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MAY 12, 2010



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OPEN WIDE! Principals

bailing out?

Two more resign following rumors that

a ‘connected’ teacher was out to get one
By Chris Buchanan

The Brantley County

Board of Education accepted

Live music the resignation of two more

principals Monday night,
Bryant Johnson will perform leaving three out of seven
classic rock music on Thursday schools without a top admin-
from 6-8 p.m. at the Brantley Nahunta Primary
County Library. School principal Evon Grif-
fin and Brantley County Mid-
dle School principal Shelli
Fishing day Tyre turned in resignations,
following in the footsteps of
Lake Wares Annual Kids Waynesville Primary School
Fishing Day will be held on BCMS pricipal Shelli Tyre talks
principal Tonya Johnson,
Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 who resigned at last month’s
with supporters after this week’s
p.m. Any child up to the age meeting.
Photo by Christpher Buchanan/Staff
of 16 accompanied by an adult “We’ve got two princi-
pals leaving,” said Super-
can participate. Hot dogs and intendent Drew Sauls. “To of Sherri Herrin, an eighth
drinks will be served at 11:30 both of you I’d like to say I grade science teacher and
p.m. For more information call appreciate what you’ve done the wife of board vice chair-
Herbert Boyd at 912-283-3865 and hope you have some fun man Van Herrin, with Joey
with any questions. where you’re going.” Shuman and Dot Hickox
Donovan Thron opens wide as Dental Hygienist Susan Pittman cleans his teeth at the Teledenistry Sauls said that he hoped voting against the move and
Clinic housed at a Brantley County elementary school. they’d have continued suc- Linda Marion and chairman

Prayer seminar Special to the Enterprise cess.
The board split on a

move to renew the contract See BOE, page 9
A women’s prayer union will
be held on Friday from 4-7 p.m.
Brantley students open up to Teledental Program DA approves $78,000 budget
and Saturday from 9 a.m. until Special to the Enterprise Public Health will certainly help us take
care of   one of their most basic needs — By Chris Buchanan
5 p.m. at College Place United
Donovan Thron was a little hesitant at their teeth.”
Methodist Church, 3890 Altama first as he climbed into the dentist chair. A “When you bring the services to the The Brantley County Development Authority approved
Ave., Brunswick. For more soft-spoken dental hygienist comforted him, school to provide services in a school a request for just over $78,000 for the 2011 budget at a called
information call Mary Blanche and he opened his mouth wide to show off setting it ensures 100 percent attendance, meeting on Thursday.
Rice at 265-6888 or visit www. his teeth. essentially eliminating the problem of According to Development Authority Director Jeanie Bo-
The Brantley County student was one failed appointments,” added Diane Watson, land, the figure includes modest increases in customary office expenses and new office equipment. 
of many elementary school children who Telehealth Coordinator for the Southeast
recently received dental treatment at the Health District, which consists of 16 coun- The proposed budget also provides for expenses for
industrial park development. This development not only
Pirates county’s first-ever Teledentistry Clinic ties, including Brantley.
housed within the school. Clinics are scheduled in cooperation includes the Nahunta Park, but also the new green industrial
The Waycross Service League The Teledental Program, the first of with the school. There is a room at the el- park in Waynesville. Funds will also go toward marketing of
its kind in Georgia, is a collaboration of ementary school that is set up much like a the community to prospective business and industry.  
will hold Pirates, Princesses Boland said that the there is no increase in salary or
the Southeast Health District, Waycross dentist exam room, said Watson. Children,
& Pals on Saturday from dentist Jon Drawdy and the Medical Col- whose parents have consented to the ser- increase in the authority’s spending on local programs that it
8:30-10:30 a.m. at Kettle Creek lege of Georgia. The program is new to vices, receive cleanings exams and x-rays. sponsors.
Church, 2523 Carswell Ave., the Brantley County School System. It was Referrals are made, if necessary. “We agree that we should focus any available funds
Waycross. Dress up in your piloted with much success in Ware County Drawdy provides the oversight for the primarily on development of our resources - industrial parks -
last year at Head Start. dental hygienists who are onsite. Faculty and marketing,” she said.
favorite costume and come eat The board already has plans to form a marketing commit-
“It is exciting to have a teledenistry and residents of the Medical College of
breakfast with your favorite clinic in our school system to provide pre- Georgia Dental School are able to view the tee to explore the most efficient and effective way to market
“pals”. Prices are: 1 and under ventative dental services to our students,” children’s x-rays and mouths via a closed- Brantley County as a business and industrial location.
free, 2-11 $5, 12 and older $7. said Roxie Tumlin, Brantley County circuit connection. They can also talk to Members also agreed that the director will research pro-
Tickets can be purchased at Schools Special Education Director. the hygienists and parents in real time.   jected cost to become a certified economic developer (ED).
“Students with poor oral health who Watson noted that the Teledental “The purpose for the ED program is for all ED directors
Osburn Studio, 912-338-0150. - across the nation - to have the opportunity to be exposed to
experience pain, decay, impactions and Program was presented last year to the
infections in their teeth and gums cannot Georgia Dental Association Board of the same level of training and resources,” Boland said.
fully engage in the learning process while Trustees to raise awareness about the uses Ultimately, Boland said the board is optimistic about the
at school. This innovative partnership with of teledentistry in rural settings. upcoming year.
UPCOMING “This is another step in the right direction to promoting
this community and growing jobs and tax base,” she said. “As
a group, we are committed to the 2011 Program of Work for

Board meeting Airport project still on rocky path the Authority and excited about the opportunities ahead of

The Satilla Community Ser-

vices Board will hold its next
By Chris Buchanan I think the
document they
first draft of the agreement
reached the county offices Hoboken mail carrier gets award
Getting airport renova- on Monday, Ham said that it Hoboken rural mail carrier Melissa Roberts has been
Board meeting on Thursday, gave us gives
tions back on track may be placed a significant amount presented an Expert Driving Award by the postmaster for
May 20 at 6 p.m. in the Board them the gold of the cost back on the
off to a rockier start than continuously striving to provide excellent service and deliver
Room located at 1007 Mary expected, board of com-
mine and us county. the mail in a timely and consistant manner. 
Street, Waycross. For more missioners chair Ron Ham the shaft — “There are certain She was presented a safe
information, please contact La- announced at the Tuesday Mary Gibson places where they’re trying driver award for satisfactory
regular meeting. to say that’s not our expense, driver observations and for
Cretia Gassem at 912-449-7101. contractor, Folsom construc-
Members of the board, that’s going to be your ex- safely delivering the mail for
department of transporta- tion, closed its doors. The pense,” Ham said. the past 15 years. 
project had since been man-
Sing tion, airport authority and “Our situation is if According to Hoboken
the bonding company in aged by the bonding com- Folsom had stayed on the Postmaster Greta Dyal,
pany and its subcontractor job, we’d be through with the
The Whaley’s and SWAT charge of finishing the proj- without honest, reliable,
ect met last week to deter- Littlefield construction. airport now and we would
(Sunday with a Twist) will hard working employees like
mine how to move forward During the meeting, all not have incurred these Roberts, it would be impos-
perform at Hickox Praise and with the construction and parties discussed the basic expenses.” sible for the postal service to
Worship on Saturday, May 22 at settle disputes over runway parameters of a three-way Ham said that the survive. 
7 p.m. Refreshments will follow. height and unit costs for the tendering agreement be- county is making sure that Her dedicated and de-
tween the county, Littlefield the bond company will incur
Hickox Praise and Worship is construction materials. pendable service is appreci-
The project fell into the Construction, and the bond- this cost. ated by the postal service and
ing agency.
MORE ETC. ON PAGE 2 hands of a bonding company
But when the actual See BOC, page 9
her many customers, Dyal
in February after the initial said. MELISSA ROBERTS

* Jessica AnnCrabb, right, was weekend

recognized as the Brantley County
school system STAR student and weather
Fri Partly Cloudy 88°/66° 20 %
valedictorian and Jessica Delores Sat Partly Cloudy 88°/66° 20 %
Sun Scattered T-Storms 82°/64° 40 %
Johns was named the salutatorian
at this week’s school board meeting .
More school board news elsewhere in
today’s paper.
Bulk rate postage paid • Permit No. 24 •POB 454 • Nahunta, GA 31553 • Address service required • COPYRIGHT 2010 THE BRANTLEY ENTERPRISE

