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then in the eighth century. In our day. T hen Father Abbot concelebrates Holy Mass beside the Bishop. followed by the obedience of the new Abbot’s monks. after the Gospel. and finally the solemn Blessing. a brief questioning after the homily of the Bishop. The Rite of blessing is composed of the presentation of the Abbot to the Bishop by two of his Monks. which is preceded by the Litany of the Saints. T he blessing takes place during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Rite is concluded with the handing over of the Rule and the Abbatial Insignia (ring. and crozier) and the kiss of peace. conferred on the new abbot his crozier and sandals. The Bishop surrounded by other Prelates.T he Rite of the blessing of an Abbot by the Bishop is referred to in the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict and attested to a half century later under Pope Saint Gregory the Great († 604). the present Rite brings out the liturgical enrichments over the course of the centuries. 6 6 . miter.

we glorify thee. we bless thee. Lamb of God. et invocáte nomen ejus. His chosen ones. with the Holy Ghost. invoke His name. (3x) Gloria: G be to God on high. alleluia. For thou alone art the Holy One. make known among the nations His deeds V. Gloria Patri. alleluia et eléctos suos in lætítia. he Lord led forth His people with joy. we adore thee. with shouts of joy. Jesus Christ. alleluia. who takest away the sins of the world. We praise thee. alone art the Most High. Son of the Father. Lord have mercy.Introit: E T dúxit Dominus pópulum suum in exsultatióne. Glory be. Thou. Ps. thou who sittest at the right hand of the Father. have mercy upon us. we give thee thanks for thy great glory. Amen. have mercy upon us. alleluia. annuntiáte inter gentes ópera ejus. Lord God. alleluia. (3x) Christ have mercy. (3x) Lord have mercy. alleluia.V. Confitémini Dómino. thou who takest away the sins of the world. in the glory of God the Father. 104:1. Ps. Give thanks to the Lord. and on earth peace to men of good will. Lord God. heavenly King.104. only begotten Son. God the almighty Father. receive our prayer. Thou alone art Lord. Lord Jesus Christ. LORY 7 .

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et exercéndo quæ recta sunt. et omnem dolum. the most gracious Pastor. qui festa páschalia venerándo égimus. et omnes detractiónes. that preaching and doing that which is right. Through Christ Our Lord. et invídias. ut prædicándo. huic fámulo tuo. Per Dominum. 9 D early beloved. to this thy servant. omnípotens Deus: ut. For Father Abbot under the same conclusion: C oncéde. laying away all malice. who have devoutly carried out the Easter festivities may by them be made worthy to reach eternal joy. and that he may receive the reward of eternal blessing from Thee. Epistle: I Peter 2. Almighty God. per exémplum bonórum óperum ánimas suórum instruat subjectórum: et ætérnæ remuneratiónis mercédem a te piissimo Pastóre percipiat. desire the rational . and all detractions. Dómine.quǽsumus. we beseech Thee. per hæc contíngere ad gáudia ætérna mereámur. deponéntes ígitur omnem malítiam. as newborn babes. et simulatiónes. and dissimulations. that we. 1-10. by the example of good works he may instruct the souls of those subject to him. G rant. and all guile.quǽsumus. sicut modo géniti infántes.Collect: C oncéde. C arissimi. G rant we beseech Thee Lord. and envies.

