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2 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle


dear FriendS oF Special olYMpicS Montana, STATE OF MONTANA
Unity has a voice, and we hear it this week! The JOHN BOHLINGER
mountains around this beautiful community echo with GOVERNOR
messages of acceptance, dignity, respect – because
Special Olympics Montana athletes are coming to the
2010 State Summer Games. Listen to the joy!
For three days, competition at MSU and around the
community features aquatics, bocce, track and field,
gymnastics, kayaking, equestrian, to name only a few.
More than 2000 Montana athletes participate year-
round, with nearly 1100 of them here this week. They
have trained tirelessly, and will not disappoint. Cheer
them on! May 2010
To make the Games possible, Bozeman volunteers
have prepared for months. We extend deepest thanks to Greetings,
all, with a special nod to excellent volunteer leadership
the Special Olympics Montana
from Games Co-Directors Chris Odegard from Murdoch’s I am privileged to once again serve as Honorary Head Coach for
nts the genero us spirit of our great state this week
Ranch & Home Supply, and Tory Atkins of RightNow State Summer Games. Bozeman represe
ers steppin g up to help host the Games . I am proud to join those
Technologies. When it’s over, nearly 2000 people will with nearly 2000 local volunte
we give life to the Special
have volunteered. That’s a tremendous effort. But volunteers, along with more than 1000 athletes and their teams, as
there’s more. Olympics messages of acceptance, dignity and respect.
The voice of unity is loudest at Bozeman Schools.
hard to prepare for
Project UNIFY is a national Special Olympics initiative to The Special Olympics teams arriving in Bozeman have worked very
build friendship and acceptance between students of all train for weeks in their sports to develop skill and fitness. Volunteer
competition. Athletes
athlete s. Families and other
coaches also acquire training so they can guide these enthusiastic
abilities. Nowhere has a school district embraced UNIFY
more strongly than right here in Bozeman. Students of . The Games reflect great teamwork
community members pitch in wherever they are needed
every ability launched many activities, such as a massive
campaign to ban the use of the ‘r-word’. More than 1000 from start to finish.
youth also join their adopted Special Olympics teams at cs experience this week.
Opening Ceremonies as part of the high-tech unity I encourage you to join the team and take part in the Special Olympi
celebra tion having less to do with
message. And twenty talented students wrote original As athletes demonstrate uncommon courage, they prompt a
winning than with dignity. Don’t miss it – join the celebration!
songs for a contest to feature the message. Winning
songs are performed at the opening event.
For these reasons and more, you won’t want to miss Enjoy the Games!
Opening Ceremonies Wednesday, May 12 at 7pm in Brick
Breeden fieldhouse. Bozeman resident Kevin Michael
Connolly – photographer, author, motivator, X-Games
and Paralympics competitor – hosts the event, bringing
the exhilarating message of a person born with unique
abilities. Unity has a voice, and Kevin Connolly speaks it!
Games Closing Ceremonies Friday, May 14 at 8:00am
wrap up the Games with a celebratory program and the Governor Brian Schweitzer
Bresnan Communications/Chevy Truck raffle drawing. Honorary Head Coach
We are exceptionally pleased to bring the 2010 Games 2010 Special Olympics Montana State Summer Games
to Bozeman for this second of three years. You are
invited to participate in a community-building, life-
changing experience. Add your applause to the
celebration! Listen to the sounds of unity!

Mary Kay Yeley,, Vice President

Premier Sponsor Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply &
Honorary Games Chairman

Meghann McKenna,, Chairman 1

Special Olympics Montana Board of Directors TELEPHONE: 406-444-3111 • FAX: 406-444-5529 • WEBSITE: WWW.MT

Bob Norbie,, President/CEO

Special Olympics Montana
a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 3

dignitY, unitY
hello, FanS oF
Special olYMpicS Montana!
Celebration of Ability, Acceptance, Dignity
and Respect is a marvelous opportunity to
experience the power of Project UNIFY — a
partnership between the Bozeman School
District, Special Olympics Montana and the US
Department of Education.
During the 2009-2010 school year, 600
students representing 40 classrooms and clubs
in ten Bozeman schools, participated in activities
that brought Special Olympics athletes, students
and staff together. They have built a partnership
to promote attitudes that bridge understanding
and break down barriers.
Noteworthy among these efforts were Spread
the Word to End the Word Day. On March 3,
2010, students and staff joined 100,000 other
individuals around the country who logged on
to pledge not to use the “r-word”. Go online to
learn more and take the pledge at www.r-word.
org. At, type in Bozeman R
Word to see a couple of very cool videos
produced by BHS students encouraging others
to eliminate the use of the “r-word”.
The school year has been full of attitude-
ERIK PETERSEN/CHRONICLE changing events. In early January, seven
Bozeman High School senior Hillary Rasker (in stripes) and other students from Walker Asserson's AP Psych class and Tonya Shonkwiler's Lifeskills class make post- students and eight Special Olympics athletes
ers in February to raise awareness to end the use of the word "retarded" at the high school. spent a weekend training together to become
ambassadors for Special Olympics through the

Special olympics’ project unify Global Messenger Program. Renee Westlake,

District Music Supervisor, facilitated a District-
wide song contest to create original music. Over
20 students submitted entries. Three of them
will be featured during Opening Ceremonies.
Breaking down barriers, changing ‘us vs. them’ to ‘we’ Project UNIFY Day activities take place May
11-12, as 36 Special Olympics teams are
welcomed into ten schools throughout the
creating a climate of inclusion, acceptance and respect.” District. Students and athletes will engage in
By GAIL SCHONTZLER The march is just one small change that’s part of the social activities, discuss opportunities for larger effort called Project Unify, a year-long project building understanding among people of
involving Montana Special Olympics, the Bozeman various abilities, and have fun building human
When 1,100 Special Olympics athletes march into the Public Schools and the U.S. Department of Education. form cutouts for Opening Ceremonies. What
opening ceremonies of the 2010 Montana Special Project Unify, funded with an $86,000 federal grant, great representation of the diversity we
Olympics Summer Games, they will march side by side has come up with several ways to break down barriers celebrate!
with 1,000 of their biggest supporters. between people who have intellectual disabilities and Victory Has One Voice. Thank you for letting
This year for the first time, 43 classes of Bozeman us be part of the chorus! The Bozeman School
the larger community: District has been honored to engage and
school students and local groups that have “adopted” l Adopt a Team: 43 Bozeman classrooms and groups
Special Olympics teams will join in the parade of activate youth in an effort to develop school
have adopted 37 teams from all over Montana. They communities where all young people are
athletes entering the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse at have been exchanging letters, pictures and Facebook agents of change, fostering respect, dignity
Montana State University. messages, learning about Special Olympics and and advocacy for people with intellectual
In the past, Bozeman classes adopted teams, but just emphasizing athletes’ abilities rather than their disabilities.
one or two classmates got to march in with the athletes, disabilities. On May 11 and 12, Bozeman schools will Welcome to Bozeman and Enjoy the Games!
said Tammy Peterson, vice president of field service for hold assemblies and pep rallies to welcome their
Montana Special Olympics in Great Falls. adopted teams. Kirk J. Miller, EdD
“It’s to break down the ‘us vs. them’ and make it more Superintendent
‘we,’” Peterson said. “It’s all part of the overall goal of Bozeman Public Schools
UNIFY | see page 4
4 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle

UNIFY | from page 3

Bozeman students and Special Olympics team members will

work together to decorate human cutouts that will be used to
decorate the stage, symbolizing diversity, for the opening
ceremony. They’ll also make hand-print tiles that will be used to
create a Unity sculpture.
l “Spread the word to end the word”: About 1,000 Bozeman
teachers, staff members and students of every age signed a pledge
this winter to join the national effort to eliminate “the R word” —
retard — and replace it with the word respect.
Walker Asserson’s AP psychology class at Bozeman High took on
the project after hearing from classmates with disabilities about
how demeaning it was to hear teenagers in the hallways using the
word as an insult.
Together with students from special education classes, the
psychology students made posters, banners and even a video that’s
posted on YouTube (“R Word Bozeman High”).
“I work hard, though I have a disability,” 15-year-old Kayla
Osborne told the psychology class students. “I don’t like people
saying the R word because it’s rude. People think they’ve done
something wrong.”
l Song contest: For the first time, the Bozeman School District
held a song contest for Special Olympics and 20 students, from
second grade to high school, composed original songs. Five finalists
were chosen and their songs will be performed — three at the
opening and two at the closing ceremony on Friday.
The overall winner was Eli Harris, a Sacajawea Middle School
student, who wrote “We Made It.” It will be performed by the
Sacajawea choir.
The other four finalists were second-grader Stephanie Acosta of
Emily Dickinson School, who wrote “I Dream a Better World”;
Morgan Sobek and Karen Jo Phillips of Longfellow School, who
wrote “Superstar”; Mariah McClure, who wrote “We Are One”; and
Chase Rice and Leah Heuser of Bozeman High, who wrote
“Something That You Do.”
l Young Athletes Program: To compete in Special Olympics,
athletes must be at least 8 years old. Starting last year, younger
children ages 2 to 7 with disabilities have had a chance to join in
through the Young Athletes Program. It’s an opportunity to build
athletic skills and to socialize. In Bozeman, 15 preschool and Head
Start programs have joined this effort. Four demonstrations with
younger children will take place during the games at the Families
and Friends Hospitality Center. And 40 YAP children will join the
opening parade of athletes.
l Global Messenger Training: Seven Special Olympics athletes
undertook training in public speaking to help spread the message
about the importance of Special Olympics. As part of Project Unify,
eight non-disabled Bozeman middle school and high school
students joined as mentors in the public speaking training. They
will help the athletes write speeches and prepare to speak to
community groups.
“Such a partnership often becomes a lifelong friendship,” said
Vicki Dunham, chief operating officer of Special Olympics Montana
in Great Falls.