Hortense is looking for teams

(church and open). For more
Brantley County Neighbors
information contact Frances
Helping Neighbors is currently
Sloan at 473-2302 or Rhonda
accepting donations for sick
Lee at 579-2340.
children, cancer patients, and
located 2.5 miles down Buffalo
families in need. Some of the
Creek Road in Hickox com-
munity. HES registration sick children have requested
chihuahua puppies, talking
Hoboken Elemetary is holding
birds, etc. Any donation will
Kindergarten registration. If
Reunion you have a child who will be
be greatly appreciated. Please
contact Ronnie Jacobs at 462-
The Families of Hamon Barber five (5) years old on or before
5214, Pat Tompkins at 462-7443,
and James Everett “Rube” Bar- September 1 of this year he/
or Mert Dowling at 462-5455 for
ber, sons of Everett Obadiah she will need to be registered
more information.
“Chubb” Barber, will hold a for Kindergarten, unless cur-
reunion on Saturday, May 22 at rently enrolled in their Pre-k.
12 p.m. at Odadiah’s Okefenok
on Swamp Road in Waycross.
Paperwork is needed in order
to be registered. Please call
OREMC programs
OREMC offers safety and en-
Lunch will be held in the the school office at 458-2135 for
ergy efficiency programs and
pavilion, bring your favorite more information.
demonstrations to schools and
dishes, tea or coke, and serving
community and civic organiza-
utensils for your dishes. Paper
products will be furnished. For Nominations tions in our service area. Their
energy efficiency experts can
more information call Herbert The Chamber of Commerce
offer tips that will help you
Barber at 912-449-6432 or Sonny is accepting nominations for
Box 1090 Nahunta, GA., 31553. request. at 9 p.m. For more information save electricity and stretch
Barber at 912-778-4683. Citizen of the Year, Business
There is no age limit and the call Nancy at 281-6026, Beverly your budget. If you are inter-
of the Year and Farmer of
deadline for photo submission at 387-5142 or Marva at 281-0535. ested scheduling a program
Gospel sing
the Year. For forms or more
information call Tim Sawyer
is July 31. For additional infor- Line dancing for your group, please contact
mation, contact the library @ Southeast Singles will hold line our office at 912 462-5131 or 800-
Bachlott Church of God will
hold a gospel sing on Saturday,
at 462-5166, Ruby Ann Sawyer
at 462-6957 or Linda Harris at
912-462-5454. dancing classes every Monday Cookbooks 262-5131 and talk with Craig
at 6:30 p.m. at Norman’s Music The hardback cookbooks Muchison (ext. 1147), David
May 22 at 7 p.m. with the New 462-5131 ext. 1151.
room. For more information published by the local chapter Smith (ext. 3319) or Linda Har-
Taylor singers.
Pool tournament call Betty at 285-5024, Nancy of the United Daughters of the ris (ext. 1151).
Baseball camp Cedar Lounge will hold a pool at 281-6026, Faye at 458-2267, Confederacy are now available
Reunion The 30th annual Robert Sapp
tournament every Saturday at
3:30 p.m. For more information
Marva at 281-0535 or Olive Grif-
fin at 283-9607.
at the Brantley County library
at a cost of $12. For more infor- Closet
The Brantley County Class of baseball camp is accepting
call 462-5741. mation, contact Karen Harrell Neighbors Helping Neighbors
1980 will hold their 30th year applications for its summer
at 462-8483. has a clothes closet available at
Class Reunion on Saturday, sessions to be held at Mallory
Donations 135 Florida Avenue, Nahunta.
May 22 at 5 p.m. at Twin Oaks Park on St. Simons and at
Hispanic church An account has been set-up at Please call Rev. Jimmy and
Park in Schlatterville. For
more information please call
North Glynn Park in Bruns-
wick on Monday, June 7 - Fri-
The Atkinson Church of God the Heritage Bank in Nahunta Walking Barbara Bryant at 462-6340 for
of Prophecy is starting an for Amy Schultze for dona- Southeast singles will walk ev- an appointment.
Tina Clem Walker at 912-462- day, June 11, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Hispanic Church. For more tions to help with her medical ery Monday and Wednesday at
7125 or 912-286-1613 or leave for boys ages 7-14. For more
information call Javier Rosales bills and expenses. Amy had the YMCA track in Waycross at
a message for Alisa Altman
Peeples at 912-462-5955.
information or brochures call
Jimmy Brown at 912-267-6724 or
at 912-269-0733, Rowdy Eunice a stroke on December 9 and is 6:30 p.m. For more information Support groups
at 912-223-0464, or the church at recovering at home. call Nancy at 281-6026, Beverly SEGA MAMa’s meet on
Robert Sapp at 770-287-3309 or
778-3226. The church is located at 387-5142 or Marva at 281-0535. Tuesdays and Thursdays from
Sing or visit www.robertsappbase-
in Atkinson Community next
to Atkinson Pawn. Adult education
6 -8:30 p.m. All coping skills
and life skills classes are on
Harvest Community Church
will hold a sing on Sunday,
Brantley County Adult Educa- Mission an 8 week rotation the topics
tion’s hours are Tuesday and The Satilla Community Mis- change but they are all faith
May 23 at 10:30 a.m. featuring
regional southern gospel group Youth camp Pre-k enrollment Thursday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. and sion in Hortense is open every based. The charge for the
Kidz Kountry Day Care and 4 – 9 p.m. As soon as a new full Wednesday from 5-7 p.m., or classes are $5 per topic. The
Kindred Spirit. For more infor- The Brantley County Touch-
Learning Center is now accept- time instructor is selected, the in case of an emergency call Monday night classes “Over-
mation call 912-465-5591. down Club is hosting their 3rd
ing enrollment in its 2010-2011 center will return to a full time any of the three names listed comers, A Daily Choice” will
Annual Youth Fundamental
Pre-K Program. If your child schedule. If you have any ques- below, and they will meet you meets from 7 - 8:30 p.m. and the
Camp on Monday, June 14,
Revival Tuesday, June 15, and Wednes-
will be 4 years of age on or be-
fore September 1, 2010, you may
tions, please call 912-462-7923 or
Okefenokee Technical College
at the mission. The mission
does take money, but we would
cost is $16.
Hickox Praise and Worship day, June 16 from 9 a.m to 12
pick up an enrollment packet 912-287-6580. prefer a check made out to
will hold revival services
beginning on Sunday, May 23 at
p.m. for children entering
1st grade through 8th grade
Monday through Friday from 6 Satilla Baptist Church, and on Clothes closet
a.m. until 6 p.m. Kidz Kountry the memo put for Satilla Com- Waynesville Baptist is in need
6 p.m through Wednesday, May
26 at 7 p.m. nightly. Speakers
2010-2011 school year. Lunch
will be provided and each
is located on Highway 82 in Chamber meeting munity Mission. If you have of clothes and shoes of all sizes
Waynesville. For more informa- The Brantley County Chamber any questions please feel free for their clothes closet. The
will be Jason Marden and participant will receive a spirt
tion come by or call 778-5434. of Commerce will hold their to call Pastor Daniel Harris at closet is open every Tuesday
Brother Ray Gillis. Hickox pack. Early registration fee
meetings on the third Wednes- 912-237-1000, Bud Jones at 912- from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Praise and Worship is located is $50 deadline is Sunday, May
day at 12 p.m. of every month. 462-6397 or John Terwilleger at
2.5 miles down Buffalo Creek 23, late registraion fee is $65
Pre-k For more information call 912-579-9926.
Road in Hickox community. from Monday, May 24 through
Saturday, May 29. The deadline
Precious Stages is accept- Tim Sawyer at 462-6282 or visit American indian
ing applications for Pre-k The American Cherokee
Gospel drama
for registration is Saturday,
May 29. Registration forms can
enrollment for the 2010-2011 Mercy mission Confederacy of Georgia is ac-
school year. Your child must Liberty’s Mercy Mission be cepting members with 1/16 or
The Atkinson Church of God
of Prophecy will hold a gospel
be picked up at KT Bugs, BC
Designs and Movie Time.
be four years old on or before Head start open for service every other more of Indian heritage. You
September 1, 2010 in order to Brantley County Head Start is Thursday, serving a different don’t have to be just Cherokee,
drama on Wednesday, May 26
be eligible for Pre-k. For infor- currently accepting applica- variety of food at 12 p.m. The as long as you don’t belong to
at 7 p.m.
Pageant mation call 462-7151. tions for the current program
year. This is a free comprehen-
clothes closet will open from 10
a.m. to 4 p.m. on the same day.
another tribe or organization.
For more information contact
The Mr. and Mrs. Brantley
Concert Firecracker pageant will be
sive, federal preschool program
for eligible children ages 3-4.
Liberty Lighthouse Worship
Center sponsors the mission
the American Cherokee Con-
federacy Tribal Office 619 Pine
Jay Sweat and Travis Thirft held on Saturday, June 19
The Brantley County Pre-Kin- For more information call located in the social hall of the Cone Road, Albany, Georgia
will perform oldies music on beginning at 1:30 p.m. with the
dergarten Program is accept- (912) 462-6552 or visit the center church, located three miles 31705 or call 229-787-5722.
Thursday, May 27 from 6-8 p.m. pageant to start at 2 p.m. at the
ing applications for enrollment at 470 Bryan Street, Suite A, south of Nahunta off US 301.
at the Brantley County Library. Brantley County High School
for the 2010-2011 school year. Nahunta. For more information or dona-
Cafeteria. Entry fee is $50. For
more information contact
Your child must be four years tions, please call 462-8488. Donations
Reunion Kathy at kathy.hendrix@coast-
old on or before September 1,
2010 in order to be eligible for Writing workshops
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
is accepting donations for a
The descendants of Emory
Arlington and Serena Eliza-
Pre-k. Registration packets The Brantley County Histori- GeorgiaCares “Fire Fund” to help families
may be picked up at the school cal & Preservation Society, Inc. GeorgiaCares, a local part- when their homes are burned
beth Lee Johns will hold their
annual family reunion at Birthday calendars offices in Hoboken, Nahunta
and Waynesville. Enrollment
will hold writing workshops at
the Confederate Park Library
nership with the Division of
Aging Services, is designed to
and destroyed by fire. Dona-
tions may be sent to Neighbors
Hoboken Elementary School The Friends of the Library will
is limited. each Wednesday from 10 a.m. educate and help seniors and Helping Neighbors, c/o Fire
on Saturday, May 29 beginning be selling birthday calendars
-2 p.m., until further notice, to disabled persons under age 65 Fund, P.O. Box 271 Nahunta,
at 10 a.m. Family members are again this year. We’ll be
help those who are writing sort through the complexities 31553.
asked to bring “the usual good
eats.” For further information,
looking for 12 photographs
of Brantley County that will
BBQ cookoff stories for the books, Story of of Medicare and related health
Lake Ware will hold a BBQ Brantley County, Vol. 2 and the insurance concerns. Their
please contact Rev. Emory Ion
Johns at 912-282-1499 or Doro-
be featured each month. Be
a part of this fundraiser by
cookoff on Friday, October Confederate book. For more counselors are non-biased and Donate blood
15 and Saturday, October 16. information contact Dorothy J. our services are free. For help, The Red Cross needs approxi-
thy Johns Thomas at 912-265- submitting your photos of
Brunswick stew competition Thomas at call 1-800-669-8387. mately 1,200 people to
7599 or visit our beautiful area. Landscape
on Friday night and cookoff on donate blood each weekday
shots only, no people. Photos
Saturday. For more informa- to meet the needs of approxi-
Coed league
must be submitted in a 4x6
format and can be dropped off
tion, suggestions or questions Trivia Child restraints mately 140
call 912-283-3865. Vendor forms Southeast Singles will hold The Waynesville VFD has been hospitals and healthcare
The Summer Coed League in at the library or mailed to P.O.
and fees are available upon trivia Tuesdays at Applebees awarded Mini Grant and has facilities. Most people age 17
available technical assistance or older who weigh at least
and educational materials to
Seven Day Forecast
110 pounds can give blood. For
reduce the number of fatalities more information call 1-800
on Georgia’s roads. Materi- GIVE LIFE (448-3543).
als include child restraints to
parents who meet financial
eligibility. For more informa-
tion about protecting your
child from preventable injuries,
contact Tonya Whitworth at
912-322-2935 or tonyaCPST@

How to contact us:

You can also call us at 912-462-6776 or send mail to Post Office Box 454,
Nahunta GA 31553.

Auxiliaries tryouts held PETA offers to feed Brantley kids Tech

Recently, tryouts were held for the 2010 BCHS Auxiliaries.
Results are as follows:
People for the ethical fare well here. district has hired a collection
BCHS Band Dance Team: Captain Kittie Carreker,

treatment of animals (PETA) The organization sent a agency to recoup the losses
Co-Captain Shelby Johnston, Destiny Smith, Mary Turner,
has offered to feed Brantley letter to Dr. Drew Sauls, su- and will charge parents a 40
Stephanie Wilson, Hannah Pafford, Katie Anderson, Emily
percent interest rate on their
Rowell, Natalee Brown, Serena Smith, Nichole Herrin, Des-
children’s lunch debt.

tiny Burchfield, and Chelsea Whalen.
The group is asking
BCHS Band Color Guard: Captain Brittany Green, Co-
the superintendent to es-
Captain Brittany Carver, Lauren Nichols, Redessa Carreker,
tablish a Meat-Free Mon-

Shabree Nichols, Elizabeth Dean, Heather Russell, Shannon
day policy for school
Joyner, Rebecca Barrett, Allisa Gohil, Ashley Gibson, Alexis
lunches countywide
McLean, and Charity Knowles.
in exchange for a deli-
BCHS Band Solo Twirlers: Emily McDermott and Kay-
cious, protein-packed Spring quarter enroll-
lyn Dunsmore.
veggie burger or veggie ment in Georgia’s 28 techni-
The Drum Major is Samantha Hurley and the Assistant
dog for each student. cal colleges is up by 19% over
Drum Major is Lydia Scott.
“Our proposal is the same time last year.
Daniel Byrd, Brantley County Schools Music Supervisor,
a win-win solution Initial numbers posted
was pleased with progress on all fronts and foresees an excit-
for Brantley County by the technical colleges
ing football season ahead.
schools, students, and indicate that the current
parents,” says PETA spring enrollment of 107,269
Reunions Executive Vice President
Tracy Reiman. “Students
students is 17,381 more
than in the previous spring
would get a healthy and deli- quarter of 2009, when 89,888
County students if the perintendent of the Brantley cious meal, and schools and students attended classes on
Flowers school system will adopt a
no-meat Monday program.
County School System, offer-
ing to help the district offset
parents would get some help
to ease financial problems-
the TCSG campuses.
It also marks the third
But Nutrition Service a debt that has accumulated -free of charge and free of
The descendants of Washington (Wash) Flowers and director Cindy Ham said the from unpaid student lunches. consecutive quarter of
animal suffering. six-digit enrollment in the
Lillian (Taylor) Flowers will hold their annual reunion on idea of veggie burgers and The offer came follow-
Saturday, May 22 at 1 p.m. at Aunt Ola O’Berry’s old home franks probably wouldn’t ing reports that the school Technical College System of
place. Paper products and ice will be furnished, please bring Georgia, which is a first for
the system.

Legal challenges filed against coal plants

a covered dish and dessert if you like. Bring lawn chairs. For
more information call 462-8908. The TCSG colleges are
on pace for close to a 20%
overall enrollment increase

Johns Public interest groups today filed legal

challenges to three state water and air per-
water resources.
The state water discharge permit fails to
in the current fiscal year
ending on June 30. The sys-
mits for the proposed 850 mega-watt Plant limit the temperature of heated wastewater tem projects that the annual
The descendants of Emory Arlington and Serena enrollment in FY 2010 will be
Washington coal power plant in Sandersville, discharged by the proposed plant into the
Elizabeth Lee Johns will hold their annual family reunion at in excess of 185,000 students,
GA. Oconee River, changing the riverπs ecology,
Hoboken Elementary School on Saturday, May 29 beginning or about 30,000 more students
According to documents filed in the depleting available oxygen in its waters, and
at 10 a.m. Family members are asked to bring “the usual good than in the previous year.
Office of State Administrative Hearings, harming fish and other wildlife that depend
eats.” For further information, please contact Rev. Emory Ion Affordable tuition and
Georgia Environmental Protection Division on the river system.
Johns at 912-282-1499 or Dorothy Johns Thomas at 912-265-7599 world-class training that
permits for the proposed Plant Washington Georgia already has 10 coal-fired power
or visit leads to an in-demand job in
would illegally de- plants, one of which,
grade water resources just north of Macon, is two years or less is increas-

