My Heartbreak (Rejections Series #1)

Ellie Martin had been abused and harassed since the age of 13. She was once
the child that always smiled always laughed and always had fun. She was the
child that could make anyone like her, could make an angry man smile and a
girl that could make a room shine and the people within laugh. Now she's the
girl that cowers in the corner, stays out of sight in order to avoid getting hurt,
she a girl that is terrified of anything and everything. She's now the girl that
doesn't have fun anymore, doesn't smile whenever and is depressed all the
time. Her mom doesn't know anything as she believes that she's still depressed
over her father's death. It's not like she pays attention though, she's lost in her
own world as well. The soon to be alpha, Aiden is the ring master of all her
misery. He's smart enough to keep it hidden from the rest of the adults in the
pack. But what happens when her mate turns out to be the Aiden himself. 

No this isn't the story where the Alpha rejects her and she runs off, joins
another pack and comes back reformed. This story is where Aiden regrets
everything and accepts her, but Ellie, his own mate is terrified by him. And
because of that she rejects him before he has the chance to say anything. This
is the story where Aiden tries to regain Ellie's trust. This is the story where
Aiden tries to make his mate the girl she once was, even though he's
heartbroken everyday when he sees his mate. His story where he's heartbroken
every time he is reminded that he had caused his mate this pain. This is the
story of Aiden's heartbreak. 

Chapter One 

It was all the same, everyone doing their everyday routines. Being lazy, fooling
around, playing with pups, making out with either their mates or the pack

I scoff, wait till they meet their mates, and if they're from this pack then they'll
know about their whoring history. How they were wolves who jumped from shewolf to she-wolf or a she-wolf who'd spread their legs for about anyone. I, on
the other hand remain fresh as snow. Nonetheless, as an Alpha male, my wolf
contains the urge to release every so often, but I shut him up with the same

What will our mate think of us? When we find her and she discovers that we
didn't wait for her? 

Whenever, Caiden, my wolf had the urge that would be my reply. I had many
offers, and many rumours have spread about my so called 'quickies'. But as I
said they're just rumours. 

I now looked down at the pack runt. Well I wouldn't call her a runt; she's
actually the old third in commands daughter. She posses dominant blood
within her, and at one point I called her my best friend.

However, everything changed when her father passed away 3 years ago. Since
then Ellie Martin has been picked on and harassed. 

As Ellie lives in the pack house with the rest of the teenagers, and the adults
live in the pack neighbourhood; many don't know the lifestyle she lives, her
mother included. 

I concentrate back on Ellie as she cowers on the floor, for some reason this
whole week I felt disgusted and uneasy with myself whenever I'd hit her. That's
right, as the so called runt, she's responsible for everything; from cleaning to
cooking to doing our homework. If something was to upset one of us, we'd lash
our anger out on her. I honestly have no idea as to why it has gotten so far, and
why I don't stop it. The wolves living in the pack house would look up at me,
whenever I was to abuse her; I felt a feel of accomplishment sore through me.
However, as sadistic is sounds and disgusting; it was a form of revenge that
take upon her, and for something that I know she never had any power to
change. The thought of putting her in her place was feeling I had begun to
enjoy since that night. 

But throughout the week, I wasn't getting that feeling anymore I was getting
the feeling of disgust for myself. Anger when someone else was to abuse her. I
guess it's all nerves as my eighteenth birthday is coming up tomorrow and that
means I would find my mate. 

Snapping back to reality I looked down at Ellie and put on my best 'I'm going to
hurt you' face. 

"Do you have any idea what you have done?" I asked my voice full of fake

"I- s-s-sorry A-a-alpha" That's right I was to be Alpha tomorrow, and I had
made sure that everyone was starting to call me that already. 

"Sorry doesn't cut it freak. But I'm feeling generous at the moment so I'll let it
slide. But next time you better watch your ugly ass, don't even think of spilling
the goddamn food on me." 

I was lying when I called her ugly; Ellie was actually one of the most beautiful
women I've seen. She isn't fake; she doesn't wear any make up nor does she
wear any revealing clothes or heels. Although she's abused, we give her the
freedom to wear whatever, and do whatever. It isn't our fault she doesn't have
time to go shopping. It's her fault she doesn't finish her chores on time. Her
wardrobe contained of sweats, t-shirts and one pair of converse. I turned and
walked away, grabbing my book bag and decided to head to school early. I

jumped into my red 2008 Chrysler Sebring. 

As I drove to school I couldn't help but think about Ellie, unfortunately she was
a year younger than me and we only had lunch together. Not like we sit
together, I'm surrounded by people, being the future alpha means that I'm
popular at school as well; since I attend an all werewolf school. On the other
hand Ellie always home, funny thing is I never see her in the halls either. She's
well hidden at school. I sighed, must be the nerves again, I guess the pressure
of being an alpha is making me go soft and making me think of the lowly runt
in my pack. I guess this will all be over tomorrow. Once I'm Alpha and once I
find my mate I would stop thinking about Ellie. And be back to normal. 

Chapter Two 


I slowly stood up from the ground and started to clean up the mess that was
created. I felt tears roll down my face, I hated when Aiden was to abuse me. I
turned sixteen two weeks ago and found out that he was my mate. But since
we hadn't kissed he had no clue till his eighteenth birthday, which was

I could understand as to why this past week he hasn't been hurting me as
much, it's his wolf trying to show a sign, but that didn't stop him. Sure it
reduced a teeny tiny bit but it didn't stop. I felt my wolf whimper, but she was
strong, she wasn't dying as a usual wolf would. She was waiting for her mate to
realize that his mate is right in front of them. I heard she-wolves brag about
their time with him, it hurt like salt rubbing into my deep wounds. 

It was worse than anything. Worse than what I felt when my dad died, or the
fact that my mom turned a blind eye on me when she turned depressed over
the death of her mate. Worse than the experience from that night. I sighed; it
was all about to get worse tomorrow. When he would discover I was his mate,
he would reject me. I was expecting it after all. Who would want me; I am after
all reminded of my flaws each and every day. And allow me to tell you there are

Aiden being my number one tormentor would never ruin his reputation for me;
he would reject me and then throw it in my face all the reasons why the fates
and Great Luna made the mistake of creating me for him. He'll then brag about
it to everyone and choose himself a mate for who fits his standards. I ran to my
room as the tears started to fall down uncontrollably. My wolf was curled in a
ball crying as well. She couldn't shift, as the soon to be alpha, Aiden had forbid
of us to. It was difficult at first but we managed. 

I was proud of my wolf, for being so strong and waiting for him, being able to
forgive and overlook everything he did. Not losing any hope and more

importantly staying by my side and not dying. 

As I entered my tiny room I looked around examining it. I did this every time, I
looked at the room located under the stairs; it was the size of a walking closet.
No bed, a small basket in where my clothes were folded in, my only converse on
my feet. A picture of me and my family before my dad died beside my make
shift bed on the ground, the small attached bathroom with only a toilet, sink
and a small shower. I sighed and laid down on my 'bed' and sobbed. 

I sobbed till I fell asleep. I wasn't allowed to go to school since the age of
fourteen. I only had received education till the 8th grade. I'm supposed to be a
Junior this year. I let out another sob as I thought about it. Laying my head on
the small pillow, I looked up at the ceiling thinking. I felt my eyes get heavy as
time slipped by, I needed some rest.

Lunch and dinner was finished and was only required to be heated. I would
wake up when the pack teens come home. 

It's his birthday today. Oh god oh god. I woke early today and set the table and
then rushed back into my room. Not wanting to come face to face with him. I
was panicking and my wolf trying to get out there wasn't helping. 

"FATASS" I heard someone screech. 


I slowly got up and took my time to get to the kitchen where everyone was
gathered, including him. I took a deep breath, ending up taking a whiff of his
wonderful scent, something spicy and burnt wood. I kept my gaze on the
ground. I answered in a mumble.

"You called?" 

"Yes, I did. And I also specifically asked you to make chocolate cake for Aiden's
birthday but what did you make? Vanilla, that's what!" I recognized the voice
that belonged to our pack slut and a common slut that had her go with Aiden,

I knew I was gaining to get punished for making Vanilla, but I knew for a fact
that Aiden's favourite was Vanilla and he hated anything chocolate flavoured
other than chocolate itself. 

"But, it's the Alpha's favourite" I mumbled in response, before I could stop
myself. Oh no. 

"Oh, really? So you're telling me that you know more about Aiden than I do?" 

YES! I wanted to scream out.

I heard Aiden growl.

"Well clearly she does Brittany. Cause she's right" Intervened Aiden. 

I made the mistake of looking up and met with his gaze. Instantly everything
disappeared and it was only him and me. Looking into those hazel eyes that
can be mistaken for a pale green, I see regret and sorrow. Regret for what? And
sorrow for what? I didn't want to find out, no I know it will only hurt me more. 

As I was getting more and more lost into his eyes, I barely noticed him taking a
couple steps towards me. Key word barely. 

Shit, no no no no no this wasn't supposed to happen. 

I did the one thing I could think of, knowing it was also the stupidest as well.

I ran.

Straight out the door and into the depths of always green forest. 



I could smell her beautiful scent, fresh snow, and white rose petals with a hint
of vanilla cupcakes. It was intoxicating but I couldn't locate it; it was too faint. I
was standing in the kitchen with a delicious looking vanilla cake in front of me.
There were she-wolves in every corner and I had made eye contact with
everyone of them and still couldn't find her. 

I knew for a fact that she was here as I could smell her faint scent, maybe she
left already? But there is one thing I know for a fact is that she knew she was
my mate. My wolf had informed me that he sensed that she had turned sixteen
about two weeks ago and knew that she was my mate but didn't let me know. 

I'd be getting an explanation for that later on once I found her. I sighed and
concentrated then on the cake as I couldn't find her yet. I flinched when I
heard someone yell, Fatass... Brittany, our pack slut and the main gossiper of
my so called 'fun times' with her. My wolf growled at that. I had to agree with
him, especially now that I know my mate lives here and probably heard all
those rumours. 

Snapping out of my thought, her scent started getting stronger and my wolf
perked up, I searched around the room while the runt came in.

"You called?" I heard her mumble barely audible, but still be able to send
shivers down my back. I looked towards her, she was wearing a red t-shirt with
old looking sweats with her signature black converse. She had her head down,
her hair creating a veil. 

I took a deep breath, and my mate's scent was strong and it was coming off of
her. No! Shit what have I done? Ellie Martin is my mate...I abused Ellie
Martin...I harassed Ellie Martin....I rubbed it in her face about how her dad's
dead, her mom doesn't care for her...I hurt Ellie Martin...I hurt my mate. My
heart felt like someone had put a tight silver wire around it and as I recalled all
the things I did and said to her, the wire only got tighter. I felt my wolf whimper
as he remembered what he had done as well. 

The intensity I felt from the bond between us was overwhelming, and the
knowledge of me doing such disgusting and shameful acts made me nearly
drop to my knees. A werewolf's mate is the most precious and sensitive part of
the male's existence. Even a strand of hair being harmed on her head can
cause the male to go on a rampage. She was the light for the male, the only
being that can calm and restrain the beast within us. And we were her
protector, her best friend, her support and the one being she can always rely
and trust upon. 

Looking back to our past, I see the level of disappointment I've been towards
her, I've taken the bond between us and tarnished it. 

Not anymore though. Nope, from now on things change.

"Yes, I did. And I also specifically asked you to make chocolate cake for Aiden's
birthday but what did you make? Vanilla, that's what!" I growled snapping out
of my thoughts. No one talked to my mate like that. 

"But, it's the Alpha's favourite,” My mate mumbled in response. Her voice so
angelic. I think back at this week and now understand why it was more
difficult to abuse her this past week. I winced at the word abuse.

"Oh, really? So you're telling me that you know more about Aiden than I do?" I
growl once again. She did know more. 'Cause she was right and she was my

"Well clearly she does Brittany. 'Cause she's right" I intervened, not being able
to contain the anger I felt as she talked to her that way. Instantly as she heard

my voice she looked up and was met with my eyes. Everything disappeared and
it was only her and me. I looked into her soft honey brown eyes as I tried my
best to display my regret and sorrow in my own. 

I took a step closer to her, not breaking eye contact. Her scent alluring me
closer to her and the need to touch soft looking skin amplifying as each second

Touch was a major necessarily for wolves. It brought reassurance for many
emotions; safety, love, protection, support. 

Taking another step towards her without breaking eye contact, I tried to think
of ways to try and apologize for my behaviour. 

In a blink of an eye she was gone. No! She ran, I started to run after her but
was stopped when I felt Brittany's hand on my arm. Her skin to skin contact
made my skin crawl. I didn't want another's touch, just my mates, and my
body knew that just too well.

"Let her be, babe. Let's just eat so we can then announce to the pack how we're
mates." She made sure she was loud enough for everyone to hear, and my pack
of 78 wolves were here. A regular sized pack would have up to the most 30
pack member, we were twice the size and twice as powerful. 
"Sorry slut, but my mate isn't as lowly as you are. I wouldn't even think of you
being my mate. Thank god the moon goddess agrees with me and my mate isn't
anything like you. My mate isn't's Ellie Martin. Ellie Martin is my mate
and the Luna of Midnight Blue pack. She's the Luna to the biggest, and
strongest pack 'cause she is capable of leading it. Unlike you." I growled out.

I heard gasps and congrats from every corner but at the moment all I wanted to
do was get to my mate, I ran out using her scent as a tracker for me to find her. 

I ran until I was in the middle of the dense forest. The trees stood tall and the
grass bright green, there was a small patch where the sun shone the brightest

and there she sat. 

I noticed as her shoulders tense obviously catching my scent. She slowly stood
up and turned around. I flinched as I saw her face, the hurt evident all over it.
She had dry tears on her cheeks and her eyes were puffy red. But never the
less she still looked absolutely beautiful to me. Noticing my flinch she scowled.

"I know I'm ugly, you reminded me many times already" I flinched at her words,
they sank in. She thought I flinched cause she thought she was ugly. 

"I am so sorry for..." But before I could apologize for all the harsh words and
doings I've done to her she cut me off.

"You don't need to apologize... my wolf and I were expecting this. So to make it
easier on you and so you won't be as guilty I'll just say it." I was confused at
her words, and when I figured out what she meant I was too late as she had
already utter those horrid words that will scar me for my entire life.

"I, Ellie Kaya Martin reject you Alpha Aiden James West as my mate." 


The minute those words had left my mouth Aiden's face had morphed into one
of pain, agony, loss and anger. I knew that he would feel the pain of the bond
breaking off at one end but i was positive he would also be delighted at the
end. He always reminded me how no one would ever want me. He once told me
that I would be the first wolf to be rejected in history. It wasn't common at all
for a mate to be rejected. 

Mates were considered priceless gifts, there was a direct intense attraction and
deep love that grows instantly for their other half. However, being told mostly
everyday for years that no amount of love can help love a creature like me, and

no amount of attraction can have a fool being attracted to a beast like myself. 

I knew that I made the right choice. I did it for him, no matter how much pain
he had put me through, I loved him. I loved him since we were pups and our
parents forced us as playmates. I loved him today even after suffering through
all the abuse and suffering he put me through and I will love him tomorrow
even after the pain of the separation and the reality of his feelings towards me.

With those thoughts in mind I looked at his beautiful face one more time. 

"I did it for you love, I hope you are now happy" I whispered with the upmost
mount of sincerity in my voice. And with that I turned and ran back to the
pack mansion.

Chapter Three

It's been three days since the rejection and I’ve trapped myself in my room. I
had my Beta and a close friend of mine, Jace look after the pack for the time
being, I was in no shape to look over pack issues. I needed to first sort out my
own. I had absolutely no idea on how I was to do this. But I wasn’t in the mood
to care. I didn’t feel the need to eat and the only thoughts and concerns on my
mind were of Ellie. 

I thought of how beautiful she was and how much of a jackass I was to even
consider of committing such acts. It made me a terrible person, it made me a
terrible Alpha and most painfully it made me a terrible mate. 

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door, I didn't bother scenting
out whoever was at the door, because the one person I wanted it to be would
never even think of coming here, not after what I had done to her. 

Letting out a deadly growl attempting to frighten my intruder away. But they
knocked again. I shot up, enraged, ready to holler at who dared to come up
when I made specific instructions for no one to. 

Opening the door I let a gruesome snarl escape and looked down at the petite
female I realized my mistake for not scenting out the intruder. There, in front of
me stood the person who had occupied my dreams, who I only thought of, who
I desperately wanted to hold and cherish; there stood my entire existence, my

"E-Ellie...W-what are you doing here?" Dear Fates! She had me stuttering now.
An Alpha never showed absolutely any weakness, and stuttering was a sign of
weakness. However, from what I have heard, true mates brought out a side of

each other that no mere wolf would have the privilege to witness. I guess that
justified my moment of weakness. 

Ellie looked really nervous herself. She had a tray of food in her hands and it
was shaking a tad bit. 

“Uh, Beta Jace told me to come here and give you this." She indicated at the
tray. I made a mental note to thank Jace later. He knew I wouldn't eat with the
knowledge that my mate was no where near my side, where she belonged. 

I smiled small and moved aside. Indicating for her to come inside. 

She seemed hesitant at first but compelled after a few seconds. I could smell
the fear off of her. It made my heart ache knowing that she was afraid of me. I
took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Reminding myself to be patient, this
would take a while.

“Uh A-alpha, Beta Jace said not to leave until you are finished. I could leave if
you want though" She mumbled as she kept her eyes to the ground and her
chin to the side, displaying her neck in submission.

I let out a fierce growl, hating my mate treating herself lower than myself. She
was my equal, she would look me in the eyes and speak loud. And she would
never address me so formally and would absolutely never ever even think that I
would want her to leave my side even for a second. 

Seeing her flinch at my growl, seemed to have brought me back to my senses. I
needed to learn to control my temper and my wolf. I had to take this slow and
needed to understand that she still feared me. Letting out a deep calming
breath and soaking up every ounce of patience I had in me. 

"First, please don't call me Alpha, please just call me by my name, same with
Jace, you are more dominate than him. And please don't think for a second
that I would want you to leave, please just, just don't leave me." The last bit

had came out as a soft whisper filled with desperation and need. But as every
male mate I did not care for my pride, this is Ellie, my mate I would bare myself
to her in every way and form. 

She nodded and just stood there. Her face filled with awe and disbelief.

Lightly shaking her head she headed for the sitting area within my suite. She
placed the tray on the coffee table and stepped back. I made my way over to the
area and purposely brushed lightly against her, filling my lungs with her scent
and sat on the small couch. I noticed a slight shiver that ran down her body at
the close contact.

"Come sit down Ellie" I told her as softly as I could. 

I noticed her shiver when I said her name. I smiled, though she rejected the
bond, it still had an effect on her, I still had an effect on her. 

"Yes Alph- I mean Aiden" 

Now it was my turn to shiver when she spook my name. It felt so right coming
off of her. She slowly came and sat on the one person sofa beside me. 

