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Measuring Task Acid carry-over

Flow measurement of different liquids in PVDF and FRP pipes. recycling
Di = 20 mm, wall thickness 10 mm, different liquids and temperatures
during the operation process at every measuring point.
Liquids: demi-water, quench liquid with particles, carry-over acids

Instruments Used Customer


• Non intrusive measurements without liquid contact The H.C. Starck group – a sub-
sidiary of the BAYER combination
• Stable and reliable also with changing liquids
with international more then 3300
• Very good offset resolution for low flow rates employees – has an annual turn-
over of 665 Million EUROS. In
• No approvals for pressure tests required (transducers do not inter-
their principal place in Goslar (D)
fere in the pipes)
a new acid carry-over recycling
• Enhanced process information by sound velocity measurement plant was erected.

H.C. Starck erected a plant on the Goslar site to recycle different carry-
over acids. This plant minimizes the waste volume and recirculates the
recycled hydrofluoric acid to the production process.
Due to the high pressure and the aggressive liquids the whole plant was
made of PVDF and special FRP pipes. The application for the instru-
ments to cover was to measure non conductive, aggressive liquids under
changing conditions of pressure and temperature at a very low flow rate.
After some initial tests with other instruments the customer chooses the
FLUXUS? ADM flowmeters from FLEXIM that met the requirements of
this non usual application. The cardinal difficulties were the shifting pro-
cess conditions. Not only the fast measuring cycles help the instrument to
ensure stable measurements also the fast adapting algorithms help to
make the instrument reliable under difficult conditions. This is automati-
cally done without user access.
The non intrusive clamp on
transducers minimize the risk
of a possible leak caused by
reduced flanged joints.
H.C. Starck succeeded a big
step forward in innovative
technologies – a unique econo-
mic and ecologic plant.
Headquarter in Goslar (D)

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