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1.0 Executive summary
Hanoi Telecom, established in 2001, is one of Vietnam’s leading service providers in telecommunication, while Hutchinson Telecom is one of the largest of the same business but in an international perspective. The two organizations are co-operating in an attempt to take advantage of a promising Vietnamese market through the introduction of a new CDMA2000-1X mobile network. Hanoi Telecom was given the permit to produce CDMA services in 2003 and is now aiming to become Vietnam’s number 1 provider of the service. At the same time, Hutchinson Telecom has been exploiting several Asian markets such as India, Israel, Ghana, and Indonesia; and now sees Vietnam as their next primary target. The two have signed a 15 year-long contract in 2005 to bind their commitment and their new service shall be introduced as HT Mobile. In the overall mobile industry, the subscribers’ development has been growing by 30% expectedly. By 2010 Vietnam would have 45% of its population as mobile service subscribers. CDMA is the fastest-growing form of telecommunication, with the overall increase of 61,700,000 subscribers all over the world. Specifically in Vietnam, only a single CDMA provider existed before, but from 2006 the number has risen to 3. Vietnam is an extremely promising market with the economic growth second only to China in the whole world, expected revenue of mobile service in Vietnam in 2007 amounts to 2 billion USD. At the moment, HT Mobile faces competition from 4 existing providers, with 3 GSM providers (MobiFone, Vinaphone and Viettel) currently possessing 94% of the market, and a fellow CDMA provider (S-Fone) taking up the remaining 6%. However, HT Mobile aims to be the fastest growing and most preferred mobile communication service in Vietnam. HT Mobile offers: • • An advanced, world class CDMA network Superior voice quality, matching that of landlines’ 3

• •

High-speed multimedia wireless broadband service National coverage

To achieve its goal of “most preferred” service, HT Mobile is introducing discount packages to produce stronger ties between friends and families such as unlimited free calls and SMS between a circle of limited users. At the same time, they will work under a ‘customer-centered’ policy: • • • • affordable and attractive tariff flexible and fair 24hr/day customer service line Sponsoring many charity events of Vietnam

To sum up, HT Mobile are proud to be introducing their Best Values: highly affordable tariff, innovation, care and convenience as their primary principles in their attempt to penetrate the Vietnam Telecommunication network.


2.0 Background
HT Mobile is the brand name of the mobile network which provided by two investors: Hanoi Telecommunications Joint Stock Company (HTC) and Hutchison Telecommunications under the CDMA2000 Business Cooperation Contract Project, issued by the Ministry of Planning and Investment on February 4, 2005. HT Mobile has a wide range of action including building, developing and operating mobile network using CDMA2000 technology, providing voice services and other value added services such as fax, data transmissions, international long-distance calls, Internet access and local wireless services. With the opening ceremony on January 15, 2007, HT Mobile officially joined the Vietnam market and on the way to become the leader in providing telecommunications service.

3.0 Situational Analysis
3.1 Market Share Analysis

Market Share - Vietnam's Mobile Operators

6% 35%


Viettel Vinaphone Mobifone S-fone, E-vn, HT Mobile


Figure 1 Vietnam's Mobile Market Share


Until the end of October 2006, all GSM operators take the biggest shares of the market up to 94%. CDMA operators only hold 6% of the pie. Being the first two operators in Vietnam mobile market, Mobifone (1993) and Vinaphone (1996) recently lead the market share with 35% and 30%.Viettel Mobile (29%) with its promotion and lower price in compare with these two giants, also got a gigantic development. CDMA operators such as S-Fone, HT Mobile and EVN Telecom are quite new with customers, therefore, their market share is still low. However, CDMA is a higher technology than GSM, so it surely will have a bright future in Vietnam market. 3.2 Market Analysis 3.2.1 Macro Environment Demographic: The Vietnamese population is about 80 million and 65% are under 35. Vietnam is a potential market with a young population. HT Mobile mostly focuses on young customers, so it has many good opportunities to develop. Economic: The economic growth rate of Vietnam in the last year was 8.17%, rank the second in the world, only after China. The average income also increased from $600 in 2005 to $725 in 2006. The number of unemployed in the city and the number of poor people decreased to 4.4% and 19% respectively. In the future mobile market (2010), Vietnam would have about 40 million subscribers, the mobile service revenue in 2007 is expected to reach $2 billion. Technological: CDMA2000 1x is a world-class advanced network, which can bring a superior voice quality and excellent connectivity. Customers


