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This reading doesn’t intend to spoil the plot so feel free to read it if you’ve never read The Alchemist before. it would help put context to some of the examples (besides. The Alchemist is a great read so I’d highly recommend it anyways). Paulo Coelho. Adolf Hitler. -Isaac “The IlluminatiWatcher” Weishaupt . For years I’ve been exploring the hidden occult beliefs and symbolism of the entertainment industry and this is just one more example (of many) that seems to fall into the category. or anything of that nature. This isn’t intended to blaspheme New Agers. It isn’t necessary to understand the material I present. When I first read The Alchemist I couldn’t help but see the same underlying themes that have been present in tragic occult figures such as Charles Manson. and Aleister Crowley.Foreward by Isaac Weishaupt This analysis was written with the intention of exploring some of the relations Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist book has with true occult beliefs systems. however.

Paulo Coelho.Another Crowley Acolyte The overall message of The Alchemist is one that resonates with most. I’d like to take a brief glimpse at the contradictory life of the author.the Egyptian god of magic). is indeed a Crowley Thelemite… *** Alchemy is an occult science practiced by some of the greatest minds of all time in an attempt to unlock the secret powers of the universe. Over time the practice of alchemy has been revered by Freemasons. Eastern esotericism. and today’s most influential New Agers.The Magus Paulo Coelho.particularly Aleister Crowley’s Thelema and alchemy. it will be quite clear that the protagonist of The AlchemistSantiago. It is a novel that strikes the same chords as The Secret. It seems to me that he’s taken the path warned of by Father Seraphim Rose in Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future where “mind expanding” drug use.” In this analysis I intend to explore some of the themes found in the book and how they could be interpreted as occult dogma. where people are inspired to pursue what author Paulo Coelho terms their “Personal Legend. we see alchemy with its roots in ancient Egypt (the word “Khem” means “Egypt”) with hails to Hermes Trismegistus (aka Thoth. This explains why the story revolves around a boy who is pursuing a treasure in ancient Egypt at the Great Pyramids. There are many goals of alchemy that all revolve around the self-improvement of man to the point of immortality or even becoming god like… Like most examples of coded “Illuminati” symbolism. but could have some heavy occult undertones… . Rosicrucian’s. and New Age beliefs have blended nicely into a tale that seems inspirational upon first glance. First.your treasure lies where your heart is. Primarily we’ll look into his adulthood and what led to his preeminence as a famous author. By the time the reader is finished.

I traveled a lot. Many of you are familiar with the Jesuits because they frequently come up in discussion of conspiracy theories due to their controversial and esoteric past. and felt that I must try something new. He is one of the key players in this secret world of the “Illuminati” and is revered to this day by those “in the know.” . Here is an excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s blog: My family was very strict and my father sent me to the Jesuit school so that I could have real discipline. Coelho worked with a musician named Raul Seixas and introduced him to the works of Aleister Crowley. I started to see other paths and started to see that my own religion wasn’t restricted to the Jesuit perception. met people of different backgrounds. or even part of the Illuminati shape-shifting bloodline alongside other similar groups like Opus Dei. The chains of rigor were so heavy throughout my youth that very quickly I started to doubt this religion that showed no mercy. and entertainment in general. in my teenager years. and the Freemasons. and had learnt different paths to come closer to spirituality. joy was ruled out. I remember being obliged to attend mess and the constant threats of hell in the mouth of the priests. the Knights Templar. I became a hippie.Here is a man who was born in Brazil and attended a Jesuit school. Everything was sin. only constraint and suffering. Many of you are familiar with Crowley’s influence which I’ve been exposing for years now as his spiderweb intertwines with all aspects of music. Later on. After traveling the world and spending time as a ‘60s hippie (drugs and all). film. Some theorists like David Icke claim these Catholic priests are secretly worshiping a serpent deity. During this time. everything was forbidden. I think that my rebellion was what saved me: I doubted about Catholicism.

