First Quarter Exam in Civic 1

Identification: Identify the following pictures, underline the correct answer.
1. Mountain


2. Valley


3. Plains

4. Plains


5. Hills



7. Mountain ranges

8. Bay

9. River


10. stream


11. brook bay

12. brook


13. Spring sea

14. spring


15. island

16. sampaguita


17. anahaw coconut

18. mango apple

19. maya

20. cow



plateau 16. destroy b. surrounded b.valley b. Diosdado macapagal 10. 1. This is the tallest mountain in the Phillipines. Garbage in rivers______fishes. This group of hills are brown in summer and green in the rainy season. God made us in his own______? c. river 14. air and food c. a. Where can be found the mayon volcano? a.Iligan.Batangas 11. a. a. What do you call the person who lived in the Philippines? a. alms 5. friends b. Source of food for many grazing animals a. a.Mount Apo b. land and water b. time b. a. a. Chocolate b. This is the biggest body of water a. parents a. beauty b. island c. a. ocean 13. god 2.philipian b. thanks c. Antipolo c . It has a beautiful site and also source of hydroelectric power for the home and industries in Mindanao. Tagaytay. Kawasan falls 8. a. He was the first president of the Philippine republic. short 12. A landform in the middle of a body of water. Mount Everest c.fruits 15. image b. rice . shadow 3. Mount Pinatubo 9. wind and animals 7. a. Emilio Aguinaldo b. and water plants a. Filipino 4.Multiple choices: Answer in complete word/s. sea c. Mindanao b. give life to c. Maria Cristina falls c. Who made us? a.falls b. Let us give _____ to the lord because he loves us. Philistine c. grass c. picture c.Albay. far c. brook c. Pagsanjan falls b. Water that flows from the side of mountain.Mount Apo 6. The Philippines is blessed because it is _____ by water. The Philippines is rich in _____ resources. Ninoy Aquino c.lake b.Bicol c.

_____1.God b. Write true if the statement is correct and write false if the statement is wrong. write the word of the correct answer. river 20. b. A vast and flat land a.Intramuros 10. Warays.A smaller form of a sea _______9. Choose the answer inside the box. _____5.Sometimes emits fire _______10. Write in complete word/s.shade b. 19. A flat and wide land _______8. Children must pick flowers in Luneta park.Chocolate Hills 2.Aguinaldo Shrine 3. Long rows of mountains _______2.Malacañang Palace 8.Smaller than a river _______4. It can be found along the seashore. . all of the above 18. and Ilocanos are all Filipino. Who gave land to the Philippines. bay b.Adam and Eve A Matching type.A flat land on top of a mountain _______6. / valley stream ocean lake falls volcano brook mountain ranges plain plateau _______1.Flowers are beautiful. people c. The tree provide us with_____ a. paper c. if the statement was created by God or created by man.A flat land between two mountains True or False.If the parents are Filipinos the children are also Filipinos.Taal Volcano B.Mount Apo 5. Water that flows on the side of a mountain _______5.Everyone must throw garbage in the Pasig river.Rizal Park / 7.Corregidor 6.God loves the Filipinos. / 1. plains c.Fill in the blanks.17.The Tagalogs. island a. The biggest body of water _______3.The flow of water here is fast _______7. _____2. a.Maria Cristina Falls Created by man 4. hills c. _____4.Pagsanjan Falls Created by man 9.

carabao h.National flower _____9.National fruit _____7. mango j. Rizal B.National hero _____8. / Emilio Jacinto Jose Rizal 5.National tree _____4.National anthem _____2.National bird _____6. / Kris Aquino Melchora Aquino 3. Jose P. write the letter on the space provided. /Jose Rizal Andres Bonifacio 2. / Emilio Aguinaldo Ninoy Aquino 4.A. Write the complete word/s.bahay kubo b.National language _____3. Match column A to column B.National animal _____5. narra i.National leaf _____10.Lupang Hinirang d. eagle g. Direction.Sampaguita f. Identify the following pictures. National house a. 1. Column A column B _____1. /Andres Bonifacio Jose Rizal .Filipino c.Anahaw e.Matching type.