can access a high speed multi-media wireless broadband service with peak data transfer rate up to 2.4 Mbps (30 times faster than GPRS). Until the end of 2005, CDMA has been used in 73 countries with 203 million subscribers and 159 operators. Political: The Vietnamese Government has limited the number of mobile operators was six, so HT Mobile is the last one. Consequently, HT Mobile can have time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of other competitors in order to find the most appropriate promotion and pricing. 3.2.2 • Micro Environment

Marketing Intermediaries: HT Mobile has the coverage network in 64 cities and provinces; the number of showroom is also increasing significantly. At the moment, HT Mobile is opening many new stores in the big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to attract new customers.

Customers: HT Mobile focus on the young people, they are a type of consumer markets. In order to get the highest market share as soon as possible, the company will provide an excellent service as well as attractive promotion and pricing.

Competitors: There are five competitors in the market, three of them are using GSM technology, the rest are using CDMA 800 (lower technology than CDMA2000 1x). Vinaphone and Mobifone have existed for over 10 years, while HT Mobile and EVN Telecom are very new to customers.


3.3 SWOT analysis 3.3.1 • • • • • • • Strengths The modern 3G technology : CDMA2000 Has the wide distribution network after 2 years of preparing. The network coverage in 64 cities and provinces in Vietnam. The investor’s experience and finance. The young and enthusiastic employees and staffs. The cheapest fee in compare with other competitors. New services, for example, SMS Talk. Weaknesses

3.3.2 • •

HT Mobile is the new network provider  the current market share is low. Using the CMDA technology  customer must have a CMDA cell phone, while most of Vietnamese customers are used to using GSM phone.

3.3.3 • • •


The young population of Vietnam. The low price. No more new competitor. Threats

3.3.4 • •

The long lasting of other network providers such as Vinaphone and Mobifone. Low support from value added services providers.


Internal Strengths External (Use Strengths to take advantage of Opportunities) _ The wide distribution network in 64 cities and provinces can help HT Mobile expand and gain its image. _ The low price of packages Opportunities can attract the young population easier. _ Advertise the new services, for example, SMS talk (the new way to transmit information and express emotion) to customers, especially young generation. (Use Strengths to avoid Threads) _ Promote and advertise through multi-media such as Threads TV, newspapers and magazine to increase the interest of customers. _ Focus on the young generation with low price package. (Minimize Weaknesses and avoid Threads) _ Cooperate with value added service providers to have the same or even more support. _ Sell low price CDMA cell phone to encourage customers switch to the new technology. (Take advantage of Opportunities by overcoming Weaknesses) _ The advantage in technology and no new competitions, HT Mobile can slowly increase the market share step by step. _ Customers can purchase a new CDMA cell phone because of its low price. Weaknesses

4.0Target market

The market for mobile phone is large.The number of people is using mobile phone increa se significantly; even 1 person can have 2 or more mobile phones. Currently, HT mobile t argets some main segmentations: • Geographic: HT Mobile focuses on big cities in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Hue, and Da Nang. These cities have developed economies, the living standard is higher than other places; thus, people use mobile. There a potentail ma rket to bring new kind of mobile service. • Demongraphic o Age: HT mobile specially focus on youngsters who use mobile phone the most. The age ranges from fifteen to tweenty five years old. Today, Vietna mese young people are active so they want to reach the latest technology. o Income:HT Mobile target the consummers have the income from 150$ per month.

