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How to configure my AP work in Client Mode
Suitable for: TL-WA5110G, TL-WA5210G, 300Mbps Wireless N Access Points, 150Mbps Wireless N Access Points

Information of Root Router:
Encryption Type: wpa2-psk
lPassphrase: 0123456789
Since the DHCP function on the AP is disabled by default, we have to manually assign an IP address for the computer to
match the default IP address ( of the Client. Please click here for detailed instruction.
Here, you can configure the IP address as

10/30/12 20:23

we can change the IP to “192. type in 192. In this instance. In the address bar.1.168. 2.254. 10/30/12 20:23 . Then type in the user name and Connect the computer to the LAN port of AP with an Ethernet cable.168.0.1”.Welcome to TP-LINK 2 of 5 http://www. Log onto the Client’s management page. Then click Save. then press enter. Click Network on the left side menu.How to configure my AP work in Client Mode . Please make sure the Repeater’s IP address is in the same IP segment with the Root Router’s to avoid the IP conflict. they are both “admin”.tp-link. Configuration on Client (TL-WA5110G OR TL-WA5210G): 1.

100/255. Click Wireless -> Wireless mode. 4.0. Find the Root Router’s SSID on the AP list. 6.255. Then click survey.168.168. select AP mode. Select Client as the wireless Mode.0 Logon the web page with And then change the IP address of your computer back to 192. and then click Connect.Welcome to TP-LINK 3 of 5 http://www.255.1 3.0.How to configure my AP work in Client Mode . 5. 10/30/12 20:23 . and click save. click on operation mode. Click Save. On the left side menu.

tp-link. the Client should work properly with the Root Router. You must make sure the Security type of your root AP. If the computer is still connected to the Client with the cable.Welcome to TP-LINK 4 of 5 http://www. Here we take wpa2-psk as a example. please wait until it refresh back to the status page. Then click Save. After you go through all the above If you see this picture. and type in the password “0123456789”. Click Wireless ->Security settings. you can check the connectivity by Pinging the IP of Root Router on the computer. 10/30/12 20:23 .How to configure my AP work in Client Mode . 7. NOTE: If you have a broadband router which provide you Internet connection. Select WAP-PSK/WPA2-PSK. please re-configure the IP settings of your computer to Obtain an IP address automatically/Obtain a DNS server address automatically to suitable for the router in order to connect to Internet after done the settings.

How to configure my AP work in Client Mode .Welcome to TP-LINK 5 of 5 10/30/12 20:23 .tp-link.