Obituaries for users and down- Plant Scherer, often cited ingly attractive to both the
younger, more traditional
stream communities as the most polluting
along the Oconee coal-fired plant in the college students as well
River, and allow high nation. as older men and women
seeking to learn new skills
Dollie Embery levels of harmful
pollutants into the air
Plant Washington
is a project of Pow- because they’re either under-
employed or out of work
Dollie Dora Embery, 68, of Waverly, passed away late Sunday residents breathe. er4Georgians, a com-
The legal chal- pany organized by Cobb entirely.
evening at Hospice of the Golden Isles. Survivors include her In fact, this spring
lenges claim: The Electrical Membership
husband, Robert Embery of Waverly 2 daughters, Mary Jane Em- quarter’s largest percentage
state air permit fails Corporation (EMC) and
bery and husband Kevin Rollins of Hortense, Martha Embery of to set safe limits on four other EMCs. increase was in the 40 and
Brunswick brother, John B. ‘Junior’ Taylor of Brunswick 6 grand- harmful air pollutants that would be emitted The EPD has seven days to send the over age group, which rose
children, Jessica Rollins, LCpl. Thomas Hall, Jr. and wife Devin, by Plant Washington, including sulfuric acid cases to the Office of State Administrative by a third from 14,263 stu-
mist and particulate matter. Particulate mat- Hearings, where they will be assigned to dents in the spring of 2009 to
James Ellis, Clifford Burd, Haley Burd, Michael Burd. Several the current 19,015 students.
ter is linked to respiratory illnesses, heart administrative law judges. Court dates are
nieces and nephews, and many friends, residents, and staff mem- The 25 and under age
disease and even premature death. expected later this summer.
bers, whom she had met during her lengthy stay at Jolley House The state water withdrawal permit fails Attached are quotes from attorneys and group, which accounts for
of Hospice of the Golden Isles. Dollie had been a resident of to set necessary limits on the amount of wa- groups represented in the legal challenges - about half of all TCSG stu-
Waverly since 1960, and was a member of Norwich Baptist Church, ter the plant can take from the Oconee River Altamaha Riverkeeper, GreenLaw, Southern dents, grew by 11%.
for use at a proposed plant located in the Environmental Law Center, Fall-line Alliance TCSG Commissioner
and a home maker. Memorial Services will be held Sunday, May Ron Jackson notes that the
Ogeechee River watershed. Without adequate for a Clean Environment, Ogeechee River-
16, 2010, 2 p.m. at Chapman Funeral Chapel with Rev. Diane Lovin huge growth in enrollment
limits, communities such as Dublin, GA, area keeper, Sierra Clubπs Georgia Chapter, and
officiating. The family will be receiving friends immediately farms and other downstream users along the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy - and continues to be fueled in
following the memorial service. In lieu of flowers, the family has Oconee River would be left without sufficient information on the individual groups. large part by the effects of
requested donations to Hospice of the Golden Isles. Chapman the recession, although the
attraction of a technical col-
Funeral Chapel & Crematory is in charge of the arrangements.
Chambers — two of them — pinned lege education is expected to
remain strong even when the
economy recovers.
Sidney Willis Christopher Daniel In an ear- Brunswick, “Georgia’s technical
colleges offer low tuition and
Sidney Walker Willis, 75 of St. Simons Island, died Tuesday Chambers was pinned Friday lier ceremony and Anese
night, May 7, in recognition Thursday after- Harden of exceptional training in skills
(May 4, 2010) at Hospice of the Golden Isles, Brunswick. Born that are highly marketable
of completion of the Associ- noon at Arm- Browntown,
in New Smyrna Beach, his parents were William B. Willis and ate of Nursing degree. The strong College and the and integral to the work-
Sarah Purdom Willis. He was also preceded in death by a brother ceremony, held at Coastal in Savannah, granddaugh- force needs of business and
Ralph Willis. He served in the U.S. Army in the Korean Conflict Georgia Community College Brandy O’Brien ter of Agnes industry. We believe that the
and was a Traffic Manager with LaRoache Industries. He had in Brunswick, honored some Chambers was O’Brien and lasting value of a TCSG edu-
60 graduates of the college’s pinned by her the late Wal- cation will continue to draw
just celebrated 26 years of sobriety. He is survived by his wife of more and more students to
nursing program in a time mother, Anese ter O’Brien,
51 years, Marilyn Brooks Willis of St. Simons Island, 2 sons and honored pinning tradition Harden, in Sr. of Bruns- our campuses,” said Jackson.
daughters-in-law, Brad and Nazy Willis of Atlanta and Sandy and dating back to the time of its a ceremony wick. TCSG tuition is cur-
Paula Willis of Jacksonville, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grand founder, Florence Nightin- recognizing Con- rently $40 per credit hour but
daughter; 3 brothers, Gerald Willis of O Fallon, Il, Ronald Willis gale. nearly eighty- gratulations will be raised to $45 dollars
In a moving ceremony, five graduates to Brandy beginning with the sum-
of Williamson, S.C. and Gary Willis of Nahunta; and a sister, mer 2010 quarter. Since the
the graduates recited the receiving the and Christo-
Janice Grimes of St. Simons Beach; several nieces, nephews and Nightingale pledge to do no Bachelor of Sci- pher Cham- majority of TCSG students
other relatives. In Lieu of Flowers donations can be sent to Hos- harm and to comfort where ence in Nursing bers. You use either the Georgia HOPE
pice of the Golden Isles, Inc., 1692 Glynco Pkwy Brunswick, GA they could, listened to a degree. This pro- have shown grant or the federal Pell
31525. A memorial services was held Friday morning at 11 a.m. at speech by one of their own, gram included the value of grant (or both, depending
Sonja Woods, and enjoyed the traditional dedication on their need), most should
Frye Funeral Home Chapel , Nahunta with Rev. Jane Brooks offici- see no additional out of
a reception following the candle-lighting by students and sacrificing in order to
ating. Sympathy may be expressed by signing the online registry ceremonies. as they passed the flame achieve your goals and are pocket cost since the tuition
at Christopher is the son reminding each nurse of the to be commended on your increase will be covered by
of Cherry and Danny Cham- responsibility to bring the steadfast determination to the grants.
bers of Waynesville, and the light of compassion and car- succeed. Congratulations to “For those students who
grandson of the late Sam and ing into darkness. all the students as well, and have exhausted their HOPE
Ivene Langley of Old Post Brandy is the daughter good luck to each. funds or do not qualify for
Road Hortense. of Walter O’Brien, Jr. of the federal Pell grant, finan-
cial assistance is available
through technical college
foundations,” stated Cindy
Tanner, executive director
of the Okefenokee Technical
College Foundation. “The
OTC Foundation awarded
over $65,000 in scholarship
Proudly Serving Families Since 1908 money to qualified students
in 2009. For most students
the greatest financial burden
• Marbles is the cost of books and pro-
gram supplies.”
• Granites
• Bronze
Faithfully served as Municipal Court Judge for the
• Cemetery Lettering City of Brunswick for 16 years
• 2125 Minnesota Avenue Has practiced law for 23 years; as Senior Partner in the firm of
• Valdosta Highway • US 84 Ligon, Middleton and Lindberg, PC, he understands the pressures
of running a small business
• Waycross GA 31553 Tony M. Batten Is deeply committed to the future of our area, with his residence DEMARUS JOHNS
in Camden County and his law practice in Glynn County
912-283-8454 or 912-614-4008 Territory Manager PAINTING
I pledge to be an advocate for the conservative principles Nahunta
of limited government, lower taxes, free enterprise,
individual liberties and family values. I will use my best
judgment and knowledge of the law to promote and defend these
ideals which are important to our way of life in coastal Georgia. Owner
Demarus Johns
VoteWilliam Ligon State Senate,Third District, in the Republican Primary on July 20. Bus. (912)496-7961
Cell (912) 222-2122
To learn more:
(912) 275-8220 Email:

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Sen. Isakson School Choice passes first The governing elite

vs. the rest of us
challenges important Georgia court test By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson

union change By Mike Klein

School choice advocates in Georgia have

So, what’s all the fuss about? In a
nutshell, follow the money. State education
dollars assigned to charter schools would
 The truly revolutionary American idea
of government as the servant of the people
may be fading away. Many of today’s so-called
“civil servants” are a protected, privileged
U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., has prevailed in an important Superior Court otherwise be allocated to traditional public class. While Middle America struggles
introduced a “disapproval resolution” seek- ruling that upholds the constitutionality of school systems. Ivy Prep received $1.2 mil- through a difficult recession, a lot of govern-
ing to stop the National Mediation Board state-created charter schools with partial lion in state funds this year, $850,000 of it to ment employees have lived on the gravy train.
from overturning 75 years of precedent to funding from state taxpayer dollars. Attor- fund the Gwinnett students whose parents Here are some facts to buttress that as-
make it easier for airline and railway employ- neys on both sides predict this case will be enrolled them in the charter school rather sertion:
ees to unionize. appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court with than in the public school system. Since the recession began in 2008, a
“The National Mediation Board simply a final decision sometime next year. Attorney Tom Cox represented the At- period during which approximately eight mil-
does not have the legal authority to make One immediate impact is some 300 lanta and DeKalb County school systems. Cox lion private-sector workers lost their jobs and
such a radical change without Congressional seventh- and eighth-grade girls will continue said the public school districts believe the millions more saw their income decline, the
authorization. With this rule change, a union to navigate the hallways of Ivy Preparatory Georgia Charter Schools Commission usurps number of federal employees is increasing at
could be permanently recognized without a Academy in Norcross, just outside Atlanta. constitutional authority that local school a 7 percent per-year rate and their income is
majority of employees having ever supported Ivy’s Prep’s enrollment will jump to 450 boards have over public education. holding up quite nicely. According to the Cato
representation,” Isakson said. “I will not students this fall when it adds sixth grad- Cox also said the plaintiffs contend the Institute, the average federal worker’s pay
stand by and let this administration compro- ers. Funding is also assured next year for charter schools do not meet sufficient criteria and benefits now approximates $120,000 per
mise fairness to grant favors to labor unions. the Charter Conservatory for Liberal Arts & to be described as special schools, such as year, or roughly double the compensation of
I will do everything in my power to stop Technology in downstate Statesboro. those founded to teach blind or deaf students. the average private-sector employee. Factor
this backdoor attempt to shift the balance This is a David-vs.-Goliath financial Gwinnett County (158,000 students), out the lavish government fringe benefits and
between labor and management.” showdown that pits a tiny number of state DeKalb County (98,000 students) the Atlanta look at salary only, and the civil servant is
Upon introduction, a disapproval resolu- charter schools against an entrenched educa- Public Schools System (48,000 students) and still far ahead: $71,197 vs. $49,935.
tion is referred to the committee of jurisdic- tion bureaucracy. Charter schools are public four smaller systems also argue that using During this recession, the percentage
tion, which in this case will be the Senate schools that are allowed greater flexibility state funds to assist state-created charter of federal employees earning annual base
Committee on Health, Education, Labor and and innovation – including less central office schools is unconstitutional because salaries above $100,000 increased from 14 to 19
Pensions. If the committee does not favorably control – in exchange for greater accountabil- they were not created by local boards. percent. The number of Defense Department
report the resolution, it may be discharged ity. More than 1.65 million Georgia students Ivy Prep was created under employees being paid more than $150,000 per
upon petition by 30 Senators. Once a disap- attend traditional public schools; 65,000 state charter when Gwinnett year increased from 1,868 to 10,100. Before,
proval resolution is placed on the Senate attend charter schools. Just 430 attend state de- nied its local charter the Department of Transportation had one
calendar, it is then subject to expedited charter schools. application. employee with a salary above $170,000, but
consideration on the Senate floor, and not Ivy Prep and Charter Conservatory will Attorney now has 1,690.
subject to filibuster. If passed by the Senate, be joined by six new schools this Josh Moore As a gesture toward fiscal responsibility,
the resolution still must clear the U.S. House fall and the state’s ninth char- represents President Obama reduced what was supposed
and be signed by the President before it could ter school will open in 2011. Gwin- to be a 2.4 percent raise in federal salaries
go into effect. All were made possible by a nett. “We this year to 2.0 percent. That still compares
Isakson immediately picked up 25 co- 2008 state law that created would have quite favorably to the zero-percent cost-of-
sponsors for the disapproval resolution. the Georgia Charter preferred living increase that Social Security recipients’
The National Mediation Board’s final School Commission. to win but have received.
rule change, which was issued on May 10, Tony Roberts, I think the Also on tap are handsome pay raises for
would affect companies under the jurisdic- executive direc- expectation the employees of the Federal Housing Admin-
tion of the Railway Labor Act by allowing tor at the since the be- istration. The FHA has distinguished itself
union elections to be decided by only a major- Georgia ginning was recently by incurring a loss of $54 billion in
ity of workers who cast ballots, reducing the Charter this would a mismanaged home-loan business. And of
number of votes it takes for a union to win. Schools Association, ultimately be course we can’t neglect to mention the CEOs
Since the creation of the National Mediation said Friday’s ruling decided by of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, who have
Board in 1934, the rule had been that employ- is “a victory for all the Supreme been cleared to receive as much as $6 million
ees who did not vote on whether to create a of us” over Court.” in salary this year while being subsidized
union had been counted as “no” votes. Under “established Attorney to the tune of over $100 billion in monetary
this previous “majority rule” procedure, a educa- Bruce Brown transfusions from the Treasury and the Fed.
union could only be approved if a full major- tional represented Other federal agencies may not be losing
ity of all employees voted to do so.     powers the charter money by the tens and hundreds of billions
Isakson believes the National Mediation that schools. “The of dollars in such an obvious way, but money
Board does not have the authority to change were law is what it appropriated for them by Congress still
this election procedure without Congres- feel- is. One judge has said seems to vanish into a black hole. For ex-
sional authorization. The Supreme Court ing threatened.” quite emphatically that it is constitutional.” ample, statistics from 2006 showed that if all
has upheld the “majority rule” twice, and Similar cases can be found nationwide. Attorneys are uncertain about when the federal dollars spent by antipoverty pro-
the National Mediation Board previously re- The constitutionality of state-created charter they will see Judge Shoob’s final orders, but grams had been given directly to Americans
jected requests to change it four times under schools was upheld in California, Ohio and it is likely within several days to a couple of below the poverty line, a poor family of four
both Democratic and Republican adminis- Michigan cases, but charter schools lost in a weeks. No district has announced whether it would have received $67,000. The actual aid
The AFL-CIO requested the rule Florida case. will appeal but attorneys expect to see each received by poor Americans is less than half
change in a Sept. 2, 2009, letter to the National Nina Gilbert is the head at 2-year-old Ivy other again this fall or early next year at the that amount. What explains such glaring inef-
Mediation Board. Isakson, along with seven Prep. She knows there is a likely Georgia Su- Georgia Supreme Court. ficiency? Most of those funds are consumed
of his Senate colleagues, filed official com- preme Court battle down the road. “We’re not Meantime, Ivy Prep’s Nina Gilbert ex- by the cushy pay packages of the army of
ments on the rule change with the National done [in court] if the districts decide to go pects to keep her focus on classrooms, not the bureaucrats who administer those programs.
Mediation Board on Jan. 4, 2010, urging the further. It is my hope they do not but I would courtroom. “We have to remember charter And let’s not even get into the Department
board to reject the changes not be surprised if they [appeal].” schools started because of the demand for of Agriculture, which has one bureaucrat for
The question before Fulton County school choice,” Gilbert said. “As long as par- every nine or ten full-time farmers.

