The situation of Muslim women [in Mauritius] Uddeen by sister Ammaara

From time immemorial, women have always been the centre of many controversial debates and discussions in all societies. They are considered either as devils, cunning or simply the weaker sex. However, and views different about religions and societies have different understanding women.


Today, many feminist organizations together with non are governmental working hard organizations

towards the eradication of Gender discrimination in Mauritius. Their attention women is focused they on Muslim are whom believe

dominated by their own religion and upbringing. Muslim women at the pre-Islamic era


Much is said about this doomed period where women were considered as men’s slaves and chattels. They were deprived of all their rights to the exception of a few. Indeed, it marks a period where no law was regulated and where people were indulged in barbarous, sinful and excessive activities. This period of ignorance was deeply rooted in the mind of people that even women did not know the objectives of their missions on earth. Fourteen centuries after, it seems that Muslim women are once


again plunged in darkness and have forgotten their trust made to Allah 50,000 years before creation. [Qur’an 7:172]. The advent of Islam The advent of Islam was a turning point for all mankind. New rules and regulations were set by Allah, the Almighty. Several passages mention women’s equality to men especially in the search of good deeds.


They are recognized as partners to men in their day to day lives. Both the Qur’an and ahadeeth describe the noble prophet’s wives as pious, god fearing and dignified women whose examples need to be followed by all women from all generations. Muslim women in the world today It seems that the above mentioned models are long forgotten. The society in general is a male oriented one. Gender discrimination which has


always prevailed in all societies of the world is still unresolved. The male complex is prevalent all over the world. Men think themselves as women’s patron. It is in their ego to dominate and reign over women. Though the Qur’an praises women, Muslim men seem deaf about women’s ability and intelligence. As a matter of fact, these women are deprived of their natural freedom offered by Islam and cannot fulfill their duties to Allah, the Almighty.


Muslim women in Mauritius In Mauritius, things are not better. Muslims are broadly divided into intellectuals and non intellectuals; between Muslims. Most of the intellectuals are non practitioners. shape Schools, their universities personalities. and other educational institutions Unknowingly, day by day, they are believers and non worshippers; between rich and poor


robotized, brainwashed and become models of globalization. They come to believe that the western models are the only model for success. They learn to feel ashamed of their own religion and its practices. They are further confused by the media who continue to play a crucial role in the manipulation of conscience. Through programs on eradication of terrorism and women’s sufferings, they play with people’s emotion in order to weaken their faith and even if some continue to resist,


the feeling of guilt and shame persist in their mind and finally destroy their equilibrium. In a small island like Mauritius, it is astounding to see how the media and scholars have divided the Islamic community which is only 18% of the population [some 180,000 people]. Women are the first victims because they are more emotional by nature. Secondly, they are less educated and cannot read. Worst, they are overloaded with house chores and do


not have access to Islamic cultures. Their only leisure is watching television. Hence, they are more

vulnerable to these fictions. Besides, the country counts more women than men. So, many of them are either celibates, widowed or divorced. Drug addiction is ravaging the male Islamic community. So, like Pharaon’s époque, it seems that everything is done to kill the men [through drugs and HIV] and leave


behind women and children in order to abuse them. As a matter of fact, mix marriages are increasing. [Of course, this is not the only reason for mix marriages]. Many Muslim women are converting to Hinduism or to the Christian Missionary Church. Young and educated girls These are the perfect models of shame and reflection of the freemasonic


program. The agenda of their New World Order seems to work perfectly on the young generation. Nothing is innocent anymore. Music contains erotic and satanic meanings; they convey dangerous messages for the immature mind. Fashion is perverted and regressive. Instead of producing their own fashion, leisure etcetera, they prefer to become consumers of these illegal and aberrant trends; like tattoos and piercing which belong to very ancient civilizations.