Every woman Is a Star Crowley’s religion called Thelema is literally interpreted as “the will. the law Every man. and Macklemore have been referencing The Alchemist lately… . In the Seixas song Sociedade Alternativa (written by Coelho). the law Live. Live. Live the Alternative Society The number 666 is called Aleister Crowley Hurray There are even more overt lyrics referencing Crowley’s occult belief system known as Thelema and the Aeon of Horus: Live. is to be Everything in the law. The reason for this is explained in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC where I connect the dots of the Illuminati agenda with the music industry. This should come as no surprise since we know some of the more “enlightened” rappers like Pharrell Williams. Live the Alternative Society (Hurray the new aeon)… So go Do what you want Because it's everything In the Law.particularly hip hop. Live. Big Sean.Seixas was so impressed with Crowley’s Thelema teachings that he and Coelho tried to start an anarchist commune (not so distant from similar hippie groups of the time) called the “Alternative Society” which was shut down by the Brazilian government. Live the Alternative Society Do what you want.” This Aeon of Horus is arguably part of the New Age movement.” This will come up again as we explore Coelho’s book and Santiago’s “Personal Legend. which flows into the Age of Aquarius and the push of transhumanism. Live. they have some interesting lyrics that should raise further interests into exactly what it is these two were attempting: Live.

I reference one of the main driving points of Crowley’s axiom of “Every man and every woman is a star” in that SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC because it is part .In fact.

Anytime you see Madonna’s name you must know that “the Agenda” is involved. This includes famous people such as Bill Clinton (spotted carrying it during the Monica Lewinsky ordeal). I believe.of the agenda of the New Age with the self-realization of its followers (which is evident in today’s narcissistic “selfie” generation): The University of Michigan study entitled “You’re so vain” took a look at how people interact with social media and found the younger people used it as a tool for boasting and carving an image of extraordinary individuality. This supports the idea that we’re living in an age of selfactualization and trying to find our place in this world. dreams. you are just a sheep. but everyone knows his or her limits. 1:3.' There are literally millions of people that have read this book and been influenced by it (myself included).' grins Coelho. Julia Roberts. sure. but every young person should allow the flame of rebellion to manifest in some way.” . She’s been progressing pop culture into new cultural norms since the 1980s with things that seem tame by today’s standards (e. and the treasures we find on our own doorstep. anyone can become Crowley’s “star.” Coelho isn’t bashful about his occult beliefs. In this modern time. Nelly Furtado (who decided to have a child after reading Coelho’s books) and Will Smith (who professed his admiration for the book on Tavis Smiley). Many online personalities have actually become celebrities through their YouTube channels or perhaps from starring on a reality show.g.”. because if you don't see the other side of the coin. 'I wouldn't recommend it necessarily. Madonna. Aleister Crowley People put on a persona online that fits the image of a celebrity. From a 2008 Telegraph article titled Paulo Coelho: ‘I’ve presided over a few black masses in my time…’: 'I've presided over a few black masses in my time. and in a sense they believe they are a celebrity when they accumulate followers. You'll have some risky experiences. which surprises me on some level since he is so famous.The Book of the Law. but at the same time not being able to separate ourselves from desiring to be the celebrities we are so consumed with: “Every man and every woman is a star. He has even blatantly TOLD us he’s into many of the occult practices I’ve talked about in the past. the video for Like A Prayer). Madonna once wrote about The Alchemist: “A beautiful work about magic.

Those chosen few members are freed from all ethical norms and may do what they want–even become a monster. I have no desire to make people curious about this organization. While most think magic is harmless.T. stab wounds and truncheon blows. and why I always only used the fictitious designation “Society for the Launching of the Apocalypse”. I refused to publicly utter the name O. you wrote: “Immersing myself in black magic is for me the last resort against anguish and depression.” This is why many theorists suggest that Disney has a hidden agenda with all of their stories revolving around magick. Spiritually. This is why. This is the Order of the Knights Templar of the Orient. one must understand that it has an occult background and connections to the dark arts.O.T. devouring thick books on UFOs. You focused on occultism. This organization's maxims border on spiritual fascism.O. as that could be misunderstood as recruitment. for many years.. You state that the O. However. there are actual statements from the man where he admits to some of the darker explorations of his past (including a discussion with a vampire).O.T. What practices can you attest to? I don’t like the word Satanism. I renounced it and broke off all contact. (*which is arguable because I haven’t seen a valid reference). When I realized that the O. vampires. The problem with magick (particularly “black” magick) is that it is an exchange of one thing for another. was leading me into the abyss.What stands out here is the mention of magic because that is part of the Aeon of Horus since Crowley himself was a ceremonial magician.T. witchcraft and Satanism. (Ordo Templi Orientis) under the name of Luz Eterna. we practiced black magic and worked with forces that I will not describe to you. whose chief theoretician was the Englishman Aleister Crowley. The aim is to push the experience of power to the maximum extent.O. is “worse than Satanism”. it sounds like a cheap Hollywood horror movie. In your journal. To my ears. Although no babies were sacrificed in the O. One of the followers of the “big animal” as he called himself was Charles Manson who had four people murdered in Roman Polanski’s house by gunshot. This contract is made with a spiritual realm that we can’t see. making all magick contracts susceptible to satanic influence. The reasons for my involvement in black magic are encapsulated in my past. A series of questions by Sven Michaelsen in the German Suddeutsche Zeitung reveals more: The most bizarre phase of your life began in 1969.O. In 1972. .” I remember writing that sentence but I am no longer the person who wrote it. pentagrams and astrological systems. though I did recognize that one needed an ethic in order to live. The magic(k) I am referencing is the one that ends with a “k” as our friend Aleister Crowley explained as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. I was as good as dead. Some claim that Coelho made a Faustian bargain with the Devil in order to sell books.T. so it’s difficult to discern between spirits of good and evil. you joined the satanic sect O.

