Relay and Substation Test System


Relay and Substation Test System

toolbox for substation 3-phase testing


currents and four voltages



and reliable for field use


of 900 V and 105 A in single
phase mode


and primary testing



The SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System is the engineer’s
ultimate toolbox that addresses the increasing need for three-phase
testing capability in electrical distribution substations, renewable
power generation stations and industrial applications. The intuitive
user interface is presented on the LCD touch screen. It has a powerful combination of current and voltage sources and a versatility of
measurement possibilities.


The SVERKER 900 is specifically designed for basic, manual threephase secondary testing of protection devices. In addition, various
primary testing can be performed, since the current and voltage
sources can be series- and/or parallel connected to allow for up to
105 A AC or 900 V AC output. All three current and four voltage
sources can be individually adjusted with respect to amplitude,
phase angle and frequency. The fourth voltage source allows for
testing of numerical relays that needs a reference voltage simulating
the busbar.

and maintenance of distributed and
generator power Substation


Electromechanical relays


Static relays


Numerical relays


current transformer excitation curves


and voltage transformer ratio tests


measurement for CT circuits


(direction) tests


Three phase


Single phase


All four voltage generators in series.


injection in switchgear


All three current generators in parallel.



SCADA annunciation and measurement values


2. Mains inlet 9. These instruments can also be used to take measurements in external circuits. 12. Each input can be set to respond to the presence or absence of voltage (AC or DC) at a contact. CURRENT GENERATORS The current generators can be used separately. Main knob For setting of current. Ethernet port For authorized service actions 3. power and power factor can also be measured. phase angle. BINARY INPUTS 1 – 4 The binary inputs are independently programmable gate circuits that permit simple selection of the desired mode for voltage or contact monitoring operation. 7. All outputs provide variable frequency. 1. All current and voltage sources/generators are galvanically separated from each other and from ground. in parallel or in series. On / Off switch 11. Binary input 1 has a selectable threshold voltage. Resistance. USB For external keyboard. mouse. The current generators delivers maximum compliance voltage to the load constantly during the test. EXTRA TIMER The timer has separate start and stop inputs. A and V Current and voltage are measured by the built-in ammeter and voltmeter. on-the-fly. Touch screen 5. voltage and other parameter values. 1 7 2 8 9 10 11 2 3 4 12 5 6 13 . Ground (earth) connection 10. under load. or similar power system operations. impedance. 8. saving test data and for updating internal SW. and it can be used to measure both external cycles and sequences initiated by SVERKER. in parallel or in series. The measured time appears on the display.SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System Panel description 6. Readings appear on the display. BINARY OUTPUT The binary output is used to simulate normally open / normally closed contacts for testing breaker failure schemes.7” LCD touch screen 13. 5. All outputs are independent from sudden changes in mains voltage and frequency. In addition it may also be used to switch AC/DC voltages and currents. and range changing is done automatically. VOLTAGE GENERATORS The voltage generators can be used separately. and are regulated so changes in load impedance do not affect the output. 4.

The front HMI includes non-volatile build in data storage for saving tests and test results. test files/results could be transferred in between the SVERKER 900 and a PC. Run the CT Magnetization instrument in auto or manual mode. from making a simple primary injection in a switchgear to more complex secondary relay protection testing. „„ Prefault and fault test „„ Impedance ramping *Will be released later. auto recloser. By using the USB be used mainly to test relay which require a simulation of a prefault state before the fault simulation Ramping instrument „„ Automatic „„ Time determine the pickup threshold testing. SVERKER 900 contains a range of test instrument to be used depending of what kind of test to perform. where the conversion from the impedance into voltages and currents is automatically done by SVERKER 900.g. e. motor starts.SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System Front HMI Test instruments The front HMI provide the user with a very simple way to manually or semi-automatic perform the tests.measure CT Magnetization instrument „„ Test to determine the knee point voltage of the current transformer Prefault – Fault instrument „„ Timing test . 3 .g. Intuitive menu screens and touch screen buttons are provided to quickly and easy select the desired test function. Using the different test instruments you can set the output for the voltage and current generators. Main instrument „„ Timing test „„ Manual determine the pick-up and drop-out of relay contact „„ General: set . when testing df/dt relays Sequence instrument „„ Simulation of sequences e. re-striking earth fault Impedance instrument* „„ The impedance screen allows to test relays directly from the so called impedance plane. The front HMI eliminates the need for a computer when testing virtually all types of relay or primary equipment in a substation. From the Main instrument you easily run the general tests. Test files are saved in csv format for use with Excel® to create reports.inject . but also control them with the main knob. The operation is simplified by use of a built-in computer operating system and touch screen.

