Section Ecology and Evironmental Protection

14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation, Vol. 2
SGEM 2014 Conference Proceedings

Dr. Alexandru Fîntîneru, Dr. Dragoș-Ion Smedescu
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
Corresponding author:

This paper aims is to analyze how the oltenian tourism and agritourism may be
valorized and give an overall perspective for the region, in which we include the
component counties Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinți, Olt and Vâlcea, for the year 2011, by using a
number of tourism indicators, related to tourism offer: structure of authorized tourist
units and structure of tourist accommodation units. The study reflects that the main
county of the South-West Oltenian Region is Vâlcea county with a total of 279 units,
from a total of 547 at the regional level, whitch represents more than fifty percent and
regarding accommodation, Vâlcea county being also in the lead, with 10.536 number of
beds out from 20.046 at the regional level.
Keywords: agritourism, South-West Oltenia, accommodation units
Oltenia, one of the 8 regions of Romania components according to NUTS II
classification, is a region with a rich and diverse tourism potential, represented by the
topography and natural resources, it ranks as number two churches and monasteries, as
Moldova, aspects are favorable conditions to practice various forms of tourism. SouthWest region should be regarded as a tourist destination, possessing both strengths,
represented by varied tourism potential of the region has: protected areas, natural parks,
mineral waters and spas, the cultural attractions, hunting, fishing (Fîntîneru, 2005).
There are also resources to conduct several forms of tourism: agritourism, spa,
mountain, caving, and so on; the number and importance of ancient monasteries, the
region occupies the second position in Romania, thus giving a new form of tourism, the
ecumenical; folklore and traditions and cuisine based on natural products, local, are
essential for the development of rural tourism and agritourism; Transalpina road, with a
stretch of 120 km, 30 km is more than 2000 meters; Depression Horezu recognized as a
European tourist destination of excellence; natural resources that can help achieve a
competitive agriculture; potential of the region: wine, horticulture, livestock
development activities (Blanca, 2011). On the other hand, the weakness of this regions
it is considered to be the tourist infrastructure, that has a limited capacity and a
relatively low standard accommodation services are poor; greater focus on social
tourism region, which is subsidized by the state budget, addressed especially for the
elderly; accommodation capacity utilization rate and the average length of stay, is low;
treatment facilities with a high degree of wear, inappropriate standards of European
competition; many places in the mountains, who do not benefit utilities (water, sewage,
waste sorting, gas, etc..) (Glăvan, 2000). Recreational Infrastructure underdeveloped;

2 SGEM 2014 Conference Proceedings limited access to means of transport. Mehedinți. tourist village Source: Processed by Romanian National Institute of Statistics. Education and Legislation.units 62 11. the largest share holding Vâlcea county. of tourism.units 114 20. the least. and to take into account in any analysis aimed at 132 .3 34 18 2 8 2 Gorj no. % Total agrotouristic 1 Dolj no. chalets.8 19 66 1 7 22 3 Mehedinți no.M Total units Based on the data given in Table 1. that in the Oltenia region. camping. Table 1.Section Ecology and Evironmental Protection 14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology.9 * Bungalows.9 52. 2012.3% of the total number of units authorized travel are hostels but unfortunately. Gorj. we use as a method the standard deviation (* x).units 28 5. related to tourism offer. which we can draw a first conclusion. at a rate of 51%. County U. at the national level (Duupeyras.0 45 150 7 44 40 no. we start from the structure of the number of units authorized travel on the region's counties and types of units (all data we present are the reference year 2011).1 14 12 1 1 5 Vâlcea no. which has led over the years the development of specialized organizations in addressing specific data collections and information on issues of competitiveness. 2013). This study uses a number of tourism indicators. after the potential of the area. MacCallum. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the tourism phenomenon competitiveness of a country is an important issue for policy makers and professionals in the field.5 9. Also.units 547 100 131 286 8 54 76 Total units S-W Oltenia % 100 X 23. tourist camp. A second conclusion that can be drawn. Economics. we see that more than half of 286 units representing 52.units 64 11. Olt and Vâlcea (Smedescu. No. as shown in Table 1. following data table.3 1. we have a total of 547 different types of units. Structure of authorized tourist units in the S-W. only 8 units are agro tourist boarding houses (7 in Vâlcea county and one in Gorj county). in 2011 of which types of units Hostels Hotels Villa Other* No. for most protected areas and poor organization and promotion of public transport to the sights (Bran. river boat. rural tourism and agritourism are not well developed forms.units 279 51. in the year 2012 and the structure of the tourism capacity in the South West region and in the 5 counties components: Dolj. motel. 2013). floating pontoon. it should be placed on other coordinates.7 19 40 5 4 Olt no. agro phenomenon. which gives us the degree of dispersion around the mean:  σx     x  x 2 n n  1 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS In our analysis of the tourism phenomenon of the South-West Oltenia. according to Romanian National Institute of Statistics. 2000). In Oltenia the 5 counties. with a total of 279 units. Vol. a major challenge in data processing and information necessary to make decisions.9 13.