5.0 Product positioning
5.1 Positioning statement To the consumers who want a qualified service with a cheap price, HT Mobile will recently be their first choice. Our service provides customers an excellent call performance and connectivity with “make before break” capability, as well as a high speed multi-media wireless broadband service (HT Mobile, 2007). With a mission of “To be a customer-centered”, HT Mobile is building a slogan “Circle of Friends” to make a friendly-service. 5.2 Perceptual Map Vietnam currently has 6 mobile service companies; according to what we find out from Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, marketing management of HT Mobile, it will be the last mobile service in Vietnam.


Table 1: Cost of mobile fee in Vietnam



Low S-Phone E-Vn


Vinaphone MobiFone High Quality HT Mobile


Figure 2 Vietnam's Mobile Perceptual Map


6.0 Objective Statement
6.1 Market Objectives • • • • • • Increase the market share about 5% -8% by the end of 2008. Introduce new services and sorts of postage for customers' choices. Expand the stores and service-center to the lower economy areas. Continue promoting to make the brand become familiar with consumers. Increase the revenue to ....... by the end of year 2007 one year. Import more new CDMA model cell phones for consumers' choices.

6.2 Financial Objectives • • • Increase the profit margin ...... by the end of year 2008. Heavily investing on advertising budget from 15% to 20% of the revenue Invest on building and upgrading base stations.


7.0 Marketing mix strategies
7.1 Product HT mobile is an innovative service in Vietnam mobile market so people only has a little awareness about it. Therefore, HT mobile needs to have a clarity product strategy in order to compete with others. • Product quality: CDMA2000 1x is an new technology with absolutely faster data transfer rate than GPRS, about 30 times. It shows the way to satisfy consumer through a better quality mobile net. Thus, CDMA2000 1x is actually an advantages of HT mobile.

Figure 3 HT Mobile’s Technology • Product feature: creating innovative features for HT mobile to be differentiated is the key point to reach the objectives. However, features do not always suit with consumer needs. Therefore, to reduce the failure rate, it is necessary to take survey. In fact, HT mobile has applied Happy Ring, Voice Mail, IDD/VoIP, and Internet Access services which are


some basic services for a mobile net. In the future, it is expected to open more services which adapt to the increasing in consumers’ need.

Table 2: Price Hunter to VAS Fan Branding o Name: HT mobile is the result of co-operating between Hanoi Telecom Corporation and Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited. Actually, “HT Mobile” might not make sense to customers, but it is easy to remember. Nevertheless, for a brand, easy to remember is the most important factor to attract customers. o Symbol

Figure 4 HT Mobile symbol It is clearly to see that HT mobile is an absolutely new brand in the mobile market. Building strong brand name is the first company’s mission in the long-term strategy. Product support service: consumer service is the major issue in product strategy. Therefore, along with company strategy, HT mobile will pay more on individual customer and treat them fairly. 14

o Build a call center in line to improve the service after selling. o Take the consumer’s awareness by: - Send postcard to consumers in special events such as birthday, Chirstmas and Tet Holiday. - Describe the discount programs usually to consumers. 7.2 Price • List price o Company realizes that it is hard to compete with others which have been existed in the market for a long time and held a large market share such as Mobifone, Vinaphone, and Viettel. Hence, HT mobile would use technology as its advantage, CDMA; it tends to use market penetration price strategy which means setting lower price to attract a great number of buyers and large market share. o Product mix pricing strategies:
VND 160.00 VND 140.00 VND 120.00 VND 100.00 VND 80.00 VND 60.00 VND 40.00 VND 20.00 VND 0.00 Mobifone Vinafone Viettel S-Fone EVN HT Mobile

Activation fee

Monthly subscription fee

Figure 5 Comparison of cost of using mobile in Vietnam As the diagram shown, HT mobile has low price in Vietnam mobile net. With competitive price, it also opened many mobile packages such as: Prepaid with B-Easy, B-Saving, B-Data, and B-


