Personal Statement
My name is ikhsan. I was born on 13 th June 1994 in Sambeani. I am first child of
four siblings. I reside in pondidaha with my parents, and my father worked as a teacher.
Pondidaha itself is the largest corn-producing areas in Konawe. I completed primary
education and secondary schools in the area. Periods of high school is a heyday for me for
at that time I was getting a lot of experience along with classmates. When I attended high
school chemistry olympiad. After graduating from high school in 2012 I plan to continue
my studies at university. In mid-2012 I signed the written examination for admission to
Halu Oleo University and I graduated in Geology Engineering. This makes me happy
because many participants who apply to the university but only few of them managed to
pass test.
My first year on campus is quite fun as it gets new friends and I were able to
quickly adapt in the campus environment. Lots of hard times that I faced on campus but I
can face with hard work and perseverance. Majoring in geological engineering to be a
challenge for me because in this course a lot to produce students who are able to work in
the field and office.
I also joined the organization at my college, that is Marching Band Drum Corps
Halu Oleo University. I think this organization is an organization that’s very unusual,
because the band is well-known both at home and abroad. In the United States and in
other developed countries marching band is a job So, I think being a member of the
marching band had made me learn to get a job and learning to work. In the marching band
a lot of things were implemented, but can’t be obtained in any other organization.
Examples cooperate, discipline, ontime, respect, focus, and much more.
At the end of 2015 Drum Corps Halu Oleo University (DC UHO) follow the
championship, Grand Prix Marching Band (GPMB) held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Not
easy to reach this championship because of the preparation that began in early 2015. At the
time of our allowance was ranked sixth out of 25 participants, and we made it into the top
division. Many other bands who appeared serious and tough, making us to perform better
in the final later. Pada By the time we got off the final ranking of sixth position down to
seventh position. First time we felt sad, but it makes us aware that other bands may be a
little better and work better than our band. So we are trying to get better and work harder
in preparation for the next competition. I believe that the process will not betray the
results, that's what we get from our struggle. And with a little push harder will make us
rise up again.