9 no.3 3 14 10 10 4 no. each county.2 2. the old trade unions. 279 51.7 20.9 Source: Processed by Romanian National Institute of Statistics. 2 SGEM 2014 Conference Proceedings tourism phenomenon development region S-W Oltenia. 100 5. 60. who practiced a "tourism" based central tender (generously supported material) tickets for rest and treatment. such units (Table 2).3 9. 100 100 71 206 112 48 27 no.2 9. the number of units authorized travel.0 5 Vâlcea X 16. 114 20. Education and Legislation. especially in the hostels or urban.0 37.1 40.4 no. ie.1 21. a total of 465 accommodation units (out of 547 total. Vâlcea. tourism is more than one urban.6 4.5 5 4. we try to analyze the total number of seats in depending on the unit data to be better understood. In these counties.4 1 1. than a number of 90 accommodation units of which 30 units with specific character pension.7 29 10.4 8 7. a number of 20 046 beds for a total of 547 units. Dolj and Olt. are apparently old structures. or "Oltenia In the mountains".7 17.6 16. 100 45 112 59 20 7 no. as it is called this territory at the foot of the mountains. units 50-59 over 60 4 6. the counties that make up the region Oltenia.0 39.1 6. As for the structure of housing units by the number of places we can draw some conclusions quite interesting in the sense that structures with a greater number of seats. we believe that they must relate to those listed in Table 3. in particular. 28 4 Olt X 0. 100 11 51 23 11 5 no.3 10. is that type pension include 256 units (including that eight hostels agro).3 14. having leisure and recreation. this shows that. sporting or otherwise. of which 12 207 places belonging hotel units (number 131). Economics.8 28. Therefore. meetings. depending on the number of beds. Vol.6 44.7 And. overall.5 19 17 27.5 no. at a rate of 60.4 64 3. Total units S-W Oltenia % 100 X 13. Structure of units authorized travel in the S-W. 2012. after we saw at regional level.0 7 10. their accommodation and hotel units focuses on urban perimeter. placed in spas or towns who had treatment facilities.8 22. belonging to North Oltenia.8 4.1 25. Table2.5 11. 62 1 Dolj X 4. region).1 0 11 4 3 5 no.1 7.9% and 4854 seats are held by 286 hostels (but only 78 places are offered agro tourist 133 . Counties plain. festivals and cultural events. 83 hotels and 118 villa-style units and other establishments.Section Ecology and Evironmental Protection 14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology. various kinds of congress.6 2 7.8 2 Gorj X 9.4 no. existing mostly in urban perimeters or are tourists occasional passing by or in various tours or are arriving in town for business. 12 units (2 Olt and Dolj 10) villa type or other and 48 hotels. 2011 Total Number of seats No. with some specific features. and structure. not sums.0 6. in the region. tourists coming to the area are visitors of museums of different sights and monuments of art. it should be mentioned that each county has at least 3 (Olt County). the number of beds in the data presented above.5 8. % 1-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 units 11.7 12 18 16 4 6 no 64 3 Mehedinți X 18. before 1989. As a final conclusion we can say that these figures speak for themselves about the distribution of housing units and the input rather unbalanced in terms of tourism.9 3 10.1 7 2. Gorj and Mehedinți counties with relief predominantly downhill and enjoy existence or microstate tourist resorts. No Region No.1 16.5 no. we find the structure of the number of units held by each county. that Vâlcea.7 20. At this point. 100 11. no.

