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(5 x 4 =20)

1. Explain briefly the concept of Human Resource management and compare HRM with
personnel management.
2. What is human resource planning? How does human resource planning help to human
resources in an organization?
3. What do you mean by selection interview? Explain any two types of interview?
4. Explain the concept of human resource information system. What are the sources of
information relevant to HRM?
5. What is 360 degree appraisal? State its relative merits and demerits.
6. State the features of trade unions. Why do workers join trade unions?
7. What do you understand by fringe benefits? What is the rational behind fringe benefits?
8. State the meaning and objectives of worker participation in management.


(4 x 16 = 64)

a) There are two sets of human resource management-managerial and operative- Discuss
the statement and bring out the various functions of HRM

Discuss the process of job analysis?

10. (a) Explain the steps involved in selection process

(b) Elaborate the various methods through which operatives are provided training
11. (a) Discuss the traditional methods of performance appraisal. How far are these methods
relevant in the present day organizations?

b) i) What is employee stock option scheme? Discuss the positive and negative aspects of
this scheme.
ii) What do you mean by HR inventory? Explain the steps involved in the preparation of
HR inventory.
12. (a)

Discuss the need for collective bargaining in India. Explain the process involved in
collective bargaining.


What are the challenges faced by HRM in the rapidly changing business environment?
Explain in detail


(1 x 16 = 16)

13. Mr.Asok was appointed as general manager, administration in Premier Industries Ltd. He
joined the company only two years back. Prior to joining the company, he served another
company for two years. He did his M.B.A from a reputed institution. He considered himself as a
high flier. After getting promotion as general manager, administration, he felt quite excited and
quite enthusiastic about his new job. The post of general manager was sufficiently at high level.
However because of young age and lack of adequate experience, Mr.Asok was considered as
junior executive by most of his subordinates.
The administration department of the company had four major sub units. Each subunit
was headed by a manager. These four managers were directly reporting to Mr. Asok. They had
combined experience of over 80 years with an average age of 45 years. Most of them had been
with the company for a fairly long period of time and that too with the present units. Sine Mr. Asok
was less experienced and young, these four managers viewed his appointment with hesitantly
and suspicion. Also, they had liking for the previous general manager and were sorry to see him
leave the company.
The new general manager, Asok started holding weekly meetings of the department.
However, he noticed that managers were hesitant to speak in the meetings; he was the only to
speak. He made some changes in the operating procedures. He talked to this individually but felt
they were not opening up to him, the problem continued.
After about two months, Asok started receiving complaints from the administration
department. Asok believed that his department provided the best possible services. Therefore he
admonished his manager in a weekly departmental meeting. He still received little response from

them. He continued to receive complaints and was becoming frustrated. On one day, he becomes
very upset at the third complaint that week over jobs done in one unit. He stormed out of this
office down to the units. The manager of the one of the units, printing was out. Asok called over
the chief print operator, chewed him out, and told him to redo the job on the same day. When the
printing manager returned and learned what happened, he immediately called a meeting with the
three other managers and described the events to them. On this one manager commended, we
have to do something, Asok is too young, incompetent, an is a tyrant. I agree he dictates to us in
departmental meetings and now shows no confidence in us. I am fed up with this situation. said
another manager. Finally, another manager claimed in, I do not think we have much choice.
Asok is regarded high by top level management. We can not talk to him and higher up, and if we
continue doing this way, our career will be ruined. Therefore, I think that we should look for other
source and job opportunities. They all reluctantly agreed with this statement and the meeting

1. Describe the nature of the problem in this case.
2. Explain what could have been done to prevent the problem
3. Outline the means you would propose to solve the problems.