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Bhagvad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata Summary




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Bhagvad Gita



Bhagvad Gita - a recital by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata- is a set of guidelines for humans on how to achieve happiness and peace. Ramayana and Mahabharata are two
great epic sources of learning for understanding various facets of human relationships, dharma and karma.


MAHABHARATA: One of the 2 great epics (other being Ramayana) that explores the goals of life.

1. Composed By: Original version was written in Sanskrit - by sage Ved Vyas - around 3000 BC (5000 years ago).
2. Mahabharata also teaches that even kings need to go through hell (tough times). That is god's way of checking whether the person gets shaken
from the truth. If the person stays on the right path, then the life adventure ends in peace.
3. Mahabharata consists of over 100,000 shloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines. It is about 4 times the length of the Ramayana. Bhagvad Gita
is a part of Mahabharata which helps to attain self-realization for guidance of mankind.


1. Shantanu: King of Hastinapur and father of Bheeshma.
2. Bheeshma: 8th son of Shantanu.
3. Dhritarashtra: born to sage Vyas. He married Gandhari.
4. Pandu: born to sage Vyas. He married Kunti and Madri.
5. Vidur: Born to sage Vyas. Served as Prime Minister to King Pandu and King Dhritarashtra.
6. Pandavs: 5 sons of King Pandu- Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjuna, Nakul and Sahdev.
7. Kauravs: 100 sons of King Dhritarashtra.
8. Pandu and Dhritarashtra were brothers and so Pandavs and kauravs were cousin brothers.
9. Krishna: Most trusted friend of the Pandavs. 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
10. Duryodhan: Eldest of the 100 Kaurav sons. Married Bhanumati. Had 2 sons- Laxman Kumar and Lakshman.
11. Dronacharya/Drona: Guru who taught military arts to Pandavs and Kauravs.
12. Ashwatthama: Son of guru Drona. He fought on the Kaurav side against the Pandavas.
13. Shakuni: Duryodhan's maternal uncle(mama/younger brother of Dhritarashtra's wife).
14. Dushasana: Brother of Duryodhan.
15. Jayadrath: Husband of Dussala who was the only sister of Duryodhan and other 99 Kaurav brothers.
16. Dhrishtadyumna: Son of Drupada, brother of Draupadi. He was the commander of the Pandav army.
17. Abhimanyu: Arjun's son from Subhadra. His grandfather was Lord Indra.
18. Ghatotkacha: Son of Bheem and Hidimbi.
19. Parikshit: Grandson of Arjun and Subhadra.
20. Laxman Kumar: Son of Duryodhan who was killed by Abhimanyu in the Kurukshetra war.


1. Ganga: Wife of King Pandu and mother of Bheeshma.
2. Satyavati: Second wife of King Pandu.
3. Gandhari: Wife of Dhritarashtra. She blindfolded herself for life to feel the pain that her blind husband felt.
4. Kunti: Wife of Pandu. Mother of 5 Pandavs and Karna.
5. Madri: 2nd wife of Pandu who self immolated herself on his funeral pyre.
6. Draupadi: Daughter of King Drupada of Panchal. Also known as 'Panchali'. Wife of the 5 Pandavs.
7. Devika: 2nd wife of Yudhishthir whose 1st wife was Drapaudi.
8. Subhadra: Arjuna's 2nd wife and sister of Krishna. Mother of Abhimanyu.
9. Hidimbi and Valandhara: 2nd and 3rd wives of Bheemwhose 1st wife was Drapaudi.



Great Epic Summary - Mahabharata | | Infolona

10. Karenumati:2nd wife of Nakulwhose 1st wife was Drapaudi.
11. Vijaya: 2nd wife of Sahdev whose 1st wife was Drapaudi.
12. Bhanumati: Wife of Duryodhan. Mother of Laxman Kumar and Lakshman.
13. Dussala: Sister of Duryodhan and only daughter of Dritharashtra.

