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ZAMIL Page 2 . 6 ENTRY 3 OF 3………………………………………………………………… 11 BBA 004 M.TABLE OF CONTENTS ENTRY 1 OF 3…………………………………………………………………. 3 ENTRY 2 OF 3………………………………………………………………….

ZAMIL Page 3 .Learning journal Part 1 Entry 1 Difference between a Strategic Planner and a Strategy Consultant Strategic planner        Strategic planner will explain the co-workers about the purpose of mission and work together with management towards strategic direction Research and gather information to develop strategic plans for organization/clients. Generating original ideas with other members of the team. visually and in writing Identifying and assessing the pros and cons of possible strategies Strategic consultant motivate employees to invest time and energy in the stated strategic direction but doesn’t help transform an 2014) BBA 004 M. 2015) (cogsagency. (www. 2012) (targetjobs. Strategic planners create a plan which will be in future format and plans will be presented in advance Examining clients’ businesses to get to know their brands and understand their objectives Producing organized and intelligent plans to bring success to operations. Strategic Consultant       Defining and illuminating strategic and operational problems through Identifying problems and seeking solutions Undertaking research into the industry sector. markets and competitors Collecting analysing and interpreting data and statistics also compiling and presenting information verbally. Identifying potential problems and planning ways to resolve

(reed. Skilled in practicing various research methodologies and are able to balance the information gathering and human resources aspects of strategic business analysis. Committing to the objectives of the business as a whole.ZAMIL Page 4 . 2015. Employer Relations Strategists Consultation on important business decisions. sequencing & monitoring of strategic projects. Business Strategy Analyst Supporting the decision making process of the organization. 2014) BBA 004 M.Three jobs that have a strong strategy element Strategy Manager Managing the implementation & delivery of annual strategic Building and manage employer relations and work with the employers to overcome any problems that is been faced within employer and employees.) (www. A key person for coordination. prioritisation. Development of internal corporate capabilities to develop & execute strategy & manage change Designing & leading strategic projects. 2015) (indeed. Powerful motivational and communication skills in order to successfully interact with a variety of project stakeholders who may have competing interests.changeboard.

The emergent strategy is more relevant to the modern world because emergent strategy is the in most industries now and also should be strategic flexibility to survive in today’s world. Each of them has different aspects. Michael porter: He is the one who found the theory of Porters 5 forces which is much useful for the strategy management as well the studies of Porters five forces which includes bargaining power of the supplier.ZAMIL Page 5 . Henry Mintzberg to help to think about it in more depth he developed five different approaches to develop strategy they are.forbes. Henry Mintzberg contributions are the 7-s Framework. Relationship of Implementation to Life Cycle and implementing Business-level Strategies. 2014) (www.Most significant contribution to the field of strategic management Henry Mintzberg or Michael Porter Two main people namely Henry Mitzberg and Michael Porter has contributed so much to strategic management that all students around the world are taught their position and perspective by understanding each pattern can develop a healthy business strategy that takes full advantage of organization strength and capabilities. Conclusion: Porter’s ideas are also relevant but for the new technological and social world implementing will take a long process. bargaining power of buyers.strategies-direction. So Henry Mintzberg has contributed more significantly to the development of strategic management. pattern . threats of substitution and threat of new entrants. Cluster Management. The 5 piece strategy method is so flexible in implementation. Value Chain Model. Competitive rivalry. Concept of Strategy Implementation. It’ll also help to find position of the organization. Plan . Michael Porter major contributions are Five Forces Model. These forces help an organization to find new ways of maximizing profits. ploy . perception and ideas on strategic management. and Generic Strategies Model. Diamond Model. 2015) BBA 004 M. (www. Selecting an Implementation Approach.

2012) Restaurants Bench Marking KFC Devon Delight Dine More Pizza Hut Royal Food Court Burger Hut Little Hut Royal Mall Grand Café BBA 004 M.ZAMIL Page 6 .strategicmanagementinsight.Learning journal Part 1 (entry 2 of 3) Competitor Analysis Benchmarking Table Benchmarking is used to differentiate the performance of the business processes and products with the best performances of other companies inside and outside the industry. (

Peradeniya Size Price Offers Quality Road KFC Large high yes high Target Broad or Placement Service Market Niche (distribution) Time All Broad Unit shop Low Food court Devon Medium Medium no Medium All Broad Unit shop Low Delight Medium high low All Broad Unit Shop Low Dine More Medium Medium No High Middle Broad Unit shop Very High No and Rich Pizza Hut Large high yes high Rich Take away Broad Unit shop Mid Food court Delivery Royal Food Medium low No Medium All Broad Court Unit shop Low (restaurant) Take away Burger Hut Medium high yes high Middle Broad & rich Little Hut Small medium no medium All Unit shop High Delivery Broad Unit shop Low Delivery Take away Royal Mall Medium high No Low All Broad Grand Café Small No Low Low & Middle Broad BBA 004 Low M.ZAMIL Unit shop (restaurant) Restaurant High Mid Page 7 .

Strategic Grouping Map Strategic group mapping is a method for looking at the position in market.slideshare. Strategic grouping map help to define the scope of particular firms’ It is tool for competition analysis. (www. 2013) Strategic Grouping Mapping BBA 004 M.ZAMIL Page 8 .

