Name: Tan Sri Mohd Ali Hashim

Job Position: President of the Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce &Former CEO of Johor
Place of Interview: Length of Interview time: 1 hour 9 minutes and 9 seconds.

Tan Sri





(Clicking sound)…You from same faculty dengan ni Dr.Normah ni apa
semua ni tadi {Interviewer interrupted: Same, ya same} eh same ini
{Interviewer interrupted: Faculty of Accountancy}
Facult of Accountancy {Interviewer: But it just that I didn’t join ARI, I’m
parked at the faculty, {at the faculty ya, you are not with ARI, but you are
….to participate aa…}, I just being brought in by Dr.Faizah to be involved in, previously I CSR
but now corporate.aa..on waqaf and I come in with respect to the qualitative part
the{Interviewee interrupted: Ah, CSR is till on?}
We we have actually completed the data collection so now its actually come of
the data {Interviewee interrupted: But as a it waqf ni..part of
CSR no,} Ah, CSR basically we have completed {Interviewee interrupted:
Oooh..I see, now you are focus in on waqf?}
So, this is the new, the new..aa..research project. {Interviewee interrupted: I
think this is too more bigger and much more challenging than a CSR}
Ah, Yes
{Interviewee interrupted:..macam tu dah ada banyak literature, ye}
Ah Right.
{Interviewee interrupted: tapi hat ni}
Okay,{Interviewer interrupted: Okay} shoot
So, aa.your explanation.{Interviewee interrupted: Yup}yesterday was gave us a
better understanding especially on my part {Interviewee interrupted: mmhhmm}
This is new to me, so it give us including me a better understanding of what
corporate waqf {interviewee interrupted: Mhhmm} is all about aa..but still on
our part, we need to read more on aa.. the paper and also aa..Tan Sri aa….
{Interviewee interrupted: Yup} aa..{Interviewee interrupted: Have you come
across my book tak? Hari tu saya ada publish}
You mentioned yesterday, {Interviewee interrupted: Yes.., you can read it, I have
a copy..}
Is it available in the book store?
It is published by Utusan Publications and emm..and..a it could be Utusan, it is




available if you want..
In MPH? is it available at MPH?
It used to be, but it was the..a..but, itu hari saya pergi MPH tak jumpe, nak if you need a copies, you let me know, because I also can have
access to, I mean in case you need more la katakan ye, untuk library ke
ape semua ye, {Interviewer interrupted: Aa..} kalau nak itu, let me, but
I will try to find..they will have one upstairs ada copy {Interviewer interrupted:
Yang Dr.Faizah have that already or..are we… }
I don’t know, kalau dia takde then I will give it to her and then you can share
{Interviewer interrupted: Ah..Yes}
Other, i..i just nothing have but one or two copies, except for they have it here,
because I have.., I thought I have it there or I have it here.(clicking sound)
because dalam ni ada metioned dia ada banyak jugak background on the
older Johor Corporation {Interviewer interrupted: Mhmm}
It.. also one or two chapters, macam Ustaz Ismail yang kapal tu semalam kan
{Interviewer interrupte: A..ha..}
One he talked about head some other businesses yang its born of ye..that’s
born{Interviewer interrupted: Okay}
. inside ape tu{Interviewer interrupted: Okay}
..mother corporation concept tu kan {interviewer interrupted: Okay}
..the entrepreneurial concept. Datin Paduka Siti Saadiah punya experience
ye..a..its not hundred percent comprehensive , this is based on the article I wrote
in the newspaper{Interviewer interrupted: Okay}
So, they are short, very short ye..but some..some of them contains facts that are
relevant for..for{Interviewer interrupted: That will be great for us}
Em, aah..boleh saya bagi atas nama..siapa? Dr.Faizah atau siapa? Atau to the
centre atau to..faculty?
Em,aa to the centre, Accounting Research Institute, {Interviewee interrupted:
Ha?} Prof. Normah or..
{interviewee interrupted: to Prof. Normah ye, but then might not all of you get
access to it? Or..or later on, kalau you nak beli, }
Interviewee let me know, if you need ten copies ke berapa ke
{Interviewee interrupted: because..because I can have access it as a writer.}
That would be great so if we..
{Interviewee interrupted: tapi itu later la ye}
Prof.Normah, does she has it already?
{Interviewee interrupted: I don’t think so, I can’t remember whether when I went
to turkey I passed it to her, I have a feeling I have, I would feel I have}

Faizah would be. it have. Eammm…today berapa. Dr.message aa.because semalam dah.that. so that it is restructured and it is not just random and so on. so I still continue to talk about corporate waqf including elements like zuhud.(silent for 3 second) Oh.Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Dr... katakan lagi extra. you can buy. I deliberately wrote in Malay because its changing the Malay mind set Ahmm… Im starting to write my first book...I became a columnist at Sinar Harian {Interviewer interrupted: Oh ya?} Aa.10 {interviewer interrupted: Okay} {interviewer interrupted: elements} ye elements...the. so it just like that la. {Interviewee interrupted: she is a coordinator ye. how to.Faizah Darus. five copies ke whatever can use this as reference.the interpretation of zuhud into business. zuhud means selflessness and so on tu semua kan..then we can all share. but itu hari saya pergi dia takde} takde Takde..... market listing price is 46 ringgit ye. nak baca ni. sebab Utusan ni is not aggressive in marketing.{interviewee interrupted: of my article. {Interviewee interrupted: It may. apa nama.. over the whole of last year I really written about ini.another one is coming. {interviewer interrupted: Okay}... How time flies.what I’ve you as most important.. jadi kalau orang yang malas nak baca.maybe you haven’t even heard something like this… Yes… .i can work out a price la.based on the article saya wrote.. let me know.and that InsyaAllah Im trying to get publish this year So. ada chapter dia apa semua.ada rasionalnya. very you..Faizah Darus ye? Ya. mudah-mudahan dia dapat sedikit ye.and at each chapter I summarize dalam box tu.. aa...chapter. kalau you want to buy more.ya.aa.the most important.but in case you need it. Ha. series article} of your articles I restructure the article into.Last year.} She is the leader of project then.I.. So..this is in Bahasa ye? (chuckling) Yes. I’m telling sorry (hehe).. But it is available in the market then.........1 {Interviewer interrupted: Its already March}. you let me know aa. all my four books.. in the market it cost. it is a compilation of....the... kata orang Melayu malas kan.Faizah} she is. what you write is random kan? Ya...and the.. so Dr. {interviewee interrupted: Dr. but it very important component {Interviewer interrupted: Okay} ...this one based on the article I wrote in Harian Metro in 20...ade apa semua.