MAHABHARATA Chapter 1: King Shantanu's marriage to Ganga and birth of Bheeshma

1. Bharat - after whom India country was named in Hindi as 'Bharat' - believed in 'Karma (action) as more important than blood' and decided to put
a common man 'Bhumanyu' as his successor instead of crowning one of his 9 sons.
2. King Bharat believed that that common man was more able and brave enough to defend his territory as compared to his sons.
3. Several generations later, King Shantanu broke his ancestors priority of putting Karma first which ultimately led to the famous war fought at
4. King Shantanu fell in love with a beautiful woman Ganga and asked her to marry him. She agreed but on the condition that Shantanu would
never question her decisions and actions. Shantanu agreed and both got married.
5. Over the years, the couple produced 7 sons but each time their mother Ganga drowned the infant in the river. King Shantanu could not question
due to the promise given to Ganga at the time of marriage. But he protested after the birth of his 8th son.
6. Ganga then revealed that she was the river Goddess and their sons were expelled from heaven and had to live on earth for a while. Her killing
their sons enabled them to return to heaven soon.
7. But Shantanu wanted to crown his 8th son as his inheritor. Ganga agreed and trained the 8th son. They named him Devavrata and Shantanu
crowned him as his heir apparent future king of Hastinapur. It was Devavrata who later became popularly known as 'Bheeshma'.

MAHABHARATA Chapter 2:Shantanu's second love and incarnation of Bheeshma


Several years later, Shantanu fell in love with another woman Satyavati and asked her to marry him.
But Satyavati's father put a condition for marriage that Shantanu's sons born with Satyavati must be given the kingdom crown.
Shantanu refused as he had already promised Devavrata the right to his kingdom. Shantanu's started missing Satyavati and became sad.
Devavrata - wanted to see his father happy - went to Satyavati's father and delinquished his right to kingdom.
Devavrata also vowed never to marry so that there won't be any claimant for the throne. The gods blessed Devavrata with the title name
'Bheeshma' for this great rejection of material kingdom.
6. Shantanu married Satyavati and they had two sons Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. After Shantanu's death, his elder son Chitrangad was crowned
king but he died in a battle. Vichitravirya took over but he too died soon without producing any child/heir to the kingdom.

MAHABHARATAChapter 3: Birth of Dhritarashtra, Pandu, Vidur and 5 Pandavs, 100 Kauravs

1. After the death of Shantanu's 2 sons, there was no heir left to inherit the kingdom. Satyavati sought the help from sage Vyas and with his
blessings, 3 sons were born.
2. Dhritarashtra was born blind to Ambika, Pandu was born to Ambalika and Vidur. Bheeshma acted as their guru and mentored all 3 of them.
3. Dhritarashtra was the eldest but as he was blind, the younger son Pandu was made king of Hastinapur. Dhritarashtra married Gandhari and had
100 sons from her- Duryodhan was the eldest. These 100 sons are known as 'Kauravs'.
4. Pandu accidently killed a sage(sadhu) and was cursed that he would die whenever he would get intimate with any of his 2 wives 'Kunti' or 'Madri'.
5. Pandu -desperate to get inheritors for his kingdom - asked Kunti and Madri to get 3 sons from 3 gods.
6. 5 Pandav brothers: Kunti got 'Yudhishthir' from god Dharma, 'Bheem' from god Vayu(Wind), 'Arjuna' from god Indra. Madri got twins 'Nakul' and
'Sahdev' from god Ashwinis. These 5 sons were known as 'Pandavs'.

MAHABHARATAChapter 4: Guru Drona training, Beginning of Duryodhan's hatred for Pandavs

1. After few years, Pandu and one of his wives Madri died. Kunti and Pandavs stayed with Dhritarashtra and his 100 Kaurav sons in the palace.
Dhritarashtra now ruled the kingdom with the help of Gandhari who used to translate the proceedings for his blind husband.
2. Duryodhan starting hating Pandavs due to frequent bullying by Bheem who was the strongest of all brothers.



Great Epic Summary - Mahabharata | | Infolona

3. Bheeshma sought the services of Guru Dronacharya to teach battle skills to all Kauravs and Pandavs. After the training was over, Arjuna won in a
competition among all brothers. Suddenly, Karna- who was the son of God Surya - appeared and challenged Arjuna.
4. Guru Dronacharya asked Karna to reveal his identity as only a royal kshatriya could challenge Arjuna. Karna got embarrassed but Duryodhan
came to his help and crowned him king of Anga on the spot.
5. But Karna's true identity was still revealed and he was not allowed to fight Arjuna. This made Karna hate the Pandavs and he became a loyal
friend of Duryodhan.

