he couldn't have kids or anything. He s hould get a chance to grow older with a women he loved and kids. “What was the t hing you needed to tell me?” He asked randomly. I was not paying attention to hi s thoughts at the time. “You said I didn't know the worst part.” He clarified. “ Um.. It's nothing.” I said blushing. 'Please tell me.' He thought. Ugh. I groane d internally, I hated to see guys beg. I put my hand on his neck and started goi ng through what happened since I woke up besides the pain part. He winced when h e saw the marks that I had seen Carlisle fix. Then when I was sitting in Taylor' s lap his face turned expressionless. Then I just showed him the kiss quick and my father being quite unhappy. He laughed at my dads face and Uncle Emm. He turn ed his face away and waited a few minutes. “Please give me some privacy for a mo ment.” He said so I wouldn't go digging in his head. I gave him the privacy he a sked for. He turned back and his face was chagrined. I could tell by his face th at he was hiding the pain. 'I'm sorry.' I showed him not knowing what to say. “I t's fine Ness.” He said again. You would be more happy with Taylor. “Jake if you go you have to promise that you will find a girl and not just stop looking for love because you don't have me.” I told him. “I want you to get to go and have a family and grow old with a girl who will grow old with you.” I said feeling a l ittle sad. He took my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. 'You know I love you and will always love you.' He thought. I put my hand one his cheek and show ed him childhood memories. 'You know I love you too.' I fell asleep right there next to him. Taylor Edward is going to kill me. I can't believe I kissed her. But it was amazing. It was also horably wrong. I was outside in the middle of the woods laying on a br anch of a tall tree. I loved the woods. becoming the worlds worst predator didn' t change but intensified my love for the forest. “Oh Taylor.” I heard Edwards vo ice. He was probably right out side the house. “Come out come out where ever you are!” His voice had sort of an odd evil sense to it. I grimaced. “You sound lik e Emmett.” I retorted. “Why does everyone keep making that sound like being Emme tt is a bad thing. I love being Emmett.” Emmetts voice came from up high but rig ht around where Edward was. That guy got more childesh by the second. “Being you is probably the best.” Rosalie told him. I cringed. “Only when I'm with you, ba by.” Emmett answered Rose. “Ew get a room.” Edward and I both said at the same t ime. “May I come up?” Edward asked from the ground. Right under me now. “If you promise not to kill me yeah why not?” I said, sending out a branch for him to hi tch a ride on. I had never moved from where I lay until He was next to me. “You rang.” I murmered. “I'm sorry.” He said smiling. “I just can't help myself. She' s my daughter who is only 3 years old and already looks almost older then I do.” He laughed making it sound like a joke. I chuckled. “Well I'm sorry as well. Th at was very wrong of me.” I mumbled back. “Although I know my daughter and you p robably didn't have a choice. So I'll let you off a little.” He chuckled. I fina lly looked over at him. His face was somehow amused. “Um... thanks.” I mumbled “ Sure so Jake is leaving.” He said with a weird edge that sounded like he didn't want him to go. “I thought he was already in Forks?” I asked a little confused. “No Hes back for the moment.” The edge came back as he said that. “Wait what? So he's leaving again?” I asked confused. “His pack needs him and his father is ge tting older and needs help. He is having trouble leaving but he is.” His face wi ncing at the thought of Jake leaving? That's super weird. “Okay but you don't li ke Jake?” I made it sound like a question. “It's true I don't but I hate that he has to hurt Nessie by leaving. I easily could snap his neck for all the pain he has caused but I also could thank him for saving Nessie.” He winced again. “Wel l the weird thing is so could I.” I said feeling like I'm admitting a weakness. I pulled my legs up and wrapped my arms around them. Edward sat next to me and p ut his hand on my shoulder. “Have you heard the stories?” He asked after a minut