First and Foremost Royal food court has to have a good appearance of a unit shop and a name board with a logo. BBA 004 M. Lowering prices and increasing quality Further the prices of foods should reasonable and sometimes lower but the quality of the food should be higher so that customer satisfaction can be earned as well as perfect competition could occur. Offers like “buy more than 1500 and get a food item free or a discount percentage” and “buy three and get one free”. parking. This activity will be make a good impression to the customers. door delivery. The customers should introduce their friends and family due the reasonable prices. Also raffle draws should implemented and choose customers and give them valuable gifts in order they will recommend their friends.ZAMIL Page 9 . Providing Offers Provide offers weekly so that customers’ demand will increase for purchasing. Time to deliver the product to customer’s hand should minimized to a limit of 1 – 2 minutes. Facilities Target all the people because it will only maximize the profit. service charge free for restaurant. To target all the people in the market facilities like WI-FI. free water.What would Royal Food Court do to differentiate the restaurant from the other restaurant to improve profitability. Creating the brand image. Targeting all the classes Not only food should be in good quality but also the staff should behave to the fullest to make the customer satisfy. Electronic card purchase facility and television should be provided. play area for children. wash rooms.

E – Marketing At the end start doing internet marketing through social media.ZAMIL Page 10 . These steps will help to differentiate Royal food court from other restaurant and gain the market domination. BBA 004 M.

Learning journal Part 1 (Entry 3 of 3) Steel Industry PESTEL analysis A PESTEL analysis is a framework or tool used by marketers to analyse and monitor the macro environmental (external marketing environment) factors that have an impact on an organisation or industry. PESTLE Analysis Political • A French minister recently threatened to nationalize ArcelorMittal's Florange plant if it pursued plans to cut jobs and close two blast furnaces. • Local governments encourage more steel mills to set up in the country to increase employment and tax revenue. • A bank reckons America's steel consumption will grow by 2. Economical • China has enjoyed a booming in steel industry the production growth have been increased. • Global production of steel rose by 1.2% last year to a record 1. • Steel makers have expanded so rapidly that they now suffer from massive overcapacity. • • China's steel industry is booming.ZAMIL Page 11 . Financial crisis delivered the latest blow to the steel makers. • Signs that economy is recovering. cheap energy from shale gas and resurgent motor industry are good sign.8% this year. Social • Labour costs are sky high.5billion tonnes. BBA 004 M. expensive and lengthy process. • Feisty Unions and fussy governments make closing steel plants a difficult.

it is unwilling to take radical steps to curtail overcapacity. Environmental • The drive to builds lots of steelworks in the post war lead to booming in 1960s. • Until 2010 ore prices were fixed in annual negotiations between big steelmakers and the four miners. now it will be struggle to break these promises. agreed to maintain jobs and production persuade European government.ZAMIL Page 12 . Legal • ArcelorMittal. • The central government wants cheap steel. BBA 004 M.Technological • In Europe efforts to manage capacity by idling facilities.

so this a great opportunity for steel industry to increase more steel companies all over the world.ZAMIL Page 13 .Important Threats and opportunities facing by steel industry based on PESTLE analysis Threats Supply is more than the demand for the steel. Threat in long run to survive in the market because not making into a successful profit due to the booming Opportunity Local government encourages the steel industry to set up in the country. Steel makers have expanded rapidly that they now suffer from massive overcapacity. BBA 004 M. this is a huge threat. This will reduce and will lead price to go down and the steel firms to suffer from not gaining profits.

• Demand is still falling. and the strength of a position considering moving into. This is useful. Threat of new entrant • Government everywhere regard a strong steelmaking business as a sign of economic virility so this mean entry of steel industry is quite easy • Government seems to determine to cover the entire country with steel and concrete so it is encouraging new entrants Threat of Substitute • Cheap energy from shale gas and a resurgent motor industry. because it helps to understand both the strength of current competitive position. such as carmakers are a bigger and more powerful and thus can negotiate hard.PORTER’S five force analysis The Porter's Five Forces tool is a simple but powerful tool for understanding where power lies in a business situation. • The Supply of ore is dominated by four big mining firms who supplies 70 of all the ore traded by sea around the world. • Chinese exports are likely to be 30m-50m tones in each of the next few years. BBA 004 M. • Buyers.ZAMIL Page 14 . Bargaining power of Supplier • Europe Overcapacity of production in steel in the year 1960s. Bargaining power of Customers • Steel consumption in Europe is 145m tones in 2012 is nearly 30% below its pre-crisis level. • Another 105m tones of new capacity is under construction or planned.

Ukraine and Russia a big threat. • No firms wants to wants to be first to shut the plants and let the competitors reap the benefit. • Austria's biggest steelmakers reckons that the continent’s unused capacity 50m tones.Threat of New Entrant • American Steelmakers are struggling to compete with Latin American rivals. South Korea. • Now the longer establish exporters such as Japan. • Adding to the pressure on steelmakers profitability is china's growing capacity. BBA 004 M.ZAMIL Page 15 .

Many established exporters are coming and making a competition in the industry. BBA 004 M. this will make an advantage to consumers and will be a threat to the steel industry as an overall it is because the consumers will bargain and will purchase the steel for fewer profit margins since the bargaining power of the customer is high.Important Threats and opportunities facing by steel industry based on SWOT analysis Threats Many new companies are encouraged start up the steel so a major threat. Opportunity It is a great opportunity for the steel firms to be more competitive and come up with more innovative ideas this will result in gaining more profit.ZAMIL Page 16 .

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