7% and Olt county with the lowest intake in chapter tourism by 6. counties scored almost the same order (Dolj and Gorj rocade between a county Dolj. not receiving. As a percentage. Have pointed out that. their share at regional level. we have a total of 449 tourist accommodation units benefiting star rating criterion. On a 4-star classification. 2810 14. 2012. At regional level.7 1375 649 4 Olt No.4%. are units of two stars.7%). in Table 3 we see that the region. we can say. 36. the most developed county. 3161 15. By counties.9% of the total Region. This includes all structures tourist accommodation units.2%. agritourism. fortunately.4%.e. County No. which fixes the number of units in the category of quality (classification). Education and Legislation.3%. Vâlcea. 0. and only 2 units in Vâlcea county. 1388 6.4 4.8 We will try now to take a look at Table 4 which shows the structure of the number of tourist units by counties. summed percentages being 88. a percentage of 24. we have. Mehedinți. only 8. 10536 52. seats Other* 267 487 127 418 659 1958 9. Earlier.6 6771 2287 58 761 No. A general conclusion that can be drawn would be that.Section Ecology and Evironmental Protection 14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology.9%. Trying to formulate a conclusion on agro phenomenon from those presented so far. with only 8 specific agro pensions. in Oltenia. according to the categories of quality. comfort units represent less than minimum to medium units 2 and 3 stars.7%. 10. with the exception of rural tourism and rural hostels whose classification criterion. the number of units with low comfort that only benefit a star grading standard is quite low. Under this criterion.e. because the structure cannot support or allow upgrading works or update for comfort and increase classification. unfortunately. 134 .4%). 20046 100 12207 4854 78 949 Total accommodation S-W Oltenia % 100 X 60. and 949 seats. % Total agrotouristic 1 Dolj No. Structure of tourist accommodation units approved by type of unit. at regional level only 42 units that bring a percentage of 9. which was quite small.6%. 13 units. i. physically. in terms of comfort. because they are built some time ago.0 1013 1148 20 142 3 Mehedinți No. being only 0. the total number is 20 046 accommodation places that belong to the beneficiary of the criterion of accommodation star rating. The data in this table are related to those in Table 2. surpassed the number of units by Gorj is instead a larger number of beds). many of them. the basis of accommodation. 14%. by far. qualified to fit 5 stars. here speaking of units benefiting star grading criteria. the material base developed from the number receiving unit. is the flower. .8 2277 585 32 2 Gorj No. this time. Dolj. 8%. i.8%) in a total of 76 such structures. 2 SGEM 2014 Conference Proceedings boarding houses. Table 3. as well. Vâlcea. CU15. 163.9 24. Other structures of offers 1958 seats (9. without fail.2 0. 229 (51%) of the units fall into the category of 3 star establishments.9 771 185 14 5 Vâlcea No. with a share of 52. Economics. Vol. 2151 10. Gorj. and ending with the number. as low as the places. as I mentioned at the beginning of our analysis in terms of tourism. meaning only 2. i. S-W in 2011 of which types of units Total accommodation Hostels Hotel Villa No. No.7 Source: Processed by Romanian National Institute of Statistics. that this form of rural tourism. the 54 villas approved as tourist units in the five counties of the region (4.e. out of 236 units benefiting star rating criterion has 207 units with 2 and 3 star classified.