Unless Muslim girls wear tight jeans or mini skirts, smoke and drink alcohol, they feel rejected. Fashion gets control over them especially Gothic [black artifacts]. It is common for Muslim girls to go out with boys from other faith just to prove to their friends that they are not fanatical or religious. The media also manipulate its

audience more and

through more

entertainment. importance in

Bollywood songs and movies take


muslim’s lives. That is why young girl craves for Shah Ruh Khan [muslim adolescents Indian commit star]. suicide Many after

listening for hours to rock music. Too much music destroys the spirit. They behave like animals and there is no difference between a Muslim and a non Muslim.

Moreover, the foods we get are all etiquetted as halaal but they are certified by some Muslims whose







government. So, once again nothing is innocent anymore. The majority of imported foods are manufactured by non muslims who do not care about halaal/haraam. The artificial colorants and spices perturb the mind and body so much that it is difficult to concentrate and pray properly. Many women suffer from belly problem after consuming biscuits, juices and other packed food. These products destroy the fitra [natural equilibrium].


Though there is no law condemning the use of hijab, private companies refuse to employ women who are islamically dressed. Until now, no one has had the idea to create a syndicate in order that their voice be heard. Instead, of criticizing their own sisters in faith, they cannot reflect on their own situation in order to move ahead. In brief, they are lethargic. What they do not realize is that each person is a target victim of the political and economic world order







intellectual women who are so proud to be called elites are in fact manipulated. They are simply puppets in the hands of the driving force. Tomorrow these same girls, with their diplomas or degree in hands, will work against their own religion, will silence their conscience and finally reject their faith. The political slogan about the rainbow nation has paved its way in Muslim women’s mind. Indeed, more and


more women are attracted by mix marriages and pretend that they can continue to be muslims even though their husbands go to church or to the temple. Some innocently believe that they can change their husbands after marriage. Often, the opposite becomes true. Many muslim women in Mauritius marry at the age of 16 to 19 years old. Those who marry after 20, are considered old. Their parents feel very annoyed and upset about their


daughter’s alarming situation. If on top of that she has a brown complexion, they feel desperate and force her to marry someone much older. What may seem exaggerated is that they accept a demand of marriage even if the proposed is insane or drug addicted. families. Many women become widow at the age of 40 or are divorced or separated in their early twenties. They do not These situations often appear among the non intellectual


work, are not educated and on top of that, they have babies or children to care after. Orthodox Muslims The large majority of women are deprived of their rights. Most of them are quite unlettered and ignorant or excessive in their faith. Many conservative or orthodox scholars teach a male oriented concept of Islam. So, there are two extremes in


the Muslim societies: either they are too open or too conservatives. These scholars always speak of the past; as if Islam is some far away religion that needs to be discussed in copy books only. Women are more in number to men and many muslim men are homosexual. Homosexuality has entered the concentrated muslim region some years ago and scholars continue to incite their followers in trivial matters concerning Aqeedah instead of helping to eradicate those


deadly sins. It is sad to see how they themselves are victims of the media and how in turn, keep women as hostages. If schooling was not enforced by the law, many girls would not have attended school. Young girls and women are raised up to obey men, not they have no right to think, and worse, to give their opinions. Excessive stress is put on dress codes. Innocently, women believe that they


only need to dress in black or wear the purdah in order to get jannat. Many get married at the age of fourteen or fifteen years old. This is the latest fashion in Mauritius. At the age of twenty, they have already three children since they do not believe in any contraceptive methods but after some seven to eight children, they start practising abortion!!! These women are uncultured. They speak aloud like Bedouins. They do


not know how to behave in society. Their only outings are grandmother’s place or mother-in-law’s place. Many households are traditional. The couple stays with the in-laws. To make things worse, often three or four couples live in the same house; each having only one room. All the house chores are done by daughter in laws. As a matter of fact, they have no time for themselves or for their own couples. Their whole attention is focused on their babies,