My wolf growled at the act of disrespect and rejection, I was seated on a love
seat, meant for two and she ignored the empty spot right beside me and sat a
farther away. I took a deep breath. Patience Aiden, Patience. 

"May you feed me?" I asked, I really wanted her close. Not only me but my wolf
as well. She froze. She looked at me as if I had grown another head.

"Please?" I begged. She nodded slowly and hesitantly stood from her spot and
sat beside me on the love seat. She took the fork and stabbed some pasta on to
its end and brought it to my lips. My wolf was literally purring at the fact of our

mate feeding us. 

However as she feed me she kept her eyes on the ground.

I sighed, she was still uncomfortable with me. I couldn't really blame anyone
other than myself.

Looking at her, she still looked very weak and needed food herself. Gently, I
grabbed the fork from her hand, and stabbed some pasta on it. Looking back at
her, she had her head down. With my other hand I tenderly grabbed ahold of
her chin and tugged it up so she was looking straight into my eyes. The
amount of hurt in them shattered my heart. She misunderstood. 

"I didn't take the fork because I didn't enjoy you feeding me love, I took it
because I'd like you to enjoy it as well, I'd like to feed you. May I?"

Her eyes widen and she opened her mouth to protest. 

"Please?" I asked her again.

Giving in she gave me a small nod, and slowly yet hesitantly opened her
mouth. I smiled and placed the fork in her mouth. 

For the next few minutes we continued to feed each other, and I was content in
our comfortable and soothing silence. 

"Why are you doing this?" 

I looked at her confusingly, not knowing what she meant. She had obviously
noticed my confused look before elaborating on what she said.

"This..." She waved her arms around, but my attention was shifted elsewhere
when I noticed some bruises on her arms, my wolf took over immediately
before she could continue. 

"Who did this mate? They look fresh, not a day old." He asked growling lowly. I
noticed her flinch and looked up into her eyes, that were filled with fear. My
hard eyes softened and my eyes changed back to it's normal hazel eyes and I
gain control again. 

"I'm sorry my Luna, I didn't mean to scare you" I assured her softy. I really
didn't, I had no intention to do so. I just wanted to know who caused her
damage, even after I announced that she was the Luna of this pack and my

"This is what I mean. Why are you so nice to me? Why is everyone not
expecting me to do anything, not hitting me anymore, not cussing at me? Why
are everyone but Brittany treating me like a normal pack member?" 

Her words hurt. They stung really painfully. She had been so used to being
treated lowly that being treated right is foreign to her. But I caught on what she
said about everyone treating her right except Brittany. I made a mental note to
discipline her on her actions later on. Right now I focused on my mate. 

"It's because you're this pack's Luna and my mate. I guess I really don't have
anything to say to explain my behaviour towards you for the past 3 years -" I
did have an explanation but I knew that it will only cause her to hate me more,
and right now I couldn't afford that "-But I do want to apologize. Please mate, I
know that I hurt you and I know that I am in no position to ask you to forgive
me but I will. I am really really really sorry"

My eyes were filled with unshed tears and one rebellious one had fallen down
my right cheek by the time I was done speaking. Ellie just looked at me though,
her face showed confusion. But before she could ask whatever she was going
to, I continued and asked the question that had been bugging me all day.

"Why did you reject me?" I asked in a pained voice, it was uncommon for mates
to be reject, hardly anyone rejected their true mate; the pull was too strong.

"I thought you didn't want me, you have been telling me for the past three
years that I'm worthless, disgusting, ugly, a waste of space, low life..." 

I winced at every word she said, I interrupted her before she could continue,
not wanting to hear anymore.

"Please stop" I whispered letting out a small whimper.

She nodded. We sat in silence for a few minutes before she spoke up again.

"I can't trust you, nor forgive you yet." She started, and that alone was like a
stab in the gut. If someone was to drop me in boiling oil it wouldn't hurt as
much as this. 

"But please do me a favor?" She asked. I jumped to the opportunity. Although
she said that she couldn't trust nor forgive me, she did say the word yet. Which
meant I had to do everything in my power to make her comfortable around me
and then I might have the chance for the trust and forgiveness to come in?

"Anything my Luna. Just say the words" I said too quickly, which caused a
little chuckle to come out of her beautiful mouth. 

She has an amazing laugh commented my wolf and I couldn't help but agree.
Throughout the entire conversation my wolf had been whimpering, but hearing
that small laugh had him rumbling in joy. 

She immediately put her hand over her lips the second she laughed. I softly
took her hand, and felt the pleasurable sparks and tingles shoot through my
arm and moved it away from her soft pink lips. I didn't let go though, I enjoyed

holding her hand. 

"Please don't hide your laugh from me love, it’s too addicting" I let out a bark of
laughter as her cheeks started to stain with a bright red blush, she then
ducked her head trying to hide her face. I put two fingers under her chin and
lifted her head up to meet her mesmerizing brown eyes.

"Not even your face when you blush" I whispered with a smirk on my face, I
inhaled her scent, causing my wolf to howl in delight. 

A ghost of a smile appeared on her face. I decided to tease her a little, trying to
act casual to make her more comfortable.

"Is that a smile I see?" I asked in a teasing tone, she gave me a playful glare. I
guess she didn't realize what she was doing 'cause nearly thirty seconds later,
she sat up straight and cleared her throat. I sighed, at least we're getting
somewhere my wolf encouraged. 

"So uh the favour?" I asked trying to calm the tense atmosphere that suddenly

“Uh yea uh could you please go back to your Alpha duties, and go out a bit.
The pack was getting a little worried. And eat as well, oh and please do
shower." She said looking down.

"Are you trying to tell me that I stink?" I asked in a teasing tone. 

“Oh no I didn't mean that uh you actually smell good. No! Uh I mean that you
know" She was getting flustered and I found this quite amusing.

"Don't worry love, I think you smell amazing as well. You smell like fresh snow,
and white rose petals with a hint of vanilla cupcakes. And you know how much
I love vanilla cakes?" I said referring to the birthday cake she had made for me,

it was delicious. It was one of the few things I ate as I knew that my mate had
made it specially for me. 

"What do I smell like?" I honestly wanted to know. 

"Something spicy and burnt wood" She mumbled softly, the blush still on her

As I raised my hand out to cup her cheek she whimpered and flinched back. A
look of hurt crossed my face. She's still afraid of me. 

She immediately stood up.

"Please do me the favour Alpha. I'll take your leave sir." She mumbled, bowed
slightly and practically made a run for it. 

I felt my wolf whimper, he didn't like it as much as I did at the mere fact of her
calling us alpha or sir. She spoke to us like any other pack member of a low
status would, not one that was supposed to be close to us, someone who was
our equal. I felt the tears prick on the corners of my eyes. 

I roughly rubbed my eyes. 

No! We have to be strong; we need to win her, her trust and her love. If that
means it'll take my entire lifetime then so be it. 

And to start out I'll show her that even the smallest things she asks for will be
taken seriously, including this favour. 

With a new found confidence I went to shower with a smile on my face.

Chapter Four

To say that was awkward, refreshing, amazing, confusing, painful and blissful
all at the same time would be spot on.

When I rejected Alpha Aiden I thought he would be happy. Honest. I never
expected him to be so depressed that he wouldn't leave his room, never
thought that he would care so much, and never thought that he would want

Now the only thing stopping me from accepting him is fear. 

I'm terrified of my Alpha, my mate. 

I know what he is capable of, in both human and wolf form. Not only am I
scared, my wolf is too. She's afraid to communicate, to call out to him. She's
not afraid of rejection, she's afraid of what he will do to her, say to her if she
were to say something wrong. 

During the conversation, I managed to drop my walls twice. TWICE! I had
learnt the hard way never to let anyone let down your guards, not even ones
close to you.

I let down my guards around mom, and where did that get me. Nothing I tell
you. And I mean literally nothing. I was ignored whenever I was to talk to her.
Her only responses were a mere nod of a head or a yes or no. Nothing more. I
was practically a stranger, not a daughter to her, a stranger. 

I had no one in this world, and that is what made me build my walls. And
today I had managed to forget about them twice. 

I sighed and went back to work, though everyone was much nicer and didn't
order me around. I knew what they needed me and their daily routine. Like;
every pack member living at the pack house need a cup of coffee or tea in the
morning. And let me tell you being the largest pack, there are many wolves, but
more than 50% live in the pack house. That alone took an hour or so and
winded me out.

Being the one of the only omega was difficult, and tiring. 

And I was weaker since I wasn't allowed to shift. When I turned sixteen, which
was now around three weeks ago the Alpha Aiden himself had order me never
to shift till he were to take back the order himself. 

Being a new shifter and not being allowed to shift was painful and on top of
that meeting your mate, even more. But as I said my wolf was strong, she held
hope and she wasn't going anywhere, she was as strong as she was when she
came out, it was only me being the weak one, as she feed off of my energy to

And that was tortuous, being an omega doing work, and feeding almost half of
my energy to my wolf. By the end of the day I was practically exhausted. 

I shook my head, and jumped back into reality as I went over to grab all the
laundry from the dryer and started folding them. I heard shouting, and used
my wolf hearing to hear what the commotion was. 

I heard Aiden shout. I smiled, he listened. He was now going back to Alpha
duties which included training the pack. 

With a sigh of happiness I went back to folding the laundry. Since I was the
omega I wasn't treated like a pack member, which meant I wasn't allowed in
the training sessions. I was only allowed when they finished so I could clean
the yard and wash their clothes. 

Not ten minutes later a boy ran into the laundry room. He looked around
fourteen or so. 

"Luna, you need to be present during training. I was instructed to bring you
there" I looked at him confused. 

"Please don't call me Luna, I'm the omega. And why am I to go train?" I made
sure to keep my eyes down and not look him in the eye since I was below him
and everyone else. 

"You're the Luna and Alpha instructed us to call you Luna and since you're the
pack's Luna you must train. The Alpha won't start without you"

I huffed, I knew from experience when to let go of an argument. 

I nodded and followed him out. Once we reached the clearing in the back
everyone bowed in respect. Wasn't I supposed to bow not them? I looked over at
Aiden with a confused look. He must have understood since he explained. 

"You're the Luna, they're bowing in respect."

"But I'm the omega not-" I was cut off by Aiden growling. Scared I immediately
went and apologized.

"I'm sorry Alpha I meant no disrespect" I said shakily with my head bowed
down and eyes on my shoes.

I heard growling again. By now I was shaking with fear. 

"For today's training Beta Jace will lead." I heard Aiden shout at the pack. I
heard a murmur of 'yes Alpha'. 

I felt someone grab my elbow and out of reflex I flinched back. I looked up and
saw that it was Aiden. He had a look of hurt and pain. He then gestured his
hand indicating for me to follow him. 

I quietly obeyed. Not wanting to anger him anymore, not knowing what he
would do to me if I did. 

Nearly after a ten minute walk we reached a small pond. He turned around and
faced me. I kept my eyes on the ground in respect and fear. 

"Look at me please" I heard him plead, but still afraid I didn't. 

"Please look up" He was practically begging now, which caused my wolf to
whimper. I still didn't make a move though.

"Ellie look up, please just look up I'm not going to hurt you" I could hear the
pain in his voice and that sent my wolf and me to finally meet his gaze. His
vibrate hazel eyes, which held unshed tears. For an Alpha to cry was rare as it
was for him to stutter, which I managed to see both in one day. 

"We'll talk about what happened back there afterwards. Right now we will train.
I need to see your wolf to see how strong she is" 

Uh oh.

Chapter Five 


"We'll talk about what happened back there afterwards. Right now we will
train. I need to see your wolf to see how strong she is" 

Me? Shift? Had he forgotten that he was the one who commanded me not to
ever shift? And test my strength? I had no strength, half my strength went to
the chores and the other half to my wolf's survival.

I just stood there looking at him like an idiot. I knew couldn't shift, literally.
But also because I was terrified, knowing that if I were to shift so would Alpha
Aiden and the last time I had an encounter with him in his wolf form wasn't


It was one of those days when I got to see how a high school looked like. One of
the pack members had forgotten their project at home and ordered me to bring
it to them. Leaving practically a half mopped house I ran to get the poster and
ran to the school. If I were to be late then I knew I was to receive yet another

I was now on my way back. The town we lived in was all werewolves and was
practically surrounded by trees. 

As I walked on the empty sidewalk I heard a loud growl, one that could only
belong to a wolf with either Alpha or Beta genes in them. I hesitantly slowed
down completely afraid.

But I knew better. I knew that growl was meant for me and if I tried to run then
the outcome would be much worse. 

I slowly turned around and was meet with glowing amber eyes. One of an
Alpha, our newly shifted sixteen year old soon to be Alpha Aiden West to be

For the past year, it was him who was responsible for my omega status. The
first few months I rebelled. After all, how could they do such a thing, I was the
daughter of the Third in command. I mean Late Third in command. 

Thinking about dad brought tears in my eyes. But I had learnt just a little
while ago that showing emotions can make it worse for you. I wiped my tears
away. And waited for what was to happen to me today. 

But what happened, was crossing of the limits. Even for an Alpha, I still am a
pack member aren't I?

I was dragged by my right arm into the depths of forest with Aiden's razor
sharp teeth. Thrown across into a tress, pawed at, He ripped half my stomach
open, head budded me in a not so friendly way.

And let me tell you, him being an Alpha meant him being twice as large and his
attacks twice as deadly.


Thinking back to it I was hospitalized for two weeks. I had broken ribs, a
cracked skull, multiple bruise and scratches, I was required twenty nine

stitches and my right arm was covered in wolf bites. 

If I were human I would have never survived, luckily my wolf genes kicked in
but took nine weeks for me to heal and for a week I was still weak.

By now I was shaking in fear, something which was common for me. My eyes
started to water, just thinking about that incident. I didn't want to be that hurt
again, it was the worse yet. 

I felt my bottom lip start to tremble and I heard Aiden curse in the distance
through my thoughts which were consumed back to that night when it

I heard Aiden make his way over to me and I snapped out of my train of
thought, by now my cheeks had trails of tears. I looked up to see him
approaching me. I immediately out of reflex took a step back.

"Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me, please not again" I chanted over
and over again. 

Aiden had a look of hurt and pain on his face, God all of today I've seen that
expression way too many times. Did that make me a bad person?

"Ellie, what's wrong? Please I'm not going to hurt you I promise" He was patient
I'll give him that.

I was then snapped back to reality. My eyes widened. What am I doing? I could
get into serious trouble for behaving like this. Shit shit shit shit shit shit.... 

I immediately straightened myself, roughly wiped my tears away and pushed
all my emotions away. 

"I'm s-s-sorry for wasting your time like this w-won't happen again
sir. Please forgive me for disrespecting you" I said in a small shaky voice. God
you could practically hear the fear in my voice. 

I made sure to keep my eyes on the ground while I spoke. 

"I apologize o-once again s-s-sir, but I can't shift into my wolf."


She kept her gaze on the ground, just waiting. Not speaking, making sure not
to let any of her tears fall, not to break down right here and not to show any
fear though I could smell the fear off of her, in massive waves. 

"W-what," I cleared his throat. "What do you mean that you can't shift?"

I knew she shifted into her wolf for the first time not too long ago, and her not
being able to shift would be painful.

"I was ordered on my first shift by you, Alpha sir. I wasn't allowed to and
nobody was to revoke the order other than you sir" 

I took a step back. I order her. Her first shift was probably two to three weeks
ago. For almost three weeks she was in pain, craving for a run. Add the fact
that she was on the brink of exhaustion from all the work. Then knowing her
mate was me for a week and still received abuse from her mate. 

She was practically broken. 

Her wolf was either dead by now from not having the time to be set free and not
having her mate near and instead have him abuse her, or she was feeding off of
Ellie's energy.

I knew that her wolf was still healthy other than the fact that she was craving a
good run since my wolf was communicating with her. 

That meant the she was feeding off of Ellie's energy. 

Oh god what kind of mate am I? What kind of Alpha am I? How could I let this
happen, more importantly how could I be responsible for this? 

"I'm, I'm s-so s-sorr-sorry E-llie. I did this? Oh god, how could I let this

I fell to the ground on my knees with my head in my hands, I had tears down
my face, and I was sobbing. But I didn't care if I was the Alpha or not, or that
this showed weakness or not. 

I failed as an Alpha, and especially as a mate. 

I felt small hands grab my hands and lowered them. I looked up and saw Ellie,
even after everything I did, she was comforting me. 

She gently wiped my tears away; I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to
me putting my face in the croak of her neck. 

After a few minutes I finally let go. I smiled at her she finally accepted me as
her mate; why else would she do something like this. She had forgiven me for
the pain I put her through. It had to be. 

"I'm sorry sir, my wolf stepped out of line. She felt the need to comfort her mate
and stepped in. It won't happen again Alpha nor will anyone find out." She kept
her eyes on the ground as she stepped out my embrace. 

My face fell. My heart beat was pounding so loud in my ears, my palms started
to sweat. No! This was the complete opposite of what I had thought. 

We need to be patient Aiden, she's broken. At least Alice, her wolf accepts us
enough to want to comfort us. My wolf Caiden assured. For now revoke the
order and apologize; I want to play with our mate. 

I sighed this is more difficult than I expected. But I had no one to blame other
than myself. I brought this on top of myself and I was the one who brought so
much pain to not only myself but to Ellie as well. 

"As Alpha, I Aiden James West revoke my Alpha order on which you were
unable to shift freely. I give back your wolf's freedom to shift and run." 

With those words said, Ellie instantly let out a blood curling scream. I knew
that she was about to shift and that this time it would be more painful than
her first. 

I rushed towards her and knelt down beside her as she clutched her sides with
her eyes shut, tears escaping. 

I gently made a move to grab her but I was rewarded with a flinch backwards.
Got to say it hurt. It hurt like f*cking hell. But I still continued, I gently
grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards my chest. 

I whispered soft soothing words while softly rubbing her back. She kept
screaming and tears kept falling.

And the only thought I had was that it was my entire fault. All because of my
selfish mistakes did this happen. All because of me.
Chapter Six 



That's what I was feeling at the moment. 

Lots and lots of pain. 

Other than that, I'm confused; why had he given my wolf's freedom back?
Scared; knowing now that I can shift, will lead to many sorts of beatings from
other stronger wolves. Happy; My wolf can finally be free. Hopeful; Now I know
that everything will be easier, since half my energy won't be lost for my wolf's

As I felt my bones break and relocate into new positions as I shifted from a
mere weak human to a low ranked wolf. 

From my memory of my first shift, this killed. It pained ten times as much. It
was much worse. 

I felt someone's presence slowly approaching me, though it had a calm and
refreshing aura, I couldn't help but flinch out of habit. 

But that didn't stop it from coming.

I felt strong arms engulf me in a warm comforting embrace. A soothing hand
caressed my back as I heard a male speaking comforting word into my ear. 

I couldn't recognize who he was; I was too blinded by the tears in my eyes and
to deaf by the pounding that belonged to my heart. 

