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LG: We are here with Dr. Stewart Blaikie and Kim Sol. Dr. Stewart Blaikie and Kim Sol have been guiding people through various liver cleanses, detox and overall health protocols for over ten years, and they are a really remarkable couple. If you have been to any of our events at the Longevity Conference, then you’ve seen them in action. Dr. Stewart is a certified practitioner in Darkfield live blood microscopy and he is a certified fastician. He is also a teacher/trainer for liver cleansing. He and Kim Sol have been guiding people in those liver cleanses for a long time. Kim Sol is a colon hydrotherapist. She assists clients through cleansing. She offers some great advice on how to do bodily cleanses and liver cleanses. This program today is geared around giving you energy and finding ways to give your body energy. We want to start this program first by welcoming Dr. Stewart and Kim Sol. Thank you so much for participating in this special program. SB: Thank you Lucien! It is great to be a part of the Longevity program. KS: Thank you! We are very excited to be here today and share this amazing information. LG: So, how many people have you guided through liver cleanses and other types of cleanses? KS: Well, it’s safe to say we’ve guided a few thousand people; even in just the last five years or less, I would say we’ve done at least three thousand people. Lucien: Wow! That’s a lot of people! Has anything ever surprised you, guiding people through any of these cleanses? KS: I would say that I’m surprised almost every single cleanse. Sometimes, when someone appears to have quite a number of health challenges and issues to work

through, we find that after doing a five or seven day cleanse, he or she has remarkable improvements from the challenges that they were experiencing before. So, I am always amazed and pleased at bringing someone out of a very dysharmonious situation in a rather quick time with very simple cleansing tools. LG: So, let’s jump into the first subject matter, which is just about energy in general. Can you explain the basic process whereby the body actually generates energy? Where does energy come from? What are the key bodily functions involved in the creation of energy? SB: Well, that’s an awesome question, Lucien! Actually, there are several energy systems at work in the human body and basically the body draws energy from these several overlapping sources. When one really looks at it closely and understands what’s going on, we see that all energy is derived through the condensation of cosmic energy. It’s actually about the movement of the electrons and the protons and the basic building blocks that make everything up. Now, inside our cells, there are separate organisms that are actually quite symbiotic to our cells and these are called the mitochondria. They are the little energy-producing furnaces inside our cells. Now plant cells have something similar to this, called chloroplasts. These little guys have the ability to take the colloids of life and cause a movement of the electrons, which causes energy to be released. This type of system actually runs very clean and is without much residue at all. This system actually produces far more energy than is generally known by the population. It is actually not widely understood how these systems work. One of the names that has been given to the real underlying system is called “zeropoint energetics.” Now, it’s not important that you know these names, but this system actually works in all animal forms, in human form, and all plant life. This zero-point energetic form of energy is what is condensing these various forms of cosmic energies. This includes radiant-type thermal heat, mechanical, even the acoustic kind of energies, the telluric energies that come out of the earth, electromagnetic energies, the solar energy coming in from our sun, even hydraulic

energies and astral energies. So, there is a lot more going on! When our lungs are breathing air in, they are also breathing in cosmic energy. Fortunately for us, our bodies have already been adapted and have evolved; they are made up so that they can work with these energies and actually produce real energy for our body. Now, yes, it’s true that we do bring in most of our energy through a system that is called the ATP system. Basically, that is the breaking down of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to this stored type of energy that is called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. This goes on inside our cells, and all solid fuel that is burned ends up as this type of primary energy that is called ATP. So, stored ATP that we have, this zeta potential, zero-point energetics-type of energy that we were just referring to, as well as the hydrogen ions that are very plentiful in our system are the real sources of the energy. These are the real energy things that go on. Now, the body has ways of storing fat and amino acids as protein in the muscles. It stores glucose in the form of glycogen in the liver, and it has ways of breaking that down. We have these energies that are coming to us from the cosmos that we are already well-equipped to work with, and we have these ways of bringing in the solid fuel and burning it up, and making energy out of it. These are the things that we need to look at if we want energy for our body, and we need to be a little more wise and clear on how to bring these energies in, how to work with them, how to keep them in a friendly form. LG: So, there is a lot going on in the creation of energy. Would you say if we improve our understanding of what you just explained, which sounds like we could probably spend quite a bit of time trying to understand that process by which we create energy from those various different, I would call them layers, it seems like you were explaining different layers; one of the most mechanical and obvious being the physical production via the ATP, how our body processes the carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Once we have that basic understanding, we can begin to introduce these different layers of health into our life, such as the liver cleansing, such as the improvement in diet; getting rid of the processed foods; increasing the level by which we sort of take in the higher grade fats, the pure proteins, the better carbs so to speak. Would you find that layering system, or that kind of division of health is really important?