The Manson Family girls were often referred to as the “Mendocino Witches” and even called each other witches. He says he “does not kiss the hand of the Pope. “We were all messed up on drugs. Brian Wilson. When the Family went to conduct the Tate murders.” What I find interesting about this story is that it is very similar to the Beach Boys’ Fire song from 1967.” –Brian Wilson. You allegedly wrote a 600-page manuscript about your experiences. and black magick. You see mention of Charles Manson and Coelho distancing himself from him. But the only book he has ever destroyed was one about his two years in the sect. .You told your biographer Fernando Morais that you met Satan six days after joining the O.’ she said.sort of.’ I deleted it from the computer and I threw the hard copy away in a waste bin in Rio de Janeiro. The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings on Rock Music by Nick Kent Another curious element here is that Brian’s brother. ‘I got a sign from the Virgin. allegedly wrote it based on a trip he had on LSD but would eventually destroy the master copies because he believed it had pyro kinetic powers after a building around the studio in which he performed it burned to the ground. Manson and his “Family” were brought into these occult experiments at places like the “Spiral Staircase” in Los Angeles but never shook the bad mojo that followed them around. We’ll revisit Manson a bit later but for now keep note of the themes presented of Coelho’s “past” interests: Crowley. that’s for sure” (from a 2007 New Yorker interview title The Magus) and that he’s also a “recovering Catholic. it gives me a kind of aura—it’s good for my biog-raphy. Christina asked him not to publish it.Dennis Wilson. The point I’m making here is that Coelho has a past of dabbling into some of the darkest arts possible. as if the sun was suddenly setting. however this is a tactic used by many occultists only since the tragic effects of Manson’s exposure to these beliefs.” Coelho told me. but my current wife advised me to destroy it and that is what I did. UFOs. “‘This is going to cause you a lot of damage. That is true. We were doing witchcraft and trying to make witchcraft music. To this day Coelho claims to be a Catholic.” In that same New Yorker article the journalist details more about Coelho destroying this manuscript: “I don’t regret my experience with black magic. and. of course.” Stop it! I do not want to talk about this subject any longer. Charles told them to “do something witchy…”.O. because of the energy. Morais writes: “Coelho noticed that the smell of death and a dark fog were permeating his apartment. befriended Charles Manson the next year and had the Family living at his home for some time. Its writer. I don’t like burning.T.

Orson Welles.After dabbling with all of these dark arts. These are all concepts found throughout The Alchemist… Again.R. The tales of The Alchemist (and other New Age works) are inspirational and digestible. New Age. and David Carradine. I argue this based on the beliefs of Father Seraphim Rose who warned us of the . Giger. Mick Jagger was in a film called Invocation of my Demon Brother filmed by Kenneth Anger who was an open Crowley Thelemite-occultist that also conducted various satanic rituals with infamous Manson Family murderer Bobby Beausoleil (who was also in Invocation of my Demon Brother with Jagger). Jagger decided to back off from the occult practices (allegedly). There was also an illustrated version of the book that was sketched by the artist Jean Giraud.translated into dozens of languages and selling millions of copies. Giger. and other designers from Dune would take some ideas with them to the Alien film project. he directed films like El Topo and The Holy Mountain which features vast amounts of dizzying occult symbolism. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jodorowsky’s work. Salvador Dali. The ideas behind his films are always to expand the mind and enter into trance-like states. The “Word of its law is Thelema” which means “Will” and it is complemented by love. The dominant trait is one finding their true will and individuality through love and personal growth. Moebius. Pink Floyd. Coelho proceeded to write The Alchemist in a two weeks. The book went on to become an international best seller. but he was also a part of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s crew for the original Dune film. Coelho shows us minimal degrees of separation from Jodorowsky. That doesn’t necessarily implicate Coelho in a secret “satanic” agenda. but it should make one wonder… It all seems a bit confusing.” Jodorowsky was originally tapped to film Dune and he was assembling various names such as H. This idea of entering into another dimension of reality is a common theme for occultists and Satanists because it allows one to commune with spirits from the “other side. but after the stabbing death at the Altamont Music Festival in 1969. Mick Jagger. and Satanism. This artist was known for his artwork on Alien. otherwise known as Moebius. meanwhile possibly misleading. Anger tried to film a similar movie called Lucifer Rising with Jagger playing the role of Lucifer. Anger proceeded to film Lucifer Rising which is about Crowley’s Aeon of Horus predictions in which he believed mankind was entering a new age dominated by the childgod featuring open practice of magick and self-realization. but I believe it’s supposed to be. Crowley.