Mahabharata: Birth of
Draupadi, Duryodhan's
trap to kill Pandavs

MAHABHARATAChapter 5: Birth of Draupadi, Duryodhan's trap to kill Pandavs

1. Drupad - was once a friend of Guru Dronacharya. But Drupad had humiliated Dronacharya in the past saying that Dronacharya was poor while
Drupad was a king and friendship being possible only among equals.
2. After completing the training, as a guru dakshina (respectful offering to guru by his students)- Dronocharya asked the kauravs and pandavs to
attack Drupad. Arjuna defeated Drupad and Dronacharya divided the won kingdom equally between himself and Drupad.
3. Drupad felt humiliated and performed rituals desiring for a son who could kill Dronacharya in future. He got a son named 'Drishtadyumna' and a
daughter named 'Draupadi'.
4. Duryodhan- whose hatred for Pandavs increased rapidly- was also brooding on the fact that his father - even though blind but elder to Panduwas not given the first right of 'king of Hastinapur'. He plotted a trap for Pandavs.
5. He asked his father Dhritarashtra to send pandavs and their mother Kunti on a vacation to one of his suggested places in varnavrat forest.
Duryodhan had built a palace in the forest with flammable materials like wax and ghee. He planned to kill everyone by burning them there.
6. But Vidur- Pandav's uncle- tipped Yudhishthir. Pandavs burnt the house themselves, fled unharmed and went into hiding. But a poor woman
with her 5 sons- who had also taken shelter in that palace- were burnt and killed.
7. Duryodhan found their skeletons and presumed Pandavs and Kunti were dead. Under those risky circumstances, Pandavs did not return to

MAHABHARATAChapter 6:Draupadi's swayamwar and Marriage to Pandavs

1. After sometime, the Pandavs went to Draupadi's swayamwar (gathering of princes) in disguise as Brahmins. A fish was tied on the ceiling and a
bowl of water was kept below it. Anyone who would shoot an arrow in the eye of the fish looking only at its reflection in the bowl below could
marry Draupadi.
2. Karna also attended Draupadi's swayamvar. As he was equally skilled archer as Arjuna was, he could also have easily able to string the bow and
pierce the arrow in the fish's eye, but as he got up to take part, Draupadi refused him this honour because Karna was a charioteer's son and not
from a royal family. Karna remembered this insult of his by Draupadi and because of this, he later did not resist when Draupadi was humiliated
by Duryodhan.
3. Arjuna was the only one who did it successfully and so won Draupadi. Pandavs along with Draupadi reached home and jokingly told their mother
Kunti- who was inside the hut, "Mother, Come see what we got today".
4. Kunti- without knowing what they were talking about- gave a typical mother's response, "Whatever it is, share it equally among all brothers".
Pandavs were perplexed but took their mother's statement as law and decided to comply with it. So Draupadi married all and became the wife
of all 5 Pandav brothers.
5. Soon, Duryodhan and Dhritarashtra got to know about Pandavs being alive. Dhritarashtra called the Pandav family back to Hastinapur and
divided the kingdom equally between the Kauravs and Pandavs.

MAHABHARATAChapter 7:Draupadi's humiliation and Gambling games

1. Pandavs built a new capital city called 'Indraprashtha' and over 12 years, reached greater heights of prosperity while Kauravs remained stagnant.
Yudhishthir then conducted a religious 'yagna' ceremony which would have made him the 'Most Powerful King of the World'. He invited all the
kings- including Duryodhan.
2. After a few months, Arjuna went on a tour and married Krishna's sister Subhadra.
3. Then one day, Draupadi saw Duryodhan slipping and made fun of him. Duryodhan- already jealous of Pandavs growing success- became
4. On the advice of his mama (maternal uncle) Shakuni, Duryodhan invited Yudhishthir for a game of dice. The Pandavs came to Hastinapur where
Shakuni cheated by playing the game with a loaded pair of dice on Duryodhan's behalf.
5. Yudhisthir lost his kingdom including his brothers, people and himself. He was coaxed to put their wife Draupadi at stake and lost her too.
6. Draupadi was then dragged by her hair to the court by Dushasana- brother of Duryodhan- where she was humiliated. Bheem got angry and
vowed to kill Dushasana for his humiliating act.
7. Duryodhan asked Dushasana to take off Draupadi's saree and make her naked. As Dushasana started, Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna who
protected her. Dushasana kept pulling her saree but Krishna ensured that the saree had no end and thus saved Draupadi from any further

MAHABHARATAChapter 8:Pandavs sending to vanvas/exile

1. Draupadi addressed her father-in-law, the blind Dhritarashtra and said that "When Yudhisthir lost himself, he lost the right to lose me. Please
protect me". Sensing the worsening situation, Dhritarashtra asked Draupadi to ask for a boon.