e. What stories? I don't remember any stories. “Well it turns out that Jake and Bella have been friends since childhood and then I came along and then I tried t o save Bella from having this life. So when I left her she turned into a psych p atient and Jake took over as her best friend and then became a werewolf and was trying to save her from one of my rivals. I came back and Bella took me back ove r Jake which turned into a fight until our wedding. So Jake did love Bella a lot . He hated my family for being in Forks. He blamed us for becoming a werewolf. T hen he couldn't turn against Bella when his pack wanted to kill us all. Bella wa s pregnant with Nessie and they were scared of what Nessie would become. Without Jakes help Nessie might not be alive. He saved Bella and Nessie's life a couple hundred times. But he has also made stupid. I mean really stupid mistakes.” He finished. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. I tried to shut it. “Your expression is quite halarious.” Edward said again laughing now. “Give me a seco nd.” I mumbled back to him, so he laughed harder. “So he's leaving now and what does that have to do with me?” I asked still confused while taking everything in . He looked at me as if I missed something. Then it clicked oh okay he wants to talk to me in case I start a thing with Ray. “Ahhh.” Was all I got a chance to s ay. “Taylor? Edward?” Carlisle called. “Coming father.” Edward called back. “Loo k! I don't care if you guys date okay? The thing is that her mother and I waited till we were married and I expect the same from my daughter. We are very old sc hool around here. The last thing is if you treat her wrong in any way then you w ont be alive to prove your own case. Got it?” He smiled brightly and patted me o n the back. I let the slide downward so we could slide off the branch. We were n ext to Carlisle in a second. “Hello Son and Taylor.” He greeted us. “Son you and Bella should go get ready for school. In fact everyone should. Taylor are you g oing to school with them?” He asked me. “I would like to.” I said politely. “Wha t grade did you finish?” He asked. “I finished and graduated.” I laughed. “I use d to wish that I could get a second chance at high school now it just seems like a cruel joke.” I finished. He laughed lightly. “Well what grade would you like to start in?” He asked politely again. One thing about him was that e was always calm. I don't think I have ever seen him raise his voice. I always wanted a dad like him. Well except for the vampire part. My father was never home, I always wished he was one till he came home then I wished he was dead. Edward appeared n ext to me so I tried to shut back the memory. I had been hiding this fact since I met this odd family. “So thats what you've been.” He said thoughtfully. Ugh, I groaned internally. Great here it comes. “What comes? I would not treat you any differently. But Ive known you were hiding something and its been so irritating .” He made the last two words a groan. “It's nothing and I hope you treat it as it is.” I mumbled eyeing him doubtfully. “Hey dad?” He turned and I walked up to my room groaning. I didn't want to deal with that kind of questioning. I went a nd got ready for school and went back down stairs watching the sun rise. “Taylor ?” Carlisle asked again. I sighed. “Yes Doc?” I asked already antisipating this moment. “Do you want to be known as Hale or Cullen?” He asked and made me freeze . wait he wanted me to be a part of this family? I'm so confused. “Hale.” I mumb led. “Surprise there.” Edward said on his way up the stairs. “Jake? What the..? Get out.” I heard from the top floor everyone froze oh boy what did he do now. T his was a voice I had only heard twice. When I almost killed Ray from being so thirsty and then when I kissed her. Edwards furious 'You wont live much longer v oice'. Jake was downstairs before I could blink. I sat next to Esme on the couc h trying to be out of the way. Esme kissed my forehead. She did this often so it never bothered me. “Thank you.” She said sincerely. “For what?” I asked confuse d. What had I done for her? I mean I loved her like she was my own mother and wo uld do anything for her But I don't remember doing anything special. “For saving Nessie.” She said thoughtfully. “Anytime Esme. I love it with you guys. You guy s are like my family.” I said giving her a small hug. This family hugs a lot. I remembered Jake running downstairs when I heard his breathing get faster. I turn ed to find he was furious and staring at me. “Calm down kid your going to burn a whole in my favorite spot of the carpet..” Emmett said to Jake. “Why do you hav e a favorite spot of the carpet?” Jasper asked. “This spot always seems to be th e best spot to stare at Rose. Every time I stand here and stare at her I always