{Interviewer interrupted: those are lacking}. so I had access to some number and since on kan.... that’s how bad Malay enterprises the store Ya..not just for the sake of being different.Utusan is.ada dia punya itu persatuan I had a support of JCorp punya ini. I would like to buy one then. dia nak distribute through out their..t have the support of the tools This is 2011? Dah printed 3 kali dah tu..but what happen ada..... values and its is not 100% ini la. because we can’t get it at the.. And this totally will be our main reference. {Interviewer interrupted: That’s not good}.. why business is important.. I always go on the lectures and … so on ni kan..LPP…wanted me to give a talk..because they use it to as a motivational ini.maybe a group. you let me entrepreneurship. one bought 350 and last week aa.they are lacking there.i mean of the marketing punya will definitely be… ... ya. I don’t charge them anything if they buy more than 200. Ya.a Malays mindset change. ape. you let me know.{Interviewer interrupted: Ah ya. So. so they bought 500. its all abour JCorp.mungkin tu la sharing over experience print cantik.. would like tu.... if you will and you do.. which you can could. you could do it. they didn’t do any changes.... {Interviewer interrupted: Ah. the reason for doing it. {Interviewer interrupted: Yes}but the focus is mind set change of Malays....this one is original. it could be reference for even students ke ape semua.particularly business student yang nak kan. the re print is 2014? me. and ada chapters relavnt to..emphasis is the why we do it differently. I did heard that} Book of the Year by the Persatuan. and.. Dalam … Ada two three chapters specifically on corporate waqf.} printing apa semua.adjust for yourself...}okay..aa. how to do it in Islamic way.for entrepreneur. a member ke tapi it is in Malay ye..tu 11.its not in academic ye..cuba you tanya nanti apa semua.the next book.. mind set… Why they should go to business.. one of our main dah ada tiga and it one the.Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer See... it is sell out ye Tan Sri...tapi takde re.ape nama dia. {Interviewee interrupted: is from practitioner’s view point.they already have another revised {Interviewer interrupted: Reviused..but. is the stupidity of the(haha) . eh ni berapa? Takde.this particular one I wrote when I was still CEO.......and for example this year.the.. Yes}.dua kali.belum.I know these two organisation..entrepreneur.and ye... I don’.{Interviewer interrupted: changes?} I’m saying re.. … because they have statistics inside it..

. sorry a. kita takde cyclical… there is no critical mass. mother corporation... I would like to read it…he he}.. greatest attraction faraid boleh kasi tak? Im not against faraid lah kan.of course..when you don’t have a structured approach Malays and Muslims businesses individualistic...I’m not a.. show the family wealth. next generation start over again.but the concept the mother fashion corporation is important because if we don’t wait.. it’s okay Tan Sri....Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer But you have to read it is for the sake of fundamentally creating entrepreneur opportunities for young Muslim in the future. today.right.this writer..the Chinese don’t distribute it to your children kan. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya. Okay. if you don’t have critical mass... Among Muslim.. we have seen the success of An-Nur{Interviewee interrupted: Yes. you want to win. but. Mother corporation and so the present what we doing now on corporate...... buatnya you tak faham.}. The reason of why the concept of mother corporation is important is because now eh...ya.itu yang until today. then you have to rebuild again. which basically want to give your children bahagian lain..yang ade access to money tapi ada talent know.will continue and find the best talent. Ya. This all come from your real experience....anak sepuluh dah pecah sepuluh.but the structure that will.}.penulisan.that’s why yesterday we were discussing kan. perpetuity is not last.}the. even they have family based.what we called.. .. you must have critical mass….aa.yang you waqf..aa.because you know.dia pass based on principally to them.they have those for the mother concept well..I tend to..bila faraid come scene.... they cannot become mother corporation...reflecting on JCorp as a corporate. {Interviewer interrupted: Ah.} Now.. because today.. name of the game.. that is why mother corporation concept is important. because…according to the Muslims punya way pulak. so yesterday Tan Sri has elaborated on the don’t need to compete for the long that... it’s capacity..then is not for his own those intact.. Ah.{Interviewer interrupted: No...ha.. it will not last. So .. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya. (Tan Sri giggling).. eventhough they went business early. back to the issue sekarang. {Interviewer interrupted: cut to.hahaha. rebuild. put them in. the Arabs. macam mana nak screen or profile them kan...uncoordinated..ya.corporation.haha. we need to have a concept of a mother corporation. {Interviewer interrupted: Okay}. because what we need is perpetuity lah..{Interviewer interrupted: Okay}.. I mean {Interviewer interrupted: you must build corpora...corporate mother Yes...the best is waqf because waqf ni you don’t. ye..over again.. first son..}. you cannot missed out.. of course..most of business is also perpetuate.....aa. we’ll never be able to wait.

what.... the one Johor corporation involved into.. and that was before the constitutional amendment by Mahathir. Mahathir baru jadi Prime Minister when I became CEO. I became closed.. I have work in Johor.there are many businesses that prove. the next one.ahm.its from their perspective it is requires legislative change...because.. means it becomes under raja-raja.there is a body yang.and.. But when it comes. the second is particular resolve to. the first one also organised by MAPIM ye. they have read and they have heard from you the success stories..develop. Sultan Iskandar baru jadi raja when I became CEO.. so tak boleh. tiga kali saya di titah menghadap Sultan Iskandar.. dia ada dia punya publication.apa nama.the.{Interviewer interrupted: National level.ahmm.. national level {Interviewer interrupted: Okay}.Majlis Agama Islam together.. I don’t know Raja-Raja was there.. one of the top company’s under least one national waqf corporation and each one at state newspaper articles. one is ehmm..precisely because it is Islamic …la. I wouldn’t be able to establish waqf corporate if I don’t have a special relationship with Sultan of Johor.. during the congress apa semua.YAPEIM.and the An Nur corporation and now community driven waqf that you are trying to. indirectly juga I have work under the Sultan... that’s mean people have seen and this through......satu..aa. the solution..your book. Raja Muda Perlis was there..ahmm. but why it is still difficult for them to accept this corporate waqf? This is actually..not.ehm..{Interviewer interrupted: It is at level state?}. So.aa.economic Islam Malaysia.ya.....emm.apa nama.for the establishment of one.national level. Yang kedua. because..smaller.apa nama. its threaten their current position.and change is something. YAPEIM.why?I have attended.both are national level...many of them.. At that time.preparedness among the public to accept it. when you want to do waqf YAPEIM ya.dalam tu clearly resolve to accept and it. Second one... kedudukan raja-raja dengan Sultan ada daripada paper and it involves semua Majlis Agama-Agama Islam. change means is to gamble with something is unknown kan... yang itu banyak saya pergi and..particularly nobodies so we are act more can access to them. Yang ketiga..was involved everybody including politician. because they feel like change okay.participated in these two international congressess.. bukan MAPIM.nobody likes. My assessment is because of the apa.. In both congresses. you must get Majlis Agama Islam to change.yang state tu lain. they have seen.. because let me tell you this is the comes to carrying it out{Interviewer interrupted: the regulation}than that it is when will discuss about it.Putrawan and one is specifically organised by.}.both congresses national level. even involved raja-raja.. Many of them. When it comes to the consent of raja-raja.ha.. You can read inside the reason why. When I first became the CEO at the age of 35. cantik dah tu..on. that’s Under our constitution.Interviewee Alhamdulillah}.

