1.1 Background of the study
Internship has been a wonderful experience for me. It is the medium through which interns can
convert the theoretical knowledge into the practical one. Practical based knowledge is very
necessary to cope up with the external environment. In other words, internship has been a
window to the outer world. It is obvious that only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to
tackle with real time problems. So to update with the knowledge, practical knowledge is very
necessary. Internship not only gives the ability to think and makes able to give the decision at
real time and situation but also show the way how an office environment is like, how it functions
and what motivates the employee to perform well. "Internship creates professionalism inside
one’s mind."
Internship is the period in which interns get the great opportunity to expose their talents, skills
and knowledge to solve the practical problems. By exposing the interns in the organizational
environment they can learn the organizational culture so that it is very convenient for their
placement in the host organization according to their internship performance. This will help them
to build the career and also broaden the knowledge.
The interns should also submit report based on the work performed during the internship period
activities performed in the bank for the fulfillment of degree. So here I am going to prepare the
internship report on overall banking performance of Nepal Bank Limited. To see how much of
contribution NBL has made in the financial sector that effect’s nation’s economy through Nepal
Bank Limited (NBL), Nepal comes under developing countries. Financial sector is considered to
be the nucleus of growth model designed for the economic development of the country in which
banking industry plays key role. The banking sector is an integral part of any economy, and plays
a vital role in economic development and prosperity of an economy. The banks ensure the
smooth running of economy my effective mobilization of the fund. A bank today, is not just an
institution where we can deposit our money or take loans from; rather its scope is getting wider
day by day. A bank’s service today can be seen as a morphing of various financial
products/services, which seems to be of ever more increasing variety. Nepal financial system has
significantly both in terms of business volume and the size of markets. After the establishments
of central bank “Nepal Rastra Bank” on Baisakh 14, 2013 under NRB Act. 2012; Nepalese
financial system has experience the continuous development. NRB plays vital role in
supervising, promoting and directing the functions of commercial bank activities. After
liberalization policy by the government, the banking industry of Nepal started to rise they
achieved the desired growth. Nepal bank limited is first bank of Nepal and it was incorporated in

Nepal Bank Limited has been playing vital role in development of the banking sector of Nepal.
Generating profit through borrowing and lending is the core function of the commercial bank.
This function helps to uplift the economy of the country by collecting the funds in micro level
and lending in macro level and, mobilizing the funds from surplus level to deficit level. The
success of the bank depends on the maximum collection of and the optimum disbursement of the
fund with minimum risk. For optimum disbursement of the fund with minimum risk bank needs
to have the strong body to control the risk and flow of the loan. In any bank this function is
handled by credit department. The commercial bank also helps in export and import of goods and
services. For this there is a department called “Letter of Credit (LC) Department”. Banking
sector occupies the major part in the whole world economy.
The mission of BBS program has the adequate attention to equip students with knowledge,
methods and technologies that will aid a person to mould into a human resource capable of
gaining even in unfavorable situations. The internship helps the students to understand bank’s
culture and environment and develop their own insights towards the banking industry which
leads them to develop various professional qualities and skills.
1.2 Objectives of the study
The main objective of the internship program is to relate the theoretical knowledge with practical
one in various business organizations under the area of specializations. The study also helps to
gain professional experience in the real work environment. The main objectives of enrolling in
the Nepal Bank Ltd. as an intern are as follows: To know the real business environment of
banking sector.
ii) To understand the whole working process of the banking industry.
iii) To get brief idea of all the departments of the bank.
iv) To understand the customer’s choice, competitors standing and existing regulatory
environment of banking sector.
v) To acquire practical knowledge about banking activities.
x) To find out the problems and prospects of customers of banking sectors.

To gain working experience.

1.3 Methodology of the Study
In this internship report, the primary as well as secondary information has been used. The
information is collected from interview, websites and annual report of Nepal Bank Limited. The
internship report is based on my own experience that I have faced in Nepal Bank Limited, Head
Office and main branch, New Road, Kathmandu

1.4 Organization Selection
I have completed my internship program from Nepal Bank Limited, head office, main branch.
For selecting this organization, I had tried through my personal approach as well as from my
college’s internship Letter. After my regular follow-up, the bank agreed to give me an
opportunity to acquire knowledge/expertise through internship program with effect from
22ndPaush , 2072 to 22ndFalgun , 2072.
1.5 Placement
Regarding the placement during the internship period, I was placed in different department of
Nepal Bank Ltd, New Road Banking Office. So with the reasonable guidance of the members I
started internship from Bills Department, Remittance Department, Customer Service Department
and Credit Department. This eight weeks internship really helped me to develop managerial and
interpersonal skills. I was able to learn the bank culture, work environment and working
procedure of Nepal Bank Ltd, New Road Branch. Eight weeks of time is not sufficient to gather
overall knowledge of Banking, but however these eight weeks of internship had really been
awfully knowledgeable and fruitful for me to gain at least brief understanding of it.
The duration of internship period has been defined for eight weeks by Tribhuvan University. So I
have completed two months in Nepal Bank Limited, head office, main branch.
Table 1.1
Duration of Internship


Customer Service
Front Desk


1.7 Activities Performed in NBL
During the entire internship period, the interne had time to visit different departments like
Remittance, Customer Service Department, Bills Department, Pension, Front desk, Credit and
Locker Department. The activities performed on these departments are as given below.

handling customers queries etc. Handling customers. credit . In order words. opened lockers. Filing the documents as per the type of credit provided. 2 Bills Collected interbank cheque. 3 Locker Signature verification. interest rate is determined. Depending upon the nature of the deposit.8Services Provided by NBL In the part. Nepal Bank limited mainly offers following services.double entry vouchers. 4 . Today it offers varieties of services to its customers. 6 Front Desk statement printing. Department Activities performed 1 Customer service department Opening and closing accounts. 4 Credit Department 5 Remittance Department Preparing debit. fixed and securing deposited accounts. records of payments from locker. cheque deposits.2 Activities done in different departments S. Nepal bank limited used to be just an intermediary between the savers and users of funds. Customers can save current. data entry etc. data entry in excel file etc. check scanned as per ECC procedures. the horizon of Nepal bank limited. it used to collect deposit and five loans. handling customers queries etc 1. Deposit Nepal bank limited accepts various types of deposits from their customers. No. renewal of different pattas.Table 1. A service has now expanded. cheque printing. However. checking balance through ABBS 7 Pension Signature verification.