SB: Oh, that’s extremely important. And, it’s just so neat to see groups like we have with the Longevity Conference here, who are bringing forth all of this information, and it breaks down into simple things. We have these amazing bodies, and yes, there are key bodily functions that are involved throughout the creation of this energy. It breaks down into very simple things though; bringing in the type of food that has been grown in healthy ways. We start talking about things, just like if we want to have healthy plants out in our garden; we need to take a look at the type of soil that plant is growing in, and we need to look at what the pH of that soil is. These things together are what we call the “bio-terrain” that something is going to grow in. We have to realize what we are going to bring into us. We want to ensure that food source is coming through its own healthy bio-terrain, because that is going to determine the type of terrain that we are each going to carry. So, we can look at each type of food, and we can try to make selections and support that which is going to create health rather than disease. It’s very important how food is raised and how food is stored; it is very important how food is prepared; it is extremely important how much we bring in, when, and in what combinations that food is brought in and consumed. Because we have this system that is already with us, we need to how to work the system. We have to realize that when we bring in food that is friendly to the system, which means food that has been grown in a healthy terrain, that is carrying friendly bacteria within it and on it, what happens then is when we bring that type of food in, we create healthy digestive function. We create a situation where it is easy for the body to break it down, where it is easy for the body to assimilate it, and it is also easy for it to eliminate that which is no longer useful. When we make choices that don’t go along with bringing in things from a healthy terrain, when we mess with it and eat stored foods and heavily processed foods, then we create difficulty in that system; then, there are health consequences. In time, we get to see the disease that it creates. LG: One of the things that we see more and more is the paradox that people find themselves in when they are eating food that is supposed to give them quick bursts of energy; we have food and we have different types of beverages for this. Of course coffee is a really popular one, and Red Bull is another one that people like

to drink. People even eat candy for a quick carbohydrate fix. The Snickers commercials that used to play back in the old days was about getting a quick burst of energy from the Snickers candy bar. What are some of the ways that people can resolve that contradiction where they do want energy, and their body is taking in food that gives them something that is maybe quick, but over time it is definitely going to be draining to their energy? What is happening behind the scenes? We talked about ATP production, and we talked about the energy that is contained within the food. What is happening behind the scenes that people might not be aware of that is causing that vicious cycle to sort of perpetuate itself? SB: Another amazing question, Lucien! One of the things that happens and it actually starts happening in this day and age quite early in life, is we start developing obstructions in our digestive system. One of the major obstructions is with bile flow. Now, bile is produced by the liver. It’s stored by the gallbladder, and it’s one of the necessary elements to break down food properly so that we can create this amazing ATP energy. Now, what people don’t realize, is that when we make choices that are less than excellent, and we do this over and over and over again, often unconsciously because of the culture that we are all growing up in, we end up creating these bile obstructions. Then, what happens is we’re feeling a deficiency. We are feeling less than excellent in our energy systems, and so we sometimes turn to the more quickburning fuel, the little short bursts of things; we turn to stimulants such as coffee, which is one of the biggest beverages on the plant today. The fortunate thing is that coffee, when used in the right way, can be absolutely amazing. But, when it’s abused and not really understood, it creates further challenges and difficulties. So, this is what often happens out there in the mainstream where a lot of people have turned to these stimulants, these quick burning fuels. What really needs to be done is people need to be taught in a more practical way that really actually supports the body functioning in the long-term, and for most of us, we actually need to take responsibility and begin to clear out those obstructions that we have created.