A volunteer greets an athlete at the finish line during a race at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse.
a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 5

katie’s call to action

— a joint effort of Special Olympics Inc. and the U.S.
Dept. of Education — has gotten involved with
support and care for each other, regardless of
abilities.” several local projects through Chief Joseph Middle While working as part of that club, McNeil also

School and the Montana Special Olympics. found some time to ski with Krieger’s school ski club,
early two months ago, 14-year-old Katie “Global messengers are Special Olympic athletes and “a lot of the kids (who know her) make sure to say
McNeil stepped to a podium during a who are trained to be ambassadors of Special ‘Hi’ in the hall or give her high-fives and stuff like
press conference Olympics,” said Christy that,” Krieger said.
and led a “call to Sofianek, the Special “She is a real go-getter and she’s amazing. She’s got
action” for community support Olympics/Project Unify great energy and is super-positive.”
during the upcoming coordinator for Bozeman. As part of Project Unify, the Bozeman School
Montana State Special “Katie represents what Special District came up with a “Spread the Word to End the
Olympics Games in Bozeman. Olympics is about, and she’s a Word” campaign, an effort to stop the discriminatory
“When my Special Olympics great speaker.” or abusive used of the word “retard.”
team comes to the opening According to Kelly McNeil, “They’ve done some amazing things at school, like
ceremonies, we will know that Katie’s mother, all of her ending the ‘r’ word,” Kelly said, and Katie immediately
we have real, true friends,” the experiences have brought out added: “Oh, yeah, the ‘r’ word. It’s a bad word. Knock it off.”
gymnast and track-and-field a brighter, shinier side of a Katie, a five-year participant, said the best part
athlete said at the press once-shy girl who has Down about public speaking and being a part of Project
conference with Special syndrome. Unify and Special Olympics is “making friends” with
Olympics officials and “It’s been a real growth most of the people she meets.
sponsors at Bobcat Stadium. experience,” Kelly said. “It’s “They’re friends, good friends,” Katie said.
Days before the games challenged her to speak And what about speaking to big groups of people?
kicked off, she was helping in publicly more than ever. It’s Does that make her nervous?
another way — as a greeter to been great to see here “No,” she said. “I feel good about myself.”
one of several in-town Katie McNeil develop these skills that this This week’s games aren’t the last stop for Katie. She
ceremonies that were an project has offered for her was selected to be part of the Montana delegation to
ongoing part of Project Unify public speaking.” head to the National Games in Nebraska in late July.
and the Special Olympics. Katie also got involved with into Jan Krieger’s “My grandma and grandpa are coming, too,” she
It’s all part of McNeil’s job as a “global messenger” “Million Ways” club. Krieger, a teacher at Chief Joseph offers with a smile.
for Montana State Special Olympics and Project Unify. Middle School, which Katie attends, said the club “That’s just her personality,” Sofianek said. “She’s
McNeil, through Special Olympics and Project Unify “strives to show students a million ways to help, that kind of gal.”

“When my Special Olympics team comes to the opening

ceremonies, we will know that we have real, true friends,” the
gymnast and track-and-field athlete said at the press conference
with Special Olympics officials and sponsors at Bobcat Stadium.
6 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle

locals the stars of opening ceremonies


nlike years past, there will be no big-name
bands or musical performers entertaining
crowds at this year’s Special Olympics
summer games’ opening ceremonies.
But organizers think crowds will be just as wowed
— or more — by the local talent and athlete-
audience participation on Wednesday night.
“It’s very much going to be a rally, a celebration of
athletes, a celebration of all of us being in this
together,” said Christy Sofianek, a coordinator for the
Special Olympics Montana committee. “It’s more of a
participation type of event than you’ve seen in the
In addition to music provided by the Bozeman
High and Park High pep bands and the Bozeman
High School jazz choir, several Bozeman School
District students will be performing their own
original music at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse,
Sofianek said.
In a district-wide call for original compositions
based on this year’s Project UNIFY theme, “One
Victory, One Voice,” 20 students submitted songs
focused on the acceptance and celebration of
people with disabilities, said Renee Westlake, music
department supervisor for Bozeman public schools.
Of those, six students from grades K-12 were
selected as finalists: Stephany Acosta, second grade,
Emily Dickinson School; Morgan Sobek and Karen Jo
Phillips, fifth grade, Longfellow School; Eli Harris,
seventh grade, Sacajawea Middle School; and Chase
Rice, a junior at Bozeman High School. Mariah CHRONICLE
McClure, a fifth-grader from Morning Star School, Local photographer,
won the “Most Singable” award. author Kevin Connolly
Eli Harris’ song, “We Made It,” was chosen as the will be the master of
overall winner by the Special Olympics athletes from ceremonies at the
Bozeman Schools, Westlake said. Though he will be Special Olympics
out of town for the games, his seventh-grade choir opening ceremonies.
will perform his song during the opening
ceremonies. after the contest was announced in February. A your own story based on your possibilities, rather
All of the finalists’ songs will be performed at videotape of her second-grade class performing the than your limitations.”
either the opening or closing ceremonies, Sofianek song will be shown during opening ceremonies. To keep the crowd involved, Bozeman High
said. “I just really wanted to help stop the hate and end cheerleaders will encourage a “pep rally”
Morgan Sobek and Karen Jo Phillips, who wrote the wars,” she said. atmosphere, and a clown named “Rowdy” will keep it
their song, “Superstar,” over the course of about five Stephany will also be assisting master of light, said Irene Adamson, project coordinator for the
recesses, said they were inspired by Karen’s cousin, ceremonies Kevin Connolly, a local author and show.
who has special needs. photographer who was born without legs. The audience can also expect the traditional
“The main verse is: No matter who you are, you’re a “He’ll be encouraging athletes to focus on their staples of the opening ceremonies, like the flag
superstar,’” Morgan said. abilities, rather than their limitations,” said Tammy ceremony, lighting of the Olympic cauldron and
Stephany Acosta said she worked on her song, “I Peterson, vice president of field services for Special more will still be featured in the show, which begins
Dream a Better World,” with her mom every night Olympics. “That’s the focus of Kevin’s message: Write at 7 p.m. The show is free.
a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 7

Bozeman sports venues

to host Special Olympics

hough most of the Special Olympics events take
place around Montana State University facilities,
some need larger venues or ones not available
at the school.
Point in case is the newly introduced kayaking
event that just can’t take place in an indoor pool, said
Special Olympics Vice President of Sports and
Competition Pete Olsen.
Kayaking, introduced as a demonstration sport
four years ago, will be offered for the first time as a
medaled event this year, Olsen said. And because
Bozeman’s indoor pools are not sufficiently large to
accommodate the 200-meter and 500-meter races,
Olsen said they “looked like crazy for a place that
would be big enough and not have ice on it” for this
year’s event.
That venue came in the form of the pond at River
Rock subdivision in Belgrade. Along with appropriate
water on which to race came the promised assistance
of Belgrade firefighters who will provide safety
watches in the water and out. They will also
participate in dress uniforms in the medal ceremony,
Olsen said.
Also new this year in Bozeman is the swimming
venue, Olsen said. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

The swimming events will be held at the Bozeman Athletes celebrate during last year's summer games on MSU's campus.
Swim Center rather than in MSU’s pool because the
MSU venue is too small to accommodate all the and participates in kayaking and downhill skiing with And the competition is real, he said.
athletes and their supporters, Olsen said. And this Eagle Mount, said she enjoys watching her partners “We’re not always what the perception is — of kids
year, electronic timing will be introduced at the compete. doing recreational therapy,” Olsen said.
swimming events, compliments of the Bozeman “It’s exciting to see how they do too,” she said. But Special Olympics Montana participates in a
Masters Swim Club. Participating in Special Olympics “makes me stay national coaching accreditation program and the
The three components of triathlon, a fairly new healthy and fit and helps me feel good about myself.” sports are governed by national sporting
event in Special Olympics, will be held at MSU’s pool In addition to using MSU’s gyms, fields, pool, organizations like USA Track and Field and USA
and at the track and field complex. bowling alley and equestrian pavilion, events will be Kayaking, he said.
Triathlon is a unified athlete program, whereby held at The Bozeman Bowl, Bridger Creek Golf Course “The perception is that we’re not a real sport but
people with disabilities are partnered with non- and at Eagle Mount. The demonstration sport of we are with real athletes, real coaches, real training
disabled athletes. Alison Bowers, 21, runs the mile- horseshoe pitch will be held at Roskie Beach near the and real competition,” Olsen said. Over 100 Special
long component of the triathlon along with Flora sand volleyball courts on MSU campus. Olympians worldwide could have qualified for
Olyphant, who does the swim, and unified athlete With 935 athletes and nearly 1,500 total registrants traditional Olympics, he added.
Jean Johnson, who bikes for the team. with coaches and mentors included, Special But “we have the whole spectrum” of athletic
“It’s really fun and it’s a new sport,” Bowers said. Olympics “is likely the largest sporting event in capabilities,” Olsen said. “That’s what makes us
Bowers, who also plays basketball and floor hockey Montana,” Olsen said. unique.”
8 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle


a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 9

2010 STATE SUMMER GAMES . MAY 11 - 14, 2010

Greentree Dr.
brick breeden field house = bbf hosaeus recreation & fitness center = hfc
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM ..........teaMs check-in .........................................................................................bbf
N. Shore Dr. DIRECTIONS RIVER ROCK POND from BEST WESTERN GRANTREE INN 8:30 - 9:00 PM ...............coaches check-in .....................................................................................bbf
Green Belt Dr.