get lucky.” Emmett said while Alice and Rose rolled there eyes at him. Jasper an d I laughed. “Well it's not lucky anymore.” Rose said walking toward the back do or to most likely go wait in the car or tune her engine. “Oh c'mon baby!” Emmett followed her. Jasper and I laughed again. I remembered Jake again and looked a t him still in the same place and still staring furiously. “Jake look.” I starte d but he put his hand up. “I don't want to hear any of your crap, I just want yo u to promise to take care of her. So help me...” I put my hand up to stop him. “ Her dad already gave me the speech. I get it.” I told him. Ray appeared next to Jake and kissed him on the forehead. She put her hand on his neck and he nodded at her then hugged her and disappeared out the door. Ray looked over at me and s miled walking over to me. She touched my cheek. 'Sorry you had to deal with that .' She showed me remembering my dad and Jake yelling at me. I smiled back at her . 'If I get you then it's worth it all.' I thought toward her. She smiled and ou r lips met once again. Did she feel the amazing electricity going through us rig ht now. I lips moving and fitting perfectly with each other. Someone grunted, bu t I didn't hear who it was for the fact that I was having trouble thinking about anything other then her at this moment. Then another grunt. “Uh It's time to ta lk about the school guys, not kill Edward time.” Jasper said. “Your moods aren't ... uh... quite appropriate.” Jasper said unsure. Rose and Emmett burst into a r oar of laughter. Edward stood trying to control his emotions and Bella standing beside him with about 4 different emotions going across her face a ten times a s econd. Then I realized that we were connected in a very non-appropriate manner. I stepped back a little and wrapped my arm around her waste. “Okay, so Rose, Jaz z, Bella and Taylor are Hales. Then Edward, Emmett, Alice and Nessie are Cullens . Edward, Bella, Nessie and Taylor are taking the Volvo. Rose, Emm, Jazz and Ali ce have the M3 unless Alice wants to take her Porsche.” Carlisle said gesturing toward everyong as he said their names then eying Alice knowing she would want t o take her car. “I'll take my Porsche thank you very much.” Alice said sticking out her tongue. Everyone laughed and Carlisle rolled his eyes. “Last thing is gr ades. Rose, Jazz and Emmett are in 11th, Edward, Bella and Alice are in 10th and last but not least Taylor and Ness are in 9th.” Carlisle finished and looked at us as if to say you got it? Everyone nodded and then we went to the garage. Renesmee Cullen I didn't realize I had fallen asleep on Jake till I woke and felt his warm body under me. I had cried for a while in his lap. I opened my eyes to find that Jake was still sleeping. I heard someone coming up the stairs. Oh crap, I'm still on top of Jake sleeping they will kill me. “Jake... What the... Get out!” My fumin g father was standing next to me. suddenly I was sitting on the other side of th e couch and Jake was gone. “Dad nothing happened.” I told him. 'Get ready for sc hool.' He thought to me furious. He was mainly mad because he trusted Jake and n ow saw us like that and was not to happy with Jake. I jumped up and got dressed and was downstairs. I was next to Jake. I kissed his forehead and put my hand on his neck. 'I love you and will miss you a lot. Give your dad a love for me. Mak e sure to visit soon.' I showed him. He nodded gave me a quick hug and was off t o phase. I walked over to Taylor smiling and showed him that I was sorry for eve ryone talking to him about me. I felt bad that if he wanted to date me that he w as going to be punished for it. 'If I get you then it's worth it.' He thought to me. This was so sweet, I was abruptly filled with emotion. I leaned forward and our lips met. There was an electrical circuit traveling through us. It took eve rything in me to again to remember we were in public. There was a grunting sound . I didn't care. Another grunt. “Uh its time to talk about school guys, not kill Edward time.” Uncle Jazz said. “Your moods aren't... uh... Quit appropriate.” H e finished. We went over everything and then was off for school. I couldn't wait I was so excited. “Ness?” My father said when we had just got in the Volvo. “Ye s daddy?” I answered not paying attention. “When you get to school, most guys ca n be very... vulgar. You would probably want to keep there thoughts out. Try to focus on school and if you have trouble go to either Taylor's head or your famil y's. I will be listening. You get anger from me.” He laughed and looked at my m