. he’s known for his slap to shut people{Interviewer interrupted: Yes}.. we may have to leave. so the message that to their self people is they are going to take away you doctors.ah. kawan you tak pakai baju. you are not the member. very strict. audit department guna that period Johor.. very solid. I don’t have that fear and I was able to articulate the reason now. Raja-raja ni biasa gitu. ya. but Tan Sri Bashir has been removed because it. Memang betul.he was missing from...I father was inspector police.I have a very. and he. I told my saya was the active ni apa nama.three times I stood up.emm.. Dia pakai uniform la. I just told him that. what I’m going to say that Sultan ni memang orang takut. you pakai baju.but that time I wasn’t even a CEO masa bila you anak. dia nak the best doctors. saya sifatkan dia orang. bila political changes ni.dia. So. one thing that is great from him from my view point is..Sultan ni kalau dia sakit. in the first instance. nak operate. they are going to go away from government service because this is attractive. because . when he became Sultan was to closed our hospital.. guru besar ni kadang-kadang terkencing ye. kita nak enjoy life. at that time...just has six doctors..he was missing from.he is.even.bila dia begitu garang.kalau dia nak melawat sekolah.he is the type who likes to satisfy himself.dia gila-gila ya.. he brought in...Iskandar....Sultan ni macam when I was like grew up.the member of the kampung pulak. but to me because saya grew up dengan environment where my father ye. kadang-kadang kena la belasah bila balik. and no nonsense.moved dah. But one thing great about his.and I got a lot of discipline from him.i mean his. the good doctors.simple. he just analyst. the anti corruption agency. baru recruit them. {Interviewer interrupted: you have been trained}. orang lain takut. they check currently about the hanky panky things and so on. guru-guru.pergi balik ke Kuala Lumpur. garang {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. kadangkadang nak main dengan kawan-kawan tak pakai baju.. six doctors were already left government service to join them. dia punya takut dekat you know that background ye. Bila dia titah suruh tutup {Interviewer interrupted: Sebab apa ya Tan Sri?}... doesn’t want to listen he called me three times... Where else you can get doctors than from government service so there that they want to build... hospital dah built.kan. he was more in government.gelagat dia macam gila-gila ye {Interviewer interrupted: Hmm} bukan gila.this is advantage I also having of a. dia titah suruh his first titah when he became among the major one.. he brought in the police.the link is.or deliberately missing from by saying that there is corruption and this is not good for Johor because it was to take away...but.....every. nak. hospital yang Siti Saadiah buat tu {Interviewer interrupted: Ah}baru start kat jalan besar. that was Sultan will bring in audit.... my father...he was. but..dan saya tak takut.. he still recalled.aa. my father tak bagi but if you tak pakai. very upright. kalau Inggeris. be prepared 24 hours.. Tan Sri Bashir was. every time.

dia cakap kat saya .. dia salah informed. dia titah je but the great thing about him is. it’s the same in Perak.. in fact. and I told you. I mentioned yesterday. because the ambitious chairman. bila dia sakit.emm.because you are sharing the.Alhamdulillah.Majlis Agama Islam Perak has …to give mutawwali status to a politically driven entity because... Allah punya kuasa lagi pun.finally...apa nama.. I went to every ahead with it.I’m sorry kalau distract you punya pihak Interviewer Interviewee No. it’s perhaps that Iqra’ initiative by Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh is a political initiative by somebody from the bigger department and I understand. in my chamber I’m a passed member. right from the one lepas tu. we had . if you established waqf corporate.he is a access. tapi he still didn’t give. he is saying that. he deals directly. Ya. Satu hari tu dia datang. one of our hospital. the chairman of. I support you. This is again the issue the establish waqf. satisfied himself. we don’t. to Selangor but Terengganu. Look. which is right apart the politics.. masa tu dia raja muda. That to me. I detached myself from any political link. he didn’t say that you know.In other state..this is the important background of how we were able to do the waqf and that. when I wanted to establish Awqaf Holding Berhad... from my proper discussion with Istana people. established by UMNO and besok PAS nak establish lagi.allow them to bring it in our discussion. like a Sultan of Perak.. Finally.and we don’t let.the Raja Muda of Perak at that time.Sultan tak minta maaf kat kita. I was persuade this idea waqf to the Sultan. So. I couldn’t care less about their political …. dia tak pernah pergi kat hospital kerajaan. and I was able to convince him of this viability and after that suddenly when we succeed ni. Azlan. to Perak.his argument is logical..ha. its okay. kita dah ada hospital dekat Kuala Lumpur. corporation ke.. that’s to me. So. this time around. So. why don’t you.he became proud with it and he quickly. and the reality of it and this something that you need to overcome ya.this is.. why don’t you pasang bendera Johor kat hospital-hospital tu. I went to many state... dia tanya saya.recognition ye. that’s one is by the way of Sultan this case it is not the Sultan... and then they start to quarrel lagi. and Negeri Sembilan lebih mudah as I said. and they want to take Islamic issue ni.. rational. in political. we met only one or two Sultan. because. meaning a lot of water has go.. says it. you are in the right after I retired. bila dia tak ada proof. {Interviewer interrupted: the recognition}. after I resigned..because he doesn’t want. sekarang. we will be able to convince Negeri Sembilan. Some together with Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh when he wanted to established his Iqra’ bukan salah dia.. he always go our. I tend to get to know themselves politic..the process.. I came to the conclusion ya... he couldn’t get access the autorithy from Terengganu because dia punya relationship dengan Sultan tak kena. so you became a professional name by the chamber.aa. dia chairman.dia buat salah pun.. kat Perak ke apa.

..the words here and hereafter. Twenty years also.of those constraints.aa.and practices as globally known compared with . this is the power of corporate waqf. Alhamdulillah. and hereafter. our mission is to try to. and that’s a good. the same. sepuluh tahun lagi. Tuhan jadikan ye.. they are not about to change it up.they are not about to change anything and their agenda is not like in Johor.. if you see of waqf as I mentioned yesterday. mufti-mufti kan. make it possible even with the context of current constraint. in Muslim is totally borderless in the true sentence. they have even businesses company at that one of time even listed in London. is more than global.legislative change. Because first of all....Aliza. and. we able to build Awqaf Corporation.kita dah wakafkan share. Nak tunggu amendment. within the framework of the existing legislation. you want to change mind set. you must go beyond all that.terminology as an economic terminology. You have to correct any contradiction between current corporate structures and. administrators is jealous of their position of term and so on.if you look entrepreneurship purely as a business aa..... is global. satu lagi company yang kita dah. is very challenging is it for you? It spite of those. you’ll be surprised. Exactly. I think that’s it the reason why they got.. which mean. the rate.. In the Muslim’s context. I think. you can interview kalau you tak kisah. my colleague.. will say that waqf is not good. all you need is one or two like this becauseit is a corporate waqf precisely. You can cross the boundaries. jealousy. Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee Now. Waqf after all. they want our politician behaviour. non Muslim. Kulim. Johor with us. especially not orang majlis ke. over for five years. raja went to involve. politician has to involved.. they defend their term. He came along with me and ralise how tought it is not enough to just to devote your focus on wealth creation..Dr. Yes. to do it.but. we can even go global based on mutawwali status even given by Negeri Sembilan. memang. how to do a lot of work consistenly against all odds. I can assure that we might not be able to get it.their. So.. you know administrators at government servant..ya. how to produce a product most efficiently done. Semua. KPJ has got businesses through out the country it is. But still..” term. KPJ kita dah wakafkan. bila sebut pasal waqf.their look after their territory. changing laws. how to back your structure of a company. but that is entrepreneurship. They talk about transformation and the things. Parts of entrepreneurship. we can go anywhere.. I came point to Waqf An-Nur. so how to carried colleague and I. how to market. People will ask why Negeri Sembilan give you and then you will go all over.its related only to wealth creation. But when it come to carry it out because it entails. universal. So. And the Kulim.