5 . one in the importer’s country and other in exporter’s country. the necessity of present day .Remittance service of NBL has benefited both the personal customers NBL has made funds transferred through various models like draft.Loan NBL also provides loan facilities to needy individual and companies for productive purpose. But sometimes. Guarantee “A letter of credit is definite and irrevocable undertaking by the bank on behalf of its customer to make payment up to a specified sum of money to the beneficiary on demand in case of default by its customers. business customers enjoy this service. NBL has also landed to private sectors. expressing its definite undertaking to effect payment for the specified amount. others banks." Payment by means of letter of credit involves action between two banks. Bills Business and the personal customers receive the cheques. provided the seller(beneficiary) complies with the terms and condition stipulated in the latter. swift fax and mail payment order. drafts down on Banks collects the proceeds of such cheques and pay to customer. Loans are given to the business customers to meet their working capital and long term requirements .’’ The need of bank guarantee arises in business thus NBL has provided guarantee to their customers. Small loan for productive purpose is also given to personal costumers. Miscellaneous Safe deposit locker-customers keep valuable (ornaments and documents) in the NBL as this bank has offered safe deposit locker service to customers. But some things. personal may also need a bank guarantee. Letter Of Credit “A letter of credit is defined a letter issued by the bank on the behalf of the buyer in favour of the seller. order.personal customers take loan against theirs fixed deposit and for consumer credit. personals customers importing goods and services for personal uses may need this service. Remittance of funds Sending and receiving funds to/from various places. Naturally. By providing loans to these sectors NBL has been giving hand in the economic development of the country. telegraph payment. This service provided by NBL mostly enjoyed by its business customers.

which has substantially increased to Rs. 564. NBL also takes commission for the services rendered. These are the main services.4 million.9FUNCTIONS OF NBL Banks and financial institutions are the organization. Figure 2: Capital Structure of NBL Figure 1000 800 600 A t the time of Establishment A mount at Present 400 200 0 Authorized C apital Issued C apital Paid Up C apital 1. which are provided by NBL to its business and personal customers. The following is the capital structure of NBL taken from the Research department: Table 2 Capital Structure of NBL At the time of Establishment Amounts at Present Authorized Capital 10 million 1000 million Issued Capital 250 million 500 million Paid Up Capital 842 million 380. is Rs. Following is the glimpse of capital configuration of collected from planning.500 million and paid up capital of NBL is Rs 380. research and development department. These have been proposed to increase to 500 million in the up coming years . It is an affirming fact that in the developing country like Nepal .10 million. NBL was established with the authorized capital or Rs. manages and regulates the economic variables of the country. which is able to maintain a reserve fund of Rs. NBL is considering as the strong bank at present.4 million Sources: Planning.Standing instructions If the customers demand or give instruction on behalf of the customer. which control.1000 million and issued capital. Researches & Development Dept.3 million.From the financial point of view. banks and financial institutions play a vital and critical role in being 6 .

Credit Card (CC). It also provides the services of underwriting and publication of important notice and information to both the individual and business customers. it transfers money through Travelers’ Cheques (TC). current and fixed deposit account and provides various loans with or without considering legal pledge. Apart from the banking functions. Furthermore. savings and fixed Deposits. the Act empowers NBL to do the insurance and transport business. At times. NBL as any other commercial banks accepts deposits in the form of saving. pension. letter of credit. development bonds and other valuables collateral. bonus. it assists in remittance of money. NBL serves as a customer agent of its valued clients for the payments of salary. providing various types of loans. NBL makes available of locker box to its clients as Safe Deposit Vault for the safe keeping of the valuables. accepts deposits. and ropeways and so on. grants loans and perform banking functions. It also assists in export and import business by providing facilities of Letter of credit and Advance Payment. safe locker facility. etc. issue of Guarantee Letter. foreign exchange and serving as an agent of a client.” the basic banking functions are acceptance of various types of deposits like current. land and/or building. dividend. debenture certificate. It grants short or long term loans in lieu of shares. rent. Draft or Telegraphic Transfer (TT). NBL renders the service of purchase discount of bills. hire purchase of goods or vehicles. the main function of NBL which differs from the other commercial banks is that it is especially empowered by the Act to grant loans to companies undertaking profitable business associated with agriculture. The commercial banks act 2031 BS in aspect of its functions defines the commercial bank as` that banks which exchange money. railways. mining roads. interest. Besides.instrumental in a collecting and mobilizing properly otherwise idle. and other payables. guarantee. surplus and scattered saving of public by providing credit facilities to the needy establishments or people to obtain productive benefits. 7 .

manager Loan recovery Personal department& general manager office office Loan dept Assistant Peon Dept. manager Assistant Priority sector creditmanager department Assistant manager Dept. Assistant chief Computerization & priority sector credit dept Deputy G manager managerTraining.Acting. manager Account dept Dept. advances Personal & establishment department Department in change (saving)Marketing Department & Department in change (current) Department in change (fixed) Board secretary Acting chief accountant Account Department Dept. fund mgmt. manager Dept. manager Fund management & computerization dept 8 .The following is the management structure of NBL and all the staffs are arranged in this format G. manager Establishment department Head officer Dept. manager Supervisor Legal dept Dept. Dept. manager Chief Manager Deputy G Manager Account.The following is the department division under Nepal Bank Limited. manager Inspection &internal auditing dept. planning Research Development &priority Management department Manager Chief acting Accountant Chief Manager Loan. manager Training department Assistant manager Dept.

 To know the source and funds of NBL.  It also compares the fixed deposits of NBL with other related banks to know its actual position in the market. 9 .1 General knowledge of Software In Nepal Bank Limited.The objectives to this study are discussed as follows. 1.Objective of Project Work. 1. The staffs were busy in their work and difficult to guide the intern. easy to use and easy to understand.9. Pumori is latest and modern technology that it fast. Due to the limited time frame and due to other Trainee in bank it was difficult to work in the entire field and sometime we have to stay ideal without doing anything. Pumori software is used for the daily functions of its banking operation.2 Limitation This internship report is prepared under the consideration of confidentiality and internship period was for the limited period of two months.9.

and level of interest received from lending & investment sectors iv) It is a commercial institution. and it lends this money to those who require it”. receiving deposits of money. then generate profit by lending same collected fund to people who wants to invest. Definition of Bank Bank is a financial intermediary accepting deposits and granting loans. business relationship could not be established with India since India was involved 10 . making loans. it accepts deposits and advances loans. including issuing money in various forms. it has the ability to create credit. providing means of payment. electronic banking and other services such as traveler’s cheques and money orders. A bank collects money from those who have it to spare or who are saving it out of their incomes. a bank is an institution with the following features: i) It deals with money. iii) It generates profit from the difference between the level of interest it pays for deposits and other source funds. Banks are the financial institution established with objectives to collect and safeguard people’s money and. “A bank collects money from those who have it to spare or who are saving it out of their incomes. In general. 2. According to C.CHAPTER 2 Introduction of the Banking Industry 2. it aims at earning profit. and to which individuals entrust money when not required by them for use”. “A bank is an establishment which makes to individuals such advance of money as may be required and safely made. safeguarding deposits. ii) It deals with credit.R. In fact. Regardless of all these things banking industry plays vital role in the financial system of a country by mobilizing fund from micro level savers to macro level investors which help in building the backbone of any financial system with maximum utility. lending money and processing transaction and the creating of credit.1 World Banking History Bank is a commercial institution that provides financial services.2 Evolution of banking industry in Nepal According to the history. Bank provide many services such as accepting various deposits. According to Prof. Kinly. A bank provides an easy way to pay bills through the maintained account. Crowther. and lends money to those who require. it is found that people of our country have been involved in business and trade since long time ago Through the production of copper utensils had been started during the 7th century. a modern bank performs variety of function that it is difficult to precise and general definition of a bank.