other. Her mind was completely set around him at the moment and so was his. “Eee ewwww Guys!!!!! Thats nasty and I don't want to hear it!!” I yelled and they smi led. “If you don't want to hear stay out of our head.” My mother said still star ing at my father. “I know you might get bored but you must act like a fifteen ye ar old girl. Taylor is sixteen.” He said to us. “But daddy I'm three.” I said to him in an toddler's voice. We all laughed. “To shay.” My father said laughing. When we got to the school all of our family parked next to each other. We got o ut and stood in our circle. There was eight of us standing there. Everyone seeme d to stare. My mother and I were standing next each other and a bunch of guys we re drueling while staring. “Ness? It doesn't help to stare back.” My father laug hed. I turned back. “Okay we all have 4th period lunch, We'll meet in the cafete ra then. Heres your schedules. Ness has first period P.E. with Edward.” Jasper s aid and we all laughed. “Everyone else can figure it out on there own.” He finis hed still laughing a little. I hugged everyone one at a time and then my father and I walked to the gym. When we got there we had to listen to a very long speac h. Everyone seemed to want to sit with me but not with my father. This made me l augh. I decided to listen to see what they were actually thinking. 'She's hot bu t who is that odd guy next to her. They look related but he scares me.' A tall g uy was staring. 'Wow that guy is really hot and the girl looks so much like him, I bet she is nice.' A girl in a group of a bunch of girls was thinking. 'Wow th at guy is super weird and the girl looks like his daughter or something but I be t it's just a sister. I wonder if she is single.' 'Whoa she is so sexy! I wish I could date her. She would probably be amazing to kiss.' 'Eeeewww! Why are guys so nasty?' I thought to my father as we both winced at the picture in his head. 'I don't know sweat heart. Why don't you try not to focus on them.' My father's mental tone was strained. He had trouble blocking people out. We sat silent afte r that till P.E. was over and they gave us our clothes to change into. We walked out and I started walking toward my next class which was math. I was not at all looking forward to that. I decided to try and check on Taylor, who was probably having a hard time. He had math as well and didn't know I had it with him. He w as walking to the class glum and trying very hard but having a lot of trouble wi th the humans. I would see if he wanted to take an extra hunting trip with me to night. I was getting frustrated by walking at human pace. I wanted to run to him and take his mind off it. This human stuff was boring. I heard my father laugh behind me. I turned and stuck out my tongue. I saw where he was and went to foll ow him. I saw him before he knew I was there. He was trying to keep away from al l the humans. I walked up and interlocked my fingers in his with one quick movem ent. He froze and so I hugged him. He unfroze himself and hugged me back. We wal ked to the door to the math room with his arm around my waist and my hand on his neck to just show him different things from my childhood that made us laugh. So his mind was off being thirsty. When we went into our room the math teacher had us pick a spot anywhere we liked. We sat in the very back of the room next to e ach other. “Lets go around and tell each other our names.” The teacher said call ing everyone to order. “We'll start in the back and move forward.” She said agai n gesturing toward me. Of course I had to be in the very far seat. “Hi! I'm Rene smee Cullen.” I said a little louder then normal to make sure they could hear me . I knew humans couldn't hear as well as we can. Tay took a deep flaming breath. “Hi! I'm Taylor Hale.” Tay said as politely as possible. “You two are Dr. Culle ns clan right?” She asked. I just nodded. “Well how did you get such a one of a kind name like that?” She asked again. “My Grandmothers and aunt names put toget her. Yes it is one of a kind and made that way for the fact that my mother almos t died giving birth and can't have anymore children. So therefore I got a one of a kind name because I am one of a kind.” I explained in an emotionless tone. “W ow! How lovely, well what were there names?” She asked and I could tell she was completely curious. “Renay, Esme, and Rosalie.” I said emotionless again. “Isn't Rosalie your sister not your aunt?” She asked confused. 'What kinda family is t hat they are all so weird and pale and kreepy and now one girl who looks 18 is a nother 16 year olds aunt. What is this world coming to.' She was thinking. Ahhh Hell! “Grandma Esme's sister's name is Rosalie.” I said quickly trying to derai l her thoughts. “Ahh.” The teacher said moving on to the next student. 'Good sav