Interviewer Interviewee aspiration. Jihad is a people.but use this islamic way. fundamental aspiration of a Muslim. most dynamic components that influence civilization that effect most of the business. we are admitting contradiction. Islamic. that’s why our problem’s is because.which to me.they all orang tengah... about telefon.. for example the motivational side. When you start with not defining the things correctly.and. the Shariah. bankers orang tengah semua (laughing). he use the term jihad. is nonsense. business system from the west. you have to define. we want .to make tu. all the principals related to jihad. then we have contradiction inside.. you buy from somewhere.. we used word like jihad deliberately. dia pun orang tengah because you beli something and then you trade something kan. niat dia tu.consumer. so you need to define. You can’t blame the west.there are few fundamentals among them. then you have make sure that it is all in compromising. among the strongest. They created it. re define everything.. its jahat. the challenges is right on. a minister launching jihad.. you cannot use jihad sebagai orang tengah.. There are one of a time. no waste. So... if they don’t scan everything in the context of Islamic principles. bagi you.. Every businessman is an orang tengah asalnya. no more corporate enterprise called their mission as jihadi mission.then the effect is easier to tackle ha.. no had. you tend to..unless you redefine balik semula and today.every single business. First of all. that’s why we used jihad. kerajaan pun. orang lain produce. bila bergaduh apa semua. macam recently. business organisation named that Samsung.. when they all the business corporation kan?.ha. usaha businessman. Many of the problem we face today is because of unthinkingly doing thing and then we spent more energy and time and resources to correct the mistakes that we made in the past.. you use it.. started it in the environment where Islamic values is not relevant to them kan? If we are unthinkingly adopt. dia marahkan cina sebagai orang tengah. the motivational issue. who made them readily available to us? Efficiency of business. you get supply to customer. That’s why we are not creating anything new and doing this generate more hint than energy. So. Islamic values. first of all. other way it is not jihad. you are kan.when you see jihad means. Once you used jihad..Minister of Agro business. so. our dilemma Muslim’s. that’s why forever Muslim will never be able the halal haram aa. many of us.. which already we have in Muslim’s countries. we are adopt the corporate system..a lot of fundamental mistakes at is and nak correct them. if we talk about IT. you might happen. about apa semua. we do not clearly define things correctly. Rasulullah dulu pernah jadi.apa semua sebagai orang tengah tapi dekat Malaysia dia tak pakai orang tengah. you see. so what are the fundamental. how do you cope about that changing of mindset of this world? This is why a lot of of global also is.but the mindset issue. sebagai orang tengah {Interviewer interrupted: Jihadi?} orang tengah.go.. so that is no nonsense.

kita kena restructure.jadi.all to the bank punya bank rate.. It came in. never. we are doing the easy things to some of them..padahal itu nak. They themselves had use the west. Waqf.pandang deposit. Bank is never created initially for purposes of Muslim punya throughout the long history of Islam.most dynamic.concept about entrepreneur..aa. kalau tak poor pun. mass poverty in social. because it still a bank. the existence there. sebelum kita ada Islamic banking. you still can go ahead. and that’s why the use term of jihad.. second it will not have be like them.and most people are still out of the look. he was able to reduce it to 3% or something. because we all blocking ourselves. the richer 1% control the rest of us. but it cannot be a solution that resolved everything. kita gunakan istilah.. tapi kalau ownership you nak bagi to individual.because it defines....kemudian. in case perhaps.. ownership. not in Arabic term.. that is why I touch a bit ye. about the structure.mother corporation tu {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}.. there is a solution. it came in the right time.. that is their. that’s good ustaz.dia sesuai.. but it still at interest rate cuma ye and you need an intermediaries. kalau interest itu riba’. faedah itu sebenarnya riba’ juga. The know.. so. I’m saying that he is good ya.a lot of people will say that we will always been marginialised even under Yunus. that are many are accusing like simply off apa nama. the rich. we can appreciate that lah. cuma he just mula-mula orang melayu ni tak nak you. they had done very well.. ni sikit-sikit. we don’t have a model now but we just got to do it. and today we are... it will not solve two particularly problems. one is poverty. but we need it. because under his IBF. alienated marginialised.Yunus punya Grameen Bank ye. lepas tu Islamic Banking and Finance. waqf corporation.under his brilliant.pakaikan jubah kepada bank-bank barat but a bank is still a bank. why didn’t waqf.i mean. because challenge to the muslims is to change all this. ye. to become apa ni..that’s why we need to redefine them.aa. tak pe. the Turkey sampai pon...apa nama.bukan interest. at the edge of apa tepi. because it is good to have housewife to be able to come in. they way they have done it. Islamic Banking and Finance. project sounds like. but we cannot be like them. the system.Islamic me. but fundamentally is still bank not just.supaya.kita ni sensitif pasal riba’ kan. aa.{Interviewer interrupted: Ya} ni dia still exist. the rest of us. Then. itu punya debt. meanings that’s . because it just intermediaries institutions..aa. Dr. I’m not trying to undermine aa.combine it ownership... Important! But it will never be able to solve two. ehmm. tak pe la..aa.why wasn’t Muslim’s able to project waqf. that can capital musyarakah..aa.. but we need to search and look for other alternative institutions that can do it. we want the ownership to be combine with entrepreneurship. What we nak. so coming back to your question. and bank as creature as intermediary.. cuma it is in Malay term. we will adapt the same way them.

its not change what else. sesiapa mewakafkan harta dia.. fifty million ringgit this year.. for the moment of based what they had announce ya. the terminologies and what. so what happen is. what they do}. Selangor is one. the interpretation of corporate waqf. that’s it their definition of corporate waqf. how to enhance Islamic banking and finance.they already acceptance.{Interviewer interrupted: passing to the. I’m not looking at that.. The definition of corporate waqf. Hopefully. it’s still. its totally inadequate.yang manage by anak under Majlis. you can thing I’m against this Islamic banking community. Interviewer Interviewee So. because today I see even the Malaysian government. definition of jihad business. they narrow it balik semula. a change make it. Perak. or been islamic banking. definition of the corporate waqf.. Johor State Economic Development Corporation {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. the reason UMNO. its not transformation. list of franchise. Waqf is much more bavel institution. annual general meeting. . Alhamdulillah... aa. So. dia …. narrow it. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. I’m talking about possibility of waqf corporation owning banks and then you have the marginalised. Ustaz. number seven said. If you kaji balik ye. dia tak nak change. like macam dulu.therefore. ye. You are missing the point. Jabatan Waqf di Jabatan Perdana Menteri has been allotted fifty million.. you are limiting it.maknanya Majlis Agama Islam. Yayasan Waqf Selangor. one of the economic. is when they look at waqf. The level of Yayasan Waqf ni. they will grab it to other thing and furthermore.that’s mean government kan. Yayasan Waqf Negeri Sembilan..look seriously into the development of waqf asset. waqf government must aa…apa nama. and to assure that you don’t alienate or marginalised or whatever. Its posit reason that I mentioned yesterday. it is initiative for total change reformation. I have registered. Waqf shoudnt be government grant by definition.our work. even it in same and in Islamic banking community but. Element second number eight.banking products.. through economic resolution on waqf.ya.. unlimited majority and this is based on the premium.. to me. Negeri Sembilan pun ada. this are the conceptual changes ape a product. they look at it ah. because what they are going to do is spend that all 50 million ringgit. And some states has established waqf foundation. tetapi to me you well. My fear is..err…a change create it. to develop waqf. if I’m not mistaken. the result of our. It contradicts Shariah principles. Dia nak allow existing mechanism to ye.Shariah punya principal. the fundamental. Good. develop.. I wanted to pass it all to Johor Corporation but they didn’t want to buy it {Interviewer interrupted: Okay}. Number eight is clearly stated that government must implement corporate waqf. Through seminar. Johor Corporation. bagi duit pada Majlis yang ada sekarang. having a stake. aa. the copyright. if anybody die even the. that is not important if you regard waqf as a.... through conferences and its already address in any..

