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Peters College
Basic Education Dept.
Third Examination in Science 9
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Multiple Choice. Write the letter of the correct answer.

______1. Which of the following bonds is a triple bond?

a. O2

b. Cl2

c. N2

d. F2

______2. What is the electronic configuration of 8O?

a. 1s2 2s22p5

b. 1s22s32p3

c. 1s22s22p4 d. none of the above

b. double bond

c. triple bond

______3. CO2 is an example of

a. Single bond

______4. It states that atoms tend to gain, lose, or share electrons to attain 8 valence
a. Octet rule

b. Electron affinity

c. Chemical bonding


______5. How many valence electrons does Fluorine (F) have?

a. 8

b. 7

c. 6

d. 5

______6. A type of chemical bond formed from the electrostatic attraction between a
cation and anion.
a. Covalent bond b. Ionic bond

c. Metallic bond

d. None of the above

______7. What is the name of this covalent compound? N2O5

a. dinitrogen oxide

b. nitrogen oxide c. nitrogen pentoxide

d. dinitrogen pentoxide
______8. How many valence electrons do noble gases like Ne, Ar, Kr have?
a. 2

b. 4

c. 6

d. 8

______9. Which of the following is a metal?

a. O

b. S

c. K

d. Br

______10. Which of the following cations is responsible for the regulation and control of
bodily fluids?
a. Magnesium

b. Sodium c. Copper

d. Aluminum

______11. Calcium reacts with bromine. What is the correct formula for the compound
formed by this reaction?
a. CaBr
b. CaBr3
c. Ca2Br
d. CaBr2
______12. What is E in VSEPR?
a. Electric

b. Electron c. Ellipse

d. Electro

______13. The nonbonding pair is known as.

a. Bonding pair

b. Lone pairc. Valence pair

d. None of the above

_____14. Which of the following has the molecular geometry which is trigonal bipyramid?
a. PCl4

b. SF6

c. BF4-

d. BaCl2

______15. Which of the following is an Alkali Earth Metal?

a. Lithium


d. Carbon

Chemical Name

Type of bond

Match Column A with Column B. Determine the charge of the ion.

Write the letter only.

____________1. P
____________2. Al
____________3. S
____________4. Be
____________5. Li

c. Boron

Complete the table below. Write the type of bond and give its
chemical name.



b. Beryllium

a. -2
b. +2
c. +3
d. +1
e. -3

Describe the words related to chemical bonding. Write the letter


______1. Anion

a. positive ion

______2. Cation

b. negative ion

______3. Metallic bond

c. bond between metal and nonmetal

______4. Covalent bond

d. bond between nonmetals

______5. Ionic bond

e. bond between metals

V. True or False. Write True if the statement is true. Write False if it is false.
_________1. Sodium nitrate is used as meat preservative.
_________2. Ionic compound is known as the sharing of 2 nonmetals.
_________3. Water is a covalent compound.

_________4. A triple bond is produced when atoms share 3 pairs of electrons.

_________5. Ionic bonding produces a negative ion known as cation.
_________6.Metallic compounds are known to be malleable and ductile.
_________7. Ductility is the ability of metals to shine.
_________8. Boron trifluoride is has a shape known as trigonal planar.
_________9. N2O5 is Nitrogen pentoxide.
_________10. Calcium fluoride is used to make soap.