Great Epic Summary - Mahabharata | | Infolona

Mahabharata: Pandavs
Sending to

2. She asked for husbands to be set free. Dhritarashtra returned everything back to Pandavs and set them free. This annoyed Duryodhan.
3. Duryodhan coaxed Pandavs to one last game with a condition that if Pandavs lose that last game, they will have to stay in forest for 12 years
without being discovered by Pandavs and live the 13th year among people in disguise without getting recognized. If Pandavs were found during
the 13 years, they would have to remain in exile for another 13 years.
4. Yudhisthir lost that last game too and so Pandavs left to live in forest in disguise for 13 years.

Pandav's vanvas/exile
experience over 13

MAHABHARATAChapter 9: Pandav's vanvas/exile experience over 13 years

1. 12 years passed during which Krishna offered to help Pandavs regain everything but Yudhishthir refused and kept his promise of fulfilling the
exile term in forest. Duryodhan's men could not find Pandavs.
2. During the 13th year, Pandavs started serving the royal family in the capital of Virat still keeping the disguises. Yudhisthir became the 'assistant'
of king, Bheem became the royal 'cook', Arjun became an eunuch (hijra- who has been castrated) and taught dance to the princess while Nakul
and Sahdev managed the cows. Draupadi became queen's maid.
3. Around this time, Keechak- the army commander and brother of queen of Virat- tried to rape Draupadi but Bheem killed him.Duryodhan got to
know about Keechak's death. He became suspicious that Pandavs might be alive thinking that only a strong person like Bheem could kill
4. To find Pandavs, Duryodhan attacked the capital of Virat. Pandavs were forced to fight and their identities got revealed.
5. After finding Pandavs, Duryodhan became extremely happy and argued that Pandavs were found before their exile period was over, so Pandavs
must go to exile for another 13 years. But Bheeshma ruled that their battle took place 1 day after the exile period was over. Duryodhan

MAHABHARATAChapter 10:Events leading to Kurukshetra war

1. After knowing the reality of Pandavs, King of Virat married his daughter to Arjun's son Abhimanyu as a gesture of thanking Pandavs for their
helpful services.
2. With the exile period and the marriage now over, Pandavs wanted to get back part of their kingdom from Kauravs for settling down.
3. They agreed to seek just 5 villages for the 5 Pandav brothers and sent a message to Kauravs, but Duryodhan refused to give away even enough
land to cover the head of the pin to the Pandavs. If Duryodhan had agreed to give just 5 villages, there would not have been any war!
4. This set the platform for the big Mahabharata war. Both Pandavs and Kauravs started preparing their armies. Bheeshma and Drona- because of
their obligations to the Hastinapur had to reluctantly fight on the Kaurav's side with Bheeshma the army commander of Kauravs.
5. Now both Duryodhan and Arjuna wanted to have Krishna on their side. But the big question was whose side would Krishna take?

MAHABHARATAChapter 11:How Krishna took Pandavs side?

1. Both Arjuna and Duryodhan separately went to Dwarka to seek Krishna's support. When they reached, Krishna was asleep in his bedroom.
2. First Duryodhan entered the room and sat on a seat at the head of Krishna's bed. SoonArjuna also entered and stood at the foot of the bed with
hands folded.
3. When Krishna woke up, he saw Arjuna first who was standing at his foot. Duryodhan argued that since he came first, Krishna should join
4. Krishna said he saw Arjuna first after getting up but to be fair to both of them and help both kauravs and Pandavs, he presented them to pick
between 2 choices.
5. The choices he gave were either to 'pick his entire famous Narayani army' or 'pick Krishna himself but without any weapons'.
6. Krishna added that according to dharma, the younger people should get to choose first. So he gave Arjuna the first chance to pick 1 of the two
7. Arjuna fell at Krishna's feet and chose him and hence Duryodhan got the entire army which made him happy.
8. In the Mahabharata war, Krishna played a critical role as Arjuna's saarthi and hugely influenced the final victory outcome.
9. Krishna married Rukmini and later married 16,100 girls to save their honour. They were held hostage by the demon Narakasura. In those times,
all captive women were looked down upon and no one would marry them. So Krishna killed the demon, freed all 16,100 women and symbolically
married them to reinstate their status in the society. These wives of Krishna are believed to be forms of goddess Lakshmi.

