Successful completion of the program will enhance the skills of participants and
enable them to :-

DATE : 29 & 30 Sept 2015

VENUE : Armada Hotel,
Petaling Jaya

: RM 2,950 per pax or

GROUP FEE : RM 2,850 per
pax with a minimum of 3 pax

Understand the major motor types
Understand the mechanical parts of motors and drives
Understanding the electrical components of motors and drives
Understand the motor maintenance and trouble shooting
Understand the working gear reducers and gear motors
Understand variable and adjustable speed drives

* Fee to be added 6% of GST

❑ This program is suitable for electrical technicians, engineers, maintenance
personnel and person in charge of motors and drives.


This program includes industrial based case studies, discussion and sharing sessions.
Some video presentation included in this program.

This course provides an opportunity to
learn the industrial motors and drives
with the combination of both into one
training class.
Participant will be introduced to the
concept of various types of electric
motors, gear reducers, gear motors
and variable speed drives.
With the detail understanding of the
motors and drives, this course will
help participant to enhance their
knowledge and to be practice at the
workplace to minimize overall cost of
maintenance motors and drives and
their components.

Training Schedule

Registration and breakfast
Training begins

Coffee break
Training resumes
Training resumes

Coffee break
Training resumes
Training End

40 300 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 |

SECTION 20.cssmalaysia. 40 300 SHAH ALAM. SURI PUTERI COMMERCIAL | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 | askcss@cssmalaysia. SELANGOR www. GEAR MOTORS AND VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES 
 COURSE CONTENTS DAY 1 DAY 2 Major Motor Types • AC Single Phase • AC Polyphase • Direct Current (DC) • Gearmotors • Brakemotors • Motors For Precise Motor Control • Permanent Magnet (PMAC) Motors • Benefits of PMAC Motor 
 Motor Maintenance • Lubrication Procedure • DC Motor Trouble-Shooting • AC Motor Trouble-Shooting • Relubrication Interval Chart
 Common Motor Types and Typical Applications • Alternating Current Designs • Elevator Motors • Direct Current Designs Mechanical Considerations • Enclosures and Environment • NEMA Frame/Shaft Sizes • NEMA Frame Suffixes Frame Prefixes • Mounting • Types of Mounts • Application Mounting • Motor Guidelines for Belted Applications Electrical Characteristics and Connections • Voltage • Phase • Current (Amps) • Hertz/Frequency • Horsepower • Speeds • Insulation Class • Service Factor • Capacitors • Efficiency • Encoders • Thermal Protection (Overload) • Shaft Grounding Devices • Faraday Shield • Grounding Brush • Shaft Grounding Ring • Insulated Bearings • Torque Speed Characteristics • Individual Branch Circuit Wiring • Motor Starters • Across the Line Starting of Induction Motors • Magnetic Starters • Reduced Voltage Starters • Primary Resistance Starters • Autotransformer Starters • Wye-Delta Starting • Part Winding Starters • Reading a Model Number • Major Motor Components Gear Reducers and Gearmotors • Right-Angle Worm Gear Reducers • Parallel-Shaft Gear Reducers • Gearmotors • Installation and Application Considerations • Special Environmental Considerations • Gear Reducer Maintenance Variable and Adjustable Speed Drives • DC Drives • AC Drives • “One Piece” Motor/Drive Combinations AC Drive Application Factors • Motor Considerations With AC Drives Routine • Maintenance of Electrical Drives Engineering Data • Temperature Conversion Table • Mechanical Characteristics Table • Electrical Characteristics Table • Fractional/Decimal/Millimeter Conversion CITY SKILLS SOLUTION SDN BHD (1001383-P) NO . PERSIARAN JUBLI PERAK.INDUSTRIAL MOTORS AND DRIVES : ELECTRIC MOTORS. GEAR REDUCERS.

He holds a Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Hertfordshire with over 12 years of work experience. AC & DC drive troubleshooting. Kaldip brings with him extensive experience from the corporate world and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic “Technical Trainers” blending practical concerns. Total Preventive & Predictive Maintenance. PERSIARAN JUBLI . 40 300 SHAH ALAM. Mathcad. Hydraulics & Technical projects. He worked as a Process Engineer. Mr. SURI PUTERI COMMERCIAL CENTRE. Total Preventive & Productive Maintenance. Manager for a large Multinational company. He has extensive experience as the Technical Trainer and also as the Project Leader for 5S of Housekeeping. Engineering Design (AutoCAD). With his skillful delivery. AC & DC motor troubleshooting and maintenance. Matlab. Mechanical Asst. Hydraulics System & Maintenance. CITY SKILLS SOLUTION SDN BHD (1001383-P) NO 13B. Circuit Analysis. SECTION 20. He believes that effective training needs beyond just classroom knowledge. Project Management. Kaldip S is an acknowledged practitioner and Technical Trainer in the areas of Electronic workbench (EWB). Maintenance Management.
 OUR CONSULTANT Mr. Eldro Brake System.cssmalaysia. He regularly conducts training and consulting for many organizations and these organizations have benefited tremendously from his | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 | askcss@cssmalaysia. His training sessions are highly interactive. SELANGOR www. Pneumatics System & Maintenance. He is much sought after Trainer and Consultant in the areas of his mentioned expertise whereby he conducts classes for Degree and Master’s program. one can expect to learn deeper understanding of advanced techniques to be better equipped for the challenges in the new global economy. Variable Speed Drives. Autocad& Solid Work. Electro Pneumatics & Hydraulics. Electrical. fun and very practical oriented.Solid work.