Smart; postpaid with B-Standard, B-Business, B-VIP and BCorporate which point to different group of consumers. In the long-term strategy, each package fee will be decreased slightly. • Discounts o Postpaid: reducing total fee for consumers who use large volumes. For example: giving 250 minutes free/ month for B-Business package to consumers. o Prepaid: decreasing fee per minute and increasing card time. • Allowances: allow consumers to change the package within HT net without any charge. 7.3 Promotion • Advertising o Create an impressive advertising message in the next 3 months: - The general message that HT mobile wants to bring to consumers is not only the cheap price but also a good quality network. - Obviously to see that advertisements focus on lifestyle and musical attract more people, the youth especially. - Use multi-media as the main advertisement tools such as TV, Direct mail, Internet and magazine. For creating consciousness, we decide to put advertising about 10 minutes each day at the golden hours in some famous channels, game shows of television media. Furthermore, outdoor advertising is another effective method, particularly on the street, café-shops and even outside of taxies and buses. • Personal selling: identifying the biggest potential consumers as students. o Hire students as part-time worker. Students usually know how to build up a relationship and persuade other students. 16

o Train sales-people to improve the efficiency. • Sales promotion o Consumer promotion: mobile network is a special business, there are some particular ways to motivate consumer in buying and using the service: - Price packs - Within 950.000VND, consumer can buy a couple mobile phones with 200.000VND in account and use freely in 6 months. - Members in family use HT mobile together, the total fee will be discounted 30% for each. - A company can provide HT Mobile phones for its staff with 20% discount for each. - Contests, sweepstakes: + Organize a music contest for students only. The award might be a trip to China in next year, 2008. + Open a sweepstake: consumers will receive a series number each time they purchase a mobile card. The award can be a mobile phone each month. o Trade promotion: - Put posters on shops, restaurants and entertainment. - To be sponsor for some programs such as student football champion league and music activities. o Business promotion: participating in any trade shows which relates to mobile and information technology such as Expo exhibition, and Vietnam strong brand name trade show. o Design subsidies to motivate the sales promoting program. • Public relations

Public relationship (PR) not only builds a good relationship with consumers but also takes care about company’s image in the public. PR becomes an important key for company to pass up image’s problems and achieve goals, 17

especially for HT Mobile. To create a good public relationship, HT mobile is going to be a sponsor of Vietnam Student Football League. Its advantages: o The logo of HT Mobile will appear in each match. o HT mobile appears on the Sport News of many media. o There are numerous of speeches has arrived to build up company image. o Open special events such as football educational program and game shows. In the future, HT Mobile will focus on being a sponsor of sport and music activities. * Opening an emergency center to secure any trouble which relates to HT Mobile. 7.4 Place • Channels: creating a selling channel system which including: o Sell directly to consumers by delivery service. o Make deals with mobile card retailers. o Sell phone card via the Internet. o Allow consumers pay bills through Internet. o Open some big departments of each province, big cities especially such as Hanoi, DaNang, and Ho Chi Minh city. • Locations o Build a few big departments at some central streets of four main cities, also renting good positions in some buildings which are inside cities. o The potential consumer of HT Mobile is student. Thus, HT will open some stores in the area which around school and university.


8.0 Action and Budget




9.0 Control program
Being a newest mobile service in Vietnam, this early period is very important to HT Mobile; therefore, in order to control the program and achieve the most effective and efficiency goals, the top managers of the company need to review and check the business performance regularly, basically one per month. There are some factors that should being care: • Customers’ feedback: for service industry, “customer is God”; thus, by collecting the consumers’ opinions about the products, the services as well as the signal, the company can improve their business to bring the most convenience to their customers. • Total costs: this moment is still an early stage of HT Mobile so the company spends quite a lot of money on marketing and expanding their stores. If the company can reduce some advertisements, for example, the company can use newspapers, magazine or e-newspapers instead of TV ads, the profit will increase. However, if continuing these marketing, the cost will increase significantly, the managers then need to work effectively to find the best solutions. • Number of postpaid and prepaid phone: HT Mobile is holding a very little market share, so if the company can increase the number of customers using their phone and service, the market share will raise. The company can develop their promotion program to attract more customers in the short term, but not in a long term business.