We need to turn things around, and then making healthy choices with the food will give us an abundance, more energy then we can imagine; more energy than we can probably every remember experiencing, way beyond what these stimulants can produce in the short-term and the feelings that they give us. I like to tell people that what you experience with these quick bursts and this shortterm stimulation is really just showing you what really could be going on 24/7. KS: Yes, that’s very well put. I think what we need to do is move more into the understanding and the realization of what these stimulants are doing. I think many of us go along using them, believing they are doing something other than what they are really doing. Then, what we are left with in the end is a deficiency that we have created ourselves, we have adrenal fatigue instead of adrenal strength. Like Dr. Stewart said, we have bile flow obstruction instead of the channels being open and clear. When we can really grasp and understand and realize what these certain stimulants do, then maybe we can go about and make more valuable choices for ourselves. So, what I think a really big thing that we all need to do, is take an honest look and make an overall assessment of how we are feeding ourselves and how it is serving us. We really need to take a good honest look at our food intake. We need to look at our levels of hydration; look at how much water we are drinking. We need to look at how much rest we are getting. All of these things are going to have an overall effect on our level of energy that we are experiencing. It is up to us individually to really take a look at what we are bringing in and how well it is serving us. Then, once we take a look, we can actually maybe see what kind of changes we can make to increase our energy rather than introducing something into the body which is actually robbing us of energy in the long run. LG: Kim, I know you have a great knack and specialty for some of the other boosters or ways to improve energy through yoga and breath. Can you talk a little bit about those aspects, because we talk about food a lot of times when it comes to

energy, but we don’t talk as much about water, and we talk even less about the air that we breathe. Can you maybe talk a little bit about this from your yoga perspective and your great experience in that; how the air we breathe, the air element, the breath, is actually a huge contributing factor in our energy levels? KS: That’s great point! The breath is our link to the energy of the sun, Prana or life-force, which really is our main fuel and food, way more than anything that we could eat. Many of us have moved into the realms of uncooked, living, raw foods, and it is the life-force that we are actually attracted to. The quality of breath, the act of breathing is food. It is absolutely food, and yogis measure their lives in breaths rather than years. We all need to breathe with more awareness and consciousness; because we are breathing creatures and we have to breathe in order to live, we end up doing it as one of those processes we do without any thought about it for most of the time. When we bring our awareness and our attention to the breath, and breathe more deeply than we do when we are not thinking about it, that breath is fuel. So, to take on a practice like yoga or Tai Chi, or some form of movement with conscious awareness with breath, that is absolutely a way of fueling, of increasing energy, of just bringing more balance and more homeostasis to the whole physical vehicle. So, I know there are many individuals on the planet that would say we get most of our nourishment and food through breathing through the Prana, or the life-force, that comes in with the breath. Then also, water is key. If one is over consuming food, water becomes even more essential to have in order to move through the food, or the fuel, that we have brought in. We are creatures made of mostly water. So, water is absolutely key in keeping our energy levels up. Just a lack of water alone, not bringing enough water in, can leave us in a very depleted, low energetic state. The other component is rest. Are we getting adequate rest? We are living at a time where everyone is very busy, many people are living very busy lives. If we have a certain level of health, we even sometimes spend a lot of time running around feeling like we don’t need much rest. But, the rest, that downtime is actually the body’s time for replenishment, or for the internal organs to actually rest and

reorganize. So, rest is another key factor in having our overall energetic levels balanced and even. LG: That’s a great point, because definitely in the society that we are living in now, people are not getting enough rest. You know, I love what David Wolfe says about the fact that you can go “X” number of days without eating food. Some people can go up to 30 days without eating food, some people can go five to seven days without water, but you can only go a few minutes without breathing. If you don’t get enough sleep, after seven or nine days, you can start to lose your mental faculties and lose your ability to just function. All these things play such a key role in our overall energy levels, and it seems that a person can easily get on one of them. For example, people can eat some really good food, but then maybe not take care of themselves because they are working too hard. They don’t take care of themselves in terms of rest, and they don’t get the proper amount of water. Water is a big issue because it is hard to find a good quality water nowadays. People right now involved in a movement to get a good quality water are going to springs and finding their own water source now; so great things are going on with that. Can we maybe talk about a simple protocol that someone could engage in to increase their energy levels? What is a protocol, something that you would do personally, or something that you would recommend to a client that they could do for three, seven, ten, or thirty days, to clean the slate from what they had done previously to their bodies that is hindering their energy levels, that would kind of set them into a new path, or put a foot in a new direction to really get a pure source of energy. Do you have any set protocols that you use for those amounts of time? KS: Absolutely, yes! Most definitely! To do a protocol for three, five, seven, ten and up to thirty days, I would suggest, and we like to help people embark on a cleanse of sorts; a cleanse to allow the clearing away of old debris, and we are very passionate about the liver cleanse. We feel it is a very simple cleansing technique and can be done for different lengths of days, and it also works on a number of levels.