He lays out an argument for the deception embedded into New Age belief systems which will ultimately lead people into a world of extraterrestrial channeling. Lon Milo DuQuette .New Age movement back in the 1960s.which is about a conversation he had with a real vampire (*he’s since pulled from circulation). [the Aeon of Horus] is coincidental to what astrologers and songwriters call the Age of Aquarius and what millions of others refer to simply as the New Age. and ultimately ushering in the Antichrist. one MUST wonder what his true motivations are… Yes. –The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema. If you consider Coelho’s prior works like Hell Archives and Practical Manual of Vampirism. earth worship.

some claim it to be an adaption of Jorge Luis Borges’ Tale of the Two Dreamers written in the 1930s. and then the mouth and back down to the first breast.which is quite curious since Borges was into H. An article I wrote about the triangle goes into more of the witchcraft and Egyptian Trinitarian beliefs (with yet another mention of Horus): When researching Witchcraft (‘the craft of the wise’) you can see that the upright triangle is a symbol for the 2nd Degree initiate. The cover of the book warns us of occult and magical belief systems with its symbolism of the All Seeing Eye.prominently the influence of the occult beliefs in the practitioner behind the piece of entertainment.” However. and triangle of manifestation. moon & sun. the OTO. Another symbol on the cover is that of the triangle.The Alchemist: A Tale of Occult Initiation This book was written by Coelho in a matter of a couple of weeks and he claimed that it was “written in his soul. This tale was one of “magical realism” in which magic is accepted as an actual force of nature in the tale.a characteristic of the Aeon of Horus.P. We’ve seen rappers like Jay-Z utilize this in recent years. we see more symbolism suggesting Crowley’s Aeon of Horus with this symbol. the 1st degree . Naturally. These symbols are crucial as they are found in most works of Illuminati art. This is telling us of the powers of magick and its ability to manifest things into existence. and their brand of magick in the occult. Here I believe it is intended to represent the All Seeing Eye of Horus. this seems to be something Coelho was into since he studied Crowley. ancient Egyptian deity who was involved in an epic tale of death at the hands of Set (aka Satan) only to have the deity Thoth resurrect him with his magical powers. Lovecraft and his bizarre tales that had heavy occult undertones as well. Conversely. in the process of a Witchcraft salute that follows the path of one breast to the other. The All Seeing Eye references one of many ideas. but this is an ancient symbol taken from the mystery schools of ancient Egypt to also represent male power.

And then they want the person to change.initiate gets a salute of an inverted triangle with breast-breast-genitalia. After telling him she’d like 10% of the treasure. That's the world's greatest lie." "What's the world's greatest lie?" the boy asked. we’re introduced to a shepherd boy named Santiago who questions whether or not to pursue a journey to the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. which begs of the earth worship found in many pagan faiths and even Charles Manson’s Air Trees Water Animals (ATWA) project. This is the first clue that there might be an antiChristian message behind this tale. He turned from his family’s wishes to have him enter the seminary in exchange for becoming a shepherd because he liked to travel. He sees an old woman who reads dreams and tells him there is indeed treasure in the Pyramids. completely surprised. as you can almost read a disdain for organized religion in the text of the book: That was what made traveling appeal to him — he always made new friends. Getting into the story. and our lives become controlled by fate. And it ends up saying that everyone believes the world's greatest lie. In the book Santiago professes that he “couldn’t have found God in the seminary” while admiring nature. The only clues we’re given are that it starts with a scene of a burial on a snowy day and the characters’ names are difficult to pronounce. The principle behind making and closing a triangle with a salute is because of the worship of the feminine triple goddess through a non-Christian version of the trinity. the others become angry. and the Greek Artemis-Selene-Hecate trinities. we lose control of what's happening to us. Santiago is conducting himself as normal and is reading a book that Coelho doesn’t reveal the title of. "It's this: that at a certain point in our lives." continued the old man. "It describes people's inability to choose their own destinies. they wind up becoming a part of that person's life. and he didn't need to spend all of his time with them. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives. When someone sees the same people every day. while also talking down on it: "It's a book that says the same thing almost all the other books in the world say. as had happened with him at the seminary. An old man approaches Santiago and claims to have read the book. but none about his or her own. Santiago waivers on whether or not he should really leave his sheep behind and pursue this force that draws him towards Egypt. If someone isn't what others want them to be." . This is believed to follow the Egyptian trinity of Isis-Osiris-Horus.