poverty elimination. It provides loans to the people working in government offices on the basis of the security and to public on the basis of collateral they deposit. Kartik 30 th according to the Nepal Bank Act 1993.D. Nepal Rastra Bank was established with the objectives to maintain the internal external stability. These banks hold the largest network and operate even in remote 11 .in the production of copper utensil. However. There are other several commercial banks and in Nepal commercial banks should be registered under Company Act or Commercial Bank Act under section 12(a) to (w) 2.3 Nepalese Banking Industry Banking is one of the most sensitive businesses all over the world. Later on in 14 th century ‘TANKADHARI’ one is that dealt with the lending money to the public.D. established in 1937 A. the banking sector largely dominates the entire financial sector. In 1996 A. As the domestic capital market is in the initial stage of development. It influences and facilitates many different but integrated economic activities like resources mobilization.S. Banks accept deposits.S. so they used to charge high interest rate. The first conventional bank in Nepal was the Nepal Bank Limited. Nepal Bank Limited was established with 51% ownership of Nepal government and 49% of equity participation from private sector. government established another bank named RastriyaBanijya Bank to make money transaction easy. Nepal could establish business with countries beyond India as well and first modern bank Nepal Bank Limited was established in 1994 B. It charges only 5% interest rate per annum. Banks play an important role in the economy and are considered as the backbone of an economy in every country and Nepal is no exemption. wood and metal in our country did attract the Chinese and the Tibetan a lot. Banks are custodian to the assets of the general masses. the craft concerned with copper.S. as well as other cooperative societies also started contributing to the economy and banking tradition in Nepal Grind lays Bank limited established in 1986 A. production and distribution of public finance. These two banks are the pioneers of the Nepalese Banking industry.D. The banking sector plays a significant role in a contemporary world of money and economy. support the payment system and provide the largest source of funds in the market. Safe and sound banking is crucial for the financial stability and sustainable development. Nepal has a special characteristic of bank dominated financial sector. To control interest rate ‘TEJARATH ADDA’ was established in 19th century. In 1980 B. establishment of Nepal Industrial & Development Corporation in 1959 A. In 12th century there was silver coin called ‘Dam’. It only provides loans but does not accept deposit. Its main objective was to earn profit. thus resulting in the establishment of business relationship with China and Tibet.and Agriculture Bank in 1967 A.D. followed by Rastriya Banijya Bank in 1966 A.D. Besides that.D . Later on in 2012 B.

4 Types of Banks A single institution can’t fulfill all the services demanded by the customers. On the basis of their specialized function bank can be classified as under.5 Services rendered by most of the banks 1. 7. 1. 5. 6. these two Banks were the only players in the banking industry.cooperative bank 2 Housing bank 3 Merchant bank 2. EXIM Bank (Export & Import Bank) 6. So. 2. Development bank 4.areas of the country. stock market crashes. A large Number of banks were established and the number continues to grow even today. internal control mechanism and corporate governance. Central bank 2. it has necessitated bank and supervisors to assume precautionary measures particularly on risk management system. Consequently. different types of banks emerged in the banking industry concentrating on a special sector. Rastriya Banijya Bank is fully owned by the Nepal Government while government is holding forty percent stakes of Nepal Bank Limited. currency crisis and sovereign defaults and thereby creating many challenges to the supervisors and regulators around the globe. As the financial market was barred for private investors till the mid 1980s. bursting of financial bubbles. Trade finance Deposits Remittance Clearing / Collection Loans and Advances ATM with any branch banking Safe deposit Vault SWIFT 12 . 8. Though studies have revealed that the impact would not be that severe in Nepal. other banks: 1 Co. banks and financial institutions experienced banking panics. portfolio mix. Saving bank 5. 3. 4. Commercial bank 3. The economic liberalization policy Adopted in the mid 1980s brought about a surge in the banking industry. 2. The subprime mortgage crisis emerged in the United States during the year 2007 has exposed Immense challenges to global financial players and regulators.

) Nepal Bank Limited 15/11/1937 Dharmapath. 20. Rupendehi. Morang. Biratnagar.9. Ktm Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. Ktm Siddharthanagar. 2. 13 .N. Gold Loan 19. Birjung. Ktm Nepal Investment Bank Limited 27/02/1986 Durbar Marg. ABBS 10. Ktm Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited 30/01/1987 New Baneshwor. Chitwan. Ktm Himalayan Bank Limited 18/01/1993 Thamel. Fund Transfer 11. 3/10/2000 3/04/2001 23/01/2001 3/04/2002 Pokhara. Ktm Nepal SBI Bank Limited 7/07/1993 Hattisar. Fixed deposit loan. Parsa.D. E – Banking 22. Kaski. Ktm Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited 5/06/1993 New Baneshwor. MahilaBachat 17. Auto loan 14. 16 17 18 19 12/03/1995 14/10/1996 Kamaladi. 26/11/1996 17/07/1998 Bank 21/07/1998 Babarmahal.SMS banking. Kathmandu Kamaladi. Pension Distribution 18. 2/01/1968 Kathmandu NABIL Bank Limited 16/07/1984 Kamaladi. Ktm Narayangadh. 365 Days banking 12. Ktm Everest Bank Limited 18/10/1994 Lazimpat. Education loan 16. Housing loan 15. Travelers Check 21.6 List of Commercial Banks in Nepal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The lists of commercial banks operating presently as issued by NRB are listed in the table below: NAMES OF THE BANK OPERATION HEAD OFFICE DATE(A. Debit card 13. Ktm 11 12 Bank of Kathmandu Limited Nepal Credit and commerce Bank limited 13 14 15 NMB Bank Limited Lumbini Bank Limited Nepal Industrial & Commercial Limited Machhapuchhre Bank Limited Kumari Bank Limited Development Credit Bank Limited Laxmi Bank Limited S. Kathmandu. Ktm RastriyaBanijya Bank 23/01/1966 Singh Durbar Plaza.