their husband’s desires and the routine chores. Often they are beaten and punished. Whereas children are given pocket money to go to school, wives cannot afford to have a few rupees in their purse. Communication is a rare word in their vocabulary. They have learnt since their early childhood to listen and obey to adults. The irony is that adults themselves are ignorant not only of their religion but of life itself. They live in a completely regressive society


though their outward attitude may conform to the present society. For instance, old grannies eat fast food whether it is halaal or not. They attend The “Caudan Waterfront” and even go to the cinema but they will never accept that their daughters marry a pious Islamic convert, for instance. They still ignorantly call Islamic converts as Christians or hindus. They cannot understand that our beloved prophet [pbuh] brought islam and the Arabs converted to







MUSLIMS. Mauritius is a British colonization and most muslim ancestors come from India. This explains their taste for Indian fashion, food and entertainment: the Bollywood stars who have nothing to do with Islamic precepts. Once again, no scholars seem to realize that women’s lives are jeopardized by idleness, lack of proper activities. education They and outdoor are themselves


victims of political tendencies. Their conferences lack real incentives and always focus on women’s duties towards men rather on spiritual aspects and social activities. They always speak about the don’ts and discard any positive ideas. Their solutions to eradicate free mixing are contrary to Islam. They believe that women should not drive cars but sit in buses next to strangers. They believe that women should not attend Friday prayers because they


may meet men on the roads. They believe that the hijab they wear are only a small triangle. They need to wear two jellabas with socks. They further incite women to remain in seclusion and to go out only for Islamic tuitions. As a matter of fact, many women are depressive. They are constantly on medication and even if they practise their Deen, suffer mental illnesses. They are paying the price for their excessive practices and their incapacity to strike a balance between this world and the next.


No one realizes that Islam is in fact the only solution for getting rid of man’s enslavement and the returning towards the true God: Allah who is At Tawab. In fact, every human being is in search of freedom and peace of heart. These two elements are available to us only if we repent and return to our fitra [our natural state]. Sadly, Muslim women do not understand the essence of Tauhid. By shunning themselves from the rest of the world, they have become their


husband’s slaves. And husbands are mortals and dependent creatures who cannot provide peace and all solutions to women’s sufferings. Conclusion Today, most people have vested interest. While fighting for equality, they mean only material satisfaction. Are these organizations fighting for equality of rights by showing clearly that God has created man and woman with different nature and abilities?


Can they understand that though man and woman are equal, yet their missions are complementary not always similar? Do they focus on the fact that women in general are physically weak? Are women fit thirty days upon thirty? If feminist parties try to convince the world that women are equal as men then they can only penalize women in their search for wisdom, happiness and peace. These feminists are pointing their fingers towards Islam. It is sad that


the image conveyed by the Muslim community is far from the teachings of the Noble Qur’an. It is the reflection of men’s own ignorance, selfishness and disobedience. The Qur’an clearly declares that whatever wrong happens to us comes from our own hands because Allah is sweet towards His creatures. The Qur’an says: “O you who believe! If you fear Allah, He will grant you a Criterion [to judge between right and wrong].


Remove from you [all] evil [that may afflict] you, and forgive you: for Allah is the Lord of grace unbounded.” Chapter 8: 29 Hopefully, a minority of women is working towards ‘islamisation’. Instead of paying attention whether they are in the New Age, the Scientific Age or whatever Age, they incite other women towards the slogan of the Qiyama Age. They have understood that they need to think quicker and in advance on the media’s


trends. They are ready to accomplish their mission, that is, to ‘islamise’ the world through Quranic values and adaab. They are striving towards ihsaan by working on formulas of unity; by offering to young intellectuals a substitute to their cravings. Through constant spiritual education, outdoors activities, cyber café and other computer programmes, they help build a new generation of balanced, harmonized women capable to think and act for themselves in


order to reach the highest station of love of God.

AMMAARAT-UDDEEN ISLAMIC EDUCATOR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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