In regards to food, like I already said, we want to first make an overall assessment, a realistic assessment of what we are bringing in for fuel as food, and how is it working for us. From where we are, how can we take two steps forward into making some changes? For example, if people were eating meat, and it was very important for them to bring in a meat-type protein almost every single meal, I wouldn’t ask them to go on a 100% living, blended foods diet right off the bat for thirty days. I would ask them to take two steps forward from where they are, and maybe that would be moving to 75% uncooked food with no meat, but maybe eating a little bit of fish. You want a step that is going to take them a bit out of their comfort zone, but not so far that they are not willing to do it, otherwise once they are done they may just swing the pendulum way back in the other direction. So, we really need to take an honest look at where we are, and at what we can do to improve it by one or two steps through food; through reducing our food intake, avoiding overeating, and avoiding overconsumption. Everyone eats differently here on this planet, but the one thing that we are all doing, or could be doing more excellently, is how much are we bringing in. So, we want to reduce the food intake a bit, and make our food choices count. What we bring in, we want to be highly nutritious elements that move through quickly. We also want foods that are enzyme rich, friendly bacteria-rich foods, that actually can be digested in an easier fashion. So, what we are going to do during this cleanse that we do for three days, five days, seven days, ten days, or twenty-one days or more, is we are going to put ourselves first. No matter how busy we are, we are going to wake up every day and decide, “I am committed to myself to make some improvements, some positive changes in my food choices and other choices, because in the end, I am going to benefit greatly on all levels of my being.” The food intake and looking at this is super important if we are going to embark on a cleanse and a protocol to make changes. If we can change how we feed ourselves for a few days, we can possibly make an overall change that we can live with longterm after the cleanse is finished.

Approach these days knowing your body is the temple and you want to fuel it with the most nutritious life-giving elements that you can find. Eat and fuel with awareness and consciousness, and a love for self. It actually takes some self-love to be willing to embark on a cleanse and improve our level of health. It is actually a very loving step that we can take for ourselves. With a liver cleanse, we guide people, we offer the information. There are other steps that are helpful and necessary to take. One of the reasons we like to focus on the liver is because the liver is like the general inside. It’s the chief in charge running the show. It is the key. It is the main filter. Also, tying it in with the blood, the liver actually has 1.5 L of blood per minute filtered through it. So, as you can see, the liver and the blood have a very intimate, symbiotic relationship, and with the liver being the main filter, if we can do something to help it out, to ease up some of the burden, some of the over buildup of toxins, if we can ease up that load it affects all of the other bodily systems. So, that’s why we really love to focus on the liver, because it’s just such a key. Lucien: That’s fantastic! Dr. Stewart, can you talk a little bit about the blood here? I know that your blood cell analysis is something that you are really passionate about. People really love what you’re doing in that area. What are the things that you see when you look at people’s blood? What are the things that you try to spot? From an energy point of view, you know someone is maybe feeling fatigued, or you can just look at them and see that they are a little bit rundown. What is it that you see in their blood or what is it that you know that you’re going to see in their blood that we want to get rid of? And, what are some of the things that we might not have in there that we want to be putting into our bloodstream? Let’s look at energy from a blood perspective. What is your view on that? SB: Yes, well, the main cell within the blood is the red blood cell. The red blood cell is in the blood by the billions upon billions, and is the carrier of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide. So, when we were discussing the breath and the lungs and

