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Censorship is a threat to education and this essay will examine the arguments for and against censorship in education. such as the banned books list. The ruling class knows that that the rise of an educated class is often a breeding ground for revolutionaries something which is detrimental to their survival. First and foremost the most debatable and controversial form of censorship today is the banning of books in school libraries. In modern society the ruling elite maintain their grasp on power through suppression of new knowledge and spread of ideas. states “Congress shall make no law infringing the freedom of speech. The debate on censorship in education is a thorny issue and would cover volumes of law books by itself. Censorship has the positive effect of protecting children from harmful influence. 2012) Censoring school books in libraries can often lead to censorship of our basic freedoms guaranteed in the First amendment. A good example is William Shakespeare though his work is regarded as a masterpiece. infringes this freedom.Censorship in education Is Censorship Necessary in education? Through out of history censorship has been part of human society as far back as the biblical times. Censorship on the other hand has the negative effect of suppressing the spread of ideas and new knowledge. censorship. In reference to the American constitution the First Amendment. (Bily. know what is good and bad. Around the world many governments restrict access to certain kind of material for their citizens they range from movies deemed to be sexual. Censorship is when a person or group of people successfully imposes their values upon others by stifling words. p. but it can also have negative effects. As children go through an education system a ruling class can indoctrinate and censor whatever they deem dangerous to their establishment and thus they bring a zombie like generation which abides by their rules regardless of their draconian nature as that is what they . Censorship has a substantial role in affecting the world we live in. The root of bigotry and illiteracy that fuel efforts to censor books and free expression are unacceptable and unconditional. images or ideas and preventing them from reaching the public marketplace of ideas. so it limits education. or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble. It decries what cannot be said and studied in school. It is easy to see why many people are opposed to Censorship in education as censorship favors the elite. Thus in this regard it violates the freedom of speech and if that freedom is taken away from students it affects their learning capabilities. political ideas and textbooks. Censorship of books in school libraries is neither uncommon nor an issue of the past. Banning books that educate students is wrong and selfish. 1988). However. it is often banned in most schools throughout the world. To stay ahead of their game they devised one of the most ingenious methods known to man that is indoctrination through the education system and also hiding the truth from the mases (Jansen. and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Books with artistic and cultural worth are still challenged constantly by those who want to control what others read.” (Pilon. 13). Students should be given the right to selfcensor and let them read whatever they wish to read as this will make them more wiser and knowledgeable i.e.

Censorship in education grew up learning and the truth was hidden from them. I also acknowledge that pornography has a huge impact on the brain of a child. For example many governments today have done away with books that advocate racism and religious extremism. In most schools today the demographics are often . depression. good portion of the masses also are in favor of censorship in education as they believe that children should be protected against vices such as violence and pornographic content. People expect the government or relevant authority to act as a watchdog to protect their children from illegal activities or items. the millennials are said to be the smartest of any preceding generation and what governments censor from the curriculum can easily be accessed on the internet. that is when a child becomes emotionally and physically unresponsive to the violence they see on set. Censorship in education is viewed as essential by many people in the society as many advocate for limits on certain kinds of material for religious or cultural reasons.e.e. the government may ban books which advocate and support forbidden material. Those in favor of removing censorship in also claim that the type of content chosen is often for the wrong reason. They also expect the government to prevent the distribution of forbidden material so as to shield their children. This in turn causes developmental stagnation in society as the masses are uneducated. The current generation i. In this situation censorship in education is necessary as to protect the children from negative influence. Some people feel that censorship in education is pointless today. student especially scholars can travel to other countries to access what is censored in their motherland. One of the feared effects is erectile dysfunction which is known to cause a domino effect on a person life ranging from failed marriages. suicidal thoughts and the list goes on. First children are great imitators. For example there has been an influx of Asian mainly of Chinese descent flocking western universities as they are more liberal thus they bypass their country’s censorship. The government may also censor books to avoid offending certain cultural group cause of the content published pertaining that ethnicity may be offensive. It is also impossible to block content on the internet. They readily assimilate and imitate what they see and hear. Pornography can scar a child for life due to its effects on the brain and also parts of the human body. I bet that no one would like his or her children to gain access to hardcore pornography and magazines. On the other hand. This shows that censorship might have some credibility but still censoring education will violate the rights and freedom of people thus this issue should be left to an individual to self-censor as students are mature enough to know what is good and bad. This also in turn causes desensitization i. The world today is a global village thus suppressing of ideas and reading materials will amount to nothing as people i. In this regard. The recent widespread hack attacks on government websites worldwide are a testament that censorship in education is pointless.e. this can negatively impact their behavior. For example many very violent movies are allowed in many cases but intellectual films and books are banned due to some minor sexual content.

Censorship may also be necessary in education as children are not educated enough to really understand complex political ideology. Banned books. MI: Greenhaven Press. . First most students lack background knowledge about political ideology and are ignorant thus this can cause a lot of unnecessary tension. The First Amendment on campus: A handbook for college and university administrators.C. (2012). We live in a free world and people should make their own choices. Therefore the government has to step in and censor what information is being in stilled on students to avoid breeding of bad elements in school and society at large. However. L. (2006). people are strongly divided on the issue of censorship in education. In conclusion. Allowing politics and books of political orientation to be discussed in institutions of learning is a recipe for disaster. While some people have solid reason to support censorship and others against censorship in education. (1988). the truth should never be hidden from the masses. The fact that the majority of leaners in education are young and immature exposing them to complex political ideas may destabilize the society as young people are radical in nature. References 1 Bily. C. 3 Bird. Jansen. Censorship: The knot that binds power and knowledge. S. D. 2. Farmington Hills. Washington. The government should give students space to practice their right and freedom. personally I feel that censorship in education is unnecessary and pointless.: NASPA. New York: Oxford University Press.Censorship in education multicultural therefore any material considered offensive must be censored to avoid any unrest in the school.

.Censorship in education .