More Than 725 lives are saved through Liver Transplantation Procedures

carried out/supervised by Dr. Naimish N. Mehta
In cases of liver failure without repair, the life of patients can be saved through liver
transportation procedures carried by skilled transplant surgeons. Dr. Naimish N. Mehta has
experience of treating more than 725 patients suffering from non repairable liver damage through
liver transplantation procedures.
For saving the life of patients suffering from liver damage that cannot be repair, the liver
transplantation procedures under the management of qualified surgeons are recommended. Years
of understanding and experience of the liver transplantation has helped Dr. Naimish N. Mehta in
providing patients with effective liver transplantation procedures in Delhi.
Dr. Naimish N. Mehta with 35 other doctors took liver lobes for the purpose of saving the life of
very obese patients, one of the fellow
doctors said.
The fellow doctor further said, “In very
rare and complicated surgical procedures,
the liver was constructed in the body of the
46 years old patients by the process of
joining lobes of two liver that were
donated by family members. The
transplantation procedures supervised and
carried out by Dr. Naimish N. Mehta took
about 18 hours to complete and they were
successful in saving the life of the patient,
Sameer Mitra, who was suffering from cryptogenic cirrhosis”.
Counted as the finest Liver Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Naimish N. Mehta has carried out more
than 725 liver transplantation surgical procedures as Consultant Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram
He is supervising the Liver Transplant programme at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital that is known and
appreciated as one of the largest programme for carrying out liver transplantation for both living
donor and cadaveric liver transplantation. Banking on the years of experience of the liver
transplantation procedures, the liver transplant programme is associated with lowest Vascular
and Biliary complications rate during the living donor liver transplantation procedures.

He has been involved in liver surgeons training course in Basingstoke, UK. March 2006 apart
from being associated with different fellowship programme on liver transplantation across
different hospitals in United Kingdom.
About the Company:Banking on the vast experience and understanding of this domain, Dr. Naimish N. Mehta is
engaged in carrying out and supervising more than 725 liver transplant procedures in Liver
Transplant programme at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where he works as Consultant Surgeon, Liver
Transplantation & Surgical Gastroenterology, from December 2008 to till date. Liver transplant
programme at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, which is the best Liver Transplant Hospital in Delhi,
is considered to one of the largest liver transplantation programme for both living donor and
cadaveric liver transplants.
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HPB & Liver Transplant Surgeon
R. No. 2222, Department of Surgical GI & Liver Transplant Unit I
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
New Delhi – 110060
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