as he tried once again to read the burial scene that began the book. We can see the symbol today with the Mano Cornuto which is an actual witch hex (most commonly known as the “devil horns” in rock music).Crowleyism as in “Do what thou wilt” and his religion of Thelema which translates as “the will”).believed to be the town of Jerusalem or even the Canaanite region known as Shechem. on his journey into occultism." Here we see the old man reiterate that leaving the seminary was a wise choice."That's never happened to me. Doctor Zhivago was also a book used by the CIA to try and disrupt the USSR in the 1950s due to its anti-Communist stance and message that every person is entitled to a respect as a human being with a private life. "I've been trying for two years to read this book. If it is indeed from the Canaanite lands it makes me examine the name of Melchizedek more closely and we can see it is comprised of “melek” (king) and “sedeq” (righteous)." said the old man. Santiago. we can see that Melchizedek may indeed be the pagan deity that sets our main character. but I decided to become a shepherd. The people believed that he would give blessings in return for their blood sacrifice. The name draws analogies to the Melchizedek of the Book of Genesis in the Bible who was the king of Salem. Moloch is referenced as the horned deity to whom children were sacrificed in the land of Canaan. One theory about the book in reference is that it is Doctor Zhivago since it starts with a Russian Orthodox Christian burial on a snowy day and has notoriously difficult names for characters. and I never get past these first few pages. So looking at this character. Later on in the book Santiago makes another mention of trying to read the book but failing to keep interest: "That's strange." The old man reveals his name as Melchizedek and I’d like to explore that for just a moment." the boy said. "They wanted me to be a priest. The Canaanite deity known as Moloch (aka Melek) would come to mind here since it is also a symbol commonly used by occultists to this day. Strangely enough. "Because you really like to travel. He points out the rest of the people nearby in the village that have given up on their dreams for a safe and steady income. Whenever we see people referencing “light” it triggers a warning . Melchizedek proceeds to teach the boy about the importance of pursuing your dreams and that the universe will help you achieve your “will” (again. Melchizedek tells the boy that everything in life has its price and the “Warriors of the Light” teach that concept." "Much better." said the boy.subtlety referencing their misery for not pursuing their Personal Legend.

This is a brief example of the occult obsession with evolution and continuing improvement of mankind to the point of becoming gods themselves. and Jerusalem is where Solomon’s Temple was first built). When these two pillars were on either side of the entrance to Solomon’s Temple it triggered the initiate to understand they were about to be transformed by entering this mystical realm. At this point. torches.” There are always depictions of the sun and moon as well.Boaz and Jachin (Melchizedek claims to be the king of Salem. The colors of the two stones are very deliberate because they coincide with the colors of Solomon’s twin pillars.similar to what we . the twin pillars represent transformation with the illuminated initiate rising as the third pillar between the two. In consideration of the esoteric tradition. It’s another retelling of the Prometheus tale where he steals fire from Zeus to teach mankind how to use fire so they will not have to rely on the gods anymore.that we may have some Illuminati influences to consider. because occultists believe that Lucifer was the one who tried to “save” man from God. etc. The Angel of the Light is the entity referenced in symbolism of lights. Here we can argue that he might be referencing the light bearing illumination of Prometheus or Lucifer. These two stones are supposed to represent “yes” and “no” and are to be used by Santiago in his journey as omens. Santiago is the transmutated initiate. This is why we see the floors of Masonic temples adorned with black and white tiles known as “Moses Pavement.rising as the third pillar… Rising up as the transformed third pillar is representative of the equilibrium of two opposing forces (the black and the white being in total opposition. Melchizedek provides the story’s magical aspects when he gives two stones to Santiago called Urim and Thummim. fire. yes or no).

