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1) UIC 4: This card proves that determinism is true because necessity must exist. When this
card refers to necessity, it refers to saying everything that has happened and ever will happen is
necessary. Basically saying that everything happens because it must happen, because there is
no alternative. If this card goes unanswered Determinism is true.
2) Coyne 12: This card basically makes the argument that free will means doing anything you
want, and we don’t have free will because we are within the constraints of the human brain and
the human body. Because science hasn’t found a way to do that, we are stuck inside a realm of
no free will. This proves true free will doesn’t exist.
3)Lucero-Montanyo 12: What Montanyo is basically saying is because we follow a code of
ethics, we have no true freedom or free will. The card also says because determinism follows a
chain of events and because the same causes will have the same effects no matter what, then
you can’t break the chain, also destroying the notion of free will.
4) Lenz 14: This starts off using Spinoza’s Monism to prove the existence of god through
pantheism, and because only God has a version of freedom, and even God can’t will freely
because of Natural laws. This means because determinism is true, god can’t act out of his own
nature. Because even god can’t act freely, and humans are just a combination of god, humans
most definitely can’t act freely. Spinoza explains why humans believe we act freely through his
holism theory.
5) Pardi 12: I think this is kind of explaining actions like inputs and outputs in functions. One
input (the action) can only have one output (the reaction). Our thoughts are never created
randomly or out of the blue, they are cause by certain things that have happened in our lives
and what situation we are in.
6)Joughin and Deleuze 88: This card says that the doctrine of free will, which would be
accepted if the judge votes neg, allows evil to not be a bad thing, but voting aff accepts
determinism, and that makes evil always a bad thing. This turns the negs impacts.
7) Cockfield 11: I’m pretty sure this card proves that surveillance by the government prevents
determinism from coming into politics. It also proves that surveillance violates civil rights,
because surveillance laws are misused
8) Miglani 12: This card is in reality life advice about living in the moment, but in the context of
the Aff it shows that not thinking about the future reduces stress and anxiety, and therefore
increases joy.

we defeat inequality. Mueller 10: Joy requires us to live in the moment. and Determinism helps us do that. because we have defeated the concept of equality 12) Tutor2u 9: Our actions are predetermined. and melancholy makes us fail and creates a submissive. .***** 11 )Dorling 13: The solution to inequality is not weighing lives against each other. people will be happier. By eliminating the idea of freedom. and is more flexible and focused on rehabilitation.” Determinism proves that punishment for crimes fails 13) Eagleman 11: It is unfair to judge and punish all criminals the same. Therefore. This card basically says joy outweighs because if we are not reliant on wealth and accomplishment. I think we could use this to solve econ collapse impacts because if we refute that econ collapse cause war and they say econ collapse still makes people unhappy. “Punishment is a failed attempt at tackling the problem of inequality in the world. whoever creates the most happiness should win the round. we have to create a more customized legal system. they increase stress and anxiety and reduce joy. Humans are not born the same. and determinism solves because we will accept the fact that nothing we can do will necessarily change our future. weak society. some are more likely to commit crimes from their creation. 14) Gregoire 13: Happiness is the most important thing in life. We need a legal system that takes this into account. 10) Deleuze and Parnet 87: ******Joy is the reason why the human race succeeds. we can just extend this card and say that with determinism they won’t care.9) Deschene 14: Since preventative measures have us worry about the future because they try to change what’s going to happen. and therefore we hold not be held responsible for them. because we would have made this decision anyway.