I suddenly saw black spots and started feeling faint. Knowing these symptoms
way too well, I let myself engulf into the darkness as I slumped into the
comforting arms of my temporarily well wisher.


I slowly fluttered my eyes open to be met with a blinding light. I blinked a
couple of times before letting out a groan. 

Which sound too much like a wolf whine. 

I lifted my hand, reaching for my head; but was greeted with a paw. 

That sent me over the ledge. I immediately jumped up, and sure enough I was
in wolf form. 

I tried hard to remember what happened to which would have lead me to this
conclusion; because if I remember correctly I was banned from every shifting
since the day of my first shift. 

I felt a soft nudge on my side and as I turned to look, I immediately flinched

There stood a huge black Alpha male wolf. And not just any wolf, The Wolf. 

The wolf that attacked and hurt me. 

The wolf that hospitalized me for weeks.

The wolf that haunted my nightmares. 

The wolf that was responsible for when I woke up screaming most nights. 

The wolf that scarred me enough to never even think about going into the
forest willingly. 

And this wolf also happened to be my Alpha and my mate. 

So I did what I thought was best at the moment. 

I ran. 

I was scared, terrified more like it. I didn't want to go through that situation
again and I most defiantly didn't want Alice, my wolf to experience it. And it
wasn't only me that was scared at the moment it was also Alice.

She was scared, upset, tensed, and on the edge knowing that, that could
happen to her. 

But at the same time she was feeling safe, happy, relaxed and at bay knowing
that her mate was near.

If that made sense. 

I loved the feeling of the forest floor underneath my paws, I forgot how much
fun and how relaxing my first shift was. 

I felt at peace running like this. No worries, no chores, no beatings, no hatred,
nothing. Just me and my wolf running in a quiet and peaceful environment. 

I was knocked out of my peaceful environment when I was knocked down to
the ground. I immediately let out a whimper, and submitted. Hoping and
praying that I wouldn't have to go through that god awful beating again. 

I felt tears in my wolf eyes, as I stared down not wanting to meet his gaze. I felt
the weight above me disappear and when I looked up a few minutes later, I saw
that my alpha, my mate stood there in all his glory in only a pair of basketball

He handed me a t-shirt and nodded his head towards al large tree, telling me to
go and shift.

When I walked back out, I made sure my eyes were on the ground. 

"Why'd you run?" He simply asked, but no matter how simple the question was
there was a lot of emotion hidden in it. 

"My wolf and I were afraid" I softly answered.

"Why?" His voice sounded too distraught, so heartbroken I couldn't help but
look up at him. He looked as if he was in pain, hurt. I couldn't help but scoff
and that. He was hurt by that only, what did he know on how I felt all those

And I snapped. 

"Why? You're asking me why? Answer this, why wouldn't I be scared, terrified
to the bones...hmmm? For three years, my mom has ignored me turned a blind
eye on me; I try and start a conversation with her I get silence if I were to tell
her what happens to me I would still get silence. For three years this pack has
been reminding me that my father, my best friend, my hero is dead; that he
was weak. Was he though? He died saving me and my mother during that
rogue-attack. He gave up his life for us. For three years I have been abused,
beaten to unconsciousness. My skin has never been clean nor soft; always
black or blue from bruises, or red from the scratches. For three years I had to
work till the point of exhaustion. And for the past 4 weeks half my energy
would go to my wolf so she could survive. Do you have any idea how broken
she is. She wasn't allowed to shift, and had to live with the knowledge that her
mate, her mate caused her this and her human much more? And you're asking
me why I'm scared. Do you remember that day, you first shifted and in your
wolf form you beat me. I was hospitalized for nine weeks. NINE weeks! I had
broken ribs, a cracked skull, multiple bruise and scratches, I was required
twenty nine stitches and my right arm was covered in wolf bites. Then the day I
was discharged I was to be on bed rest, but instead I was commanded to work.
I've never been to school for the past three years, my room is probably the size
of your walk in closet. I have no bed, just a pillow with newspapers in it, a
small bathroom with only a toilet, a sink and a tiny shower. I ask myself every
day, what I did to deserve this. I wish every single night that my dad was alive
and that, that day that rogue killed me instead."

I don't know what had gotten into me, but I needed to let that off my chest.
How I got the courage to say everything I don't know, but it felt good. Like a
weight had lifted off my chest. 

"Before you act like a mate towards me Alpha, become an Alpha first, and try to
prevent whatever happened to me in your pack. The day when you do, maybe
you'll be the mate I dreamt of" I whispered. 

With that I shifted and ran off to finish my chores. 

Chapter Seven 


I silently shifted back and grabbed a set of clothes that were laid down in the
basket near the tree line. Our pack had these baskets everywhere around our
territory; being werewolves we spent an awful lot on clothes.

As I walked back to laundry room to finish folding the clothes, I couldn't help
but think that my behaviour back there was awful. I had no right to step out of
line like that. To say such things, being the omega I am. It would have been
overlooked as a warning if I were still the third in command's daughter; but I'm
not anymore. My status, my rank here now is an omega, I'm positive I'm going
be eating my words soon. 

I heard my wolf growl at that. Wait what? My wolf never growls at me, we had a
really close relationship since we were each other's only supports. 

How can you be so dense Ells? My wolf, Alice said using my nickname. 

What do you mean? 

Did you not see him out there, have you not seen his behaviour for the past few
days so far? The last thing our mate would want is to hurt us. Your rank is no
longer an omega, it's a Luna. You did not step out of line; you just gave him a
reality check. Alice scolded. 

I thought you hated him, feared him? Why are you defending him? To say I was
confused would be an understatement, not ten minutes ago was she

whimpering in fear. 

I still fear him but I don't hate him. After all he is my mate. I just don't love him
yet. I'm not defending him either, well in a way I am. But you need to
understand that he would never think of such things anymore. I'm not telling you
to jump in his arms. Just give him some slack and some credit. 

Wow when did you become so wise? I asked sarcastically.

Please, I was always the one who that held the logic. I don't know what you'd do
without me. She replied. I sighed, I miss our little conversations. For the past
few days she was pretty quiet. She was the only one I was comfortable around,
the only one who understood me and the only one who I can act normal and
free around. 

I missed you too. She whispered before disappearing into the corner of my

As I reached the laundry room I sat down and continued folding the clothes for
the next hour or so. 

Two hours and a half later...

Finally done. I slowly stood up and put the baskets of clothes on the cart, there
was at least more than a hundred, and made my way around the pack house
delivering them. I was pretty drained and I'm one hundred percent sure you
could tell just by looking at me. I was walking rather slowly and once in a while
tripping over my own two feet. My eyes would hardly stay open but I knew I
had to finish my chores. I still had to broom and mop, make lunch and dinner,
snack for the pups, baby food for the newborn, replace all the towels, clean
each room, dust, clean the twelve chandeliers, mow the lawns, water the
gardens, clean the backyard...and the list goes on. 

I sighed. How was I to do all of this on my own. Today was not my best day. 

As I made my way to the rooms located on the first floor I accidentally bumped
the cart into two couples. 


"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there" I exclaimed as the couple turned around. 

"It's alright Luna" One of the men said. 

"Are you alright Luna you look pretty pale?” The blonde girl who stood beside
the man who just spoke said. 

"I'm fine, just tired. If you'll excuse me" I mumbled as I tried to make my way
around them. I wasn't used to people asking me if I was alright or not. 

"No Luna, you go rest me and Elise can take care of this." The other girl said. 

"Yeah just tell us what to do" Elise exclaimed. She looked pretty excited. Huh
wait until you hear what to do. 

I was about to protest when my wolf spoke up inside me. 

Let them Ells...I know you're tired you'll probably last a few more minutes before
you collapse.

Not wanting to argue I slowly nodded. 

"Ok you just need to take all of these clothes and deliver them to whoever they
belong to.” I said 

"How do we know who they belong to?" Elise asked.

“Uh I don't know, I've been doing this a long time I kinda have all of it
memorized." I mumbled. 

"Whoa, but that's a lot" The brunette mumbled in awe. 

"Uh how 'bout I'll just do this" I said trying to make my way around them

"No Luna, how 'bout you do this later and give us something else, I'm pretty
sure the boys won't mind helping us" They all nodded in agreement. See this is
how my week as been. Most people helping me here and there. Acting nice. It's
kinda weird if you ask me. 

“Ok uh you can do either of these I guess. Well I had to broom and mop the
entire house, make lunch and dinner which included snacks for the pups,
baby food for the newborn. Replace all the towels, clean each room, dust, clean
the twelve chandeliers, mow the lawns, water the outdoor gardens, clean the
backyard, there's a toilet to fix on the fourth floor, uh the prisoners need to be
fed. The silverware needs to be polished, the dishes need to be done, I'm pretty
sure the three kitchen need to be cleaned again, all fifty six cars need to be
washed from the inside and out. The tables need to be cleaned and set for
lunch and then again for dinner, after delivering all these clothes the dirty
clothes need to be collected, each basket in the woods need to be restocked.
The game rooms need to be cleaned, the toys need to be picked up, you can
water the plants inside, wipe all the windows and mirrors spotless, you can get
the groceries and put them away, vacuum every carpet, the trash needs to be
taken out, the window sills need to be wiped, the bathrooms need to be
cleaned, the furniture needs to be wiped or vacuumed depending if its leather
or fabric. All the kitchen's need to be restocked with food. Uh that's all I can
think of the rest is on the list." I finished, and the four looked at me with wide

All of a sudden I'm engulfed in a hug, I couldn't help but wince a little out of
habit. As the two girls pulled away they all have a grim look on their faces, and
I think Alice even had some tears in her eyes. 

"Oh my god, Luna how can you mange that all on your own and on top of that
the beatings you took. Oh my god, we're so sorry." Elise choked out. I just

"I'm used to it." I mumble.

"The alpha was right, you are capable of leading this pack. You've been taking
care of it for all these years. You know everything about everyone; what
breakfast they like, which clothes belong to who. We don't know what we'd do
without you. Even everything you went through you seem to be standing here
calmly not even looking or sounding mad at the pack for what you went
through. Thank the moon goddess that you turned out to be our Luna." 

I didn't know what to say. I stood there shocked. Whoa. When I learned that I
was Aiden's mate. I figured he'd reject me, I thought the pack would hate me
more, I thought I wasn't capable. But here everything turned out the complete

"Thank you" I whispered softly.

"Our pleasure Luna, here let me escort you to your room while Josh, Elise and
Mary get other pack members to help with the chores." I nodded slowly. 

As we made our way to my tiny room I looked up at the man. 

"What's your name?" I asked, I learned that the blonde girl's name was Elise,
the man beside her Josh and the brunette Mary. 

"Jonathan, Mary's mate." He stated with a smile. 

"Ellie" I said in return. 

"Oh I know Luna" I nodded in response as a blush appeared on my face.

We had reached my room and Jonathan had a look of confusion on his face. 

"I never knew there was a room here." 

I shrugged not many people knew. As we entered his face turned one of disgust
and guilt. 

"You've been living here for the past few years?" He asked in a small voice. I
look up to him and I could see that grim look returning. I nodded slowly. 

"You truly are strong Luna, you've been through so much." He whispered I
shrugged in response. I looked back at him and he seems to be concentrating
on something. It looked as if he were mind linking someone.

"Allow me to help gather your things Luna I informed the Alpha and at his
command I am take you to his room." He said. 

I knew better than to protest as he was under command. I'll just talk to Aiden

Once everything was packed which wasn't a lot and set in Alpha Aiden's room
Jonathan left to help with the chores, I slowly went and laid on the bed and
slipped into the darkness. 

And for once in three years I never woke up crying, I slept peacefully in one of
the most comfortable beds which had the scent of my mate everywhere. Me and
my wolf for the time being were in bliss.

Chapter Eight


"Before you act like a mate towards me Alpha, become an Alpha first, and try to
prevent whatever happened to me in your pack. That day when you do, maybe
you'll be the mate I dreamt of" Ellie whispered, she shifted and then ran off
towards the pack house. 

I collapsed on my knees; I was so frustrated with myself. So angry at myself. So
disappointed at myself. I had no idea what to do. Who to talk to. 

I could feel the familiar wetness of tears rolling down my cheek as I thought
back to Ellie's speech. 

She was absolutely right, she had every right to be afraid, every right to be
mad, every emotion she was going through she had the complete f*cking right
over. I f***ked up, I deserved the pain, my wolf deserved the pain. 

He was whimpering in my mind, playing over that dreadful night when we first
shifted and attacked our mate. He called out to his mate, who I could feel was
too hesitant, too afraid to comfort him. Which caused him to whimper some
more. Alice, Ellie's wolf eventually did come and comfort Caiden but was still

At least my wolf gets a mate's comfort, even if it isn't at its fullest. 

I need some advice, some help. I was so confused on what to do, I need
someone to slap me, tell me I'm a disappointment, I wanted someone to hug me

telling me that'll it'll turn out okay in the end.

I slowly stood up, wiped my tears and shifted. And made my way towards my
parent's house. I felt a pang in my chest. I could at least go to the comfort of
my mom and dad, but Ellie? She had no one, she's completely alone. 

Once I made it to the Alpha house I shifted back and grabbed a pair of
basketball shorts that were in the basket. Another pang in the heart. One of
Ellie's job was to restock every basket on our territory, and that was a lot. Just
the thought of her running around exhausted in the woods, not being able to
shift where everyone abuses her hurt. It hurt like a b*tch. 

I heard the front door open and my mom step out, she probably scented me.
The minute she saw my defeated face, with dry tears fresh ones on the way,
puffy lifeless eyes; she ran over and engulfed me in a hug. 

I needed this comfort, I really did. I embraced her back and broke down. I had
tears falling and I was sobbing like a child. My mom knew it was serious,
because an Alpha won't cry for any reason even if it's in front of his mother.

We slowly walked back and sat down on the couch, my sobbing had slowed
down and I was calm enough to speak. 

"What's wrong dear?" My mom gently asked. I didn't have the guts to say it out
loud, to be honest I was scared shitless of my mom's reaction. And I don't think
I would make it through without breaking down again. 

I decided to show her it through mind link.

"Can you call dad first, I want to show to you both together." I said in a small
voice. You could practically hear the nervousness in it. Mom nodded her head
slowly. I knew she was worried, and scared what the matter was about. 

My dad entered the room a couple minutes later and with one look he could tell
something was wrong. His glowing happy face turned into a concerned and
worried look. One that held both a father and an Alpha.

I didn't remember much to what the pack and I did to Ellie all together, so I
decided to show them everything that happened since my birthday and that
dreadful night. 

I slowly saw their faces turn to disgust, disappointment, anger, sympathy,
worry, happiness, sad, shame, grief, guilt, despair. It was all written on their

Once done I slowly hung my head in shame. No one talked for a few minutes; it
was a loud silence that killed me. 

I suddenly felt a throbbing on my cheek; I looked up to see my mom looking at
me with anger in her eyes. She slapped me, and I knew I deserved it.

"We never raised you like this. Why?" She asked simply and that sentence
alone felt like it weighed millions of pounds. 

I hung my head in shame, having no answer. 

"I don't know ma, I don't know. All I know is that I regret it and I can't even
remember half the things that I did to her, or what I allowed the pack to do to
her. I don't think I want to know." I choked out, while fresh tears made their
way down my face. 

There was a moment of silence before Dad spoke up. 

"Well you don't really have a choice" 

Confused at what he said I looked up, he must have saw my confused look
before continuing. 

"When mates meet, the first time they sleep together; and I'm not saying mate
together I'm saying sleep in each other's arms for an entire night. They get two
glimpse of their past. One where they were the happiest and one where they
were in the most pain. So son, you really don't have a choice you'll be living
through whatever she lived through the minute you both decide to sleep in the
same bed.

My face was pale; I knew that I felt the colour drain from my face. I don't know
if I have the courage, the guts to go through that. I really don't, but I knew it'll
be a while before it happens. Ellie's still scared of me, she won't even think of
entering my room on free will let alone sleep there with me.
“Aiden, have you ever thought that maybe that night wasn’t what you thought
it was?” My mom asked, her voice was soft but you could hear the anger in it.
She knew exactly what I had discovered the minute I learnt Ellie was my mate.
“I know ma, I know the truth now. But you have to believe me, that night, that
night whatever I thought it made sense. Anyone would have thought it.
Especially since my feelings for her were already so strong” I pleaded to my
parents, hoping they would understand my point of view.
“I know dear, I saw it. Though this is your fault son, most of it is Fates. It was
already written that you two had to endure such struggles. I just hope that the
Fates know what they’re doing. Because from what I can see, she owns you”
Damn right she does. She owns everything of mine. I love her like a love that
can be dangerous, and my love only increases as time passes. 

Alpha, Take a look at this.My thoughts were interrupted when Jonathan, a
pack warrior mind linked me. He had sent me a picture of disgusting room, I
feel sorry for whoever lived there. 

Who's room is that of and why are you showing me? 

That's our Luna's room, Alpha. 

If I was pale before I probably look like a f*cking bloodsucker now. Ellie lived
there, my mate lived there.

My room is probably the size of your walk in closet. I have no bed, just a pillow
with newspapers in it, a small bathroom with only a toilet, a sink and a tiny

Suddenly Ellie's words from before came to me. She wasn't kidding when she
said the room is the size of my walk in closet, Hell my closet might be bigger
than that. And that thought sent those sharp knives stabbing at my heart. 

Pack her things and put them in my room make sure she stays and sleeps there.
I commanded him. 

Guess I spoke to soon. Ellie's going to be in my room, sleeping quicker than I
thought and knowing me I'll be experiencing those dreams real soon. 

Chapter Nine


An hour after talking with my parents I made my way to the pack house. I was
nervous any wolf in a mile radius could practically smell it off me, I swear I was
considering the thought of sleeping in the guest room. But being mates, it was
instinct, I mean who would pass up the opportunity to sleep beside their soul
mate for the entire night, hold her in your arms, smell her intoxicating smell
over and over again without her complaining, not to mention if your said soul
mate were to be terrified to the bones of you, would you really give up this

Yeah I thought so.

As I made my way across through the pack house towards the stairs, pack
members bowed their head in respect. As I walked by the living room I felt a
hand stop me. It sent shivers down my spine, but not the desirable ones I get
from Ellie, the ones that felt like ants crawling. A shiver of disgust. 

I turned to see Brittany, why am not I surprised?

"What do you want Brittany?" I sneered at her. Not in the mood to talk, actually
I'm never in the mood to talk to her.

“Babe it's been so long. Don't you miss me?" She wined in a high pitch voice
that made my sensitive ears bleed. Her so called pout looked like she had
drastically swollen lips. Not cute!

"No, I don't. Look the only relationship we had, have and will always have is-"
She cut me off though.

"Of mates silly, look I know you want to be a better alpha and shit but
seriously do you really need to do it acting like that fatass is your mate?"

I grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall. 