Virtually all types of single-phase and three-phase protection can be tested.SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System Protective relay testing Examples of what SVERKER 900 can test ANSI® No. from modern multifunction relays to electromechanical relays. It can inject current up to 105 A when high range is needed and it has a frequency range from 10 Hz up to 600 Hz and also DC could be utilized./ ground fault relays Inverse time overcurrent-/ ground fault relays Power factor relays Overvoltage relays Voltage or current balance relays Directional overcurrent relays / ground fault relay Motor overload protection DC overcurrent relays Phase-angle measuring or out-of-step protection relays Automatic reclosing devices Frequency relays Carrier or pilot wire Differential protection relays (differential circuits) Directional voltage relays Voltage and power directional relays Tripping relays 21 24 25 27 32 37 40 46 47 49 50 (N) 51 (N) 55 59 60 67 (N) 66 76 78 79 81 85 87 91 92 94 Application example IMPORTANT! Read the User’s manual before using the instrument. with intelligent software to perform rapid testing. The connection shows a general configuration that applies to most types of relay testing. In the “expert mode” the user have the possibility to add layers of superimposed frequency. The rugged hardware design is built for field use over a wide temperature range. 4 . SVERKER 900 is performing a wide area for manual secondary testing of protective relay equipment. Distance protection / under impedance relay Overfluxing relays Synchronising or synchronism-check relays Undervoltage relays Directional Power relays Undercurrent or underpower relays Loss of field relays Negative sequence overcurrent relays Phase sequence voltage relays Thermal relays Overcurrent.