e!' Tay thought to me. 'Renesmee Carlie Cullen!' I heard my fathers furious ment al tone call. I winced. 'Yes daddy?' I answered as sweetly as could be possible. Tay noticed the difference and was wondering why. I stuck up one finger motioni ng him to wait. He nodded confused and looked forward. 'We don't talk like that! How many times must I tell you?' He asked very mad and actually waiting for an answer. 'Sorry Daddy and did you see that I almost got caught but I fixed it wit hout even raising suspitions.' I thought back showing him what happened again. ' Good job yes and don't even try to kiss up. I don't want to hear that word anym ore young lady.' He was not going to be side tracked. I groaned internally. 'C'm on Dad I never even said it out loud!' I thought almost yelling mentally now. He was getting on my nerves. 'Renesmee, you start to say it in your head and then say it aloud and then you say other bad words and I won't have you doing this yo ung lady!' He was fuming now. Why does he even get so mad about this crap? What is he going to do ground me? Ground me from what? My phone? The TV? The computer ? He can't really do much. 'Renesmee Carlie Cullen? Are you losing your mind? Si nse when do you ever think like that?' He thought spitting the words at me. 'I will not stand for this much longer.' He said. I was off the deep end now. 'Want to bet?' I spat at him and he was absolutely fuming and furious and sny other w ord for very very very very mad you could think of. I focussed on the teacher no w. Blocking his thoughts. Almost like putting up a wall so I couldn't hear him. I was so angry that I could feel the unwanted tears in my eyes. Tay was really c oncerned now. I raised me hand for the teacher. “Yes uh... ?” She didn't really forget my name just didn't know how to pronounce it. “Renesmee. You can call me Esme if you'd like.” I finished for her and added that part knowing no one would be able to pronounce it. “Ahh Esme then what would you like?” She asked. “I thi nk I'm going to be sick may I be excused for a second.” I said looking very down . A tear spilled over my hot cheeks. “Oh of course dear. Taylor take your step s ister to the nurse.” She said gesturing from him to me. “Sure.” He said standing and stepping closer to me. He picked me up cradling me to his chest. I put my h ead in his shoulder as he walked out the door. The tears came out in sobs. “Ray? What is going on?” He asked completely worried. “My... dad ... is so... mean!” I shouted between sobs. Tay sat down on a bench and cradled me closer just letti ng me cry it out. Nothing I said made much sense probably. When the period was o ver and the bell rang I was still not completely done crying. My face was burnin g red from all the hysterics. “Ray are you alright? It's time for our next class .” Tay said in my ear. I shook my head against his shoulder. I was not going any where soon. “Oh yes you are!” My fathers voice scared me. “Taylor thank you for taking care of her but I need to talk to my daughter for a moment. She seems to not remember who is the parent.” He added the end part for my benefit. Taylor lo oked relunctant to set me on the bench. “No!” I half yelled grabbing Taylor's ar m. “Okay Nessie were going for a walk. So let go of Taylor and come on.” He said in a final tone. Taylor kissed my forehead. “I'll save you a seat at lunch.” He whispered in my hair covered ear. I sniffed and nodded a sat up and Taylor was gone. My father reached his hand out as if to help me up like a gentle men. Ha! Forget that. I jumped up without going near him. I walked toward the Volvo. He u nlocked it- Which was smart assuming he wanted to keep his window in tact- and c ame to open my door. I jumped in before he got to the door nob and slammed it qu ite hard. The Volvo shuttered from the force and glass broke anyway. Oh well tha t made me feel a little better. “I'm glad but if you feel the need to do it agai n I suggest thinking twice.” My father broke the silence. “Dad was all that real ly that important? You couldn't just say don't do it again. You had to go all pa rent mode on me?” I asked skeptically. “Yes.” He sighed and sat there for a mome nt trying to think of the right words. “Just for saying Hell?” Holy crap I said it again. He lifted his eyebrow. “Okay I see your point.” I mumbled. “It's not j ust that Ness. It's the attitude. I thought that I would never have to deal with a daughter with an attitude and here I am. Ha!” He said thinking again. “I'm yo ur father I can and will punish you when needed. It's my job.” He said the line that you think every dad says at least once in there life. “ I just couldn't bel ieve you said that. Baby?” He said in a weak tone now. I looked up at him. “I lo ve you so very much and it cut straight through me when you thought that.” He sa