Georgia invents
Superior Court Judge Wendy L. Shoob ents demand choice, and as long as teachers The preferential treatment received by
was whether the Georgia Charter Schools are looking for more creative and innova- government employees was also reflected
Commission can approve and fund charter tive environments to teach, I think charter in how last year’s stimulus money has been

schools after a local school board has already schools will thrive.” spent. According to ProPublica, the District
denied a charter. Three of the state’s largest Mike Klein is an editor with the Georgia of Columbia received more than four times
school systems were joined by four others in Public Policy Foundation, an independent as much money per capita as the average of

spending website
an effort to have the funding model declared think tank that proposes practical, market- the 15 states that received the most money.
unconstitutional. oriented approaches to public policy to (Oh, did I mention that members of the
Shoob heard three hours of arguments improve the lives of Georgians. Nothing Pelosi/Reid Congress voted themselves a 6
Friday, and then issued a speedy ruling: “The written here is to be construed as necessar- percent increase in funds for their staffs and
Trying to get a handle on the billions of General Assembly has provided sufficient ily reflecting the views of the Foundation or other support?)
dollars paid for thousands of items that state guidelines. Commission charter schools are as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage It isn’t just the federal government work-
governments buy every year is a worthy goal. not required to be under the control or man- of any bill before the U.S. Congress or the ers who have an unusually lucrative setup.
In Georgia, such purchases consume almost aged by an elected board of education. The Georgia Legislature. Gov. Christie of New Jersey recently an-
a third of the state budget, but identifying funding is constitutional.” nounced his intention to reform the pension
where the dollars actually go has been be- plan for the Garden State’s public employees.
yond existing accounting technology.
So Georgia invented a better mousetrap.
In partnership with the Pew Center on the
UGA vet school sets open house Consider an incredible fact: According to
Christie, a 49-year-old state employee who
had contributed $124,000 toward his retire-
States, the Department of Administrative
By Kat Gilmore ment is eligible to receive $3.3 million in
Services (DOAS) – State Purchasing Division pension payments and another half-million
is creating a “Spend Management Analytics” dollars in heath care benefits over the rest
The University of Geor-
tool. The revolutionary aspect of the system of his life; and a retired teacher who had put
gia College of Veterinary
will be its ability to collect and analyze pur- $62,000 toward her pension and not a penny
Medicine’s sixth annual “Vet
chasing information from every agency and for health care is scheduled to receive $1.4
School for a Day” will be
university from every angle — buyer, supplier, million in pensions and $215,000 in health
held Sept. 29. This program
category and cost. The data will allow State care benefits. Taxpayers pay for this.
brings high school students
Purchasing to go to the sellers’ market better This story is repeated over and over in a
from throughout Georgia
positioned to find purchasing economies and number of states that now teeter on the brink
to the university’s Athens
new statewide contract opportunities. of bankruptcy due to billions of dollars of ob-
campus to learn more about
Georgia’s joint effort with Pew will for ligations to state employees. It’s hard to refer
careers in veterinary medi-
the first time seamlessly refresh and generate to these people—many of whom, of course,
histories of data across different systems, are wonderful, decent human beings—as civil
The program is held
so that purchasing analysis stays current. “servants” when their salaries and/or benefits
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and in-
The tool can combine data from the three are so much higher than those of the taxpay-
cludes a tour of the teaching
different financial systems that currently ers who pay for the generous compensation
hospital, a panel discussion
individually track purchases by Georgia’s 86 Registration, which is The UGA College of Vet- packages of their government “servants.”
by faculty veterinarians
state agencies and 35 academic institutions — required for the event, will erinary Medicine, founded in Abraham Lincoln’s ideal of government
in a variety of specialties,
all of which means the State of Georgia will open on August 11.  All stu- 1946, is dedicated to training “of the people, by the people, for the people”
and the opportunity for the
have an estimated $3.5 billion in spend under dents must be accompanied future veterinarians, to con- seems to have become government of the gov-
high school students to meet
management. by an adult chaperone (par- ducting research related to erning elite, by the governing elite, and for
veterinary student leaders.
Next steps of the project involve passing ent, counselor or teacher).  animal diseases, and to pro- the governing elite. The current imbalance
Students also will learn
along the innovations of this project to state Students attend for free, but viding veterinary services can’t continue. Something’s got to give.
about the high standards for
governments nationwide. Spend Management to help offset the cost for food for animals and their owners.  (Hendrickson is an adjunct faculty
admission to the college, and
Analytics is the latest chapter in Georgia’s there is a $15 per person fee Research efforts are aimed member, economist, and contributing scholar
what they need to study to
efforts to overhaul purchasing practices and for each chaperone; the fee at enhancing the quality of with The Center for Vision & Values at Grove
be prepared for veterinary
technology in the state, and in today’s tough is payable on the day of the life for animals and people, City College.)
economic times, there is a national need for event. improving the productiv-
“Through this program,
this kind of efficiency as well. “Vet School for a Day” is ity of poultry and livestock,
we hope to encourage stu-
Governor Sonny Perdue spoke positively
of the project, saying, “I anticipate Georgia’s
dents interested in science to sponsored by the David Fore- and preserving a healthy Published each Wednesday and postage
pursue one of the variety of hand Foundation, created interface between wildlife paid at the Nahunta, Georgia, Post Office.
spend cube will eventually help lower costs in memory of alumnus Dr. and people in the environ-
careers available in veteri-
and provide more value for our taxpayers. I
nary medicine, especially in David Forehand (DVM, class ment they share.  The college Yearly subscription rates:
appreciate Pew for their partnership as we
underserved areas such as of 1976).  More information enrolls 102 students each fall $20 for Brantley County
continue to employ sound business manage- about the event can be found out of more than 550 who
$25 out of county
food animal medicine,” said ($15 for senior citizens in-county only)
ment practices to improve the state’s finan- at apply.   For more information,
Paige Carmichael, associate
cial health.”
dean for academic affairs. academic/events/vs4ad.php. see POSTMASTER: Send 3579
to POB 454, Nahunta, GA 31553


• To promote honest and open government in Brantley
County and its municipalities that is responsive to the desires OUR READERS WRITE BACK
and needs of its residents.
• To promote the orderly and planned growth of Brantley Michelle Lee Robert F. Page Ken Buchanan
County in order to accommodate the rapid increase in We welcome letters to the editor. Send yours to Editor, The Brantley Enterprise, Office Manager Publisher Emeritus Publisher
population while preserving the rights of existing property
owners and residents. POB 454, Nahunta GA 31552 or email to
• To promote the continued growth and development of the
Brantley County Industrial Park and other industry in the

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county while providing incentive for the growth of existing
industry and businesses.
• To promote the improvement and further development of
the Brantley County airport as an important tool for use in the
effort to bring in more industry.

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Sprint Cup
Autism Speaks 400
Presented by Hershey’s
1 p.m., Sunday Race: Autism Speaks 400 Race: Heluva Good! 200 Race: Dover 200
Presented by Hershey’s Milk & Where: Dover (Del.) Where: Dover (Del.) International May 16 Sept. 26
Nationwide Series Milkshakes International Speedway (1.0 mi.), Speedway (1.0 mi.), 200 laps/
Heluva Good! 200 Where: Dover (Del.) 200 laps/miles. miles. FINISH START

Auto Parts, 2 p.m., International Speedway (1.0 mi.), When: Saturday, May 15. When: Friday, May 14. N

400 laps/miles. Last year’s winner: Brad Last year’s winner: Brian Scott,



When: Sunday, May 16. Keselowski, Chevrolet. Toyota.
Last year’s winner: Jimmie Qualifying record: David Qualifying record: David Starr,
Truck Series Johnson, Chevrolet. Green, Chevrolet, 157.916 mph, Chevrolet, 157.577 mph, June 2,
Dover 200, Qualifying record: Jeremy June 6, 2004. 2005.
8 p.m., Friday Mayfield, Dodge, 161.522 mph, Race record: Dale Earnhardt Race record: Mark Martin, Ford,
June 4, 2004. Jr., Chevrolet, 130.152 mph, May 120.200 mph, June 2, 2006.


2 TU
Race record: Mark Martin, 30, 1998. Last race: Johnny Sauter
Ford, 132.719 mph, Sept. 21, Last week: Denny Hamlin swept outdueled Ron Hornaday Jr. to win
� Losing a lap, in this day 1997. both Darlington races on Mother’s at Kansas Speedway. The Chevrolet Distance:.......................1 mile oval
and age, is like winning the Last week: Denny Hamlin Day weekend. He outdistanced drivers tangled, spun and regained Length of frontstretch:. ...1,076 ft.
drove a Toyota to victory in the Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle control of their trucks with 13 laps 9º 24º
lottery in reverse. Showtime Southern 500 at Busch, whose Toyota bore an almost to go, and Sauter pulled away Banking in
Length of backstretch:. ...1,076 ft. Banking in
� When did they put magnets Darlington, giving Hamlin three identical paint scheme. Hamlin drove afterward. straights Miles/Laps:.....400 mi. = 400 laps turns 1-4
in the Darlington Raceway victories in the past six races. No. 20, Busch No. 18.
SAFER barriers?
� Prior to the current streak
— six straight finishes outside
the top 15 — Tony Stewart had NASCAR HALL OF FAME E
never gone more than four R
races without such a finish … in S
his career. U
� Six weeks ago, it was said S
that a freak basketball injury Allmendinger Johnson
would wreck Denny Hamlin’s
chance for a championship. ALLMENDINGER VS. JOHNSON
One word: Hah! Jimmie Johnson never knew what hit him.
� It is widely believed that a It was A.J. Allmendinger, whose Ford had
second date at Kansas Speed- skidded, out of control, through the apron
way is going to come from and back onto the Darlington Raceway
banking during the Showtime Southern
struggling Auto Club Speedway 500. Allmendinger apologized profusely,
in Fontana, Calif. saying he’d had brake problems for several
� The NASCAR Hall of Fame races in a row. “I had no brakes,” he said.
induction ceremony is sched- “I couldn’t do anything about it.”
uled for Sunday, May 23. What NASCAR This Week’s Monte
happens if the Sprint All-Star Dutton gives his take: “Different cars,
different brakes … they fail repeatedly.
Race is rained out the previ- Think maybe the driver might be wearing
ous night? Answer: A sticky ’em out?”
� Darlington should be called
The Track Only the Tough
� Hamlin became the first
Bones to pick
driver to win Cup and Nation- This Week welcomes letters to the editor,
wide races at Darlington on but please be aware that we have room
the same weekend since Mark for only a few each week. We’ll do our best
to select the best, but individual replies
Martin in 1993. are impossible due to the bulk of mail
� Dover International Speed- received. Please do not send stamped and
way is the most underrated John Clark/NASCAR This Week self-addressed envelopes with your letters,
track on the Cup schedule. Though NASCAR’s been around since 1948, the sport’s new Hall of Fame in Charlotte will induct five each year, starting with William H.G. which should be addressed to: NASCAR
Plus, it has Miles the Monster. France, William C. France, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson on May 23. Fans will get to read more about each class and This Week, The Gaston Gazette, P.O. Box
1538, Gastonia, N.C. 28053.
learn more about the sport through state-of-the-art videos in the new oval-shaped building that resembles a short track.