et lapis offensiónis. a holy priesthood. a holy nation. . but now have obtained mercy. acceptábiles Deo per Jesum Christum. domus spirituális. sine dolo lac concupíscite: ut in eo crescátis in salútem: si tamen gustástis quóniam dulcis est Dóminus. Vobis ígitur honor credéntibus: non credéntibus autem lapis. But you are a chosen generation. nunc autem pópulus Dei: qui non consecúti misericórdiam. acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. I lay in Sion a chief corner stone. To you therefore that believe. Ad quem accedéntes lápidem vivum. rejected indeed by men. nunc autem misericórdiam consecúti. Unto whom coming. et honorificátum: et ipsi tamquam lápides vivi superædificámini. sacerdótium sanctum. elect. the stone which the builders rejected. pópulus acquisitiónis: ut virtútes annuntiétis ejus qui de ténebris vos vocávit in admirábile lumen suum. quem reprobavérunt ædificántes: hic factus est in caput ánguli. et petra scándali. a spiritual house. a purchased people: that you may declare his virtues. regále sacerdótium. nec credunt in quo et pósiti sunt. Qui aliquándo non pópulus. 10 milk without guile. gens sancta. and a rock of scandal. who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: who in time past were not a people: but are now the people of God. that thereby you may grow unto salvation: if it so be that you have tasted that the Lord is sweet. Vos autem genus eléctum. a Deo autem eléctum. neither do believe. offérre spirituáles hóstias. to them who stumble at the word. Wherefore it is said in the scripture: Behold. he is honor: but to them that believe not.rationábile. precious: and he that shall believe in him. shall not be confounded. whereunto also they are set. eléctum. to offer up spiritual sacrifices. ab homínibus quidem reprobátum. the same is made the head of the corner: and a stone of stumbling. Propter quod cóntinet Scriptúra: Ecce pono in Sion lápidem summum angulárem. non confundétur. Who had not obtained mercy. his qui offéndunt verbo. as to a living stone. a kingly priesthood. pretiósum: et qui credíderit in eum. but chosen and made honourable by God: be you also as living stones built up.

What thou sawest. Agnus redémit oves: Christus ínnocens Patri reconciliávit peccatores. Mary. púeri. We know that Christ indeed has risen from the grave: Hail. Surréxit Christus spes mea: præcédet vos in Galiléam. A F orth to the Paschal Victim. now lives and reigns. Amen. Allelúia. Sequence: V ictimæ pascháli laudes immolent Christiáni.112:1. . Láudáte. Amen. and save. 17:24. lleluia Ps. alleluia. Alleluia. exsultémus. I saw the tomb wherein the living one had lain. let us be glad and rejoice in it. sudárium et vestes.Alleluia: A llelúia. Christ is risen. victor Rex. The Prince of life who died. and He will go before you in Galilee. Alleluia. Have mercy. Ps. Lord. death and life in a strange conflict strove. Napkin and linen clothes and angels twain: Yea. María. Dic nobis. you children. I saw his glory as he rose again. This is the day which the Lord has made. 11 A lleluia. Together. Hæc est dies quam fecit Dóminus. et lætémur in ea. Dóminum . A llelúia. Scimus Christum surrexísse a mórtuis vere: tu nobis. my hope. Mors et vita duéllo conflixére mirándo: dux vitæ mórtuus regnat vivus. Praise the Lord. as thou wentest on the way. miserére. láudáte nomen Dómini. allelúia. Angélicos testes. bring your sacrifice of praise! The Lamb redeems the sheep: and Christ the sinless One hath to the Father sinners reconciled. praise the name of the Lord. quid vidísti in via? Sepúlchrum Christi vivéntis: et glóriam vidi resurgéntis. Christians. say. thou king of Victory. Alleluia.

et ad álium discípulum. et crédidit: nondum enim sciébant Scriptúram. for as yet they did not understand the Scripture. that He must rise from the dead. and they went to the tomb. and saw the linen cloths lying there. María Magdaléne venit mane. . et introívit in monuméntum. And he saw and believed. She ran therefore and came to Simon Peter. not lying with the linen cloths. “They have taken the Lord from the tomb. ad monuméntum: et vidit lápidem sublátum a monuménto. Et cum se inclinásset. Simon Peter therefore came following him. non cum linteamínibus pósitum. Then the other disciple also went in. et dicit illis: Tulérunt Dóminum de monuménto. et vidit linteámina pósita. and the other disciple. Tunc ergo introívit et ille discípulus qui vénerat primus ad monuméntum: et vidit. cum adhuc ténebræ essent. and said to them. et venit primus ad monuméntum. and she saw the stone taken away from the tomb. I n illo tempore:Una autem sábbati. and he went into the tomb. vidit pósita linteámina: non tamen introívit. Cucúrrit ergo.Gospel St. and the other disciple ran on before. on the first day of the week. 12 A t that time. Éxiit ergo Petrus. quod fúerat super caput ejus. quem amábat Jesus. Mary Magdalene came early to the tomb. The two were running together. sed separátim involútum in unum locum. who had come first to the tomb. Venit ergo Simon Petrus sequens eum. yet he did not enter. quia oportébat eum a mórtuis resúrgere. et venérunt ad monuméntum. 1-9. et sudárium. and we do not know where they have laid Him. and the handkerchief which had been about His head. et ille álius discípulus. and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved. Currébant autem duo simul. but folded in a place by itself. John 20.” Peter therefore went out. faster than Peter. et nescímus ubi posuérunt eum. while it was still dark. And stooping down he saw the linen cloths lying there. et venit ad Simónem Petrum. et ille álius discípulus præcucúrrit cítius Petro. and came first to the tomb.