1937 A. 02. 98.This marked the beginning of an era of formal banking in Nepal until the all monetary traction were carried out by the private dealers.382. Loan disbursed and outstanding at the end of the first year was NRs 1. (kartik 30. The bank has been providing banking through its branch office in the different geographical location of the country.898 fixed was Nrs 3. It was formed under the principal of joint venture (joint venture between government and general public) NBL’s authorized capital was Rs 10 million and issued capital Rs 25 million of which paid up capital was Rs842 thousand and 10 shareholder.000.025 where as current deposits was about Nrs 12.seeker receive prompt 14 . Centuary commercial bank ltd.2 Vision “TO remain the leading financial institution of the county” 3.600 3. Ktm Kantipath.88. The paid up capital of NBL is Rs. merchants and traders.163. Ktm Kamaladi. It will be a sound institution where depositors continue to have faith in the security of their funds and receive reasonable return. 28/04/2010 23/07/2010 2010 23/01/2011 New Baneshwor. Kathmandu CHAPTER 3 INTRODUCTION OF NEPAL BANK LIMITED 3. The total deposit for the first year was Nrs 17. 380.1 Introduction of Organization Nepalbank limited the first bank of Nepal was established in November 15. Parsa.Ktm 27 28 29 30 Janata bank Mega bank Commerz and trust bank ltd.964 and saving was Nrs 14.985. Ktm Putalisadak.3 Mission Nepal bank limited seeks to provide an environment within which the bank can bring unique financial value and services to all customers. other service. 1994). borrowers are assured of appropriate credit facilities at reasonable price.D.20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Siddhartha Bank Limited Global Bank Limited Citizen Bank International Limited Prime Bank Limited Sunrise Bank Limited Bank Of Asia Nepal Limited Kist bank 24/12/2002 2/01/2007 21/06/2007 24/09/2007 12/10/2007 12/10/2007 07/05/2010 Kathmandu Birjung. Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu Anamnagar.

 Reclaim leadership within the national financial community. employees are paid adequate compensation with professional career growth opportunities and stockholder receive satisfactory return for their investment.49 4.42 0.N 1 2 3 4 5 Ownership Government of Nepal ‘A’ class financial instution NRB licensed financial instution Other institution General public percentage 40.6 Share ownership The table below depicts the share ownership of NBL. 3. 3.and attentive service at reasonable cost.92 3. major ownership of the bank is in the hand of the local people.94 6 Other 0. Shareholding pattern of the different parties in the bank’s share capital in shown in the table: Share ownership in % and capital S.5 Objective of NBL  Continue to maintain leading share of banking sector with significant presence in all major geographical areas in the country. reward and opportunity for the people with whom we work.  Respect.52 49.4 Values At Nepal Bank Limited. 3.  Respect.7 Services provided by NBL NBL provide different type of services for the customer which are as follow: 15 .71 3. it is believed that banking should be based on:  Respect. service and safety for the customers we serve.  Provide competitive and customers oriented banking services to all customer through competent and professional staff. cooperation and support for the economic community of Nepal.

an online/internet based Remittance Service for the purpose of facilitating to transfer the earnings of Nepalese and Nepalese Expatriates in foreign countries with the help of available NBL agents. family records such as birth certificates. Web Remit 'NBL Remit' . deeds. Now the account transfer facilities can be availed within NBL branches. For the authentication purpose. SECRET KEY is generated on the system. which are:  Eastern Exchange Est.. W. NBL has started this service from Arabian and Parsian Gulf mainly from QATAR where NBL has an established drawing arrangement with two major exchange houses. Along with inward remittance from foreign countries. Remittance facility is available both for instant cash payment and credit to the beneficiary personal account. Safe Deposit Vault The Best Protection For your most Important Valuables. II. NBL-remit is powered by domestic money transfer facility through all of the bank's branches throughout the country with very minimal charge.L. bonds. Doha. efficient and very much secure. ABBS (ANY BRANCH BANKING SERVICES)  An ABB charge within the valley is absolutely free and nominal for inter-regional transfer. Other items include jewels. I'm in deep trouble. contract. mortgages. At this time.I.the SAFEST PROTECTION from fire and theft." This means important papers like insurance policies. Nepal Bank Limited offers customer safe deposit vault to store items that would cause customer to say "if I lose this. rare stamps and negatives for important photos in case of fire or theft. How to send money? 16 . medals. Qatar  Arabian Exchange Co. and certificates of deposit.L." Customer’s valuables are safely stored in another location other than their homes or business. which is required by the customer while being paid..  Service is available in the largest network of the country. titles. NBL Remit service is based on online data transfer system and it is instant enough.  Limitless cash transfer III. leases.NBL Remit Service is also operated by agents of Nepal Bank who exist in different locations of National and International Topography.

All remittance into Nepal through Nepal Bank Limited is quick.  Ask for 'Send Request Form'  Fill the personal information and the beneficiary information as requested. denominated in major currencies.  If cash transfer you are provided the secrete key else not. Go to the nearest NBL remitting agent.  Fill the amount for remittance. IV. customers can get their account information easily by sending SMS to 1994. 3. dependable and cheap because the beneficiary anywhere in the Nepal can receive the money without needing services of other banks because Nepal Bank Ltd has largest network of branches in Nepal in important places. 4. Outward Remittance: 1.  In case of account transfer please state the name of bank. SWIFT: Through this System NBL can cater the need of customer to remit the fund anywhere in the world.  Convey the secrete key to the beneficiary securely and guide him/her to receive the remitted amount from specific branch/agent of NBl remit product. The account details must be accurate else the fund shall be pending. 2. its branch and the account number of beneficiary in the specified location. Remittance to India: NBL can cater the need of business community and individuals to transfer the fund denominated in Indian Rupee In India very efficiently and at the minimum of commission compared to any bank in the Nepal. TT and Mail Transfer: Because of NBL international banking relationship the bank can handle the outward remittance business though this method. 17 . NBL SMS banking service having the following features. NBL is providing the service of SMS Banking from all computerized (44) branches. SMS BANKING SERVICE Nepal Bank Limited presents SMS (Short Message Service) Banking service to its valuable Customers. Draft: NBL have draft drawing arrangement made with our correspondent banks in many countries of the world where Nepalese individual and institution need to transfer fund due to any reason. In SMS Banking service.

cheque stop. Account Stop Facility G. V. NBL has Internet Banking with wide coverage of services in order to facilitate their valuable customers. Latest Exchange rate of Foreign currency F. E-BANKING Now NBL is just a click away. statement print etcaresome of the facilities under this service. Loan alert messages and cash withdrawal notification on customer's request. customer account will be created and Internet Banking User ID and Password will be mailed to the provided E-mail address with appropriate guidelines. cheque issue. Wherever one goes.8 Network Overview The table below shows the number of different branches of NBL located all over the country.5 Branches of NBL Region wise branches No of Branches Kathmandu Region 29 18 . Instant Balance Information C. Table 3. Last three transactions with current Balance D. Procedures to create NBL Internet Banking Account:  Download NBL Internet Form   Fill up the form completely Submit the form into your account holding NBL branch. When bank receive the form. Account statement print request NBL SMS banking service also provides the extra services to it’s valuable customer's such as New Product information of bank. one can access your account in Nepal Bank Limited on your desktop. Secure transaction with PIN code B. 3. Cheque Book print request H. Balance check. PIN code changing facility E.A.