"Don't ever call my mate any foul name again. Let's get some things straight
shall we. One, the only relationship between us is one that an alpha and its
pack member shares. Two, Ellie is one hundred percent my mate and your
Luna. Three, yes I am trying to become a better Alpha but not by pretending to
be Ellie's mate, but because I am Ellie's mate. And lastly don't ever even think
that we are mates again. There’s someone out there for you and it's not me" 

I said through my teeth, this chick is really starting to piss me off. 

I let go of her and quickly make my way to my bedroom. I needed Ellie here
right now to calm me. 

As I entered my room I was engulfed in my scent mixed with hers, I sighed,
that’s an amazing combination. 

I look towards the bed to see her sound asleep.

She looks like an angel, my angel. Her face was so natural looking, not a piece
of make up on it. It's what I loved most about her. She was real.

I slowly make my way to the bed and took a deep breath. 

"Ok Aiden it's now or never" I mumbled to myself as I took off my shirt and
climbed under the covers. 

I hesitantly put my arms around her waist and like a moth to a light she
automatically snuggled closer. 

This felt right, it felt like heaven on earth, the best feeling ever. Nothing toped

I breathed in her scent, it was so addicting. I silently watched her for a few
minutes before closing my own eyes and falling asleep. 


Feeling a warmth on my closed eyelids I was awoken from my peaceful sleep. I
opened my eyes slowly to only see that I was face to face with a toned chest. 

Confused I looked up, meet with Aiden’s beautiful sleeping face I felt my walls
go down for a minute.
My Mate I heard my wolf purr.
“Our mate” I subconsciously whispered. Without even realizing, I was pushing
away from strands of rebellious hair from his forehead.
“Yours” He mumbled back. Which broke my spell, what am I doing?
Softly pushing him away, I tried to get out of his arms, put they only tightened.
“Stop that babe, I’m trying to sleep” His husky voice sent shivers of pleasure
down my spine and for another second I hesitated. I deserve one time, one nap,
one snuggle with my mate.
Before I could change my mind, I closed my eyes again and snuggled into him.
Breathing in his scent and relishing the warmth he shared.

I was at peace and my wolf was purring. We weren’t afraid right now, at this
moment I wasn’t Ellie and he wasn’t Aiden. We were just mates, both seeking

Chapter Ten


The brightness from the hot soothing sun was breaking my sleeping state.
Groaning, I peeked an eye open before closing it again. Why did I forget to close
the curtains last night?
Breathing in deeply, I caught the strong scent of my mate which caused me to
open my eyes. The blinding light shocking me I flinched before readjusting my
But the sight in front of my caused me to flinch once again. I was looking into
the hurt eyes on my beautiful mate.
She started to push away, but I held on tight. I don't know why she's upset,
but I plan on finding out. That look is killing me and will forever haunt me, just
like the rest.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
She just shook her head, looking anywhere but me. I looked down at her
closely, she was bitting her lower lip. On any other occasions that would have
turned me on, but right now I could see it wobbling as if she were about to
burst out crying.
“No, there’s something wrong. Please, love, tell me” I spoke to her softly.
“N-nothing A-alpha” Her mumble so quietly that I barely heard it. But it held so
much emotion and hurt in it as well. I tried to ignore the stab in my heart
when she called me alpha, but it was really hard.
“Please Ellie, call me Aiden. Please.” I softly pushed her shoulders back so she
laid on her back. I rolled onto of her, but made sure not to put any weight on

Her cheeks were red, which caused my heart to leap, but her eyes were still
casted down.
“Look at me, My Luna” I gently tugged her chin up, and her eyes snapped up
and looked right into my own.
They were filled with unshed tears and hurt.
“Te rog, sufletul meu pereche frumoasa. Spune-mi ce sa întâmplat. Cel care
detine inima mea, mă omori cu ochii rănit și trist. Ei au nevoie să fie umplut cu
fericire și nu iubesc tristețe și rănit. Te rog, iubirea mea, spune-mi ce sa
întâmplat, așa că am putea repara.” I spoke in one of our few native languages.
(Please, my beautiful mate. Tell me what's wrong. One who holds my
heart, you're killing me with those hurt and sad eyes. They need to be
filled with happiness and love not sadness and hurt. Please, my love, tell
me what's wrong so I can fix it.)
“You flinched” She spoke suddenly. Her eyes casted downwards immediately
and I knew exactly where I had gone wrong.
I sat up and grabbed her gently by the waist. I noticed her eyes go wide with
the sudden motion as I placed her on my lap; her legs straddling my waist as I
leaned against the headboard.
I gently grab the sides of her face and bring her close. Looking directly into her
eyes and our lips just a few millimetres away. But my eyes stayed trained on
“I flinched because of the sun hitting my eyes and then again because I saw the
hurt and pain in yours. I didn't flinch for the reasons you are thinking baby,
never again.” I said softly, our eyes burning into each others.
“Oh” Was all she said.
A small smile played on my lips, I leaned in to her and placed a tiny kiss on the
corner of her lips. And another on the other corner of her lips. Then another on
her nose, and a last kiss on her forehead.
Moving my lips to her head and keeping my lips them there, I laid down, with
her still on top of me and closed my eyes.

“Uh A-aiden? What are you-”
“Shh Love, go to sleep” I mummered against her hair, she smelt so nice it was
“But I’m on top-”
And a few minutes later I felt her breathing even out and knew she fell back
Groaning as I woke up, I searched around for my little mate, unable to find her
I sat up abruptly.
Eyes wide open, I looked around our room; she wasn't here.
Taking in a deep breath, I searched for her scent, she was here, two hours ago.
Where was she now? And what was she doing for the past two hours?
Jumping out of bed, I followed her scent. Racing down the stairs, I got to the
ground floor. What was she doing here? It was 8:00am on a Sunday, nearly
every pack member was asleep, no one was down here. Was she in trouble?
The though only made my strides bigger.
I entered through the kitchen doors and froze. While I was sleeping peacefully
for two bloody hours, while the pack members slept through without any
worry, my mate, our Luna was down here scrubbing the kitchen floors clean.
Catching a bunch of scents, I lifted my eyes and looked to my right. Not only
was she cleaning she was making the pack brunch. The entire table was
stacked with food, there was probably enough for each member to have
seconds, if not thirds.
“Love, what are you doing?” She does a small jump, unaware of my presence.
That wasn't right. She was a wolf, she should have scented me, or at least
sensed my presence,

“Alpha!” She lets out in a high pitch surprised screech. She immediately stands
up and pats down her clothes, as if tidying herself. Giving me a small bow and
tilting her head in submission, she started talking again.
“I’m sorry sir, I didn't hear or smell you come in.” I was getting more and more
pissed. Not at my mate, I was more so upset at her actions. She was up this
early clean?! And now she was calling me alpha and sir again? What had
I let out a angry growl.
“Why didn't you hear me? Moreover, why couldn't you smell me come in? And I
want the truth, do not hold back.”
“I’m ssss-so sor-sorry sir. I was just so t-tired and h-hungry. I was-s
concentrating r-really hard ‘cause I w-wanted to f-finish quickly. I r-really
wanted to g-go back in bed and h-have a b-bit of f-food. But not a lot sir! I
promise I only take a little bit, just an apple and yogurt! I-I’m so sorry.” She
was whimpering through the entire time.
I suddenly regretted the way I approached the situation. I completely forgot
that she was still scared of me.
I took a step towards her, hesitating when she flinched back, but I continued.
Gently grabbing her chin I lift her head and looked directly in her eyes.
“I’m sorry Love, that came out really, really wrong. I was just really worried
when I woke up and you weren't there. You shouldn't be doing this Sweetheart.
No baby, you should be in bed right now, snuggled into my side. You shouldn't
be here cleaning and preparing so much food, especially when you get so little.
We are changing that by the way, but thats a matter to discuss later. Right now
we are going back in bed for another two hours, and I know you're tired. So
don't you dare deny it” I said to her softly.
Placing a feather kiss on her forehead, I put an arm around her waist and held
one of her hands leading her back to our room.
Feeling her put her head against my shoulder as we walked made me smile.
And when I looked down at her, she too had a smile on her face with her eyes

I swear I was drowning, and I was completely okay with that. Because if falling
so deeply, wholly, completely and madly in love with your mate felt like
drowning, then I can say with confidence that I loved drowning for my Ellie.

Chapter Eleven


I didn’t know what I was doing. I honestly didn’t. When I had spoken those
words of rejection to my mate, I thought he would appreciate it. I tainted my
own soul with the sin so he didn't have to. But now? His actions are confusing
me. I wasn't sure anymore that I had done what was right. It was as if he
wanted me? I know that I wanted him, more than ever. I always dreamt of a
mate, more so dreamt of being loved. I didn't care who it was. But what I did
know was that I couldn't let it off so easy, he made many mistakes. Sure he
repents them and is attempting to remedy the results of his past mistakes, but
I shouldn't be so easy. Those mistakes, those actions they ruined me. I wasn't
the confident she wolf anymore, no I was an insecure and weak one. I still
needed time to heal.
But I couldn't help it, the mate bond was getting stronger as the hours pass,
and the feeling of love and adoration that I get, it just feels right. It’s been a
while since I had that.
I needed something to distract myself with right now. It was too much. All this
thinking was giving me a headache. I made my way up the stairs as I head
towards Aiden and my room. I had official moved in and it was yet another one
of those things that I was beginning to overthink about.
Yesterday, Aiden had taken me shopping for clothes. It was a weird experience.
Throughout the beginning, I was very hesitant about everything, and I made
sure to keep my distance from him. The other day in the kitchen when I was
practically melting in his arms was very overwhelming. I made sure that we
had limited contact, however I wasn't sure if that affected him. He was smiling
throughout our entire conversations, we talked a lot. Nearly about nothing and
everything, it was as if we never ran out of topics to talk about. It was
comfortable and it felt nice.
This was too exhausting, I really needed to clear my head. As I walked into the
vast green woods that surrounded the house. Taking off on a mild jog, I put all
my attention on the feeling of the ground under my feet.

Nearly twenty minutes later of just jogging in my human form I leaped and
shift midair. Landing swiftly on my paws, I took off in a fast run.
Sighing contently I let my wolf take over, it was her turn to relax. Frequent
runs were now a habit of our ever since we were granted the freedom. And we
couldn't be more happy.
An hour of running later, my wolf suddenly turned directions towards the
southern border.
What are you doing? I asked frantically. If we passed the border or were even
close by we would get in trouble. Sure, Aiden was softening up to us but I was
still Omega. I needed to stay in my limits.
Never getting an answer, I decided to trust my wolf hoping she knew what she
was doing.
Stopping near the edge of the border, my wolf began pacing back and forth
growling at woods that pass our border. She wouldn't pass it, but acted as if
she needed to and wanted to so badly.
Aiden! Please come quick! I’m at the South East border and my wolf feels as if
something is wrong on the other side. Please! Bring warriors too. I have a bad
feeling. Please Alpha!
I sent out a plead to Aiden, I didn't know what but I was beginning to feel that
same dread and terror that my wolf was feeling. Something wasn’t right and it
was happening on the other side. We weren’t permitted to leave, Fates! Why am
I an omega? I need to get to the other side.
We are on my way, don’t you dare think about it mate! I hear your thoughts, you
aren't an omega. You are a Luna, but you will not pass that border. That’s an
order from your Alpha. Aiden’s frantic voice in my head.
My wolf smirked, she had caught on what I had also. He called us his mate, his
Luna. Making us his equal for the time. His command meant nothing, but his
declaration let us cross.
No! Stop Ellie! I heard Aiden scream, I could hear the worry and fear in his
voice. But I paid no attention to it, I needed to get to whatever was there.
Blocking our mental bond for the time being, I sprinted off.

Not even a ten minute sprint later did I find what was causing my dread.
There lay two dead bodies, two mates. Holding hands, looking into each others
eyes, their bodies torn apart. And between lay a young teenage girl and a small
boy sobbing, clutching onto the bodies.
Shifting immediately and not caring that I was naked, I ran towards the two
young children.
I lightly tapped on the girl’s shoulder, acting as cautious as possible. Jumping
away from my touch, she clutched onto the young boy with her life; her eyes
wide and terrified, yet holding a protectiveness gleam for the boy.
Lifting my hands in the air, in the form of surrender I softly spoke. “It’s okay.
I’m not here to hurt you, I promise.” I took a small step closer to her, but she
moved away frantically.
“Okay, I won’t move. I’ll be right back ok? I promise” I spoke to her in a soft
Turning around I took off in a sprint, running to the closest basket of clothing
that I knew wasn't far away.
Running back, fully clothed now I saw the girl sitting against a tree trunk. The
boy between her legs, hugging her fearfully, his face buried into her body.
As I walked into view, her eyes snapped to mine, widening she clutched onto
the boy tighter.
Stopping in my tracks, I put my hands in the air again.
“I’m here to help, not here to harm you two beauties. I promise.” I sat down,
crossing my legs in indian style.
Looking over at the two dead bodies, I felt tears in my eyes.
“Were they your parents?” I asked softly. Hesitantly the girl nodded her head.
“I lost my dad too, I watched a rogue rip him apart. My mother saw it too. He
was fighting with the rest of my pack, and I stupidly came out worried. But

before I could get to him, a rogue got to me. He died protecting me, the wolf
hurt him similar to the way I’m sure a rogue did to your parents. But my mom,
she just broke. She doesn’t talk to me anymore, practically ignores me.” I spoke
to her, tears running down my cheek. My eyes didn’t leave the bodies, they
looked so similar to my fathers, it brought back unwanted memories.
“They died protecting me too” A soft melodious voice broke the silence. Slowly
moving my head to look at the girl, I saw tears on her cheeks as she gazed at
the lifeless bodies of her parents.
“Did you see?” I asked, almost afraid to know. She was so young, at least
fourteen. I knew what it felt like, losing my father when I was thirteen, i didn't
want that for her or the young boy.
“Yes” The pain in her voice so thick, it broke my heart.
“My brother did too” She spoke, caressing the boy’s head as she let out a sob.
Not able to sit still anymore, I stood and swiftly made my way over to her.
Sitting beside her, I hesitantly reached my hand out gesturing her to come.
Immediately she melted into my arms, sobbing.
Gently taking her brother out of her hold, I put the sleeping boy in my arms,
leaving room for the broken girl to cry into my shoulder.
“It’s okay now, you’re safe. You're brother’s safe. My Alpha, he’s coming and
he’ll take us back to my pack. And I’ll help you. You’re safe beauty, you and
your brother.” I spoke the reassuring words into her ears, as she continued to
cry. I felt her nod.
Come here cautiously. A rogue attacked a family. The parents are torn apart, and
the daughter saw it all. She’s in my arms crying and her brother is sleeping. She
finally let me in, I swear Aiden, any motion that causes this broken child to let
her walls back up. My voice spoke out as a Luna, not an omega.
And I knew, that I will do anything for this broken child. She reminded me too
much of myself.

Chapter Twelve
Bringing back the little girl and her brother was something I dreaded. I knew
that the minute she entered the pack house, all eyes would be on her and she
would go back to her guarded self.
I sent out a warning to everyone through the pack link, my tone laced with
power and control. My protectiveness over these young children were bringing
out the Luna within me, slowly illuminating the Omega.
As we approached the front yard of the pack house, the little girl gripped my
hand tightly.
She was scared, it was so evident.
Pausing my walk, I nodded at Aiden and the others letting them know to go on
ahead. I nodded at the little sleeping boy in Aiden’s arms, indicating to take
him along. Aiden opened his mouth, seeming ready to protest but one look
from me and his mouth shut closed.
As they began to walk away, the little girl cried out in protest for her brother, I
lightly squeezed her hand reassuringly. “Don’t worry, they’re putting him to
bed, so he could rest more comfortably.” I spoke softly.
Once the men were out of hearing range, I crouched in front of the little girl.
She was still looking over my shoulder, watching her brother disappear into the
doors of the pack house. Once he was out of sight, her eyes locked with mine
and they were full of nervousness, fright and anxiety. I felt my face soften, she
looked so vulnerable.
“Hey, it’s okay. You're gonna be fine now. We’re here to take care of you.
Everyone in there” I looked back and pointed at the pack house, “they’re not
going to hurt you. Do you understand?”
She nodded softly. I let out a small sigh of relief.
“So you ready to go in?” I asked. And again only receiving a nod.
We walked for a few seconds, before I realized that I still didn't know her name.

“What’s your name Love?” I spoke looking down, not halting our walk.
“Belle” Her whisper so soft, that without my highlighted hearing I wouldn't
have heard her.
“That’s a beautiful name Belle, and what’s your bother’s name?”
“Well Belle, welcome to the Midnight Blue Pack” I spoke as I open the doors to
the pack house.

I jerk open the door to my office, not necessarily angry but not necessarily
happy either.
Ellie stood up to me! She spoke like a true Luna, I couldn't be more happy.
Bringing home two children whose parents were just slaughtered, it’s a true act
of a Luna. But she didn't even think twice of the danger it could bring to our
pack. What if they're wanted? What if they lead more rogues to territory? We
barely survived the last rogue attack, how are we to hold up yet another?
“Whoa! Seems like someone isn't happy” I hear a voice behind me, turning
around I watch as my Beta, Jace walks in.
“It’s nothing” I say, distress evident in my voice.
“I don't believe that bull shit.” Letting out a chuckle, I move to sit on the couch.
Jace was already plopped on it, taking up more than half the room as he lay
with his legs on the couch. Jace was always the playful, cheerful one. But after
the rogue war, and when the cruel treatment for Ellie began, Jace began to
quiet down to a silent Beta. But his use of vulgar language was slowly coming
out again.
“Ellie brought home two rogues.”

“Wait what? Do you think they pose a threat?” Turning straight into a serious
Beta, was one of the things I always admired about Jace.
“I don’t know, yes? No? Maybe? They’re children, so they aren't physically a
threat. But they're parents were slaughtered, and they were present. So we
don't know whether their family was targeted or it was just bad luck. What if
they're important and bring an army of rogues to our door, what if we are
launched straight into yet another war with the rogues? Yet, what if they're
innocent and just need a place to stay? It would be completely inhuman and
cruel to just kick them out and offer no help.” This situation was giving me a
huge headache, it was too complicated.
“And the fact that Ellie’s Luna instincts are kinking in now isn't helping either,
she considers them part of her pack already. I really don't have a choice in
whether they leave, but this constant worry is killing me.”
“Ok, so all we need to know is whether these pups are a threat or not. Why
don't you just question them?” Jace offered up.
“I’ve thought of that, but did you miss the part where I say that they were there
when their parents were slaughter? They witnessed the rogue rip each limp
out. And judging by the bodies it was brutal, no mercy. These wolves were
definitely traumatized” I sigh. What to do?
“Why don’t you let Ellie question them? You said that her Luna instinct are in,
so I’m sure she can get them to trust her and open up. They can provide the
information we need.”
“That could work, and you’re going to have to tell her right away. I need to
overlook some other pack business and I need you to go to her, we need this
information as quick as we can get it.”
“Yes Alpha.” With a nod, he turned and walked out the door.
“Here, eat this. I’m sure you’re hungry.” I offered the small sandwich to Belle.