5% of reading + 3 mA 0-10 A ±0. 5 .0 kg (64 lbs) with accessories and flight case (with wheels..01 (ind) 0º . Swedish Display Available languages 350 x 270 x 220 mm (13.240 V AC.1º <0. All hardware data are for full scale values.8º Phase angle (º) 1) Impedance and power measurement AC Z(Ω). GD-00185) 23.7”) 615 x 295 x 500 mm (24. Specifications are subject to change without notice.7 lbs) with accessories and flight case (GD-00182) 5.5% of reading + 7 mV ±0.5 A ±0. 0 to 999 ms BINARY INPUT 1 Adjustable threshold and hysteresis Timer Range Inaccuracy 0 – 50 ms 50 – 500 ms > 500 ms Resolution ≤ 1 ms ≤ 2 ms ≤ 1% 1 ms Voltmeter Measurement method: AC true RMS.5% of reading + 30 mV ±0.01 (cap) to 1 < 0.8 lbs) Instrument only 29.2” x 11.04 to +0. S(VA).4 and EXTERNAL TIMER Start/Stop Number 6 Type Dry or wet contacts max. (77°F ±5. P(W) Range Up to 999 kX (X=unit) 1) Valid with current >1 A and voltage >10 V BINARY OUTPUTS Insulation 250 V AC Current 1 A (max) Voltage 250 V AC or 120 V DC Continued on next page.01 <0.. Spanish. non-condensing 2000 m (6500 ft) IEC 60068-2-27 IEC 60068-2-6 CE-marking EMC LVD IEC61326-1 IEC61010-1:2010 General Mains input Current consumption Power consumption Dimensions Instrument Flight case with wheels Flight case 100 . 0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F) -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F) 5% – 95% RH. 3 . R(Ω).6” x 19.01% < 10 mHz Ammeter Measurement method: AC true RMS. DC mean value Insulation 900 V.5% of reading + 3 mV ±0.5% of reading + 10 mA Ranges AC 0-200 mA ±1% of reading + 2 mA 0-1.5 A ±1% of reading + 3 mA 0-10 A ±1% of reading + 20 mA Resolution 1 mA Frequency Range 10 Hz – 600 Hz Inaccuracy < 0. DC mean value Inaccuracy Ranges DC 0-200 mA ±0.4”) Measurement section BINARY INPUTS 1. German.5% of reading + 2 mA 0-1.8” x 10.6” x 14. 240 V AC or 340 V DC Galvanic Isolation Galvanically separated Max measuring time 35 minutes Debounce filter Settable. 1273 Vpeak Input rating 900 V Inaccuracy Ranges DC 0-1 V 0-10 V 0-100 V 0-900 V Ranges AC 0-1 V 0-10 V 0-100 V 0-900 V Resolution Frequency Range Inaccuracy Resolution ±0.X (Ω).SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System Specifications SVERKER 900 Specifications are valid for resistive load. P(W). Q(VAR) DC R(Ω).7” LCD Touch screen English. 50 / 60 Hz 10 A (max) 1800 VA (max) Weight 14. 2.360º <0.9 kg (32.5% of reading + 300 mV ±1% of reading + 5 mV ±1% of reading + 10 mV ±1% of reading + 50 mV ±1% of reading + 300 mV 1 mV 10 Hz – 600 Hz < 0.01% Resolution < 10 mHz Extra measurements Power factor and phase angle measurements Ranges Resolution Inaccuracy Power factor cosϕ -0. French. Environment Application field Temperature Operating Storage & transport Humidity Altitude (operational) Shock and vibration Vibration For use in high-voltage substations and industrial environments.7”) 620 x 295 x 365 mm (24.4°F) after 30 minutes warm up time and in the frequency range 10 Hz to 70 Hz.6” x 8.9 kg (52.4” x 11. at 170-240 voltage supply and ambient temperature +25°C ±3°C.