.benefit masyarakat tu apa semua ye. like before. the politician goes public unthinkingly or. fisabilillah komponen mesti ada walaupun anak dia mengurus.sampai ini hari Russian pun ni what ye. And today. So. the Greek Christianity.. distortion. yang I bagi tu kan. corporate waqf must have two fundamentals elements..Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee ada hak menguruskan harta dia.the corporation is a product of. Therefore. We will.we. dia nak namakan anak dia sebagai pengurus pun boleh. they use the corporation. my understanding of it is. that’s why we having a round table. tapi dia tak boleh missed out on that part yang charity. that is the word ye.will. ye. my sense of it is. how do you tackle that part. end product of colonisation. tidak. because the main agenda as I said because.. was created in 1600. they have no choice but to be independent ya. like yours and so on. its always how to monopolise and the. That’s mean you harness. it is meant to be adversarial ye. To this.. we are no different from them. If we want to win in this game. How do we encounter them? Jihad. dia tak kira siapa even the Christian in the East pun.. the English is their company..looking its too simplistically. But number two. the challenge to them is the rich get richer. the missed under qualifying of. I’m not saying my definition is 100% correct. business jihad is not about blowing their companies. This is what I’m saying about.err.. what.... you . this is why I believe. {Interviewer interrupted: Yes}. this is why I welcome an opportunity to have a round table ya. academic institution ya. it is worse in Muslim societies context.. were all instruments of colonisation. the west is known for exploiting each other than help. Their whole mind set is about exploiting others including exploiting the old people. The East Indian Company {Interviewer interrupted: Ah}. debate in Muslim society. Today. This is why ya.ah itu sebab. to come in {Interviewer interrupted: the champion}. you harness the dynamics of the corporate organisation. the corporate entity and they are so powerful. They use multinational corporation.they have to re think about how to colonise without colonising. because its their creature. The first few corporation that was successful. you baca. its always predatory.when you have such a distortion. we adopt their multinational corporation. when political majority comes in.Ya. What. You cannot do it without having waqf recognition by religious authority. When they launch their…into the Christian in the west.. that was a model and then they group. In the west.using bomb ke perang ke. it is already starting. competing freely just like another.. ya.. the rest look at squatted. if you want to be corporate waqf.. This is where we requires. The defies. how do they do it? Its true their multinational operating in the market. we must have our multinational corporation but the. Why are the west able to now colonise us without clarify it for them.will be torn apart.... to define it for them. it must be based on a your definition. We are unthinkingly jumping on that same pattern today. The Dutch is their company.meaning. And I.

the only way for Muslim to come back to build a civilisation of course.the idea is civilisation. which is most powerful institution that able to generate wealth is already created by the west. all is this caused by and most of them is a greed liven by individuals who are seeking individuals wealth. economic resources.. so. when we. civilasition means civilisation fundamentally definition is values. As we go adjust.apa nama. They are richer and bigger than government even in term of asset. mengingatkan orang. Maqasid Shariah apa semua. unfortunately. How to make sure that Petronas don’t out grow and become a monster? Like the west and then they start to buy political power. Di masjid. kita unthinkingly seratu peratus ciplak. unchanged it. pintu masuk selalu kan ada decoration {Interviewer interrupted: Hmm..}. we are Khalifah {Interviewer interrupted: Hmm. we have our own corporation kata kan. must. the organisational ability. we don’t want to be paral. multinational corporation ni. we have reach that ever. What are the values that are fundamental to Islam.need an institutional strategy. macam Islamic banking dengan Finance. masukkan semua. which means. power. di janjikan. keadilan.. umat Islam adalah umat yang terbaik. this fundamental.. dekat pintu nak masuk tu. because Islam is really about other...incrementally build it. So. jelas sekali Allah menjanjikan aa. beramal salih. therefore corporate waqf. I started and my colleague started to think about doing this... intergrate or this fundamental Islamic values aspirations. dia selimutkan dengan jubah ye. orang yang beriman. How to counter that? You don’t counter that by building Muslim’s alternatives. Because nak tunggu benda tu. we did. we did try our best at our level. An-Nur. ye. we adopt with unthinkingly .waqf corporate. so manusia di turunkan untuk prosper muka bumi. corporation.. beyond the life of individuals and hence. companies. over hundred of years.. Because as I said earlier. akan menjadi seperti Khalifah zaman dahulu.. berkuasa di muka bumi. corruption and so on.. surah An-Nur. it is massive exercise. why they are successful? Because they through their corporate approach. influenced ye.. oleh Johor Corporation di Johor. that’s mean you cannot go without wealth and today who. Petronas is bigger than the Malaysian government {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. imported million and its going to go bigger. Surah An Nur. and Islam as .. In. And it cannot be done by ourselves alone. So. tuhan janji nak jadikan umat khalifah. it cause . umat Islam. a cultural value walaupun. we are so much more sensitive towards social injustice and fact is. atas konsep jihad business. Khairu Ummah. like East India Comapnies dulu. this is the giant corporation. they are giving.di janjikan dalam Al-Quran. menguasai. tiga masjid saya bina. as we go adjust to build it.this phenomenal paralysis by analysis ye.there you are.}.. you want the. kita ni. they able to a mass wealth. prosperity. ayat ini. ayat 52 kalau tak silap saya. saya tarukkan ayat ini. Khalifah fundamentally is So jihad business and so on. fundamentally. this is so amazing.

. because why? The marginialised and to this apprentice is always promised by Islam.. desperately looking for another job. nak kerja dua tiga job. In Muslim’s countries. Saudi Arabia today’s dominated. to me. let’s push it. That’s why we are. So. marah. Interviewer Interviewee It is happening now actually. because. Pakistan too. through out them up. ha. You are the Khairu Ummah. Its already explode in Pakistan. What is the future of their children? Imagine you. but it is about the session today kan. its going to explode each other in Arabian.ada PHD tapi tak de kerja. why. and if we don’t quickly do something different ya. they lose everything. we conflict even among ourselves. today. this is a revolutionary in a sense. Muslim dignity today’s at stake. kalau tak de JCorp kan. why corporate waqf? Why corporate? Because that is the source of wealth and power and today. Our duty is to look for solutions. is dominated by forty families who are super rich. itu kana pa tu.. we don’t change at all. and they all are aspire to become the American dream apa semua tu kan.600 living in Kuala Lumpur for example ya.. kalau you tak de. I’m not saying that this is {Interviewer interrupted: The}. but they cannot buy loyalty forever. based on gaji 2. most of them couldn’t care less about justice in the first place. which is crazy. So.distortion in Muslim’s society. doing nothing is not an option. I’m sure banyak jalan ke Mekkah kan. And when people lose their dignity..ha. it is not sensitive to they. It’s going to explode in Jordan and so on. of course they have seven thousand princes. Its already explode in Arab. is not an option for Muslim. they will and the ugly side of Muslim is unfortunate today is being more expressed. tapi kita kena carik lah. We are destroying ourselves. This is what I’m saying. it is not sensitive because. un ending conflict situation. so it’s the same one percent besok. we don’t do change. just like in the west. if there is an opportunity to do something. no. when this will work. doing nothing. even a young man in thirties and so on. emm. struggling. But then.. this is not. Saudi Arabia ni because of the wealth. you have the power. and so i tell you. kalau ni okay lah ye. In the context of history. They have.. This is why the young one want to go out and blew out everything. As I said dalam “Many roads to Mecca”.to change. politician and if not. Muslim’s are promised. from day one. Everything going to expert is already exploding. They will kill. there’s go people analysed. dignity. what is important? The promise in . and get our leaders.the solution. they used to buy loyalty. kalau you takde. it is going to explode in our faces. but seven thousand against. In the west.. We are promised that we can get back that civilizational status. evaluating. there are nothing. they would never have. We are not sure. ha.Baik. aa.if you found one that is workable. we do have some experience. then do something.Tuhan takkan bagi turun belebuk daripada ayat. they will be un end. you don’t represent the interest of the marginalised this and precise. people cutting sembelih orang apa semua. tak.