“And Eric?” I smiled, she really loved her little brother. And I was glad that she
was slowly opening up to me as well.
“Don’t worry Belle, he’s sleeping upstairs he’ll have something when he wakes
up. Actually, how ‘bout we go up and eat upstairs? So you can be beside him?”
Nodding eagerly, I gave her my hand waiting for her to accept it rather than
forcing it on her. Slowly and hesitantly she placed her small hand in mine. I
grabbed the plate, handing it to her as I held the glass of water.
We neared the bedroom where I knew her brother was sleeping, but were
interrupted before we could enter. Belle instantly went behind me, fearful at
the sudden arrival at the stranger. Looking up, I saw it was only Jace.
“Hey, don’t worry this is just Jace. He’s with me, okay? Not going to hurt you.”
I spoke softly to Belle, looking her in the eyes.
Turning back to Jace, he was just staring at Belle.
“Jace?” I called out but I got no response.
“Hey Jace!” I gently nudged his arm, snapping him out of his trance. But, his
eyes never left Belle’s.
“She - I -but- m- her.” He kept gaping like a fish, and I knew this was mostly
likely a conversation where Belle shouldn't be present.
“OK, come on. Let’s go inside.” Leading her into the room, my eyes made
contact with Jace. I made sure my eyes did all the talking, stay where you are.
The minute she caught sight of her brother, Belle ran over. Taking the plate out
of her hand and placing it and the glass on the table, I nudged her softly.
“I’ll be just outside.” Giving me a nod, she went back to soothing her little
brother, slowing caressing his forehead as he slept.
Closing the door softly behind me, I turned to look at Jace, who stood in the
exact position I left him.
“Ok what were you saying?”


Chapter Thirteen
“Okay now all you do is add the spices you want. I personally like it really
I was teaching Belle how to make salsa, she was a quick leaner and a very
curious girl. It’s been a couple days since Belle and Eric joined the pack, and
since I learnt that Belle was Jace’s mate.
She was so young though, just fifteen, she had a full year before she was
mature enough to meet her mate. She was a lucky one though, meeting her
mate at such young age. And Jace at that! He’s a good wolf and would be the
perfect and loving mate.
My heart clenched thinking about perfect and loving mates. I hoping with
everything in me that Belle has the normal, cute and cliche mate relationship.
Not one like my own, not one as difficult and heartbreaking.
I snapped out of my trance, and looked at Belle as she tasted different types of
spices. I smiled, although I hated what had happened to Belle, I was glad she
was here. She was cutest thing ever, and because of her I was able to embrace
my Luna self. She brought out the protective and fierce Luna that was hidden
in the weak and frightened omega body.
“What is that smell?” Looking over my shoulder, I see Aiden make his way into
the kitchen, his nose sniffing the air before his eyes land on us.
Looking directly into my eyes, a slow smirk tugs at his lips.
“I don’t know whether it’s your alluring scent or that mouthwatering salsa.” I
roll my eyes. Over the past few days our interactions have been light, with his
teasing cheesy remarks and my, surprisingly, witty comebacks. I don't know
what came over me but we were getting better.
“Want to try Alpha?” Belle spoke out, offering a spoon. She had warmed up to a
lot of people over the past couple of days and I was glad for that. Aiden was
hesitant at first, worried that she might bring upon rogues to our doorstep but
after a few questions he was good.

“Of course Belle” Gently taking the spoon from her hands, he gave it a taste.
Not even a second later was he frantically looking for the carton of milk. Guess
she took my advice on the spicy part.
“Fates! What was in that?” He had a milky mustache, and streaks of milk
running down the side of his mouth to his chin.
“No idea, I just added a bunch of spice.” Belle shrugged.
“Fates!” He mumbled as he took another chug of milk. I kept quiet, quite
amused by the situation.
Shaking my head, and enjoying the light atmosphere I turned around and got
to work on the dishes that were pilling up.
“Um Ellie?” I looked over my shoulder, but kept quiet waiting for him to
“Uh could I talk to you for a minute? Alone?” I sucked in a quick breathe, sure
we were having civil conversations but I’ve never been alone with him since
Belle. I tried my best to avoid that. I was beginning to open up to him, sure,
but being alone with him? I don't know, he still frightened me, no mater how
much of a Luna I’m becoming. Some demons just don't leave you alone.
I guess my face showed my fear and hesitation, because I saw the hurt revel on
his face moments later.
“Please, Love?” His voice held so much desperation and pain, my wolf just
couldn't take it. A a small part of me, the human part, just couldn't take it
I felt myself nodding, and I watched as relief poured over him like a bucket of
cold water.
He stepped aside, waiting for me to walk towards him. Hesitantly and with a lot
of nervous steps I made it.
We walked side by side, as equals to the backyard door. It felt nice, refreshing
in a way. Standing beside my mate, as an equal. Especially when I’ve always
thought this to be impossible. For years thinking that I’ll just be alone. But
here I was, standing beside my mate, as an equal, as an alpha.

He opened the door to the backyard, holding it for me to walk through. Keeping
my head down, I tried to hide the small smile that was sneaking up onto my
lips, the small gesture did many things to my poor stomach and tender heart.
Once we reached the oak tree on the far end of the yard, was when I began to
panic. We were truly alone right now, not one wolf near by. What if he was
going to hurt me? What if.. my thought were cut off by the growling of my wolf.
Sighing, I decided to trust her. Thinking back, I realized he was actually trying.
It truly seemed as though he were regretful for the mistakes he's made, truly
regretted abusing me, hurting me.
I kept my eyes down, not sure if I could stay strong if I continued to look into
those hazel green eyes.
“Ellie?” I give him a nod, letting him know I was listening. But I kept my eyes
casted down.
“Please don't look down beloved.” My heart skipped at the pet name. It always
did that. Why did it do that? Why does he have an effect on me so great? I
looked up, but I looked anywhere but him.
I felt his presence get closer, and I couldn't help but take a step back. We
continued this until I felt the rough brake of the tree hit my back.
We were so close, my heartbeat was speeding up and I felt the heat rise up to
my cheeks, they were no doubt red. I felt his hands gently grip my waist,
keeping my close to him.
“My eyes, Love, look into my eyes.” Unwillingly my eyes snapped up, locking
with his. Looking deep into his eyes, I was a goner, they were my weakness.
I felt the buzz in my ears, as Aiden spoke, but like I said they were just a buzz.
I didn't hear a word he said, as I stared into those mesmerizing eyes.
“Ellie?” I heard a faint call.
“Ellie?” I snapped out of my daze, blinking my eyes a couple times. Looking
back at Aiden, his eyes filled with amusement, I felt that familiar blush
crawling back to my cheeks.

“Uh sorry” I mumbled.
“Oh don’t be sorry Love, look all you want. If you really feel like it, take a
picture. I could get it laminated, framed and poster sized as well. What do you
say?” He had that smirk of his face, the one that showed his dimple on his
right cheek.
I narrowed my eyes, feeling the heat increase on my cheeks.
“Hardy har har har” I mumbled.
He let out a laugh, throwing his head back. I let the small smile finally show on
my face, content with our light conversation.
“I like that smile, you should show it often rather than hide it.” I looked away, a
little embarrassed.
You should stop smiling runt, it hurts my eyes. That smile shouldn't be shown to
anyway, it’s too disgusting.
My mind flashed back to that statement. It was Aiden who spoke those words,
and today he spoke the complete opposite. What was true?
Losing my smile, I step out of our embrace. My hands clamp together, my eyes
once again casted down.
“What was it that you needed to talk about?”
“Right” He clears his throat before continuing, “So the Annual Great Luna’s
Ball is coming up.” His hands are in his pockets and he’s rocking on his heels.
It was cute how awkward he looked. A small smile escapes on my lips.
“I was wondering if you want to go as my date?” His voice got softer as he
approached the end of his question.
The Annual Great Luna’a Ball was held every year after Christmas time in
January. The winter and white blanket that surround our lands reminded us of
our natural, wild selves. Reminding us we are still part wolf. This time of year
is naturally mating season for our wild cousins. It brought packs all over the
nation together. Every year it’s held in the Transylvanian Alps. There was a
huge manor located between the mountains, hidden from all prying eyes. Every

pack known to this Earth shared the payment and management of it. The Ball
lasted for a week for every nation, and the first week of January, after the new
years, was designated to the North American Nation. It allowed wolves from all
over to see each other, give unmated wolves a chance to mate. The Great Luna
has always been merciful on us by allowing our mates to remain in the same
nation, keeping us close.
“Date? Yours? Me?” By now my eyes were no longer on the ground, they were
staring at him wide eyed. Me? Go as his date?
“Uh yea? I mean you know? As my date? If you want to, of course?” Everything
he said came out as a question, and as much as I wanted to laugh at his cute
awkwardness I was still shocked to the bone.
“But- I mean won’t you be ashamed to take me-” My sentence was interrupted
as Aiden gently grabbed ahold of my arms and lightly pushed me against the
tree. He held me trapped, not only by his body but by those enchanting eyes
filled with determination and regret.
“Ellie, you need to understand by now that I regret everything Every. Damn.
Thing. I know I made a huge mistake, a sin but please let me fix it. I was never
ashamed of you, not even when I hurt you. Everything that left my mouth
about you was false, a lie. It was out of anger, and hurt. If only you knew why I
did all those things, Fates! You'd hate me more than you do now-” I shut him
up by crashing my lips with his.
I don't know why, but I had to shut him up. My hands were held captive so I
couldn't use those, and my wolf took over. Well, a part of my human self may
have wanted to as well. But it was mostly my wolf.
I felt him stiffen with shock, heck I would too. But slowly his arms let go and
went around my waist as mine went around his neck, his body relaxed as I
melted into his. His lips moving and taking control, keeping the kiss gentle and
soft. I felt him pour all his sincerity and admiration towards me through this
kiss. It wasn't one full of lust and passion, which would normally be with
mates and their first kiss. It was full of promise, one asking for forgiveness.
Out of breath, I slowly moved away. Our distance remained so close as we
breathed heavily. My eyes remained closed as I felt his forehead met mine.
Slowly fluttering my eyes open, I saw his looking at me with an unknown

“I don’t hate you” I whispered. I watched as a grin erupted on his face.
“I don’t particularly like you, but I don't hate you.” He let out a small chuckle,
his eyes still looking at me with that unknown emotion.
“Well it’s a start.” We stood there, just smiling at each other. Enjoying each
other’s embrace.
“I don’t forgive you for what you’ve done to me over the years.” I speak after a
few minutes, I watch as he loses his smile and his eyes fill with regret and
“But as you’ve said there was a reason. You said that everything you said was
false. So I’m guessing that there’s more to the story then I believe. I’m willing to
let you change my mind. I’m willing to give you the chance to make me forgive
you.” His face softened, and his body relaxed from it’s stiffened form. He closed
our distance, this time giving me a hug. The small gesture did many things to
my heart.
“Thank you” I felt his breath on my shoulder as he whispered. Smiling I
returned the hug.
“Doesn’t mean I’m going to give in so easily. Starting with the Ball. You've got to
work for it.”

Chapter Fourteen

The rest of the day was spent doing chores. It was a hard habit to break, and
no matter how much everyone told me to I couldn't stop. I had gotten used to
cleaning and doing stuff for others. In a way, I enjoyed it. Over the years, I did
get used to it, but I also started to enjoy it.
I had always loved helping others, in a way doing the chores helped others and
that was the part I really enjoyed. But the abuse, whether it be verbal or
physical, was not particularly enjoyed.
It was near dinner time, and I had done my very best to avoid Aiden. We had
awkwardly separated from our hug, and I, without doubt, ran from the area.
When the realization hit me I couldn't look at him.
What was I thinking? Why would I kiss him. Fates! Me? Kiss him? I am so
ready to dig myself a hole and crawl into it, never to be seen again. How could I
kiss him? Why did I kiss him?
I stood in front of the kitchen sink, hands on either end. My face was wet,
having slashed water on it a few minutes ago.
My head was a jumble of thoughts and question, and they all revolved around
that kiss.
“Ellie?” I jumped a little at the sound of Belle’s voice.
Turning around, I face the innocent faced beauty. She stood wearing a grey off
shoulder sweater and baby blue panama bottoms, her feet covered in bright
blue fuzzy socks. She had changed into her night-time clothes, ready for dinner
and bed.
This pack was weird in some way, our dinner time was around 8:30pm, rather
than the 6:00pm dinner that was usually accustomed. We’re usually in comfy
bedtime clothing, sitting all cozy and such at the dinner table.
“Yeah Belle?”

“You ok Ellie?” She stood beside me, a hand resting on my shoulder looking at
me concerned.
“Oh yea, I’m fine. Just- You know” My voice had gone to a mumble as I spoke
the last words, “boy problems”
Belle let out a small chuckle, her face holding amusement.
“No way, please don’t tell me. You and Aiden?” I managed a small nod.
“Fates! This is too funny! Come on Elle, what’s wrong? You guys seem
absolutely perfect together, well obviously you guys are mates. But, what’s got
you so stressed, you looked happy with him”
“I am happy, and that’s the problem.” I fidget with my fingers, my cheeks
reddening with embarrassment.
“Being happy shouldn't be the problem. Elle, I’ve heard the things that are
rumoured around in these house walls. I’ve heard snip bits of what you've been
through in the past. I know that Aiden did you wrong, but you can clearly see
that he’s regretted it, and wants to make up for it. He wants to turn those bad
memories into good ones. He wants you to see him as a loving mate, not a cruel
Alpha. Give him a chance, but that doesn't mean don't make him work for it.”
I looked at Belle with a new light. This little girl, barely 15 held so much
wisdom. She was filled with insight and understand, a heart big enough for
anyone. A caring personality willing to give others chances.
“When did you get so wise about boys?” I ask in a playful manner.
“Oh believe me, if you knew the amount of wolves I’ve already dated you'd be
shocked.” She lets out a small laugh.
“Well, I’m sure Jace won’t like that.” I mumble under my breath, and nearly a
second after Belle spoke those words we hear a not so subtle growl near by.
I knew I smelt Jace, I smiled thinking about his protectiveness over little Belle
already. As much as he wants to avoid the topic, he can’t avoid the connection.
“Why would Beta not like it? And where did that growl come from?” Belle’s eyes
searched behind her, trying to find the source of that jealous growl.

“Don’t worry about that Beauty.” Letting out a small chuckle, I lead her out of
the kitchen.
We began our walk to the dinning hall, where most of the pack ate dinner.
Many members preferred to eat with their families, while others preferred to eat
here, with their pack mates and Alpha and Luna.
Stopping in front of the doors, I took a deep breath. I felt Belle lightly squeeze
my hand in reassurance. It’s now or never, I have to face him sometime.
Opening the doors to the hall, we walked through. The hall had gone silent at
our approach. Belle scurried off to her seat, lower down the table near the
other pack members. The table was set according to ranks. The higher up and
closer you were to the Alpha and Luna, the higher your rank. Belle being a
normal pack member, sat with the other Subordinates*.
Every member had rose from their seats, including Aiden. They bowed their
heads, turning their necks slightly to the left in show of submission and
Still not very used to this treatment, I awkwardly nodded my head in response.
I walked over to Aiden, who stood there smiling and waiting for me. Smiling
back at him, I kept my head high, showing my dominant Luna. Usually around
Aiden, I would cast my eyes down, still slightly scared but mostly out of shy
nervousness. But right now, I was in front of my pack and I needed to show
them that I was their Luna now, not their petty Omega.
Once at Aiden’s side, he addressed the standing pack, “You may sit, my fellow
pack mates.”
Aiden, still standing faced me. “And as my mate, equal and Luna. I, too submit
to you.” He bows his head, turning his head to the left, just like the pack had
done not to long ago.
Shocked, I felt my eyes widen. I was not expecting that.
“Um, please stop.” I whispered to him, not knowing how to respond. I heard a
series of soft chuckles from the pack, most covered up with ‘coughs’.
“Of course, my Luna.” Aiden replays with a chuckle.

We sit side by side, and take the first meal. We fill our plates with the desire
foods of our choice, and I wait as Aiden addresses the pack once more.
“Please eat.” It was customary for the Pack Leaders to take their desired food
first, before the rest of the pack.
The rest of the meal was spent with laughter, and ease. It didn't seem like we
were a pack with ranks and order. It seemed as if we were a huge family,
gathered for dinner. And it was nice.
My amusement was greatly set on Jace, as I watched him stab his food with
anger. His eyes casted at Belle, as another wolf around her age flirted with her.
Belle was now comfortable enough that she returned the wolf’s flirting.
Occasionally, helping her brother with his food. I watched as Jace’s eyes soften
and harden, quite amused.
“I see that you've noticed what I’ve noticed as well.” I felt Aiden’s breath on my
shoulder as he whispered into my ear.
“They’re mates.” I turned my face to look at him. Our distance too close,
reminding me of our shared kiss. I felt my cheeks redden at the thought.
“Remembering that kiss, Love?” My eyes stayed glued to his.
“Yes, but I’m giving in so easily. I see what you're doing and it’s not going to
work.” I didn't move a muscle, wanting to prove to him that his presence so
close to me didn't effect me. No matter how much of a lie that was.
“Oh I’m sure you do, Mate” Our faces were so close now, his breath mixed in
with my own. I felt my eyes close, cursing myself for having such an affect.
“Gotta do better than that, Alpha.”
“Oh I will.”

Chapter Fifteen
I smile as I watch Ellie laugh with pack members, joyfully eating. Today was
the first time she ate in the dinner hall, the last time I remember was when we
were still pups.
Seeing her back here warmed my heart to a high temperature. Just watching
her laugh as she nibbles her food was enough for me. The way her eyes
squinted but the bright shine in her eyes still visible. The way her cheekbones
held so much definition, and the way they redden when she felt embarrassed.
Her soft yet loud laugh that held nearly everyone captive. It’s been a while since
anyone has heard that laugh.
It was always rumoured that a Luna’s laugh was the most mesmerizing. I never
believed that rumour, thinking I was being biased since the Luna was my
mother. But Ellie’s laugh was just too addicting, or maybe I was being biased
again. Who knows.
As I look at Elle I can’t help but feel excited for tomorrow. I had everything
planned out and I just couldn't wait.
I wanted my first attempt on courting her to be just us, but plans had changed
when I looked at the calendar.
Leaning over I brushed my lips against her neck, just below her ear.
“Be ready at 7am tomorrow.” I whisper, taking a quick nib at her sensitive
looking skin. I feel her jump a little and shiver slightly at the action. I couldn't
help but smile at the reaction.
“So early?” She chocked.
“Well it’s a big day tomorrow.” I move away and get back to my dinner. Looking
over I see those bright red cheeks and a content feeling erupts in my chest, my
wolf purring in the back of my mind.
I just hoped she enjoyed whatever I had planned.