Doctor b. Population c. Family c. Father c. Farmer b. Carpenters 13. People c. Teachers 9. Metro aide 11. He plants the food we eat. a. Sewer c. Barangay 5. Family 4. They teach us about god and his plan for each one of us. She sews our clothes. Club b. Korea c. City b. a. a. Brother 14. Farmer b. Town 6. One of the most religious countries in world. Mother c. Professors b. Write in complete word/s. The number of people living in a barangay is called__________. Helps the community in taking care of our health. Fishermen 10. a. count and write. The smallest unit of the society. Municipality 3. a.Gardener c. She teaches the children how to read. Friends b. a. Classmates c. a. God b. City b.Second Quarter Exam in Civic 1 I. He makes the plans in constructing houses and building. Group c. Dressmaker b. a. People b. Multiple choice. Pastor c. All of the above 12. . Baker c. a. What is called the number of members of a community? a. They are the second parents of the children. a. Philippines 15. Who gave us the natural resources as sources of our needs. a. Japan b. Teacher b. Mother 7. Who is the head of the family? a. Engineers c. Another unit of a Filipino society. The foundation of most the county’s morals and values. Fishermen 8. Population c. a. 1. Father b. Sister 2.

__________6.One of the most religious countries in the world. The sovereign country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. Mindanao 20. __________3.It composed of many Filipino families.They maintains the safety and peacefulness of our country. South china 19. Police Baker Mother Po and Opo Parents Barangay Metro aides Philippines Grandparent’s Filipinos Children Teacher Fishermen Vendor Pastor __________1.Manila. Ferdinand Magellan 18. The first explorer who named the archipelago as Las Islas Filipinas.She helps the homework of her children and admirable woman. The western hub of the trans-pacific galleon trade. and friends. Tarlac c. __________9. Religion c. __________11. __________10. Manila Fill in the blanks. __________7. Malabon c. a. Marikina. __________12.They bakes the bread that we eat.His job is to announce the word of god. Vietnam c. Miguel Lopes de Legazpi b. Republic of the Philippines b. __________4. Asia b. Benguet b . a.They catches our food that we eat.They teach their children to love god and read his word. The capital city of the Philippines is_________. a. __________15. Manila b. People 16. Luzon.They have the right to play. Choose the correct answer from the list and write complete word/s to complete the statement. honest. Tarlac. __________2.They are known as hospitable. The three main geographical division of the Philippines. go out and enjoy the company of their parents. __________13. a. __________8.They are responsible for instilling into their grandchildren the values and morals they taught to their own children.They are sweep up roads to maintain the cleanliness of our surroundings. a. Pangasinan. Visayas.a. Islam b. Ruy Lopez de Villalobos c.She teaches the children how to read.She sells different products we need.The children answered this to obey their parents. __________5. . Vietnam c. __________14. count and write. hardworking and religious to our country. Pangasinan 17.

Nobody goes to the health center when they teach about the right nutrition.True or False. Don’t use uniforms in school____________._________ 18. Filipinos are highly-emotional people.________ 3. Sarah Geronimo 4. Husbands should not submit to their wives. The child first learns his lesson at home. Respect the flag. Many Pacquiao 5._________ 11.____________ 16. We should always pray at night before bed time. efficient in emotionally and socially connecting with people. Enumeration.__________ 8. Maintain the destroyed roads.___________ 5. Write true if the statement is correct and write false if the statement is wrong. Children do not want to fall line in school.__________ 10. 1. Each child has a gift or talent from god. Cory Aquino 2. Identify the most celebrated icons of the Philippines. Every child born should have a name.__________ 9.___________ 17. Jose Rizal 3. 1. The whole family studies the word of god at home._________ 2. 12.__________ 15. Rey velasco Gloria arroyo Andres Bonifacio Lea Salonga Timothy Bradley Efren Peñaflorida .__________ 14.___________ 19. Write ten (10) characteristics of Filipinos that can be proud of? B.____________ A.__________ 4._________ 6._________ 7. Children do not answer their elder with “po” and “opo”. The father is the head of the family. Children have no right to study. Families help each other to meet their needs. We have a small home which is clean and quiet. Encircle the correct answer.__________ 13. Work becomes lighter if we help each other. The eldest child takes care of the youngest in order to help their mother. Children should follow their parents.__________ 20.