This management committee performs as the board of director of the bank. 3.2Organization Structure of NBL 19 .Biratnagar Region 32 Birgunj Region 23 Pokhara Region 21 Nepalgunj Region 18 Total no of Branches 123 Source: www. Mr. 3.nepalbank. NRB has appointed a five members management committee. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).1 Management Team The bank is running under the leadership of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) appointed three management team under the leadership of NRB Lal Shrestha.9 Board of Directors: The bank is under the control of Central Bank of 3.

20 .

3 PROBLEMS OF BANK IN NEPAL Large number of widely operating bank gives wide range of services but through the changes in the world. Newly incorporated banks are also facing this problem. They are unable to their profitable areas. Sometimes they have excess liquidity while sometimes deficit so banks are required to set up research and development department to make future activities. Wrong policies of NRB:- Some policies of NRB’s are responsible for the problem of banking sector. So the management is as the puppet of the government. Lack of profitability /low profitability:Nowadays big banks are also facing the problem of profitability or low profitability. Change in the government has direct link to the management of the bank. Less Capital adequacy:Commercial banks are acting as custodian of public money and are the main financial institution however they couldn’t maintain adequate capital as prescribed by the NRB. Government’s commercial banks are holding more non-performing assets.3. the banking system are changing in the fastest way and they are facing more problem then in the past time. 4.  Lack of transparency. 2. Non-performing Assets:Non-performing assets are also major problems. Government interference:In the commercial bank under the control of government. 3. Directive credit policy. 6.9. Lack of research and development:Banks are not serious towards research. Major problems of Nepalese banking system are as follows: 1. Such as branch expansion policy.  Lack of banks in remote areas. there is an unnecessary intervenes with their functioning. Other problems: Problems of technology transfer. 21 . 5. 7. LIC transactions loan classification and management.

 Interest rate and others. the interest rate on credit it to be taken in high thus it affect on the condition of the investment. Threat 22 .e. the banking sector should overcome the above mentioned problems. opportunities and threats of NBL are as follows: Strength  NBL is the oldest commercial bank thus it has serving the nation from 1973. it has opportunities to invest in various long term investments. Rural credit system.  As the large sum of amount is collected through different deposits. so manpower is very high. computer based services and other various schemes.  Being the under developing country like Nepal. Thus. it has also many branches all over the countries as per the ultimatum of the public. higher interest rate.  Being the oldest bank.4 SWOT analysis The strength. so that they have their working stamina and potential. which is adopted by the bank i. 3.9. weakness. Weakness  Thereis a problem of over staffing in the head office as well as in the branches so that it must reduce its staff as per the condition of works. Amount deposited under the fixed deposit account is increasing day by day which is very superior indication for bank because it is a stable source of fund. for the sound and healthy growth of banking in Nepal.  Though the branches are being ongoing but the performances arrangement of the each branch are not approximately assess seriously. Nepalese people get the opportunity to show their skills capability and talents through the different jobs.  Because of the highest interest rate paid on deposit. Opportunity  Numerous people devote their funds in the NBL due to the various attractive banking policies.

Study Result By the study. 4.10. 23 . Government provides loan on various sectors. Financial and disciplinary and corruption may be rise. I found 1. Among which. 3. Current position of deposit is unsatisfactory due to reduction of interest rate on deposit. 3. 5. The latest issue is that to improve the condition of the bank. 2. Interest rate is deducted in comparison to the previous year. Highest amount is collected in saving deposit and second in fixed deposit. The deposit value has not relatively declined. Nepal’s government is going to give in contract to the foreigners.   The condition of NBL is declining day by day due to the interference and formulating politics to the bureaucratic of government. it provides highest loan for Cottage industry and then for agriculture. Loans and advances exceeded the investment.

and locker department. are performed. The image and reputation of the bank depends upon the effective functioning of this department. etc. remittance. For any organization. front desk. Internee performed various activities at different departments: customer service. issuing ATMs. issuing debit cards. 4. it is the main and most important department which needs to deal with the customer more than any department in the bank. It is one of the busiest departments in the bank and it is the place which makes an early impression to the clients. The procedures are mentioned as follows: Provide the new account opening form to the customers who are willing to open an account in the bank. The various functions of this department are described below:1. Having a significant number of this kind of customers is only possible through the efficient functioning of CSD of any organization.1 Customer Service Department: Customer service the front desk of any organization. The customer has to go through various processes and follow the following procedures to open new account. The activities performed at each of these departments are explained below: 4. balance inquiry and providing statements. pays less attention to the competing branch and is less sensitive to price. 12 to 15 accounts are opened in a day. account can be opened with the fulfillment of the required documents which differs with different types of account. credit.2MAJOR FUNCTIONS CARRIED UNDER CSD: This department is involved in various activities from opening an account to closing. In NBL. As different activities such as. the internee had performed a range of activities in various departments which helped to widen their knowledge about banking activities and practices. Account opening:Account opening is the major and most frequently done activities in this department. etc.CHAPTER 4 Analysis of Performed Departments During the internship period. It would then not be inappropriate to say that this department is the key to success of any organization. 24 . pension. balance certificates. bills. balance statement. issuing cheques books. It is the first place where the customers first get the service. It is the place where customers make first contact with the clients. It provides all necessary information to the customers.  All columns in the account opening forms are to be filled in proper manner by the customers themselves. opening of new accounts of customers. On an average. It is very important to know that the highly satisfied customer becomes loyal and buys the organization’s new products. closing an existing account.

about 2 or 3 accounts closing in a day. signature is verified by General supervisor. Distribution activities:Another activity performed in the CSD is the distribution of various requested documents to the clients.  The client is then asked to return all his account related belongings like ATM cards and the cheques books after a while. the client is then the member of the bank and the account opening procedure is completed. Cheques Books d.  To open an account the most important thing is the Citizenship Certificate photocopy or Passport photocopy and two passports – sized photos of the applicant. Account Closing:It is the important task done under account operation on an average. 3.  Then the account of the applicant is closed with certain charge. the client is asked to withdraw the remaining balance from account.  Evaluating the account opening form by the concerned staffs and checking as per the requirements. Balance Statement c. 2. Balance Certificate b. Various documents that a client can get from this department on the request are: a.  After the client deposits money in his account. Customers have to go through various processes and follow procedures to close the existing accounts. The account holder must sign his/her own signature in front or the specified principal officer of the bank. The procedures are mentioned as follows:  Customer who is willing to close their account must fill up the closing form specifying the reason for closing.  After the form has been verified.  Finally. assigned an account number to the account holder and then asked for the deposit to the customer in Cash Department. People close their accounts because of their own reasons. ATM Cards 25 .  After submission of the form to CSD.