and the 5-star category.8 10. County 1 Dolj 2 Gorj 3 Mehedinți 4 Olt 5 Vâlcea Total accommodation UM No. in the county of the 2297 places available.6 56. the number of places after the standard classification. this category includes the largest number of places. 2 SGEM 2014 Conference Proceedings Table 4.2 44. where benchmarks for a high ranking are more easily met.2 11. summed from the two 5-star establishments.500 are places classified units 3 and 4 stars. star * 2 3 4 ** *** **** 14 32 10 24.6 55.1 17. belong largely urban environment.6 59.units % no. the accommodation units owned.8 546 5. % No. 9395.4 X 55.0 9.0 1 3.units % no.4 26 1. we have a total of 6526 seats.4 5 ***** 2 0.5 25.Section Ecology and Evironmental Protection 14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology.0 333 505 108 33.6%. County 1 Dolj 2 Gorj 3 Mehedinți 4 Olt 5 Vâlcea UM no. 35.7 6.4 6526 9395 1740 5 ***** 44 0. Accommodation % 3073 100 2297 100 1949 100 994 100 10265 100 18578 16.3 51. As in the table above. and prosecution rates within each county.1%.8 X 52.2 9 34 5 18.4 13 2. the categories of quality.5 106 101 19 44.7 X 18. Interesting to see the two tables are percentages counties criterion star rating.1 163 229 42 36. out of a total of 1949 seats and 156 in category 4 stars.8 2 2.9 4535 4584 556 44.3 537 1230 156 27. which you encounter in Mehedinți County: 1797 classified sites 2 and 3 stars. nearly 2.4 10.7 6. Instead. Economics. % No.9 X 5.3 873 The unit after no stars * 2 3 4 ** *** **** 509 1705 776 16.9 the unit after no.5 46.8 8. percentage. 2012.units % no.4 X 10. % No.units % no.6 63.000 seats.0 X 10.5 50.2 10 12 3 38. has 104 seats. Tourist accommodation establishments by quality categories in 2011 Total No. is to emphasize that Dolj the county that gives the capital of the South-West.7 5.1 8.8 8 3. of the 3073 seats available accommodation units that it owns. Table 5. % No. quality criteria are directly related to prices.3 48 4.3 X 100 135 1 * 83 2.7 170 7.units % Total units S-W Oltenia Units % 57 100 81 100 49 100 26 100 236 100 449 100 12.5 24 50 5 29.4 * All tourist units. less agritourism Source: Processed by Romanian National Institute of Statistics. Vol. with nearly 1.6 X 100 X 1 * 1 1. 44 seats.4 44 . % No. we conclude that the available accommodation units. Craiova.5 1 2. 4-star and 838 labeled 2 and 3 stars (Table 5). As for the distribution of accommodation by county.4 69. Structure of authorized tourist units on S-W by quality categories in 2011 Total No.5 X 5. Education and Legislation.3 612 1371 144 26. 2-star category.6 61. in which 51% of the units qualify under Category 3 stars. with own infrastructure towns and cities and also are potential customers. 1983 of them are classified units 2 and 3 stars and 4 stars only 144 places. Olt. hence.9 42.units % no.5 X 12. places totaling a percentage of 50.8 2 0.

France. 4854 are places here only accommodation with a total of 17 seats. Agritourism economy. where the largest share is represented by boarding houses. 2011.7 35. 126-129. 2002. OECD Tourism Papers. p. Simion T. with a total of 547 tourist units authorized only ranks in position 7 in Romania and represents 6. 2013/02. Madrid. marin D. rural tourism development has not happened. Ceres Press. Bucharest.. promotion and enhancement of the tourist area of the region. Education and Legislation. representing about 400 seats / hotel premises and the hostels.H. Romania. represented and folklore. 2 SGEM 2014 Conference Proceedings S-W Oltenia % 100 X 4. 6. Nistoreanu P. leader of the region that holds more than 50% of the region..1 50. 136 . 3-a edition. Phd thesis UASVM Bucharest. are the main sources of growth in living standards and improve living conditions for the population component of the 5 counties and is also where the Romanian specific. [6]Romanian National Institute of Statistics. Romanian tourism statistical abstract. MacCallum N. Researches on promoting and capitalizing agritourism in South-West Oltenia Region. p. Marketing del turismo rural. Ecotourism. Romania. p.2 CONCLUSIONS Development. the largest number of units is found in Valcea county. Romania. Agrotourism. 287. South West region. the region is 8. [3] Bran F. Sibiu. which are in number 286. depriving agro hostels. Romania. In the South West Region. Alma Mater Press. [5] Glăvan V. Economics. Spain. Agritourism unit on the average number of beds is approximated 10 places below the average national 12 places / unit. p. pp. [4] Fîntîneru G. Indicators for Measuring Competitiveness in Tourism: A Guidance Document. In the Oltenia region there are a number of places 20046 in a total of 547 units. local produce. [2] Blanca G.6 9. and the opposite is Olt county. Bucharest. Within the region. traditions and cuisine based on natural products.4 0. Vol. 2000. pp.Section Ecology and Evironmental Protection 14th SGEM Geoconference on Ecology. of which 12 207 places belonging hotel units. 75. The number of agritourism.11. 52-57. REFERENCES [1] Duupeyras A. of which only 7 are agro. [7] Smedescu D. Economic Press. 2005. the number 31. 32. faith.. Bucharest. numbering 150. OECD. with a total of only 28 units. 2012. Ecoturism.5% of the total number of tourist units authorized for 8438 at the country level. p. Romania.. Esic Publishing.. culture and port appears the purest form foundations for the development of tourism and agritourism. and the accommodation is 78.