5º (at 50 - 60 Hz) Inaccuracy 2) Resolution < 1º Frequency Range 10 Hz . Current generators in single-phase mode. AC or DC Current generators in parallel: I1 // I2// I3 Current Power (max) Voltage (max) 15 A 750 VA 50 V 45 A 750 VA 16. Floating common return is made by using jumper connectors Range 4-phase AC 4 x 300 V 4-channel DC 4 x 300 V Power 4-phase AC 4 x 125 VA (max) 4-channel DC 4 x 125 W (max) Inaccuracy 0.25% max) Distortion(THD+N)1) Resolution 1 mA Compliance voltage ≤50 Vrms Phase Angle range 0º .5 % of reading.4 A CURRENT GENERATORS Current outputs I1. U3 and U4/DC out.360º < 0.13% typical (0.3” x 2. U3 and U4/DC out All voltage sources/generators are galvanically separated from each other and from ground. in range 0.7”) 0.14% typical (0.05% of reading Distortion(THD+N)1) < 0.SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System Generation section VOLTAGE GENERATORS Voltage outputs U1.7 A Current (max) 0. 2) The specification is valid for resistive load ≤0.5 A 3.5 A < 0.2 A 3.03 % (45 – 66 Hz) Inaccuracy 2) Resolution < 10 mHz 1) THD+N: Values at 50/60 Hz. U2. 0. 200-300 V.03% range + 0.2º (50 – 60 Hz) Inaccuracy 2) Resolution < 1º Frequency Range 10 Hz .360º < 0. Voltage generators in single-phase mode.03 % (45 Hz - 66 Hz) Inaccuracy 2) Resolution <10 mHz 1) THD+N: Values at 50/60 Hz.1”) 110 x 64 x 44 mm (4.5 V 50 A 750 VA 14.0 A 4.5” x 1.15 A. Measurement band with 22-22 kHz.9 lbs) 10 A (max) . AC or DC 4 Voltage Voltage Power generators (max) in parallell: 300 V 375 VA U1 // U2 // U3 // U4 100 V 300 VA 67 V 300 VA External load: min 7 Ω 3 Voltage Voltage Power generators (max) in parallell: 300 V 312 VA U1 // U2 // U3 100 V 250 VA 67 V 250 VA External load: min 9 Ω Voltage Power 4 Voltage generators (max) in series: 900 V 450 VA U1 – U2 – U3 – U4 400 V 360 VA 268 V 350 VA External load: min 100 Ω Voltage Power 3 Voltage (max) generators in series: 900 V 350 VA U1 – U2 – U3 300 V 280 VA 200 V 275 VA External load: min 75 Ω 6 Current (max) 1.9 A 1.5 A – 35 A < 8 mA in range 0 A – 0. 2) The specification is valid for resistive load >2000 Ω for voltage output separately U1.5” x 1.25% max) Resolution 10 mV Phase Angle range 0º .600 Hz <0.7 V 60 A 600 VA 10 V 105 A 300 VA 2. ≥1500 Ω load.U2.600 Hz < 0. I2 and I3 All current generators are galvanically separated from each other and from ground Floating common return. Measurement band with 22-22 kHz.4 kg (0.5 A Current (max) 1. is made by using jumper connectors Range 3-phase AC 3 x 35 A At least 15 repetitions: 10 s ON and 20 s OFF 3-phase DC 3 x 35 A At least 15 repetitions: 10 s ON and 20 s OFF 3-phase AC 3 x 20 A continuous 3-phase DC 3 x 17 A continuous Power 3-phase AC (max) 3 x 250 VA 3-phase DC (max) 3 x 250 W Inaccuracy < 0.5 A 0.3 A Current (max) 0.5 VA load.3” x 2.08 Ω and I ≥0.4 A 0. 10-30 A.0 A 2.8 V Duty cycle Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous (AC) At least 15 repetitions: 10 s ON and 20 s OFF Current generators in series: I1 – I2 – I3 Current (max) Power (max) 10 A 625 VA External load : min 5 Ω Voltage (max) 140 V Duty cycle Continuous Optional accessories Low current adapters LCA1 and LCA2 Dimensions LCA1 LCA2 Weight (LCA1+LCA2) Input 110 x 64 x 28 mm (4.9 A 1.

capacitor unbalance and reverse power protection. CR0271EE • 2014 SVERKER-900_DS_en_V05 Subject to change without www.megger. a touch screen pen and the quick guide. No. Optional accessories Flight case Low current adapter Postal address Megger Sweden AB Box 724 SE-182 17 DANDERYD SWEDEN T +46 8 510 195 00 F +46 8 510 195 95 Visiting address Megger Sweden AB Rinkebyvägen 19 SE-182 36 DANDERYD SWEDEN seinfo@megger. (CR-91010) Ordering information Item Art. ZI-CR01E • Doc. SVERKER 900 Basic Main instrument Prefault - Fault instrument CR-19090 SVERKER 900 Standard Protective cable (GA-00200) Cable set.SVERKER 900 Relay and Substation Test System Included accessories Inside the lid are ten jumpers “parked” in holders. .com GD-00182 CR-91010 Registered to ISO 9001 and 14001 Megger is a registered trademark Printed matter: Art.No. to be used up to 900 V (GA-00036) Main instrument CT Magnetization instrument Prefault - Fault instrument Ramping instrument Sequencer instrument CR-19092 SVERKER 900 Expert* Main instrument CT Magnetization instrument Prefault - Fault instrument Ramping instrument Sequencer instrument Impedance instrument CR-19094 Included accessories Flight case with wheels (GD-00185) Including: Test cable set standard GA-00030 Protective cable GA-00200 Cable set SVERKER 900 GA-00036 Flight case with wheels GD-00185 *Will be released later. Test cable set standard (GA-00030) Optional accessories Flight case (GD-00182) Low current adapters for generation of low currents (0 – 30 mA) when testing protection such as sensitive earth fault.