2 Balance Statement Distribution: One of the frequently done activities of the CSD in distribution section includes distribution of balance statement. flexibility. customer satisfaction is the primary goal of CSD. the professional merit. 3) Client Queries: There will be various queries of the regular and new client. It will help both the client as well as the bank. So. account closing record. Customers need balance certificate for various purpose such as for Visa purpose. determination and dedication are the core resource of NBL. All this queries should be handled by CSD with well manner. So. But NBL provides these services to its regular client. The record should be kept for all the transaction such as cheques requisition. requests for the cheques book quite often. It believes in building client oriented modern banking. Every account holder must collect their statement from the bank 3. signature is verified and then the cheques book is provided to the requester the next day. 2) Record Keeping: The record keeping is the day to day task of CSD. In the above part. etc. balance certificate record etc. cheques issued record.3 Cheques Book Distribution: New account holder and especially one holding current account in the bank. Everyday about ten to fifteen customers request for new cheques book. the bank provides the certificate to only the account holder after the request form has been filled up and submitted to CSD. competency. Bank can invest the amount for the holding period and the party will charge interest to the account holder. 3. for various kinds of registration. 3. account opening record. After the submission of the request slip.1Balance Certificate Distribution: Everyday around four to five customers come for the request of balance certificate to know the status of their accounts. This consists of holding of certain amount of the party’s account to the requested account with the recommendation of the party for the certain duration of time. To default risk. the other activities of CSD are discussed below: 1) Good For Payment Request: Good for payment is not so much familiar to many banks. Any internal information of the account holder to 26 . The client has to fill up the cheques request slip available in old cheques book. it has discussed about the main functions of CSD.3. the bank will provide counter cheques to the requested account holder (with amount of hold) which will be already issued but will be paid cash only when the duration matures.4 Other functions carried under CSD: The CSD of any bank makes possible direct link between the customers and the bank officers.

account closing record. due to misplacing of the cheques by the clients.4 Bills/Clearance Department In this department customers bring checks of different bank and those checks are processed in order to deposit the amount to customer’s account in different other branches or the same branch.unknown person should not be given. closing and applying for ATM card. closing a/c and or for ATM card. Inward Clearing 27 . 4. So. cheque issued record.  To use scanner for scanning a/c holders photo. 4) Stop Cheques: Sometimes. The clearing department is responsible for the clearing of all checks that the bank receives daily and the different types of clearing checks that come in the bank are:  Inward Clearing  Outward Clearing  Outward Bills for Collection A. and harmonious relationship with customers. phone number and authorized signature.  About the requirements of documents needed for opening. The record should be kept for all the transaction such as cheque requisition. requirement of displayed emotion.  Knew how a/c verification from old a/c number is done and how printing of checks is done. Record Keeping The record keeping is the day to day task of CSD. immediate stoppage of such cheques should be made before withdrawal by the third party.  In developing good interpersonal skill. account opening record.3 LEARNING  Procedures for form's fulfillment of new account. for stopping the cheques one has to inform to the CSD. a/c number. patience. etc.  Knew how balance of customers is checked and how balance statement is printed. 4.

Inward clearing takes place when a KBO account holder draw’s a check in favor of a Non. If any check returns the next days as a returned. 4 The particular of the returned checks are entered in the ‘O/W return of inward clearing’ register and returned. 4 For those institutions which doesn’t have the ECC model of check clearing. The process for inward clearing is as follows: 1 Checks of NBL are received by the operations department electronically sent by scanning the checks by other banks through ECC(Electronic Check Clearance) 2 The bank officer verifies all particulars from the instruments and the system for sufficient balance etc. endorsement stamps and ECC (Electronic Check Clearance) stamps are affixed along with endorsee’s signature. Outward Bills for Collections There are some checks that are drawn by a Non NBL account that is outside the city area in favor of NBL account holders and thus are treated as OBC’s. 2 NBL stamps.  Original checks are attached to these letter and sent to the main NBL branch in that area by courier  When that area branch clears the amount from the Non-NBL branch. Outward Clearing Checks drawn by Non-NBL customers in favor of NBL customer and deposited at same Branch are known as outward clearing checks. 3 If no fault is found. it sends an Inter Branch Credit Advice (IBCA) to NBL and the officer at the branch credits the customer account with that amount. B. traditional manual way of check clearance is performed as :    Checks received by bills department are sent to Nepal Rastra Bank for clearance and checks are presented to related bank. then the officer will mark the checks as a return. the posted entries are reversed and the check is returned to the customer who presented it and is recorded in the check return register. 28 .  Entries of all OBC checks are written in an OBC register.  The officer affixes the OBC stamp on the checks and writes its individual number from the OBC register. C. and approves the check. The process for clearing of the OBC’s is as follows:  Cheques received by NBL.NBL account holder. which shows the check numbers. then the officer will post these checks in the system by debiting the customer account. the branch drawn on and amount. 3 Checks are then sent to related banks by scanning and editing the information as per ECC rules. Customer in favor of whom the check is drawn is credited after approval from the related bank.  An OBC letter is printed. If any fault is found. The process for outward clearing is as follows: 1 Cheques are received by the bills department of NBL. stating the reasons with them.

C. For that the intern had to open NEWTON with code 250 and check for balance. First is to pay by cash depending on the locker size and second is to deduct amount from customers saving account. nominee. Making Data entries The information about the lockers were entered into excel files for easy access which included the information about the locker holder’s name. Moreover we had to check on their code to make sure of the liable customer. name. locker holder name. After signature verification they need to sign these application documents with current date and time. Making Ledger Entries The ledger entries after cash payment and amount deduction were posted into a ledger book. During the internee’s placement in Locker Department.4. application number. registration date. authorized person. The amounts deducted from saving account are first listed into a statement before making ledger entries. The entry requires writing locker number. The cash payments were recorded directly into ledger entries with reference as their payment receipt. type of locker and date. contact number. D. Those accounts which had enough balance were copied in a voucher heading with account number. Verifying Applicants In locker department. locker number. 2.400 per annum. Once again the intern had to open NEWTON with code 20270 where they had to enter account number. address(both permanent and current). type of locker based on size. An annual charge has to be paid in advance to use the locker service. Two different dates (date of renewal and payment expire date) were noted down. to check whether the responsible locker owner has come to take their belongings or not.000 to Rs. There are 9 types of locker depending on the size. charged amount. locker charge in debit section and total amount with code 45010100 in credit section and then send button was clicked and txt number was noted down. There are 8176 applicants using locker services at present. payment date and payment expiry date. the following activities were performed: A. last 29 . the intern had to check on the customer’s entry and exit. Procedure of deducting locker charge from saving account The intern was given responsibility to deduct the locker charge from their saving account.5 Locker Department The Locker Department or Safe Deposit Vault ensures the safety and security of valuables of customers. key number. The locker demand of NBL has rose due to current earthquake. The locker charge ranges from Rs. The NBL staffs were responsible for listing customers who paid with cash and who did not. 6. date of renewal. code. The charge deduction from saving account required checking the sufficiency of their balance. The applicants needed to fill up a form with signature specimen which was tallied with their application document of information. B. referring to data of May 8 2015. Locker Charges There were two ways to pay for locker services. locker number.