a. a. a. Crocodile c. Tamaraw c. Starfish b. Pagsanjan falls b. a. Basilan b. Dragonfly 11. Jellyfish c. Milkfish 9. Considered as the most endangered deer anywhere in the world. Thailand b. Kayangan Lake . Taal Lake b. Spotted deer c. A tropical country with a tropical rainforest climate. Magellan birdwing c. 611 b. This is the world’s smallest hoofed mammal. 612 c. Philippines c. Lemur 5. One of the smallest species of primates in the world. a. Spotted deer 6. Mouse deer b. a. Philippine bird 10. a. Philippine tarsier b. The largest moth can be found in the Philippines. The ethnically diverse people of the Philippines collectively are called_______. Lake Holon c. A popular food fish and the national fish of the Philippines. 613 7. Philippine bird c. Aetas b. Tamaraw 4. Maria Cristina falls c. All of the above 3. Young’s town sardine b. a. The Philippine flying lemur can be found in________. Dubai 2. Leyte c. Eagle b. Sardinella tawilis c. a. 1. Mouse deer b. Filipinos 12. How many species of birds that can be found in the Philippines? a. a.The biggest waterfalls in the Philippines. One of the cleanest lakes in the country. Is a fresh water sardine found in Taal Lake. Also known as the monkey eating eagle. Answer in complete word/s. a. a. Insect b. Mega sardine 8. Paradise falls 13.Third Quarter Exam in Civic 1 Multiple choices. Waray c.

It is the popular weekend get away for those wanting to escape the bustling metropolis. Taal Lake c.Sulu ___________5. The most popular waterfalls in the Philippines. Choose your answer inside the box. Bababu Lake 16. a. Lake Sebu 15.Laguna ____________24.Bohol ____________12.Tawi ____________17.14.Marikina ___________7. Cagayan River. Write the regions of the following provinces.Pangasinan ____________20. Lake Pandin c. Bulusan Lake b. It is an old favorite in the municipality of Bulusan in the province of Sorsogon.Albay ____________23. a.Batangas ____________15.Compostela valley ____________18. a.Ifugao ____________22. How many species of mammal in the Philippines? a. Also known as the Mindoro crocodile or even the Philippine fresh water crocodile.Misamis oriental ___________10.Tawi.Lanao del Sur ___________6.Antique Region III Region VI Region XI Region IV-A Region VII Region XII ____________11. Pagsanjan falls b. Fyling Lemur c.Camiguin ____________14.Pinatubo Crater Lake b.Basilan . This is the popular hiking destination in the country. NCR CAR Region I Region IV-B Region V Region IX Region X Region XIII ARMM ___________1. a. Big River. Toko(Lizard) b. Agusan River c. Mt. San Juan River Fill in the blanks.Biliran ____________19.Batanes ____________16. Taal River b. Rio Grande de Mindanao.Cebu ___________4. Crocodile 18. Cristina falls c. a. What are the three largest rivers in the Philippines. 191 c. Bulusan Lake b.Aklan ___________9. Tarlac River.Bukidnon ___________8. Barracuda Lake c.Rizal ____________13.192 19. Maria River. Pangasinan river.Malabon ___________2. a.Caloocan ____________21. 190 b.Davao Oriental ___________3. Maria falls 20.Kayangan Lake 17.

Tagalog f.Masbate Identify the following pictures.Bicolano a._______ Enumeration.Pampango e.Waray-Waray g.Pangasinense h. Pampanga ______2. Begonias 3._______ 3. Cosmos 4. 1. Match column a with column b. Crocodile 7. Filipinos believe in god because god has revealed himself to us. The ethnically diverse people of the Philippines collectively are called Filipinos._______ 2.Hiligaynon c. Mahogany 2.Aeta i. Ilocos/Northern Luzon ______10._______ 4._______ 5. Pandans 5. Maya 8. Bicol peninsula ______3. The Philippines is rich in natural resources. Luzon ______5. Malaysian ______8. In the waters of the Philippines there are more than 3000 different kinds of fish. Tamaraw 10. Cebu/Visayan islands ______4.____________25. Negritos ______7. Ilongo ______9. Filipinos have a number of reasons to give up and be hopeless.Cebuano b.Malay j. 1. Write true if the statement is correct and write false if the statement is wrong. Enumerate the different kinds of lakes in the Philippines.Bird Narra Gesneriads Orhids Palms Gesneriads Lizard Eagle Goat Dog Tarsier Matching type. (1-10) . Mouse deer 9.Ilocano d. Samar/Leyte True or False. Underline the correct answer. Pangasinan ______6. Dipterocarps 6. Column A Column B ______1.