A Hall Fit For Kings

2010 STANDINGS Dear NASCAR This Week,
Sprint Cup I have voiced my opinion to NASCAR, but
1. Kevin Harvick 1,622 apparently they do not care what people
2. Jimmie Johnson - 110 think because I never get a reply.
I have been an avid fan of NASCAR for
3. Kyle Busch - 113 more years than I wish to reveal. That is,
4. Jeff Gordon - 147 until recently, when they put the stupid
5. Matt Kenseth - 150 (“lucky-dog lap back” rule) into effect. How
6. Denny Hamlin - 164 can they justify this when a driver can win
7. Greg Biffle
8. Kurt Busch
- 191
- 202 The newest Hall of Fame on the block has it all for NASCAR a race while racing one or even more laps
less than other drivers? …
9. Jeff Burton - 228 Also, I disagree with letting Sprint Cup
By Monte Dutton The NASCAR Hall of Fame oc- earned enduring fame as driver, drivers drive in the Nationwide race when it
10. Mark Martin - 265 NASCAR This Week cupies a prominent share of the mechanic and owner. is at the same track on the same weekend.
11. Carl Edwards - 277 I no longer sit myself in front of the TV
downtown skyline. It bears some NASCAR has been around since
12. Dale Earnhardt Jr. - 304 every weekend to watch this stupid racing,
CHARLOTTE — NASCAR resemblance to the Country Mu- 1948, but only five men get in each and I have friends who feel the same way.
Nationwide Series opened its Hall of Fame on May sic Hall of Fame and Museum in year. Inductions in succeeding Clayton Long
1. Brad Keselowski 1,615 11, giving stock-car racing a shrine Nashville, Tenn. Above its massive years will be eagerly anticipated Sebring, Fla.
to rival baseball’s in Cooperstown, walls, the Hall takes an oval shape, with legendary drivers like David Technically, every driver completes the
2. Kyle Busch - 55 number of laps listed because those who
3. Kevin Harvick - 63 N.Y., football’s in Canton, Ohio, and and there’s a practical reason. In- Pearson, Bobby Allison, Cale Yar- take advantage of the free passes are waved
4. Carl Edwards - 199 basketball’s in Springfield, Mass. side, that oval shape translates into borough, Darrell Waltrip, Lee Petty around the pace car to complete the laps
5. Justin Allgaier - 209 As former Charlotte Motor something of a simulated short and Curtis Turner still waiting in the prescribed. That doesn’t mean you don’t
6. Paul Menard - 290 Speedway president H.A. “Humpy” track — and also a banked ramp wings, so to speak. make some valid points. NASCAR supposedly
7. Joey Logano - 387 Wheeler, noted, “This is where the to the second floor — with still, full- Among the Hall’s features: made these changes “for the fans,” and it’s
8. Greg Biffle - 518 clear many fans don’t like them.
peach basket was put up in 1949, sized race cars placed around it, fro- � A theater screen 65 feet wide
9. Jason Leffler - 566 right out on Little Rock Road near zen in fanciful race mode. The main and 15 feet high, along with a video
Tony Raines - 566 the airport.” floor is 10,000 square feet. Exhibit wall containing 64 plasma-screen
Camping World Truck Series
Wheeler was referring to the site space exceeds 40,000 square feet. televisions. F can ttake
Fans k a ttrip
of NASCAR’s first major race, run The May 23 induction ceremony � Visitors will wear either video
1. Timothy Peters
2. Todd Bodine
- 22
on June 19, 1949, on a ¾-mile dirt will officially enshrine NASCAR cards or wristbands with computer through time with book
3. Aric Almirola - 30 track that existed through 1956. founder William H.G. (Big Bill) chips enabling holders to activate Want to read a wholesome, sportsmanlike,
That track was located near the France; his successor and son, interactive parts of the museum like friendly account of racing in the old days? Check
4. Ron Hornaday - 97 out I’ll Never Be Last Again (Coastal 181), by
5. Johnny Sauter - 117 present site of Charlotte Douglas William C. (Bill Jr.) France; Richard racing simulations and trivia. Bill Wimble as told to Lew Boyd. In the foreword,
6. Matt Crafton - 134 International Airport. Petty, stock-car racing’s most prolif- � Each Hall of Fame inductee Boyd refers to Wimble as “a soft-spoken
7. Jason White - 153 The overall NASCAR hall budget ic winner; Dale Earnhardt, the only will have a “spire” with a video, em- gladiator,” and the description fits. The Modified
8. Ricky Carmichael - 155 was $154.5 million. The exhibit other driver to win seven champi- blematic photo and quote about legend tells stories of steamy summer nights at
Austin Dillon - 155 budget alone was $31 million. onships; and Junior Johnson, who him. Oswego, Fonda, Langhorne and Devil’s Bowl.
Wimble’s humility shines through it all. You can
10. Mike Skinner - 168 buy the book at

� Who’s hot:
Matt Kenseth: Ford’s problem is not enough speed
Denny Hamlin has By Monte Dutton Matt Kenseth is
won three of the NASCAR This Week among several
past six Cup races. chief, Steve Letarte, hasn’t … yet. Ford drivers that
…Kevin Harvick DARLINGTON, S.C. — Matt Kens- And what of Steve Letarte, Gor- have not won a
stretched his points eth, a master of the deadpan, made don’s crew chief? Sprint Cup race
lead to 110. use of the self-evident when asked this season.
Gordon basically said enough,
why no Ford driver had won a race already.
� Who’s not: For
entering Saturday night’s Showtime “Oh, would you guys settle down? John Clark/
the first time in his Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. It was a week ago that Chad (Knaus) NASCAR This
career, Tony Stewart Then, however, Kenseth and Alan (Gustafson) signed, and no- Week

has gone six races elaborated. body was asking any questions about
without a top-15 fin- “I think the reason that Ford Stevie (Letarte),” said Gordon, good-
ish. …Clint Bowyer probably doesn’t have any wins is naturedly as usual. “And now, all of
fell three slots, we haven’t gotten our cars to run a sudden it’s, like, they are signed so
12th to 15th, in the fast enough, obviously, but all of why isn’t Steve signed?
Stewart points standings. your eggs are sort of in one basket, “He’s going to be signed. Every-
too,” he said. “RPM (Richard Petty
Motorsports) and Roush (Fenway)
thing is going really well. He and I are
getting along, and doing better than
Gant was a late bloomer?
Harry Gant was the ultimate late bloomer. Gant, of Taylorsville, N.C., never had a full-
Vote for your favorite are side-by-side. We use the same
engineering department, the same
we ever have, and his commitment to
this team is showing every weekend time ride in NASCAR’s top level until he was 39 years old. That’s not the only reason Gant
The Sprint Fan Vote allows NASCAR was a late bloomer. Gant finished second 10 times before he ever won. The long-awaited
chassis, the same bodies — all that just how good he is, and that’s not go- victory occurred at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway on April 25, 1982. Eventually Gant won 18
fans to choose which eligible driver gets stuff — so, really, all of your eggs are ing to change.”
a berth in the Sprint All-Star Race on races, including the final two at the age of 52.
May 22 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. in one basket. �
Voting runs until an hour before the “If we, as an organization, are off and He was kidding, all right? — Undoubt- the hell with it.” “You hit the wall here, and you
start of the race. Joey Logano earned we’re not hitting it right, it’s going to be edly, in the weeks to come, the obvi- Earth to public: He isn’t contem- wreck and you just say, ‘Well, that’s
the automatic berth in 2009. Sprint hard for Ford to win, so we’ve got to fig- ously flip, intended-to-be humorous, plating retirement. Darlington.’ It’s a little of the built-
customers may vote using the NASCAR ure out how to get a little bit better to get remark of Dale Earnhardt Jr., after And, besides, he won’t be 45 for in excuse factor,” he said. “There’s
Sprint Cup Mobile application on Sprint up there with those guys.”
or Nextel devices. To download the ap- crashing two cars in practice at Dar- another decade. no question that this race track, if
plication, free with any “standard plan,” � lington, will be used against him. � you mess up, you’re going to hit
Sprint customers should text “NASCAR” Down, boys — Two Hendrick Motor- “I don’t know, man. This place will Why, that’s Darlington! Crashes something.
to 7777. Anyone may also cast a ballot sports crew chiefs, Chad Knaus and probably be the catalyst to my retire- are so common at Darlington that “At Michigan, if you mess up,
by logging on to Alan Gustafson, recently signed long- ment one day. I will probably come they’re not a big deal, according to you’re not necessarily going to hit
term contracts. Jeff Gordon’s crew here when I am 45, run a race and say Jeff Burton. something. That’s the big difference.”



Photos, collage by Kathy Hendrix

Brantley gives Toombs all it can handle in playoffs

By Kathy Hendrix jumping on top 2-0 in the 2nd on Toombs won in the bottom of the ing an error in either game. Nettles reached on an error scoring
Sports Writer singles by Tanner Clark and Chase 7th on a wild pitch for a final of 6-5. Game 3 had Brantley as the Hendrix. Then the big hit came
Nettles followed by and RBI single Game two didn’t start so well home team after winning the coin from Cameron Martin as he laced
The Heron baseball team’s from Cameron Martin and and RBI for the Herons as they found them- toss on Friday night. After getting a double into right center field to
season come to an end over the groundout by Cole Dykes. Toombs selves down 5-2 after 4 innings. That the first two outs, senior pitcher tie the game 4-4. That would be the
weekend, but not before they gave tied it in the second with a 2 run all changed in the 5th after Toombs Seth Hendrix allowed a walk fol- end of the scoring for the Herons
the state’s #2 ranked Toombs Co. homer and took a 4-2 lead in the 3rd. went up 6-2 in the top half the lowed by two singles to put Toombs as they could only manage one hit
Bulldogs all they could handle.  The Herons tied it with 2 in the 4th Herons scored 5 in the bottom half ahead 2-0. Brantley answered with and a walk in the final 4 innings.
After losing the first game on a walk to Chase Nettles, a single to go up 7-6. Boyd singled, Hendrix one in their half of the inning on Toombs would score 4 in the 4th
Friday 6-5, Brantley won game by Gage Nettles, followed by 4 reached on an error, Clark singled, a walk by Lawton Boyd, a single and 2 in the 7th to put the game
two 7-6 to force the series into consecutive walks to Martin, Dykes, Chase Nettles walked, Gage Nettles by Tanner Clark, and an RBI walk away. Brantley finished the season
Saturday. The first two games were Walker Carter, and Justen White. had an RBI on a fielders choice and from Gage Nettles. After the second, with a record of 15-14 making
played in grueling heat starting at Toombs went back ahead in the 5th Martin walked to drive in a run.  aided by 3 more walks, the Bulldogs consecutive playoff appearances for
4pm. on another home run making the Senior Travis Manning got the Bull- led 4-1 and the Herons looked tired. the first time since a six year run
Game one had the Herons fac- score 5-4 but Brantley scored in the dogs out 6 up and 6 down in the last Brantley wouldn’t quit, and in the from 2001-2006.
ing a player touted to be one of the top of the 7th to tie after a double two innings to register a complete third got a much needed boost. Hen-
best pitchers in the state in Javec by White, a walk to Lawton Boyd, game win on the mound. Brantley’s drix and Clark singled, C. Nettles
King. Brantley wasted no time in and an RBI single by Seth Hendrix. defense was outstanding, not mak- reached on a fielders choice and G.