It was 6:30am.
Even when I was the omega I never woke up this early.
Six freaking o’clock in the morning.
I was already dressed and ready, just sitting on my new bed as I watched the
clock tick. Waiting for a half an hour to pass by.
I was wearing the clothes that Aiden left in my room before we retired for the
night. It was a cute red and white flannel winter/christmasy themed pyjama
bottoms and white wife beater tank top that the words ’Tis The Season written
in red cursive writing. It was cute but gave me no idea of what he had planned
for the day. I had my hair up in a loose and messy bun, and for once left my
big nerdy looking glasses on.
I had lost my contacts and was left with no choice. No one knew about my
glasses, it was unusual for wolves to wear glasses. But after suffering a lot of
abuse, I was prescribed. The only one who knew was the pack doctor, who was
nice enough to get me the contacts as well, saving me a risky trip to the mall.
But back to reality, I sat crossed legged on my comfy bed just staring at the
clock. This room was a whole lot better than the one that I was used to for the
past few years. And it was right beside Aiden’s room.
As much as I didn't want to admit it, I liked the idea of Aiden sleeping not to far
away. Ironically, I felt safe around my ex-abuser. And his scent often leaked
through and was very comforting. To my wolf of course.
Dropping back, I lay my back and stared at the ceiling. Slowly feeling myself
drift off, I closed my eyes and fell into the darkness as sleep took over.
I awoke with a startle as I heard someone knocking at my door.

“Ellie?” Not just anyone, Aiden. Shit! What time was it?
I looked up at the wall clock, 7:00am. Had it been only a half an hour? That
sleep felt like eternity.
“Uh just a second!” I called out. I jumped out of my bed, and ran straight into
the bathroom. I fixed up my hair, wiped that drool mark on my chin, and
straightened out my clothes.
Opening the door, I tried to act as casual as possible.
“Hey” I beached out. He stood there wearing only pyjama bottom, similar to
mine but more manly and they were black and red plaid. He was shirtless and
it took a lot of effort and restraint not to glance at his chest for more than
thirty seconds. His hair was messy like he had just woken up, and it looked
good, really good.
“I know you fell asleep and just rushed to fix yourself. No need to hide it.” He
had his legendary smirk on and his eyes were filled with amusment.
“Wha-” I trailed off confused.
“Werewolf, Love. Or have you forgotten?” Right. How could I forget.
“So, should we get going?” He offered me his arm, stepping aside for me to walk
out of the door. Shocked and dazed I slipped my arm through, and we walked
towards the stairs.
“So what are we planning on doing?” I looked up at him, his face looked really
nice from this angle.
“Well I would say it’s a surprise but that’d be too cliche and is overused in my
opinion.” I let out a chuckle at his comment. Looking up at him, he had that
unknown emotion in his eyes again, and a small sweet smile on his lips.
“I will however say that you need patience, Love. All will be revealed in a
couple of minutes.”
“Then what’s the difference. You technically still saying that it’s a surprise.”

“Oh it is a surprise. But I didn't say that because that saying is overused and
too cliche. But it is a surprise. But I’m just not saying it ‘cause-”
“It’s overused and too cliche.” I finished his sentence.
“Exactly” He grinned at me with those pearly white teeth, and I let out a
chuckle his adorable and messed up logic.
Without realizing, we had reached the kitchen. I looked around and there was a
big brown cardboard box on the kitchen table and lots of bowls and spoons out
on the counter.
“Can I know now?”
“Well it’s the holiday season. So I thought we could make holiday themed
goodies, and decorate a bit.” I felt my eyes widen. I haven't done this in a while.
I haven't celebrated the holidays, in the traditional manner in a while. The last
Christmas was with Dad, and after that nothing, all I did was clean up the
mess. Our pack celebrated all the holiday traditions, whether it be Christmas,
Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.
“We are?” I spoke in a soft whisper. Still shocked at the idea.
I felt Aiden move in front of me, taking ahold of my waist. He pulled me in
tight, close enough that I was breathing in only his scent. I felt him grab ahold
of my chin and gently lift it up, connecting my eyes with his own.
“We are.” He whispered back.

Chapter Sixteen
I reached for the bowl that was placed on the counter, drawing my hand near
just as Ellie did. This was probably the sixth time this has happened. We both
seem to reach for the exact same thing at the exact same time, causing our
hands to collide and tingles of pleasure and warmth run up our arms.
I looked at her as our hands touched, she held the same expression as I did.
Letting a house shaking belly laugh we both erupt into howls of laughter.
My hands were at my ribs, which had surprisingly started to hurt from all the
laughing. It had been a while since I had laughed like this, and the realization
boosted up my motivation. I was going to make sure I kept this, make sure I
didn't lose this again.
“Okay, I think we should assign tasks.” Ellie choked out from her giggles. Her
hand was covering her lips, and her eyes were filled with tears. The good kind
of tears.
“Yeah, we probably should.” I replied with a chuckle of my own.
“Okay, I’ll go and preheat the oven and begin to make the cookie dough. You go
start on the popcorn for the popcorn garland.” I gave her a nod and reluctantly
turned around to grab the popcorn from the cabinet. I had the strong urge to
kiss those luscious lips again, and her bossing me around wasn't helping
I put the bag of popcorn into the microwave and turned back to Ellie, who was
beating the batter. Her tongue stuck out a bit from the corner of her mouth,
her brows furrowed in concentration, a piece of strand had escaped her bun
and was teasing the side of her face. She’d occasionally use the back of her
hand to push it away, leaving a small streak of batter on her temple.

Silently laughing I crept behind her, melting into her. My chest connected with
her back and I felt her stiffen. I slowly pushed the strand of hair back, my face
so very close to her neck.
A small little shriek made us jump apart. Whipping our heads to the left, we
saw a group of little pups looking around the room with eyes of awe and
“ARE WE DECORATING?” A little she-pup shrieked out. Ellie and I both
cringed back at the as the loud, high pitch sound practically broken our
sensitive ear drums.
We looked at each other, the close proximity not bothering us a bit. It felt
normal. And we both had that look again, that look from before.
We burst out laughing.

Biting down on the warm and soft cookie I sink closer into the warmth of
Aiden’s chest. We were sitting in the living room watching, and snacking, as the
some of the pack finished our decorating and baking.
Pups were running around, hands filled with popcorn and red, green, silver
and gold sparkly garlands around their necks. She-wolves were baking in the
kitchen, wolves setting up trees in nearly every room. Teenagers helping
“I hope you aren’t upset.” I heard Aiden whisper into my ear.
I turned my face to look at him, confused at what he was talking about. Our
faces were nearly a centimetre apart, and for a second I was lost in his
beautiful eyes.
“What do you mean?” I breath out. My eyes connected with his, with a
occasionally glance at his lips.

“I mean our date. We were interrupted and it was taken over by the pack.” I let
a small gentle smile wash over my face.
“I’m not upset, I don't mind at all. It feels nice actually. Having the pack all
together, well most of it, the atmosphere seems light and playful.”
“Well, I’m glad to hear that.” His voice sounded breathless and his eyes were
locked on my lips.
“You’re going to have to forgive me for this, Love, but I can’t resist any longer.”
And without a second to lose his crushed his lips onto mine, his arms
tightening around my body as his kissed me fiercely and passionately. He
kissed me like there may not be a tomorrow, as if I was his last supply of
oxygen and he were a wolf on his death bed. Was if he were dying of thirst and
I was the last drop of water left. He kissed me like his life depended on it. And I
responded, with the same amount of fierce passion.

Chapter Seventeen
I walked out of my room, rubbing my eyes trying to wake myself up. The sun
seemed to be shining extra bright in my room today and it was interrupting my
sleep. I had barely gotten any last night. Since our arrival into this pack my
wolf has been antsy.
I was still in the shock that my wolf had surfaced, I was only fifteen for crying
out loud. Usually your wolf begins to communicate with your human a couple
weeks before their first shift. Giving them the opportunity to get comfortable
with each other, allow each other the trust required during the shift.
But the day Eric, my nine year old brother, and I arrived here my wolf began
talking to me. I was shocked at first, thinking I was hallucinating but after a
couple of days it became normal, as if I were like this since birth. We’d talk
about everything but she’d get excited over unusual things, as if she knew
something was happening and couldn't wait for me to find out. I had tried my
hardest to figure it out but it was nearly impossible.
I slowly opened the door to my little brother’s room and peeked inside, trying to
keep quiet so I won’t disturb him if he were sleeping.
Opening the door I watch as he runs from one side of the room to another in
only navy blue pyjama bottoms. I let out a little laugh, getting his attention.
“Sissy!” He broke into a huge grin and ran towards me. Hugging me and
stuffing his face into my stomach was a usual greeting of ours. I ruffled his
hair, bending down and placing a soft kiss on his brown curls.
“What’s got you up so early?” I ask as he pulls away.

“You don’t know?!” His eyes were wide and he spoke as if I had committed a
“Sissy!!! Valentine’s day is in a week! We have to go to the mall! I need to get
cards and colour paper and crayons! Oh! And I need chocolate and a teddy
bear!” He was rambling excitedly, a bright gleam in his eyes. I let out a laugh,
since when did my little brother get so excited for Valentine’s day? We hated
the holiday ‘cause it was the day that Mamma and Dada got extra cozy with
each other. I felt a pang in my heart thinking about my parents, it had been a
couple months now but their death still hit like it was just yesterday.
“Sissy? Are you listening to me?” My thoughts flew off at the sound of Eric’s
annoyed voice.
“Yeah I am, sorry Eric. Could you repeat that?” I asked guilty, my first priority
was now Eric. He was all I had left now.
He let out a huge and exaggerated sigh, and I smiled at his dramatic actions.
“Fine.” He drawled out the word, “I was saying that we have to make sure that
the chocolate is white milk chocolate and the teddy bear needs to be white too
with a purple bow!”
“What’s with the details?” I ask and nearly immediately his cheeks redden.
“Oh no! You have a crush?” I let out a little squeal. Eric hated girls, and now he
was planning on celebrating Valentine’s day with one.
“No! I don’t like girls. They’re icky.” I didn't buy it. I gave him The Look, as he
called it. It was the look that I always gave him which always resulted in him
spilling all his secrets.
“Fine! I hate The Look and you know it.” He said pouting and crossing his
arms. “There’s this girl I meet a while ago at one of the dinners. But that’s all
I’m saying!” I laughed at his awkwardness, his face was red as a tomato and he
wasn't looking at me.
“Fine fine, let me go get ready and we’ll go. I’ll be back okay? Stay here and I’ll
find someone to drive us.” I ruffled his hair once more before exiting the room.
Shutting the door behind me I turn around bumping into a chest. Looking up I
meet a pair of majestic eyes. They were light brown, like melting chocolate, and
they were filling my body with warmth. They belonged to Beta Jace.

“I’m incredibly sorry Beta, I meant no disrespect.” I state softly, pushing my
self away. I bear my neck in submission and keep my eyes casted downwards.
For some reason my wolf was on high alert and was getting upset.
Peeking up to look at him, I saw him nod and being to walk away. I let out a
breath of relief. Turning towards the direction of my room, I began to walk.
“Wait.” I stiffen at his deep, soul melting, voice. Stiffly turning around, I keep
my eyes down waiting for him to continue.
“I’ll drive you and your brother to the mall. Meet in at the front door in fifteen
minutes” And before I could reply he started walking away.
Once I was far enough away I ran my hands roughly through my hair. What
was my problem? Why did I offer to drive them to the mall? I was trying my
damn hardest to keep minimal interaction between us. I watched from the
distance to give me satisfaction that she was okay and happy. But I couldn’t, I
wouldn’t interact with her.
She was just fifteen! A pup! How could I be mated to a pup?
She isn't a pup! She’ll be a full wolf within a year. Do not disrespect our mate
like that. My wolf growled at me.
It was true, within a year she would be mature enough. She’d be technically
legal in the were world. But till then I had to keep this as a Beta and pack
member relationship. Which meant I couldn't be offering to be her driver.
I made my way to my bedroom, getting dressed. I hated to admit it but I
attempted to look good, impressive; for her. I needed to stop think of her like
that, she was still a pup right now. One year, just one year Jace and then she’ll
be yours. But right now she’s a pup, a pack member.
Giving myself one more look in the mirror I made my way to the front door of
the pack house. I neared the foyer, stoping short when I heard their voices.

“Sissy! I’m hungry, can’t we eat something before we leave?” That was Eric, her
little brother.
“I’ll try getting us some food at the mall Eric. But we can’t right now. The Beta
said to be here in fifteen minutes, we can’t disrespect him by being late and
getting food will get us late.” They haven't eaten yet. Stupid! Why couldn't you
give her more than fifteen minutes? Stupid, stupid, stupid!
“Okay, fine.” He sounded defeated. “But don’t forget what I need okay?”
“I remember, don’t worry.” She told him. And under her breath she muttered,
“Let’s hope the money from babysitting is enough.” You are a stupid asshole
Jace. A very stupid asshole.
I made my way to them and immediately they bowed their heads in
submission. I had to suppress the growl that my wolf threaten to release
watching his mate act as if she were below him.
“Let’s go.” I stated.
I planned on getting them a huge healthy breakfast at a diner before going to
the mall, and I would make sure to buy everything myself.
I heard as they scurried to catch up with me. And as much as I wanted to wait
and help, I knew I shouldn’t. I needed to stay in control.
She’s a pup, Jace
One more year
I hoped repeating that mantra would help.

Chapter Eighteen

I watched from the distance as the love spread. It was Valentine’s Day and all
the mated couples were on the roll. I was getting my fill by just watching them.
I wasn't really expecting anything from Aiden today, we weren't there yet. Sure
for the past couple months we’ve been civil and comfy. I liked to believe that we
were dating, but that’s all we were doing. We were being mates, not yet. It was
too early and too fast, I sill haven't forgotten those three long, painful years that
I had to tolerate. I’ve asked him multiple times now, why did I go through that?
Why did he hate me so much? What had changed? But he always dodged the
questions, he always stated that he wasn't ready or I wasn't ready. He knew
just as well as I did that we would never be mates if the truth stay hidden,
because truth be told I still haven't forgiven him. Why should I? I didn't know
the reasoning behind it and till then all I know is that I was tortured for the fun
of it.
I needed air, these horrid thoughts were suffocating me and making me feel
sick. Turning around I made my way towards the back door, which led to the
southern end of the woods. I wanted to go for a run, be alone.
Keeping my head high and my shoulders squared, just like Aiden taught me, I
walked like a Luna. Believe me when I say that the first few times it was very
difficult. It should've been easy, I mean all I was doing was keeping my head up
and my shoulders squared. I was showing my dominance, my authority and for
someone who was beaten for doing so it was a bit terrifying. I still remember
the first few weeks after the rogue attack. I acted like the Gamma’s, third in
command’s, daughter; because that’s what I was. What I wasn't prepared for
was everyone attacking me with verbal and physical abuse because of it. I
didn't understand and when I went to my mother she didn't believe me. She
yelled at me, claiming that I was being selfish, that I was trying to get attention.
She told me to shut up and let her mourn her mate’s death. So I kept quiet and
tolerated it for three years.

My thoughts were interrupted when I bumped into a hard chest, and judging
by the tingles and the shiver than ran through my spine I knew it was Aiden.
His large warm hands were on my waist and his tight grey shirt fit him well,
mostly his chest. I looked up to his sparkling eyes that held amusement.
“You saw me coming” I stated.
“Yeah, I did. But how could I pass up the opportunity of you running into me, I
mean I’m really liking this position.” My breath hitched, and I felt my cheeks
redden. I couldn't help but admit it too, I liked this position too. I always loved
being in his arms. But right now, we were pressed together, nearly no space
between us, my head tilted to see his and our faces weren't that far apart
I tensed and wiggled, trying to escape his embrace. I couldn't do this, I needed
to stay strong. His arms loosened and I stepped out. I cleared me throat and
tucked an invisible strand of hair away, even though my hair was tied in my a
pony tail.
“I was uh just looking for you actually. There something I want to show you,
and um ask.” Aiden spoke, I glanced up and noticed he was scratching the
back of his neck. Something he did when he was nervous.
“Is it important? I mean, I just wanted to go for a quick run; clear my mind. If
it’s important, I mean —“
“No! No, it’s okay, you should go for your run. It could wait.” He gave me a
slight hint of a smile, but I could tell he was upset. Whatever it was that he
show and ask me was important. As much as I wanted to stay and see what
was so important, those unpleasing thoughts kept crawling back into my head
and I needed some space.
Giving him a quick nod of appreciation I walked around him and out the back
door. I ran on two legs for a bit, refreshing my stiff human form. Running in
human form was nothing like it was in wolf, but it was still nice. It still gave
that sense of normality and peace. It still felt like a huge amount of weight was
being lifted off of you as you run through the vast, green forest. The scents of
the trees, the grass and the small water droplets calming you down. The
sounds of a deer not far off, clueless of a predator in the area. The feel of the
hard yet comforting earth beneath your feet.

I ran and ran, tiring my human body out and getting ready to shift. I was
breathing heavy and my strong strides were now just my feet dragging on. I
was ready to shift and let my wolf run. I paused for a minute, bending over and
catching my breath.
I closed my eyes and took deep breathes. I guess I was not as focused as I
should be. If I was I would've scented out the stench of the rouges. The stench
that differentiated them as lone, which gave away their unordered lifestyle. The
scent that told the world that this wolf had no one and was near crazy. My
scream was muffled as one of them put a cloth to my mouth. Eyes widened as
my exhausted body stubbled in their hold. I tried to call on my wolf but I
couldn't hear her. I tried to call on Aiden, anyone but I got no answer! What’s
wrong with me? I felt my eyes get heavy as my struggles subdued. That cloth, it
was filled with chloroform and wolfsbane.
Running a hand through my hair I breathed in deeply. It’s been nearly two
hours. I’m sure she’s had enough space, I should probably go after her now.
No! Stop it Aiden! Give her the space she needs, she’ll come back on her own.
Not being able to sit any longer I got up and went to our bedroom. Walking in, I
blew out the candles I had lit, they were nearly out of wax; I had to save them
for when Ellie came back. I had decorated the entire room myself, not letting
anyone help me. I did it myself, for my Ellie. There were rose petals on the bed,
and I had changed the sheets to white. The entire room had candles of different
sizes, and the ground had a path rose petals as well. On the bed, I had kept a
beautiful satin royal blue dress that I had gotten her, a bouquet of purple and
white tulips. I remember them being her favourite. When we were kids, we’d go
to the forest and she’d always only pick those ones. She wouldn't even look at
the other flowers, always keeping her eyes out for those tulips. Beside the
flowers and dress was a note, telling her to meet at our place. The small little
hide out we always went to as kids. It led to a “secret” clearing that we had
claimed for ourselves.
Alpha! My thoughts were interrupted at the sound of Jordan’s, a warrior wolf I
had assigned as Ellie’s bodyguard, voice rang through my mind. He sounded
alert, weak and scared. Something happened with Ellie.
What happened to her? I growled.
Luna…running…rogues…got her. Each word was choppy and out of breath. I
felt his connection drain out and I knew that he was out cold.