The new Abbot accompanied by Dom Prior and Dom Subprior. After the Homily the interrogation of the Abbot-elect by His Excellency. diœcésis Tulsénsis. follows: A ntíqua sanctórum Patrum institútio docet et prœcipit ut is.and sits on the faldistorium (without crozier). Bishop Slattery: Deo grátias. quæ huic 13 H oly Mother Church’s Ancient Tradition teaches and prescribes us to question him who has been chosen to lead his brethren in the name of Christ: the Bishop himself must ascertain whether the . ut ipsum in Abbátem prædicti monastérii benedicere dignéris. Eléctus nostri monastérii Beátæ Maríæ Clari Rivi. they bow and Dom Prior says: A M Bishop Slattery: Scitis illum rite eléctum fuisse? Do you know if he has he been duly elected? dest. Thanks be to God.RITE OF THE ABBATIAL BLESSING. Father Prior: Scimus et testificámur. We know and we testify that he has been duly elected. Bishop Slattery delivers his Homily. Reverendíssime Pater. quem ex parte convéntus eiúsdem monastérii dúximus præsentándum. who has been named the first abbot of our monastery of Our Lady of Clear Creek. ost Reverend Father. His Excellency. comes before Bishop Slattery. here before you is Dom Philip Anderson. His Excellency bows to the altar. in the diocese of Tulsa. We present him to you on behalf of the Community of this monastery and humbly ask that you bless him as abbot of this monastery. and then follows the Presentation and interrogation of Father Abbot. qui ad régimen animárum vice Christi elígitur. of the Order of Saint Benedict. humíliter postulántes. Bishop Slattery. examinári et interrogári débeat de divérsis causis et móribus. Órdinis Sancti Benedicti.

I will. Eádem igitur auctoritáte te. That is why. by sound doctrine. fratres tuos ad Deum perdúcere? V W Father Abbot: Volo. and fraternal charity? Bishop Slattery: is conversatióne morum. ill you teach your brothers by your constant dedication to monastic life. following her wise guidance. doctrína et exémplo. factis magis quam verbis.regímini cóngruunt ac necessária sunt. páuperum et W ill you lead your brothers to God taking to heart the spiritual good of those entrusted to your care? V ill you be faithfully watch over the goods of your monastery with the duty of using them wisely for the 14 . is sanctum propósitum tuum et sancti Benedícti Régulam observáre atque frátres tuos ut idípsum fáciant diligénter instrúere et ita ad amórem Dei. I will. salútem animárum tibi commissárum non parvipéndens. and lead them thus to the love of God. frater caríssime. new abbot is determined to fill his charge fittingly. very dear Brother. ad vitam evangélicam et ad caritátem fratérnam impéllere? ill you remain faithful in your monastic commitment to observe the Rule of Saint Benedict and will you incite your brothers to do the same. and by the good example of your own deeds rather than by mere words? Bishop Slattery: is. fratres tuos edocére? V W Father Abbot: Volo I will. in the life of the Gospel. Bishop Slattery: is res monastérii tibi commíssi fidéliter custodíre et ad usum fratrum. interrogámus. I now ask: V W Father Abbot: Volo.

