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Measuring Task Clamp-On Flow

Flow measurement to monitor energy efficiency in cogeneration power plants Measurement
Instruments Used In Cogeneration Plants
FLUXUS ADM 7407 with FSM type transducers

Advantages Customer
• Precise and reliable measurement even in contaminated fluids
• Ease of installation and start up

Selling Points
• Performance unaffected by dirt particles in flow stream Itron Inc., headquartered in Liberty
• Installation without process shut-down
Lake, Washington, is a leading
technology provider to the global
• Maintenance-free measurement energy and water industries. Itron
Description Inc. consists of Itron in North
America and Actaris outside of
Cogeneration (also combined heat and power, or CHP) is the use of a power North America. With more than
station to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat. Power plants 8,000 customers in more than 130
do not convert all of their available energy into electricity. In most cases, more countries, the company is the world’s
than half is wasted as excess heat. By capturing this excess heat, CHP uses leading provider of solid-state meters
heat that would normally be wasted in a conventional power generation system, - electricity, water, and gas - and
potentially reaching an overall efficiency of 60-80%, compared with 22-40%.
data collection/ communication
In 2001, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) initiated the Self- systems, including automated meter
Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). The intent of the SGIP is to help promote reading (AMR) and advanced
the development of distributed generation facilities located at utility customer metering infrastructure (AMI) tech-
sites that partially or completely offset customer energy needs. Small scale nology. Itron’s offerings allow
cogeneration facilities (<1 MW) represent a very important component of the SGIP.
customers to collect more detailed,
However, questions have been raised about levels of energy efficiency and useful
waste heat recovery being achieved by these small cogeneration facilities.
reliable and timely data, analyze it in
meaningful ways, and use it to make
informed decisions that optimize the
The past: rusty, wetted turbine flow meters
use of energy and water.

On behalf of the CPUC and the participating SGIP program administrators, Itron
conducts measurement and evaluation of distributed generation facilities
installed under the SGIP. Using electrical generation, fuel input, and heat
recovery data, Itron estimates actual achieved electrical efficiency and actual
useful heat recovered for each facility and compares them against program
efficiency requirements. The aim of this monitoring is to characterize the
performance of systems installed under the program and identify ways to Itron Corporate Headquarters (Photo: Itron)
improve CHP design and the cost-effectiveness of the SGIP.
For these surveys, various flow measurements
(fuel, hot water, etc.) are indispensable.
Originally, these flow measurements were
done with insert turbine flow meters. As these
turbines are exposed to mechanical damage
by solid particles and thus tend to lose
reliability, non-invasive measurement with
ultrasound turned out to be the ideal solution.
Clamp-on-transducers are installed within
minutes, without pipework and without the
need to interrupt the process. As they do not
contact the fluid flowing in the pipe, they are
The present and the future:
trustworthy transducers not subject to wear and tear. FLUXUS provides
precise and reliable flow measurement.

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