• Take I-90 W toward Butte (8.3 mi)

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM ........coaches MeetinG ........................................................bbf - hall of fame room
River Rock Rd.
W. Shore Dr.

• Take exit 298 for MT-85 toward Amsterdam (0.3 mi) WEDNESDAY, MAY 12
• Turn left at Jackrabbit Ln/MT-85 S (0.2 mi)
8:00 aM - 4:00 PM ..........shuttle transPortation .available to and from all venues (for teams and families)
• Take the 1st right onto Amsterdam Rd (1.8 mi)
• Turn right at River Rock Rd (210 ft) 8:00 aM - 4:00 PM ..........Medical/first aid ................................................................... all sports Venues
7 7:00 aM - 9:00 PM ..........nerVe center & info ................................................bbf, north entry ticket area
River Rock Pond 8:30 aM - 9:00 aM ..........athletics (3,000M run)..............................................Msu - 7th and kagy field
East River Rock Rd. 8:00 aM - noon ...............unified sPorts triathlon (sWiM-bike-run) ...................bbf, Pool, outdoor track
Greentree Dr. To River Rock Pond (11.1mi)
8:30 aM - 4:30 aM...........sinGles boWlinG.........................................................the bowl and Msu lanes
Amsterdam Rd. 9:00 aM - noon................. softball & tennis ball throW & shotPut ....................Msu - 7th and kagy field
Greentree Dr.
9:00 aM - 11:00 aM.........Golf skills................................................................. bridger creek Golf course
9:00 aM - 3:00 PM 5-on-5 ...........................................................Msu - 7th and kagy field
11:00 aM - 1:30 PM ........Golf (9-hole, sinGles)............................................... bridger creek Golf course
Green Belt Dr.

N. Shore Dr. • Take I-90

RIVER toward
PONDButte (8.3
1 noon - 3:00 PM ...............kayakinG ..................................................................river rock Poa Pond - belgrade
River Rock Rd.
W. Shore Dr.

Green Belt Dr.

• •Take
TakeI-90exit 298Butte
W toward for MT-85
(8.3 mi) toward Amsterdam (0.3 mi) Bridger Creek 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM ........GyMnastics ............................................................................ hfc - north Gym
River Rock Rd.
W. Shore Dr.

• •Take
Turnexitleft atMT-85
298 for Jackrabbit Ln/MT-85
toward Amsterdam (0.3 S
mi)(0.2 mi) Golf Course
• Turn left at Jackrabbit Ln/MT-85 S (0.2 mi)
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM .........celebration in the Park .............................................Msu - 7th and kagy field
• Take the 1st right onto Amsterdam Rd (1.8 mi) 2710 McIlhattan Rd
• Take the 1st right onto Amsterdam Rd (1.8 mi) 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM ..........oPeninG cereMonies ................................................................................bbf
• •Turn
Turnrightright atRock
at River River Rock
Rd (210 ft) Rd (210 ft)

7 7
River Rock Pond
River Rock Pond East River Rock Rd.
To River Rock Pond (11.1mi)
9:00 aM - 3:30 PM ..........faMily & friends hosPitality center ................................hfc - fitness room 1
East River Rock Rd. 9:00 aM - 3:00 PM .........Wellness Park ...................................................................... hfc - Main lobby
Amsterdam Rd. To River Rock Pond (11.1mi)
9:00 aM - 3:00 PM ..........olyMPic VillaGe...................................................................... hfc - south Gym
Amsterdam Rd. Best Western
6 11:00 aM - 1:00 PM ........lunch deliVery ......................................................Msu, shroyer Gym sW doors
GranTree Inn
N 7th 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM ..........teaMs bbQ ............................................................................hfc - shroyer Gym
Bridger Creek 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM ..........ViP recePtion ................................................................. Msu, sub - ballroom a
Golf Course
2710 McIlhattan Rd 5:45 PM ........................letr - final leg arrives in Park .......................... Msu, 7th & kagy field (West side)
1 6:00 PM .........................letr - final leg arrives to ViP ............................................. Msu, sub - ballroom a
Bridger Creek
Bozeman Swim Center
Golf Course
1211 W Main St 2 7:45 aM - 4:00 PM ..........eQuestrian......................................................................Msu - bob Miller arena
Best Western 2710 McIlhattan Rd
GranTree Inn 8:00 aM - 9:00 aM...........athletics (5000M, 800M Walk) ..................................Msu - outdoor track complex
1325 N 7th
3 8:30 aM - 4:00 PM ..........PoWerliftinG ......................................................................... hfc - north Gym
The Bowl 8:30 aM - 4:30 PM ..........boWlinG (sinGles) ......................................................the bowl and Msu lanes
414 E Babcock 9:00 - 11:00 aM..............horseshoe Pitch ...............................................................Msu - roskie beach
Bozeman Swim Center
W College
1211 WSt
Main St 9:00 aM - noon ...............cyclinG - sPrints .....................................................Msu - outdoor track complex
2 Best Western
GranTree Inn 9:00 aM - noon ...............athletics (Wheelchair eVents, lonG JuMP) ...............................................bbf
1325 N 7th 9:30 aM - 2:30 PM ..........aQuatics .......................................................................... bozeman swim center
The Bowl MSU Campus
W Garfield St 4
414 E Babcock 9:30 aM - 3:30 PM ..........bocce (sinGles & teaM) ....................................................... Msu - Gatton field
W College St Miller Livestock Pavilion Lincoln St
2730 W Garfield 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM ..........cyclinG (road races & sPrints) .......................road course (near eagle Mount)
W Kagy Blvd 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM ..........Motor actiVities traininG (MatP) ................................. hfc - fitness room 1
W Garfield St 4 MSU Campus
Miller Livestock Pavilion Bozeman
Lincoln St Swim Center SPECIAL EVENTS
2730 W Garfield 1211Stucky
W Main Rd St 2
W Kagy Blvd 9:00 aM - 3:30 PM ..........faMily & friends hosPitality center ................................hfc - fitness room 1
LOCATIONS & EVENTS Stucky Rd 9:00 aM - 3:00 PM .........Wellness Park ...................................................................... hfc - Main lobby
9:00 aM - 3:00 PM ..........olyMPic VillaGe...................................................................... hfc - south Gym
1 Bridger The Bowl
Creek Golf Course - Golf 11:00 aM - 1:00 PM ........lunch deliVery ......................................................Msu, shroyer Gym sW doors
2 1Bozeman
Bridger Creek Golf Course - Golf
Swim Center - Aquatics 414 E Babcock
2 Bozeman Swim Center - Aquatics 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM ..........dine out niGht (athletes & coaches)........................................ local restaurants
3 3The
The Bowl - Bowling W College St
Bowl - Bowling 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM ........................................................................................bbf
4 4 Miller Livestock
Miller Livestock Pavilion
Pavilion - Equestrian
- Equestrian
5 Eagle Mount - Cycling
5 6Eagle Mount - Cycling
Best Western GranTree - Host Hotel
6 7Best
W Garfield St 4 Eagle Mount MSU Campus 8:00 aM - 9:00 aM...........closinG cereMonies .................................................................................bbf
Rock Pond, Belgrade - Host Hotel
- Kayaking
5 6901 Goldenstein Ln
Miller Livestock Pavilion
7 River Rock Pond, Belgrade - Kayaking Lincoln St Eagle Mount 9:30 aM - 1:30 PM ..........athletics (sPrints, distance,Walks, relays) ...............Msu - outdoor track complex
Goldenstein Ln
2730 W Garfield 5 6901 Goldenstein Ln
W Kagy Blvd
Goldenstein Ln