During my time in this department.L. 30 . The bank provides consumer loan such as home. 4. secret key is generated on the system then the depositor is given 8 digit secret key which he needs to inform the receiver and if the receiver has his account then he can take his citizenship card and get the money transferred to his/her account. This department deals with either the transfer of money from one bank to other bank or from one branch to another branch for their customers.L. And a photocopy of it is kept and the record is made in the computer then the amount is transferred to the respective persons account and is paid cash if the customer does not possess any account in NBL. I maintained the files according to their respective topics and got to learn about different types of loan provided by NBL. and expiry date. In outward department the customer fills up the form and deposits the money at the counter and the money is send to the receiver through web by feeding up the information with the help of form. It ensures that thorough investigation is undertaken of the client who wishes to take credit from the bank. term loan. etc. It also provides hypothecation and consortium loan. 4. usually the exporter. In inward department once the payment comes from the other branch then it is checked and if the stated person in the web is present there then he is asked to fill up a form and show his/her citizenship card. Qatar.6 Credit Department This department looks over the various kinds of credits or loans taken from the banks. Remittances are received or send within the country or from foreign countries. auto. Remittance is important tool and Nepal Bank Limited holds a key advantage due to its number of branches. on demand (sight draft) or at a fixed future date (time draft) the amount specified on the face of the draft. Demand Draft Remittance An unconventional order in writing-signed by a person. W. Outward Drafts When a person or a company wants to make a draft on the exporter company then at first company needs to present Performa invoice to the bank and on the basis of the invoice the bank prepares the draft on behalf of the customer to the third party. Web Remittance In the web there is generally inward and outward department. For the authentication purpose. B. and overdraft loan. NBL offers the following forms of remittances: A.charge paid date. Demand Draft remittance A. WEB remittance B.7 Remittance Department Remittance means a sum of money sent in payment for something. and addressed to the importer-ordering the importer or the importer's agent to pay. Doha. Nepal Bank has strategic alliances with foreign companies like Eastern Exchange Est. Arabian Exchange Co.

The Newton system responds to customers registered under KBO and ABBS system supports customers registered under other branches.e. Statement Printing The intern was given the responsibility to print statements of customer since the very first day. debit and credit process.  How to enter the web information in web using s/w of NBL i. It is now given a separate space in Kathmandu Banking Office of Nepal Bank Limited.Inward Drafts Nepal Bank limited has system of honoring drafts drawn on us by many banks denominated in major currencies such as USD and Euro. payee and payer bank's name. the following activities were performed. fax. They verify the account number and send confirmation message if the account number is correct. The Newton System operates with teller id. The balance inquiry of customers allows them to know their current balance in their accounts. The front desk computer uses Newton Software System to print Balance Statements. Web Remit. beneficiary's name. The statement printing requires feeding in account number of respective customers and the transaction date.  Learnt briefly about SWIFT procedure for payment and sending which included major parts like SWIFT code. The intern used to print 100-200 statements per day for six days in a row. The basic queries of customer were balance inquiry and account number verification. There are two ways to handle balance inquiry. Printing Statement is supported by Newton code 1450. and draft. The code for balance inquiry 31 . branch code and password. Once customer account number and transaction dates are entered the information is forwarded to IT department. 4. B. Once the code number is entered a framework is obtained. printing is done by hitting the PRINT button.  Learnt the processes involved in backward after a consumer deposits the money or withdraws the money from remittance i. A. Thus.8 Front Desk It was previously a part of customer service department. It is a place where customer inquiries are responded. the Newton system and ABBS (Any Branch Banking System)/ Pumori System.  Learnt to prepare schedules registers.e.  Learnt to check if the a/c number is right or wrong using NBL s/w i. LEARNING  How to fill up the forms of web. NEWTON. and journals. The customers using this service are registered under Kathmandu banking Office of Nepal Bank Limited. During the internee’s placement in Front Desk.e. Queries Handled This was also an important task in the front desk. The respective customers must specify the transaction date. The employee of Nepal Bank Limited is responsible for starting the system. reference number.

At the right side they had to fill name of PATTA holder. post. his staff number. The form was divided into two sections. The intern was supervised to search account number using customer name. 1030 for defense and 1040 for NBL employees. The voucher is printed and the bill along with the pattas is signed by the department head. Then the retired people take that voucher to the cash department to get the money A. typically following retirement from service. Name of PATTA holder. date. his post. is shown. instead of code you select withdrawal option from the menu bar. interest on loan. pension amount. When account number appears tally signature and photo of the customer asking for account number verification. enter account number and press search. B. Some other queries that they responded to were about NBL’s swift code. defined contribution plans. including defined benefit plans. Each people have their unique PATTA NO which is entered as soon as it is entered. To open a Pension Account  Open your Newton Account  Make display 61100 screen to open new pension saving account -  61100 for opening account Input the following details: 32 . at the left side of the form they had to fill the name of the incharge of the pension department. After that they took their signature on the cheque and presented to the staff for verification. a form has to be filled which contained Date. They were under the supervision of NBL staff and she helped them in handling queries and responding to customers. Pumori system is a web-browser dependent system. interest rate on deposits. along with his/her pension account number at the top of the form. Lastly they had to present the form to the in-charge for their verification. Different product codes are there like 1010 for civil servants. The code input gives a framework where entering customers account number shows balance in their respective account. The intern used the same framework form code 250 for this task. There are many different types of pensions. evening counters and ATM outlets. as well as several others. This service is only available to KBO customers. The old people who were unable to fill the cheque for them the intern personally wrote their cheques with the amount they desire to withdraw. banking hours. The other query was verifying account number. Thus. finger prints and signature.under Newton system is 250. direction to other department.9 Pension Department A pension is a fixed sum to be paid regularly to a person. PATTA no. tax amount etc. data relating to employee like their name. Those parties who had pension account brought cheque book along with them and withdrew cash from cheque. Renewed of Pension PATTA For the renewal of pension PATTA. bank code along with pension stamp. balance amount is obtained. their address. 1020 for teachers. 4. Helped to Fill Cheques If the pension PATTA were renewed on time then the monthly pension amount goes directly to their pension account.