In alchemy there is much talk of the Great Work. This is a concept seen with the destruction of New York City’s twin towers and the resurrection of the single third “pillar” as the One World Trade Center. It is a veiled reference to the evolution of mankind because in the occult belief system they think man has evolved through stages of mineral.recall that “we are all one”). As the story moves along we read of many opportunities that Santiago has to turn back and give up on his Personal Legend. You’ll notice the book has a central theme of looking for omens from the universe and the “Soul of the World. the road they take one down just might be. and the Philosopher’s Stone. Eyes Wide Shut. all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.which are all prominently featured in this novel. Here’s where we start breaking down the real intent of the book.see on the cover of The Alchemist. This is why the Englishman talks to Santiago about such things while in the desert: . but he forges ahead. We see many axioms and allegories that are useful in finding motivation in finding happiness in life.” In The Secret they talk about envisioning things as mundane as a good parking spot being open. like the one Melchizedek gives him: When you want something. plant. They want you to believe you can be a god of your own world and think things into existence or even use magick to receive these “blessings. The obvious references to the New World Order are there in plain sight with the title showing us the New Age unification of the “One World” agenda. and the REAL alchemist of 2001: A Space Odyssey in KUBRICK’S CODE.” These are occult concepts that are understood by initiates and those who follow the teachings of the ascended masters. and animal I describe in my book on Kubrick’s film analysis of The Shining. We see this theme over and over again from the entertainment industry.alchemy and the occult. It is there to make the initiate reflect upon these occult ideals. A Clockwork Orange. Again we can reference New Age thoughts and beliefs similar to those found in The Secret. all the while in pursuit of evolving from human to god. While they are not inherently sinister or devious. the elixir of life. and this intention will be supported by the universe and give you what you desire (if it should be). The Soul of the World is the principle that governs all things and in the book it is the positive force that drives Santiago towards his Personal Legend because it comes from his heart (which is a part of the Soul of the World.

ANCIENT ALIENS. The infamous iconography of the Ouroboros shows the alchemical principle in action of transforming oneself in never ending improvement." He also said that this was not just a human gift. rebirth. But in the crystal shop you probably realized that even the glasses were collaborating in your success. vegetable. salt. and it has a soul. which represents different things to many cultures. that's when you are closest to the Soul of the World." The Englishman was reading books about alchemy which the narrator describes with mention of mercury.only the dragon?). This is the classic symbol of the dragon or serpent swallowing his own tail. The Alchemists use it as a principle to overcome challenges. The symbolism of these pertain to the alchemical principles of the three primes. whether mineral. Some portray the Devil as the red dragon (as discussed further in A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI. "That's the principle that governs all things. We are part of that soul. .all of which our protagonist go through in the novel (*it should also be noted that one of the versions of The Alchemist has this exact symbol on the cover). and kings.also known as the Cross of Leviathan. "Everything on earth is being continuously transformed. Sulfur is the symbol utilized by the Church of Satan. AND POP CULTURE). that everything on the face of the earth had a soul. so we rarely recognize that it is working for us. or animal — or even just a simple thought. sulfur. and mercury. When you want something with all your heart. It's always a positive force. In the book Santiago also sees dragons which is the personification of sulfur (see how he hid that in the text since he doesn’t mention sulfur in the book. . and evolution. dragons. ." he said. it's called the Soul of the World. because the earth is alive. "In alchemy.salt.The Englishman was fascinated with the part about the progress achieved at the crystal shop after the boy began working there.

Crowley acolytes such as Kenneth Grant have pursued contact with extraterrestrials. Here we learn that the alchemist himself was able to channel entities from the spiritual realm as well. The powers of your own mind and overcoming barriers through the continual selfimprovement are important to understand and implement. While Santiago is in the oasis. or impossible. Some claim the New Age movement is in . but can turn for the worse if unchecked (as I’ll explain later). making contact with spirits is one of the goals of the occult practitioners. spirituality and harmony. The reason people like myself warn of this is not because it is irrelevant. It all starts with the alchemical desire to turn lead into gold. This is part of the argument I’m presenting that pursuit of these occult beliefs can lead one down a path they’re not spiritually equipped to handle. However. untrue. you can see that this tale is about the occult transformation of Santiago as he goes through the preliminary stages of ritualistic initiation. Similar to other “left-hand” path traditions. without the proper guidance it can spiral out of control and you can eventually pursue more power at all costs.Again. He is evolving as a human being and opening up his mind to the possibilities of the universal power. but rather the inverse. Is it any coincidence that Fatima is portrayed as the Aquarian water carriereffectively ushering in the New Age of Aquarius?.. Crowley spoke of ushering in the Aeon of Horus and the ‘60s hippie movement helped it along by pushing the Aquarius traits of group consciousness. he becomes enamored with a beautiful woman named Fatima who tells him about the alchemist who “knows all the secrets of the world” (take note of the language used: “the secret”).. She tells him that the alchemist communicates with the genies of the desert. which is symbolic of the evolution of oneself. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons.which means he communicates with spirits of good and evil. as did L.