Warriors in the meeting room. NOW! I sent out a pack message. I was beyond
furious. Rouges, bloody hell.

Chapter Nineteen
I fluttered my eyes, attempting to open them but they were still very heavy. My
head was down, fallen limp. The air was musty and smelt of dirt and sweat.
Peeking my eyes open slightly, I could tell that I was underground somewhere,
it was dark and cold. Squeezing my eyes shut and blinking a few times I
managed to open them slightly. I was tied to a chair, my arms were behind me
tied. The rope was tied really tight and I knew that my skin was raw.
Pulling hard on the rope I tried to break free, knowing that it was useless but I
had to try. I flinched every time I moved, the rope was burring my skin.
“Argh!” I growled in frustration, I looked up and around. I was in a small cell,
the chair in the middle and there were two guards not too far away.
“Hey! You!” I called out, but they didn't even flinch.
“Hello?!” My voice was breathless and I was running out of energy. Why was I
so weak?
I struggled in my chair again, deciding to use up the last bit of my energy on
escaping, or attempting to escape.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I snapped my gaze up to where that calm and
deep voice came from. A man, who looked to be in his late forties, stood in front
of the cell. His face was rugged and he had dark circles under his eyes. I could
tell he was a rouge. The separate from a pack, an Alpha and Luna was taking a
toll on him. He may as well be in his late forties where as a pack member his
age would look ten years younger.
“Why am I here?” I growled out. It wasn't a wolf growl though, I can’t seem to
connect with my wolf nor the pack.

“For obvious reason Luna of the Midnight Blue Pack.” His voice was calm and
steady but I could detect a weakness. He wasn't as strong, he’s trying very hard
to seem like so but he wasn’t.
“If this is about territory then trust me when I say that whatever you think you
will accomplish is pointless. We’ve dealt with these situations before it, it
usually ends badly.” I continued to struggle, trying my best to ignore the pain
that the rope brought to my skin.
“How could I forget Luna of the Midnight Blue Pack, the last time my brothers
and sisters tried we were slaughtered. But no, this isn't about territory. This is
about revenge. So don’t worry, we didn't capture you so we could negotiate a
deal with your Alpha mate. We captured you because you are the Alpha’s mate
and what we do to you will be enough. Our thirst for revenge will be done
I froze.
“Oh and I wouldn’t struggle so much. Those ropes are laced with wolfsbane,
something you and I both know isn't the nicest things for your kind.” With a
smirk over his shoulder, he turned and walked away.
Flipping the desk in my office over I let out a loud deadly snarl. Punching yet
another hole into the wall, I tried my best to release all that anger inside me. I
was furious, but I was more so afraid, terrified for my mate.
“Why?!” I screamed out as I knocked over my bookshelf. I was cursing the
Mood Goddess.
My sweet Ellie didn't deserve this, not a tiny bit. For years she went through
torture over a small misunderstanding, a terrible mistake on my part and now?
She was taken from me. Those rogues will pay.
Seventeen hours. It’s been freaking seventeen hours and yet no sign of her. I
had my best warriors and trackers out there searching. I was out there merely
four hours ago, running like a mad man searching every corner of no man’s;
the rogue’s territory, for any sign of her. They didn't even leaving a bloody scent

I was beginning to lose my mind, what could have happened to her in those
seventeen hours? What did those rogues want? Surely it wasn't the territory,
they would’ve contacted with a ransom by now. This was obviously planned,
they wanted Ellie. My Ellie. But for what? What was she going through?
A knock at the door, stopped my pacing. Practically ripping the door open I was
met with Jace’s face. What was he doing here? He was supposed to be out
there looking for her, unless…
“What did you find?” I asked with a growl, eager for information. I was holding
onto some hope that it would be good news, that they had the wrong she-wolf.
“You need to calm down man, I got information but I need to know you won’t
blow up.” I took a deep breath and nodded.
“You better sit down.” That shred of hope was beginning to slowly disappear. I
bent down and picked up my chair that I had thrown across the room a whole
back and took a seat.
The minute I sat down, a small girl walked into the room. By the scent I could
tell she was rogue. Letting out a loud snarl, I was up and out of my chair.
“Whoa man, what did I say. Calm the hell down.” Holding me but my shoulders
he sat me down.
“Just listen to what she has to say.” My eyes were still narrowed and my lips
were curled up in a snarl.
“What the hell happened here?” I growled at her disrespect. She was so tiny
but I could tell she was a feisty spirit.
“Shut up Bethy, just tell him what you're here for.” Jace growled.
“Fine. I will. But I want your word Alpha for something first.” I growled and
shot out of my seat, this time Jace didn't stop me.
“How can I trust you?” I growled out.
She reached into her pocket and pulled out a familiar necklace. The gold chain
painted the colour of silver with a crescent moon on it. I ran up to her and
snatched it out of her hands, cradling it in my as if it were the most precious

thing in the world. Because it was. It was Ellie’s. My mate’s, it was a clue to
finding her.
“What do you want.” I was no longer growling but you could tell I was
impatient. I needed to know whatever she had to say.
“I want to join your pack, I want reassurance that I will be protected like every
other pack member if they come after me. I also want to be treated right, as an
equal pack member. That’s all I ask.”
“Deal, now what do you know.” I didn't even hesitate when accepting her
“I was one of the few she-wolves that treated her. I’m a nurse. They took her
because she’s the Luna of this pack and they want revenge. They’re the same
wolves that attacked around three to four years ago, but they’re thirsty for
vengeance for their brother’s and sister’s blood. They know better than to
attack the pack full force, so they decided to attack the most precious thing to
the pack, breaking them internally. They’re attacking the Luna. Alpha’s weak
and broken, which means the pack is weak and broken as well. They’re
torturing her and you don’t have long before they kill her.” I was shaking by the
time she finished.
“Where is she?”

I let out a blood curling scream as the man slowly sliced a sliver knife into my
forearm. I was already covered in cuts, so many. It seemed one rogue only got
one cut each, but they did it so slowly and painfully that one cut seemed
enough. I was exhausted, barely breathing. I was bruised from those who
decided they could land a slap on my face or a punch in my gut.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but hope for help was slowly slipping away. I
knew better than to fall for their traps. They were just playing me like they
always do, they didn't really change.

I thought back to the small moments I had with Aiden, my mate, my childhood
best friend. Not the Aiden that hurt me. The Aiden that treated me right, cared
for me. Memories of us sleeping together, cuddling came into mind and warmth
spread through me. A small smile spread on my face, which was a really bad
“YOU ENJOYING THIS MUTT?” The rogue yelled, he was the biggest one I’ve
encountered. A sharp pain hit my cheek before I blacked out. And the last
thing on my mind was that tiny bit of hope, the hope that maybe it wasn't an
act and Aiden was coming.

Chapter Twenty
Pushing myself to go faster, I remind myself and my wolf of all the torturous and cruel
things that our mate was going through. The rage fuelled us to run faster, to save her
and kill off those wretched rogues. The determination and adrenaline allowed us to
keep going, even after nearly a six hour run. I wasn't the only one though; my pack
was experiencing the same adrenaline, staying by my side. Full of bloody thirsty rage
for those rouges that made the mistake of taking their Luna.
I had no plan, I didn't know what I'd do when I hot there I just knew that I needed to
get there. It was getting dark, and although we were pumped up we needed to rest. I
wanted my wolves and myself to be full of energy when we get there. I wanted each
and every rogue to pay for this, and I didn't want one to be spared 'cause we were too
Two hours. Rest, hunt and drink some water. Then we continue. I want you in your best
conditions; full of energy.
Yes Alpha
Blinking my eyes slowly, I tried to move my body but I was in too much pain. I don't
know how long I was out for but I was alone in the room now. Just wanting some
seconds of rest I closed my eyes again. I wanted to sleep, and I needed to heal. Staying
awake and just thinking wasn't going to help. Slowly letting myself fall into the deep
darkness I fell asleep.
~Mate Dream~

I was standing, without any pain. Looking around I saw outside the pack house, near
the clearing on the eastern side of the territory. What was I doing here? Had I been
rescued? I tried to move my legs but I couldn't, looking down I realized why.
This wasn't my body. I was in men clothes and the body looked too big and masculine
to be mine.
I tried to raise my hands, or well the body’s hands but I literally couldn’t. Trying my
best to sneak a peek at the right hand, I was able to spot the white thin scar without
moving any body parts.
My suspicions were correct. I was in Aiden’s body, and by the looks of it I guess I was
experiencing The Mate Dream. I was either experiencing Aiden’s most happiest
moment or his most upset one.
Past Aiden snapped his head to the right; this was definitely not his happiest moment.
I watched as wolves battled each other out, snapping necks, ripping out flesh, and
killing one and jumping to another. This seemed way to familiar.
I could feel my face paling, my heart beat quickening. It was that night. The night of
the rogue attack. We both share the same terrible memory.
I watched through his eyes as he fought rogue after rogue, even for a fifteen year old
Aiden was a strong wolf. I could hear his thoughts, the mantra to Kill or Be Killed
played through his thoughts over and over again. The only other thought was of me.
Me. He was worried about me, and I really wanted to believe that he was only fighting
to keep me safe. But I knew that I was just imagining things.
It was an hour or so more of fighting before I noticed that he was headed towards the
eastern corner of this side of the territory, near the cave. Where daddy had been
killed, where my life had been changed.
He had caught my scent and now was running in wolf form directly towards the area.
Seeing my daddy’s lifeless body again was brutal. Aiden paused in front of daddy for a
few minutes and as much as I tried to close my eyes, they wouldn’t let me. I tried to
look elsewhere but I could still see him from the corner of my eye.
My mother was sobbing over his body and I wasn't anywhere in sight. I knew where I
was and Fates! Everyday of my life I wished that I was sobbing over my father’s body
rather than sitting in that cave.
Aiden was moving towards the cave now, where my scent was getting stronger. The
scent of a rogue was there too, and caused his weary steps to turn into a full blown
run. He thought I was in danger, I was. But I knew he didn't help me. From what I
remember, he walked in and saw me. Then he walked out. I needed to know why, and
now I was going to find out.

His run was cut short when he came face to face with the rogue. If I could I would
have fallen to the ground having an anxiety attack. His face. Even after three years, I
wasn’t ready to see his face again. To him again. I still remember those hands, his
mouth. I was going to be sick.
Aiden growled.
“What did you do to her?” He growled out.
The rogue smirked, I knew that smirk.
“Why would you ever think I did something?” He lets out a small chuckle.
“I’m going to kill you. Tell me what you did.” Aiden’s words were getting choppy and he
was getting angrier.
“My, my don’t we have a temper. You can’t kill me pup.”
“You don’t know what I can do. I’ve got alpha blood streaming through my veins, I
won’t have any trouble killing you off.” I could see the rogue’s face pale and I could
also feel Aiden’s pleased smugness. But it didn't last long, the rogue was smirking
“You wouldn’t want to do that. I mean what would she say? She’d hate you for killing
off her mate.” I felt Aiden freeze, hell I even froze. What the hell was he saying?
“Don’t you dare. My Ellie would never be mated to a filthy rogue like you.” Aiden spat.
“Ellie, ahh so that’s my mate’s name. We didn't really have the time to exchange
names. We were quite occupied.” He winked. Winked. Aiden better not believe any of
this bullshit. But, as much as I wanted to hope, I knew he did. It explained the three
tortuous years I went through.
Aiden charged forward and grabbed the rogue by his throat, holding him as he pushed
him against the wall of the cave.
“Don’t. You. Dare. Say. Her. NAME!” With every word he slammed him into the wall.
“Now…think…about…her” The rogue chocked out.
“SHUT UP! She isn't your mate!” Aiden was furious. In all my three years of being
victim to his abuse, I’ve never seen him so angry.
“You want…proof?” The rogue stuttered. Aiden still had a tight grip on his neck, but
he didn't reply to his words.
“Go…kill me. She’s…going to be…crying over…my death…and our scents…mixed
together.” Aiden didn't wait a second before he ripped the rogue’s throat out.

He ran towards the entrance of the cave, hesitating before entering. And, there I sat.
My clothes ripped and shredded, my face red. I was huddled in a corner with my
knees pulled up to my chest and my arms wrapped around them. I was sobbing and
my scent was mixed with the rogue’s. Exactly what he had said.
I felt Aiden’s heartbreak, his hurt and betrayal. I wanted to shout and scream for him
not to believe what the rogue had said. To approach me and ask me what happened.
To take my word over his. But he just looked at me and walked out.
He didn't once ask me about my rape.

Chapter Twenty One
I walked around for a bit, I was so full of adrenaline that my body refused to sleep; it’s
rumoured that calming your body down often helps in getting rid of the adrenaline. I
needed to rest. I had to be in the best shape to find my Ellie.
This was all my fault. From the moment I walked away three years ago, Ellie’s life has
been hell. If things were different she would've never been in this situation, she
would've been in my arms. My mark on her neck and us mated both spiritually and
Ellie, Love, please be alright.
I could feel my body tire out, my eyes getting heavy. Finding a nice small clearing
where there were no tree roots popping out I undressed and shifted in my wolf. I laid
down in wolf form, letting out a pain filled howl, I closed my eyes and rested.
~Mate Dream~
Why was it so bright here? I swear I had closed my eyes to rest, why was I up and
awake. Taking a look around I wasn't in the forest, past the eastern border anymore. I
was back at the pack house. What was I doing here? There were females huddled
together in corners with children tucked tightly in their grips. Some elderly men sat
with their families, looks of worry and fear on their faces.
The mate dream.
These were the women with children. Men who were physically unable to fight.
Looking down as best as I could, I noticed I was in Ellie’s thirteen year old body.
She didn't stay long in the room. She was out the door within a second, what the hell
was she doing? I had always wondered what had gone through her mind for her to do
such a stupid act. What ifs ran through my mind for years around this situation. What
if she stayed inside? What if I stayed with her? What if this? And what if that?
Now I knew why she ran. She didn't run because she was stupid, she ran to help her
mother. Looking ahead I could see her mother running frantically around.

We were near where the fighting was happening, you could see what was happening
from this distance. Ellie’s mother not stopping for a second, not bothering to glance at
what her pack mates were suffering through. But Ellie. She stopped.
She stopped and saw the acts of rogues tearing out throats. Seeing the women she
laughed with viciously claw at rogues. She saw a fight that held no mercy.
She didn't stop here for long either, she kept running. Trying her best to catch her
mother, to drag her back to the safety of the pack house. When she finally caught up
with her, she witnessed something far worse than the merciless fight. Her mother
running around like a lunatic now made sense. I was preparing myself to see this
again, but nothing. Absolutely nothing could have prepared me enough to witness it
through Ellie’s eyes. To see a rogue continue to repetitively claw your father’s stomach
open as he lay lifeless. To watch the blood drip down his neck from the massive mass
missing. To no longer see the sparkly in his eyes, just lifeless eyes that were wide
open. Nothing at all could prepare you for that.
Ellie stood there quiet though, her mother screamed and sobbed causing the rogue to
step away. But my Ellie, my poor broken Ellie just stood there and watched, she
watched as her mother flung herself at her mate’s body, clinging to it as her body
shaker with sobbed. She stood quietly as she watched her best friend, her father lay
there without greeting her as he always did.
“There’s my little girl!” He’d say before Ellie would fling herself into his arms and he
spun around. It was annoying to see them do it Every. Single. Time they say each
other. Three to four times they’d do that and each time was filled with the exact same
genuine enthusiasm.
Now, there were no greetings. No hugs. No twirls. No laughter.
Her eyes shifted to the rogue who stood there with a wolfish smug smirk on his snout.
I could feel her anger rise. She stomped over to him. Seeing her march towards him
the rogue shifted.
Stop Ellie! Please stop! Run the other way! I tried to yell at her but she just kept going.
She marched over and slapped him across the face. Not something the rogue was
expecting at all. I was expecting the rogue to snarl and respond physically, maybe I
would've preferred that over what he really did.
He smirked.
“Well, aren’t you a feisty one.” He spoke in a sickening voice, grabbing ahold of Ellie’s
arm roughly. She tried to fight him off, but he was strong and he was a full grown
wolf. Ellie’s unshifted and petite thirteen year old body had nothing on him.

I watched through the eyes of Ellie as she cried out for her parents but got no
response. Her mother ignoring her as she lay sobbing over her dead mate’s body. I
watched as she struggled against the hold of the disgusting rogue, but with no
But, when he began dragging her towards the cave she called out to one person only,
yet again getting no response. But the feeling that exploded within me as she cried out
my name helplessly was unexplainable. She called for me to save her. Over and over
again. She continued to call for me as the slimy rogue assaulted her in the most
inhumane way possible. And with every call and cry, bits of my soul died away. I had
failed her.
But when I walked into the cave as the fifteen year old child I was, the look that crept
on my face as I saw the sobbing girl with her clothes ripped, not noticing the bruises
and cuts on her body. When I could feel Ellie’s relief and hopefulness at the sight of
me, and the confusion, hurt and disappointment as I looked at her disgusted and
hurt, turning away and walking out. That was when I truly understood what a failure I
was. What a disgrace I am for a mate, a wolf and an Alpha. I understood the gravity of
our situation. And I understood completely as to why my beautiful, my broken yet
loving mate rejected me. I was the lowest of the low and the disgusting of the disgust.

Chapter Twenty Two


I awoke gasping. My eyes wide and my breathing deep. I had figured out the day of my
birthday that the rogue was lying. I knew it the moment I recognized Ellie as my mate.
But I never connected the dots. She was raped.
She went through that and then what we did to her…
I couldn't even bear to hear it. My heart was aching so hard, I placed a hand on it
pressing down on my chest as if it would lessen the pain. The images of what the
rogue did came back to be and I couldn't even stomach it as I hunched over and
puked my guts out.
I had to find her. Now more than ever. She was in the hands of rogues again, Fates! I
can’t even beginning to think of how she’s handling this. How she handled everything
life has thrown at her. My mate. My beautiful mate is indeed the strongest of the
strong. She survives through nearly everything that life could hand to her and yet she
comes out without any bitterness but with a heart full of kindness.
I had to find her.
I had to save her, unlike before. I had to grovel and beg. I’d get on my knees and beg
like a f*cking low class wolf but I’d beg and beg. I’d spend the rest of my life dedicated
to her happiness.
We were running again and yet again I was in the lead, but this time I was running
faster than before. This new motivation and determination to gain my mate’s
forgiveness was pushing me. I was expecting and ready for her anger. I was sure she
experienced the mate dream too, and knew exactly what happened.
I curse myself for the millionth time.

Things were just turning around, we were moving forward and now? Now we were ten
steps behind.
I only prayed to the Great Luna that the rogues just abducted her to ransom, that she
was alright, safe and sound.