bila kita berhadapan. Dia sempitkan interpretation of Islam tu. by the time there is only.(Clapping sound) But anyhow. Mesir ketika itu very fragile. sama macam apa ni. Muslim dulu used technologies they don’t like gun powder. Orang kata bukan dari hadith ye. A tool doesn’t matter where it is created. I.. But once you are a millionaire. Kenapa dia suruh pergi ke negeri China? Of course now they don’t say it a hadith.. tak de orang nak menghadap ke computer and so on. By the time we realised printing machine has changed. we lsot that 300 years. {Interviewer interrupted: Ye}. the corporation atas. We feel for example particularly in modern world. waqf bawah kan? So. complete. tak 300 years. don’t forget. Kenapa di haramkan? Just because it was invented in the west. waqf first. Germany invented printing machine.. {Interviewer interrupted: Ehmm} because kita terlalu nak kadang-kadang. Radio. Islam haramkan printing machine for 700 years. I don’t want to argue about that ye. Ya. we were superior to the west. But the fundamental tu. that means used. Seven come from the other example. Waqf corporation is not purely a word thing. haha. we must adapt. Waqf corporation structure. ha. Corporation is a tool. it doesn’t matter. ape ke kan. corporation second. Benda ni human punya contribution kan..because if its the word thing. that’s a great thing about waqf. you see. Orang Islam tahu Islam is only. sebab Cina ramai sangat jadi kita takut. Before that we were. we suffer. ulama’ Islam khasnya di Mesir. semua recognise it as jihad is that you can be a millionaire and you can be. haramkan radio tujuh puluh tahun. but at the same time. apa nama. yang written recently. kita tak recognise dia as hadith. that’s why. tak de orang nak menghadap ke TV. Germany. Radio was invented by the west. and other than adapt.we missed all to bring other side? This is what I’m talking about kan. to adapt to the. itu yang pergilah sampai ke negeri China. Interviewer Interviewee What you say is it need to be flexible.. because it s divines the concern is about the fundamental. we must also be creative. syumul.I. ulama’ ni pulak dia interpret terlalu narrow. civilisational term values. radio. Islamic values and so on. I don’t want. It is nothing. So. tuntutlah ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri China.those are mechanics of it. maaf saya katakan. Rasulullah pun cakap. Di Malaysia. paper from China. we can’t just simply adopt. about screening ke. Tapi buku yang saya baca pun..{Interviewer interrupted: You have to go . Dah lepas tiga ratus tahun.. One too clear example. dignity dia rendah kalau kena paksa pergi ke negeri China. education and transport in the west. hopeI’m wrong ye. define everything. when west overcome us. the fundament.. tak. whatever it is good kan.{Interviewer interrupted: To give back to the community}. the corporate. The fundamental says. waqf mesti atas. mungkin ada some la ulama’ kat Majlis-Majlis ni narrow.. Islam. they say it Arab punya saying.

400 years track record and that’s why today. Dia kena work for themselves kan. For the moment. not business defines jihad. The west... semua you beli daripada dia.. but you missed is on this point of building apa nama.jiwa Islam {Interviewer interrupted: Yes. every consumer.{Interviewer interrupted: Yes. India. by individual.apa nama. Saudi Arabia apa semua tetapi company are still owned fundamentally control dia. we are not.who has put that limit? Islam. to define this new concept change. and apa nama. You still to have to hold strong to the. Jihad defines business.{Interviewer interrupted: Hmm}.aa. Everybody. you bagi sorang 2 million pun dah cukup untuk dia lima. it gives you passion. Ada bunuh diri in Malaysia. pangkalnya Jews yang pegang. power point apa semua ni kan. they will succeed. Kita pulak contribute the same thing unthinkingly.. faraid.. dalam discussion ni baru structure.. itu saya belum sampai bab itu lagi. on the street pun. pergi kepada orang kaya. how we spend our every dollar. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya} kan? {Interviewer interrupted: You have too}.. you need to have an institution. changing in all attitude among all. We don’t realised that.. tapi automatik but. Corporation is already proven track record dia daripada 1600.istilah Islam. not through building a corporation. you beli Milo apa ni semua. Ye.Interviewer Interviewee through}. Tiap-tiap kali you beli Colgate.. it is spiritual things..}. It gives you sense of purpose hail meaning in do business. consumers. but even Chinese and Mat Salleh do that.before you flexible. do not allow your money to separate among the rich. yang dekat Switzerland company nye. energy ye. haha.saya bukan nak salahkan apa tu. you punya Colgate. Bila family. sebab Islam menganjurkan. Today. how do you do it? You need to have an instruments. Nestle. kalau you ada 1 billion. every household can participate in jihad business. so jihad business is about. . harta yang banyak ini. we have adopting companies.This because dia tak de semangat jihad. sebab dia tak nampak alternatives.Islam Yes. kebanyakannya. pada dia memang comply with Islam. you punya Milo semua. So that. using that as well. he spent every dollar. jiwa jihad. that is also the reason why I deliberately choose to. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}.Pada dia cukup. corporation. ha. because you can still do the faraid. corporate punya tu kan. generational. Brazil. How you spend your money? The moment you support the Malay enterprise. I’m not trying to be racial and so on. may. Every Muslim consumer. They make sure that. But . duit kita ni. Arab Muslim’s family. their money goes among themselves and they will be rich. to help}. energy. dia semua comply with Islam kan. long term kan. true}. China is jumping ye.tapi bukan salah dia.. that is supposed to initiate change. yang untuk keluarga tu bagi. you kena tahu your limit. Secondly. One is business fundamental add on with jihad. Islam tegas menyatakan ye. we are today colonise by multinational corporation. {Interviewer interrupted: for them tu tak cukup tu Tan Sri.. anak lima orang. apa semua enterprise. Because I mentioned yesterday. jihad business is a real value drive.err.

Aa. society akan support. I mean so I wasn’t. You must force yourself to think about the others and then you start to be creative. and so on. civilisation of aspiration and we all have duty. What we will leave therefore. Malay enterprises kebanyakan tak sampai kualiti dan sebagainya. you email apa semua.. waqf ke apa ke semua. kan.Malays and Muslims. Allah S. even though he is run all the business. ada gap lain yang ini ye. saya berjihad.. DR. I would rather have one million ringgit and then kan. It’s always by what’s we want to do. I was thinking that I am a Muslim. So. look. we can meet with team of yours apa semua. and I don’t look at it as a form of legacy. tak lepas sana. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. I will get a big . I wouldn’t have resigned. ha dah cukup.kalau tidak macam saya kata la. orang Islam ni kalau lebih 63 tahun or 60 ye. That’s only one. agenda pada saya. if I want the product of mine. so why I am here. if we want to succeed. family dia akan support. Your legacy as a waqf corporation. you see i had one choice you know. don’t miss out on that. 5 words we want to do. see. shortly. kalau nak legacy. when I do this. Then. That is the kan. I wasn’t thinking of a legacy.Aliza ya. but at the same time you are be able to contribute to the development of ummah. they all talk about privatisation. for waqf corporate. I’m just a simple Muslim.. that’s why saya circularised kan tu {Interviewer interrupted: Ye}. Our duty is how to. jual goreng pisang ke. conventional thinking ni. because your subject is corporate waqf. you improve yourself totally. “Oh. kau sorang jadi millionaire!” Kalau jihad business datang. let’s do it together. If. others will judge.T akan mengadili. we go back and duit kita sama kita.{Interviewee interrupted: If you think in the future you nak cut. search for the other word. because. the entrepreneur themselves will changes his to support and help them. dia pun tahu dia berjihad.Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee unfortunately.legacy?} Your legacy at Johor Corporation? It is not important my legacy. Insya Allah. Anak dia akan support. I won’t be here. That’s thinking strategic. Mahathir and the government. its balance the things off. buat satu. thinking out side of the box it is. Kadang-kadang kita pakai satu word je kita lupa. can do more on my own. This is Islam punya fundamental aspirations. about ten years ago. How do you do it? Nanti kalau kita kata. aku beli barang. jihad business tu.W. Alhamdulillah. I’m not here to. retail shop ke kan. for example. corporate waqf. and he has extended my life. If I want to build a legacy. Fundamental.. we don’t mind. Halim Saat dapat ini. So. and the. looking. Macam saya cakap semalam. Just two more questions. I’m going to face my creator besok. The. think. kalau tak go through session like this.its always. So.. Tajuddin Ramli dapat MAS. If it is nothing to do with jihad business.. deliberately cari.{Interviewer interrupted: Alhamdulillah} ha. and of of those word must be Akhirat. you dah success. in business and what so ever ye. Looking beyond.

