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All About

Mothers Day!!!

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All About
Mothers Day!!!





Mothers Day is a special day for remembering mothers,

grandmothers, and others who have played a mothering role
in a persons life. Mothers Day is officially celebrated in
more than 46 countries around the world! In English
speaking countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and New
Zealand, Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of
May. In the UK, the special day for moms is set aside as the
fourth Sunday of lent, during the Easter season.
An American woman named Anna Jarvis established the modern celebration of
Mothers Day in 1908. In 1905 Jarvis lost her mom who had been an important influence
on her life. Jarvis wanted a holiday to celebrate all mothers. She wrote many
government leaders and encouraged them to set aside a day for moms. At first they
laughed at the idea! Fortunately by 1911 the special day took hold and most US states
began recognizing the second Sunday in May as a day for remembering mothers.
Thanks to Anna Jarvis, mothers, grandmothers, and mothering figures are now
recognized around the world for their love and care.

Fun Facts:
*One-quarter of yearly flower sales take place on Mothers Day!
*122 million phone calls are made to moms in the US alone on Mothers Day!
*In most world languages, the word for mother starts with an m.
*Elizabeth Ann Buttle gave birth to her first child on May 19th, 1956. She gave
birth to her last child on Nov 20th, 1997. The siblings were born 41 years and
185 days apart the longest gap between babies ever recorded!!! What a lucky
*In the UK, Mothers Day is often associated with the Christian holiday
Mothering Sunday. However, the two celebrations are not related!
*Mothers Day is spelt with an apostrophe (as opposed to mothers) because it
is a day for each person to celebrate his or her own mother or mother figure.
*By the 1920s, many companies began selling things to people for Mothers
Day. They were making TONS of money off this new celebration day. Anna
Jarvis actually became an activist AGAINST Mothers Day because she believed
the day should be about honoring mothers, NOT making money.

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Draw a picture of your mother, grandmother, or a mothering figure!

What are some things you love about the person you drew above?

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What are three interesting things you learned in the reading?




Who was Anna Jarvis and why is she such an important person in the
history of Mothers Day?

Why did Anna Jarvis become upset with the celebration of Mothers

Do you agree or disagree with Anna Jarvis for becoming an activist

AGAINST Mothers Day? Explain why

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