Stucky Rd
10 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle

Big Sky Country soccer set for big stage

they have dropped a contest in four years. lot of respect for him.”
By WILL C. HOLDEN “They’ve been undefeated during that time” their And when the Billings bunch downed Chris and his coach Vanessa Browning said. “We have a good mix of spirited Missoula side in a game many remember —
offensive and defensive players, which gives our team even though they don’t recall the score — it meant a

he biggest soccer players in the world tend to a little more depth than some of the other ones. It’s gold medal for Billings and a shot at the national
have some of the world’s biggest really led to a successful reign at the state level.” games. A random drawing ensued amongst all the
personalities. The run has been aided by what Browning called a gold medal winners from states across the country to
The debonair of Fernando Torres makes him one of “very intimidating front line” made up of group of determine who would make the trip.
the most desirable men in all of Spain. Few around the Special Olympic athletes who came over to soccer from Turns out it was Montana’s lucky year.
world will ever forget the infamous headbutt other sports. “We were on pins and needles until we heard how
administered by Zinedine Zidane. And, of course, “We have some nice big muscle-bound young men the drawing went,” Browning said. “While it’s great
everyone wants to bend it like Beckham. that have really stepped up and have a really good skill playing in Montana, soccer is still a very small sport in
When it comes to soccer on the main stage of the set from other sports like power-lifting and track and this state. Besides the travel and getting a chance to
Special Olympics USA National Games this July in field,” Browning said. “Now they’ve crossed over into meet people from other parts of the country, going to
Nebraska, the same rules apply. And this year two of soccer and brought that athleticism with them.” nationals is going to allow my athletes to progress
the participating teams will hail from Big Sky Country. But it’s Candy and Brandy that bring two of the further than they ever could just staying in Montana
“It’s pretty unique,” said Pete Olsen, one of the biggest personalities to the table for Billings. The because of the great range of competition.”
directors of Special Olympics Montana. team’s two goalies, Candy Christopherson and Brandy Olsen has never been to the national games but has
So are each team’s competitors. Peterson, have let their field players know through the an idea what what everyone is in for.
One squad hailing from Great Falls is a part of Project team’s whole charge to nationals: If it’s motivation you “It’s a huge, awesome sports competition,” said
Unify, a program that pairs the intellectual disabled — seek, look to us. Olsen, who worked in the athletic departments at
those who make the special Olympics great — with the “They’re always so into it,” Browning said. “Both of several East Coast colleges before coming back home
nonintellectual disabled — those who you may them have competed at the national and world levels to Montana. “A lot of those kids are sports geeks like
remember seeing competing on the fields of local high themselves so they bring a nice perspective to our me, and boy, they get fired up to beat up on a team
schools and colleges — on the same team. team.” from South Carolina or Florida.”
“They’re your weekend-warrior types, parents and That’s why it comes as no surprise that a group led Montanans competing in bocce, track and field and
siblings,” Olsen said the nonintellectual challenged by Christopherson and Peterson found it’s toughest golf will also be traveling with the soccer teams to the
demographic. “It’s basically a bunch of people who in-state competition from a team with another national games in Lincoln, an event that is expected to
can’t stand to not be part of the competition with outstanding net-minder — Chris’ bunch from Missoula. be the biggest sporting event ever held in the state of
these kids. It’s a neat thing.” “All of our players always want to know when we’re Nebraska.
The other is a group of adults — ages 19 to 40 — going to play Chris,” Browning said. “They love playing They’ll have some big personalities from Big Sky
who hail from Billings. It too is a unprecedented group. against him because his enthusiasm for the game just Country to match.
If they lose at the national games it will be the first time explodes. My players really respond to that and have a

athlete kyler Morrison attends remembering eunice kennedy Shriver and her mission
global athlete congress in Morocco As founder of Special Olympics, Eunice
Kennedy Shriver was a leader in the
1984, U.S. President Ronald Reagan awarded
her the prestigious Presidential Medal of
worldwide struggle to improve and enhance Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award.
The Global Athlete Congress precedes the first-ever Global the lives of individuals with intellectual In 1997, Mrs. Shriver assembled the Special
Congress which brings together representatives from more disabilities for more than four decades. Olympics International Board of Directors in
than 170 countries to chart the future of the movement Born in Brookline, Mass., the fifth of Joseph Bozeman during the State Summer Games.
P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s nine Following his mother’s death on August 11,
Kyler Morrison, Whitefish, has been selected as one of 14 U.S. children, Eunice Mary Kennedy graduated 2009 at the age of 88, Timothy Shriver wrote:
Special Olympics athletes who will attend the 2010 Global from California’s Stanford University with a “She believed that people with intellectual
Athlete Congress in Marakech, Morocco, in June. degree in sociology. Before launching Special disabilities could — individually and
Delegates to the Congress from around the world gather to Olympics in 1968, she worked for the U.S. collectively — achieve more than anyone
help chart the course for the future of the Special Olympics State Department, as a social worker, and as thought possible. This much she knew with
movement. The group will specifically identify and deliberate director of the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. unbridled faith and certainty. And this faith in
topics, from the athlete’s perspective, that are essential for the Foundation. Under her leadership, the turn gave her hope that their future might be
organization’s leaders to understand as they plan for the future. foundation helped achieve significant radically different. She fought throughout her
The Global Athlete Congress precedes the first-ever Global advances in the field of intellectual life to ensure that they would be allowed to
Congress, also in Marrakech, which brings together Special disabilities. reach their full potential so that we might in
Olympics program representatives from more than 170 Recognized throughout the world for her turn be changed by them.”
countries to chart the future of the movement. efforts on behalf of persons with intellectual Eunice Kennedy Shriver is survived by her
Morrison has been an elected member of the Special disabilities, Shriver received many honors and husband of 56 years, Sargent Shriver, their five
Olympics Montana Board of Directors since 2008. awards over the course of her lifetime. In children, and a large extended family.
a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 11

A volunteer
helps an athlete
at last year’s
summer games.

Volunteers in the thousands

FanS in the StandS
during State SuMMer gaMeS
Each State Summer Games competition
venue will be complete with a section
called “Fans in the Stands,” and those
volunteers who are assigned to various
Most of the people helping out are “We believe very strongly, as part of events will serve two all-important roles.
By AMANDA RICKER local. our company culture, that we have an First, “Fans in the Stands” are designated “For the most part, these are people obligation to be engaged in the to cheer and support the athletes while
that step up from the community,” community,” Gianforte said. they compete. For many Special Olympics
Without volunteers, the Special Dunham said. For the 14 different Special Olympic athletes, cheering and applause from the
Olympic summer games wouldn’t At RightNow Technologies, for competitions, volunteers serve as audience is an uncommon experience, and
happen. example, CEO Greg Gianforte escorts, hi-fivers and fans in the stands, is tremendously motivating during
“I think at last count there was anticipates that about half of the gatekeepers, check-in officials, competition.
something like 1,864 volunteers that roughly 800 people the company equipment movers, medical support Secondly, “Fans in the Stands” are
will be in the mix,” said Vicki Dunham, employs at its headquarters in and more. available for volunteer duties that may
chief operating officer for the games. Bozeman will help out at the games. Volunteers also offer their talents become apparent on short notice. Many
Some volunteers started planning will be called on to fill more traditional
“We serve meals. We referee games for the opening and closing
volunteer roles.
the games last summer and hundreds and we are essentially Special ceremonies, Olympic village, dance “Fans in the Stands” sections are marked
more “day-of-event” volunteers will Olympics’ human resources and carnival. with signs and contain simple cheer
help put on the three-days of department,” Gianforte said. Gianforte said he served food last devices such as signs or pompoms.
competition in Bozeman, which draws RightNow allows employees to do year as a volunteer and expects he’ll Volunteers are encouraged to join the fun
more than 1,000 athletes and 450 one week of community service each do something similar this year. as supportive spectators where they will
coaches from 75-80 teams across the year during regular work hours with “It really was a treat to be involved,” make a significant difference to Special
state. pay. he said. Olympics athletes.
12 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle

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a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 13