never been more threaten than now. ilmu yang di manfaatkan.of corporate waqf here. Dia tak ada.{Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. when you go to the next world. Kita hendak apa. so. sebab anak tak masuk business. always thinking about legacy and personal legacy of leader. It’s simply because we overlook. you can create a fantastic legacy. Malays and Muslims are concern.mudah-mudahan. menyampaikan.Interviewer Interviewee slice of Johor Corp. Alhamdullilah.except three kan?{Interviewer interrupted: Three things that we know}.. they all CVC dekat 50 tahun. We were assaulted and we will. Lama-lama tanah sekangkang kera. in Holland. tapi melalui ini pun beri jariah ya {Interviewer interrupted: Islamic way}. tak dapat kan? But. I’m trying to. there are only few.. you bagi ceramah. corporation. institutional approach ye. you tulis buku. to define what Malaysian civilisation will be. so. lepas tu harta bagi.. We have been independence for 50 years. what do you see future.supaya. not only have the power..we. How Malaysian muslim. to me its surplus..anak-anak. But legacy is not the name of the game. If you’ve been a good parent apa semua. jariah. but for Muslim satu. mudah-mudahan. democratic system. tapi tak de jaminan. the political power vested in the majority. nak cuba reach that. I’m just saying ha. lagi kecik bila anak dah ramai. Kalau jadi anak salih pun. Because that means. I will be a billionaire. We’ll create a one or two billion dollars. we focus on power. we didn’t focus on strengthening the fundamentals in particularly in Muslim’s society. dia messenger yang di titah oleh ni. there is no guarantee.. saham sekadar semut pulak. unfortunate. So. Thirdly. tak de jaminan dia jadi anak yang salih. but we realised that our position is been. there are only few example. give us all authorise.. you see. Jariah. Muslims being the majority under the multi democratic system. and that is fundamental. We. Rasulullah datang bukan nak legasi. it’s your will. tak doa kat kita pun. kita takde duit sendiri. harta pun tak boleh tolong. Malay muslim ada apa? Tak de.. kita try to follow Ameen. Your other question? Last one. selagi dia run profitably. the Chinese in South East Asia. mudah-mudahan. And corporation is designed just like waqf. are in democratic system. that’s how the west dominate all through this year. what we have overlook so far. banyak mana yang you boleh makan.. Dalam buku tu saya tulis. In countries like . so. Malaysian muslims all over the world is a mass. pegang that tiga. kalau kita tengok. got rise Malaysia? We must make it success. I can bring Datin Paduka. and we also need to do more than that.So.Ha. and the. that’s why today.that’s all simple. companies. and this is why Aliza.. you have 1000 year old company in Japan. this one apa semua kan. you might elaborate kan. Today. chances are there. Secondly. children. a lot debate. perut saya pun dah buncit already. but it is an opportunity got given. can contribute to the global Islamic civilisation. of at least some major economic success with future hopes. is how to use economic power vested in. perpetual.

Kefakiran membawa kepada kekufuran. . the CSR side of it. it cannot be just for the sake of the muslims. we have to.. It is going to take 50 hundred years. young Malays go out and export terrorism in their sense. apa nama deprivation totally sampaikan dua. supaya aa. without all this ye. bukan saja untuk orang Islam. kelebihan.. Tuhan bagi... Cina ramai kat sini.. So. They go to Philliphines. dia ada waqf yang membantu. Membantu budakbudak yang nak belajar tak de duit. binatang. membantu orang muda yang tak mapu kahwin.Islam clearly said ye. to start this idea ye. there is check and balance.. distortion apa semua. so it. satu rahmat. jin. Turkey and Malaysia. Bunuh membunuh Afghanistan. banyak kadang-kadang kita di Malaysia juga yang terpaksa berlaku kufur. Tuhan dalam AlQuran pun cakap ye. You see. jadi orang Melayu extremist Muslims pun. we have nowhere to turn to.ha. But the other. what kind of new Muslim’s society. di turunkan di Arab’s world and so on kan. first of all. But. Malaysia is much more exciting because we are in the midst of plural society. I’m just talking about waqf corporate because I want it to be. kadang jual anak ke. itu yang tuhan bagi. kalau kita nak perjuangkan Islam. that’s why if you are to meet success of the waqf and jihad business.ha. What is the future? If we don’t do something like this. today ye.tak dapat nak ye. pada saya. got.Indonesia. 2000. tapi Majlis Agama Islam ini nak me. satu nikmat. smeua sekali.. and even the west are concern about it. jadikan ni ni ni.} of the. anak-anak muda ini hari kalau gaji 1200 ye. alam un ending conflict . Anyhow.ini yang kita today. bila yang bersekedudukan. melakukan kekufuran. Alhamdulillah. poverty. Aa. the world is so global. because of internet and everything. waqf can be in the mean of business.. macam di Turki ya. that’s is amanah..menangkap je sana bila sana. Apa yang kita nak buat. we don’t have to go to the extreme like they do in Afghanistan. first to sell to the Chinese. bukan tak cukup makan ye. kalau kita tak dapat selesaikan masalah ini. I am not in hunger or. just to think and define.. The duty of a Muslim as Khalifah is that.. nak kahwin pun tak de duit.{Interviewer interrupted: ya. Di situ. the NGO side of it. Hari ni.. Bila dia nak kahwin tak de duit. this is. the fisabilillah side... and he charity side of it. How to translate it? And this is why.fundamentally in my view. we have already that ye. in the context of we have a. Today. kesempitan hidup. we already. Untuk memakmurkan seluruh kehidupan manusia. {Interviewer interrupted: Ha}. But Muslim solemn to the world are. Kesempitan hidup today. Pluralism punya ras. nafsu ada. defies. Sustainability that you’ve been talking about ye. umat Islam ni di lahirkan dalam Islam. tak dapat. You dah solve the root problem belum? The root problem is. mak ke apa semua kan. kerajaan dah tak boleh lagi. prosperity is gonna be …. lastly because kekufuran. this big potential of waqf.of life system. deprivation will leads towards unfaith.Pakistan. to generate our own wealth. This is the moment we have to come with new ideas.