I will. H M Omnes dicunt: Amen. fratres caríssimi. D early beloved. æc ómnia et univérsa bona tríbuat tibi Dóminus. who has been chosen to rule this monastery. ac te semper et ubíque custódiat. (without miter) turned towards the faithful says: O rémus. qui ad fratrum suórum régimen electus est. to fill with his grace his servant Philip. and all kneel. Bishop Slattery. ill you always and in all matters be loyal. obœdiéntiam et reveréntiam devóte et fidéliter per ómnia perpétuo exhibére? V W Father Abbot: Volo. When the Bishop is turned toward the altar. Bishop Slattery: is sanctæ Ecclésiæ ac Románo Pontífici eiúsque successóribus fidem. dono suæ grátiæ prosequátur. All: Amen. Father Abbot lies prostrate in the middle of the Sanctuary. ut Deus et Dóminus noster hunc fámulum suum Philíppum.peregrinórum sapiénter dispensáre? benefit of your brothers. and guard you always and everywhere. let us pray the Lord our God. of the poor. and of the pilgrims? Father Abbot: Volo. Then all rise and His Excellency. the cantors intone the Litany of the Saints: 15 . I will. and reverent to holy Church and to our Holy Father the Pope and his successors? ay the Lord grant you these and all good things. obedient.

Saint John. exáudi nos. All ye Holy Angels of God. Deus. Sancte Joánne. Sancte Joánnes Baptísta. Deus. Sancte Martíne. . Deus. Saint John the Baptist. Spíritus Sancti. Sancta Agnes. Christ hear us. Miserére Nobis. Saint Cecilia. Redémptor mundi. Sancta Trínitas Unus Deus. God. Dei Genitrix. Saint Ignatius. Saints Joachim & Anne. Saint Augustine. Pray for us. Sancti Joachim et Anna. Sancte Philíppe. Saints Perpetua and Felicity. Christe. Sancte Laurénti. the Father in heaven. audi nos. Saint Andrew. Orate pro nobis Sancte Gregóri. Sancte Ignáti Antiochéne. Saint Mary Magdalen. Saint Martin. Sancte Basíli. K Pater de cælis. have mercy on us. Saint Joseph. Saint Basil. Sancte Míchaёl. Virgin Mother of God. Sancta Cæcilia. Sancte Joseph. Christ graciously hear us. Sancti Angeli Dei. Saints Peter & Paul. Saint Michael. the Son. Sancte Stéphane. Oráte pro nobis Sancte Andréa. Sancte Athanási. Saint Gregory. Holy Trinity. Sancti Petre et Paule. One God. S ancta María. Sanctæ Perpétua et Felícitas. God. Saint Philip. Saint Athanasius. the Holy Ghost. H oly Mary. Oráte pro nobis Sancta María Magdaléna. Saint Agnes. 16 God. Redeemer of the world. Saint Stephen. Fíli. Saint Lawrence.Christe. Virgo Ora pro nobis. Sancte Augustíne.

Oráte pro nobis Sancti Antóni. nob-is. Saint Bruno. Sancte Columbáne. Saint Gertrude. Intercede for us. Intercédite pro nobis. Sancta Terésia. All ye Saints of God. & Hugh. Saint Columban. 17 . Omnes Sancti et Sanctæ Dei. Sancta Gertrúdis. Saints Dominic and Thomas. Saint Teresa. Saint Romuald. Saint Bernard. Sancte Bernárde. Saints Maurus and Placid. Saints Vitonus and Hydulphus. Sancti Francísce et Antoni. Sancte Prosper. Saint Anthony. Oráte pro nobis. Sancte Pater noster Benedicte. Saints Odo. Saints Francis and Anthony. Sancta Clara. Sancti Maure et Plácide. Odilo.Sancte Apollináris. Sancti Vítóne et Hydúlphe. Sancte Romuálde. Saint Apollinaris. Odílo et Hugo. Oráte pro nobis Sancta Scholástica. Saint Scholastica. Sancta Terésia a Jesu Infánte. Our Holy Father Saint Benedict. Saint Bede. nob-is. Oráte pro nobis Sancte Bruno. Sancte Májole Sancti Odo. Sancte Beda. Saint Mayol. Saint Prosper. Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. Saint Clare. Oráte pro nobis Sancti Domínice et Thoma.