10.0 Reference
1) E-vn website, viewed on 5 May 2007, 2) Fong E.,2006, “CDMA 2000 1X EVDO 092 – Success Together”. 3) General Statistics Office, 2006, “Statistical Handbook of Vietnam”, Statistical publishing house 4) HT Mobile, 2007, “Life is mobile”. 5) HT Mobile website, viewed on 5 May 2007, 6) Lam M., 2007, “Investing and developing”. 7) Sfone website, viewed on 5 May 2007, menuId=44&pageNum=4&subNum=2&idxNum=021 8) Viettel website, viewed on 5 May 2007, CartType=DV&idNews=70&idDetail=1557 9) Vinaphone website, viewed on 5 May 2007,


11.0 Appendix
11.1 Appendix A

GDP Growth rate in Vietnam from 2003 to 2006



Appendix B

E-Newspaper advertising price list

Mô tả Vị trí Kích thước (pixels) 468x60 420x58 420x58 420x58 420x58 150x180 150x125 150x125 150x125 150x125 150x90 115x242 115x242 Cơ chế Cố định, chia sẻ 3 banner Cố định, chia sẻ 3 banner Cố định, chia sẻ 3 banner Cố định, chia sẻ 3 banner Cố định, chia sẻ 3 banner Cố định chia sẻ 2 Cố định, chia sẻ 2 Cố định, chia sẻ 2 Cố định, chia sẻ 2 Cố định, chia sẻ 2 Ngẫu nhiên, không chia sẻ Trượt, không chia sẻ Trượt, không chia sẻ

Đơn giá (VNĐ/tháng) Trang chủ 35.000.000 36.000.000 30.000.000 25.000.000 20.000.000 40.000.000 25.000.000 22.000.000 20.000.000 17.000.000 8.000.000 50.000.000 50.000.000 Trang chuyên mục 20.000.000 20.000.000 N/A N/A N/A 20.000.000 17.000.000 15.000.000 12.000.000 10.000.000 3.500.000 35.000.000 30.000.000

Top Banner Heart Banner 1 Heart Banner 2 Heart Banner 3 Heart Banner 4 Large Logo Big Logo 1 Big Logo 2 Big Logo 3 Big Logo 4 Basic Logo Right Float Left Float


Great Banner Pop Under Expanding Logo

770x120 400x500 728x90(120 )

Cố định, chia sẻ 3 banner Không chia sẻ Chia sẻ 3 Logo

18.000.000 3.000.000/ngày 5.000.000 / ngày

5.000.000 1.000.000/ngày 2.000.000/ ngày

Article banner: ( 400x80 pixels) – Vị trí 1,2,3 – Không chia sẻ dưới mỗi tin bài trên trang Vị trí Article banner trên tin lẻ: Đơn giá 300.000 VNĐ/01 tin Ghi chú Logo đặt dưới bài viết của link đến trang thông tin quảng cáo Tin khung gồm 2 tin nổi bật được cập nhật liên tục trong ngày ( 5 tin/ngày) Mỗi ngày có 7 tin nổi bật trên trang chủ và được cập nhật liên tục (15 tin/ ngày) Lượng cập nhật trung bình 2 bài/ ngày