MAHABHARATAChapter 12: Summary of Kurukshetra War and Abhimanyu's brave fight

1. The war lasted 18 days. As Dhritarashtra was blind, his advisor and chariot driver Sanjaya narrated each incident of the Kurukshetra war to his
blind master. Over 18 days, dozens of battle took place on the broad plain of Kurukshetra. Kauravs had 18 armies (including allies) on their side
while Pandavs were able to get together only 12 armies. Krishna agreed to drive Arjuna's chariot reiterating the promise that he himself will not
2. Arjuna - when he saw the elderly people like Bheeshma and guru Dronacharya standing opposite him, his conscience refused to fight with the
elders he loved.
3. During this crucial time, Krishna guided Arjuna gist of Bhagwad Gita and said 'Every person acts on the basis of his Karma driven by dharma. The
actions are influenced by karma that extends back many lifetimes. He also emphasized that Karma (action) as more important than blood'.
Krishna convinced him that it was his duty to fight for the right cause.
4. Arjun's sadly injured Bheeshma with his arrows who then lay injured on a bed of arrows. Dronacharya became the army commander of Kauravs.
5. During one of the battles, Abhimanyu's son got trapped in Dronacharya's 'Chakravyuh' formation of troops. Abhimanyu's education on war had
started while he was still in his mother's womb. He overheard Arjuna telling his mother the secret of how to enter the Chakravyuh formation but
his mother Subhadra fell asleep and Arjuna could not complete his explanation.
6. Krishna, realizing that if Abhimanyu had learnt the entire strategy, he would have tilted the balance entirely in favour of the Pandavs, stopped
Arjuna from continuing the lecture, made Subhadra sleep and therefore Abhimanyu learnt only how to enter the Chakra Vyuha.
7. Not knowing how to exit the 'Chakravyuh' even then Abhimanyu fought bravely but was killed by Jayadratha on the 13th day of the battle.



Great Epic Summary - Mahabharata | | Infolona

MAHABHARATAChapter 13:Arjun's revenge and killing of Jayadrath

1. Abhimanyu's father Arjuna got furious after knowing his son had died. He vowed to kill Jayadratha the very next day by sunset. He also vowed
that if he failed to kill Jayadratha before sunset, he would commit suicide by self-immolation.
2. Kaurav's loved Arjuna's vow and wanted him to be killed. So the next day, kaurav army placed Jayadratha furthest away from Arjuna in their
attempt to prevent Arjuna from reaching anywhere close to Jayadratha.
3. Arjun killed thousands of soldiers but by the time he came close to Jayadratha, sun was getting close to sunset and he found it extremely
difficult to break through as Jayadratha was closely guarded.
4. Lord Krishna then used his powers to temporarily create an eclipse hiding the sun. Jayadratha thought that the sun had set and abandoned his
protection to taunt Arjuna.
5. Lord Krishna removed the eclipse and the sun came out again. Before kauravs could take corrective action, Lord Krishna asked Arjuna to behead
him and so, Jayadratha was killed before sunset.

MAHABHARATAChapter 14: The great battle of Arjuna with Karna

1. Bheema asked Ghatotkacha to fight who invoked his magical powers and caused great damage to Kauravs army. Duryodhana then requested
Karna who killed Ghatotkacha using a divine weapon- which was granted by god Indra and could only be used once. Krishna smiled as Karna
could not use the weapon on the best Pandava fighter Arjuna.
2. To kill Dronacharya, a false rumor was spread that his son Ashwathama got killed. Dronacharya got very sad, dropped all his arms and got killed.
3. Karna- loyal of Duryodhan- then became the commander of the Kaurav army and fought bravely. He defeated Bheema, Yudhisthira, Nakul and
Sahdev but didn't kill them.
4. Karna shot a powerful weapon at Arjuna but Krishna saved Arjuna from certain death by subtly lowering Arjuna's chariot into the earth, through
his divine powers of a gentle pressure of his feet.
5. Their fight went on for many days. Karna cut the string of Arjuna's bow many times but Arjuna was able to tie the bowstring back immediately.
Karna praised Arjuna for this and acknowledged him as the greatest archer in the world. But finally, he was killed by Arjuna.
6. Suddenly Karna's chariot wheel sank into the ground due to wet soil and he had to come down from his chariot to remove the wheel. He
requested Arjuna to wait, as the etiquettes of battle allowed.
7. Krishna reminded Arjuna that Karna had no right to refer to etiquettes at that point as he violated those same rules himself by assisting
duryodhan in the game of dice and insulting Draupadi in the Hastinapura court. Krishna reminded Arjuna that it is not a sin or 'adharma' to kill a
man who had supported evil all his life.Finally, Karna is killed in his vulnerable position and paid for his sins.