That thou wouldst deign to make those consecrated to thee. in thy work of salvation. We sinners. Ut in ómnibus famíliis tibi dicátis Christi caritátem et Fundatórum spíritum That thou wouldst deign to preserve and increase in all religious families the love of 18 By the sending of the Holy Spirit. A morte perpétua. From everlasting death. That thou wouldst deign to govern and preserve thy Holy Church. That thou wouldst deign to preserve in Holy religion the Pope and all the hierarchy. share in a greater way. Ut. O Lord. Ab omni peccáto. Through thy Incarnation. Ut domnum apostólicum et omnes ecclesiásticos órdines in sancta religióne conserváre dignéris. Te rogámus audi nos. Per mortem et resurrectiónem tuam. From all sin. Per effusiónem Spíritus Sancti. Peccatóres.nos. óperi redemptiónis plénius sociáre dignéris. Per incarnatiónem tuam. Ut Ecclésiam tuam sanctam regére et conserváre dignéris. omnes qui evangélica profiténtur consília. Ut cunctis pópulis pacem et veram concórdiam donáre dignéris. Líbera nos. Deliver us. Domine. We beseech thee hear us. Through thy Death and Resurrection. That thou wouldst deign to grant peace and true concord to all peoples. .

conserváre et augére dignéris. Ut nosmetípsos in tuo sancto servítio confortáre et conserváre dignéris. that he may show himself. audi nos. Abbátem huius monastérii eléctum. That thou wouldst deign to strengthen and conserve us in thy holy service. ei. The deacon invites all to stand : Leváte All rise. ut præclára conversatióne eum se osténdat esse qui 19 A lmighty God and Father. Ut hunc abbátem eléctum benedícere et adjuváre dignéris. and as the Good Shepherd to lay down his life for his sheep. benedícere † et confortáre dignéris. súpplices te rogámus. to deign to bless † and fortify thy servant Philip. Christ and the spirit of their Founder. Jesus. we humbly beseech thee. who sings the following prayer with extended arms and without Miter: D eus. pastor bonus. who has been chosen to be abbot of this monastery. Thou didst send thine only begotten Son into the world to become the servant of all men. qui Fílium tuum unigénitum in mundum misísti. Concéde. Pater omnípotens. Grant him. ut homínibus ministráret. Son of the Living God. That thou wouldst deign to bless and aid this new Abbot. we pray. Te rogamus. vitam suam pro óvibus tráderet. worthy of the title he bears. ut hunc fámulum tuum Phílippum. quǽsumus. PRAYER OF THE ABBATIAL BLESSING Father Abbot kneels in front of the Bishop. et. Jesu. Fili Dei vivi. by exemplary life. so that by .

Let him come to know. ut ad glóriam tuam Ecclesiǽque servítium et se éxcitet. Thou who livest and reignest world without end. Sciát quidem. R. et omni sagacitáte curet et indústria. et quam árduum sit onus régere ánimas multorúmque móribus servíre. he may lead unceasingly his brethren so as to procure thy glory and serve thy Church. rather may he rule and dispose all things in such manner that all may continually make progress in the love of Christ and in fraternal charity. te inspiránte. may he be very attentive. his teaching. with enlarged hearts. and that thus they may make haste. R. Amen. quátenus. in such wise that he may obtain. quam diffícilem rem ipse suscípiat. et fratres indesinénter impéllat. píritus tui. to merit to be received into thy kingdom. Lord. sciátque sibi oportére prodésse magis quam præésse. in amóre Christi et caritáte fraternitátis iúgiter procédentes. ipsum implére dignáre munéribus. M U S D agnópere ígitur. . Qui vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculorum. Christo nihil ómnino præpónat. nihil dóceat præponéndum. and how arduous the duty to lead souls and to adapt himself to the various dispositions of his subjects. sollicitúdinem gerat. and may he teach others also to place nothing before Christ. May he prefer nothing at all to Christ. how difficult is the task he now assumes. Dómine. Dómine. May he also come to know that his role is to serve more than it is to rule. when the day of judgment dawns.dícitur. ut omnes. Amen. to fill him with the gifts of thy Spirit. páriter cum frátribus suis regnum tuum cónsequi mereátur. O Lord. illíus die adveniénte suprémo. in via mandatórum tuórum dilatáto corde festínent. ne de óvibus sibi commíssis ullam amíttat. in the company of his brothers. eign. sed cuncta semper témperet atque dispónat. and may he act with all sagacity and industry so as not to lose any of the sheep confided to his care. the leaven of divine justice may penetrate more deeply the souls of his disciples. 20 nder thy inspiration. quo salúbrius doctrína ipsíus ferméntum divínæ iustítiæ in discipulórum méntibus conspergátur. on the path of thy commandments. so that himself enflamed.