When the customer doesn’t use their account for 1 year. Some of the customer disagrees to accept the charges for account closing and make argument on this matter for long time. it becomes difficult to convince them about the bank’s charges.  OR. the internee faced different types of problems. So. it is tough to give them each and every guideline on filling different types of form as well.  After completing all above procedure click the “send’ option of your screen which is shown at below into the right corner. even then customers ask those for time to time and reasons for extra documents that are already stated in back side of the form.1 Problem Faced During Internship While carrying out the task assigned by the supervisor. They are as follows: Though the instructions and required documents are clearly explained in the account opening form. At that time customer is required to fill all the form along with small map of temporary address. It is very difficult to convince them about KYC form.  Necessary to fill the customer’s details  - Customer’s full name - Permanent address along with contact number ( preferred mobile number) - Job code. So.1899-others - Introducer’s Name1 and Name2 (as per pension patta) - Gender - National code. then they have to fill the KYC form. Np) After finishing all these information press the send option or F9 key. But some customer argues like saying why we need to fill this form.e. in this case it is difficult to find out all the used and unused cheque. valid signature and account number from their record on the computer carefully.9.  After this commands your display will get new screen to fill up customers’ details.- Transaction type – individual - Customer ID type – Citizenship number - Character Code – 5221= Individual-Resident - ID Number – Write (type) the pension patta number of the pension holders. Now your screen will display one notice message board. When the customers lost their cheque book and request for new one. Click at “OK” in that message board or Press “ENTER” key. 4. 33 .  After pension patta number type(input) the product code of the pension i. press ‘F9’ which automatically commands send option.

The aim of the internee is to serve customer with smile. Know Your Customer (KYC) is customer identification process. Furthermore. at that time also internees have to say one thing for many times. There are a number of banks opening in the economy with foreign investments coming into the banking sector. If customers refuse to give the charge for account closing. Nepal bank Limited has to benchmark its services to its major competitors in the industry or the market leader in the industry and provide a continuous mean of improvement in its existing products and services. Whenever the customer’s cheque book is lost. some customers are unaware to use. 4. internee has to be polite and help customers to fill the form with a smiley face. teamwork. pioneering. As per the rules and regulation of Nepal Bank Ltd. If the customer argue to fill the form then internee are required to explain the importance of KYC so that they can safeguard their hard earning money. Also the products that Nepal bank Limited provides cater to sector economy. The services that Nepal bank Limited provides have a great market penetration not only because of their features but also the profit and markup rates that they charge. ethic and integrity. as the bank is growing. The banking industry is also reaping the fruits of this economic boom by growing rapidly over the past few years.2 Problem Solved in Internship During the internship period internee faced problem because internee was new to the organization. meritocracy. internee is unaware about the right and accurate information on the subject matter. CHAPTER 5 Conclusion and recommendation 5.When the customers take ATM for the first time.1 Conclusion The economy of the country is booming and with the investment favorable policies and their smooth implementation. Whenever the customers come up with their problems. So internee has to consult with their senior staff to give the information to customers. to become the leading bank of Nepal. The following are the problem solved during the internship period. The company is committed to its clients’ best interests as well as preserving a good relationship by defining realistic objectives. Although the procedure to use ATM is explained near the ATM machine. So. Since the establishment of Nepal bank Limited. it has aimed to become the leading bank of Nepal by providing outstanding services. while introducing new ones to the industry. new and more energetic employees are entering which is sure to invigorate the performance of the bank. The main objective of KYC is to enable bank to have positive identification of its customer. Nepal bank Limited culture is built on a set of core values: client focus.9. internee needs to explain them practically touse ATM. the role of banks in today’s economy have become an important one. Lastly. it is the responsibility of internee to explain the rules and norms of the bank. We interns have to persuade atleast 10 new customers 34 .

Interest rate is deducted in comparison to the previous year. 5. So. 35 .  Skill development and training programs for the employees should be conducted  Introducing the concept of the teamwork can change the behavior of the employees No one is fully perfect on any sector they know. So interest rate should be increased to encourage deposits. the details of those new customers are as follows: S. So it must reduce the number of staff as per the condition of works. 1. The loan interest rate is high which discourages investment. It should see it self as a responsible member of the country who can contribute to the development of the country. They do their jobs very well even though there may some problems.N Name of Account Holder Account Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ShovaPokharel(Khakural) AsmaTamang Miss. mistakes. The following are those new customers which I have opened. There is problem of overstaffing in head office as well as in its branches due to which it is reducing company’s profit. 4. It can reduce its time and cost consumed in filing and indexing with the use of modern filing methods. open an account in the Bank. So. It is Commercial Bank but it should not see itself for the medium for profit. I have completed this task.  If the bank increases its promotional and marketing activities. NBL should bring such schemes to control these situations that which will benefit both the parties including NBL itself. The new branches should be opened at remote areas where there is no access of banking facilities so that the customers should have easy access of banking. NBL also do their work very well in these years. 3. I would like to recommend some point for NEPAL BANK LIMITED:  NBL uses traditional filing methods in many cases still now. Punam Shah RajendraRana Krishna Kumar Shrestha MeeraShrestha Maya Devi Dhakal RojinaBudhathoki NirLaxmiMaharjan 00201101134737000001 00201101134829000001 00201101135207000001 00201001135222000001 00201001135291000001 00201101135345000001 00201101135406000001 00201101134777000001 00201101134873000001 00201101134929000001 NaniShovaMaharjan 5. it can create more customer attraction towards the bank.2 Recommendation On the basis of the analysis of the information and material used to prepare this report.

adversely affects the organizational image. the misbehavior of any personnel. lots of responsibilities and rules and regulation. confidence level and knowledge of an individual to compete in the challenging business world. LESSON LEARNT: Internship is basically a training package the spikes one’s banking transaction knowledge. In an organization. marvelous organizational culture and efficient management are the reason behind the success of NBL despite of the heavy work load. 7. which is the basic lesson for my career development. what I felt is importance of time management and communication skills that help in retaining the customer of the bank. Internship is simply polishing an individual’s talent and preparing one to introduce in the world of business. they should be pleased by offering quality services. The degree of socialize environment of any organization determine the effectiveness and efficiency of any organization. there is certain socialized environment which attaches one another which beyond the hierarchy level creating the environment more friendly and affectionate. There are so many Banks and their branches are opened in so many places of the country which provides the similar facilities as NBL does. The friendly environment. So. I also learned that the behavioral issues are the most important ones inside the organization. but it also develops sociability of person communication skills and how to deal with different parties in banking practice. Moreover. Internee observed that the customers draw the image of the organization from the behavior of the personnel who have been attached to the organization in any firm. The most important lesson that Internee have learnt during my internship period is the corporate working environment. NBL should innovate and develop different and unidentical schemes for the customers to gain their satisfaction and should also be beneficial for the Bank too. it was my chance to know about the coordination between the employees and the external relationship for the organization’s objective. During internship period. Since the customers are the main drivers of any financial institution.6. NBL should gain idea foreign services in order to provide the maximum facilities to the customers.3. despite being under work pressure. which basically depends upon quick service and pleasing personality of the staffs. 5. as most of the service offered by commercial bank are same in nature and customers have different choices to make in the market.Intership is not for making one practical at work. It develops overall personality. So. 36 . During my internship period.

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