Answer in complete word/s to complete the statement.Thailand 12. Dominic church c.Maria hills c. a.Taal volcano c.The most active volcano in the Philippines.A few species of Refflesia are found in the ____? a. 6. San Philip Church b.000 b. volcano B. Mindanao Valley c. a.000 c. A mountain with a large hole at the top.Malapasqua island c. 8. Cicero b.Philippines 15.This beautiful church has survived seven earthquakes and two fires over the centuries and now remains as the oldest stone church in the Philippines.Priority benefit b.These magnificient farm terraces resemble giant steps reaching up to the sky.One of the top tourist attractions in the Philippines. America b. a. valley 2. The largest valley in the country. a.Oxygen b. 7.Chocolate hills 10. Government 4 .Pithecophaga Jefferyi c.Our most basic human need. What is the approximate number of islands that comprise the Philippines.000 6. a. a. a.A tropical country with a tropical rainforest climate.America b.A small island made up of quiet fishing villages.What is the scientific name of Tamaraw.Anoa Mindorensis b. a. 1. St.Child care benefit 13. Cagayan Valley 3. A. a. Ilocos Valley b.Boracay island 9. a.Philippines c.Cloth c. a. a. The common thread that connects all Americans. a.Fourth Quarter Exam in Civic 1 Multiple choice. hill C.Canada c.Access benefit c.Hundred island b. An early philosopher who discussed the duty in his work” on duty”.Badjao terraces c.Banaue rice terraces b. Citizenship c.Paradise hills b.The guideline can approved child care service and tell you about them when you enrol l your child into care.Varanus Salvator 14.Mayon volcano b.Money .Pinatubo volcano 8. Lucero c. Pedro 5. San Augustine church 7.Africa b.Paradise terraces 11.

Choose the list plateau mountain plain valley volcano valley cape traffic enforcer Traffic enforcer caregiver Nurse teacher 17.The glycogen reserves in liver and the proteins in the muscles. 7.Is a method of teaching and learning in which students team together to explore a significant question or create a meaningful project. 10.It can cause a myriad of problems ranging from decreased body temperature to cognitive impairment and hallucination. A. b. dysmenorrhea 20. 8. Identify.Sleep deprivation b.The most essential component for human survival. a. .water II. headache c.Sleep temperature 18. A___ is a high mass of land less than a mountain. A _____ is a high mass of land higher than a hill and without a large hole at the top A _____ is a wife plain on top of a hill or mountain. a. 6. A _____ is a point of land running into the water. a.16.Cooperative learning b. A _____ is a plain land between the foot of the hills or mountains. plateau fire fighters engineer A _____ is a mountain with a large hole at the top. A _____ is a wide and flat land. coherent learning c. 5. 4. stomach ache b. 3.Water c.Collaborative learning 19.It can begin as soon as 24hours after missing sleep.Sleep well c. 2. Write the word to complete the statement. a.House b.salt c. 9.

The guidelines only apply to child care benefit approved child care. We are all________.__________ 10. 2. 4. he must wear the glasses of special revelation.__________ 7. . They are_____________. 3.For man now rightly to understand general revelation. Let’s find out who you are.When the hydration balance is unable to be maintained the body will start to go through the dehydration process. 4.___________ 9. which renders all understanding possible. 2.________ 2. 5.__________ V. IV.RIGHTS 1._________ 4._________ 3.People can begin to experience brain damage after as few as five minutes without oxygen. I was born in____________.A shelter that helps to keep your body at a constant temperature is also a necessity. I am___________. RESPONSIBILITIES 1.God has shown himself in nature that everyone who denies him is without excuse. Fill in the blanks.Adam and Eve enjoyed perfect communion with God and with each other.____________ 8.Enumerate the top 10 tourist attractions in the Philippines. Enumeration . My grandfather’s name is__________and my grandmother’s name is___________. 5.__________ 6.______ 5. My father’s name ____________and my mother’s name ___________.I believe in God because of his revelation.TRUE OR FALSE 1.We believe in God because God has revealed himself to us.Cooperative groups works face to face and learn to work as a team. 3.

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