Tom, Kaci BozeMan outreach BoBcatS VolunteerS Berryman, Cal Carnline, Kodie
Weaselbear, Jnayia athleteS Barbosa, Nora Coates, Casey Lelek, Wayne
White, Kayla Arnaud, Samantha Brown, Susan Coldiron, Nickolaus Lewis, Victoria
White,Taylor Bartlette, Martin Dillaway, Sierra Eisenbarth, Cory Lyons, Melonie
Wright, Austin Bertelsen, Julie Hoffman, Christi Ferry, Austin McKinnon, Sara
anaconda SchoolS Meir, LaToya Minchew, Amanda Zink, Sammy Bowers, Alison Montgomery, Madelyn Foley, Jalee Murnion, Kristen
athleteS Swindle, Kristie Minchew, Andy coacheS Caplette, Catlin Rose Skinner, Alean M. Garrison, James Tucker, Leah
Bizjak, Jeremy coacheS Tilton, Dan Abrahams, Sherry DeBernardis, Amy Walser, Kristen Garrison, Lacy cheSter cheetahS
Bizjak, Justin Marx, Earl Weston, Brenda Baltus, Jim DiSanti, Landon BSw anaconda Goosey, Kelly athleteS
Flachmeyer, Robert Marx, Lenore Weston, Seth Christianson, Gay Domier, Mitch athleteS Harrington, John M. Johnston, Stacey
Jouhal, Issac Big tiMBer School lpc Elkins, McKenzie Gregorich, Brandon Braach, Ken Huber, Dawntae lpc
Massey, Jessica athleteS Minchew, Pattie Flager, Phyllis Hedrich, Kenneth Bratten, Jeremy LeProwse, Zachary Gleason, Ginny
Napier, Dallas Cameron, Dona Rago, Jessica Flager, Trenton Hunter, Damon Johnson, Ronald Lewis, David chinook
Pickering, Dillon Nazer, Laurie Unified Partner Flynn, Elizabeth Rose Jessup, Michael Pamenter, Stephen Maunder, Zachary athleteS
Torpey, Michael Phares, Callie Maytum, Linda Frasch, Gerri Kiff, Larry Stanisich, James May, Josh Mitchell, Dariane Rose
Van Meel, Josh coacheS VolunteerS Freyenhagen, Candace Lockie, Rebecca Marie coacheS Miller, Kyle Nelson, Cody
coacheS Angle, Susan Hunter, Rebecca Freyenhagen, Jeremy McClelland, Theresa Wood, Dale Morelli, Justin coacheS
Deeks, Darryl Baglien, Charlene Kelly, Teresa Freyenhagen, Josh McGuire, Alexander lpc Ness, Megan Mattingly, Jack
McCurdy, Charlie Phares, Susie Petrosky, Tom Gramley, Warren Neibauer, Mike Lemm, Sandy A. Newbreast, Keesha choteau actiVitieS
Novak, Sara VolunteerS Prevost, Morgan Grimm, Tammy Neill, Peggy BSw Butte Rashleigh, Marcus athleteS
Salle, Jan Miller, Marie Romero, Siera Jones, Taryn Olyphant, Flora athleteS Raymond, Heather Anderson, Charlene
Unified Partner Phares, Christopher Sheets, Gail Kraft Jr, Rickey Oyler, Brandon Berryman, Brandi Robbins, Kallie Gatzemeier, Pam
Monaco, Michael BillingS adult BillingS puBlic SchoolS Lucara, Lanny Portnell, Dirk Blackwell, Sara Rogers, Destiney Johnson, Byron
Torpey, Lindsey athleteS athleteS Luft, Rob Promisco, Trevor Buhler, Torrie Sorenson, Christian Johnson, Pamela
aware Bader, Ross Andersen, Maren Maltby, Channy Ramsay, Shane Carlson, Lana Stearns, Collin Lindberg, Heather
athleteS Bak, LaShalle Berg, Joseph Mangen, Joele Soper, Kim Cloonan, Pam Watson, Kim Racine, Gary Joe
Arensmeyer, Jay Banderob, Lee Bergendahl, Kyle Merrin, Kendra Tinklenberg, Danette Cole, Larry coacheS Richert, John
Armbruster, Judy Battleson, Deborah Bigelow, Matthew Rollins, Jazzmin Zygarewicz, George Connor, Mike Bailey, Shani Scott, Curtis
Arnaud, Heather Berkovits, Nanci-Joy Cassel, Catherine Rollins, Jessie Zygarewicz, Nathan Crisp McGee, Robert Berryman, Roben Swanson, Glen
Bierd, Tim Berry, Cori Cleveland, Katelin Shinler, Kirk coacheS Curran, Terri Coates, Patsy Thorne, Laura
Bowen, Dan Bilges, Ruby (Missy) Denny, Shiloh Unified Partner Brence, Trudy Doucett, Marcey Ferry, Angie coacheS
Carstens, Russell Brendt, Jason Detienne, Kody Berg, Douglas Franklin, Nancy Driscoll, Steve Foley, Tracey Lynn Meyer, Loraine
Ebel, Joyce Bromgard, Melodie Edelman, Tyler Bergendahl, Samantha Himsworth, Daniel Dudow, Alicia Goosey, Erin VolunteerS
Keller, Craig Brown, Ronan Elder, Zachory Field, Melinda Masqueliar, Jennifer Frodsham, Leroy Johnson, Grace Charity Durocher, Janet
Micheletti, John N. Castro, Lorenzo Eshbaugh, Kegan Flotkoetter, Paige Lee Ann Sofianek, Christy Gervais, Brooke LeProwse, Jerry Gilbreath, Danielle
Plummer, Billy Chapman, Henry Freyenhagen, Ariel Meeker, Erik Weil, Steve Holman, Kenny Robbins, Gary choteau SchoolS
Roberson, Aimee Christophersen, Bill Gilstrap, Kody A. VolunteerS Unified Partner Joscum, Carol Rowling, Lenore (Susie) athleteS
Rollins, Dean Christophersen, Kandi Goes Ahead, Gabrielle Buck, Willis (George) Johnson, Jean Kankelborg, Andi Stearns, Tom Deshner, Willis
Segna, John Dionne, Robert Graf, Ty Viktor Johnson, Nicole VolunteerS Klimper, Alice Marlene Wisner, Tammy Selander, Zachary
Wilson, Brandi Eshbaugh, Careo Hagemeister, Jacob King, Tammy Houghtaling, Darlene LaMach, Richard VolunteerS Weist, Jessica
coacheS Foote, Vyeron Hansen, Zachary Lucara, Lisa BozeMan puBlic SchoolS Maloughney, Johnna Harrington, Peggy lpc
Brown, Deon Hardy, Michelle Hein, Garrison Price, Nick athleteS Martin, Terri Harrington, Shawn Weist, Marcee
Fisher, Warren Harney, Janie Jamieson, Stephanie (Leesa) Rogers, Suzanne Alberts, Victoria (Tori) Matosich, Jerome Rashleigh, Todd Howard colStrip adultS
Hatcher, Jessika Hasler, Jessica Job, Jared Sorenson, Joan Anderson, Jacob Daniel Mazzola, Elise Watson, Kathryn athleteS
Huber, Leslie Iron, Heather Johnson, Taylor B. Bitterroot StarS Bruckner, Robert McDonnell, Lynne central Montana eagleS Sorensen, Shawn
Huot, Henry Jones, Michelle L. Kerns, Isaac athleteS Brunswick, Lucile McHugh, Michael athleteS coacheS
Mondie, Aaron Kelly, Richard King, Sam Bailey, Camron Bury, Joshua Merritt, David Arriaga, Arthur Sorensen, Jeff
Stanley, Michael King, Keith Kirsch, Mariah Borino, Aaron Clair, Aaron Navarro, Steve Ayers, Allisha coluMBia FallS wildcatS
Stenzner, Kendall Klose, Tiffany Kuntz, Aaron Cook, Patsy Cranston, Simon Nelson, Lance Bonine, Brian athleteS
Belgrade pantherS Knutson, Tim LaVeau, Paul Cook, Randy Crouch, Boston Nickel, Calli Curfman, Daniel Armstrong, Jade
athleteS Martin, Heidi Lindenbaum, Benjamin Duffy, Betty DeHaan, Daniel Panchot, Heidi Dahl, Kathleen Beck, Sierra
Brown, Brittney Maytum, Kimberly Long, Evan Lee Filbach, Tracy DeShazo, Sierra Peck, Julie Edwards, Dennis Dowling, Hillary
Canham, Vanessa Minchew, Amber Longknife, Charles Fouts, Steven Eubanks, Max Powell, Kim Gamble-Lute, Shannon Negron, Tucker
Dowdle, Bryan Moreland, Brandon Lucara, Joey Hoilien, Anthony Everett, Christian Sweet, Brenda Halsey, Keven Reese, Blake
Malby, Veronica (Bering) Morelli, Stephanie Lund, Kristoffer Howard, Lisa Fordyce, Nicholas Thomas, Kemera Holmquist, Cassidy Wildish, Alan
Rogers, Thomas Olson, Hailey Lund, Kyler Jensen, Brittney Forsythe, Calen Tyvand, Ruschelle Jackson, Brian coacheS
Rogers-Sherman, Zachariah Ortega, Paul Luskleet, Mark Johnston, Johnathon Gabel, Alex Whelan, John Knox, Nathan Hiner, Amanda
Stewart, Cynthia Peck II, John Malsom, Wil Kincaid, Olivia Hansford, Nicolas White, Laura LeMoine, Roger O’Reilly, Carrie
Stiles, Skylehr Peterson, Brandy Martin, Cordell W. Long, Sherri Indreland, Brent coacheS McGuire, Jay Reindl, Janet
Wittman, Amy Marie Pickens, Janine Maslowski, Patrick Martinez, Eduardo Lair, Cory S. Bracco, Leslie McKinnon, Mark Charles VolunteerS
Stiles, Peggy Quilling, Shauna McNaney, Pennie Parent, Martin Scott McNeil, Katie Castiglioni, Julie Ollikain, Carol Barth, Susie
Wittman, Jay Reum, Chandra Merrin, Christopher Shoebotham, Richard Minalga, Charles Falcon, Peggy S. Patten, Carson counterpoint
Wittman, Vicki Richard, Kathryne Moody, Thomas Thompson, Amanda Mortenson, Charity Hanni, Sharon Pious, Shawn athleteS
Big horn countY adultS Rivers, Lorna Moody, William Weidow, Brenda Noble, Alyssa Koski, Carol Sather, Kenny Brady, Cindy
athleteS Rollins, Joshua Moran, Glenn Weir, James Schuster, Sara Mahoney, Mary Jo Selph, Danny Brenna, Erik
Espinoza, Octavia Roush, Leah Moser, Brittney Allison Williamson, Luke Seger, Cammie Rae Park, Dave Thompson, Amanda Durden, Bruce
York, Emily Anne Sheets, Kerrie Persinger, Christopher coacheS Seger, James Ruffner, Cindy Thompson, Taryn Hancock, Melissa
Zaic, Devin Shockley, Vivienne Rehling, Shaylynn Gambardella, Thomas Seymour, Derek Scott Wonnacott, Zach Whitney, Marlayna Jacobs, Virginia
coacheS Spelts, Nikolas Rodriguez, Andrea Millin, Mary Sherman, Jacob BSw dillon Wichman, Philip Kelley, Katie
Espinoza, Barbara Teeling, David Rogers, Hannah Shigley, Jane Sherwood, Ty athleteS Wilson, Marie Martin, John
Espinoza, Jolene Tilton, Lisa Romero, Kimberly Weber, Alisa Suckow, Taylor Brown, Levi Yerman, Patrick Myers, Ronnie
VolunteerS Toliver, Merle (Buzz) Salazar, Makayla Ann Unified Partner Thomas, Jacob Button, Melanie coacheS Nelson, Bryan
Espinoza, Jessy Whisenhunt, Jenna Schindler, Josh Rivera, Vicki Whitmer, Truman Ginther, Scott D. Bonine, Jane Taylor, Carrie Molly
Big SandY actiVitieS, inc White, Tara Jellison Schmidt, Jacob Shigley, Jane Wojciechowski, Coral Skinner, Susan Holmquist, Beverly coacheS
athleteS Zermeno, John Paul Shaw, Logan VolunteerS coacheS coacheS Mikkelson, Judy Betley, Mary
Butler, Trenton coacheS Shinler, Josh Buckingham, Melissa Barber, Elizabeth Laaker, Heather Moe, Barb Brenna, Cliff
Christensen, Donald Browning, Vanessa Smith, Zachary Coughran, Connie T. Barry, Ed Lake, Nancy Patten, Kaylene Durden, Melody
Christensen, Ronald Coleman, Tiffani Smith-Brown, Tevan Owens, Bonnie Hardin, Elizabeth Mosey Butte puBlic SchoolS Patten, Wallace Carl Johnson, Laura
Fry, Nick Farley, Kim Stabio, John Owens, Tom Kohlhaase, Bill athleteS Selph, Michael Mennes, Rebecca
Hess, Carla Glassing, Rhona Stone, Jonathan Rivera, Vicki Poncin, Tina Amundson, Angela Thompson, Tracy Nelson, Rick
Matlosz, Theresa Knight, Nicole Thompson, Krystin Unger, Deborah Lee Snowberger, Michele Bailey, Bryce VolunteerS Trussel, Vicki
14 | 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle

lpc VanAbbema, Anneka Detmers, Tim Nelson, Elisabeth Bigler, Kira Coon, Stephanie Siler, Kaytlin Clevenger, Travis
Wiltshire, Daryl D. Wichman, Nathan Dohrman, Tom Nelson, Mike Brewer, Samantha Danielson, Linde Williams, Cameron Graham, Michael
cut Bank SchoolS Wick, Darci Ann Evans, Joseph Pennell, Brooks Broden, Jacob Drew, Allan coacheS Hughett, Paul
athleteS coacheS Garza, Lance Peterson, Amy Cousins, Courtney Engelhardt, Mary Daken, Corinne Leach, Chris
Schiffner, Robert Amos, Colleen (Cross) Gazzerro, Wynter Redgrave, Marissa Demko, Jordan Hansen, Jonathon Dykstra, Niki Metcalf, Ryan
Siebrecht, Katie Amos, Eric Gratz, Jessie Rohlf, Colton Dennis, Donovan Hansen, Mandy Griswold, Jenny Turner, Starla
Tidwell-Brooks, Adam Brusher, Sally Guhl, Matthew Semenza, Julie Enseleit, Ben Hayes, Vicki O’Brien, Mitch Van Hoozen, John
coacheS Cartwright, Janice Hamilton, Daniel Shine, Shelby Evans, Jared Lewis, Shaylee Parrish, Barb Weber, Dean
McCombs, Taffy Eves, Courtney Hamilton, JP Shultz, Rebecca Forister, Lance Venable, Nancy laMotte School BearS Wood, Christine
Siebrecht, Lorrie Hecox, Renee Hamilton, Victor Smith, Christina Grubb, Courtnee Wilson, Stewart athleteS coacheS
dillon independance Wichman, Kim Hannah, Paula Smith, Jordan Haldane, Will helena catS Hansen, Scott Fahlgren, James
athleteS VolunteerS Hazen, Dan Smith, Katelyn Hogan, Cassie athleteS lpc Jelletich, Cory
Burnaby, Kristina Johnson, Josie Heminger, Brenda Underwood, Kayla Hueth, Taylor Alcorn, David Hansen, Stacey Kelly, Michael
coacheS Wichman, Patrick Holland, Lisa Underwood, Kendra Jenkins, Jordan Brookshire, Destry lighthouSe chriStian Sturm, Brian
Burnaby, IIah Wichman, Tiffani Hovland, Mary Jean Williams, Chandler Jenkins, Phyllis Byrd, Lisa athleteS Taylor, Jennifer
enniS glaSgow-Milk riVer, inc Hughlett-Bobo, Jamie Williams, Tim LaVallie, Shanell Chambers, Michael Bartell, Amie MileS citY cowBoYS
athleteS athleteS Kizer, Joey VolunteerS McNeese, Amanda Claric, Norman Beranek, Jennifer athleteS
France, Jahnna Alexander, Shaundel Lamb, Erin Blunn, Kyle Lynn Miller, Brandon Fulkerson, David Bunyan, Nathan Baldry, Isaac
Galloup, McKenzie Carpenter, Rob Lawson, Jena Chouinard, Shane Severson, Kenzie Gordon, Peg Gonzales, Davey Buford, Matthew
Lee, Cody Devereaux, Isaiah Lewis, Josh Griffin, Tanya Vaira, Sabin Halverson, Christopher Herron, Jamey Collins, Meliska
Pierce, Kailey Elaine Ersland, Matthew Lowery, James B. Holland, Ginger Vining, Haley Hedges, Jason Jones, Michael Devlin, Michael
coacheS Franzen, Jennifer Lyons, Matthew Marten, Bob Weber, Emily Hedges, Staci Kossler, Andrea Haddock, Kayla
Lee, Jennifer Garfield, Paula Mazuer, Jennifer McIntosh, Kailub Weninger, Camaron Kingery, Lisa Maldonado, Sara Kearnes, Brady
Magnuson, JoEllen T. Garsjo, Palmer McKamey, Eda Pennell, Sam Widhalm, Bryce Kobernusz, Martha Ren, Andy Klanke, Taylor
FairField Garwood, Shawn Motschenbacher, Daisy Redgrave, Olivia VolunteerS Lindsay, Hyrum Shephard, Leanne Miles, Alina
athleteS Laumeyer, Linda Nehiley, Philip Rohlf, Heather Denniston, Sharon Lockie, John Trout, Anne Schwartzenberger, Dezerae
Lettengarver, Lexis Miller, Judy Nelson, Maynard great FallS lionS Harvey, Cody Lukenbill, Kelly Trout, Ryan Smith, Rockford
Luoma, Kelli Overacker, Ben Noble, Cynthia athleteS Jenkins, Michael Thomas Martin, Cindy Twet, Kristin Stanford, Merrie
Oakley, Matthew Sell, Brandy Olson, Jessie Mae Beutler, Brydin Lute, Sheryl Millegan, Ronald Matt coacheS coacheS
Prowell, Cheyenne Stotts, Brian Onsager, Jeremie Brewer, Paul hardin puBlic SchoolS Olson, Kerry Beranek, Jim Beyl, Terri R.
coacheS Yellow Robe, Keith Orozco, Mike Carter, Kalin athleteS Reagle, Robin Beranek, Kim Billing, Terry Lynn
Lettengarver, Steve coacheS Osenbach, Joseph Chapman, Patrick Eastman, Lara Shephard, Brandy Etzler, Sarah Hopkins, Carolyn
Lonner, Della R. Childers, Amanda Osenbach, Patricia Clarke, Francesca “Frankie” Enick-James, Anthony Stickich, Kim Harold, Laura (Nana) Kearnes, Sharon
Tacke, Charlotte McNew, Nicole M. Paduano, Cherie Coleman, Jacob York, Natalie Teigen, Dustin VolunteerS Klanke, Dave
VolunteerS Rennick, Jamie Peters, Mary Day, Ashley coacheS Trapp, Barbara Sjoquist, Christina McBride, Craig
Luoma, Cindy Rennick, Joe Pietrykowski, Amy Dolan, Megan Deputee, Velda Whitehawk, Lynn lincoln countY wolFpack Miles, Timothy
Oakley, Alan Wethern, Marc Place, Randy Dupre, Thea Enick, John coacheS athleteS Schwartzenberger, Richard
Flathead induStrieS Zemliske, Kristy Reardon, Julie Dustrude, Jason Knudson, Reiko D’Arcy, Jessica Anderson Jr, Robert L. lpc
athleteS glendiVe Roach, Glenn Dyer, Stephen York, Linda Fredrick, Drew Cardwell, Robert Cody Baldry, Theresa
Butterfield, Susan athleteS Rowley, Stephanie Erickson, Jacob haVre daY actiVitY Janders, Roy L. Futrell, Brent VolunteerS
Craver, Danny Api, Lauren Selstad, Adam Folsom, Jamin athleteS Small, Alexander Judkins,Krissy Beckham, Gail
Damphier, Amber Chopper Babb, Jalee Semenza, Brandon Frey, Zail Billmayer, Emily Ann Ulrich, Mary McDonald, Robert L. Buford, Pam
Glover, Eddie Bonner, Willis Shine, Bryn Hargett, Jon Buskirk, Rebecca Ulrich, Tammra Norris, Mike MiSSoula high SchoolS
Harker, Amie Clingingsmith, Hunter Shinnick, Julian Hosking, Austin Cole, Robert Vivrette, Greg coacheS athleteS
Harris, Timothy Efta, Tim Shinnick, Terrin Howendobler, LuAnn Lee Doney, Brett kaliSpell kruSherS Cardwell, Kevin Bowler, Richard
Miller, Tonya Epperson, Jessica Tvedt, Benjamin Hueth, Tanealya Eldridge, Kevin athleteS Cardwell, Merry Cox, Lora
Nygren, Dennis Haas, Mary Rose Williams, Emily Key, Lacey Grubb, Mitchael Bell, Matt Jacky, Tina DeMott, Michael
Orr, Paul Miller, Joshua Williams, Neal Kopp, Josh Keeler, Marie Bott, Catherine Knight-Horsley, Tammie Duane, Ashley
Rickard, Charlie Pulse, Kaye coacheS Kopp, Kylie Kidd, Sheila Rae Brown, Carissa Malta opportunitieS Edwards, Rosella
Walter, Tyler Schwarz, Jennette J. Clark, Nancy Lavallie, Shay Kidd, Shelley Chandler, Angel athleteS Freemont, Cornelius (Tre)
coacheS Schwarz, Michael Gazzerro, Tony Lavallie, Sherm (Georgie) Lee, Brian Ekern, Kayla Allery Jr, Fred Glennon, Kelly Jo
Bonin, Susan White, Doug Hamilton, Eilene Maurer, Phillip Northey, Michael Hutchens, Amy Boothe, Kris Hollingshead, Gene
Hill, Aaron coacheS Hanning, Nadine R. Moore, Nicholas Shawn Overlie, Wendy King, Jennifer Carlson, Janet Job, Ryan
Morin, Britain Babb, Sandy Jaraczeski, Jeff Paasch, Dustin Parsons, Craig Laurie, Ruth Helen Carlson, Janice Johnson, Adam
Flathead MiracleS Bain, Jo (Wilhelmina) Keeler, Stacy Pearson, Max Passon, Marybelle Madeira, G Arthur Cornell, Larry Kirwin, Bobby
athleteS Bain, Taylon Lewis, Derry Petersen, James J. Sargent, Eallen Minnehan, Jeremy Crowe, Christopher Langella, Greg
Ackom, Aaron Clonce, Roxanne Lewis, Rosa Danette Price, Chrystal L. coacheS Oliverson, Scott Gregory, Sebrina Marsh, Ian
Ackom, Christine Goroski, Toni Martinez, Therese Puzon, Ricky Ray E. Boyum, Kristal Paap, Andrea Jefferson, Annie Martin, Alyssa
Ackom, Karen Olson-Sevier, Debbie Mullen, Amy Rapp, Michael Canning, Jacob Podobnik, John McCarty, Ann Lee Miller, George
Vollin, Bonnie VolunteerS Nehiley, Lee Ann Riehle, Montana S. Chambers, Krista Rose, Katherine Mord, Andy Peragine, Nick
Vollin, Camera Briggs, Benjamin Louis Rowley, Terry Roberts, Nicholas Corner, Krista Schafer, William Sheilds, Regene Rasgado, Tony
coacheS Efta, Elsie Selstad, Dawn Schaffer, Betsy Friede, Kevin Siefke, Chrissy Stenswick, Jack Reddog, Charles Benjamin
Ackom, Donna Gabbert, Cindy Shinnick, Patti Scott, Shoshanna Frinkle, Kim West, Becky Veseth, David Reinholz, Caysee
Vollin, Daryl Gabbort, Tracy Smith, Susan Sergent, David (D J) Rucinsky, Anthony coacheS coacheS Sandvig, Brandon
gallatin ValleY BearS Goroski, Eric Williams, Micky Trainer, Trevor Turner, Meagan Franks, Troy Evans, John Schilz, Anders
athleteS Olson, Kyle Wriggley, Cassie Watson, Teresa haVre puBlic SchoolS Hile, Tommy Smith, April Shackelford, Justin
Cross, Tim Osterman-Api, Diona Unified Partner Widhalm, Weston athleteS Mitchell, Kevin Wiese, Vickie Sonneborn, Eddie
Dalzell, Michael Richardson, Rosanna Bloch, Dakota coacheS Ahern, Patrick Mitchell, Ray VolunteerS Stroethoff, Mathalia
Edelen, Anna Natalia great FallS hornetS Boone, Josh Anderson, Kristie Jo Carlson, Jeffery Palmatier, Amiee Turner, Robert Swindler, Ronald
Flick, Krystle athleteS Dohrman, Camee Barringer, Suzie Coon, Callie Anne Siefke, Terri Wienke, Wanda Tulberg, Dustin
Hecox, Zachary Almanza, Denise Donahue, Lauren Ekstrand, Dane Danielson, Rebecka kaliSpell SchoolS Manhattan tigerS Woodward, Jesse
Hyer, Steve Almanza, Jack Hanning, Melani Francis, Vern Drew, Aja athleteS athleteS coacheS
Johnson, Debbie Anderson, Josh Hanning, Nicole Gillett, Ev Hayes, Joseph Blanco, Jessica McGuiness, Nolan Bache, Frankie
Malby, Jessy Bodner, Jennifer Hanning, Tyler Heikkila, Reg Hess, Tia Borstad, Troy VanderVos, Joe Bubb, Jebidiah
Malby, Shirley Bortnem, Missy Keels, Destry Hogan, Denny Schlimgen, Andrea Cassidy, Mark coacheS Byington, Jade
McArthur, Sydney Bronec, John T. Ketterling, Chilo Imlay, Jennifer Seely, Lance Hammond, Jackson McGuiness, Vicki Coulter, Laura
Mubarak, Suzan Bueling, Susan Kitts, Peter Michels, Sue Thompson, Erik Hartsoch, Kyler lpc Reppe, Drew
Nichols, Kelly Card, Geno Lewis, Robert Talmage, Bobbie Sue Wilson, Keeley Jans, Mia Priquette, Amanda Schlimgen, Victor
Nixon, Russell Carocetto, Patrick Lyons, Mackenzie Unified Partner coacheS Johnson, Rachel MdSc Schmerker, Laura
Quinn, Chloe Crouch, Steve Martinez, Cerena Ammons, Megan Buskirk, Clarice Monforton, Daniel athleteS Tiddy, Lexi
Ruff, Emily Denniston, Matthew McKamey, Michaela Beutler, Koriawna Carlson, David Sandler, Bo Beech, Justin Vodicka, Petr
a Special puBlication oF the BozeMan dailY chronicle 2010 Special olYMpicS Montana | 15