Hearing in Brunswick Coyotes becoming part of our wildlife scene

to determine land use
Special to the Enterprise
The distinctive call of the coyote
or “song dog” echoes across our state,
from the more welcoming rural areas
house pets (such as cats), young
or small livestock and poultry are
vulnerable and susceptible prey. The
Keep lids securely fastened or store
trash cans in a secured location until
trash pick-up.
of wooded forests and open fields, to Division advises landowners and Additional solutions for manag-
the less inviting backyards of metro homeowners to heed the following ing coyotes and the problems they
The public will get the chance to voice its opinion on
Atlanta neighborhoods. Rapid human precautions to ensure the safety of may cause include trapping and/or
possible changes regarding Department of Natural Resource
population growth across the state their animals: hunting. Coyotes are not native to
lands at multiple hearings around the state — including one
coupled with the coyote’s unique abil- • Take pets indoors during the Georgia and may be hunted/trapped
at Laura S. Walker State Park.
ity to adapt and thrive, contributes night, as this is the coyote’s primary year-round. The Division does
The DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division is considering
to today’s increased observation of hunting time. (In addition to coyotes, NOT provide trapping services, but
changes relating to the marketing of recreational opportuni-
coyotes in urban settings. small pets may fall prey to free-roam- maintains a list of licensed trappers
ties on lands owned and managed by the department which
The Georgia Department of ing dogs and great horned owls.) permitted to provide this service
may include charging fees at DNR-managed properties and
Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources • If the pet must be kept outside, across the state. To access this listing,
facilities, classification of DNR-managed properties, and
Division encourages residents to edu- install fencing and motion-activated visit (Select
diversifying recreational opportunities on DNR-managed
cate themselves and take the proper flood lights to discourage predators. “Permits and Other Services” and
precautions essential to co-existing • Small livestock or poultry then select “Nuisance Wildlife Trap-
The Department has scheduled four
with coyotes. should be kept in an enclosed or per List”).
public meetings across the state to provide
“Historically, coyotes were most sheltered area. Coyotes rarely bother “The Division receives numerous
the public an opportunity to offer input
commonly found on the Great Plains larger livestock although they are calls each year. Most callers report
on these changes for consideration.
of North America. However, their often blamed for such nuisance in- the sighting of a coyote or request
Public meetings have been
range has expanded greatly. They stances. (It should be noted that free- coyote relocation,” says Bowers.
scheduled on the following dates
are one of the most adaptable spe- roaming dogs, rather than coyotes, “Relocation is not a solution. Relocat-
at the specified times and loca-
cies on the planet. In fact, coyotes are notorious for harassing, injuring ing coyotes only moves the problem
have adapted quite well to living in or killing livestock.) into someone else’s backyard. It also
• 7 p.m. on May 17 at the
suburbs and cities like Los Angeles, The Division encourages may result in a slower death from the
Pickens County Chamber of
New York and Atlanta,” says John W. residents to also heed the additional stress of being released into unfamil-
Commerce, 500 Stegall Drive,
Bowers, Wildlife Resources Division following tips in an effort to minimize iar territory. Trapping and killing
assistant chief of Game Manage- coyote habituation to humans and habituated or problem coyotes is the
• 7 p.m. on May 18 at Macon
ment. “Preventive actions are the best ensure public health and safety: only reasonable way to keep them out
State College, 100 College Station
solutions for residents to reduce the • NEVER, under any circum- of backyards.”
Drive, Profes- sional Sciences Building, Room 211
potential for human-coyote conflicts,” stances, feed a coyote. While coyotes closely resemble a
A-B, Macon
explains Bowers. • Keep items, such as grills, pet small dog in appearance, the distinc-
• 7 p.m. on May 19 at Laura S. Walker State Park, 5653
Though the coyote’s principal food or bird feeders off-limits. Clean tive characteristics that set the spe-
Laura Walker Road in Shelter #1, Waycross
diet typically consists of small and store grills when not in use, keep cies apart are upright, pointed ears, a
• 7 p.m. on May 20 at Gwinnett County Parks and Recre-
rodents and fruit, they are character- pet food indoors or feed pets indoors pointed snout, low forehead, a mottled
ation, Shortly Howell Park, 2750 Pleasant Hill Road Duluth
ized as opportunistic and will prey on and refill bird feeders infrequently color fur pattern ranging from black
Any participant at a meeting may present data, make
small, domestic animals if given the and in small amounts. to reddish-blonde and a bushy tail
a statement or comment, or offer a viewpoint or argument,
opportunity. Because of this, small • Make trash cans inaccessible. that is generally carried straight out.
either orally or in writing. Statements should be concise to
permit everyone an opportunity to speak. Participants must
register upon arrival and notify the registering official of
their intent to give a statement. Those unable to attend a
meeting may submit comments electronically to john.bow-
Georgia offers plenty when it comes to bass fishing
Special to the Enterprise of freshwater fishing in the largemouth bass are easily anglers can choose from a or in writing by May 28. Written state-
nation,” says John Biagi, distinguished from other variety of methods, includ-
ments should be mailed to:
Georgia is the only Fisheries Management chief black bass species by their ing plastic worms and jigs,
Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife
state in the nation where for the Georgia Depart- elongated lower jaw that topwater plugs, spinnerbaits
Resources Division, Game Management Section, Attn: John
anglers can target six of ment of Natural Resources’ extends past the eye and a and crankbaits. Fishing
W. Bowers, 2070 U.S. Highway 278, SE, Social Circle, Georgia
the seven species of black Wildlife Resources Division. wide stripe running down with live shiners is popular
bass. The most sought after, “Bass are appealing because their sides. for those seeking trophy-
These meeting sites are accessible to people with physi-
the largemouth bass, is just they are relatively abun- They commonly are sized bass. Success typically
cal disabilities. Requests for sign language interpretation or
one among the state’s black dant in most water bodies found in the sluggish waters increases when fishing near
other auxiliary aids should be directed to John W. Bowers at
bass population, includ- throughout Georgia, they of rivers, lakes and ponds some type of cover, such as
(770) 918-6404 no later than May 7.
ing smallmouth, spotted, grow to a quality size, are ag- and are more tolerant of tur- submerged trees, plants or
For more information on the scheduled public meetings,
shoal, redeye (or Coosa) and gressive fighters and provide bidity and salinity than other rocks.
visit the Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites Division Web
Suwannee.“Fishing for bass a fun challenge to catch.” black bass. Consequently, Check www.gofishgeor-
site at [3], Wildlife Resources Division
is an all-time favorite passion The most widely distrib- they are found in most areas gia.comfor most up-to-date
website at, or contact Eric VanDe-
of many anglers in Georgia uted and popular member of the state. information on largemouth
Genachte at (404) 323-7333.
and is the most popular type of the black bass species, Largemouth bass bass fishing across the state.

Blackshear Family Practice Dr. Auylo’s Office Owns Branching Out In Brantley County
Winner of the James Douberly Award Best Decorated Campsite Title Wins Most Money Raised - Over $24,000

Southeast Cancer Unit

Thank You!
Cancer Survivors Lead The Way Dr. Auylo’s Office - Christmas In April

Blackshear’Woman’s Club Team

Our April 30th Elaine Moody, Cancer Survivor,
Walks The First Lap

Cancer Walk Fund Raiser

Was A Great Success
Thanks To You We Raised
Grace Espicopal Church Team
126,000 J. Smith Lanier & Co. Team

James Douberly Award:

Blackshear Family Practice

Most Money Raised:

Branching Out In Brantley Co. - $25,344
Jackson Hobbs Takes Alot For The Team Joyce Sharpe, Cancer Survivor,
Best Decorated Campsite: Takes The First Lap
Dr. Auylo’s office -
Oncology/Hematology Care Center
TEAMS: Offerman, Branching Out in Brantley Co., Little Memorial Baptist
Church: Hortense; Walkerville Baptist Church, Grace Episcopal Church,
Wacona Elementary, Williams Heights Elementary, Soccer Sisters, Ware
County Middle School, Blackshear Woman’s Club, J. Smith Lanier & Co.,
Ware Co. Employees, Dr. Auylo’s Office, Anytime Fitness, First Baptist
Church: Blackshear, Blackshear Family Practice, United First Federal Credit
Union, Pioneers, United Community Bank, Satilla Regional Cancer Treatment
Little Memorial Baptist Church Center, South Georgia Oncology/Hematology Center, Baptist Village, Mary Bennett Family Team
Supports The SECU Digestive Disease Consultants/South Georgia Endoscopy Center, Round-to-
its, Mary Bennett Family, and Ruskin Elementary

THANKS TO: PrimeSouth Bank, Barbara & Vernon Fort, Barbara & Glenn
Jones, Hansford Auction, Satilla Regional Medical Center, Terry Steedley,
Peacock Septic Tank Co., Southland Waste Management, Waycross
Shriners/Lake Ware, Inc.,Melinda Gillis, Ivey’s Laundry, Domino’s Pizza,
Brenda Rolison: Waycross Dairy Queen, Lowe’s, Batten’s Prescription
Shoppe, Brownings Medical Arts Pharmacy, Inc., Two Sisters Boutique,
Jeanette Catering, Fred Tyre, Terry Hansford, Choo Choo Germano, Century
21, Pepsi Cola, Sapp’s Florist, Berry B’s, Sherwin Williams, Tea Time Gifts,
Ruskin Elementary Team Bill & Paula Day, Blackshear Rotary Club, WKUB, Wall’s IGA, Pierce County Team Offerman Came In Second
EMS, Blackshear Police Department, Pierce County Board of Education, For Most Money Raised
Pierce County Rec Department, Scotty Graham, Director, Blackshear Flower
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Church: Blackshear, Gwen Cason, McDonalds, Hardee’s: Waycross

CORPORTATE SPONSORS: Barber’s Pharmacy, Blacksehar Drug Co./

Jones Medical, Oncology/Hematology Care Center, Digestive Disease
Consultants/South Georgia Endoscopy Center, Blackshear Family Practice,
Satilla Regional Cancer Treatment Center, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church:
Patterson, Satilla Regional Medical Center, Grace Episcopal Church, South
Georgia Oncology/Hematology Center, Music Funeral Home, Anytime
Terry Steedley, The DJ, Fitness, Heritage Bank, Bennett Pharmacy: Nahunta, Southeast Georgia
This Little Fellow Lost His Mom
Keeps The Music And Fun Rolling Gastronenterology, PrimeSouth Bank, Ware Weight Loss This Year To Cancer

United First Federal Credit Uniton Team Ware County Employees Team We Walk In Memory Anytime Fitness Team
Of And Honor Of Our Family Or Friends

Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) was named an “ACU Conservative” by the American Conservative
Union, the nation’s largest grassroots conservative lobbying organization.  Pictured here with the organi-
zation’s president, David Keene, Kingston earned the mark as a result of his conservative voting record
on economic and budget matters, cultural issues, national defense and foreign policy. HealtH. Hope. Healing.
ThAnks To you, we’ve mADe All Three A reAliTy.

Kingston gets ACU Conservative award Delivering quality health care close to home takes an entire team of dedicated,
Special to the Enterprise government are being challenged, Represen-
tative Jack Kingston stands with those who knowledgeable and accomplished professionals. It also takes a community
Congressman Jack Kingston was are trying to preserve those principles.” that’s passionate about supporting excellence in health care.
honored in Washington this week for his As the umbrella grassroots organization
conservative voting record.  The American of the conservative movement, ACU tracks a In celebration of National Hospital Week, May 9-15, we thank you for trusting
Conservative Union, the nation’s oldest wide range of issues before the Congress in
and largest grassroots conservative lobby- three general categories:  economic and bud- your health, and the health of your loved ones, to Southeast Georgia Health System.
ing organization, named Kingston an “ACU get matters, social and cultural issues and For more than 120 years, your trust and support have encouraged us to constantly
Conservative.” issues related to national defense and foreign
Having rated every member of Congress policy.  The objective is to provide a balanced, improve and excel.
since 1971, the ratings are widely regarded as comprehensive picture of each member of
the definitive conservative assessment of the congress’s ideological predisposition based During this celebration, we also want to thank the more than 2,000 professionals
federal legislative branch. upon recorded votes.
“With the largest deficit in history and
who make up Southeast Georgia Health System. Your devotion and expertise
“This award is a reflection of Representa-
tive Jack Kingston’s consistent support of the federal government borrowing thirty- have made us the region’s premier health care provider. It is because of you that
conservative principles on a wide range of seven cents per dollar, we need more conser-
vatism in Washington,” Kingston said.  “Our
health, hope and healing are promises we can deliver on every day.
issues of concern to grass roots conserva-
tives in 2009,” said David A Keene, Chairman challenges are enormous – from spending to
of the American Conservative Union.  “At job-killing regulations and the never-ending
a challenging time when the fundamental bailouts – I’m proud to be on the side of less
principles on which the American system of government.”

Gas prices rise 2.3 cents same day one year ago and are 9.4 cents per
gallon higher than a month ago. The national
average has increased 6.8 cents per gallon
Average retail gasoline prices in Georgia during the last month and stands 72.1 cents
have risen 2.3 cents per gallon in the past per gallon higher than this day a year ago.
week, averaging $2.82/g yesterday. This “Last week we saw a correction in oil
compares with the national average that has and wholesale gasoline prices,” said Patrick
increased 2.1 cents per gallon in the last week DeHaan, analyst. 2415 Parkwood Drive • Brunswick, GA 31520
to $2.93/g, according to gasoline price website “With wholesale gasoline prices down as 912-466-7000 • much as 30 cents per gallon since last Monday,
Including the change in gas prices in I expect retail gasoline prices to fall as gaso-
© 2010 SGHS 5/2010
Georgia during the past week, prices yester- line stations continue to sell through their
day were 70.2 cents per gallon higher than the more expensive inventory.”

Missing Person
North Bryan County Resident – Black Creek Ellabell, GA



Now Accepting Applications!

Certified Nursing
Assistant/Personal Care
For Nahunta
For Alma area. Top Pay,Areas
and Surrounding Travel• Pay,
Top Pay,
Free CPR and First Aid Training
Travel Pay, Free CPR And First Aid Training
FMI Call 912-384-8802 Or 1-800-375-5185
We Offer Excellent Pay, Paid Vacation Days, and Medical Insurance.
Tender Care Inc. Is An EOE And Drug Free Work place.
Must Have Clear Background Check And MVR. AE091906th


Elvin Mosley
Last seen: Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 4:00pm
-An 82 year old Bryan County resident with
-Driving a 2008 Light Blue Toyota Highlander SUV--
GA Tag Number: AYW7063
-White Male, 5'5, 165 lbs.
-Mr. Mosely was wearing a light blue polo shirt with
navy stripes, jeans, loafers, and glasses with no hat.
-Any contact with this person, please notify Bryan
County Sheriff's Department at 912.653-2899.