Articial banner trên tin khung Articial banner Tin nổi bật

15.000.000 VNĐ / tháng 30.000.000 VNĐ/ tháng

Articial banner Tin chuyên mục

10.000.000 VNĐ/ tháng

Các khái niệm : Expanding banner: Kích thước lớn, ngang toàn màn hình (728x90 pixels),

khi di chuột qua, sẽ mở rộng gấp đôi (728x120 pixels). Trên banner có các nút: + Xem lại: để xem lại quảng cáo + Thu nhỏ: để thu nhỏ kích thước thành 728x60 pixels + Mở rộng: mở rộng kích thước thành 728x120 pixels + Đóng: đóng quảng cáo expanding Banner trượt (Right float/Left float): Xuất hiện với các màn hình xem ở độ

phân giải từ 1024x768 pixels trở lên. Trượt theo nội dung báo.



Chế độ chia sẻ: Luân phiên xuất hiện 03 công ty cùng một vị trí, mỗi

logo/banner xuất hiện 15 giây. trang. Các Quy định chung: Giá trên chưa bao gồm thuế VAT 10% Chi phí thiết kế  Logo/banner gif động: 300.000 VNĐ/logo;  Logo/banner flash: 2.000.000 – 5.000.000 VNĐ/logo hoặc banner  Trang thông tin: 500.000 VNĐ/Trang dài không quá 02 trang A4. Quảng cáo thời hạn dưới 01 tháng (trừ pop-under) được tính như sau:  Từ 1 đến 10 ngày : 50% giá nguyên tháng Chế độ ngẫu nhiên: Chuyển đổi vị trí giữa các logo cùng kích thước trên

 Từ 11 đến 20 ngày : 70% giá nguyên tháng  Từ 21 đến 29 ngày : 100% giá nguyên tháng Yêu cầu kỹ thuật: Logo dạng đồ họa, GIF hoặc flash

- Quảng cáo dạng Banner có kích thước <12KB, Logo có kích thước < 7KB. Các quảng cáo đặc biệt có kích thước <35KB. - Nội dung quảng cáo phải tuân thủ các quy định của Nhà nước và được sự chấp thuận của toà soạn báo điện tử Lê Phương Nhung Mọi chi tiết xin vui lòng liên hệ: Phòng quảng cáo – Báo điện tử Trung tâm truyền thông trực tuyến.- FPT Telecom. Tel: 04.760.1060 (ext: 4295) Mobile : 0912 170 770 Email : Fax: 04.822.3111

Head Office: 48 Van Bao (2B Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound),Kim Ma Str., Badinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam



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Heart Banner 2 (420x58 pixels)

Heart Banner 4 (420x58 pixels) Small Logo (150x90 pixels)

Great Banner (770x120 pixels) 29

Article banner (logo dưới tin bài) (400x80 pixels)



Appendix C

Age pyramid of Vietnam population


Appendix D

Price list of advertising on TuoiTre newspaper
Size Whole page 1/2 page 1/4 page 1/8 page 1/16 page 1/32 page 260mmx375mm 260mmx185mm 127mmx185mm 127mmx90mm 60mmx90mm 60mmx42mm 4 colors 45,000,000 VND 24,000,000 VND 13,000,00 VND 7,000,000 VND 3,800,000 VND 2,000,000 VND Black and white 32,000,000 VND 17,000,000 VND 9,000,000 VND 4,800,000 VND 2,500,000 VND 1,300,000 VND


Appendix E


Television Advertising Price List
Symbol Time Day Price 10" 15" 20" 30"

KÊNH VTV1 : Hour A A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 From 5h30 – 17h 5h307h30 7h309h30 9h3011h 11h -12h 12h 14h 14h -17h Mon - Sun Mon - Sun Mon - Fri Mon - Sun In and out program In and out program 5.000.000 đ 3.500.000 đ 3.500.000 đ 6.000.000 đ 3.500.000 đ 3.500.000 đ 6.000.000 đ 4.200.000 đ 4.200.000 đ 7.200.000 đ 4.200.000 đ 4.200.000 đ 7.500.000 đ 10.000.000 đ 5.250.000 đ 5.250.000 đ 7.000.000 đ 7.000.000 đ