Another occult belief is that the true history of the world includes the sun god fending Mother Earth from the serpent of Saturn. The Ouroboros is literally a serpent in a circle chasing its own omen of Santiago finding new life in the desert (at the Pyramids). He explains to Santiago that he found life in the desert.a symbol that shows us the death and rebirth of a man (Santiago). rebirth.with the transition from the Age of Taurus and the bull (Moloch. which is meant to supplant Christianity and the Age of Pisces (the fish which symbolizes Jesus Christ). Again.similar to the Ouroboros. He demonstrates it by placing a cobra in a circle he makes in the sand.fact the same as the Age of Aquarius. or maybe Melchizedek) to the Age of Pisces and the fish (Jesus Christ) and finally to the Age of Aquarius and the antichrist. The “Illuminati” seek to evolve mankind and cycle us through the different ages of the Zodiac. Perhaps that is also why the alchemist appears to Santiago on a horse with a sword. Further into the dark side of the occult. forcing the snake to circle the cosmos lying in wait.Aleister Crowley used this symbol as part of the Goetia (“sorcery”) to evoke the seventy-two demons in The Goetia: . and evolution. this is the symbolism of the Ouroboros and the alchemical principle of transforming oneself in never ending improvement. drawing analogies to one of the horses of the apocalypse… One of the first lessons the alchemist teaches Santiago is about life attracting life.

He took his “Family” out there to teach them occult principles not so different from what the alchemist is teaching Santiago. The alchemist tells him that many others have pontificated from this source but offered no real guidance to help one understand its meaning.” And: “the desert will give you an understanding of the world” which I find interesting given Charles Manson’s fondness of the deserts of Death Valley. mayhem and satanic influences.with two very different results… In The Alchemist Santiago finds love and happiness.source writings by Hermes Trismegistus that lay out the alchemical principles. The alchemist also provides guidance with sayings like “…the desert is the best teacher there is. This could very well have been influenced by Manson’s teachings and time spent at places such as “The Spiral Staircase” where he openly admitted to exposing his “children” to a source of evil… . “I‘m the Devil and I’m here to do the Devil’s business” it is hard to argue that they hadn’t truly made contact with demonic entities. The universal consciousness principle and all things being one are seen in both of these examples. while in the case of the Manson Family it ended in murder. When “Tex” Watson told Sharon Tate et al. These pontificators included Isaac Newton and Aleister Crowleytwo of the most famous occultists of all time.The alchemist proceeds to tell Santiago about the Emerald Tablet.

you can see that they are fulfilling their own desires. Again.The Book of the Law. This True Will is more in line with Santiago’s Personal Legend in that it isn’t to be confused with the desires of the ego.” This is a direct reflection of Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic “will. Crowley was a vehement anti-Christian and I find it interesting that he chose the word of “will” when it is used in the Bible to refer to the will of God.” Given Coelho’s past of occult dabbling it seems rather obvious that The Alchemist was at the minimum inspired by “The Beast 666” himself. like Santiago. Santiago is in fact a Thelemite if you consider all of the evidence I’ve presented thus far. He and his wife also made a trip to the Pyramids of Egypt. this is more New Age babble. Crowley started out as a ceremonial magician with training in organized magick rituals from groups like the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This entity whispered into his ear over the course of a few nights and Crowley wrote down this dictation which would become the sacred text for his Thelema religion.How The Alchemist’s Teachings Could Go Wrong… The book centers itself on the lesson that the initiate must make contact with the Soul of the World in order to connect with their purpose in life.In Conclusion. which is echoed by occult beliefs in the destruction of the ego. While it’s a nice . It is in fact supposed to represent a higher universal calling that each person was put in this world to do. Like many Satanists. When you look at it from this angle. and here is where he contacted a spirit named Aiwass. This text that he channeled from Aiwass. but the point is that it is not to be confused with a selfish kind of want. he appears to have inverted the meaning and intent of this language. which is known in this tale as one’s “Personal Legend. speaks of living your life according to your “True Will” (a phrase that was coined by Crowley and used to this day by many).

