Topic: Having a physical therapy at least once a month as an effective way in improving

Silliman University College swimmer’s physical endurance
Thesis Statement: Although Silliman University college swimmers have their effective
regime in swimming having a Physical therapy at least once a month as well can help
them better in enhancing and prolonging physical endurance of swimming athletes.
Indicating that having physical therapist that focus the human anatomy to guide them
along makes it easier in improving not only on their physical endurance but also in
physical prowess.

Research Questions:

What are the major factors of having Physical therapist?
What can physical therapy do for swimming athletes?
How can physical therapy help swimming athletes?
How can the swimmers enhance and prolong the physical endurance in their own
How can physical therapy strengthen swimming athlete’s endurance?
Why do swimming athletes need physical therapy at least once a month?
What common treatments do physical therapy used for swimming athletes?
How do swimmers manage the expenses of physical therapy?

9) What are the experienced ailments of swimming athletes?
10)What are the types of swimming styles or strokes used by swimming athletes?
11) What kinds of regime do swimming athletes practice?
12)What are swimming athlete’s snacks and meals that can help boost their physical

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Health care professional 1. B. Rest and food 5. treatment. C. The major factors of having physical therapist A. Freestyle Backstroke Breast Butterfly Kinds of regime and techniques A. Warm down . heat strokes 1. Cramps 1. Good form 4. preventive care and consultation B. Work on breathing 6. Minimizes high expenses of swimmer III. To assist individuals maximal physical functioning and health C. Utilizes the principles of sports and exercises II. Warm up 2. Prolonged exposure to high temperature IV. Practitioner 1. Sports therapy 1. Experience of ailments of swimming athletes A. Physical therapy at least once a month A. V. Practice drills 3.Topic Outline Introduction: I. Responsible for the evaluation. D. Swimming tips for faster stronger and longer swimming 1. Involuntary contraction of muscles B. Swimming styles or strokes used by swimming athletes A.

B. Have a goal at all times . Build your base 5. Start off slowly 2. Get sound device 3. Swimming training 1. Get the right equipment 4.