Bronze Medal The Mary Alice Fortin The Bozeman Bowl other Fine Stockman Bank Dave’s Sushi MacKenzie River Pizza
SponSorS Childcare Foundation Walmart SponSorS Target Fraternal Order of Eagles Old Chicago
A.W.A.R.E., Inc. Tom & Joan Scott Wimberg Productions LLC Altitude Gallery The Barn Fiesta Mexicana On The Rise
AllTel Wireless Wells Fargo Bank Big Time Inflatables Universal Athletics First Lutheran Church OroWheat
Best Western GranTree patron Border’s Books West Paw Design First Presbyterian Church Outback Steakhouse
Big Sky Western Bank Venue SponSorS Bozeman Public Schools Fresco Café Over The Tapas
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SponSorS AAA Mountain West Crowley Fleck lunch & dine- Gallatin Valley Food Bank Panda Buffet
Foundation Anderson Zurmuehlen Allied Waste Services First West Insurance out SponSorS Gandolfos Perkins
Business Professionals of Blue Cross Blue Shield of American Bank Company 18 Miles to the Border Garage Quizno’s
America Montana American Federal Savings Gapwest 5 Star Pizzarea Grace Bible/Journey Church Rosa’s Pizza
City Motor Company Bridger Creek Golf Course Bank Hassan Grotto A&W/Kentucky Fried Chicken Great Harvest Bread Safeway
Denny Menholt Chevrolet Cardinal Distributing Bozeman Swim Center J & V Restaurant Supply Arby’s Hope Lutheran Church Sante Fe Red’s
HUMMER Gallatin Valley Furniture Filmlites Montana Kasting, Kauffman & Mersen, Bay Bar & Grille House of Clean Spectators Bar & Grill
First Interstate Bank - Holiday Inn Bozeman Galusha, Higgins & Galusha PC Bozeman Catholic Youth Ice House Sysco Corp.
Bozeman Insty-Prints - Bozeman MSU Safety Lone Mountain Gymnastics Group IHOP Ted’s Montana Grill
Horizon Air Les Marsh/New York Life Owenhouse Ace Hardware Macy’s Buffalo Bump I-Hos The Elks Lodge
Karl Tyler Chevrolet Martel Construction Security Title Company Old Chicago Buffalo Wild Wings It’s Greek to Me Town & Country Foods
Karst Stage, Inc. Meadow Gold Dairy Story Distributing Perkins Restaurant Burger King JB’s Restaurant Van’s IGA
Montana State University Michael & Cyndi Huempfner Thompson Rentals ReMax Realty China Town La Parilla Wheat Montana
Catering Old Dominion Freight Line Travelers Insurance Samuri Sam’s Community Food Co-Op Lee & Dad’s IGA
Odd Fellows & Rebekahs State Farm Insurance Watkins Shepard Trucking Simpkins Hallin Lumber Cosmic Pizza Looie’s Down Under

