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Fabric Duct Ventilation

Discover the Advantages

DuctSox is a Division of Rite Hite Corporation.

Rite Hite is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Dubuque, Iowa

Rite Hite has 1600 Employees Worldwide

DuctSox Corporate Office is in Peosta, Iowa

DuctSox Engineering & Manufacturing facilities in:

Kunshan, China

Peosta, Iowa, USA

Taipei, Taiwan
Guadalajara, Mexico
Kunshan, China

Guadalajara, Mexico

Air distribution system

manufactured from fabric for:
Open Ceiling
Clean Room
Critical Environments
UnderFloor Applications

Easier to Install
No Painting
No Corrosion
No Scratch
No Dent
No Balancing

Better Air Dispersion!

Metal vs. Fabric

5 / 180


G.I. Duct

DuctSox Fabric Duct



Non aesthetic
appearance. Requires false
ceiling & painting to look

Aesthetically designed. No
requirement of additional
features to suit

Will reduce overall cost

Colour Availability

Metallic colour which

would require painting to
suit surroundings

Available in various
attractive colours and to
suit requirement

Fabric colours can be

customized on order. Screen
printing to advertise the
product can be inbuilt in fabric

Weight Factor


Light weight

Structural stability not

tampered with.

Installation Time

Time consuming due to

nature of material and

Can be rigged up in
virtually hours

Saves time


Standard G.I. ducts

Different fabrics to suit

environment and budget



Inherits costs of
dismantling, re-welding

Easy relocation

Almost no cost


G.I. Duct

DuctSox Fabric Duct

Air Dispersion

Requires interspersed vents

Row of holes provide uniform air flow

Air Quality

Deterioration due to usage/

constant maintenance problem

Easy to remove and launder

Air Distribution

Depends on placement and size

of diffusers

Can be customized up to Low/

Comfort Flow. Quiet air delivery.


An inherent problem due to

which insulation is required

Porous fabrics & positive pressure

ensures no condensation. Fabric

Environment Friendly

Green product.

Fire Safety

Self extinguishing fabrics

GREEN Benefits of Fabric

Environmental Benefits

Economic Benefits

Improved Air Quality

Lower Building Costs

Reduced Solid Waste

Lower Operating Costs

Conserve Resources

Improved Productivity

Health & Community Benefits

Comfortable Environment
Healthy Environment

8 / 180

GREEN Benefits of Fabric

LEED Credits
Energy & Atmosphere EA Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance
Materials & Resources MR Credit 2 Construction Waste Mgmt
Indoor Environmental Quality EQ Credit 7 Thermal Comfort

For more information visit:


9 / 180

DuctSox Fabric Duct Systems have been tested

and approved for use by independent
laboratories. Testing includes acceptable
criteria for fire retardancy, limited mold
growth, operation in harsh environment and
tensile strength
UL Classified to NFPA-90A
UL Classified to UL2518
UL Classified to ICC AC-167
Classified to British Standard
Classified to DIN Standard

Ensures Continued Compliance

UL Quarterly Plant Inspections

Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Reeleezee Office (Ahmedabad) , Non Porous, 16dia x 27 - Skelecore

Paco Injectomold Office (Chandigarh), Non Porous, 14dia x 52 - Skelecore

Laboratories & Clean Rooms

CCI Cricket Club of India,

Non Porous,
x 86
Non Porous, 20dia x 37

Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Inshape Gymnasium (Kota), Non Porous, 16dia x 46 - Skelecore

Hero Motorcycle Showroom (Amritsar), Non Porous, 22dia x 90 - Skelecore

Dining Area, Commonwealth Games Village (New Delhi), Non Porous, 30dia x 100

Delhi Gymkhana Club, Squash Courts (New Delhi), Porous, 18dia x 27

Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Ohri Restaurant (Hyderabad), Porous, 24dia x 37

Honda Cars India Ltd.,Canteen, (Bhiwadi) Non Porous, 26dia x 82 - Skelecore

Pepsico Canteen (Channo), Non Porous, 38dia x 60

Nestle ,Chocolate Manufacturing, (Tahliwal) Non Porous, 32dia x 106

Delhi Flour Mills, Food Manufacturing (Greater Noida), Non Porous, 34dia x 120

Jindal Drugs, Cocoa Manufacturing (Jammu), Non Porous, 28dia x 20

Forbes Marshall (Pune), Non Porous, 64dia x 174

Nestle India , Food Manufacturing (Tahliwal), Porous, 24dia x 47

Pepsico ,Food Manufacturing (Channo), Non Porous, 48dia x 65

Caf Delhi Heights, Restaurant (Gurgaon), Non Porous, 22dia x 28 - Skelecore

Caf Delhi Heights Restaurant (Gurgaon), Non Porous, 10dia x 18 - Skelecore

Caf Delhi Heights Restaurant (New Delhi) Non Porous, 18dia x 25 - Skelecore

Terminus Restaurant (New Delhi) Non Porous, 20dia x 27 - Skelecore

Mercedes Benz Car Launch, Non Porous, 30dia x 65 - Traditional