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Marketing Course Introduction

1st year
Course Introduction
Seminar in Product Strategy andThe market area is comprised of marketing mix Management
Product, Price, Promotion and Place. This course
(Seminar in Product Strategy and Management)
is the most essential one in the marketing area.
In addition to fundamental theories, this course
also includes advanced theories in the marketing
and management areas. This course ends up with
the application of product strategy and
management. This course emphasizes both on
theory and practice.
Consumer Behavior
This course has two main objectives. First, to
introduce students to key theoretical perspectives
concerning consumer behavior and related
empirical work; and second, to allow students to
develop their own ideas concerning a more
specific topic that might be of future research
interest. At the end of this course each student
should design a simple study to examine
hypotheses that are relevant and meaningful
in consideration of existing research, and know the
basic theories of consumer behavior.

Marketing Management

To understand the consumers behavior and

consumers mind is very important for the
companies in modern days. Starting with the
psychological terminologies, this course
(Consumer Behavior) views the consumers
behavior from the perspective of psychology.
Furthermore, this course also studies the
companies successful marketing cases that do
understand consumers behavior or mind. This
course emphasizes both on theory and empirical
This course (Marketing Management) is
comprised of marketing mix -Product, Price,
Promotion and Place. This course (Marketing
Management) is the most essential one and is
also a required one for most college students
whose major are business and management. In
addition to fundamental theories, this course also
includes advanced theories in the marketing and

management areas. This course emphasizes both

on theory and practice.
To increase the capability of making success
business decision in the competitive market
place, the way to touch customers heart
becomes the critical issue. Todays marketing is
all creating customer value and building
profitable customer relationships. It starts with
understanding customer behavior, deciding
which target markets the company can best
serve, and developing a marketing mix to attract,
keep and grow targeted customers.
Upon completion of this course, student is
expected to have developed the following skills:
1. To understand the role of marketing in the
contemporary business activity and hold
essential marketing knowledge.
2. Build up decision-making and analytical
skills for marketing management.
3. Build up independent research ability
through intensive journal paper reading.
Seminar in Marketing Cases

The course relies heavily on case materials.

Student preparation, presence, and
participation are essential for this teaching
method to work. Case preparation must go
beyond descriptive facts, as we will not have
time to explain or reiterate case information in
the classroom. The objective of this course is to
help the graduate students understand what
firms marketing mix strategy, why firms expand
overseas and how foreign operations differ from
domestic ones. It provides the students with the
necessary knowledge to analyze the specific
situation in business. There are no prerequisites
for this course, although an understanding of
basic marketing management is necessary
throughout the semester.

Learning exclusively only the marketing theory

is not enough for modern students in the
marketing area. Taking this course (Seminar in
Marketing Cases) is important. The course
(Seminar in Marketing Cases) includes not only
marketing theories, but also the companies
successful marketing cases domestically and
internationally. This course also enforces
students practical capability in preparing
marketing proposals. This course emphasizes
both on theory and empirical cases.

Brand Management

As many business managers now recognize,

perhaps one of the most valuable assets a firm
has invested in and developed over time. The
course aims to deal with brands- why they are
important, what they represent to consumers, and
what firms should do to manage them properly.
Powerful 4Cs framework and CBBE model will
be integrated. Upon completion of this
combination of an art and science course,
students are expected to hold the concept of
strategic brand management, how to build,
measure, and manage a successful brand.
Through reading selected academic-paper,
students ability to deal with brand issue will
also be improved.

Multivariate Analysis

This course is intended to cover research

methods from both academic and applied points
of view and should provide a framework and
skills that the student can draw upon in planning
and carrying out data collection and analysis for
his or her dissertation research.

2st year

Service Marketing

Course Introduction
This course focuses on service
marketing analysis and planning. As
consumers, we purchase services
organizations (e.g., Acer, Federal
Express, Hp) having a strong service
component as well. A central theme of
this course is the services posses a set
of unique characteristics that require a
distinctive approach to marketing
strategy. In this course, we discuss the
7 Ps of the Services Marketing Mix

Seminar in
International Marketing

Seminar in Internet Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Seminar in
Transportation Management

(the traditional 4 Ps plus people,

processes, and physical evidence).
This course introduces students to the possible
opportunities and problems that marketing
managers facing in the global marketplace.
Topics include international environment, culture
issue, strategies, product, pricing and distribution
for worldwide markets. Teaching methods
incorporate lecture, case studies, class
discussion, and a project. Upon completion of
this reading-intensive course, students are
expected to hold essential marketing knowledge
with a global view on identifying and analyzing
the international marketplace, and increase the
capability of making success international
marketing decision.
Most firms are in business to win and
outperform their competitors lastingly. Internet is
new and critical tool helping firms to operate
business with no limitations in time, space and
boarder. The class is about business model and
strategies, Internet transaction environment, 4Ps
in Internet marketing and what it takes for them
to allow firm to gain competitive advantage in
Marketing through Internet. Upon completion of
this combination of marketing and e-commerce
course, students are expected to hold the concept
of Internet marketing, how to plan, build and
manage the Internet marketing activities.
Through reading the selected academic-papers,
students are able to catch latest Internet
marketing issues regarding both research and
Strategic marketing is an advanced course
helping students to plan the marketing activities
with a strategic view. The course aims to utilize
the framework of strategic marketing consisting
of four costs (4Cs) to analyze the way of
increasing customer value by reducing some cost
existing in a transaction. The teaching method of
this class emphasizes case study training,
applying company strategy, STP and marketing
mix to scheme all marketing strategies. Upon
completing this systematic course, students are
expected to obtain ability to analyze.
This course aims at introducing theory and
applications for transportation management.
Operation and management for transportation
modes, including urban transit, para-transit,
global logistics, railroads, water carriers, air

carriers, are addressed in the class.

Transportation regulation, public policy, publicprivate-partnership, and privatization are
discussed. For each topic, practical cases are
included to enhance students understanding for
improving transportation operations and