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Certified Arborist

Arborist Exam Cliff Notes

& Refresher course


ISA Website

Certification Tab

Certified Arborist test requirements

Go through many of the domains.

Why is Certification Important

Continued professional development

Tool to assist employers both in training
personnel and selecting new employees
Gives public the opportunity to make an
informed selection of knowledgeable services
Identification (Professional standards)
Builds self esteem

Six ISA Credentials

International Society of Arboriculture

Certified Arborist
Certified Arborist Utility Specialist
Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist
Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist

Classroom and field test

Certified Tree Worker Aerial Lift Specialist

Board Certified Master Arborist

Application Process
Certification tab
Paper or Computer based tests

Paper Schedule on website

Results in 4 weeks

Computer Go to a testing facility

Results instantly, but an extra fee


Application Form

Application form

Experience and education

Important in determining if you qualify.

3 years of related plant, landscaping, tree work
experience. Formal education can substitute for some
of the experience requirement.

ISA determines if you are qualified to sit for the

Ten Domains

Soil Management 9%
Tree Identification &
Selection 11%
Installation and
Establishment 8%
Safe Work Practices11%
Tree Biology- 11%

Pruning 12%
Diagnosis & Treatment9%
Urban Forestry- 7%
Tree Protection and
Preservation - 11%
Tree Risk Mgmt 11%

The Test

200 multiple choice questions over the 10 focus areas

or domains. Each question has 4 choices, and only
one is correct.
Trees are referred to by both scientific and common
3 hours to complete the test.
Passing score is 72%
Domains are weighted. Average of the ten domains
will not be equal to the overall score.
Given several locations in southeast.
Lanier Tech on August 15.

Day of the Exam

You know more than

you realize
Dont get exam brain

Taking the Test

Test Taking Tips

Plenty of time to arrive at site
and to take test
Study over time, dont cram
the night before
Answer questions you know
first, then go back to others
Dont over-think the question

Bring picture ID and pencils

to the exam site.

Retake Opportunities
If you do not achieve an
overall passing score, you
must retake the entire exam.
One time for FREE within 1
$75.00 for each additional
for computer based exam

Additional Points

Tests are available in

English and Spanish

Challenge your grade

and request a regrade.
$35.00 charge.

Continuing Education Units

Valid for 3 years from passing date.
30 continuing education units (CEUs) and pay the re-certification fee.
June or December. ISA will notify you 1 month prior.
How do I earn credits?
Classes like this one
Georgia Urban Forestry meetings and conferences
Website and Podcasts
Arborist News Read an article and take a test for CEUs
Other educational meetings
Teach others and submit the course outline

Study Resources

Arborist News
Smart Phone Apps (both are Free!)

LeafSnap Tree ID quizzes

TreeBook Tree Identification, info by species,
Plant families, and glossary



ISA has entertaining and informative free podcasts

that are updated regularly
Available to download or listen to online for FREE.
Subscribe to the podcast and be notified by email or
your phone when a new one is available.

Earn CEUs.

Podcasts Detective Dendro

Climbing and Rigging

Science of Arboriculture
Arbor views