constánti virtúte præcínctus. quantum Deus ipse te confortáverit. and the Abbots present. you may keep this monastic family in the bond of brotherly love. The newly blessed Abbot (kneeling) receives the kiss of peace from His Excellency. as much as God gives thee strength and human frailty allows. 21 . eceive the Rule of Saint Benedict. presents the Holy Rule to Father Abbot. Father Abbot goes to the middle of the Sanctuary and turned towards the Faithful remains standing. ake this ring.After the prayer all sit. for whom you will render an account before God. A R ccipe Régulam a sanctis Pátribus tráditam ad regéndos et custodiéndos fratres tibi a Deo commíssos. in fratérna caritáte custódias. offer Father Abbot the kiss of peace. in miter. A T ccipe anulum. fidei signáculum. The new Abbot kneels before His Excellency during the following rites. Next he presents him with the Crozier and says: A c cipe báculum pastorálem. to govern and preserve the brethren who are confided to you by God. et fragílitas humána permíserit. handed on by the Holy Fathers. T ake this shepherd’s staff and take loving care of the brothers whom the Lord has entrusted to you. et fratrum tibi commissórum gere sollicitúdinem. pro quibus redditúrus es ratiónem. the seal of fidelity so that sustained by firm courage. Bishop Slattery. ut hanc monachórum famíliam. In silence Bishop Slattery places the Miter on Father Abbot. Bishop Slattery. His Excellency places the ring on Father Abbot’s right hand. The Abbot goes to his seat and the Monks of his Abbey offer him the kiss of peace and pay him homage and obedience (as they place their own hands between Father Abbot’s hands). The Bishops.

Holy Mass continues with the CREED. 22 .

23 .

the almighty Father maker of heaven and earth. of one substancewith the Father. not made. and for our salvation. true God from true God.And in one Lord Jesus Christ. born of the Father before all ages. light from light. only begotten Son of God. through whom all things were made. begotten. and of all things visible and invisible. came down 24 . Who for us men. God from God.I BELIEVE in one God.

alleluia. He will come again with glory to judge the living and the dead. 25 G rant. Lord and life-giver. Secret: C oncéde. and was buried. we bless you from the house of the Lord. The Lord is God. and of his reign there will be no end. catholic. and is seated at the right hand of the Father. who proceeds from the Father and the Son. ever to rejoice through these paschal mysteries. I believe too in the Holy Spirit. He was also crucified for our sake under Pontius Pilate: suffered. semper nos per hæc mystéria paschália gratulári: ut contínua nostræ reparatiónis operátio. . Amen. who spoke through the prophets. B lessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord. et illúxit nobis. And he ascended into heaven. Here genuflect. we beseech Thee. and He has given us light. who together with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified. And I look forward to the resurrection of the dead. I believe in one holy. After the singing of the Offertory Antiphon the concelebrating Prelates come before the altar. so that the unceasing renewal of the work of our redemption may be for us the source of everlasting happiness. O Lord. alleluia. And the third day he rose again according to the Scriptures.. Dómine. and was made incarnate by the Holy Ghost from the Virgin Mary. perpétuæ nobis fiat causa lætítiæ. AND WAS MADE MAN.quǽsumus. I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins. Offertory Antiphon: Ps. and the life of the world to come. and apostolic Church.from heaven. allelúia. bow and take their places on the sides. allelúia. 117:26-27. B enedíctus qui venit in nómine Dómini: benedíximus vobis de domo Dómini: Deus Dóminus.

súscipe placátus. Through Christ Our Lord. 26 . Hosanna in the highest. our gifts and this thy servant always and everywhere mercifully protect. H aving been appeased. Per Dominum.For Father Abbot under the same conclusion: M únera nostra quǽsumus. Dómine. O Lord. et hunc fámulum tuum semper et ubíque misericórditer prótege. Hosanna in the highest. Sanctus: oly. holy. Lord God of hosts. Blessed H is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. receive. holy. Heaven and earth are full of thy glory.