Beef prices escalate

as demand increases
By April Reese Sorrow

In the past two years, consumers have witnessed

record-high and rock-bottom food prices. Now, along with the
economy, prices are picking up. Increases in demand are driv-
ing consumer meat prices higher.
Over the past year, the overall price of food has increased
Special to the Enterprise
.2 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic
Consumer Price Index. In the past month, the CPI shows meat,
CCG president, dignitaries scatter dirt at the student housing ground breaking
poultry, fish and egg prices increased .2 percent.

CCG breaks ground on student center, student housing

“We’ve seen all protein prices increase over the past
several months, especially beef,” said Curt Lacy, a livestock
economist with University of Georgia Cooperative Exten-
sion. “Demand is picking up some as consumers appear to
College of Coastal Geor- housing on the College of duction of on-campus hous- Bryan Thompson, Chairman
have more income or at least more they are willing to spend
gia President Dr. Valerie A. Coastal Georgia campus. The ing, the Campus Center of Howard Lynn, President
on meats.”
Hepburn was joined by Uni- initial intent is to provide approximately 50,000 square Valerie A. Hepburn, Founda-
Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial grilling season,
versity System of Georgia approximately 140 units in feet will also open in July of tion Chairman William F.
which lasts through Labor Day.
Chancellor Erroll B. Davis the two-single-bedroom semi- 2011. The project consists of Torrey, Jr., Trustee Pat Hod-
“This is the time of year we typically see an increase in
Jr.; Regent James A. Bishop; suite layout, approximately a 50,000 square foot campus nett Cooper, SGA President
demand for beef,” Lacy said.
College of Coastal Georgia 160 units in the four-single- center on the main campus Barbara Nakigudde, Master
The average American eats 60 pounds of beef a year, he
Foundation Chairman Wil- bedroom suite layout, and which will include dining Planning Committee, Chair
said. Half of it is eaten away from home. The hamburgers,
liam F. Torrey, Jr. and a host approximately 52 units in and food service, bookstore/ Duane Harris, Vice President
steaks, meatballs and chili are consumed either in restau-
of community leaders to the two-single-bedroom suite coffee shop, health center, for Student Affairs Jerry
rants or at ball parks and other food industry establishments.
break ground on the College layout. student gathering spaces and Kiel, Vice President for Busi-
“In the economic downturn, we saw this
of Coastal Georgia’s Campus The College of Coastal a theater. ness Affairs Tom Saunders,
demand decrease the most,” Lacy said. “The
Center and Student Housing Georgia Strategic Master On the heels of the one Assistant Vice President for
food service and restaurant sector really
buildings on May 8. Plan (completed May 2009) year anniversary of the Col- Design and Construction
suffered, but all indicators show it
The event comes just established a 2010 baseline lege’s Strategic Master Plan, Greg Carver, Director of
is starting to turn the corner. The
nine months after breaking enrollment goal of 3,000 these new sites for construc- Facilities Gary Strickland,
increase demand is coming from that
ground on August 5, 2009 students. The 2009 fall semes- tion will continue the trans- BrunswickãGolden Isles
for the $15.8 million dollar ter enrollment has already formation of the College of Chamber President Woody
According to the National
Health & Science Building exceeded that number. To Coastal Georgia. Woodside, Tom Morgan,
Restaurant Association’s Res-
project. meet the next enrollment Photo Attached: Regent Carter, Scott Barber, Lott
taurant Performance Index, the
As the newest sites for projection of 4,000 students James A. Bishop, Chancellor Barber, Tom Wening, H.J.
industry is experiencing an
construction, the Student by 2015, the construction of Erroll B. Davis, Jr., Represen- Russell & Company, Sarah
increase. Fueled by restaurant
Housing project will provide 600 on-campus housing units tative Jerry Keen, Represen- Freidel, Perkins-Eastman,
operators’ outlook for sales
352 beds in July 2011 and is required. tative Roger Lane, Repre- Jay Smith, and Ajax Building
growth, capital spending plans
will be the introduction of In addition to the intro- sentative Cecily Hill, Mayor Corporation.
and staffing levels, the index rose
to its highest level in 27 months in
FROM THE FRONT That increase in demand is increasing
prices at the grocery store.

Compared to March 2009, retail ground beef prices in
March 2010 increased 45 cents per pound, while all steak
prices increased only 1 cent per pound. Pork prices are a
From page 1 From page 1 mixed bag. Sliced bacon is running 8 cents per pound ahead
of a year ago, while pork chops are12 cents less than in March
Kerry Mathie in favor of.
 Airport Authority head Mary Gibson said she wasn’t 2009. Retail chicken prices are the same as a year ago.
Herrin abstained which left the count at 2-2 with no one satisfied with the current draft and requested veto power if Favorable retail prices have helped livestock producers.
to cast a tie-breaking vote and the motion was defeated.
But future drafts didn’t meet the airport authority’s criteria. So far this year, hog carcasses are bringing about 15 cents
school superintendent Drew Sauls said after the meeting that “I think the document they gave us gives them the gold more per pound. Cattle prices are up about 12 cents a pound
a tie vote leaves the decision to the superintendent, meaning mine and us the shaft,” said Gibson. “And we will not agree compared to last year, Lacy said.
he must decide whether Herrin stays by Friday, which ­— be- to it.” Decreased farm supply and increased demand is also
cause of the split votes — means he has a delicate situation. Ham said that this was only the first step in a lengthy driving higher prices for the consumer.
The board also approved the employment of Martha process and that the agreement would be scrutinized. In the “We have really tight supplies in feed lots right now with
Mathie, the wife of board chairman Kerrie Mathie as a pre-K next phase, Ham, Gibson and county attorney Tom Lee will fewer calves heading into feed lots,” Lacy said. “We will bring
instrucrtor at Nahunta Primary School. look into changes to make to the agreement before sending it less beef to market this coming year.”
Sauls declined comment on a decision not to extend the back to the company for revisions. Milk prices are picking up, too.
contract of band director Simon Newman made in April, al- “This is just the first volley,” Ham said. “They threw it “Milk prices at the retail and farm levels declined
though the position has already been listed on TeachGeorgia, across the bow, we’re red inking it and we’re going to throw it substantially last year,” said Tommie Shepherd, an agribusi-
a state education job posting website, since April 26.
 back across the bow.” ness economist with the UGA Center for Agribusiness and
The listing was due to expire Monday and Sauls said if However, Ham did say that the company was willing to Economic Development.
he doesn’t get a nibble, he’ll relist the position.
And while work with the county to settle the dispute and also commend- According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the re-
Sauls wouldn’t comment, the Enterprise has learned that ed Gibson for her management of this plan since its initial tail price of a gallon of milk in Georgia averaged $2.84 during
Newman was told the school system had decided to move in inception back in 2006. the first quarter of 2010, a dime over the last quarter of 2009.
another direction.
 The board approved a three-way contract between the In 2008, prices averaged $4.09 per gallon and climbed as high
Although the principal exodus began last month with parties pending modifications by Lee. as $4.49 during the summer months.
Johnson and added Griffin this month, the entire issue seems In a close vote, the board also voted down a proposal to Producers are seeing an increase in their price, too. The
to surround Tyre, longtime and popular principal at the mid- add a waiver for alcohol licenses near homes and churches. federally mandated minimum price to farmers for 100 pounds
dle school.
A crowd of supporters showed up at last month’s Both Commissioners Charlie Summerlin and Linton Her- of milk was $16.80 in March, or $1.44 per gallon. This amounts
meeting to take turns singing her praises after word began to rin voted against the changes while commissioners Gregg to a 35 percent increase over the March 2009 price of $12.47
spread that a certain teacher at the middle school — one with O’Quinn, who proposed the idea, and Mike Edgy voted for the per 100 pounds, or $1.07 per gallon.
strong ties to the school board —was going to “get her fired.”
 addition of a waiver. “We are seeing some expected recovery following a year
Onlookers at the meeting said Tyre had been heard Ham broke the tie voting against the measure but said of devastatingly low farm milk prices,” Shepherd said. “This
saying she wanted to “get out of the rat race,” but added they that he was not opposed to having one in the ordinance but increase is in line with average long-term trends, although
thought she was just being nice.
 rather didn’t agree with the wording. producers are not seeing quite as strong of a recovery as was
Tyre has a daughter set to graduate this year from “In this day and age, I think we need to not have our expected earlier this year.”
Brantley County High School, and another who already has hands tied quite so much,” Ham said. “But I think we need to Producer milk prices may peak at $18 later this year,
transferred to the Ware County school system.
 approach from a different angle.” Shepherd said, basing his estimate on the Chicago Mercantile
Ham said that he expects this issue to resurface in the Exchange milk futures prices.
In other news, the board: future. But, large cheese stocks and sluggish domestic consump-
• Recognized this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian. tion of dairy products should keep prices at the market rela-
Jessica Ann Crabb — also winner of the STAR student award In other business, the board: tively stable for the foreseeable future, Shepherd said.
— will be the valedictorian and Jessica Deloris Johnson will • Approved the passage of changes to section 801 of the “Cheese prices are a major driver of farm milk prices,” he
be the salutatorian. subdivision ordinance but postponed a decision on the mobile said. “If there is a lot of storable commodity out there, in the
• Recognized STAR teacher Pamela Hammond. home ordinance because the board didn’t have the full docu- form of cheese and butter, then prices decline, which trans-
• Recognized retirees Judy Crews, Glenda Willis, Marcia ment at the meeting to examine. The board did vote to give lates back into lower farm milk prices and into lower grocery
Kennison, and Debra Sumner. a variance to Sean Johnson regarding the 15 year rule. The
• Approved the minutes for the previous work session and board plans to remove the 15 year limitation entirely but
regular meeting and the monthly financial reports. will not officially do so until the entire ordinance has been
• Approved the first reading of a change to school overhauled. The man explained that the postponed vote on

system’s electronics policies. The change calls for students the ordinance was costing him money while he awaits the
who have electronic devices on their person not have them commissioners’ vote. The commission will hold a called meet-
on or visible during class. This would be a change from the ing regarding the ordinance approval.
previous policy that has zero tolerance for electronic devices • Listened to a presentation by Courtney Reich with the
regardless of their state of use. However, the policy also ap- Ecological Planning Group. Reich is acting as a consultant to

plies to the school bus as well as instructional time. help with a coastal incentive grant that the county submitted.
• Approved the payment of just under $31,000 to RESA • Voted to set up an intergovernmental agreement be-
Services for 2011. tween city of Nahunta and Brantley County for fire protec-
• Approved the bid of just under $5,000 for bus repair tion services. The county and city attorneys will be working
from a local repair shop. together on the language of the agreement.
• Approved the school hand books for the 2010-11 school • Approved the purchase of five metal buildings for use as
year as presented with corrections. Corrections include the fire substations at $46,350 each. The new stations are planned
addition of addresses. for construction on Highway 110 North, Raven Rock Road,
• Approved the bid of $14,000 from Joe Dixon Construc- Post Road North, Palm Road, and High Bluff Rock Road. This
tion for fire doors at the sixth hall at the high school. The doesn’t include electrical and the fire departments will be
doors are more expensive because of their ability to close responsible for plumbing and water.
during a fire to prevent the spreading of a fire. • Approved the designation of over $80,000 in the capital
• Approved the bid of over $7,000 from projects account to the new recreation park.
to purchase a site license for Hoboken Elementary, Nahunta • Was introduced to the new Chief Tax Appraiser Carey
Primary, Nahunta Elementary, Waynesville Primary, and At- Lamb Jr. by Billy Lee.
kinson Elementary. The system got a 50 percent discount for • Decided to table a vote on a new vehicle for the tax as-
consolidating the school licenses. The educational software sessors to replace the current truck.
was originally individually license to each school. Accord- • Voted to give the tax assessor’s board the go-ahead to
ing the board member Linda Marion, the software is used for create a new tax assessor position for a level two appraiser.
language arts, math, and science. • Took no action on the closing of Lee Cemetery Road.
• Listened to announcements from Superintendent Commissioners had been looking into the road for months to
Drew Sauls. The ninth grade wing is currently scheduled decide whether to gate the road, close the road or abandon it
for completion by the end of May. The paving project should entirely.
be finished by the end of the summer barring complica- • Tabled a vote to approve the rebidding of scrap metal

tions with the area behind the field house. Paving of the salvage and base it off of the current index price of the spe-
senior parking lot began on Tuesday. Band camp numbers cific bundle. Attorney Tom Lee and County Manager Parrish
are expected to reach between 80 and 90 students. Atkinson Barwick will be working on the language of a new contract.
Elementary School won a contest to save electricity — and • Decided against the closing of Memphis Way when resi-