However. PERSIARAN JUBLI PERAK. SECTION 20. give us a call or email to us for us to assist on the hotel reservation DISCLAIMER Our Course Leader and course contents are confirmed at the time of printing. No 13B. SELANGOR www. if you need accommodation assistance. Selangor Darul Ehsan PAYMENT DETAILS Payment must be made within 7 working days upon the confirmation and receipt of invoice All payment must be made payable to : Name : City Skills Solution Sdn Bhd Account Number : 562218206974 Bank : Maybank Berhad. Selangor Darul Ehsan *Please send us the copy of any payment instruction. City Skills Solution Sdn Bhd reserves the right of any changes 
 CITY SKILLS SOLUTION SDN BHD (1001383-P) NO 13B. Seksyen 18. there will be no refund & participant is subject to 100% full course fee because the arrangement has already being made *We do not provide accommodation for this course. 46 & 48. transfer or remittance advice CANCELLATION All cancellation must be made through email or in writing to us CANCELLATION REFUND Full Refund : if the cancellation being made more than 14 days prior to the course start date. Suri Puteri Commercial Centre. 40 300 Shah Alam.REGISTRATION Call : +603 5545 4957 | Fax : +603 5548 4958 | Email : register@cssmalaysia. However. 40 200 Shah Courier : City Skills Solution Sdn Bhd. Jalan Pinang C 18 /C. Persiaran Jubli Perak. after registration being made No refund : if the cancellation being made less than 7 days prior to the course start date. after registration being made In case of No Show during the training date. after registration being made 10% course fee : if the cancellation being made within 7 to 14 days prior to the course start date. 40 300 SHAH ALAM.Section 20. | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 | askcss@cssmalaysia. SURI PUTERI COMMERCIAL .

TRAINING REGISTRATION FORM Course : Date Venue Fee per pax Group Fee : : : : Industrial Motors & Drives : Electric Motors. SELANGOR www. Petaling Jaya RM . Gear Motors and Variable Speed Drives 29 & 30 Sept 2015 Armada Hotel. SECTION 20. Substitute is allowed but City Skills Solution must be informed for any substitution being made
 CITY SKILLS SOLUTION SDN BHD (1001383-P) NO 13B.950 + 6% GST RM 2. 40 300 SHAH ALAM. Gear | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 | askcss@cssmalaysia.cssmalaysia.850 per pax for a minimum of 3 pax + 6% GST Participants Name: ______________________________________ Designation: ______________________________________ Office Telephone: ______________________________________ Email: ______________________________________ Mobile: ______________________________________ Name: ______________________________________ Designation: ______________________________________ Office Telephone: ______________________________________ Email: ______________________________________ Mobile: ______________________________________ Name: ______________________________________ Designation: ______________________________________ Office Telephone: ______________________________________ Email: ______________________________________ Mobile: ______________________________________ AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL I confirmed the above participant (s) from my company and understand the course’s rules and regulations stated in this form Company Name: ___________________________________ Person in Charge: ___________________________________ Designation: ___________________________________ Email: ___________________________________ Telephone & Fax: ___________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________ Company Stamp: ___________________________________ *This form can be photocopied for more participants’ registration. SURI PUTERI COMMERCIAL CENTRE. PERSIARAN JUBLI PERAK.

40 300 SHAH ALAM. and where do you currently see this employee with regards to this training area. Please allow 10-15 minutes to give a thought to this programme. SECTION 20. SELANGOR | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 | askcss@cssmalaysia. what do you expect this employee to gain after the training? Apakah harapan anda kepada beliau di dalam konteks peningkatan mutu kerja & kemahiran selepas menghadiri kursus ini? Signature: Date:
 CITY SKILLS SOLUTION SDN BHD (1001383-P) NO 13B.City Skills Solution Sdn Bhd Pre-Training Assessment Supervisory-Assessment Form The purpose of this document is to help assess your employee who has been nominated for a training.cssmalaysia. PERSIARAN JUBLI PERAK. Supervisor Name : Employee Name : Course Name & Date : What is the main reason (s) this employee is nominated to attend the above training? Apakah sebab utama beliau dicalonkan untuk menghadiri kursus ini? How is the current skills for this employee prior to the training? Bagaimanakah kemahiran beliau sebelum menghadiri kursus ini? In terms of skills & improvement. SURI PUTERI COMMERCIAL .

SURI PUTERI COMMERCIAL CENTRE. SECTION 20. PERSIARAN JUBLI PERAK. etc) Sila nyatakan jika anda mempunyai permintaan tambahan untuk kursus ini (Modul. Name : Position : Course Name & Date : Have you been to the same type of training before? What is your expectation level of knowledge you expect from this training? Adakah anda pernah menghadiri kursus yang sama sebelum ini? Apakah harapan anda di dalam konteks pengetahuan terhadap kursus ini? How is your knowledge for the course before you attend this training? Bagaimana tahap pengetahuan anda sebelum menghadiri kursus ini? Please state any additional request for the training (Module. Please allow 10-15 minutes to give a thought to this training.City Skills Solution Sdn Bhd Pre-Training Assessment Nominated Employee-Assessment Form The purpose of this document is to help assess your expectation for this | Tel 03 5545 4957 | Fax 03 5545 4958 | askcss@cssmalaysia. and where do you currently see this training important for your career. SELANGOR www. Topic. dll) Signature: Date: CITY SKILLS SOLUTION SDN BHD (1001383-P) NO 13B. 40 300 SHAH ALAM. .cssmalaysia.