9.000.000 đ 12.000.000 đ 5.250.000 đ 5.250.000 đ 7.000.000 đ 7.000.000 đ


In film time and Sunday 9h -11h Entertainment Program From 17h to 24h 17h-18h Out film time 17h-18h In time film Before 18h After 18h Before News Program 19h 19h45 19h5521h 21h 22h 22h-23h 21h 23h 21h 23h 20h 22h In (Out) Program In (Out) Program In (Out) Program

6.000.000 đ

7.200.000 đ

9.000.000 đ 12.000.000 đ

Hour B B1 B2 B3 B4 B4.1 B5 B6.1 B6.2 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11

7.500.000 đ 7.500.000 đ 7.500.000 đ

9.000.000 đ 11.250.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 9.000.000 đ 11.250.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 9.000.000 đ 11.250.000 đ 15.000.000 đ

9.000.000 đ 10.800.000 đ 13.500.000 đ 18.000.000 đ

9.000.000 đ 10.800.000 đ 13.500.000 đ 18.000.000 đ

After News 24/7 12.500.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 18.750.000 đ 25.000.000 đ 11.000.000 đ 13.200.000 đ 16.500.000 đ 22.000.000 đ 11.000.000 đ 13.200.000 đ 16.500.000 đ 22.000.000 đ 10.000.000 đ 12.000.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 20.000.000 đ

Before weekend 14.000.000 đ 16.000.000 đ 21.000.000 đ 28.000.000 đ film In weekend film 15.000.000 đ 18.000.000 đ 22.500.000 đ 30.000.000 đ Stage Program After 23h KÊNH VTV3 : Mon - Fri In (Out) Program 2.500.000 đ 3.000.000 đ 3.750.000 đ 5.000.000 đ 5.000.000 đ 2.500.000 đ 6.000.000 đ 3.000.000 đ 7.500.000 đ 10.000.000 đ 3.750.000 đ 5.000.000 đ

Hour D 6h-10h D1 6h-8h


D2 D3 D4

8h-9h 9h-10h 10h11h55 6h 9h45

In (Out) Program In (Out) Program In (Out) Program Sat & Sun In (Out) Program In (Out) Program In (Out) Program

2.500.000 đ 2.500.000 đ 2.500.000 đ

3.000.000 đ 3.000.000 đ 3.000.000 đ

3.750.000 đ 3.750.000 đ 3.750.000 đ

5.000.000 đ 5.000.000 đ 5.000.000 đ

D5 D6 D7 Hour C

6h-8h 8h-9h 9h-9h30

2.500.000 đ 6.000.000 đ 8.000.000 đ

3.000.000 đ 7.200.000 đ

3.750.000 đ

5.000.000 đ

9.000.000 đ 12.000.000 đ

9.600.000 đ 12.000.000 đ 16.000.000 đ

11h5519h C1 C2 C3.1 11h5514h 12h-14h 14h-17h 14h17h30

Mon - Fri Out film and entertainment In film and entertainment In (Out) Program 9.000.000 đ 10.800.000 đ 13.500.000 đ 18.000.000 đ 11.000.000 đ 13.200.000 đ 16.500.000 đ 22.000.000 đ 6.500.000 đ 7.800.000 đ 9.750.000 đ 13.000.000 đ


In (Out) Children 11.000.000 đ 13.200.000 đ 16.500.000 đ 22.000.000 đ Program (whole week) 11.000.000 đ 13.200.000 đ 16.500.000 đ 22.000.000 đ


Out film and 17h-19h entertainment (whole week) Out film and 17h-19h entertainment (whole week 17h-19h 9h30 18h Before News Program 19h Sat & Sun Out entertainment program In entertainment program

C4.2 C4.3

13.000.000 đ 15.600.000 đ 19.500.000 đ 26.000.000 đ 14.000.000 đ 16.800.000 đ 21.000.000 đ 28.000.000 đ