id with a fire in his eyes. It was love. “Ah Daddy I'm sorry!” I said cry again and leaning over to hug him. “It's alright, calm down, everything is fine.” He s aid trying to sooth me. I calmed a little and looked him in the eye. “I love you .” I said to him. “Baby I love you too. I know your grown but you will never sto p being my baby girl.” He said this sincerely and then we both burst out into a roar of laughter. He never thought he would ever say those lines and I never tho ught I would hear them. Just then 3rd period bell rang and ended that period. My father got out and came to open my door. “I thought we were going for a drive? Oh and sorry about the window.” I said laughing. “Oh by the way, you are grounde d.” He said waiting for my objection. “Ugh.” I groaned not knowing what to say. “For how long?” I asked. Ive never been grounded before. “Just for today. Your g rounded to your room. Nobody's aloud to come up there or anything. Just you alon e in your room.” He said smiling being sarcastic. “Alright.” I groaned. “It's lu nch time.” I said walking to the lunch room. “Yay! I'm starving.” My father said and we both laughed aloud. We met our family in the lunch room. “You look like you feel better.” Tay whispered in my ear while pulling out a chair for me. “I'm good. Thank you” I whispered back. “Hey sweat heart how is school?” My mother a sked. “It was okay but still very lame.” I mumbled sarcastically. “Well thank heavens for lunch period.” Uncle Emmett said. “Right I'm starving.” My father sa id and everyone burst into a roar of laughter. I looked around at our big family . But saw something out of the corner of my eye. Bella Cullen Apparently Renesmee was in trouble. Edward whispered that she was grounded when I walked in. This was something new. Nessie had never been grounded before. I me an of course we had disaplined her but it normally wasn't needed. a “No Nessie w e don't do that.” or “We ask politely.” normally did it. Just a new development that we never expected. But what about Nessie did we ever expect? I looked at ou r big family sitting at the table around us. Nessie looked around and you could tell she looked worried about something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it . She was sitting next to me on my left and Edward on my right with one hand aro und my waist as usual. Taylor on her left with one hand around her waist. This i rritated Edward but didn't bother me that much. I wanted to know what was wrong with her. I knew her father was not paying attention and he couldn't read my tho ughts so if I asked her something he would only know if he was listening to her. 'Renesmee?' I asked in my head but didn't look at her. She turned to look at me and saw I was not looking at her and looked away but nodded. 'What's wrong swea t heart?' I asked her. She acted like she was stretching and put her hand in the nape of my neck. 'Nothing' She replied nonchalant. 'Hey! Do not lie to your mot her. You are in enough trouble as it is. I know you enough to know that it's not nothing.' I told her. She sighed and showed me a group of 3 boys. All sitting b ehind me. They all were staring at us with an angry expressions. There noses wri nkled and a creases in there foreheads. 'They smell icky!' Nessie showed me. I w ould have laughed at her choice of words but was to worried about they boys behi nd me. 'Edward?!' I opened my shield and called him in an urgent but worried ton e. Getting his attention immediately. Edward Cullen 'Edward?!' Bella called urgently. I looked her in the eye. “Yes Love?” I asked. 'Look!' She said again urgently. I looked in the way she was. 'Calm down! They o bviously wont attack yet. Just calm down we can't phase here.' one boy was think ing. 'Calm down calm down calm down!' Another was thinking. there were 3 young b oys that looked a lot older and taller then there actual ages. But they weren't completely human. They were wolves.

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