He would hand initiates a knife and instruct them to kill him. It also gives us occult teachings and shows us how Santiago uses these things to perform supernatural feats like turning into the wind or communicating with the planetary spirits. which speaks volumes. Of course they were kicked out of the Abbey before they could perform it by the notorious dictator Benito Mussolini. it can indeed spiral out of control if taken to an extreme… Crowley believed there should be no morals.just like Santiago did after he achieved the enlightenment from his occult teachers and successfully passed his final test of communicating with the elements of the earth and turning into the wind. They literally saw the spirit world and communicated with it in order to guide their lives. whether it’s our life or our possessions or our property. boundaries.including experimenting with drugs and also a plan to kill Tom Jones by slicing his throat while also having sex with him! Another Manson principle was the destruction of fear. He would then proceed to try and frighten them in an attempt to have them overcome these fears. At one point they were going to slice a goat’s throat while copulating with it as part of some form of sex magick energy exchange ritual. or limits to the pursuit of what one’s True Will dictates. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand. They would listen to the winds and take guidance from it on their journeys. The ancient occultists understood the spiritual world and that is why the ancient Greeks and Egyptians spoke of gods walking amongst them. Crowley’s influence of doing what you desire and shattering cultural norms was kept alive by the hippie movement which came crashing to an end after the Manson Family murders which also held similar tenets. After they balked at it he would tell them he now had the karmic right to return the favor and kill them at his own will. In The Alchemist this is listed as one of the fundamental obstacles in the way of achieving one’s dreams.” Manson played on this concept when he was in the desert teaching his disciples about the importance of overcoming fear (again we have this similarity of the desert teaching us lessons as they did in The Alchemist). He experimented with this at the Abbey of Thelema in Italy where his commune kept pursuing new highs through drugs and sex. The camel driver warns Santiago about this kind of thinking: “We are afraid of losing what we have.gesture to pursue what you feel called to do in life. The Alchemist shows us the wonders of a life where focusing on the journey are more important than the destination. .

However. Just because Crowley practiced alchemy and Coelho admired Crowley doesn’t mean reading The Alchemist puts you in bed with Satan. The alchemist says: “Everything in the universe is evolved. gold is the metal that evolved the furthest. I don’t believe that people can’t change and have different beliefs over time. If I wasn’t so accustomed to connecting the entertainment industry to the occult I’d say I was surprised to learn of the author’s occult backgrounds. I actually found this book very entertaining and inspirational. Occultists believe in the importance of opening up the mind’s supernatural powers of perception through activities such as meditation. As I’ve laid .” Evolution of consciousness is always at the forefront of occult works of art. Unfortunately it seems that we’ve now got this consideration so it’s important to take a look at it. it still could’ve been inspired by the occult teachings he was being exposed to in the 60s. The disembodied spirits some of these occultists seek to contact are extraterrestrials. it does put you in the same neighborhood… If Coelho did indeed write this tale from the viewpoint of innocent inspiration.The concept of evolution is one of great importance and this book doesn’t fail to emphasize it. and then worship them.also known as the alchemical elixir of life. And. The question here is what the reader chooses to do with this message. such as this book. so that means Coelho may have unintentionally embedded these occult beliefs into The Alchemist. This will happen under the guise of evolution. It will be not much different than the extermination of “inferior” races we’ve seen from Adolf Hitler and his occult beliefs. which seem to be indicative of the latest trends in entertainment with depictions of “sexy” aliens. They want us to first believe in the existence of these other-dimensional entities. or drugs as a way to activate the chakra system. the concept embeds itself into the subconscious and comes out in filtered ways. Famed psychiatrist Carl Jung once said that symbols give meaning to the life of man and I believe the symbols of this book speak to us on a subconscious level while inspiring mankind. yoga.stating that the aliens are superior to mankind because they are further evolved. They believe they can communicate with the disembodied spirts and even have healing powers. Like all forms of symbolism. only the entire human race will be the receiving end of the treatment… Allow me to conclude this analysis with a few thoughts on how I feel about The Alchemist. for wise men.

If we don’t stay conscious about the direction we’re being led I fear that we may be opening up portals to a darker dimension than we envision. but proceed with caution and take these practices for what they are..out here. If we stay informed and cautious we can prevent making a catastrophic mistake or following the wrong teachings. it seems that one could mistakenly get involved in darker forms of worship if not careful. . meditate. or practice yoga because they can be full of great motivation and inspiration. I recommend you continue to read books like The Alchemist..

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