It had been an hour or so since I’d awoken. But unlike the other times I’d waken I
didn't scream nor shout. I didn't look around for an escape route or anything. I sat
there staring at the wall in front of me, blankly. I had no care if they beat me to
unconsciousness or if they killed me in the slowest possible way. I had given up.
Experiencing the mate dream allowed me to open my eyes. I was a stupid little girl
who was naive. Nothing in this world is every going to turn out right for me. I’d always
sit in my room, I scoff inwardly, should I even call it a room? I spent hours in that
same confined room thinking and questioning to Great Goddess what I ever did to
anger her. Why I was given the life I had? Had I done something bad? Or was I being
punished for my mistakes from my past life?
Now, I don't even bother questioning. I can successfully say that I’ve been through the
greatest and most painful tortures the world has to offer. Whether it be emotional,
physical or mental abuse, I’ve experience it all to the greatest extent. Now I was done.
“Well well well. Look who’s awake. No screaming today oh great Luna?” I heard the
sicken voice the rogue as he laughed at his own pathetic joke. His laughter echoed
throughout the cell but I didn't even flinch nor blink an eye.
“Look at me when I talk to you bitch!” I felt a sharp pain as he struck my right cheek.
My head flung to left at the impact but I didn't dare cry out.
He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back as he looked me in my eyes. They were
filled with rage and bloodlust. He was going to kill me. Good. I was ready to die, and I
was sure as hell ready to beg for death if need be.
He knocked my chair over with me still tied to it, kicking me repeatedly in my
stomach. I didn't cry out, but grunts did leave my throat at the harsh impacts. He
didn’t stop. He kept his beating going for I don’t know how long. But it didn't last long
enough. He was interrupted before he could kill me. I was almost ready to cry.
There were snarls and growls coming from above. Shout and screams.

“What the hell is going on up there?” I heard him mumble. I had no idea what he was
doing. My eyes were swollen shut and I had no energy to attempt to open them. I felt
him grab my face.
“I’ll be right back oh Luna, stay here.” His voice was full of amusement, as much as I
wanted to die, I couldn't even register how beating a helpless women to death could
seem amusing.
I don't know how long I’d lain there, tied sitting in a fallen chair. But it wasn't long
before someone came into the cell. And if I could I would have screamed and shouted
for him to stay away but yet I wanted to melt and collapse with relief.
“Ellie!” Aiden’s concerned and pain-filled voice brought both hurt and relief to my
broken body and soul.

Chapter Twenty Three
My eyes stared blankly at the back of the passenger seat in the jeep we were riding in.
It was physically over. We were on our way back to the pack house, Aiden held my
hand firmly in his. I could tell he wanted to embrace me, wanted full body contact
with me. But the number of injuries that decorated my body kept him away. He didn't
want to hurt me. Not anymore. And I wasn't sure if I believed that. I wasn't even sure
if I cared anymore.
The night had changed my entire life, that rogue destroyed all the possible happiness
that I could have experienced. Because of the night, that rogue I’ve been through so
much. I can’t take it anymore. Physically, mentally nor emotionally. Life has ruined me
both internally and externally.
I had hoped for a happily ever after, but I don’t think those exist anymore.
“Honey always remember, happily ever afters do exist, and if you haven’t had yours yet
it means theres still more to the story.”
My dad’s voice echoed in my head. I let out a sob. I could hear Aiden’s concerned voice
in the background but I pay no attention to it. My body shakes as I cry harder.
I cry for my dad.
I cry for the lose of my innocence.
I cry for my absent mother.
I cry for the beating I got.
I cry for the verbal abuse.
I cry for the emotional pains.
I cry for not having a normal relationship with my mate.
I cry because I want my happily every after now. I don’t have it in me to suffer through
what’s left of my story. I want the ending. I close my eyes tight and wail to the sky. I

have done nothing to deserve this! Why do you punish your daughter like this Luna? I
can’t take anymore.
I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I think I’m mumbling this out loud but I’m not so sure.
I feel the comforting tingles of my mate’s hands on my cheek. I hear his reassuring
and concerned voice. I slowly open my eyes, his handsome face blurry from my tearfilled eyes.
“That’s it sweetheart. Just look at me” I let out a small sob at his soothing soft voice
but I don’t look away.
“Please don’t hurt me anymore. I can’t take it. Please. I want my happily ever after
now. Please, I can’t -” I mumble as I shake my head, my eyes pleading him. He looks
hurt, broken too.
“I won’t. I promise Ellie. No more. You will never go through anymore hurt. I promise
you I will do everything in my power to give you the perfect happily ever after. I love
you Ellie Martin. I always have and I always will. I promise you my love will only ever
increase and I will never let anything else hurt you, not even me. Do you understand
Mate. I swear my life on it.”
He looks me dead in the eye. I see the guilt, the regret, the hurt and the everlasting
“I have hurt you too much My Love. I have been the reason for all of your pain. For all
the hurt and abuse you’ve suffered through. You’ve been through so much because of
me. If I hadn’t walked away that night, if I stayed and comforted you things would
have been different. Please, My Luna, forgive me.”
He kisses my cheeks softly and slowly. My eyes close as I take in the moment of bliss.
In this moment I, for the very first time, feel content, relaxed, at peace. Aiden leans his
forehead against mine. I keep my eyes closed.
“And I promise you, I will spend the rest of my life making things right. Giving you the
happiness you deserve. And My Love, I promise you this. The minute we step out of
this car, the minute you recover. We will not start out as mates, but as friends. I want
to earn your trust back, I want to be that Aiden you loved and trusted as kids. I will
show you that and then My Luna, we will be mates.”
I open my eyes, they’re filled with tears once more. I kiss his cheeks, the same way he
did mine.
“I love you, alway have and I always will.” I whisper to him.

I close my eyes and lean my head on his shoulder. I feel his hand softly wrap around
me, steering clear from my injuries. I let out a small sigh of content as I slowly fall
Maybe I will get my happily ever after soon.

Chapter Twenty Four
Two Months Later…
I folded the blanket, setting my bed in a neat manner. I used to never set my bed but
now it’s just a habit. My head snaps to the right as I hear Aiden awake in the room
next to me. He always did that for some reason. No matter what time it was, early at 6
am or later in the morning at 10 am, he’d always awake a couple minutes after I did.
We didn't share a room anymore. We did before, when we tried to be mates. But now,
we realized there was a big rift between us that we needed to conquer before we
actually become mates.
After we had come home two months ago, I was sent straight to the pack infirmary
where I stayed for about 3 weeks, Aiden by my side. I had frequently asked him to go
back to his alpha duties but he insisted that the pack understood and that Jace was
taking care of it. And even when I asked him to leave the room more times then I can
count he left with a hurt and understanding expression but always came back.
I’m glad that I was no longer stuck there with needles injected into my skin and the
pack doctor coming back over and over again to check my vitals. Often times, I was
glad when the doctor came in, that meant I was alone with Aiden. And although he left
when I needed the privacy, it was still too early to be near him so much.
I sighed. I knew thing would come together slowly. Once finished setting my bed up
and fretting up in the bathroom I headed downstairs. Breakfast was already set on the
long table we had and I took my place to the first of the Alpha chair, in the Luna’s
seat. The chores around here worked differently now. And it was run through me.
I had the pack house divided into four sections, in relation to the four directions of the
world. Each week two sections were responsible for the chores. One was responsible
for the cleaning and laundry while the other was responsible for all the cooking and
pack children.

And so far it was working marvellously.
I was just about to take a bite into my bagel when Aiden walked in and took his seat.
He gave me his usually happy grin and addressed the pack members present with a
good morning. I gave him a small smile in return.
Biting into my bagel I concentrated on my breakfast.
“So, um Ellie. What plans do you have for today?” My eyes shot up to meet Aiden’s
with his question. He asked me this every day.
Swallowing my food down and taking a quick sip of the orange juice I answered him,
“Just going to hang out with Bella and Elise.” Elise was a she-wolf that I’d met when I
was in the infirmary; she had come in hysterically when her seven year old daughter
fell out of a tree and wouldn't wake up. Since his wolf hadn't emerged yet, her healing
was very slow. We had bonded as she waited for Blaire to wake up and as I was dying
of boredom.
“Right.” He nodded with a small smile.
“Are we still up for later on or…?” Yet another question he always asked me.
“Of course” I smiled. It was cute that he was subconscious that I’d cancel on our long
evening walks. Truly those were the moments where we were slowly improving our
Aiden had stayed true to his word. He didn't approach or behave like a intimately
romantic mate with me at all. He was developing that key trust and emotionally
inmate relationship that mates had. Ours had broken several time in the past year
and I truly didn't trust nor love him like a mate should. We were to become the best of
friends like we were when we were kids.
Four Months Later (Six months since kidnapping)…
“Come in Jace” I say at the knock on my office door. I had scented Jace headed this
way a couple minutes ago as I was working on a report for the import and export
business that the pack runs.
“Good Afternoon Alpha” Jace bowed his head and turned his head to the left, showing
his submission and respect to his Alpha. Since we were kids, Jace had always been
the respectable and formal one among the two of us.
“You know better than to call me Alpha when we’re alone Jace. Now what’s brought
you here?”

“I need to get away for a while” His form was still rigid and tense. I could tell this was
a serious matter and that it took a lot of will power on his part to come to this
“Can I assume this is because of Belle?” I spoke slowly.
If it were possible his stance went even more tense. Yes. This was definitely because of
his little mate. Speaking of mates, mine, unfortunately, is still keeping her distance
from me. It’s understandable, she’s building roots and starting fresh, and she sure as
hell wouldn't want to do it with the person who was responsible for her divesting past
years, mate or not. Although, throughout the day we hardly ever ran into each other
physically (she’s always on my mind) we do have our evening walks through the
forrest trails.
We’re trying to rekindle that connection we lost. Slowly and patiently. We would walk
for as long as we could, talking and laughing about whatever came in mind. In those
walks, our past is forgotten and we’re just mates trying to get to know each other. And
then, as the sun sets and the sky turns a beautiful orange pink, we shift and let our
wolves take over.
“I can’t be around her while she’s still a pup.” Jace spoke, pulling me back into reality.
“She’ll be a mature wolf in a couple months Jace. Her birthday is almost five months
away.” I reason with him.
“That’s too long. I’m not that strong.” I sigh. There was no winning this argument.
“Where do you plan on going?”
“I suppose I could finally take up Javier’s offer.” I was shocked. Jace had been
avoiding and declining Javier’s offer for almost four years now.
Javier was one of Cedric Baldwin, Alpha’s Prince’s top warrior’s, son. He was one of
the best warriors our were world knows. He was very young as well, only 23 years of
age. All Alpha’s went to him and his family’s boot camp to train. When I had gone, I
had brought Jace with me and Javier had seen the potential in him. He and been
sending his offer every year, in case Jace changed his mind.
“I guessing you’ll be gone for more than five months?”
“Yes. I’ll be back four years.”

Chapter Twenty Five
Three Years Later
I hugged Belle as tightly as I could. My little Beauty was finally 18 years old.
“Happy Birthday Belle” I whispered into her ear. Belle was like my baby sister, even
though she was just a year or so younger than I was. It was almost four years since I
had found the little broken teen by herself with her nine year old brother.
I smiled as I stepped out of our embrace.
“Thanks Ells!” Belle had grown into a beautiful woman. She grew her brown hair out
and they rested at the end of her back in soft curls, her honey brown eyes held so
much love and kindness. And she had this aura that just pulled you towards her. Not
only was she beautiful on the outside, she was just as amazing in the inside. Belle was
that person who would never get angry at anyone, she grew to be the most
understanding person I know. A perfect Beta Female.
I shake my head lightly, thinking about Jace. What a stupid boy. He spoke with me
before he left three years ago, explaining why he left. I understood, but I didn't agree
one bit. I was pretty angry with him when he spoke with me, didn't speak with him for

about a week. But I gave in by the day he was to leave. He was always good to me, the
quiet, serious Jace.
And because of that I promised not to reveal to Belle who her mate was. Even if it
killed me every year to see her search and wait, the poor girl thought she never would
find her mate.
“Hey come on Aunty Ells, its my turn!” Eric’s voice broke me from my train of thought.
I laughed and let him pass. The 12 year old didn't look his age at all. He had grown
much taller than boys his age and was much more mature as well.
“Happy Birthday Sis!” He gave Belle a hug, and I saw as he grabbed a handful of cake
while hugging her. Before I could even warn her, Eric smacked the chunk of cake
smack on her face. I couldn't help but burst out laughing.
“Eric! I’m going to kill you!” Belle screamed, and Eric went running with Belle hot on
his tail.
I felt the warm comforting hand of my mate on my shoulder. I looked up to his warm
eyes and smiled. We still hadn't mated yet, we were just very good friends. Even
though it had been around four years since we recognized each other as mates, our
relationship had to progress slowly.
There were days where I had my meltdowns, as I recalled my torturous three years in
hell. And I would shut myself out for weeks time, but Aiden would always be there to
help me back up. To apologize, to attempt to make up for his mistakes. He was just
there, patiently waiting.
We still haven't even kissed since that one kiss we had years ago. The most we did was
hug each other, hold hands. We still slept in separate rooms, but from time to time we
shared a bed.
Our relationship was steady and going great. We were now the same best friends we
were when we were kids, if not more. I can say now that I did trust him. I didn't love
him, not yet. But I did trust him.
I leaned my back into him and smiled. We were getting there and soon enough we will
the mates were meant to be. I felt Aiden wrap his arms around my waist and rest his
face in my neck. I closed my eyes as he breathed my scent in, something very intimate
for mates.
Yes, we would be alright.

I wipe the last bit of cake from my cheek and sigh. Eighteen years old and mateless. I
close my eyes and breath in deeply. Everyone around me was almost all mated and
happy, and the ones who weren’t were either glad or upset. I was a mixture of both.
Not finding a mate meant that there was still the chance that maybe…No! I shake my
head. I couldn't think about him. For all I know he could have found his mate by now
and be happy with a pup on the way. Plus I haven't seen him in over three years now.
Jace Blackwood, was my first crush ever. Like one of those crushes were you
daydream about a life together with them. I’ve always wished for him to be my mate
but he had left before my sixteen birthday. There was no telling.
And that’s what kept that spark of hope in me. Every year when I still hadn't found my
mate, I was upset that I was still alone but happy that the chance was still there. But,
he was eighteen when he left, meaning he would have recognized me as his mate, if I
was his mate. And that thought always blew some of the hope away.
I grab the towel and pat my face dry and head to my room. I wasn't surprised by the
small purple card that sat on my bed with that lone white rose and that small whiff of

musky cologne. He always came for my birthday and left without a trace but the card
on my bed.
Happy Birthday Little Wolf

- J
That’s all it ever said. It was a plain purple card with a little shine to it, and the
message scribbled neatly and patiently on it. I breathed in that heavenly scent, there
was only a small trace of it. I tried to breathe it in again and it was gone.
Every year since his departure he did this. I don’t know why but he did. He was
always kind to me and my brother. But he never left my brother cards or flowers, just
I gently picked the rose up and grabbed my diary off my shelf. It was Ellie’s idea for me
to start writing in a diary, as a way to escape and it helped a lot. Along with me
reading of course. I had grown to be quiet the book worm.
I opened to the centre where I had kept the past three white roses, they were flat now
but still had their beauty intact.
I got the first rose the morning after he left. For some reason I had cried myself to
sleep, I didn't like it one bit that he was leaving for four years. Four years! That’s a
long time.
The rose was placed on top of my very first purple card on my bedside. Instead of
wishing me Happy Birthday, like the rest did later on, it had a different message, a
short one like the others, but different.
I’m sorry.

- J
That’s all it said, and it did things to me. I had cried for another hour after reading
that. And I didn't know why. Why was I so emotional and sensitive when it came to
him. Even when his name was mentioned my heart went racing.
I sigh, one more year and he’ll be back. And maybe I’ll get some answers. I place my
diary back on my shelf and place the card in on the bottom on my jewellery box where
the other cards were.
No one knew about them. I hadn't told a soul, not even Ellie. And I told Ellie
everything, she even knew about my little (maybe not so little) crush on the Beta. But
this, it was like a small secret between Jace and I. Something just for the two of us to
One more year Belle, just one more year.

Bonus Chapter
Ten Years Later
I sat anxiously waiting on the hard uncomfortable chair as I waited for more news.
Ellie’s been in that room for over four hours now and yet the pack doctor would come
out with any news.
I wrote myself a quick mental note to get new and more comfortable chairs for the
pack hospital, more than half my anxiety is because of this seat!
I felt a small hand tug my leg and I smiled when I saw that it was Elise.
“Daddy! I have to pee!” She yanked my pant leg harder. I chuckled, for a five year old
she sure was strong.
“Alright Sweetheart, we have to be quick though. Mommy and the new baby will need
us soon.” I effortlessly picked my little girl up and swung her over my shoulder. Her
giggle made the grin on my face grow and my anxious worries disappear for the
“Stop it daddy! That’s not helping! I’m going to pee in my PANTS!!” her giggles got
louder and I let out a booming laugh too.
She was partly why I wasn’t allowed during the birth of Ellie’s and mine second child.
When Ellie was having Elise, I admit I was being a tad bit annoying. I would keep

growling every time someone got near Ellie with anything sharp. And the only pack
doctor available was a male, and I wasn't going to let any male, mated or not, near my
mate’s private area. So the hassle to bring the female pack doctor was a great one,
since Ellie kept strongly insisting (more like screaming) for me to get over it. But we
eventually got a female pack doctor in time. So, Ellie made sure that I was not in the
room this time around.
By the time Elise was done using the bathroom, the pack doctor exited the room. I ran
up to her as fast as I could without causing any trouble to the five year old on my
“Well?” I asked eagerly.
“Congratulations Alpha! It’s a boy and a girl!” She exclaimed!
“Twins?!” I asked with wide eyes, my chest burst with joy. Twins!
I smiled as I looked at my new borns with tears in my eyes. They were so beautiful.
I looked up when I sensed Aiden’s presence and smiled. He made a gesture to my
beautiful little girl, Elise, to be quiet as her new baby brother and sister slept soundly.
Her eyes were wide with excitement and so were Aiden’s. They had the same eyes and
almost identical facial expressions.
Feeling his warm and comforting hand on my shoulder, I relaxed into his touch. It’s
been almost six years since we’ve accepted each other as mates, properly. Fourteen
years ago, I never thought I’d been able to forgive the man responsible for the pain and
hurt I’d felt since my fathers death. But I did, eventually. And Aiden was there,
patiently waiting every step. It had taken us almost eight years to build the mate
relationship we should’ve had right away fourteen years ago.
But a year before I had Elise, we went on our first proper date. A couple months later,
we were married and I was pregnant with Elise.
“Momma! What’re their names!” Elise whisper shouted.
I looked up at Aiden and he gave me a smile and a nod.
“Sapphire Crescent Lockwood and Elijah Vincent Lockwood” I whispers as I kissed
each of them on the forehead.
“Welcome to the family baby Sapphire and baby Elijah!” Elise whisper to her new

I smile and whisper, “Yes, welcome to the family my Crescent Moon and my Strong

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