Functional Deliverable

Core work related responsibilities

As a database professional, my responsibility includes all work related to database
design, development, data model, deployment, performance and support.
I am accountable for all db issues and will always delivered the deliverable on time.
Regarding designing part, implemented Foreign keys, Indexes, constraints,naming
conventions in Private Database.
Regarding Development, as required for java developers provided sql queries and
procedures (for test data population, address mapping ,test data generation).
Regarding Data Modeling, whenever it is required doesn't matter on weekend,
working on it and provided on time.
Provided data model along with data dictionary, even it requires after office hours
or weekend.
Regarding Deployment, Worked on database version and responsible for all patches
review and delivery to QA without any error.
Regarding Support, So many database related issues resolved On the spot and for
many other worked and provided solutions.

Except Private team, worked with WEM team,WELLPOINT team, KY team(Proactively
Helping in setup db in mssql server).
Worked on performance tuning of application on database end. Implemented all
new oracle 11g features and parameter setup on rds server.

Written 70+ procedure in mysql and oracle both so many times for performance
data generation.
Everything completed within SLA. Not a single time things stuck because of me.

NOTE: 1. Created Windows Batch file script for one Click Database Creation
(Automate Database creation) (Save lots of time).
2. Implement DB Deploy Plugin for smooth patching system
3. Used Oracle Utilities to insert bulk amount of data into seconds.

4. Creating script for db Backward compatibility
Amit supported both HA and GHP implemented single handed being a sole DB resource. He worked hard and
always available for supporting teams in all deliverable during working and non working hours

Core Values
A true hCentive Citizen who conforms to our three core values Openness, Excellence & Customercentric.

Openness: Always open in giving, accepting and sharing ideas,knowledge and
advice. Taken initiative and started the naming convention and comments which is
much beneficial when presenting data model to clients.Always open to do any kind
of work any time.
Excellence: Always worked hard and provided my 100%.
Customer-centric: Believes that worked for customer satisfaction. Whatever the task
assign to me, which includes a Production movement delivery is done perfectly. For
example, few customer needs relationship between db entity in separate pdf and
few needs to be merged with dictionary.
Provided both in every release of data model because of customer need.I worked
late night and came on weekends to provide DB support work.
Very mush aligned with company's core values

Team Work
Working as part of synergistic team which is built on trust, respect, proper work work delegation and
has common goal of work excellence

To me, Team work is the beauty of my working style.
Always eager to help every team member even not only PHIX Private team,
WellPoint,WEM too.
Doesn't matter whoever assigned task to me in what manner. I will do without
questioning, if it related to me.
I'm not under too much of an illusion of how smart or un-smart I am, because
project success ultimately is about teamwork and
it's never achieve on isolation level.
An excellent team player, worked with various module team and provided his full support to all in deliveries

Process Compliance
Compliance with regard to adhering company policies, conform to planned work schedule, adhering
timelines etc.

I am very much process oriented and always follow the company policy and
recommend everybody to follow it.
All work has been planned accordingly and delivered.I finished my work ahead of
Always adheres to org and project level processes. He in fact contributed in improving processing for DB
patch check-ins

Communication Skill
Timely and effective work place communication skill

Effective communication skill as writing and speaking.
Always follow the communication plan and inform every stakeholder with a process
oriented mail chain.
All mails has been replied with proper explanation.