but re defines.itu yang kan. in the Arab’s world are unemployed. Rasulullah pun.. Sana. why? It because generally.we need the example. And I don’t believe we have that tend. solution is. tak kan pergi ke sana sini aa.get hold of this. kita takut Islam ramai.ha di sebabkan. an alternative to extreme capitalism. boleh meletup sana sini. kita nak ketepikan.ha. Turki.. Banyak yang secular Malays. modal di beri oleh Siti Khadijah.that’s it. just give them a good job and so on. Mudah-mudahan it is something which it comes about. We are the one of developed Muslim countries with the Turkey.. berlandaskan that time dah ada dah itu kan. mudah-mudahan Malaysia. aa.{Interviewer interrupted: Hmm} What do we do? Show them a model and we have a fortunate. business ye. How .(clanking sound) operate in this. the next 20 years. kebaikan kita. Corporate ways you can do it in multi. kalau tak de concept mother corporation. That’s mean entrepreneurship. because you need peace in order for business to grow and expand kan? {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. corporation dia buat duit. so that. in your vision..} yang 2600.. tak de duit.. that’s what before dia jadi rasul.. Rasulullah tidak akan naik.. we need Siti Khadijah corporation seolaholah. merosakkan Islam sana sini kan.mother corporation {Interviewer interrupted: Siti Khadijah}visualize. {Interviewwer interrupted: Yes}. tapi dia tak thinks of opening opportunities and doors for others yang tadi {Interviewer interrupted: The legacy opportunity. lebih kaya.much larger scale. Kita ni marah orang Arab apa ni semua. bayangkan Siti Khadijah.we have to do it quickly. Ha. lebih apa. kita tak balik pada Islam. terlupa saya nak sebut. address poverty and within today context. Indonesia. They haven’t done it here. Ini semua dah ada dalam Islam. creating jobs. on the structure based ini.. according to the sources.. so mother corporation ni.and then the. Another 50 million unemployment. is the concept. We need a model of working aa. 50 million population ye.. to me. creating the opportunity. to lead in the business apa ni semua. Bila orang tanya kenapa Siti Khadijah.will of young peoples ni. in the sense of capitalism.. to show the Arab. Alhamdulillah. UN ni apa semua. Rasulullah meniaga pun. It is going to be serious chance. and then senang orang nampak kan. terpulang kepada kita la. Islam is not against know. we are better off than compared to Afghanistan and so on in term of living. that. Siti Khadijah waqf corporation. but we need also the economic system model. kita ini hari. aa. Then. bila umat Islam di sini. will. sebab kita nak contohi barat.. dia lebih makmur.. Unfortunately.. what we need is about it. 50% of the young people in Afghanistan. but how to make sure that Muslim’s here aa. Why mother corporation? So. This is why we discuss the concept like mother corporation.. So that. poverty.. unemployment. dia gunakan Siti Khadijah punya. bukan salah dia. macam mana nak double their income kan?ha. we are peaceful. How Rasulullah was able? Kalau tak de Siti Khadijah.and dia are at par with the global standards you know.corporate ways. unthinkingly.

choose la your faith.. he… between all this. I could have. no regrets and that’s. tak payah pergi berjuang kat Syria. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya} and its open to scrutiny kan.{Interviewer interrupted: Ya. validate this. honestly {Interviewer interrupted:Ha. that’s why. kan. if there is. The rest of us.{Interviewer interrupted: Okay} I could have join politic and I served Rahman Yaakob.kalau dia pergi pun. kalau takde merit.mungkin}. …. ha. So. we still have to do something. for the our religion}but. my sister is a politician. berperang apa semua ni kan. because that was an opportunity. and it is not about creating a legacy. Who is the. and besok nama saya terkenal ke. Before you can change mind sets. and we have reach the point where. I could join a politic.showing that there is merit in it la. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya}. masuk IS apa semua tu kan.. first of all.and then sebelum. macam orang kata itu bukan jihad. This is what you are doing and. Betul tak betul. Tengok. Saya pun tak pernah niat nak jadi entrepreneur ke. university yang jemput ye.but I didn’t want to. kita akan bangkit. I always has fascinated to work with working model example. basically. I means understand it.aa. real life itself. we do have some track record. but this. jadi kita tak bergaduh. politic anybody can go in. ada dalam dia punya pengantar. mana nak pergi ke Syria tu. business man. jahil kejahilan.. who is the autorithy on. Dulu pun. for the public to accept coporate waqf {Interviewee interrupted: waqf concept}.. saya sense. because you are the people who can. But in this case. ha. pilihan dia. I didn’t know I have some. saya nak pegi haji ni pun.Universities.. gila ke kepala Mohd.hopefully champion it because.on creating understanding. Tun Fatimah {Interviewer interrupted:Oh. not really. you’ll be the first through out it merit kan.T kan. ha. as you . Through out the Quran. Saya bukan kata itu bukan jihad ye. new concept.. because. neck for it. The first woman minister.ha. tu terpulang pada Allah kan. {Interviewer interrupted: Ya} or critically look into this kan. you are the kan.Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee to change their mind sets? The real model...ambil prudent objektif{Interviewer interrupted: Right} And once you see there is merit.ha... Ha. dia bawa idea baru. jalan lain. So . {Interviewer interrupted: If we educate them}.Ali ni ke apa ni kan ha. By bila Turki apa semua ni kan. I’m trying to do. In education formal itu kan{Interviewer interrupted: Yes}. that’s why. Kita pun kalau threaten macam tu. there is a need to make them understand the benefits? That is basic. kalau nak. tak payah apa. Dah la. kita juga wajib berjihad. all for fight wajib. you know.W.. }.. Politician also. you will definitely want to.I wanted to try. saya ada. bcause saya perhati kawan-kawan saya masuk politik tak ke mana... for that reason I resigned you. besok anak-anak kita. saya ada sebut kenapa saya resigned. Tapi. saya tak berhenti.ha. maybe ya. ada banyak cara.. tak payah ada revolution. Saya kata itu serah pada Allah S. kalau you nak baca ni. we are not in that situation.. Allah punya kuasa.

Selagi orang Islam. that is very interesting concept. their position piliticians can succeed. dia fikir apa yang dia nak dapatkan. dalam hand out tu saya ada bagi konsep zuhud. Alright. Thank you. adalah Chinese.. bukan sahaja dalam politik ye. you bersedia beredar mati that is semangat jihad. Insya Allah ha. as I said... So. to make success waqf. dalam business.{Inetrviewer interrupted: show success story}. oh ye. I’m not sure I’m going to be back. ha. I read it. the top people. in two three years terms. model ni semua kan. Bcause they see. the students will lead. to quickly. {Interviewer interrupted: Hmm. to be selfless..}. What is waqf all about. terlalu selfish. the way we can win to fight against the west is. Its to put the side of selflessness. Tan Sri? success story and I’m as I said yesterday. Kalau dia endorse ni and so on. Ministers macam saya kata sekarang.. kalau universities successful in changing mind sets of students.{Interviewer interrupted: Ya}So. and they want to make a smartest choice. world member of.Interviewer Interviewee Interviewer Interviewee see. . that’s take a little bit of time and you need more evidence. mati business je. bukan dia nak perjuangkan untuk kepentingan. I’m approaching Tun Mahathir to be a member. working model. Dalam business. dah habis ye. dia tanya kita. buakn mati nyawa pun. In my second book. besok yang nak change ni. But sometimes. Bila you tak hendak dunia. It can be because they have actually. Right. in real ARI grant. Zuhud means. Like you have said just now.ha. maknanya Minister ni. ye. And if the voting of the majority corporation wants cake.. to not to take the world day terms. our focus today is to create more evidence.Mudah-mudahan Berjaya. kalau saya waqf dapat apa. election dah nak dekat ni.. there is a chance..di peringkat mana. kalau kita dalam demokratik system kan. UMNO has already started to even though they. Insya Allah (clicking sound). shall we go inside. or refuse to understand {Interviewee interrupted: Right}what waqf all about and corporate waqf. And I’m also. That is extreme power.