bringing in cosmic energy and Prana through the breath, it’s actually the function of the red blood cells to transport that energy throughout the body. Now, interestingly, if one were to look at the shape….just the actual physical shape of a red blood cell, it is an amazing thing! The red blood cell is a toroidal, a torus shape, which actually is the shape that gives maximum surface area. This design by the ancient architect, which we’ve all benefited from and we inherit, is a design that will enable maximum transport of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide to and from all the cells that make up our body. So, I like to look at how the health and how the function of that red blood cell looks. I am able to take just a single drop of a person’s blood, and in that little bit of blood, I can look at hundreds upon hundreds of red blood cells, and see how the overall function is occurring. Now, a person who has red blood cells in the correct shape, the correct size, that has a healthy membrane, and that carries a healthy charge in the cell membrane, allows that red blood cell to navigate and move through at incredible speeds throughout the body. Like Kim was mentioning, an actual 1.5 L/min of blood can pass through the liver. There are a lot of red blood cells moving through that liver. There are a lot of red blood cells that are bringing oxygen to the liver cells, that are giving the liver the energy so that it can do what it wants to do, what it loves to do, which means it will breakdown the food for us. It will store the energy for us. It will filter out the toxins that are also coming in to our body, whether they are coming in through the breath, coming through the skin, or coming through the things that we are eating or drinking. There is unlimited infinite potential for the body to filter all of this stuff out and to continue to keep it in a balanced state. So, one of the things we get to see is how those red blood cells are functioning, and it is amazing to look at for someone who has never seen what these cells look like in the blood. It’s incredible. It reminds me of looking out into outer space and at the vast array of the universe that surrounds us. It is almost equally as exciting as looking within, into the deep levels, and being able to see how these cells function. Now, the other cells that are also very important, although not as numerous, are the white blood cell. These cells are the ones that give us our immunity. Now there are different types of white blood cells, and so different types of cells get different kinds of training by the body, and also carry out different functions. Part of their

job is to take care of that which comes into us that isn’t so friendly. They have to take care of those things. They are our defense line. They are our protection. So, I like to look at how the white blood cells are functioning in the blood because we know that if we don’t clear away that which is unfriendly, if we don’t take care of that which is to bring the energy to each and all of our cells, then we are going to have problems. It is important that we bring in the things that are going to give us the energy. It is also important that we take care of the things that are going to deliver that energy to all of our cells. Through the blood we can determine and get a very good indication of how these things are carrying on, and it points us into a good direction as to what we can do if things need to be turned around. Lucien: Okay, and Dr. Stewart, while you were talking about red blood cells, I just couldn’t help but go to Google and google “red blood cells” and “shape of red blood cells” and click on “images” and, you’re right! It’s absolutely fascinating to look at some of these slides and images that are online of the red blood cell to really get you motivated to want to clean up your blood when you see how much is actually going on behind the scenes. I could see that if you were able to view them through a microscope, your intention and your desire to clean up the blood, would increase exponentially. Have you found that to be so? Because, you can see so clearly what’s going on. Does this give you sort of a high level of realization of what you really need to do to cleanup what is going on inside? SB: Well, that’s often a big realization for many, and it’s often a big inspiration. What often happens is because the blood is very reflective, it’s almost like a mirror of what goes on inside the body on many levels. When people get to see their own blood, living, and see how it’s behaving, they are highly, highly inspired to improve it. They all of a sudden develop a whole different relationship with themselves, and realize how deeply things work out. They realize how we are not only affected by things that are big and outside our body, but how things are happening on the minute, microscopic level. So, through the blood readings, you’re actually getting an inner picture that you don’t usually get to see. Often, just through that picture, it is so inspiring that it puts people in a space where they are just so willing to make whatever changes would make improvements for them.

LG: When you talk about the white blood cells as immunity…I am thinking about when you meet someone and their energy levels are really low. If they are running low on energy; they are dragging themselves out of bed in the morning; they are sleeping a lot; they don’t feel they are getting the appropriate rest; they are just generally rundown; are those periods in people’s lives where they really are susceptible to disease, or infection from bacteria or virus, etc? Is that the relationship between your energy levels dropping and then your immunity dropping? And, is it correct to say that sometimes it’s working vice versa? That your immunity drops, then your energy levels drop, and then sometimes your energy level drops so therefore your immunity drops. What is that relationship there? How does it work? Can you explain that a little bit? SB: Well, that’s exactly what happens! We would call that kind of situation “stagnation.” Whenever blood becomes stagnated, and isn’t moving in a healthy flow, this creates a space either all throughout the body or in a small, generalized, local area that allows for what we would call unhealthy development in the blood. So, if the blood isn’t being moved and continually oxygenated, the red blood cells will suffer. If the red blood cell suffers, and the membrane becomes weak, unfriendly bacteria starts to invade into the red blood cell and very quickly, extremely fast, we have the further development in the evolution of the bacteria into unfriendly forms that have a strong desire to live too. So, they actually start using our own cells as a host. Very quickly these things can escalate and then we have what we would commonly call flus and colds and bacterial infections. Now, the white blood cells are called to respond to these situations, and quite frequently, these situations are occurring all the time in various parts of the body. The body becomes very overworked in fighting off and breaking down these unfriendly bacteria that are forming and taking shape, and trying to take over. So, a lot of our energy goes into the creation of white blood cells, that’s why we want to actually be checked through our blood and actually look at the number of white blood cells that the body has created to manage things and create homeostasis. When those numbers are up, we know that we’ve probably been living in a way,