27 . have mercy on us Lamb of God.27. All are welcome to receive a blessing at the altar rails: in this case. Communion: Galatians 3. O A mnes qui in Christo baptizáti estis. who takest away the sins of the world. please kneel with your arms folded across your chest. are permitted to receive Holy Communion. Lamb of God. have put on Christ. alleluia. grant us peace. Christum induístis. alleluia. have mercy on us. who takest away the sins of the world. who takest away the sins of the world.Agnus Dei: L amb of God. Catholics in the state of grace alone. ll you who have been baptized into Christ.

that this help for eternal salvation may always increase true faith. R. et hunc fámulum tuum benígna pietáte consérvet. Adjutórium nostrum in nómine Dómini.O Lord. Dómine: ut hoc perpétuæ salútis auxílio. Per Dóminum. V. Our help is in the name of the Lord. Through Our Lord æc nos commúnio. From now and forever. O Lord. R. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Father Abbot Philip Anderson makes a short allocution. R. we beseech Thee. edemptiónis nostræ múnere vegetáti. V. V. Then Bishop Slattery and Father Abbot Philip Anderson together. quǽsumus. purget a crímine. R. and by thy gracious piety preserve this thy servant. fides semper vera profíciat. Dómine. Qui fecit cǽlum et terram. V. impart the Pontifical Blessing.Postcommunion: S R trengthened by the gift of our redemption. Sit nomen Dómini Bened íctum. Ex hoc nunc et usque in sǽculum. For Father Abbot under the same conclusion: M H ay this communion. Who made heaven and earth.cleanse us from sin. 28 .

Hath risen as He said. the † Son and the Holy † Spirit bless you. Amen. Amen.Benedícat vos omnípotens Deus † Pater. 29 . For He whom thou wast meet to bear. May Almighty God the † Father. alleluia. After the final blessing the following Antiphon is sung and the Procession returns to the Sacristy. Regina Cæli: R ejoice Queen of Heaven. et † Fílius. R. alleluia. et Spíritus † Sanctus R. allelluia. alleluia. Pray for us to God.

30 .

The Anchor Cross in gold suggests that the abbey is anchored through the Cross of Christ in hope of eternal life as in the expression taken from the Letter to the Hebrews (6:19): “[Hope] which we have as an anchor of the soul. whose name has often been interpreted by Christian Saints as “Star of the Sea”. Instrument 21) that has been a central inspiration of the monastic life. It mainly represents in this blazon. upon which Saint Benedict founds his spirituality. 31 . sure and firm. the Blessed Virgin Mary. FIAT These are the first words of a phrase used by Saint Benedict in his Rule (Chapter 4. represents truth and loyalty. “To prefer nothing to the love of Christ”. along with that of abandonment to God’s will. The stylized rose in the center represents Our Lady of the Annunciation. chapter 58 of the Rule). More excellent even than the moral virtues of humility and obedience. It is also meant to suggest Our Lady’s “Fiat” at the Annunciation. The silver lines below symbolize Clear Creek. Mother house of Clear Creek Abbey. joy and loyalty. who says in the book of the Apocalypse (22:16). The crown of thorns evokes Christ’s Passion and the dura et aspera (“the hard and rugged ways by which we walk towards God”. The sixpointed. however. which. the love of Christ belongs to the theological virtue of charity. It represents Christ Himself. the bright and morning star”. in the “Ecce” that is explained below in the Motto. This is what the monk attains to after having climbed the ladder of humility (Chapter7). the founder of Fontgombault Abbey in France. These are the key words (in Latin) of Mary’s response to the Archangel Gabriel at the Annunciation. Our Lady of the Annunciation is the patron Saint of Clear Creek Abbey. gold star has several meanings. “I am the root and stock of David. Ecce… (“Behold the handmaid of the Lord”) evokes the great monastic virtue of humility. and which entereth in even within the veil…” The Motto: NIHIL AMORI CHRISTI The Motto: ECCE. is the practical application of humility.Coat of arms of Clear Creek Abbey: The Abbatial coat of arms of Father Abbot Philip Anderson: The blue (azure) background. The color green in heraldic language stands for hope. besides being often seen as a Marian color. Fiat…(“Be it done to me according to thy word”) suggests the virtue of obedience. The green background represents northeastern Oklahoma. it reminds us of Peter of the Star. Finally. often referred to as “Green Country”. going back to the earliest centuries of the Christian faith.

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