money — through February, March and April. The school dents explained that the road is still widely used.
saved almost $2,000. • Accepted right-of-way deeds from residents on Buster
• Accepted the resignations of Special Education Teacher Walker Road.
Mary Lee, Hoboken Elementary School; Teacher Lester Her- • Accepted a motion to get more specifications on water

rin, Waynesville Primary School; Special Education Secretary pumps for irrigation of the new recreation department fields.
Michelle Lee, board of education. • Accepted the reappointment of Shane Courson and the
• Accepted a recommendations to hire Greg Davis and appointment of Terry Steely to the recreation advisement
Phillip Richards as physical education teachers at BCHS and committee. Steely will be replacing Mike Hendrix who turned
Travis Hutcheson as temporary full-time bus mechanic. down the recommendation for his re-appointment.
• Accepted school personnel as presented. • Accepted the bid from D and D Decorators of just under
• Accepted the recommendation to employee Martha $10,000 for the painting and repairs to the outside of the
Mathie as Pre-K at Nahunta Primary School. courthouse.
• Accepted the recommendation to employee Angie Steed-
ley as special education teacher at BCHS.
• Recommended the transfers of teacher Kelly Deweese
• Approved and entered contracts with Satilla Commu-
nity Services.
• Amended the county bereavement policy to define a day
CALL 912-462-6776
from Waynesville Primary School to Atkinson Elementary
School and paraprofessional Angie Herrin from BCMS to
Hoboken Elementary School.
as eight hours.
• Approved the lease or purchase of an infield machine
for the recreation department.
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f you’re looking for tasty ways to improve your diet, you’re in luck. You can
get big taste and big benefits from a little fruit — Wild Blueberries.
The Color Connection
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce
the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Eating
across the color spectrum is important so you get a variety of nutritional benefits.
Wild Blueberries get their color from naturally occurring phytochemicals,
which are primarily responsible for antioxidant activity. Wild Blueberries are
antioxidant rich, making them a great choice for their nutritional benefits and
disease fighting potential. In fact,
� USDA studies rank Wild Blueberries highest in antioxidant capacity per
serving, compared with more than 20 other fruits including cranberries,
strawberries, apples and even cultivated blueberries.
� Health magazine has named Wild Blueberries high on its list of “America’s
Healthiest Superfoods for Women,” singling out their variety of potential
health benefits, including preventing memory loss, improving motor skills,
lowering blood pressure, and fighting wrinkles.
Wild Blueberries are available year-round in supermarkets nationwide. Frozen
at the peak of ripeness, all the farm-fresh taste and nutritional benefits are locked-
in. Most studies show that frozen fruits and vegetables are higher in vitamins,
minerals and phytonutrients because they are frozen near the time of harvest.
Great taste, good nutrition and really convenient — no wonder so many people
are wild about blueberries. Learn more about this superfruit and get more great
recipes at

Did You Know?

Wild Blueberries are a
different berry from
cultivated blueberries.
They grow naturally
in the fields and
barrens of Maine and
Canada. They are
smaller in size, have
a unique sweet-tart
taste, and are only
available frozen.

Chicken Breast with Sweet

and Sour Wild Blueberry Sauce
Prep Time: Approximately 20 minutes
Serves 1
1 6-ounce skinless, boneless chicken breast
Salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon oil
1 small red pepper
1 small green pepper
2 tablespoons fig jam (or apricot jam)
4 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
1/4 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoons sweet and sour chili sauce
2/3 cup frozen Wild Blueberries, thawed
and drained
Season chicken breast with salt and pepper. Heat
oil in small, non-stick frying pan. Fry chicken
breast for 12 to 15 minutes. Remove from heat
and let cool.
Wash, seed and cut peppers into bite-sized
pieces. Cut cooked chicken breast into bite-sized
pieces; combine with peppers. Mix jam with
balsamic vinegar, sugar and chili sauce. Gently
stir in Wild Blueberries.

Wild Blueberry
Gingered Lemon Muffins
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Yield: approximately 36 muffins Wild Blueberry Wild Blueberry
6 cups cake flour Lemon Jam Ice Cream Pops
2 tablespoons baking powder Prep Time: 25 to 30 minutes Prep Time: Approximately 15 minutes,
2 teaspoons baking soda Yield: about 8 half-pints plus thaw and freezing time
1/2 teaspoon salt Yield: 6 Pops
2 cups low-fat buttermilk 5 cups frozen Wild Blueberries
1 1/2 cups (12 ounces) egg substitute 1 package dry pectin 1 cup frozen Wild Blueberries
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar 5 cups sugar 1 ounce milk chocolate chips
1/2 cup canola oil 1 tablespoon lemon zest 2 cups fat-free vanilla frozen
4 cups frozen Wild Blueberries 1/3 cup lemon juice yogurt, softened slightly
1/3 cup (3 ounces) crystallized ginger, Crush thawed Wild Blueberries one Materials: small wooden
chopped or plastic sticks
layer at a time, or chop frozen in food Freezer Facts
1/3 cup granulated sugar, for topping processor. Thaw Wild Blueberries and purée. In
2 tablespoons lemon zest Combine thawed, crushed Wild Blue- a bowl, combine puréed Wild Blueber- Here are some of the reasons frozen produce is a perfect option
berries and pectin in a large saucepot. ries, chocolate and frozen yogurt. Mix for people looking to fill the pantry with healthy foods all year
In bowl combine flour, baking powder, baking round.
soda and salt; reserve. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Add thoroughly.
In another bowl beat together buttermilk, egg sugar, stirring until dissolved. Stir in Rinse 6 standard muffin cups with � Frozen offers great value when compared to in-season
substitute, 1 1/2 cups sugar and oil; stir into flour grated lemon zest and lemon juice. cold water and spoon in Wild Blueberry pricing.
mixture just to blend. Fold in Wild Blueberries, Return to a rolling boil. Boil hard 1 min- mixture, dividing it evenly between the � No aging or spoiling means no waste, saving you money.
ginger and lemon zest. ute, stirring constantly. cups (silicone muffin cups need not be
� Frozen produce is ideal for smoothies, entrees, desserts,
Scoop 1/4 cup batter into each greased 1/3-cup Remove from heat. Skim foam if rinsed first). Place a stick in the center
of each “muffin” and freeze until firm, breakfast, and most recipes that call for blueberries.
muffin tin. Sprinkle each muffin with sugar. Bake necessary. Ladle hot jam into hot jars,
at least 2 hours. � Frozen Wild Blueberries are thoroughly washed and have no
in 400°F conventional oven or 375°F convection leaving 1/4-inch headspace. Adjust
oven 18 to 22 minutes or until firm to the touch. two-piece caps. Process 15 minutes in Tip: Mixture can also be frozen with plas- caloric syrups or additives.
Serve warm. a boiling water canner. tic sticks in small glasses or espresso cups.


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May 22, 2010

Brian DePratter
May is National Skin Cancer
Awareness Month
American Cancer Society
May 22 from Atlantic Shore Dermatology
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Ashley Cavalier, M.D.

Linda S. Pinson Bailey’s Powerhouse Gym

Conference Center Brunswick Dermatology
Robbie Batten Tim Hudson SeanFlanagan - Edward DiPreta, M.D.
In recognition of National Skin Cancer
Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery
Awareness month, Southeast Georgia - Diane Bowen, M.D.
Health System is offering FREE skin cancer Renue Plastic Surgery
screenings by expert dermatologists and - Bill Mitchell, M.D. & Steven Barr, M.D.
plastic surgeons. In addition to your Southeast Georgia Health System
screening, you will be able to visit with • Breast Care Center
other health and beauty experts including • Joint Replacement Center
aestheticians, massage therapists, fitness • Outpatient Rehabilitation Care Center
instructors, and more. • Wound Care Center
St. Simons Health and Fitness Club
Skin cancer is one of the most common
types of cancer and one of the most Summit Plastic Surgery
- Paula Legere, M.D.
preventable. You will benefit from a skin
cancer screening if you have any of the REFRESHMENTS PARTNER
following symptoms: McDonald’s - Boozer Enterprises

• a small lump (spot or mole)

• a red lump (spot or mole) that is firm
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Morrison
• rough and scaly patches on the skin
• flat scaly areas of the skin that are red

Still cruisin’
or brown
• any new growth that is suspicious

Area car fanatics come together at Oak Bay Early detection may save your life. Take
advantage of the free screening and feel
SKINTASTIC! No appointment necessary.
The first Satilla Classic Cruisers cruise- Movie Time, Jerry J’s, Satilla Heating &
in was held recently at the new Oak Bay Mall Cooling, Five Points Lawn Center, Bennett’s For more information, call 1-800-537-5142, 2415 Parkwood Drive • Brunswick, GA 31520
in Nahunta. The owners of the 38 cars and Hometown Pharmacy & Gifts, BC Sports, ext. 5160 or visit 912-466-7000 •
the many on-lookers shared memories of Dazzle Designs (Hair Loft), Brantley Auto
days gone by. Parts, Farmers & Builders, Piggly Wiggly, © 2010 SGHS 5/2010

Many owner door prizes and five tro- Marshland Credit Union and the Family Dol-
phies were given out. The car owners’ ladies lar Store employees.
got some door prizes just for them. The next cruise-in will be held on May 22
Sean Flanagan won “Cruiser of the at the Oak Bay Mall. There is no entry fee or
Month” with his 1967 Camaro. Other trophy admission fee, so come out and re-live some
winners inclluded Robbie Batten for his 1985 memories of the past and create some new
Chevy truck, Tim Hudson for his 1970 Nova, memories.
Lamar Depratter for his 1967 Chevelle and If you have a classic car or truck or a
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morrison for their 1949 late model muscle car, come join us! Come
Ford truck. in your best 1950 clothes and enter to win a
Organizers thank sponsors who helped trophy. For more information call Donnie at
make this happen including Michael’s Deli, 270-7622 or Brian at 288-6542.

Mosquitoes swarm back to Georgia

Special to the Enterprise residents to familiarize usually early morning or
themselves with protective evening hours. A repellant

How to Identify Census 2010 Workers

Warmer weather and measures now. containing DEET should be
recent rains have led to an “The most effective ac- used according to package
increase of mosquito activity. tions we can take to protect instructions. Repellants with
Local Public Health officials against mosquitoes are to DEET should not be used on
are strongly urging residents reduce their breeding areas infants, and children older
to reduce mosquito popula- and to use mosquito repel- than 2 should only use repel- By being counted in the 2010 Census you are standing up for what
tions around their home and lant on ourselves,” says lants that contain less than your community's needs are. That's why census takers are so
to protect themselves against Dwain Butler, Southeast 10 percent DEET.
mosquito bites and the possi- Health District Environmen- Around 80 percent of important. A census taker is a person from your community who is
ble spread of mosquito-borne
illnesses, which have already
tal Health Director.
He recommends pouring
those infected with WNV
show no symptoms; while up
hired by the Census Bureau to make sure that your neighborhood
been detected this season. out stagnant water in bird- to 20 percent have symptoms gets represented as accurately as possible. The census taker's
The first Georgia West baths, pet dishes, old tires such as fever, headache, body
Nile Virus (WNV) case for and any other receptacle aches, nausea, vomiting and primary responsibility is to collect census information from
2010 was confirmed in a Clay- in which mosquitoes might sometimes swollen lymph residences that have not sent back their 2010 Census form.
ton County man in mid-April breed. This will greatly re- glands or a rash. Those
by the Georgia Department duce mosquito populations. with compromised immune
of Community Health/
Division of Public Health
Public Health officials
also suggest making sure
systems are at greater risk of
more serious complications
The Census Bureau provides the census taker with a binder
Acute Disease Epidemiology you and your children use and illness. containing all of the addresses that didn't send back a filled
Section. There have been no mosquito repellant on For more information
cases in Southeast Georgia exposed skin and clothing about protective measures out census form
at this time. However, Public when outdoors during times contact your local health The census taker then visits all of those addresses and
Health officials encourage mosquitoes are most active, department. Census 2010 workers wear an
official identification badge. records the answers to the questions on the form
If no one answers at a particular residence, a census taker
will visit that home up to three times, each time leaving a
door hanger featuring a phone number; residents can call the
number on the hanger to schedule the visit

The census taker will ONLY ask the questions that appear on the
census form. They will NEVER ask for your Social Security Number or
personal banking information (such as account numbers or

Census 2010 workers carry Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority!
U.S. Census Bureau bags,
making them easier to identify. The census taker who collects your information is sworn for life to protect
your data under Federal Law Title 13. Those who violate the oath face
criminal penalties: Under federal law, the penalty for unlawful disclosure is
The Overdue Cookbook a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both.
and the A Literary Feast
For more information
Cookbook can be pur-
about the 2010 Census
Live music chased at the Brantley visit
Bryant Johnson will perform classic rock — including music by
Bob Dylan, the Eagles, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and Billy Joel — County Public Library dur-
Thursday from 6-8 p.m. at the Brantley County Library. ing regular business hours.

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