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Appropriate Technology and Kids

Fall 2003
Welcome to CCAT’s Appropriate Technology and Kids weekend workshop.
This class will explore the theory and practice of Appropriate Technology
and seek to find the means to interpret this knowledge to children. We will
connect hands-on learning activities, environmental appreciation and
education, and the development of creative thought into the process of
curriculum development. The idea is to give children the knowledge needed
to understand resource conservation and the importance of environmental
action. Through education that relates to appropriate technology, we can
help our children create environmental consciousness

Course Requirements

To receive 1.00 unit of credit for AT and Kids (ENGR 480), the following is
• Attend both days of the workshop
• Develop a lesson plan/activity based on AT education and present this in
a written report
• Optional (but highly recommended): present the activity to a class in the

Curriculum Development
This class will focus on activating your creative mind and presenting you
with the tools to develop your own AT lesson plan. We will give you tons
of ideas, resources, and examples of incorporating the practice of
appropriate technology into a children’s hands-on activity. At the end of the
class you will practice developing curriculum ideas with a small group.
After the class is over, you will need to develop your own lesson objective
and plan out an activity to teach children about some form of appropriate
technology. My hope is that you will feel inclined to practice your activity
on real live children!! I can set you up with a local teacher and you can
present your activity to his/her class. There is also a possibility that we can
hold a workshop for children at CCAT and you could present your activity
Class Schedule

Friday Sept. 26th 3:00-6:00 pm

3:00-3:20 Introduction to class and each other

3:20-3:40 Intro to Appropriate Technology: theory and practice

3:40-4:45 In-depth tour of CCAT

4:45-5:30 Curriculum formulation: the 4 R's, Cornell flow model,

creative thought process

5:30-6:00 Activity - "Creative Thinking"

Saturday Sept. 27th 9:00am-5:00

9:00-10:00 Orange meditation and food-production activity about the

environmental issues in regard to food

10:00-11:00 AT topics, importance of environmental awareness, Recap

11:00-12:00 Environmental Education Game

12:00-1:00 Lunch (please bring your own). Take time to look at

our AT and Kids books to get activity ideas!

1:00-3:00 Hands-on curriculum activities:

1) Newspaper Architecture of Efficient Homes
2) Solar Oven making
3) Nature Journals

3:00-3:15 Activities discussion

3:15-4:15 Divide into small groups for curriculum formulation

4:15-5:00 Short presentation on curriculum ideas