lpc Riggs, Kendra Eder, Charles Mancini, Stephen athleteS Scherger, Jon Miller, Jim Harringfeld, Amanda L.
Northrop, WyAnn Roberts, Kim (Tak) Morris, Bob Miller, David Chandler, Sharla Sturgis, Stephanie Miller, Josh Jones, Karri
VolunteerS Roberts, Zach Scoville, Nicki Nelsen, Robert Carter Raining Bird, Bridgett Tobiason, Ricky coacheS Karachun, Michael
Bisson, Nicole Roncelli, Terry lpc Penor, Stewart lpc Veverka, Anton Miller, JoAnn Keltz, Lynn
Canham, Barry Schuhbauer, Nick Bishop, Deb Semple, Todd Rutledge, Kristie coacheS Miller, Patty Kuntz, Amber
Doolittle, Jim Schwartz, DeAnna VolunteerS Serafin, Theresa SanderS countY SuperhawkS Carlsen, Jamie toBaccoValleY Lindquist, Vanessa
Grant, Morgan Senne, Shad Wood, Derek Shere, Kim athleteS Herman, Sarah athleteS Mason, Alischa
Lee, Nikki Skime, James new horizonS unliMited Stammer, Christina Hedley, Colton lpc Beezley, Tera McCoy, Patrick
Mostad, Maris Sparks, Edward athleteS Thom, Amanda Hedley, Curt Hutchens, Lacy Emery, Christine Pace, Dawna
Northrop, Alyssa Stang, Eric Brown, Beverly Ward, Charles Knutson, Justin Kutzler, Michelle Espinoza, John Ransier, Robbie
Schilz, Ron Stetler, Keri Brown, Edward Wilcox, Heidi McKahan, Shawn VolunteerS Gotcher, Allen Raynor, Teresa
Schwenk, Kelsey Stroup, David Charles Cochran, James Winchester, Clint coacheS Forde, Ellen Houston, Shawn Schaff, Michael
Spoja, Robbie Swartz, Rhiannon Granbois, Victoria Zezotarski, Ada Knutson, Karen Schaff, Mary Paine, Mattea Taylor, Justin
Windham, Ashley Szechenyi, Ernest Jenni, Michael Zoby, Jeremy Reinschmidt, Peter SilVer Bow dd council Rasmussen, Alan Zuidema, Karri
MiSSoula YMca Weidner, Daniel Nez Perce, Curtis coacheS Riffle, Mark athleteS Rosenthal, Alex coacheS
athleteS Welzel, Sherry Speakthunder, Dean Anderson, Erin lpc Amos, Shelby Scheschy, Chad Hinrichs, Nathan
Ackerlund, Jamie Wight, Leland “Lee” Stout, Ryan Bartholomew, Brooke Hedley, Holly Cleverly, Eric Smith, (Jimmy) Alan Hinrichs, Rhonda S.
Adams, Steven Zier, Christopher coacheS Castle, Kevin ShelBY Youth Dodd, Clyde coacheS Larson, Diane
Benjamin, Hilary coacheS Beauvais, Roanna Cellucci, Elaine K. athleteS Fisk, Casey Borgen, Thea Reynolds, Vicki
Booi, Sheri Bringenberg, Ed Goldsmith, Tamera Cooney, Jill M. Aslin, Tyler Geraghty, Patrick Brookins, Anne Smebakken, Lisa
Brady, Kathleen Caffrey, Lisa Healy, Marvin Delaney, Dorothy Brown, Lauryn Gibson, Joseph Andrew Emery, Phil troY MountaineerS
Burau, Brenda Casey, Tim Kinzel, Andrea Denne, Melissa Crumley, Tanner J. Griffin, Amanda Rasmussen, Carla athleteS
Casey, Wade Cashen, Tammie Lawrence, Bethany Dillon, Timothy Robert Eklund, Hans Hipp, Lorrie Rasmussen, Ed Garcia, Christian
Chilcote, Devlin Chilcote, Jim Plouffe, Barbara Edwards, Nicole Harris, Major Johnson, Danny Rosenthal, Susanne coacheS
Cobell, Adele Gower, Dana northern plainS Ellis, David Anthony Jenkins, Carrie Johnson, Kristin Vredenburg, Becky Garcia, Leo
Cornelius, Richard McCarthy, Phyllis athleteS Fregien, Misty Kingsolver, Matthew Johnson, Lisa VolunteerS Victor SchoolS
Costamagna, Joel Nelson, Sara Bailey, Donnie Galgerud, Tina McDougall, William Kichline, Ron Daughton, Carolyn M. athleteS
DeYoung, Tristan Peterson, Joe Fauth, Steve Harris, Sandy McKamey, Alvin (A J) Kruljac, Jerry Emery, Leah Hendrix, Dakota
Dougherty, Patrick Pilon, Lindsay Kate Rogenes, Torri Kristof, Jessica Tomsheck, Jessica Lundgren, Leeann tricountY twiSterS Jackson, David DJ
Duffy, Keough Reimnitz, Curt coacheS Lehman, Patricia coacheS McDougall, Lori athleteS Stearns, Nikoli
Ensrud, Jami Smith, Tanya Rogenes, John McGregor, Mardie Lybeck, Prudence Mena, Stacia Board, Devon coacheS
Fortner, Kyle Voelz, Mary Rogenes, Kalu Miller, Guy McKamey, Laura Jo Morrison, Candi Davis, Tanner Jaquith, Martha
Fuller, Gary Zier, Candice reach, inc. Munson, Julie VolunteerS Myraas, Kjell Koenig, Zachary Smith, Kellie
Hankel, Casey Zier, Cassie athleteS Nead, Katrina Aslin, Tina Powell, Thad Kurtz, Abi VolunteerS
Heist, Andrea Zier, Donald Abbott, Scott Rang, Kirsten Brown, Laurie Reece, James Larson, Tyler Hendrix, Shirley
Heivilin, Bryan Unified Partner Arnold, Clint Rudolph, Mary Noele Clark, Kinsey Reimard, Laura Leo, Sean Stuart, JoHanna
Herndon, Holly Hill, Lisa Bogue, Jim Stulken, Marlaina Harris, Sonia Ruckdaschel, Kathy Royt, Trey white Sulphur SpringS
Hiscoe, Angie Montana deVelopMental center Calftail, Lois Szemes, Eric Lybeck, Logan Schmidt, Syndi Walsh, Kennedy athleteS
Holman, Michael athleteS Casey, James Bernie Trotter, Ben Tomsheck, Rex Taylor, Mark coacheS Parish, Nicole
Hunt, Tina Cook, Jonathan Dearhammer, Sheldon lpc SidneY coacheS Houdeshell, Tracie coacheS
Jasso, Damien Evins, Ben Elvers, Lois Frye, Shelly athleteS Hoar, Todd Williams, Melanie Sulser, Kathy
Krogstad, Mark Leskovec, Donovan Fehrer, Stacy VolunteerS Brademeyer, Edith Powell, Rhoda lpc whiteFiSh
Lucci, AnMarie Miller, David Fehrer, Ty Bartow, Danielle Erickson, Meghan Reece, Enid Davis, Karen athleteS
McGrath, Scotty Red Robe, Croy Hager, Stephen Buboltz, Jessica Hall, Nikki Tremis, Robert VolunteerS Hutchinson, Sierra Dawn
Nickel, Barclay Smith, Spencer Hanley, John Clements, Erin Iversen, Kari Tremis, Sheryl Davis, Tia Schelling, Hallie A.
Nose, Ray Stroup, Carey Hanson, Eric Jensen, Samantha Mjolsness, Brock Unified Partner tricountY wolVeS Vance, Cedar
O’Hern, Lisa Sweten, Jeff Harris, Dena LaRoche, Denise Nistler, Anna Hoar, Kayla athleteS Watson, Drew
Ostrom, Kenneth Van Hoy, Larry Dale Herberger, Kristen Sharp, Rachel Powell, Molly Perez, Jesse Aldrich, Jamie Unified Partner
Pfau, Josh Wagner, Tony Hollowhorn, John Thill, Marsha Richards, Chad Powell, Seth Brownlow, Stuart Bolken, Patrick
Porter, Measha coacheS Kinsey, Lonnie Weeks, Ronald Schaff, Skyler SilVer Star FalconS Geier, Jerry Allen Ryan, Jared
Potter, Rich Bruce, Tina Lalich, Jenny rockY BoY StarS Schaubel, Shelly athleteS Grant, Daniel
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