Examples of Text Types

A. Narrative : “The Queen of Arabia and Three Sheikhs”
1. Generic Structure
- Orientation: the text introduce the Queen Maura and three sheiks in
Arabia once time.
- Complication: Queen Maura finds out that it was very difficult to choose
one as the best among them.
- Resolution: finally Queen Maura has a convincing way to choose one and
he is Sheik Hakim.
2. Paraphrase
Once upon a time in a kingdom far away in the vast desert of Middle
East, there lived a beautiful queen named Maura. She was too beautiful to be a
leader of a rich kingdom, it made her becomes the dreamed wife of every men,
including three sheikhs that lived in the kingdoms nearby. They were Salman,
Habeeb and Hakeem.
In the middle of the great trading conference between the kingdoms,
Queen Maura decided to find the right man to be his King. It was a difficult
things to do since almost all of the candidates came from a wealthy and strong
kingdom. After a long time of thinking, she found a way to choose the best
man for her. In the middle of the night, she disguised as a poor and ugly
woman. She entered the camps of the sheikhs and ask them for food. Habeeb
gave her leftover food, Salman gave her a really unappetizing camel tail, but
Hakeem gave her a very delicious meal of lamb curry and a loaf of bread. She
was so disappointed with the act of Hakeem and Salman, yet she was so
adored by Hakeem’s generousity.
The other day, Queen Maura asked those sheikhs to have a dinner in
her palace. Salman, Habeeb and Hakeem were given the same food as what
they gave to her on that night. Yes, Hakeem got a delightful meal of lamb
curry and bread, Salman got a camel tail and Habeeb got a leftover food.
Hakeem looked so sad when he knew the other sheikhs got those unpalatable
foods, and decided to share his food with them. After the dinner, Queen Maura
made her final decision and chose Sheikhs Hakeem as her King. “Without
question, Hakeem is the most generous of you” she announced her choice to
the sheiks. “So it is Hakim I will marry”.
B. Recount : “A Short Trip To Yogyakarta”
1. Generic Structure
- Orientation: I and my family had a one day vacation to Yogyakarta.
- Events: We spent a day in some places in Yogyakarta
- Reorientation: We arrived home safely.

2. Paraphrase

I saw many foreign visitors too. We were tired but happy. We stayed there for an hour.M.Identification : Prambanan is a magnificent temple built by two kings from Java in the 10th century. there are two temples wedge. Rakai Pikatan and Rakai Balitung. Then we went to Parangtritis beach. We drove back to Semarang at 7 o'clock and arrived home at ten. The request was nearly fulfilled when Jonggrang asked the villagers to pound rice and to make a big fire that created an atmosphere like the morning. My sister and I sat in the back seats. First of all we visited our uncle. New Bondowoso can make the 999 statues cursed Jonggrang into the statue-1000 because he felt cheated. Brahma. Roro Jonggrang and the legend of Prambanan -Parts of Prambanan Temple 2. and Garuda for Vishnu. My father prepared the car in the garage while mother was preparing food for breakfast and some snacks for us. The third temple is the symbol of Trimurti in Hindu belief. We arrived at Yogyakarta. There is a legend that Javanese people always tell about this temple. Prambanan temple has three main temples in the primary yard. to show Hindu triumph in Java. After everything got ready and we had our breakfast. in the middle area that is now a beautiful park. We did not swim and take a bath since the wave was rough. Once. Report : “Mangrove Tree” . It was about nine A. Jonggrang asked Bondowoso make 1000 temples with statues in one night. My mother sat beside him. the second page had 224 temples. All three temples were facing east. four of the temple curtain. Meanwhile. Because of his love. My sister and I packed some clothes. After having lunch. Rose as high as 47 feet (5 meters higher than Borobudur temple). We got there at eleven o'clock. We woke up early in the morning. Each main temple has accompanying temple facing to the west. . Swan to Brahma. namely Nandini for Shiva. Generic Structure . we left the house at six o'clock. There were a lot of tourists because it was holiday. Paraphrase Prambanan is a stunningly beautiful building built in the 10th century during the reign of two kings. and 4 corner temples. and Shiva. we went on our picnic to the museum and Malioboro shopping centre. This temple is located 17 kilometers from the city center. a man named Bandung Bondowoso loved Roro Jonggrang. My father drove the car. I went to Yogyakarta with my family.Last week. Descriptive : “Prambanan Temple” 1. namely Vishnu. My parents watched us playing with sand in the beach.Description : -Bandung Bondowoso.the foundation of this temple has fulfilled the desire. In addition. C. D.

. Brackish water is salty but not as salty as sea water. Yet they also need to be firmly attached to the ground so they are not moved by waves. especially after the tsunami. Mangroves have special aerial roots and salt-filtering tap roots which enable them to thrive in brackish water. There are several species of mangrove tree found all over the world.Description : -Kinds of mangrove tree around the world -Parts of a mangrove tree 4. Mangrove trees are commonly planted and found in coastal areas. Paraphrase A mangrove is a tropical marine tree. Some prefer areas that are sheltered from waves. these roots procedure additional roots that become embedded in the soil. As the soil begin to build up. Some species have their roots covered with sea water every day during high tide. Any part of root that appears above the water flows oxygen to the plant under water surface. The Times of India reported that rare species of mangrove had been found and was also known as the looking-glass tree. Mangroves can serve as walls of protection for natural disaster in coastal area like tsunami. Mangroves need to keep their trunk and leave above the surface of the water. probably because the leaves are silver-coated. According to BBC News. Generic Structure . while others like to be very-close to a large fresh water source such as river.3. healthy mangrove forests had helped save lives in the Asia disaster tsunami and people tended to respect these natural barriers even more. Other species grow on dry land but are still part of the ecosystem. Some prefer more salinity.General classification : A mangrove tree is a tree that lives in tropical areas around the world. .