9h3012h 9h3012h

13.000.000 đ 15.600.000 đ 19.500.000 đ 26.000.000 đ


17.000.000 đ 20.400.000 đ 25.500.000 đ 34.000.000 đ

C7 C8 C9 C10

Out 12hentertainment 13h30 program

14.000.000 đ 16.800.000 đ 21.000.000 đ 28.000.000 đ

12hIn CNKD, ONCN 16.000.000 đ 19.200.000 đ 24.000.000 đ 32.000.000 đ 13h30 13h30- In other 17h programs In film VNCN, ĐACT7 10.000.000 đ 12.000.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 20.000.000 đ 10.000.000 đ 12.000.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 20.000.000 đ


19h45 Every evening 23h C11 C12 C13 C14 C13A 19h40 Between BT DBTT and 24/7 27.500.000 đ 33.000.000 đ 41.500.000 đ 55.000.000 đ 18.000.000 đ 21.600.000 đ 27.000.000 đ 36.000.000 đ

19h45 After BT 24/7

19h50- In Film and 16.000.000 đ 19.000.000 đ 24.000.000 đ 32.000.000 đ 21h10 Entertainment 1 19h50- Out film and 18.000.000 đ 21.600.000 đ 27.000.000 đ 36.000.000 đ 21h10 Entertainment 1 19h5021h10 19h5021h10 21h22h Out CT ALTP,HCGĐ, TCAN In CT ALTP,HCGĐ, TCAN 18.000.000 đ 21.600.000 đ 27.000.000 đ 36.000.000 đ

C14A C15 C16 C17 C18 Hour F Hour E

26.000.000 đ 31.500.000 đ 39.000.000 đ 52.500.000 đ

Out Film and 14.000.000 đ 16.800.000 đ 21.000.000 đ 28.000.000 đ Entertainment 2

21h10- In Film and 15.000.000 đ 18.000.000 đ 22.500.000 đ 30.000.000 đ 22h10 Entertainment 2 22h10- In (Out) other 23h programs After 23h VTV2: (06h-24h) VTV4: (0h-8h) 12.500.000 đ 15.000.000 đ 18.750.000 đ 25.000.000 đ 5.850.000 đ 2.500.000 đ 1.250.000 đ 7.020.000 đ 3.000.000 đ 1.500.000 đ 8.775.000 đ 11.700.000 đ 3.750.000 đ 1.875.000 đ 5.000.000 đ 2.500.000 đ

(Source: Information from the website of Advertising and Service Centre) <>



Appendix F

Cost list of HT Mobile’s service

1. Package ( 10% VAT including)


Registr Packag e ation fee (VND) RUIM fee:

Subscript ion fee (VND)

Voice call (VND/minute) On-net Offnet

SMS (VND/SMS ) Onnet Offnet - Customers control their Note

18.000 VND/RUIM account - No contract, no registration fee. - If don’t call, account






2.10 0

will not be deducted. 300 300 - Suitable for those who use mobile phone under 130.000 vnd/month - Low tariff



1.500 vnd/day


1.30 0

- Suitable for those who 300 300 use mobile phone from 130.000 to 300.000 vnd/month - Access Internet: only

20.000 B-Data 0 vnd/mon th 1.500 BSmart 0 20.000 vnd/mon th (Monday to Friday) 0 (T7,CN) Postpaid BStanda rd 100.00 0 50.000 vnd/mon th 900 BBusine 300.000 vnd/mon 300 300 1.000 2.10 0 0 300 NA 300 300

2vnd/Kb - Suitable for those who want to access internet anytime, anywhere - Free on-net SMS everyday - Free on-net voice call whole Saturday and Sunday

- Suitable for those who 1.30 0 1.20 0 300 300 use mobile phone frequently from 130.000 to 300.000 vnd /month - Free 250 minutes/month 36 (including on-net and off-net)