and been exposed to things indirectly or directly, that aren’t working well with our body, and that our body is having difficulty managing. It’s very important that we keep our systems open. That’s why we always recommend a moderate and healthy form of exercise. Healthy exercise helps to keep that blood moving! It helps to keep things working in a good way. It is important that we are breathing and we are bringing in oxygen, and that the red blood cells are moving that oxygen and are able to deliver it to each and every cell in our body. It is important also that it is not being overdone. That is why there are those magic words, “in moderation.” This is why if you know nothing else except you understand and work through those levels of being moderate, you are going to be in a space that most of the time is going to work for you. LG: That’s fantastic! It seems like you could really get caught in the vicious cycle where your energy levels are down, and so your immunity goes down, therefore you have to expend more energy to overcome those infections and those invasions, thus draining your energy even further because your resources are being put there. Whereas, if you have an abundance of energy, you have to expend less energy to fight those things off because you have already built up an immunity and a resistance, and that extra energy or that abundant energy can be used for a great many other things. SB: That’s correct! Once you become attuned and you start working into that upwards spiral where you are always full of energy, where there is an abundance of that energy, then usually you find that you actually reduce what you bring in from the outside. Once you become much more self-contained, you are able to work with and recycle that which is already there…that which has already been put into a friendly form for your body. So, you actually require less, feel better, function better, and you last longer! This is one of the secrets of creating the longevity and this is why we are so happy to be a part of this conference to support and bring forward these understandings with the others that are there. It is not always that more is better. This actually turns around to a place where we require less. It’s actually a place when we become still and quiet within, where

things just seem to come to us in an easy form; we can find it is easy to make the good choices that are here for all of us. Lucien: I think that’s a great conclusion to what we’ve been talking about; that spiral, and working our way towards spiraling upwards and not spiraling downwards. If you’re listening to this program and you feel that you’re spiraling downwards, (many people can see a trend over the last five to ten years of their lives.) If over the course of time your energy has gotten lower, your enthusiasm has gotten lower, your passions and your dreams and your desires have gotten lower, sitting around watching TV has increased, your depression has increased or your ill-health and fatigue has increased. If you are listening to this program and you feel like you are in that kind of vortex of going downwards, would you say Dr. Stewart, that it is never too late to turn it around? SB: That’s correct. It’s never too late. We have encouraged people who think they are on their last breath and we start saying it is going to be one breath at a time. From there, we will build the upwards spiral, and it actually is unlimited; it has infinite potential where that upward spiral can take you. LG: It is so inspiring! I know when I met David Wolfe and I met Len Foley and The Best Day Ever Team, I was really on a downward spiral at 350-pounds, with no energy whatsoever. I mean, I would get tired after three hours of just sitting around. It was just ridiculous. Now, fast-forward four years, and I have unlimited energy. You are absolutely right. You don’t need to eat as much. You don’t need to consume as much. Your exercise can be very moderate once you’ve shed all that excessive. I would like to finish this program just by wrapping up with three simple things that people can do: One, two and three. I really like the idea of stagnation, and overcoming stagnation. Because, I think that whole stagnation theory is problematic for a lot of people in Western society. Maybe we can touch upon that, or maybe one or two other things. So, what are three simple things that you would recommend people listening to this program do when they get up tomorrow morning; what can they can put their list