MAHABHARATAChapter 15:End of Kurukshetra war

1. Towards the end, Shakuni was killed by Sahdev and all Kaurav brothers had died except Duryodhan.
2. Bheem fought with Duryodhan and killed him, thus avenging his promise of taking revenge for the humiliation of Draupadi by Duryodhan.
3. The war thus came to an end and Yudhishthir- the eldest Pandav- was crowned as King of Hastinapur.
4. After the crowning, Lord Krishna took Yudhishthir to meet Bheeshma- who was still lying injured on his bed of arrows.
5. Finally, Lord Krishna asked Bheeshma to highlight the responsibilities of a king to Yudhishthir. Bheeshma was happy seeing Yudhishthir as the
King, told him his obligations as a king and passed away peacefully.

MAHABHARATAChapter 16:Yudhishthir's final journey and surprise in heaven

1. Over the years, first Draupadi, then Nakul and Sahdev, then Arjuna and then Bheem died leaving only Yudhishthir and his faithful dog.
2. Finally, Yudhishthir's time also came when Lord Indra arrived in his chariot to pick Yudhishthir to heaven. But Indra wanted to test his karma
once more and asked Yudhishthir to come alone without his dog.
3. Yudhishthir stepped down from the chariot saying that he would like to stay back as the dog was his long time protector and friend. The dog
then transformed to a person incarnation of god dharma and revealed to Yudhishthir that he was with him through his journey. They were
pleased with Yudhishthir's devotion and firmness to stay on the right path. They took Yudhishthir to heaven.
4. Yudhishthir got a big surprise in heaven: He saw Duryodhan, all kauravs and Shakuni enjoying the facilities in heaven. People like his brothers,
Draupadi, Guru Dronacharya whom Yudhishthir loved on earth were missing! More shockingly, Indra asked Yudhishthir to forget the past and be
friends with Duryodhan.
5. He questioned Indra about his loved ones. A messenger led Yudhishthir to a dark and foul smelling deep pit in hell. Skeletons were lying all



Great Epic Summary - Mahabharata | | Infolona

around. Inside that, he heard the painful screams of his brothers, Draupadi and other truthful heroes who fought for justice.
6. They all pleaded to Yudhishthir to save them from their suffering. Yudhishthir told his messenger to return to heaven and inform the gods that
he would stay in hell and share the pain of his dear ones.
7. Immediately, god Indra appeared and said 'There is some good and some bad in all beings. Those who are to be consigned to hell are first sent
to heaven for a short duration to enjoy the fruits of the few goods deeds they have performed on earth. Those who are assured of their place in
heaven are given a glimpse of hell for the few sins they have committed. You and your friends would now become permanent residents of
8. Back on earth, Parikshit- who was Abhimanyu's son born after his death- became the sole heir to the Pandavs empire and succeeded Yudhisthir
to the throne.
9. Krishna went to the forest and sat in meditation. A hunter accidently wounded him leading to Krishna's death. Upon receiving the news, Vyas
told him that Krishna's time had come and cited Krishna's statement that 'Every man is responsible for his own death'. For Lord Krishna's
guidelines on how to live in happiness: Click here


1. This great epic story was made as a television series produced by B. R. Chopra and shown as part of 94 episodes.
2. Nitish Bharadwaj- who played the role of Lord Krishna, was very popular and in 1996, he became a Member of the Indian Parliament.
3. The episodes were telecast weekly on TV every Sunday from 2-Oct-1988 to 24-Jun-1990.
4. To watch any or all of the 94 episodes: Click here

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