and do. What can they actually go out and do and finish in one day to increase their energy. SB: Okay, I’ll give you my number one, and then I’ll let Kim give number two. My number one thing, which is the most scientifically-proven aspect of creating longevity, is to simply avoid overconsumption or eat in moderation. Along with that, just as a carry-on, would be don’t eat when you are upset. Chew all of the food that you choose more thoroughly, and then choose your enzyme-rich, friendly bacteria-rich foods, so that when they breakdown they create something that is friendly. Also, eat while relaxed and relax afterwards. Chew the food that you choose, make sure that it’s not an over consumption and don’t eat it when you’re upset. Make sure you’re relaxed. LG: Kim, what’s your number two? KS: I feel like the idea of our overall assessment of where we are today is extremely important. So that would mean that I would need to write down today what foods I am taking in, how much water I’m taking in, and how much rest I’m getting. Then, we already talked about the breath, bringing in the breath is very important. So, I guess that would go along with exercise. Those are all the tools that we really have to work with every day. The only person that really knows where we’re at is us, individually. I really only know how I’m feeding myself. If I need to make a change, I need to take an honest look at where I’m at today and I need to write it down. LG: Would you say it would be really worthwhile to spend a solid hour, writing down everything you just explained? Really take the time, not rush through it, not try to just check it off your to-do list, but really give it a lot of thought and write it down, so you can strategize a plan?

KS: Absolutely! Because if we look at those things, each of those individually, it is going to look different. It is going to look different for each of us. So, the person that we have to look at is us, number one. If I want to make a change, I have to look at what I’m doing, and I have to evaluate it honestly, really honestly. Because really these practices of cleansing, of loving ourselves more, hopefully what they do is tune us in, or tap us in to our own intuition. What we really want to develop mostly is a keen awareness and understanding for where we are. We also need a real keen awareness and understanding of how these foods that we are choosing as our fuel are really working for us. So, it is up to us to assess and then take an honest look at what can we can do. Maybe there is something with the food that we can let go of. We need to really bring in the most easily digestible, highly nutritious foods that we can. And, are we abstaining from heavily, over-processed, overcooked, complex combinations of food? We need to take a look at that picture for ourselves. Then, simply, we can just bring in more dark-colored vegetables. They would fall under the category of more easily digestible, highly nutritional value foods. LG: Okay! Do you mind if I do number three then? KS: Please! LG: This is one I got from David Wolfe. David is one of the great motivators and inspirers of this generation, and what he really inspired me to do was to inform myself, to arm myself with information. I know everyone is different. If you’re like me and like a lot of other people, one of the things that motivates me like no other is actually getting the information and seeing it for myself. Getting the empowerment that comes from educating myself. I think one of the things that we don’t really have enough of is good nutritional information while growing up. I think a lot of us suffer from that. We grew up under a certain model of nutrition that was completely wrong. If you’re listening to this program, then at least you’re plugged in to the type of information that is really going to give you health, which is really going to give

you longevity. It is not going to give you a quick fix that later on is going to result in illness and get you in to a system that is just completely flawed and broken. This whole genre of information is really empowering. It is going to give you all the tools that you need. So, I would say the third thing is go out tomorrow and pick up a book on live food nutrition. Pick up a book on the red blood cells. Pick up a book on where to find good sources of natural energy for your body. Empower yourself. Go online. There is so much stuff online now. If you are listening to this program, you are probably a member of either or you’re on the list for the Longevity Now Conference, you’re picking up the DVD series, you’ve already gotten most of the way there, now just continue that every single day. KS: Very well said! Arm yourself with information. Knowledge is power! Very well said, I love it! LG: Thank you so much Dr. Stewart and Kim Sol, we really look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Longevity Conference. It is going to be wonderful to see you on March 26th, 27th, and 28th in Costa Mesa, California. I have to say that among all the presentations that were going on at the last event, the liver cleanse was the one that had people just hypnotized. There is something about the presentation that you give, that is on the one hand very intuitive and on the other hand very scientific. I love the combination of the both of you. It is seeing those slides, pictures and descriptions, like we talked about the red blood cells. Once you see it, once you see the liver, the next time you eat garbage or other junk, you know what you’re doing to the liver that you just saw on the slide or video. It gives you a much greater sense of responsibility and empowerment when you see that type of a presentation. So, you’re presentations are amazing, I have to say. They are hypnotic! KS: Thank you so much! We really, really appreciate that amazing feedback and just appreciate the amazing group with the longevity conference, including yourself; such high caliber, amazing individuals to work with. It makes it easy and joyful and fun for us, so thank you!

SB: Thank you Lucien! LG: Thank you, Dr. Stewart. Thank you, Kim Sol. This has been a special presentation of the Longevity Conference and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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